Subject: Willow Chapter Two by Cutter09 (gay adult/youth) Please remember to donate to Nifty. The thousands of stories available for your reading pleasure is provided by Nifty, so give a little and get a lot. http://donate./donate.html You can find more of my stories listed on the prolific authors page under Cutter09 Willow chapter two I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the situation, but my butt told me to go. I admit it, I wanted to get fucked again, and Blake was good at it. There’s just something about him burying his cum up in me that I love. The fucking is good, but it’s the cumming in me that really does it for me. As soon as I got into the car, “Who’s Bryan? And why did you send him pictures of me?” “Bryan’s my agent. He loves boys. You’re so gorgeous, I sent him the pic to make him jealous. You’ll meet him Friday.” “Friday?” “Yeah, we’re going to a party at his place.” “You’re gonna take me to a party?” “Of course I am. I love you. I want to show you off.” Okay, I was back to feeling all warm and fuzzy. He loves me. He was just bragging to this Bryan guy, and wants to flaunt me around. I reached for his zipper, and pulled out his cock. I was sucking it by the time we hit the hills. He had to pull me off of it when we got to his house. Once inside, Blake said “Go douche, and meet me in the bedroom.” I was familiar with the process, having done it during our last encounter, and I assume it had been done for me at the previous one. I knew where this was leading, and was anxious to get there. When I entered the bedroom, Blake said, “Ah… there’s my little dumpster.” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but figured it was just some term of endearment. Blake quickly had me on my back and his cock buried in me. I was loving it and moaning encouragement to him. “You love my cock in you, don’t you?” Blake said as he pumped into my wanting ass. “Mmm… Yes.” “You’re my little slut.” “Yes.” If it makes him fuck me good, I can handle a little pillow talk “Tell me you want my cum.” “Please cum in me Blake,” I moaned. “I knew you wanted it. I’m going to give it to you, my little cum dumpster.” He shoved in hard three times, then held still while unleashing his load deep in me. Blake laid on me breathing hard while his cock wilted inside me. “Cum dumpster?” I asked. “Yeah, that’s a place you want to put your cum,” he replied as he rolled off me. It didn’t sound very complimentary to me, but what do I know? As he recovered, I told him about lying to my dad about working, and that he took my hundred dollars. Blake was so sweet, and said he’d give me a couple of hundred more, to replace the one and if I had to lie about today, I’d have one to show for it. That prompted me to give him a blow job. Not that I needed an excuse, I like sucking his cock almost as much as I like it up my ass. By the time he took me home, I had one load in my belly, and three in my ass. He really seemed to enjoy calling me slut and cum dumpster while he’s fucking me, and wanted me to call him daddy. But like I said, I can handle a little pillow talk. Dad was waiting for me when I entered. “Where have you been now, faggot?” “Working for Mr. Hannigan.” SMACK!!! “Don’t lie to me. Bertha across the drive said she saw you getting into some fancy sports car.” “That’s Hannigan’s.” SMACK!! “She said the driver was a young good looking man. You said Hannigan is old.” “I’m fucking twelve! Everyone is old to me!” I yelled back at him. SMACK!! “Don’t take that tone with me you little painty waist. I’ll knock your teeth down your throat. Did Hannigan pay you?” I showed him the hundred, which disappeared from my hand. “You must be good at something, but you might want to invest in some knee pads,” he snickered. “Give it back and I might.” “Some other time, Nancy boy. Now get my dinner.” He watched me as I moved around in the kitchen heating up canned soup for him. “Your ass moves just like a girl’s. Are you sure you have a dick?” “You want to see my dick? Are you sure you’re not the faggot here?” SMACK!!! Fuck that hurt! I went to shower before he smelled cum on me. Friday, I made sure his dinner was ready, and a tall glass of his favorite whiskey. Halfway through dinner, I refilled his glass. And another after dinner. By eight o’clock, he was snoring on the sofa, and I was out the door. Blake pulled up in front of a large house. There were a lot of people around, and Blake said, “Fucking papparazzi. They hang around Bryan’s house because he throws a lot of celebrity parties.” As we got out, a lot of flashes were going off, and I saw Omega’s matching Maseratti in the driveway. Several microphones were thrust at us, and questions were flying. “When’s your next movie?” “Will Anne be in it?” “Who’s this with you?” “I’ll be starting one soon, and No, she’s not in this one. This is my nephew,” he answered as we pushed our way through the crowd. I wondered if it was the same Anne that was in the phone contact list. She had been his co-star in a previous movie. A man of around fifty opened the door. “Blake, you’re late. Oh my, and this is your new protege. Very nice.” “Willow, this is Bryan, my agent.” Bryan ran his hand down