Grandma’s Magic Resort – Part V

Grandma’s Magic Resort – Part V
‘Grandma’s Magic Resort’ – Part V
an erotic journey by DizzyD

The fam1ly that plays together

The next morning Susan was the first one awake. As she rubbed her eyes she thought about the incredible experience she had shared with her mother and Walter, her mom’s well-hung boyfriend… first at the ‘Paradise Pool’, and then at Walter’s house. She felt her pussy quiver as she remembered watching Walter suck a handsome stranger’s cock until he came in his mouth, and then seeing him swap the man’s cum with Joni, who then kissed her deeply, letting some of the stranger’s load leak into her own mouth.

Susan’s cunt began to ache as she recalled the feeling of her mother’s and Walter’s hands and mouths on her body, and her own tongue tasting her mother’s pussy and Walter’s enormous cock before she finally straddled him and impaled herself on the massive tool, feeling it stretch her labia to its limit and filling her in a way she hadn’t felt in a couple of years. Then as the cobwebs of sleep faded, Susan felt something hard poking at her ass and remembered that Lindsay and Tommy had slept with her, and realized the object jabbing at her rump was her son’s morning wood.

The k1ds were still sound asl3ep, with Susan in the middle, and as she lay on her side facing Lindsay, Tommy’s nocturnal erection was prodding her soft round derriere. At first she didn’t move, but then she rolled her body until Tommy’s cock slipped between her plump ass cheeks like a hot dog resting in a soft bun.

Tommy stirred momentarily as Susan’s round butt cheeks trapped the entire length of his hard penis, but he soon relaxed. Then she lifted the blanket and looked underneath at Lindsay’s incredible body. She had seen it all week, but this was the first time she admired it in a sexual way, and as she used her gluteal muscles to squeeze her son’s cock, she gently cupped her daughter’s firm young breasts.

Lindsay moaned in her sl3ep as her mom gently massaged her tits, and then her whole body trembled when Susan dragged her thumb over her hard nipples. Susan could feel her own pussy getting wetter as her son’s hard shaft pressed against her sensitive asshole while she gently played with her daughter’s hard nubbins, and just then she felt Lindsay stir as she began coming out of her rem sle3p.

“Good morning honey,” Susan whispered to Lindsay, trying hard not to wake up her son as her daughter emerged from her slumber.

“Good morning,” Lindsay replied as she blinked the sl3ep from her eyes, and then as she realized it was her mother who was gently squeezing her breasts and playing with her hard nipples, she whispered, “That really feels good mom.”

“I’m glad honey,” Susan whispered to her daughter, and then she added, “It’s been a pretty crazy week, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah it sure has,” Lindsay moaned softly as Susan started pinching her hard nipple. The college-bound girl still wasn’t sure how much her mom knew about what had transpired between her and Tommy, or with their new friend Jesse… and she still had no idea what had happened between Susan, Joni and Walter the day before, but she was pretty sure something had, and that thought combined with her mom’s manipulation of her erect nipples sent lightning bolts to her own tender pussy.

Susan took a quick look over her shoulder and saw that Tommy was still sound asleep, despite the fact that she was using her ass cheeks to grip his hard shaft, so she quickly lowered her head and flicked her tongue over one of her daughter’s hard nipples, and then she whispered, “How about you and I get up, make some coffee and talk about what’s been happening.

“I’d like that mom,” Lindsay replied, but she was a little disappointed when her mom abandoned her excited nipples, and then as they pushed the covers down to get out of bed a sleepy Tommy rolled on his back with his hard young cock rising up from his small nest of pubic hair.

Both mother and daughter’s mouths watered as they looked at his stiff shaft and swollen purple knob arching up over his belly, and then Susan giggled and said “He must be having a hot dream about you and that pretty friend of yours.”

“Or maybe he’s dreaming about what happened on that nature hike,” Lindsay said with a giggle, and at that point Susan was sure that her daughter new what had happened that day between her and Tommy.

“Maybe he is,” Susan said with a smile, and then she added, “But I have the feeling a lot more has happened for both of us since then, so why don’t we go talk about it.”

As Lindsay followed her mom out of the bedroom, she couldn’t help but admire her ass. It was a bit thicker than Jesse’s and her own, which was understandable since Susan was now in her thirties with two teenage k1ds, but it still had it’s perfect shape with the right amount of firmness and softness, no signs of cellulite, and that amazing tuck where the cheeks met the back of her thighs. She also accepted the fact that after her first girl on girl experience with Jesse, she was sexually attracted to women as well as men.

When they reached the kitchen the smell of fresh brewed coffee was already in the air thanks to the programmable coffee pot. Susan poured them each a cup, and then the two sat at the table for a mother-daughter chat about what the precious days events. There was a brief silence as they each tried to find a way to start what was still an awkward conversation, and then Susan said, “Lindsay, a lot has happened since we’ve gotten here…‘unconventional’ things, but I want you to know that none of it was planned.”

“I know that mom,” Lindsay said reassuringly, and then she added, “And I want you to know that Tommy and I have never done any kind of, ummm, ‘experimenting’ with each other before this week… I mean I swear it’s something about this place that makes you…”

“Horny as hell,” Susan said with a giggle as she finished her daughter’s sentence, and then she said, “I know that honey, and I agree… but since you brought it up, exactly what have you and Tommy done?”

“So we’re jumping right in huh… do you want to know everything?” Lindsay asked.

“Full disclosure,” her mother replied, and then she smiled and added, “And honey, I’m going to tell you everything that’s happened with me too… no secrets”

Suddenly Lindsay felt as close to her mother as ever… maybe even closer, and as she smiled back she said, “Well I guess the ‘unconventional’ things started the day we got here.”

“The day we got here?” Susan asked, a little surprised since it wasn’t until the third morning that she found Lindsay in bed with her br0ther.

“Yeah, it was that first morning after we met Joni, when I told you I was going to see the pool instead of doing the tour with you guys, well I actually came back to the cottage and I caught Tommy, ummm… you know…masturbating,” Lindsay replied.

“Honey, considering what’s gone on since we got here, I think we can dispense with the clinical sexual terms and just say what was happening… you caught him jerking off,” Susan said with a laugh.

“Okay, it’s still going to feel a little odd to say the words in front to you, but yes, I came back and found Tommy jerking off,” Lindsay said laughing, but still blushing.

“Now see, that wasn’t so hard, or in this case I guess it was hard,” Susan said with a laugh, and then she said, “Wait, so why did you come back to the cottage instead of going to see the pool?”

“Honestly, because Tommy wasn’t the only one that was horny, and I figured if you and Joni were going to be touring the resort, and Tommy was going to be at the arcade, I had time to come back here and masturbate, but Tommy beat me to the punch,” Lindsay replied frankly.

