Subject: Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy 150 DONATE TO NIFTY!!!! (SLOWER THEME SONG FROM MEGLOS PART FOUR) Jeremy, Doctor Who, and Jesse 150 The Hard Rider of Death part 4 He rode the mini bike down some four steps, almost blissfully. The alien motorcyclist rode down steps in front of him. “Who’s chasing who? How’d you do that????” Jeremy fell off his bike as it tipped over. He turned his body around, on his back. The alien was there and had already pointed both hands at him! Jeremy noticed the helmet hanging, uselessly, from a hook on the mini bike. He couldn’t believe the helmet didn’t fall off. He snatched it up and flung it at the thing’s arms and the arms moved sideways, firing some kind of energy. Jeremy upped himself and ran as fast as he could. He ran past bushes and tall Christmas trees and a signpost. A couple he ran past were in the path of the pursuing motorcycle. He pushed them both to one side and faced the bike itself as it tore down three steps to the new path at him. He dodged it but knew he could not keep doing that forever. The man stood up, “Maniac!” “Stay down!” Jeremy ran to him and pushed him down and ran away from the man and wife. The motorcycle chased him and ripped the sign post down, crashing into it. The signpost hardly slowed it down. Jeremy ran to the other side of the road. He saw a huge crowd of people, probably a tour group, many looked Hispanic, and of all ages and sizes. They were on the adjacent road to the Rosary Walk. Jeremy stopped and looked around. He couldn’t go that way. The motorcycle was already revving and heaving its way at him, the monster angrier than ever and grunting its lack of success to the air. Jeremy flung himself toward the other side of the road and to a small path that he saw earlier. He knew it led to the parking lot. There wasn’t much cover there but most of the tourists and staff here were in the forward parking lot. The one he had parked the Brig’s jeep in was practically empty and almost certainly had less people there. He ran for the opening from the small path. In pursuit, the motorcycle tangled into a mix of dirt, rocks, and greenery. It skidded and hit into a thick but short tree. Jeremy didn’t look back. He ran and ran through the first parking lot, his feet hitting cement. He headed straight for a huge, obviously placed and planted tree that was standing where cement blocks were built around it. There were some bushes and overgrowth, even with the cement, forcing their way up and out to grace the base of the tree. He panted as he ran to it and turned himself around to face the motorcycle monster that was even now rushing at him. He tried to hide behind the tree, putting his hands against it. He peeked out from the spot behind the tree. “This was a mistake!” The creature came the tree and didn’t stop. It didn’t hesitate either. It put its left arm out and drove an electric swath through the tree, sparking, causing the tree to alight. Jeremy yelled and jumped back but turned and ran. He saw another opening ahead and recognized it as one he passed before: the Stations of the Cross. As the tree fell and burned, the motorcycle rounded it, long ways. This gave Jeremy time to reach the path and he kept and/About/Galleries/tabid/89/AlbumID/524-2/Default.aspx Station One: the Garden He ran past the statue of Jesus praying at Gethsemane. As he ran at full speed, his one passing thought was that whoever did this did a really good job of representing the scene. The area looked just like the one Jesus was actually in and the statue of Jesus was also a very good facsimile. Station Two: Condemned by Others Jeremy ran up a hill which also made it tough for the motorcycle, which was just behind him. “Oh no!” He saw a bunch of people in his way. It was the five people he had seen from before. “GET OUT OF THE WAY! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!” Two older men, an old woman, a middle aged woman, and a little girl. They were, except for one of the older men, dressed for summer. The other man was in a suit jacket and full suit. The little girl picked up a rock and threw it at Jeremy. It headed straight for his nose. He saw it coming and was able to move his head to the side but was nicked in the left side of his upper head. A small trickle of blood dripped down his forehead. He shook it off. As he ran past them, the man dressed in the summer outfit tried to grab him but he dodged him. Jeremy thought he looked Asian but the others didn’t. The woman picked up a tree branch from the black paved path and swung it at him. Jeremy was already gone. “GET OUT OF ITS WAY! IT’LL KILL YOU ALL!” He called back to them. The older woman spat him and moved to sit on the bench which was situated to the side of the path. The woman took the little girl to the bench and the two men followed. The older woman was already there. “What sinners!” The man in the suit said. As they sat on the bench, the motorcycle roared past. They had heard it before they saw it. “What a disgrace! Playing their games here!” Station Three: Jesus Carries the Cross As Jeremy passed station three, he stopped because he heard the sound of the cycle change. He thought the monster had stopped to kill the five people. As he turned to look, his body turning fully, he saw the motorcycle, human bursa yabancı escort shaped