from the top balıkesir escort of my head to cup my cheek. “You certainly are pretty. What would you like to drink?” “Give him something that’s got some kick to it,” Blake interjected, then guided me through to a large room where the other guests were gathered. It only took me a second to notice there were about a dozen men, a couple of boys, and no women. I was handed a tall skinny glass just like at the concert, then introduced around. I recognized a couple of actors named Ron and Adam, one big time producer, and the rest I didn’t know, but some of the names were in the phone. Then Blake made a point to introduce me to one of the boys. “This is Alvin, he’s Bryan’s uh… nephew. I didn’t believe it for a second. First, he was obviously black, and secondly, he was younger than what Bryan’s nephew would probably be at around fourteen. But I was nice and bumped fists with him. He looked me up and down, and licked his lips. “Nice to meet you.” Blake had told the reporters outside that I was his nephew, so maybe this boy was Bryan’s protege, like me, whatever was meant by that. The other boy I was introduced to was older, around sixteen, very thin and tall, with a large Adam’s apple in his long neck. I remember thinking he was kind of goofy looking like a buzzard in an old cartoon I’d seen. Omega rushed over, “Thank God you came. No telling what I would get stuck with if you hadn’t.” “What do you mean, stuck with?” “Sometimes Bryan has some rough street trade at these parties.” “Street trade?” “He’s talking about the hired help.” Blake said, giving Omega a dirty look. “Nothing for you to worry about.” Then, just like the week before, things started getting kinda fuzzy. From what I can remember, I was fucked by Alvin, Bryan, Ron, Adam, Omega, and Blake. I don’t think buzzard boy had me, but I also sucked a lot of dicks, his could have been one of them. I also remember Bryan standing over me as Alvin was fucking me. He was stroking his cock and said, “He is a gorgeous little slut.” I turned my head to see who he was talking to. Blake smiled and nodded, “I told you he was special.” Then Alvin shot his load in my ass and pulled out. His cock was at least nine inches long and kind of thin. “Little slut boy sho do likes nigga dick.” “Yep, that’s my little cum dumpster. Takes it from anyone.” I woke up in bed between Bryan and Blake. I crawled out and stumbled to the main room. Buzzard boy was standing there drinking a cup of coffee. I found my clothes on top of Blake’s, and started to get dressed. “Do you know how to drive?” I asked buzzard boy. “Yeah.” I reached into Blake’s pants pocket and pulled out his keys. I tossed them to Buzzard boy. His phone was there too, and wondered if there were new videos of last night. I tried the same password, and it opened. Sure enough, there were new videos, so I sent them to my phone, and deleted them from Blake’s. In the car buzzard boy said, “You’re too pretty to be with that crowd. Find someone nice to be with.” “You’re with that crowd,” I pointed out. “Look at me. I don’t have the options you have. Besides, I’ve been with Adam for six years, he knows I’ll put up with his shit, so he keeps me around.” “What kind of shit do you have to put up with?” “He likes to tie me up and… well, he has this large dildo, and…it gets kinda rough.” I could picture in my mind where he was going with that. “I’m sorry.” “Look, they’re all just users. They’ll get tired of you and move on. I just hope they don’t use you up completely first,” he said, as if it was already too late for him. His words were just sinking in as I got out of the car. I didn’t even know his name, but I was beginning to see the wisdom of his words. I thought Blake loved me, but twice I was drugged and raped. I know Blake did it the first time. It was Bryan the second time, but I’m sure it was at Blake’s suggestion. “A little kick in it” was probably code for `drug the little slut’. “I hope he paid you well, cause I’m gonna bust your ass for being out all night.” Dad yelled when I went in. I reached into my pocket and pulled out three hundred dollar bills and threw them at him. “Here! Take it! I know you’re going to anyway. Now leave my ass alone. It’s tired and sore!” I couldn’t believe the expression on his face as I went to my room. I’m not sure if it was because I had three hundred dollars, or because I yelled at him, or if he knew I meant my ass was literally tired and sore. Whatever the reason, he didn’t follow me, and I didn’t get hit. I didn’t leave my room the rest of the day, I had things to think about. I heard Dad leave at some point, I guessed he’s taking my three hundred and getting drunk. My mind was on what I was going to do about Blake. I couldn’t let him keep taking advantage of me, but I did like the sex. That is, when I wasn’t drugged. If he could be a real boyfriend, and treat me right, it would be alright. I thought about poor buzzard boy, he had been with Adam for six years. That would make him only around ten when it started. He didn’t feel like he had options. If I stay with Blake for six years, I’ll be almost nineteen, bartın escort and maybe I can get out of this hellhole. Maybe over the years he’ll