“So what did he do when you walked in on him,” Susan asked as her curiosity and her libido rose.

“At first he didn’t realize I was there because he had his eyes closed, and he was really into it, so I just stood in the doorway and watched him,” Lindsay replied.

Susan imagined standing in the doorway herself, watching her son masturbate, and she pressed her thighs together as a twinge of pleasure rushed through her groin. Lindsay could sense her mother’s arousal too as she watched her nipples pucker and harden, and then Susan asked, “So how long did you watch him?”

“All the way until he, you know, came,” Lindsay said, and this time it was Susan who noticed that her daughter’s nipples had popped up like two turkey timers as she relayed her story.

Susan fought the urge to slip her hand between her own legs as she asked, “And he still didn’t know you were there?”

“No, not until he was in the middle of his orgasm, and I swear I’ve never seen a guy shoot so much cum,” Lindsay said, becoming less inhibited about sharing the graphic details as her arousal increased.

“And just how many guys have you seen cum,” her mother asked with a sly smile.

“Jeez mom, only my two boyfriends and Tommy, but since we’re in full disclosure, sometimes I watch porn when I masturbate,” Lindsay replied, and then she said, “You knew I wasn’t a virgin, right?”

“Yeah, I like a little porn when I masturbate too, and I figured that since you were on birth control and having a couple of steady boyfriends that you weren’t a virgin, but I already had a baby when I was sixteen, so who was I to tell you not to have sex,” Susan replied, and then a lump formed in her throat she added, “It’s just that we’ve never really talked about anything like this, but I’m glad we are now.”

“I know, me too mom… I feel so comfortable talking to you right now,” Lindsay said as a sudden closeness she had never felt with her mom caused her own eyes to well.

Susan smiled lovingly at her daughter, and then she said, “I’m really starting to think your grandmother is right… there is something magical about this place.”

“Me too,” Lindsay said, and then she continued, “So anyway, Tommy was in the middle of cumming when he finally opened his eyes and saw me standing there, and then he kind of freaked out.”

“Freaked out… what do you mean,” Susan asked.

“He screamed ‘what are you doing here Lindsay’, and then he started pulling his bedspread over himself, but I stopped him because he was literally covered with cum, and then I got him a towel to clean up,” Lindsay replied.

“You’re a good s1ster,” Susan said with a laugh, but at the same time tremors were reverberating through her groin as she imagined her handsome young son’s firm torso splattered with pearly white sperm.

“I just didn’t want him to make a mess on his bedspread,” Lindsay replied with her own laugh.

“So then what happened,” Susan asked.

“While he was cleaning up, he asked me why I was back at the cottage, and I couldn’t think of anything else, so I just told him the truth… that I was horny too and had come back to masturbate, and then I told him he had to leave so I could have some privacy,” Lindsay answered.

“But he didn’t leave… did he,” Susan asked as her arousal intensified.

“No, he joked that since I had just watched him masturbate, it was only fair that he get to watch me… and the truth is I was so horny that all I wanted to do was get off, and the thought of him watching me play with myself made me even more horny, so I told him that he could stay,” Lindsay answered honestly.

“And you masturbated in front of him,” Susan said as she felt the moist heat spreading through her crotch.

“Yeah, at first I don’t think he believed I was serious, but when I laid down on my bed and started to play with myself, I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head,” Lindsay replied, and then she added, “So he was watching me, but I could tell he couldn’t really see much from his bed, so I told him he could sit at the foot of my bed for a better view.”

“Oh my, if he was sitting between your legs he had a real good view… of everything,” Susan replied as she pictured her beautiful daughter lying on her back, legs spread wide as her brother, Susan’s son, sat between them, watching his big sister play with her blatantly exposed pussy.

Suddenly Lindsay got a little self-conscious as she said, “I guess that was kind of slutty… sorry mom.”

“Don’t be sorry honey, and besides, you haven’t heard all the things I’ve done, so let’s make a promise that we can’t judge each other, and since we’re going full disclosure, I’m actually getting very turned on, so I want you to tell me the rest, and don’t spare any language or details,” Susan replied with a sly smile.

Now Lindsay realized that her mother not only wanted to know what happened, she wanted it in graphic detail, so she decided to give her mom what she wanted and said, “Well I started playing with pussy and my legs were spread so wide that I knew Tommy had a great view of my pussy, and I was so wet that when I started pushing a finger in and out of myself there was actually a squishing noise.”

“Oh God Linz, I get wet like that too,” Susan groaned as her hands cupped one of her own breasts, and then she began flicking the hard nipple with her thumb.

Lindsay’s own pussy started to drool as she watched her beautiful mother playing with her own nipple, and then teenage girl said, “So I was rubbing my clit and getting really close to cumming when I looked down and saw Tommy was hard again.”

“Mmmmm, he has a beautiful cock, doesn’t he,” Susan moaned as she started pinching both nipples.

“He does, and since he had another erection I asked him if he could cum again, and when he said he could I asked him if he wanted to jerk off with me, so we started masturbating together,” Lindsay said with a lecherous grin as she watched her mother’s inhibitions melting away

“Mmmmmm,” Susan groaned as she pressed her pussy down onto the corner of the hard dining room chair, almost making herself cum, and then she asked, “Did you touch each other?”

“Not really,” Lindsay said, her own arousal starting to rise as she watched her mom grinding her pussy down onto the chair while she continued pinching her hard nipples.

“Wait… what do you mean ‘not really,” Susan asked as her breathing became more shallow, telling Lindsay that her mom was on the verge of an orgasm.

“Well Tommy and I were really getting into masturbating together, but we were sitting on opposite ends of the bed facing each other, so I reached my leg out and started using my toe to rub his balls, and then the base of his dick,” Lindsay replied as she started pressing her own quivering pussy against her chair.

“Your toe… how did you do that,” Susan asked, trying to visualize what Lindsay was saying.

“Here, let me show you,” Lindsay said with a sly smile, and then she turned her chair so she was facing her mom. Then she extended her shapely leg until her soft foot rested on her mother’s clenched thighs, and as Susan parted her legs Lindsay’s foot slipped between them, and then she carefully dragged her big toe the entire length of her mother’s weeping slit.
“OHHH GAAWD,” Susan cried out as her daughter carefully dragged her toe up and down her dripping gash, getting it coated with a liberal amount of her mom’s thick pussy juice, and then Susan’s whole body shuddered as Lindsay brushed the digit back and forth over hard clit, making sure not to nick the sensitive little organ with her painted toenail.

Susan slid forward and spread her legs wider, giving her daughter’s toe easier access to her throbbing cunt, and as she did, she looked down to see how smooth, thin and shapely her daughter’s foot was. It was a foot that only a teenage girl would have, free of the callouses and blemishes that the feet of older people had, and just then Lindsay turned her foot slightly and pushed the thicker big toe into her mother’s cunt.