form sitting astride. It seemed to contemplate him. Jeremy turned and ran anyway. There was no sense to him waiting around for it to start up again. The thing rode up to a tree and the thick bark. It carved it up and the tree began to fall. Jeremy looked back. The path at this point had no way to turn, to get out of the way of the falling tree. To his left were huge trees that were just shorter than the one falling at him. They would offer no protection against the falling giant log. He heard the splintered wood cracking in all directions. The slight summer breeze hit Jeremy’s face. To his right were bramble bushes, so close together that he’d never get through them and they were sharp and could cut him up. He knew he had to outrun the tree, at least to the part of the path that spread out some more. Once he reached there, he could rush to the right side as the tree seemed to be falling to the right. The tree missed him by inches but it had sprouted smaller branches that graced his head and brushed against him. His head had some of the bramble that was caught up on the tree ages ago. He tried to fling it off himself. The truth was another branch on the tree, which stuck out horizontally when it fell, struck him on the back, across and on top of his shoulders. He went down to one knee, lost one Aqua Marine sneaker…and as he had no socks on, his right foot was bare. “That’s it! I’m done for!” He shook his head and pushed off the branch, putting his hands against it as it slid down his back, ripping his brown shirt, almost in half, and scratching his back. He knew he was bleeding but also knew it wasn’t that bad. Still, he was stunned by being hit by something, even something that wasn’t as heavy as the tree. He was bleeding slightly from his head and slightly on his back and was running out of breath. He ran ahead and the hill turned downward and to the left a bit. He managed to get his personal crown of thrones off his head and this time, he succeeded. As he ran ahead, he saw a tall man with bright blond hair but his heart sank as he realized there were some three dozen children and teenagers with the man. He thought he knew the man, who seemed to be about 25 years old and HOT. Jeremy gasped for air but his tired muscles wanted more and more. He made them move by sheer force of will. How long could he run for? At Station Four: Jesus Is Denied By Peter “ADAM LEIGH!!!! IT IS YOU! HELP ME!!!” The big 6 foot seven blond looked up and saw the motorcycle monster trying to maneuver around the fallen tree. Jesse, Jeremy, the Doctor, and the Master. How they liked their death defying adventures and their monsters. He’d normally jump in with both feet. “But…” “Adam! Do something! It…it’s going to kill me!” Jeremy gestured. His ripped shirt swirled around him, showing bare skin, hot sweaty muscle and solid eight pack of abs. Adam’s eyes went to Jeremy’s vee. Adam shook his head and shook off the thrill of Jeremy and the adventure. “No, no, I can’t! I have all these children, Jeremy! I can’t!” Adam ushered the smaller children away while a few stragglers were confused as what to do. They teetered between staying and watching the action and running for this lives. “GO ON THEN, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” Jeremy screamed as the he heard the roar of the motorcycle. It sounded as if he turned his head, he’d find the thing right behind him. “Look! I’m SORRY!” Adam yelled as he picked two children up in each arm and turned and ran. “The rest of you follow me!” Jeremy looked around for sanctuary. To his immediate left he heard a cry. A little girl was about four feet away from him. She couldn’t have been more than four years old. She was holding her face and crying, rubbing tears. Jeremy went wide eyed. It was like a zoom in on a camera as he saw the motorcycle heading straight for her, a laugh seemingly echoed from the borrowed mangled lips. “ADAM!” Adam stopped, two kids under each arm. Another familiar male was closer to him and shocked. And yelling. “Adam! That’s Jeremy! We have to help him!” “KEEP BACK FROM HIM!” Adam yelled at the second young man, who was about 22 years old now, still with long curly brown hair. Joey was from 1930s Depression Era America. “Joey!” Jeremy leapt to the girl, scooped her up, and flung her, all in what seemed to be one motion. “GO LONG! CATCH!” “NOOOO!” Joey did as Jeremy said and managed to catch the four year old. Joey turned to look at Jeremy, over crying baby girl face. Jeremy winked at him. He nodded to Adam, who nodded back and both young allies, turned and ran. “KEEP RUNNING, DON’T STOP!” Jeremy whispered to himself, “This is my cross to bear.” Having saved the girl put Jeremy right in the path of the motorcycle and the star monster humanoid flesh absorbing thing. It bore down on him fast. Jeremy waited for the last possible second and cart wheeled to his right, off the path. The motorcycle seemed to want to stop but skidded ahead. Jeremy caught himself and ran past it ahead to the next station. Station Five: Jesus Carries the Cross Jeremy heaved the cross off the back of the statue and put it on his back as he ran past the station toward the next…He could hear the bursa sınırsız escort motorcycle humming in recovery and renew its chase of him as he tore out, losing his other sneaker in the process… Station