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Shoutouts to Dan D, Mdawg225, and drillpscyhe for advocating that the boat story come next. breakingthrough for asking for a Tom + Sebastian story. Edger_Allen_hoe for inspiring more flirtation between Seb and Tom…curious to see where that might lead. Stucky_2020 for being patient and looking forward to this chapter as a Valentine’s Day story. And to everyone else who has been super patient for this story being delayed. Hope it is worth the wait. 😉 Many thanks to PatrickC for proofreading and letting me bounce ideas off of him. ~ DAY FOUR ~ Tom opened his eyes to find faint sunlight beaming in through the cabin’s porthole window. Yawning, he shifted his body to stretch a bit – his shoulders and torso scrunched a little, feet bending far below. As the cobwebs of sleep cleared from his mind, he became aware of two things – the wonderful sight of Chris Evans’ beefy chest rising and falling slowly in front of him, a slow gentle snore rumbling into the air. The other thing was behind him…two things, actually. The first was the other muscular body in the bed pressed up against his backside as Sebastian Stan cuddled up against him. The second was prodding against his rear – Seb might not be awake but a certain part of his body was definitely up. Tom closed his eyes and grinned, memories from the previous day flashing through his mind of being on top of Seb, grinding against him while the stud pushed a finger into Tom’s hole…and before that, a sleeping Seb rutting against Tom’s rear in the middle of the night. His grin grew as he began flexing his ass, massaging Seb’s manhood the same way he had the night before. The rigid pole throbbed, providing all the encouragement that Tom needed. He shifted his weight back, pressing his body more closely against Seb’s – as a result, his buns wrapped around the hard cock, wedging it in place as he flexed some more. He was rewarded with a soft moan and the feeling of Seb’s warm breath hitting the back of his neck. Tom clenched and released again, then clenched once more. The rod throbbed again, then slid back and forth just a little…and now it was Tom’s turn to gently moan. He rocked his hips a little…and then Seb shifted in his sleep, pulling Tom closer. Their bodies were covered in a slight sheen of sweat from the cabin’s warm temperature, easing Seb’s cock as it slid up through Tom’s tight crevice. The rock-hard tool pushed up and down along Tom’s cleft, both men moaning lightly. “So good…” Seb murmured in his sleep, his lips so close to Tom’s neck that Tom could feel the weight of each word as a puff of air against his skin, sending goosebumps down his spine. On the next subtle thrust of Seb’s hips, the head of his cock caught at Tom’s entrance and stayed there, the hot heavy knob nudging at the tight hole. A little groan rattled in Tom’s throat, cut off quickly so as not to wake either slumbering stud. He could feel the thick piece of meat throb against him…and swore that he could feel precum pulsing out, pooling against his puckered hole. He wriggled his hips, grinding back slightly against the hard tip. “That feels…great.” Damn, it felt like Seb’s lips were right against his neck, brushing against Tom’s skin as Seb spoke in his sleep. The fingertips that were curled against Tom’s chest gently pressed against his skin, flexing and raking down the center of his chest. “…so great.” Slowly, the fingers straightened back out, gliding up along Tom’s chest as Seb’s hand flattened out…and then dug back down. The whole time, his hips ground forward, driving his cock up and down along Tom’s ass. The younger man’s eyes went wide, realizing that his friend was most definitely not asleep. His eyes narrowed back down with mischief as he took hold of Seb’s hand and pulled it up, until the fingertips were against his mouth. The digits shifted left and right, feeling Tom’s lips…and froze when a wet tongue slid out and began lapping up and down Seb’s finger. The result was a small moan from the muscular stud behind…and this time his lips *were* on Tom’s neck. The two ground their hips back and forth – the juices flowing from Seb’s cock slicked up Tom’s ass..bined with the light sweat already present, it effortlessly glided along, driving Tom crazy. When Seb’s knob came to rest against Tom’s entrance again, both men growled, wriggling their hips. Tom’s