“Unnnggghhh,” Susan grunted as her daughter’s toe penetrated her.

“Are you okay mom,” Lindsay asked.

“Oh God yes honey, it’s just that if you keep that up you’re going to make me cum,” Susan replied.

“I would love to make you cum mom, just not yet because I still have more to tell you,” Lindsay replied, a little surprised that she was in total control of the situation, and thinking how proud her first female lover Jesse would be, and then she slowed the stroking of her toe on her mom’s gaping quim.

“Okay honey, and I want to hear every detail,” Susan said as she continued playing with her nipples, and then she said, “So did you and Tommy cum together… please tell me you came together.”

“Well Tommy was getting close first… I guess watching me play with myself was too much for him, and as I was moving my toe up and down, I could feel the tube that runs along the bottom of his dick starting to puff up, and then all of a sudden Tommy screamed that he was cumming, and when he did I felt that tube start pulsing and throbbing against my toe, and that combined with seeing his cum shooting into the air did it for me, and I came,” Lindsay replied as her voice cracked from her own intense arousal.

“Oh fuuuuck Linz,” Susan groaned as she slid forward in her chair, wedging her daughter’s toe back into her slippery cunt, and then she said, “Tommy’s cock must have felt amazing pumping against your toe.”

Lindsay realized her mom was about to cum, but she wasn’t ready for that to happen yet, so she pulled her foot from between her mother’s legs and then she smiled at her and whispered, “It did, but not as amazing as it feels when you suck him until he feel it pumping between your lips and shoots his load into your mouth… right mom?”

Susan’s body shuddered, partly because she realized her daughter knew she had sucked Tommy’s dick too, but also because Lindsay’s story took her right back to that moment when her son’s cock started pulsing and twitching against her lower lip, spewing his thick load into her oral cavity and coating her tongue and palate with his rich, tangy offering before it slid down her throat with one swallow.

“So Tommy told you about that,” Susan asked, already knowing the answer as her daughter resumed stroking her pussy with her toe.

“I hope you’re not mad mom, I think he was just so amazed by the what happened that he had to tell someone, and since we had already masturbated together, I guess he figured he could trust me, so I climbed into his bed so we could whisper,” Lindsay replied.

“So that’s why you two were in bed together that next morning, and I’m not mad at all, in fact I‘m glad you two trust each other so much,” Susan groaned as her daughter’s well-lubricated big toe found her clit again, and then she asked, “So did he like his first blowjob?”

“He did, especially because you were the first to do it,” Lindsay said, bringing a huge smile to her mom’s face, and then she added, “But he was kind of bummed that he had just started cumming when you sucked him into your mouth, so he didn’t really get to enjoy the full blowjob experience… and I was so horny from him telling me what happened that I decided to give it to him, and that’s why we were in bed together when you came in.”

“So you sucked your br0ther off,” Susan asked.

“I did, and then he went down on me, I hope that doesn’t make you mad, he wanted to learn how, and I really wanted him to,” Lindsay said as she continued to circle Susan’s aching clit with her slippery toe.

“I’m not mad at all honey, a little jealous that you got the whole experience, but not mad,” Susan said.

“Well you don’t need to be jealous, because he’s glad that the memory of the first woman to give him a blowjob was you, but I will say it was amazing when he came in my mouth, I mean it tasted so much better than either of my boyfriends,” Lindsay said.

“I know, I mean I still love giving a guy a blowjob, I guess it’s that feeling of being in control, but getting a mouthful of that stuff isn’t always the most pleasant thing in the world… but Tommy’s was totally different, it wasn’t bitter or metallic tasting,” Susan said, and as Lindsay watched her mom drift off into the memory of her son filling her mouth with his thick load, she tickled her clit with her toe again.

“Yeah, it was pretty yummy… even Jesse thought so yesterday,” Lindsay said as she smiled at her mom.

Susan’s could feel her climax building as she asked, “So you guys did fool around yesterday?”

“Yeah, and Tommy and Jesse actually lost their virginity to each other yesterday,” Lindsay replied as she applied a fresh coat of slippery pussy juice to the soft pad of her toe before returning it to her mom’s clit, and then she asked, “Does it bother you that they had sex mom?”

“Not at all honey, I’m glad he lost his virginity to such a beautiful girl, that must have been an amazing experience for him,” Susan groaned as her daughter applied more pressure to her pleasure pebble.

“It really was, and it was pretty cool because before they had sex, they both realized they had a crush on the other, so it wasn’t just about sex, they really do have feelings for each other” Lindsay replied as she slipped her hand between her legs and started stroking her own overheated cunt as she continued massaging her mom’s clit with her toe.

As Susan watched her daughter begin fingering her own pink, slippery cunt, she asked, “So… did you and your brother fuck yesterday?”

“No, because I knew it was such a special moment for both of them, but we did everything else, I even had my first girl/girl experience… plus I wasn’t really sure about actually fucking Tommy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I really, reeeally wanted to,” Lindsay replied.

Lindsay began fingering herself more intensely when Susan suddenly pushed her chair back, disengaging her daughter’s toe from her quivering clit, and Lindsay was bout to ask her where she was going when Susan said, “Well it sounds like you, Tommy and Jesse had the same kind of afternoon as me, Joni and Walter, and I’ll give you all the details later, but right now I need you to come with me.”

With that Susan stood up and extended her hand to Lindsay, who took it in her own, and then the beautiful mother led her equally beautiful daughter down the hall to where Tommy still lay sl3eping. When the reached the bedroom, Susan pressed her index finger to her own lips in the universal ‘shhhh’ sign, and then she carefully and quietly opened the door.

Tommy was still lying on his back, in a deep sl3ep, with his hard cock looking red and swollen as it arched up from his groin. “I can’t believe it’s still hard,” Lindsay whispered softly as she stared at her br0ther’s impressive tool.

“That’s because he has to pee, so he’ll stay hard forever, which is good for you,” her mom replied as she quietly led Lindsay to his bedside. Lindsay didn’t understand why Tommy’s piss hard on was good for her, but she didn’t ask for fear she’d wake her brother. Then Susan tiptoed around the other side and climbed onto the bed with the stealth of a cat. When she was kneeling next to her sl3eping son she smiled at her daughter, and then she leaned over and carefully sucked Tommy’s bloated cock into her mouth.

Lindsay almost had a spontaneous orgasm as she watched her mom take the entire length of Tommy’s rampant prick into her throat. Hearing about her sucking Tommy’s dick was one thing, but actually watching her mother take her own son’s cock into her mouth… well that was something totally different. Then as Lindsay’s hand cupped her own throbbing cunt again, she saw her mom begin gently sliding her mouth up and down Tommy’s shaft.