Six: Jesus Falls for the First Time As he passed this station and lost his sneaker, just moments before, Jeremy fell, and the cross facsimile, heavier than he thought it would be. He turned and swung it at the rider atop the motorcycle. The cross hit it and actually managed to knock it off the cycle. Jeremy went wide eyed. He didn’t expect that. The thing didn’t either. Something was changed about it. He was about to run when he saw a man and his wife, both not looking, cross the path, their backs to the motorcycle monster AND a huge bush and signpost of the station blocking the view of the motorcycle. They were 79 years old and probably couldn’t hear the roar of the engine or maybe they heard it but heard it low—as if it were miles away. They put themselves, inadvertently, between the motorcycle and him. Not a good place to be, Jeremy thought. It screeched right at them, threatening to go through them. He looked at his hands. He still had the cross in them. He ran at the thing and passed the 79 year old couple, he a tall ex-smoker pumping away on an E cigarette, white hair and a semi plump belly. She was much shorter and had dyed red hair. Conservative clothes on both. Yelling like a madman caught their attention. They turned to see him and reacted accordingly. Then, they saw this blond tall half naked madman swat the giant cross in his hands at the monster and it fell off the cycle. The man tried to pull his wife out of the way but it was clear to them that they could not get out of the way in time…until this blond hero did what he did. The bike fell. The thing reached for it and crawled at it and then stood up. The couple out of the way…this gave Jeremy time to run to… Station Seven: Jesus Meets His Mother This made him think about his own mom. “Mom. Know that I love you!” He ran toward station seven where he saw a women loom up in front of him. Station Seven: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus “Son, what’s going on?” She blocked him. “Let me go past. I’ve got to get away from him.” “Is someone bothering you?” She took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped his face. His eyes darted to the cute white doggy at her feet. “Get out of here. It’ll kill you and your cute, little dog, too.” He heard the sound just behind him again, his major head start, lost. He dare not turn around but he grabbed the woman and shoved her hard to his own left. She screamed but as she fell sideways, losing her the grip of her right hand on the dog leash. She fell out of the way of the motorcycle, which rushed at full speed at Jeremy’s back, a right arm reaching for him. Jeremy threw himself to the right of it and it missed him again. He stood up, better at recovering, even if exhausted from the chase. “What’sa matter? You’re losing your touch?” He noticed some men, women, and teenagers helping the other woman up and one girl gathered her dog up in youthful arms. As the motorcycle stopped and turned, a knight ready to lance attack Jeremy, a man, about 45 Jeremy guessed, ran at it. He called out to the man, who was in a flowery Hawaiian summer button down and equally summery pink shorts and white long socks (?) and white sneakers. The man had bushy black hair. “NO! DON’T!!!” Jeremy ran at the man and jutted one arm and hand out, trying to wave the man off. The monster man on the motorcycle moaned loudly and moved his arms sideways, unnaturally, at the oncoming man. The heat energy hit the man and turned him into a skeletal form, incinerating his flesh but also yanking it through the energy at the monster man, who used it to build his own body up. The flesh hit the jacket which opened to a rib cage and a messy, dead looking heart beneath which beat with fading but controlled star energy. Jeremy put his hands on the back of his head and pulled at his own hair. “NOOOOOOOOO!” He went to his knees. Another man, older and Hispanic, possibly a straggler from the tour group, ran toward the thing. He had little hair on his head but uttered something in Spanish as he ran at the demon monster. Jeremy thought it was some kind of prayer against demons and he could have sworn he heard the name, “Jesucristo!” and this new attacker was killed in the same fashion as the first one. This time Jeremy saw the man turned into a bloody version of what he once was before the energy struck him. “STAY AWAY!” Jeremy screamed and ran past the motorcycle monster. Members of the group listened this time and some family members of the victims cried. One girl buried her head in the fluff of the dog she held. Station Eight: Jesus Falls for the Second Time Realizing that two men had died defending him, Jeremy let loose a bloodcurdling cry that felled him in front of this station. He fell and pitched forward, landed on his hands and knees, propped up by both. It looked like he readied to do some kind of strange push up exercise. He wondered if he should just let it catch him. Maybe no more lives would be lost. A cry of guilt escaped his throat. “God, no more!” Something hit him and he had renewed energy. He drew himself up and görükle escort ran to the next station… Station Nine: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem and Falls for the Third Time Three women, one young, one middle aged, and one very old stood off a bench as he ran past them and fell again. They all