tongue swirled around the tip of Seb’s finger one more time before taking it between his lips, sucking hard. “That’s it…” The lips pressed against his neck moved and caressed Tom’s skin as Seb muttered. The finger drove in and out of his mouth, matching the movements of its owner’s hips as he pushed against Tom’s rear. “…take it…” Between the grinding, Seb’s ample precum, and both men’s needs…just like the previous evening, Seb’s tip slowly began penetrating Tom’s entrance. Unlike the previous evening, Tom wasn’t trying to slow things down – his opening gave way as the bullet-shaped head of Seb’s glans eased inside, eliciting a deep sigh from both men. Seb stopped with about half of his head inside and then pulled back, leaving just the tip within Tom…and then pushed forward again. He rocked his hips back and forth, teasing his friend, who was sucking fervently on his finger now. Tom pushed back, taking the rest of Seb’s head, jamming a second finger into his mouth. Both men were slowly thrusting back and forth, matching each other’s movements…and slowly but surely the first inch of Seb’s shaft pushed inside Tom. “That’s it…” A tongue slid over Tom’s neck, aiming upward. “….take it…” The tongue met his ear, flicking at his earlobe. “That feel good?” Tom responded wordlessly by reaching back and grabbing Seb’s hip, pulling it forward. At the same time, he pushed himself back, slowly impaling himself on the rod of hard flesh. Without any lube other than Seb’s juices, his insides burned a little…but the pain was mixed with pleasure. He heard Seb moan softly, his mouth latching onto Tom’s ear. A couple of inches were now inside…and then Seb backed away, again just leaving the tip before pressing forward once more. Between Tom’s tightness and the lack of lube, it was a struggle to go much further. Removing his fingers from Tom’s mouth, Seb flattened his hand and held it up to Tom’s lips. “Spit.” Tom pursed his mouth and pushed spit into Seb’s hand a couple of times, creating a small pool. The hand disappeared under the sheet – Tom could feel Seb’s arm moving back and forth as he slicked up his pole. The hand appeared again at Tom’s mouth and he spit again…after getting his cock wet, Seb shifted forward again, easily reentering his friend and earning another inch or so inside. Seb’s hand went down again, this time wrapping around Tom’s dick and squeezing it as he continued sliding in and out on the other side. “Seb…” “Tom…” “Fuck…” “Motănel…” “Please…” Tom grunted as Seb shoved forward, suddenly burying another inch or so inside in one thrust. He bit down on his lower lip, stifling a moan. The lips were at his ear again, driving him crazy. “Fuck Tom, babe, you feel…” The hips moved back and forth again. “…so fucking good…” Back and forth. “So…fucking…fuck…good…” He was probably two-thirds inside when Chris began moving around, waking up. Seb’s hand flew up, landing flat against Tom’s chest, both men closing their eyes and pretending to sleep…and trying to breathe normally. “Awww, well you two look cute. All cuddled up.” Seb cracked an eye open, pretending to wake up. His hand rose up in the air, one particular finger waving at their friend before dropping back down to the mattress. Tom opened his mouth wide, yawning, twisting his torso to stretch…and pretending that most of Seb’s cock wasn’t buried inside his ass at the moment. “Your talking in your sleep must not bother him too much.” Evans reached over his head and grabbed his phone, beginning to read through the day’s headlines. “He probably can’t hear it over your loud-ass snoring.” Seb teasingly flexed his cock inside Tom’s tunnel. “Whatever.” “Anything…uh, interesting?” Tom looked up at Chris, doing his best to act natural…as he felt Seb very slowly pull back. “Mmm…a couple of things.” Chris’ eyebrows scrunched down as he clicked on some headlines. “Like…” Tom’s sentence cut off as he felt Seb’s rod begin to dig inside again. He listened as Chris read an article out loud, struggling to keep a straight face as he felt Seb work his insides, slowly pushing forward…and then he felt it – Seb’s hip up against his ass. He realized that Chris had asked him a question and blinked. “I’m sorry…what?” “You need coffee. I was asking what kind of news you wanted to hear about.” “I uh…you pick.” There was no way in hell he was going to be able to think clearly at the moment. Seb’s bottom