Susan’s motions were slow and soft as she tried to suck her son’s cock without waking him up, and he must have been in a very deep sl3ep because he remained unconsc1ous. Lindsay wondered if her mother was going to try to make him cum without waking him, but just then Susan motioned for her to join them.

The teenage girl gently climbed onto the bed, trying not to wake her br0ther and still uncertain as to exactly what her mother wanted her to do, but when Susan tapped Lindsay’s leg and motioned for her to straddle Tommy’s hips, she realized what she wanted and her heart skipped a beat… Susan wanted her to fuck her younger br0ther.

Lindsay’s insides quivered with anticipation as she carefully [email protected] her left leg over Tommy’s body until she was straddling him with her dripping cunt hovering above his titanium stiff shaft. She tried not to groan as her mom slid a hand underneath her, and then used her fingers to spread Lindsay’s own slippery lubricant around her swollen labia while the other hand encircled Tommy’s gently pulsing shaft to hold it in place. Then Susan gently pressed on the small of her daughter’s back, and Lindsay lowered her hips until she felt the spongy head of Tommy’s cock press against her well-oiled pussy lips.

When Lindsay felt Tommy’s swollen cockhead brush against her aching quim her whole body shook, and then she looked at her mother who mouthed the words, ‘I love you’. Now certain that her mother wanted this as bad as she did, Lindsay started slowly lowering her hips, engulfing her br0ther’s erection inch-by-inch until her amazing ass was resting on his lap, and the head of his cock was buried deep in her belly.

Susan couldn’t believe that Tommy was still asleep, and then after patting Lindsay gently on her perfect ass to tell her she could start, she went to sit in the cushioned armchair beside the king sized bed to watch. After sitting down she gave Lindsay a wink and a smile, and then she d****d one leg over a chair arm and began stroking her own aching pussy as she watched her beautiful daughter begin slowly raising and lowering her hips, impaling herself on her br0ther’s hard cock again… and again… and again.

Lindsay did her best to suppress a groan as she sheathed and unsheathed her Tommy’s bloated prick with her tight teenage pussy. She could feel his swollen knob burrowing into her with each down-stroke, and as she increased the speed of her up-and-down motions, the walls of her cunt began to clench his stiff rod even tighter, and with her clit bumping Tommy’s pubic bone with each thrust, she could feel her climax building.

Tommy had managed to stay asl3ep to this point, but as his s1ster’s fucking motions became faster and more erratic thanks to her own arousal, his eyes began to flutter, and as he opened them he saw Lindsay’s beautiful face above his, with her silky blonde hair falling down until it was almost brushing against his own cheeks. Then he felt the incredible sensation of her tight pussy gripping his swollen morning cock as she rode him, and when he finally reached that point of lucidity where he realized that they were fucking in their mother’s bed he said, “Holy shit Lindsay, what if mom comes in?”

As his s1ster continued fucking him, she leaned her head down and kissed him gently on the lips, and then she whispered, “Look to your left Tommy.”

The teenager turned his head, and as he blinked his bleary eyes to clear focus he saw the incredible image of his gorgeous mother, sitting naked with one shapely leg d****d over the arm of a chair, slowly stroking her obviously excited pussy as she said “Good morning honey.”

“Ummm, good morning mom,” he replied as he ogled her rubbing her glistening cunt, and then he looked back up at his s1ster as she continued to ride his burgeoning cock and said, “Am I dreaming this?”

Lindsay just smiled at him as she started riding his fuck stick even faster and moaned, “No, you’re wide awake, your dick is inside my pussy, and mom is watching us.”

He turned his head to the left again, and as he looked at his mom, she d****d her other leg over the opposite chair arm, spreading them as wide as possible, then as she pushed two fingers deep into her dripping cunt she said, “I love you both… have fun.”

With that Lindsay began raising and lowering herself again, gliding her tight wet pussy up and down her br0ther’s cock. Tommy groaned as his hands slid up his s1ster’s thighs and around her hips until they cupped her shapely ass. He could actually feel the muscles in her plump ass cheeks flexing as she rode his rampant prick, and the base of his organ started to tighten with impending orgasm as he listened to the slapping noise of her incredible ass meeting his hips with each down stroke.

As they fucked, Lindsay and Tommy looked at Susan and saw she was using one hand to massage her breasts and tease her hard nipples while the other continued to frig her excited clit. The sight was so inspirational to Tommy that he suddenly rolled, flipping his older s1ster onto her back, and then he hooked his arms under her legs, lifting them over his shoulders, and then he began pile driving her pussy.

“Oh FUUUUUCK TOMMY,” Lindsay cried as her little br0ther took control, slamming his cock into her defenseless quim like a jackhammer until her insides started turning to jelly. He normally would have cum by now, but his need to pee was blocking his ability to ejaculate, and that was providing a longer, more intense fuck for his s1ster, and a more erotic show for their mother. Together the three of them were racing to orgasm, and it was Lindsay who would reach the finish line first.

“Don’t stop Tommy… don’t stop… I’m… gonna… cum… soon,” Lindsay grunted as her younger br0ther’s hard prick speared her cunt while his pubic bone slammed against her nerve filled clit. Then with one hard thrust, the head of his prick pushed past her cervix, his pubic bone crashed against her pleasure pea, and she reached the summit.

“I’m CUMMIIIIINNNGGGG,” Lindsay screamed as every muscle in her groin erupted into a series of wild, uncontrollable contractions. She unc0nsciously lifted her hips to meet her br0ther’s thrusts, lifting his entire body as she did, and this drove his cock even deeper inside her.

Susan’s finger was a blur on her clit as she watched her son slam his fuck stick into her daughter’s convulsing cunt, causing her to cry out with pleasure, and as the muscle spasms in Lindsay’s vaginal walls clamped around his thrusting cock Tommy screamed, “Linz… I’M CUMMING TOOOOOOO!”

Tommy drove his cock as deep as he could into his s1ster’s pussy as it erupted, and then he began grunting uncontrollably as the orgasmic contractions behind his balls caused the base of his shaft to pump over and over, spitting jets of rich sperm spitting into his s1ster’s twitching cunt.

Susan continued masturbating as she watched and listened to her son and daughter climaxing together. Seeing their young bodies writhing on her bed as their cries of pleasure echoed off the walls was more erotic than any porn she had ever seen, and had her on the verge of her own orgasm. Just then Tommy collapsed onto Lindsay after depositing the last of his spunk into her, and that was when Susan stood up and said, “Tommy, roll over.” The teenager was confused, but he did as he was told, and his mother, now crazed with desire climbed onto the bed, leaned over and took his slime-covered cock into her mouth.

“MMMMMMM,” Susan hummed as she sucked the remnants of their orgasms from Tommy’s still hard penis. The mixture of Lindsay and Tommy’s bodily fluids was like an intoxicating cocktail to the incredibly aroused woman, and once she had sucked her son’s cock as clean as a whistle, she moved over and spread Lindsay’s legs wide.