give me gifts and stuff I could sell, or even cash, he’s pretty generous. I’ll just have to keep it from my dad, and unlike buzzard boy, stash it away somewhere. The next morning, Sunday, I was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. I was starving since I didn’t eat the day before. I assumed Dad was still passed out, until the door opened and he came in carrying two cases of beer (his allotment for the week). He stopped beside me and dropped a newspaper in my lap. He didn’t say a word, and continued to the kitchen to put the beer in the fridge. I didn’t know what was going on until I saw the picture on the front page of the paper. Someone in handcuffs beside a Maseratti. The headline of the article said “Blake Hannigan’s car stolen”. The article said: Sixteen year old David Albach was arrested for grand theft auto when officers stopped him because they learned the car belonged to actor Blake Hannigan when they ran the license plates. When contacted, Hannigan said he had no idea who the boy was or how he got his keys. Albach has refused to make a statement and will have to wait for a court appointed attorney to represent him before bail can be set. “Bullshit!” I said aloud. “So it is the same Hannigan, and the fancy sports car?” Dad asked. “Well… yeah. But Hannigan knows the boy. He just drove me home, that’s why he had the keys.” Dad just looked at me, waiting for me to tell him more. “Who’s the best attorney in town?” I asked instead. “The name I hear around is Saul Cohen. But maybe…” I ran to my room and started to research Cohen on my phone when it rang. The caller ID said `Asswhipe’. “What do you want, Ricky?” I yelled into the phone. “Hey, Willlow. If you’re not busy, I thought you might like to come over for a while. I’ll make it worth your time.” That sounded like he wanted to pay me. If I’m gonna get an attorney for David, I’ll need money. I’m already a slut, might as well be a whore too. “Ok, pick me up in fifteen minutes. I’ll text the address.” I should be clean for my first time prostituting myself, so I started toward the shower. “So this Hannigan you’ve been work…” Dad started “Not now Dad. I’ve got things to do.” I showered and dressed and met Omega out front. “David’s in jail,” I said as soon as I got in the car. “Yeah, well he shouldn’t have stolen Blake’s car.” “He didn’t steal it, he was taking me home. We’ve got to get him out.” “He’s Adam’s problem.” “So Adam will get him out?” “Probably. When Blake is no longer pissed off about it. Adam got his last two movies only with Blake’s help.” “We should do something.” “There’s not much we can do being Sunday and all.” He was probably right about that. No attorney I knew of would be open today, and bail will have to be set by a judge in a court, also not open on Sundays. So for now I guess I just try to earn the money to get David out. Of course, getting a cock in my ass would probably relieve that itch I have. We pulled up to Blake’s house. “What are we doing here? Did Blake send you to get me?” “No. He doesn’t even know we’re coming. I wanted to show you something.” Apparently Rick had a key to his friend’s house. He opened the door, then gestured for me to be quiet. We crept up the stairs, where I could hear moaning coming from the master bedroom. Peeking around the doorframe, I see Blake fucking a girl. He shoves in hard three times and freezes. I know that is a signal that he’s cumming. He then collapses on her, and I see her face. It’s Anne, the young actress that was in his film. “I love you, Babe,” he says as he rolls off her. They both see us standing there about the same time. She pulls the sheet up, and he gives me a dirty look. I turn to walk away, I hear her say “Who the fuck was that?” “I have no idea. Probably some friend of Ricky’s.” I’m headed out the door, when Ricky grabs my arm. “Now that you know he doesn’t really love you, you can be mine.” I just stare at him like he’s lost his mind, then said, “Will you get David out of jail tomorrow?” “First thing in the morning, I swear.” “Okay, let’s go to your place. Oh, and no drugs!” I have to say, he fucked me pretty good for the rest of the day. He was a little disappointed when I wouldn’t let him record it, but there was enough of that shit around. I might be a whore now, but I’m a damn good one. I wore him out before he took me home. I told him I’d only see him again if David was out of jail by the next day. He gave me five hundred as he let me out in front of the trailer park. Dad was waiting for me when I opened the door. I walked in and stood there expecting the slap to come. “This old man Hannigan you’ve been working for is the actor?” He asked very calmly, and without air quotes. “Yes,” I replied, still expecting the explosive slap. He nodded his head then said, “Good job.” He chugged the rest of his beer, and turned on the tv. I went to shower, and came out with a towel around my waist. I got him another beer from the fridge, “Stop looking at my ass,” I said and handed the beer to him. batıkent escort “Stop shaking it like a whore on payday and I will.” That whore comment struck home. I am a whore now. Once in my room, I pulled up a video of Blake fucking