half was right up against his own, all seven inches buried inside, his big balls resting against Tom’s ass cheeks. Chris read out a couple of news stories…and then suddenly pulled back the sheets, scooting forward to get out of the bed, dropping his phone down on the mattress. “Be right back – gotta piss.” Tom stared as he watched the nude muscular backside saunter away, his mouth watering at the sight. Chris closed the door most of the way, leaving it cracked. When the sound of a stream hitting the toilet bowl filled the air, Seb’s mouth was suddenly back on Tom’s ear and neck, exploring them as he began thrusting once more, exploring Tom’s guts with his cock. Their hands were all over each other – at some point Tom turned and latched his mouth to Seb’s, their tongues wrestling as their hips slammed back and forth. As the sound from the bathroom began to taper off, Seb growled and began pulling back. “We’ll finish this later…” His words came out haltingly, panting with his hunger. Tom moaned, both in pleasure and frustration. “Promise?” Seb took hold of Tom’s chin and kissed him, slamming inside one more time. He wiggled his hips, teasing Tom’s insides. “I promise.” The words came out in a half-whisper as he pulled out. By the time Chris walked back into the room, Seb had rolled towards the edge of the bed, reaching down for his shorts on the ground. He looked up at the furry stud. “I’m going to go make coffee while you two lazy turds decide how long you’re going to lounge around in bed.” Turning, he stood up and pulled his shorts up his legs while Chris crawled back into the bed. Flipping over, he pulled the sheet up enough to cover his crotch as he began flicking his finger across the screen, pulling up more news stories to read. “Milk, no sugar.” “Fuck you.” Seb chuckled as he left the room. “Maybe later.” Seb’s hand reappeared in the doorway, his middle finger once again waving at Chris. Evans chuckled. “I said later. Coffee first.” “I hate you.” Seb’s voice floated down the hallway. “No you don’t. You love me.” Chris raised his own voice a little louder so it would carry down towards the kitchen. “No I don’t!” Chris laughed, looking down at Tom. Reaching over, he ruffled his friend’s mop of hair, wrapping his arm around Tom’s shoulders and pulling him closer to cuddle. “Alright…politics, entertainment, or technology?” “Err…” Tom had to take a moment, recovering from the cut-off session with Seb while gazing down Chris’ body. The large muscles, covered in light fur, were almost entirely on display. The sheet was *barely* covering anything up…especially since the man’s ample morning wood was making a sizable tent. The edge of the sheet was near Chris’ navel, putting a lot of his upper body on display. Tom swallowed, feeling extremely horny and very very frustrated. “…technology.” Evans read out a couple of articles – Tom replied but was barely listening, trying to pull himself together. “Oh cool – a new way of removing tattoos that’s faster and better. Damn, that would have been handy.” “Hmm?” The random statement broke through Tom’s lusty daydreaming. “Oh – got a tattoo removed a few years ago. Was a real pain in the ass.” “Yeah, you’ve got…a lot of them.” Tom took the opportunity to gaze all over his friend’s body, which was littered with tattoos from his shoulders all the way down to where the sheet began covering him up. “What did you get removed?” Chris began laughing as he twisted his torso, bringing his right shoulder into better view. He tapped an area in the middle of his bicep. “Right here. Was a big stylized Asian symbol that looked kinda like an A. Thought it meant `family’ but was wrong.” Tom stared at the blank space, able to make out faint lines where Evans’ flesh was a slightly different color than the surrounding area. He reached out and traced it with his finger, not thinking about it until he became self-conscious of touching the large bicep, especially when it flexed in reaction to his light touch. “Sorry.” “No, you’re fine. It left some scarring. Article says the new method hardly leaves a mark. Oh well.” “So if it wasn’t a `family’ what did it mean instead?” Another laugh rolled through Evans’ body, causing Tom’s torso to rock against the large firm muscles. “It meant `surname’. So I basically had a tattoo that just read `last name’. Lesson learned. Be careful if you get a tattoo.” His left