Susan could see that Lindsay’s pussy was red and swollen from the pounding Tommy had just given it, and then she saw a dollop of her son’s pearlescent sperm leaking from the well-fucked gash. The sexually overloaded mother lowered her face just as the small river of thick goo reached her daughter’s pink puckered anus and lapped it up, and as her tongue glided over the girl’s sensitive asshole, Lindsay’s whole body shuddered, and then Susan glued her mouth to her daughter’s sperm-filled vagina.

Lindsay moaned as her mother drove her tongue deep into her sloppy cunt, coating her taste buds with the heady combination of sweet, musky pussy juice and tart, tangy sperm. Susan’s hand found its way back between her own legs, and as she alternated between lapping the creampie from Lindsay’s drooling gash and lashing at her daughter’s still sensitive pleasure button, she began stroking her own throbbing clit.

Lindsay could actually feel another orgasm building as her mother licked her pussy, and just then she thought of what she and Jesse had done and said, “Mom… turn around.”

“What,” Susan asked as she lifted her face from her daughter’s oozing cunt, and as she did both Lindsay and Tommy could see that her mouth, cheeks and chin were shining with their combined juices.

“So I can lick you too,” Lindsay said.

“Oh God baby yes,” Susan replied as she spun her body until her overheated cunt was right above Lindsay’s face, and as she lowered her mouth to her daughter’s pussy again, the teenage girl wrapped her arms around her mom’s thighs, gripped her soft ass cheeks and pulled her dripping slit down onto her own face, slithering her tongue into the sopping wet hole.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan moaned as Lindsay began tongue fucking her, and then she let out a shriek of delight as her daughter began flicking the tip of her tongue against her tiny, nerve-filled clitoris.

As Lindsay and Susan licked each other’s pussies, Tommy took his mother’s place in the chair, still not totally sure he wasn’t dreaming. Had he just fucked his beautiful s1ster, and was he now watching her and their mother doing a sixty-nine? ‘It has to be real’, he thought to himself, and then he looked down and saw that even though he had just cum, his cock was as hard as steel again, so as his eyes refocused on his mother and s1ster, he wrapped his hand around the erect shaft and began stroking it.

Lindsay was licking her second pussy in two days, but this time it was her own mother’s, and more than anything she wanted to make her cum. As she continued her tongue assault on Susan’s clit, she managed to get her right hand far enough around her thigh to dip the tip of her middle finger into her soaked cunt, coating the digit with natural lubricant. Then as she began swirling her tongue on Susan’s pleasure pea like a tiny tornado, she slid her hand up and pushed her slippery fingertip into her mom’s puckered anus.

“OHHH FUUUCK LINZ,” Susan wailed as she felt the sensation of her tight asshole being penetrated while her daughter worked her magic tongue on her clit. Then she groaned, “Oh honey… you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that.”

That was exactly what Lindsay wanted to hear, and she began alternating her tongue between flicking at Susan’s clit and swirling it on the tiny organ. She could feel her mom’s legs starting to shake, and when she pushed her finger deeper into her rectum until it was up to the second knuckle, Susan succumbed.

“Oh shit honey… I’m CUMMIIIIIIIIIING,” Susan wailed as her pussy melted down. Lindsay kept lashing her tongue at her mom’s clit as an intense orgasm ripped through Susan’s groin. The teenage girl could feel her mother’s vagina pulsing against her lips as a rush of thick cunt cream poured into her mouth, and she could feel her mom’s asshole rhythmically clenching and releasing her finger as she came.

In the middle of her orgasm, Susan lowered her mouth back onto Lindsay’s pussy and began a full assault on the teenager’s tiny, nerve filled pleasure pea. Lindsay was so aroused by the fact that she was making her mom cum that the soft tongue on her own clit had her racing to the finish line. Susan was hoping that her daughter’s orgasm would start before her own ended, and as she continued to swipe her tongue on the inflamed organ, she plunged a finger deep into Lindsay’s trembling pussy, and that was it.

“MMMMMPPPPFFFFFF,” Lindsay moaned into her mom’s crotch as her own orgasm ripped through her groin and then exploded outward. When Susan came, Lindsay could feel her tight anus clutching at her finger, and now Susan could feel the walls of her daughter’s tight cunt grabbing and releasing her invading finger as waves of orgasmic contractions rumbled through the teenager, and then finally, with one last sigh, they both collapsed.

Mother and daughter each fought to catch their breath, and it was Susan who raised her head from between Lindsay’s legs first and said, “My God honey, that was amazing… are you sure yesterday was the first time you were with another girl?”

That was when Tommy said, “Lindsay… you told mom about yesterday?”

“Yes, this morning while you were sleeping, and obviously she’s okay with it… why do you think we’re here,” Lindsay replied with a chuckle, and then she said, “You were amazing too mom, and I’m guessing that’s not the first time you’ve been with a woman either.”

“Well I experimented a little when I was younger,” Susan admitted, and then she smiled and said, “Plus I had a little refresher course with your grandmother at Walter’s yesterday.”

“WWHHAATT,” both Lindsay and Tommy cried out at the same time.

“Do you think you two are the only ones allowed to have a little fun here,” Susan replied with a chuckle.

Then she looked at her son sitting on the chair with his hand idly stroking his erect penis, and as she watched him she thought about going over and lowering herself onto his beautiful hard cock, but then she decided against it… not because she worried about any sort of guilt, she had already had it in her mouth, as well as her daughter’s and mother’s pussy, and she had just watched her ch1ldren fuck, but she decided to save one last bastion of the way things were before they arrived at the magic resort, and that was fucking her own son.

After contemplating what to do, she was still aroused by the sight of Tommy’s impressive erection as he stroked it, she said, “K1ds, I’m glad I know about everything you guys have done, and I’m going to share everything that happened with me, but Lindsay, right now I think your brother could use our help.”

As Susan lifted her body from her daughter’s, Lindsay’s view was no longer blocked by her mother’s supple thigh and she could see Tommy sitting on the armchair with his hand still wrapped around his hard prick. Watching them sixty-nine obviously aroused him again, and Lindsay said, “So Tommy, would you like me and mom to give you the same treatment Jesse and I gave you yesterday?”

“You… you’d do that,” Tommy asked as he looked back and forth between his beautiful mom and s1ster.

“Well I’m not sure what the ‘treatment’ is, but I have a feeling I’ll be on board with it,” Susan said, and then Lindsay took her hand and led her from the bed to where Tommy was sitting. When she dropped to her knees in front of him, Susan immediately knew what she was doing and joined her, and then she watched as Lindsay leaned over and took her br0ther’s hard cock into her mouth.

