Subject: Brennan and Yoshi’s Overdue Fuck This is a fantasy story with the actors Brennan Mejia and Yoshi Sudarso This story says nothing about the actors’ sexual references; it’s just fiction. ********************************* It’s been awhile since Brennan and Yoshi hung out together. Usually, they workout together. Brennan, who is more about flexibility, shows what he has been learning the last few months. He does handstands and backflips. Yoshi is impressed by Brennan’s flexibility and fitness. As a stuntman, Yoshi can also do those things, but in his turn, he shows how much he can lift. Brennan stares at Yoshi’s big biceps. As usual the 2 men take off their shirts and flex in front of the mirror. Their ripped masculine bodies are flexed. Yoshi takes a picture of them flaunting in front of the mirror. “Damn buddy you look buff.” Yoshi compliments. “Thanks man. You too.” Brennan replies looking at Yoshi’s physique. “It’s been way too long since we have done this.” Yoshi says, turning towards Brennan. They stare in each other’s eyes. To Brennan’s surprise, Yoshi lays his hand on his abs and feels him up. “Wow! What are you doing?” Brennan asks out of shock and takes a step back. This is unusual for him. “We should make this a moment to be more memorable.” Yoshi suggests. Brennan lifts his eyebrow up. “What do you mean?” “Do you trust me?” Yoshi asks. Brennan looks at his friend. He nods yes. Yoshi leans forward and gives a gentle sweet kiss on Brennan’s lips. Brennan is surprised, but doesn’t step back. In fact, it actually feels good. For Yoshi it’s a cue to continue and he pulls Brennan close at him and they kiss passionately. The 2 men go for it. Their tongues wrestle with each other. Both tasting their saliva while they kiss. When the 2 men stop and look at each other they smile. “That was indeed memorable.” Brennan says and smiles at Yoshi. “We can make it even more memorable if you want?” Yoshi suggests. A smirk runs across his face. Brennan is surprised but doesn’t back down. “Okay. Let’s do this. What do you have in mind?” Brennan asks. Yoshi grabs Brennan towards him. “Suck my nipples.” He says in a more demanding town while holding Brennan’s head. Brennan gets guided bursa escort bayan by Yoshi’s calloused hand towards those nipples and he starts to suck at them. Yoshi pets Brennan’s head. “That’s a good boy.” Brennan holds himself to Yoshi and eventually Brennan goes his way over Yoshi’s masculine body with Yoshi letting go of Brennan’s head. “Oh yeah, that’s it buddy.” Yoshi says enjoying the muscle worship Brennan is giving to his body with that tongue. Yoshi then takes a step back. Brennan stands up and it’s Yoshi’s turn to return the favor. His hand caresses Brennan’s ripped body. Later on, Yoshi brings his face near that ripped body, sucking at those nipples and licking those pecs and abs. Brennan moans, enjoying the pleasure Yoshi is giving him. After a while Yoshi stops as well. He stands close to Brennan and looks him in the eyes. They kiss passionately and after that Yoshi confesses. “I want you to suck my dick while I suck yours.” Brennan is surprised, but he’s so horny to stop that he agrees to it by only nodding yes and smiling at his friend. Yoshi smiles and starts pulling Brennan’s pants down and then his. Brennan is surprised by the sudden movement from getting so fast naked. It feels like Yoshi has been waiting for this for a long time. Brennan looks at Yoshi taking his own pants off. Both friends look at each other’s nakedness and like what they see. They get on the floor and both get in a 69-position. Yoshi is the first to start sucking. He takes Brennan’s dick all the way in his throat. Brennan moans and then returns the favor by taking Yoshi’s dick in his mouth. Both give each other head. Sucking those cocks deep. They both moan while having a dick inside their mouths, giving each other pleasure. The 2 continue this till they cum. They are both surprised but they don’t get off. They swallow their cums and lick each other’s dicks clean. “Damn that was hot buddy.” Yoshi says to Brennan. Brennan can’t believe what they just did. “I’m afraid to ask, but I still want to do more.” Yoshi starts. Brennan looks at Yoshi and wonders what else he wants them to do. “Are you game for some fucking?” Yoshi asks. Brennan is stunned. “I promise. I will be gentle.” Yoshi görükle escort adds. “You want me to take your dick?” Brennan