hand, curled up behind Tom, rose up to affectionately ruffle the lad’s hair again. “So what made you get this one?” Tom tapped the space right above, where the word `loyalty’ appeared in an all-capital letters script across the large right shoulder. Checking out the tattoos meant that he had to lay across Chris’ chest, a situation that neither man was about to complain about. “Ah…just something that’s important. Family, friends, work. That was one of my first tattoos.” “And…this one?” Their attention shifted to a flying eagle that spanned a large portion of Chris’ right pec muscle. Chris flexed his chest, making it look like the eagle was flying. Tom looked up, rolling his eyes and only getting another laugh in return. “Was feeling patriotic but wanted something a little not so stars-and-stripey.” “It looks really cool.” Tom traced over the feathers with his fingertip. Chris took a deep breath, which Tom mistook as part of still waking up; if he’d looked down, he would have seen his friend’s nipple stiffening in response to the light brushing of Tom’s finger through the close-cropped chest hair covering the eagle. Tom shifted a little, trying to read a block of text on the other side of Chris’ broad chest, words that ran in a few lines across the large collarbone. Tom squinted and blinked. “That probably sucks trying to read sideways. Here…” Chris tapped his palm on Tom’s back. Again, without thinking, Tom shifted to his left, draping his left leg over Chris’ thigh, planting his own knee in the gap between Chris’ legs. As he moved, the sheet shifted, completely exposing his right leg. Evans was thankful that Tom’s attention was focused on his shoulder area as he stared at the round firm half of Tom’s ass that was uncovered. Tom read out the words, then looked up, his warm brown eyes looking into Chris’ bright blue orbs. “Losing touch…?” “Ah, yeah – that’s from a spiritual friend. It’s a message about keeping yourself grounded, not letting your ego get too big.” “Is it working?” Tom smirked, moving his head away as Chris’ big palm swung through the air, pretending that he was going to smack the younger man. “Yes, it is.” Chris stuck his tongue out, the pair chuckling as Tom tilted his head to the right. “That’s a taurus symbol, for my mom.” “Cute.” Tom smiled, both enjoying the moment and honestly appreciating the thoughtful meaning behind the tattoos. Another scrawl of ink caught his attention and he looked downward. “Dod…” He blinked again, with another word that was at a different angle. He shifted down a little bit, tilting his head again. “Dodger. Oh – your dog?” “Yep. Love him to pieces.” Tom turned his head left and right, searching for more tattoos. He found another one on Chris’ stomach, just a couple of inches below his chest. Located on Chris’ right side and further down, Tom scooted his body down and over to get a better look. The result was not just a better view of the ink but he felt a big hard cock against his stomach…something that both men ignored. “Who is Bardsley?” Chris’ smile faded – just a little and just for a moment. “Childhood friend. He passed away in an accident.” His smile returned, along with a warm glow in his eyes. “Tons of memories, all good. He was a great guy.” “Sorry.” “Don’t be. Every time someone asks, it’s a chance to remember him again, which isn’t something to regret.” He ruffled Tom’s hair again, his fingers raking through the wavy locks this time as his hand withdrew, tucking his arm behind his head with a wink. “There’s more.” He watched as Tom looked around again before finding the next one, which was a few inches down. Tom had to scoot again – this time he lifted his torso up a little, to avoid dragging the sheet down with him. “Oh – the Avengers tattoo!” Tom looked up with a grin, pleased to recognize it…and finding out where it was located, which was apparently a big mystery on the internet. He traced over the familiar symbol, which rested right below Chris’ ribs on his right side. “Why over here?” “Put it on the same side as loyalty.” “Awww – you big softie.” Chris opened his mouth but stopped, cutting off a joke about the part of his body that was most-definitely not soft…he blinked, his mind reaching for another joke. “Keep it up and I’ll take another look at that tattoo removal article.” Tom rolled his eyes again. “Get rid of it and you’d have to explain that to the rest of