“Uhhhhh,” Tommy groaned as his s1ster’s warm, wet mouth enveloped half of his erection. He was finally convinced he wasn’t dreaming, but he still couldn’t believe what was happening. His experience with Lindsay and Jesse was amazing, as was what happened on the nature hike, but he had just fucked his s1ster, and now she was offering his throbbing cock to his mother, who greedily sucked even more of it into her mouth than she had, and he wondered if he had somehow entered a parallel universe.

Tommy could feel his orgasm building as his mother’s soft, wet lips and more experienced tongue caused exquisite friction as they slid up and down his smooth, hard shaft. Then as Susan’s head bobbed up and down, Lindsay moved until she was able to tongue his almost hairless scrotum.

After a minute, they switched positions so Lindsay had his dick in her mouth and Susan was licking their balls, and then they switched back again. Tommy watched intently as over and over his mom and s1ster took his twitching cock into their mouths until he felt the muscles at the base preparing to eject the contents of his tightening balls, and as he groaned, “HERE IT CUMMMS,” Susan and Lindsay’s mouths met at the head of his prick, and the first rope of jizz rocketed up the shaft and splattered against their lips.

“Ungh… ungh… ungh, Tommy grunted as incredibly pleasurable orgasmic spasms pulsed behind his balls, and Susan and Lindsay squealed with delight as spurts of pearly white liquid launched from the tip of his dick and onto their tongues. They both laved his cum coated cockhead, doing their best to collect as much of the tangy discharge as they could from his shiny knob and into their hungry mouths.

As the staccato bursts of opaque fluid eased to a drool, Susan took her son’s twitching cock back into her mouth and sucked out a generous portion, and then she offered Tommy’s dribbling rod to her daughter, who did the same. Finally the last drop was drawn from the well, and after they lapped the final dregs that were squeezed from Tommy’s spent shaft, Lindsay and Susan shared a deep, cum-filled kiss.

Finally Tommy’s cock started to soften, and as it did Susan said, “So, now that we’ve done all this… are you guys okay?”

“I am, I mean I get it mom, and I think Tommy does too… this isn’t who we’re going to be, it’s only happening because we’re here.” Lindsay replied.

“How about you Tommy, do you understand when we leave here, all of this stays behind, and things go back to the way they were before we got here,” Susan asked.

“I get it too mom, and I know it’s not something we can ever talk about with our friends or anything,” Tommy replied.

Then Lindsay’s sense of humor arose when she said, “But I will say that I’ll be thinking about all of this when I’m masturbating in my dorm room this fall!!”

“I think we’ll all be doing that,” Susan said as she and Tommy laughed.

Then Lindsay said, “By the way mom, exactly what DID happen with you, Joni and Walter.”

“I think I need another cup of coffee… why don’t we all go to the kitchen and I’ll tell you everything,” Susan said, and then the three of them headed down the hallway.

Susan and Lindsay each poured another cup of coffee, and Tommy got a glass of orange juice, and then they all sat at the table as Susan shared every detail of what occurred at the pool and Walter’s. Both k1ds looked on in amazement as she told them about Walter sucking the stranger’s cock at the pool, and then sharing his load with Joni, who then shared it with her. Then she told them everything that happened at the house, including how she and Walter licked Joni’s pussy, how Walter and Joni licked her pussy, and finally how she had fucked Walter’s massive cock until she had an incredible orgasm.

When she was done, Tommy said, “Holy crap… there really is something about this place, maybe Walter needs to have them check the water!!”

All three of them laughed, and then Susan said, “So after what I just told you, are you guys still okay?”

“Yeah mom, it’s been a crazy week for all of us, but you’re still our mom, and I don’t feel any differently about you or Joni,” Lindsay said, trying to reassure Susan that she still thought she was the best mom.

“Same with me mom,” Tommy agreed.

“You two really do have an amazing perception on things, I’m so proud of both of you, and love you so much for being who you are,” she said as she hugged both of her k1ds, and then she said, “Well we’d better get our showers, we’re meeting Joni and Walter at the beach in less than an hour.

Just as she said that her phone rang, and when she looked at the caller ID she hit the button and said, “Hey mom, what’s up.” After she paused to listen to Joni, she said, “Sure, we can meet you at Walter’s, we’ll see you there in about forty-five minutes.”

When she hung up she said, “Well, change in plans… we’re still going to the beach but we’re meeting at Walter’s first.”

“What’s going on mom,” Tommy asked.

“I don’t know, maybe they’re just running late, but we have to walk right past Walter’s to get to the beach anyway… now let’s go get our showers, we all kind of smell like sex,” Susan said.

“Gee… I wonder why,” Lindsay said, making them all laugh with her typical sarcastic wit, and then they all headed to get ready.

They arrived at Walter’s exactly forty-five minutes later, and when Susan rang the doorbell, Walter answered it with his typical aristocratic flair, and his huge cock dangling between his legs. “Susan, delightful to see you again my dear,” he said before kissing her hand, then he said, “Lindsay, so nice to see you again young lady, you truly are a thing of beauty, just like your mother,” and then he kissed her hand, and finally he extended his hand to shake Tommy’s as he said, “Thomas, good to see you again young man, welcome to my home,” and then he closed the door.

“Joni is in the kitchen awaiting your arrival, she’s prepared a little brunch for us, and then we’ll be off to enjoy this perfect day,” Walter said as he led them from the living room.

“There’s my k1ds” Joni said as she came from behind the breakfast counter, still holding a tea towel. “I’m so glad you’re all here,” she said as she hugged all three of them, and then she said, I’ve got some whole grain muffins, bagels, and fresh fruit… and I also thought we’d have a little champagne.”

When Susan looked over she saw a silver ice bucket with a bottle of ‘Dom’ in it, and five glasses surrounding it, and she asked, “Are we all having champagne?”

As Walter removed the bottle from the eyes and began taking off the foil that off of the cork, Joni said, “Don’t worry, I told Walter to pour just a little for Lindsay and Tommy.”

Just then they all heard the ‘POP’ as Walter carefully pulled out the cork, and then he filled three full and two half glasses of the bubbly. After passing them out, Walter stood next to Joni, raised his glass and said, “I’d like to propose a toast to the finest family it has ever been my pleasure to meet… it is truly a family of which being part I would consider an honor and a privilege, and I’d like to ask each of your blessings as I prepare to do so.”

Susan, Lindsay and Tommy all looked confused until Joni dropped the tea towel on the counter, held up her left hand, and as the three of them focused on the beautiful diamond ring on her finger Joni cried out, “Walter has asked me to marry him… we’re engaged!!”

At the same time Susan cried out, “Oh my God mom, that’s wonderful,” Lindsay squealed, “Guys… that’s great,” and even Tommy said, “That’s so cool!!”

After hugs and handshakes of congratulations, they all raised their glasses again, and this time it was Susan who said, “To Walter and Joni, may the two of you live the rest of your days in love and happiness.”