asks, surprised. Yoshi lays his hand on Brennan’s cheek. “Your ass is so hot and I want to test your flexibility.” He explains. Brennan has clear doubts. Yoshi pets Brennan’s ass cheek. “Please?” Brennan looks at those begging eyes of Yoshi. How can he say no to that? “Uhm… Sure… I guess so.” Brennan reluctantly replies. Yoshi starts to smile and gets up. Brennan gets up as well and gets guided by Yoshi to one of the benches and he lays Brennan on his stomach on it. Yoshi looks at Brennan’s sweet soft yet muscular muffins. He walks to a drawer in the basement and opens it. He grabs a bottle of lube out of it and walks back to Brennan. “This could feel cold, but try to lay and relax for it.” Yoshi suggests and starts to get lube out of the bottle above Brennan’s hole that Yoshi keeps apart. Brennan shivers over, his back feels the cold lube hitting his warm rosebutt. Yoshi rubs with a few fingers the lube over Brennan’s rosebutt to get him ready. Then he lubes his own dick. Yoshi lays the bottle away and gets himself ready behind Brennan. “Just try to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.” Yoshi guides Brennan. Yoshi starts to press his dick slowly inside Brennan. Brennan grunts and growls, feeling Yoshi’s big dick coming inside. Yoshi is so excited to fuck his friend he lost control his excitement and suddenly rams his whole cock deep inside Brennan. Brennan screams and his whole body is flexed by that sudden deep and hard thrust from Yoshi. “FUCK MAN!” Brennan shouts. “YOU’RE TOO ROUGH!” “I’m sorry. That ass feels so good.” Yoshi explains. “You said you would be gentle. You promised.” Brennan says in a little whining voice. Yoshi rubs his hands over Brennan’s masculine back and kisses his neck “I’m sorry, buddy.” Yoshi starts to fuck Brennan. Brennan growls feeling that pain at ass. “Come on. You can take this.” Yoshi says and rubs his hands over Brennan’s ripped body, feeling those round pecs and tights up. Brennan gets distracted by Yoshi’s hands rubbing over him. Yoshi starts to fuck Brennan even rougher. Brennan bursa escort bayan feels the pain ebbing away and then he only feels pleasure at his ass from Yoshi’s fucking. “You like it now don’t you?” Yoshi asks, feeling how Brennan thrusts his ass back to meet up with him. Yoshi starts to pound Brennan hard and the sound of skin against skin is heard through the home gym of Yoshi. Brennan moans loudly. “Oh God! That feels good!” He takes all that thrusting. To Brennan’s surprise Yoshi suddenly stops and turns Brennan around. He lays his friend down on his back and spreads his legs. Brennan looks up at Yoshi wondering what’s going to happen. Yoshi gets his dick back up inside Brennan in one deep thrust. This time without the pain Brennan felt at first. Yoshi gets his arms around Brennan and lifts him up. Brennan is taken up. His legs and arms wrapped around Yoshi to hold on. Yoshi has his arms tight around Brennan and he starts to fuck him. Brennan moans loudly. Yoshi muffles the moaning of Brennan by kissing him. The 2 men kiss and get lost in all their fucking. Brennan’s dick rubs between their abs. He thinks having abs rubbing his dick is better than hands. Yoshi keeps thrusting deep and hard inside Brennan and eventually walks with him towards the mirror at the wall and fucks his friend against it. Brennan’s back rubs against the mirror while he gets railed by his friend’s big dick. Yoshi continues kissing Brennan. The friction of their abs rubbing against Brennan’s dick makes Brennan shout a big amount of cum between them. Brennan moans inside Yoshi’s mouth. Yoshi pushes his tongue inside Brennan’s mouth and he feels he’s close as well and gives Brennan a few more deep hard thrusts until he cums inside his friend. Both have not stopped kissing and Yoshi moans as well inside Brennan’s mouth. Then the two men stop and Yoshi gets Brennan back on his feet. When Yoshi’s dick leaves Brennan’s hole some of Yoshi’s cum leaks out of it against Brennan’s hairy legs. “Damn that’s indeed a moment to never forget.” Yoshi says winking at Brennan. Brennan smiles. “It felt strange, but amazing.” He confesses. “Let’s do this again soon.” Yoshi suggests and chuckles. “That’s a deal!” Brennan says and they seal it with a kiss before they start getting dressed. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and its archive free.

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