the team.” He winked as he chuckled, glad to get one over on Chris finally. “That’s all of them?” “No…” Chris let the word trail off, interested to see how Tom would respond. He watched as Tom scanned around again, unable to locate any additional tattoos on Chris’ upper body. The younger man’s eye squinted as he connected the dots, lifting his own body up slightly and looking downward. His eyes caught another tattoo, a few inches below and on the other side of Chris’ body. With a slight smirk, he rocked backward, moving his body further away from the headboard in order to get a better look. Gently lowering his body back down, he pinned Chris’ hard member beneath his chest. His fingertip came down, tapping on a familiar icon that was inked on his friend’s left hip, right above where his muscles made a deep groove that ran down under the sheet. `Cum gutters,’ Tom thought to himself…although between earnest sucking or being bred, he didn’t leave much of a man’s juices to go spilling down their body. The thought caused his own dick to throb against the mattress – the resulting smirk was mistaken by Chris as teasing him about his sports fandom. “You know I love the Patriots.” “Yeah, I don’t really follow American football enough to have a good joke for that one. I heard the Seahawks are a good team though. The Chiefs as well?” He laughed as Chris glowered down at him. “You need to quit listening to Pratt and Rudd. They’re a bad influence.” Tom’s eyebrows furrowed in jest as he squinted with one eye. “Are they?” Chris blinked, taking a deep breath. His imagination fired away some images of just how bad an influence that pair could bursa escort be, individually and as a pair. The sensuous thoughts caused his manhood to throb – parked right in the center of Tom’s chest, the other man couldn’t help but feel it pulse against him. “The Patriots are definitely the better team. And that pair are definitely a bad influence if they’re telling you that Seattle and Kansas City are good teams.” Tom grinned, both with amusement and mischief. “Okay…” Returning to the topic at-hand, he looked slowly across the furry abs, his toes curling at the sight, catching view of another tattoo…again, over on the other side and further down. Once more, he gently repositioned himself – this time the firm lump was wedged right where his collarbones met. Evans swallowed, realizing that his cock was right under Tom’s throat…and imagined it buried deep inside the slender-muscles, with his balls pushed against Tom’s chin. “Gemini.” Tom looked up, his finger lazily sliding along the black lines of the zodiac symbol. “Hmm?” “It’s…a gemini symbol.” Tom looked back down, really focusing on the happy trail that went down the center of the rock hard abs, spreading out into a close-cropped patch of hair that was now visible as the sheet had shifted…and just a couple of inches away. “Another family member?” “No. That one’s me.” “Hmm.” Tom nodded, continuing to run his fingertip over the warm skin. He curled his digit slightly, softly raking his fingernail over the tattoo…and was rewarded with the feeling of another throb. Suddenly, he felt Chris’ right leg pull upward, making a large upside-down V over the mattress. “That one’s for family though.” Chris cocked his head downward. Tom turned to look, finding a set of initials on the back of the other man’s ankle. Once again he lifted his torso, moving much further this time, settling down between Chris’ legs, admiring the scrawl of three letters – SCS. “Siblings – their initials.” “Ahhh, okay.” Tom traced his finger over that one too, admiring it. Chris watched silently – Tom’s entire backside was now uncovered, that perky ass on full display. “Got any others…” Tom’s words trailed off as he blinked and swallowed hard – thick hairy thighs were on either side of his view, the pastel orange sheet leaving both legs exposed. A portion of the sheet barely covered Chris’ crotch…and really, just barely as it formed a large tent. Tom blinked again, his mouth watering at the sight of a damp spot that was right at the tip of the tent…another blink and he refocused his vision, looking past the large mound to gaze into Chris’ eyes once more. A big grin pulled up at the corner of Chris’ mouth, the lips surrounded by a short beard. “Actually, yes.” His other leg rose up in the air, making another V as he planted his foot back down on