They all clinked their glasses and then took a sip. Tommy didn’t particularly care for the champagne, but managed to get it down, and then Lindsay said, “So how did you propose.”

“Well my dear, after spending delightful afternoon with your mother yesterday, I asked Joni and I retired to the beach to enjoy the beautiful California sunset… we took a blanket and a bottle of wine, and as we watched the sun disappear into the mighty Pacific, I rested on one knee and asked this living angel if she would truly make me the luckiest man on the face of the earth by becoming my wife, and to my complete joy, she accepted.”

“Oh that’s so romantic,” both Susan and Lindsay said with tears in their eyes.

“It was perfect,” Joni said as she wiped away her own tears, and then she gave her well hung fiancé a tender peck on the lips.

“So have you set a date yet or a place yet.” Lindsay asked.

“We’re looking at August, before the k1ds were back in school, and we actually thought we’d get married in L.A. so you could all attend, and then leave for our honeymoon in Hawaii,” Joni said.

“That’s awesome,” Susan said, thrilled they would all be able to share their special day.

Then Walter said, “However, we thought we’d begin the festivities tomorrow by inviting you all to come over for a little soiree celebrating our engagement… I’m going to display my prowess as a trained Chef by grilling succulent lobster tails, juicy filet mignon, and of course fresh vegetables for my beloved.”

“That sounds wonderful Walter, thank you so much, of course we’ll be here,” Susan replied.

“Also, Lindsay and Thomas, I understand you’re made a new friend, and it would please both Joni and myself if you would extend a cordial invitation to the young lady and her family,” Walter added.

Suddenly the room got quiet, and both Joni and Walter saw tears come to Lindsay and Tommy’s eyes, and Walter said, “Oh my, I do hope I haven’t spoken out of turn.”

Susan could tell both Lindsay and Tommy were trying to keep their composure, so she said, “Not at all Walter, it’s just that their friend had to leave last night because her br0ther had to have a tonsillectomy, and by the time we get back we’re going to be gone… the three of them got close very fast, and now both Lindsay and Tommy are worried they may never see her again.”

“Wow, I’m sorry guys, it sounds like you guys got really close,” Joni asked.

“Yeah, in one day she became the best friend I ever had, and Tommy, well…” Lindsay said, then she looked at Tommy for approval to continue, and when he gave a quick nod she said, “She and Tommy have a pretty good crush on each other.”

“Well she is beautiful, and Tommy, I saw her checking you out day you guys arrived,” Joni said, and then she asked, “Is she the first girl you’ve ever had a crush on honey?”

Tommy just nodded, and then Lindsay said, “Yeah, I think it was kind of love at first sight.”

“Ah yes Thomas, first loves can sometimes be the hardest to move beyond lad,” Walter said knowingly.

“Did you at least get to kiss her goodbye,” Joni asked.

Suddenly more tears came to Tommy’s eyes as he nodded, remembering saying goodbye to Jesse, and when Walter saw this he said, “Joni my love, I wonder if you might help me in the kitchen.

Before going into the kitchen, Joni went over to Tommy and said, “She was your first, wasn’t she,” and the teenager knew his grandmother was asking if they had sex, and he just nodded, then she gave him a hug and said, “I’m sorry honey.”

Joni and Walter disappeared into the kitchen, and Susan figured it was to give Tommy and Lindsay both some time to pull themselves together, then after a few minutes they returned, and Walter said, “My bride to be and I have something to announce, we were just saying that it seems rather foolish to travel to Los Angeles to get married, and then fly to Hawaii for a honeymoon when we already have paradise right here, so we will be celebrating our nuptials the first weekend of August, on our beautiful beach with all of you in attendance, as well as some other friends… including Jesse and her family.”

“Oh my God, are you serious,” Lindsay and Tommy both screamed in disbelief, and then they hugged each other as more tears streamed down there cheeks, only this time they were tears of joy, and then they ran to Joni and Walter, hugging and thanking them. Even Joni and Susan were wiping away their own tears of joy as they saw how happy the k1ds were.

“Tommy, we have to tell Jesse,” Lindsay said excitedly.

Tommy was just as ecstatic as he asked, “Well which one of us gets to tell her?”

“I know, let’s text her at the exact same time,” Lindsay said.

As the siblings decided what to say in their joint text to their co-lover, Susan went to Joni and Walter and as tears filled her eyes she said, “I can’t believe you did that wonderful thing for my k1ds, thank you.”

Joni hugged her daughter and said, “Your welcome, but it was really Walter’s idea.”

“Walter, I don’t know how to thank you,” Susan said as she hugged him.

It was a warm moment, but Susan couldn’t help but feel his enormous cock bumping against her as he said, “Susan, you have the finest ch1ldren I’ve ever met, and seeing the utter joy on their faces is thanks enough,” then he added, “And besides, you gave me a wonderful ‘thank you’ in advance yesterday.”

“Well that was my pleasure too, Walter,” Susan said with a smile, recalling his enormous cock pounding her cunt.

Just then Lindsay and Tommy came back into the room screaming, “Jesse said she and her family will be here!!!”

“Joni my love, there was never a doubt, but that is absolute proof we made the proper decision,” Walter said smiling.

“It sure is,” Joni and Susan both agreed.

After enjoying the brunch Joni prepared, they headed to the beach. As Susan, Joni and Walter sat on three of the private beach chairs, the k1ds decided to take a swim, and as they ran down towards the ocean, Walter said, “Susan my dear, I hope you take no offense to this, but I must say yet again that your son and daughter are not only delightful company, the are also a delight upon which to feast the eyes.”

“Thank you Walter,” Susan said, and as she looked at her mother’s fiancé watching Lindsay and Tommy jumping into the waves, she could see the flaccid monster between his legs beginning to rise.

“I believe that honesty is indeed the best policy,” he replied, and then he added, “Susan dear, I do hope that my increasing state of arousal doesn’t offend you.”

“Not at all… they are beautiful,” Susan said as she watched Walter’s cock growing before her very eyes, until all nine inches were jutting up from his graying triangle of pubic hair.

“Thank you for understanding,” he said, and then he smiled and added, “Unfortunately the only area of the resort where a public erection is considered proper is the Paradise Pool, so I’m afraid I must do something to alleviate my dilemma… would either or both of you care to join me and lend a hand, or anything else you may want to employ to assist me in my task?”

Even though she had just had an incredible sexual experience with Lindsay and Tommy, the thought of having Walter’s oversized tool inside her again sent vibrations through Susan’s cunt, but she said, “As tempting as that is Walter, I think I’m going to stay here with the k1ds.”

“Joni my love, would you like to join me for a frolic in the dunes,” Walter asked his fiancé.