stood to help him up and indeed, they did help him. He was breathing heavily and gasping. The young one said, “Dude, sit down…you need rest…” “What are you doing?” The middle aged one said, “Son, you must sit down.” Jeremy pleaded but at this point, he could hardly talk. His breath was shallow and it was hard to get his body air. The motorcycle beast was upon them. He shoved all three of them, one hand on the young one’s chest and one hand on the other two’s shoulders where they stood next to each other…and shoved them back onto the bench. “Thank you for…helping…thank you…” He turned and ran and the thing rode past them. Station Ten: Jesus Falls and is Stripped of His Garments. It was here Jeremy fell forward and didn’t catch himself. He was on his belly and as he rose, pushing himself up on his hands and legs, the thing’s right hand ripped the rest of his shirt off his back. He yelled as it tore off him and he fell backward, this time rolling. If he was going to die, he thought, he’d like to see it coming. The beastly bike turned again and rode at him again. He started to catch his breath, huffing less and less and the burning in his lungs subsided. But his nose was filled with burnt flesh and the smell of Sulphur. It threatened to burn as it went inside his nostrils. On the next pass by, for it was riding up and down the path, torturing him, it tore off his shorts from his legs, the waist line ripping down the sides of his legs, the front of his abdomen and the lower back from behind. Jeremy knew what it wanted. He had always known. “Rape. Rape me. I’ve been raped before…” He was totally naked now as he waited. It passed his head so he flung himself up as fast as he could and ran to… Station Eleven: atop a huge double set of stairs, guarded by thin black handrails was the modeling of Jesus at the Crucifixion. There were new sightseers up the many levels of steps that led to the statues of Jesus and the two criminals on the crosses. If he ran all the way up to them, the thing might kill them. He thought fast. Running up the steps and those handrails would make it difficult for the thing to turn around. It would have to go all the way up the steps to the crosses, turn around, and come back down after him. Jeremy ran up those steps. All the way to the top. He stopped, looked at the statue of Jesus and whispered a quick prayer. He turned around and waited. He stared at the face of death. It rode on a motorcycle, grunted in evil tones, and drove straight at him. He had to wait until the right moment or the thing would just come up the other side. When the motorcycle reached the rails, Jeremy made his move. He dashed down the other side, dangling in the wind. He ran and heard the monster snarl in anger and frustration. He didn’t dare stop to turn around and look at it but he had to see if this ploy gave him some time. He only meant for a quick turn and peek. What he saw made his blood run cold and made him stop and stare far longer than he should have or planned to. The monster astride the motorcycle turned it and raced right through the handrail. The black metal of the rail bent and spilt as if it were not even there. The machine, monster on its back, went on through it and came at him again. Jeremy’s eyes widened as wide as they could. He turned and ran for his life, naked. Ahead was where he started, the tomb. And the path was blocked by scores of people. Some of them were sure to die if he continued that way. Later, he would realize he saw the old man, Professor Welcher, among them. Which would make sense as Adam Leigh and Joey lived with the Professor while Adam attended medical school. It being 2008, Adam was still in school and Joey was only about four years younger, probably in high school or just starting college himself. Regardless, he knew he had to save all these people, even if it meant him getting killed or…or worse. Jeremy looked to the sides of the path. The left side had thick trees, too thick for him to pass between them as they were packed together. He knew his fate was sealed. To the right were bramble bushes that he could almost get through and thick greenery. He’d stay away from the bramble as much as he could. That way, though, ended in a large shed house, seemingly very old but kept up and beyond that, a silvery, iron wire fence, that looked as if it stepped out of the 1970s. It, too, was well kept up and painted. Beyond that, he thought he saw a clifftop and water below, peacefully churning in the summer sun. His bare feet made it through the grass that was thick and almost up to his knees. Bushes were to either side and he had to swat at them to get through. His hands became bloody. The alien star monster drove the dead motorcycle gang member’s bike through the growth, passing by bushes, small trees, and thicket alike. It then let the bike fall from under it as it launched its stolen body parts up into the air. It dove at Jeremy, who took one look back. It was a mistake to look back. He stumbled forward again and landed on his front, his face hitting some thick grass and branch. He wished it had knocked him out. The thing, as it flew through the air, shed its own leather attired. It was aiming to land right on ube/watch?v=ey_MU9wFCWg&feature=youtu.beh?v=b3hiu0VVt9w DONATE TO NIFTY!!!

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