the mattress. Tom nearly whimpered at the sight and it took every bit of control not to yank the sheet down. “It’s kinda the thing about tattoos – once you start you keep going.” His forehead tilted down again. Tom looked over to find a sun on the back of the large calf muscle – lined rays beaming out from around the stylized orb. He looked back up for a moment, silently asking a question with a raised eyebrow before returning his attention to Chris’ leg. “It’s the movie I enjoyed making the most. Sunshine.” “Very cool.” With blood pumping elsewhere, Tom found himself unable to think of a witty remark. “It looks really neat.” “Thank you. There’s one more, for now.” Tom looked back up, questioningly. He watched as Chris’ left leg tilted away, opening up the gap space between his legs. The sheet moved just a little but held on. Tom took a deep breath as he noticed a tattoo high up on the inner left thigh. He shifted his weight forward, bringing himself closer to get a better look – the tattoo and the tented sheet were just inches away from his face. Another deep breath to steady himself, his pulse drumming in his ears, and he prodded the new discovery. A small harp was surrounded by two branches that made a circle around the instrument. “A harp?” “Mmmhmm. And an oak branch and an olive branch.” Tom looked up, taking his time as his eyes took in the sight of the throbbing barely-covered dick. “For…?” “The harp is for Ireland. The branches are for Italy. Family background.” “Ohhh.” Tom looked back down and gazed at the tattoo, rubbing his finger on it as he weighed his next words. “So…do you think you’ll get something here?” He placed his left hand on the inside of Chris’ right thigh, his fingertip dragging along the bare skin. “To balance it out?” He looked back up, catching Evans’ gaze that went over his head, towards his exposed rear end. The bold blue eyes returned to focus on Tom’s face. “Hmm. Good point. Any ideas?” Tom held Chris’ gaze rather than looking back down. His fingers rubbed against the hairy muscled thighs, moving in synchronized circles. “I don’t know. Something that’s meaningful…but like, the same size? Maybe the same shape?” “Ah, for the balance idea you mentioned. That, uh, would make sense.” The grin grew a little wider. “But none of my other tattoos are balanced out.” Tom’s eyebrows furled as he thought about that, pulling his eyes away to examine the broad torso once more. He chuckled a little. “No, actually, they’re not.” “That would pretty much double the number of tattoos I have now.” Chris laughed, the action causing his cock to bounce in Tom’s peripheral vision…the sheet precariously close to slipping away. “Well, you could start with this one. Those are pretty easy.” Tom tilted his head back, indicating the tattoos on Chris’ ankle and calf. “And then?” One eyebrow cocked upward, blue eyes sparkling devilishly. Tom bit his lower lip, thinking. “Maybe…this one?” His left hand slid up, barely leaving Chris’ flesh, stopping at the gemini symbol just above his groin. Tom’s elbow came to rest on the mattress – and the sheet shifted an inch in his direction, the hem stopping right at the tip of Chris’ length, still covered up from Tom’s angle. “Okay, so work my way up?” “Mmhmm. Well, your shoulders are already kinda matched. So it’s just everything in between.” “I’ll have to think of some new designs then. Something to go there and there”. The bearded face tilted forward again, towards his feet and legs. “And here.” Tom’s right hand moved to match position with his left, sliding up along Chris’ groin to the blank space that mirrored where his gemini tattoo was located. Tom’s right elbow gently pressed into the mattress…and the sheet finally gave way. Tom saw the orange fabric disappear from the corner of his view, eyes still latched onto Chris’. Licking his lips, he slowly looked down – over the big broad chest, down the hard furry abs, following the hairy trail until he was looking directly at the object of his fantasies. If it had looked impressive in the moonlight, Chris’ dick was a beautiful sight to behold in the light of day. It was thick – a massive slab of flesh that ascended from two ample furry nuts, forming a thick tower of man meat that rose into the air. A large vein ran along the underside, smaller veins tracing out over the shaft. At the end – a big plum-shaped head, dark pink and