“Darling there is nothing I would enjoy more, but if it’s alright with you, I’d like to stay here and chat with my daughter,” Joni replied, and then she leaned over, kissed him and said, “Perhaps you’d like to take a short walk to the Paradise Pool and find some lucky guy or gal to help you out.”

“That spirit of giving, my love, is just one of the myriad of reasons why I love you, and I truly am the luckiest man on the face of our planet,” Walter said, and as he stood up and held a towel in front of his massive erection he said, “Enjoy your chat ladies, and I shall return once I am in a proper physical state.”

“Enjoy yourself, honey,” Joni said as Walter walked away, and then she looked at her daughter and said, “You know, I really am looking forward to riding that monster cock of his for the rest of my life.”

“I don’t blame you,” Susan said with a laugh, and then she asked, “But mom, now that you’re engaged, are you still okay with him having sex with other people?”

“Just while we’re here at the resort together, and only if the other knows,” Joni replied, and then she added, “Honey, Walter and I love each other, and nothing is going to change that.”

“I actually think it’s pretty cool that you and Walter have such great perspective,” Susan replied.

“We do,” Joni said, and then she added, “Speaking of perspective, how’s yours and the k1ds?”

“What do you mean,” Susan asked.

“Well I know what happened between you and Tommy, and you thought that something may have happened between Lindsay and Tommy since you caught them in bed together, so how’s their perspective on the sexual activity… I mean do they understand that these things aren’t conventional, and that there are limits to them.”

“As a matter of fact, I had that exact conversation with them this morning after Lindsay told me everything that happened between her and Tommy… and their new friend Jesse,” Susan said, and after a pause she took a deep breath and said, “And then what happened with me and the k1ds this morning.”

Joni’s eyes and mouth opened wide in amazement, and as she felt a fresh rush of arousal surging in her groin the family matriarch said, “Wow, you three have really been enjoying it here, and I want to hear every juicy detail, but first I want to make a suggestion, I think you need to make sure that both Tommy and Lindsay understand that nothing between the three of you is romantic, that it’s just this place, and you all need to promise that once you leave here everything goes back to the way it was… you are the mother, they are the ch1ldren, and they are br0ther and s1ster, with no sexual contact, and obviously they need to promise to never share any of this with anyone, it stays here.”

“Actually mom, we discussed that this morning, and I plan on reinforcing it before we leave, but I have to be honest with you, after what happened this morning I really think they already get it, and have a great perspective on things, plus with Lindsay leaving for college and Tommy having his first crush on Jesse, I don’t think we have to worry about them mistaking anything they’ve done as ‘romance,” Susan replied.

“They really are smart k1ds, it sounds like they have the same perspective that your Uncle Jimi and I had,” Joni said, and then she got very enthusiastic as she added, “Okay, before they come back, tell me everything that’s gone on with the three of you, and don’t skip one damn detail.”

Susan chuckled at how her mom was acting like a high school girl wanting to hear the latest gossip, and then she told her everything that Lindsay had shared that morning, from masturbating with Tommy to their oral experience, and then Susan confirmed what Joni suspected had happened between her and Tommy on the nature hike. She also told Joni about both Lindsay and Tommy losing their virginity to their new friend Jesse, and finally she told her mother what had happened that morning between her and the k1ds… in graphic detail.

By the time Susan finished, both women’s nipples were as hard as pencil erasers, and their pussies were flowing like rivers, and Joni said, “I’m so horny that if I could rub my clit right now, I’d probably cum in ten seconds… I hope Walter isn’t completely spent after going to the Paradise Pool because before we meet you and the k1ds at the restaurant tonight, I’m going to try to fuck that huge cock right off of him.”

“Alrighty then,” Susan said laughing, and then she got a little serious and said, “So mom, are you, I don’t know, concerned about anything I just told you?”

“Not at all honey, I mean look at what happened with me you and Walter yesterday,” Joni replied, and then she added. “Like I said, as long as all of us keep things in perspective.”

“I really think we are mom,” Susan replied.

“Good,” Joni said, and then she added, “One thing I did notice was missing… have you and Tommy fucked?’

Susan paused, and then she said, “Believe me, I wanted to this morning, I mean watching him and Lindsay had me turned on so much that I wanted to throw her out of the way and take her place,” and after her little joke she added, “But as much as I wanted him inside me, I didn’t do it.”

“Is that the line you won’t cross,” Joni asked, wanting to make sure Susan had the right perspective.

“I don’t know mom, considering everything that’s happened, I think we’ve already erased all the lines, and I really think I’d be okay with it, but in the back of my mind I guess I wondered how Tommy might feel if we actually had sex… I mean I know I gave him a blowjob, and he fingered me, and he had sex with Lindsay, but maybe in the back of my mind I thought we needed to hold on to one thing that was conventional and traditional.

“I understand, but I can tell you that if I had the chance, I’d have rode Tommy like a pony at the county fair,” Joni said with a chuckle.

Susan giggled too and said, “Well I really did want to, so it wasn’t some noble gesture,” and then she laughed and added, “Besides, after he came three times with Lindsay and Jesse yesterday, and twice this morning with me and Lindsay, I was worried the poor little guy’s tank might be empty!”

Now both women laughed out loud, and then Susan looked and said, “Glad I finished telling you everything…. The k1ds are coming out of the water.”

As Lindsay and Tommy walked towards them, Joni asked, “So I guess they don’t know you were going to share all of this with me?”

“No, but I don’t think they’d mind… because I told them everything we did this morning… I hope you don’t mind,” Susan said.

“Not only am I fine with you telling them, I’m glad you trust them that much, and they were perfectly wonderful this morning so that tells me they really do have a great perspective on what’s happened here,” Joni said happily, and then she added, “I told you there’s something magical about this place.”

Susan smiled and said, “The k1ds and I have been saying that too, I guess what happens here really does stay here.”

“That’s good,” Joni said as she reached between the chairs and gave her daughter’s hand a loving squeeze, then she looked back towards the water and saw Lindsay and Tommy approaching, with their wet, naked bodies shimmering in the bright sunlight and she said, “I really can’t blame anyone for being attracted to them, even us.”

“Thanks mom, they really are beautiful,” Susan agreed.

Then Joni said, “You know, I wouldn’t mind if everything that happened with you and the k1ds this week happened with me and Walter tomorrow.”

Susan just smiled and said, “Well let’s see how the party goes.”

One more surge of arousal rushed to both women’s groins as Tommy and Lindsay reached the chairs, and as Lindsay grabbed a towel and began drying her incredible body she asked, “Where’s Walter?”

“He had to go take care of something,” Joni replied, and then she looked at her daughter and grinned.

Then Tommy said, “So what were you guys talking about… we could hear you laughing when we were coming up the beach.”

“Oh yeah, I was just telling Joni about how much we love this place, and planning the engagement party tomorrow,” Susan replied, and then she winked at her mom.

FIN Part V

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