me, both of our faces were clearly visible. I made sure it had his signature finish, and him kissing my neck as he said “I love you Babe.” I forwarded it to Anne with a text saying “Bullshit he doesn’t know me.” I waited until noon the next day to call Omega. “Did you get David out?” “Bail was set at Twenty thousand. I paid a bondsman the usual ten percent, he should be out within the hour. Don’t worry about the money, I’ll get it from Adam. When can I see you?” “I want to be sure David is cleared of all this. You might get a call from Saul Cohen.” As soon as I hung up, I placed a call to Saul. Of course I was blocked by his secretary, so I left a message to call me back. I waited thirty minutes and called again. I left another message to call me. On the third call I said it was an emergency and it was about Blake Hannigan. I figured using his name would carry more weight than buzzard boy David’s. When my phone rang, I assumed it would be Saul, but the caller ID said `Lowlife Shyster’. “Uh… Hello?” I said cautiously. “Willow, I’m Bernie Epstein. I represent Blake Hannigan.” “Yeah, so?” “Mr. Hannigan would like to know how much it will cost to make this all disappear?” “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask my attorney Saul Cohen,” I replied, assuming Blake wanted to pay Saul to represent David. “Saul Cohen?… Shit!” And the line went dead. Forty five minutes later my phone rang again. I recognized the number as Cohen’s. “Hello.” “Is this Willow?” “Yes. Mr. Cohen, I want you to…” “Don’t say another word. I’ll send a car to pick you up.” Well, that was odd. I guess he’s gonna represent David. A Lincoln Town Car pulled up in front, and I climbed in. The driver didn’t say anything as he drove to a tall office building and entered the underground parking area. He circled around to an elevator. “Use this on that elevator. Give it to the secretary when you get off,” he said, giving me a plastic card. In the elevator, I saw one of those swipey things, so I swiped the card. The doors closed, and didn’t open until I got to the twentieth floor. “Mr. Green? Right this way.” I was surprised she knew my last name, but I did leave three messages with it on them. She escorted me through a set of tall double doors into an office where a man sat behind a huge desk. “Mr. Green to see you, Sir,” she announced. “Okay Willow, you’ve got my attention. Tell me what this is all about.” “Well, you see Sir, this boy David didn’t steal the car, I gave him the keys so he could take me home. Blake lied when he said he didn’t know him, and he knows David took me home.” “Now I’m really confused. What does Hannigan’s stolen car have to do with Anne Bennet? She said she saw a video of Hannigan uh… with you intimately. She called him screaming bloody murder. He called his attorney Epstien, who called you. You told him I was your attorney, so he called me.” “That happened after the car was stolen, I mean borrowed. I saw Blake fucking her so I got mad and sent her the video. When Epstien called me, Omega had gotten David out on bail, but I wanted you to represent David, so I told him to expect a call from you.” “You sent the video? Do you have it? When was it made?” “Yeah I have it. Blake and Ricky Omega made it after his concert, about ten days ago.” “Ricky Omega was involved too?” “Yeah, they….well, they sorta took turns.” I admitted, a little embarrassed and ashamed. “I mean I didn’t tell them to, I was drugged,” I said in my defence. “They drugged you and then had relations with you?” “Relations? No. I’m not related to them. They fucked me for six hours.” He flinched at my language, then chuckled. “May I see this video? As your attorney it’s privileged information, and I need to see the evidence.” I pulled it up on my phone. He watched some, then fast forwarded it to see Omega take Blake’s place, then again to see more of it. After a while, he said “Clearly, you were under some drug’s influence.” “Blake called it Rohypnol. He said he gave it to me so I would relax and have a good time. I don’t know what Bryan gave me the second time, but probably the same thing.” “Second time? Bryan who?” “Blake’s agent. That was last Friday, then when I woke up I asked David to take me home.” “So Blake’s agent Bryan had rel… uh fucked you too?” “Just about everybody at the party did, I think.” “Party? Too bad you don’t have a video of that,” he said, shaking his head. “I do.” “Uh… May I see it?” I showed it to him. “Is that who I think it is?” he asked, pointing to Ron and Adam. “Yeah, and that’s Bryan in my ass. And see! That’s David. This proves Blake knows him, they’re talking, See! I told you. So will you help David?” “Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me the whole story?” Chapter Three coming soon Please send comments to ail Cutter09 would love to hear what you think of the story! Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the author. Your feedback is the only reward the authors receive. Do you enjoy having access to all the great fantasy material and also having a place to share your own stories without having to censor them for a general audience? 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