throbbing…and as Tom watched, a bead of clear liquid appeared, growing until it surrendered to gravity and fell away, rolling down eight inches of mouth-watering cock. Looking back up, Tom locked eyes with Chris as he leaned down. His hot breath hit Evans’ sack, causing it to pull up as his toes curled. A tongue lashed out and teasingly flicked the large nuts, earning a quiet growl from the larger man. Still staring into each other’s eyes, Tom stuck his tongue out once more and held it this time, pushing it against the base of the large shaft. Slowly – so fucking slowly – he slid it upward, appreciating the bump of every vein as he traveled up…and up…and up. The tip of his tongue came to rest against the edge of the large glans which throbbed in time with Evans’ heartbeat. Still locking eyes, he ran his tongue around the rim of the large cockhead, savoring the taste and texture of the dick he’d craved for so long…and so intensely in the past few days. He watched as Chris took a deep breath while Tom’s mouth opened, his lips gliding over the bulbous head…and shuddered as they slid down, taking in the first two inches of cock with a hard sucking motion. Both men moaned, their hands gripping the sheets, as Tom continued moving downward, taking inch after inch down his throat. He was unrelenting, hungry for cock, swallowing the entire length until his mouth was pressed hard against Evans’ crotch. “Oh fuck, Tom…” His legs slid down, laying flat against the bed. Tom shifted forward, pulling himself up, letting most of the rod pull away. When the ridge of Chris’ head hit his lips, he pushed down again, inhaling all eight inches again. Chris looked down, his dick entirely buried down his friend’s throat…that perky ass sticking up in the air. “Fuck…kid…fuck you feel amazing.” He heard and felt Tom moan, the sound vibrating against his meat. The pair of lips rose up. Evans’ fingers curled in Tom’s hair and pushed down, impaling the tight throat once more. Tom whimpered as he sucked up and down the thick pole. There was at least four days’ worth of cum stored in the stud’s balls and he was determined to get a taste. “Tom. God damn. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuck.” “Breakfast is almost ready!” Both men froze at the sound of Seb’s voice, far away in the kitchen. Large brown eyes stared hungrily up at Chris and held on as Tom began sucking faster and harder, wet slurping sounds filling the cabin. “Tom…” The mouth bobbed up and down even faster. “Tom. Buddy…” Even faster, whimpering, his hands gripping Chris’ thighs. He placed his palms on either side of Tom’s head and gently pulled up, his cock sliding out and falling away from Tom’s lips. The younger man’s mouth stayed open, his lower lip pouting, eyebrows furled up, a soft whining sound rolling out of his throat. “C’mere.” He moved his hands to Tom’s shoulders and pulled up, bringing the other man face-to-face, their chests pressing against each other, hearts hammering. Down below, their cocks throbbed next to one another, desperate for release. “Chris…” “My little mouse is hungry?” He gently ruffled Tom’s hair again, his other hand rubbed up and down Tom’s back in an effort to calm his friend down. “Mmhmm.” Tom nodded, his face pressed into Chris’ shoulder. “Very.” “I know. Me too. But breakfast is…fuck, we need to head upstairs.” The other man whined against his chest. “Don’t worry – we’ll finish this later.” His hand slid down, squeezing Tom’s ass upon speaking the word `this’, making his point clear. Tom tilted his face back up, a horny mess of hormones. “You promise?” Chris’ other hand came up, running his fingers along Tom’s lips. The mouth parted, sucking needfully on his index and middle finger. Smirking, Chris pulled his fingers back out and reached down, grabbing Tom’s ass with both hands. Tom’s mouth opened wide as a thick finger, slick with his own spit, penetrated his hole, pushing into the knuckle. “I promise.” Chris pulled his finger back…and then plunged it forward again, making his friend moan. The hand resting on Chris’ chest dug in as Tom’s mouth closed, his teeth biting into his lower lip. “I promise I’m coming for this fucking ass later today.” He leaned forward, his lips meeting Tom’s, brushing gently for a moment before shoving his tongue into the other man’s mouth. Tom wrapped his lips around Chris’ tongue and sucked on it, rocking his hips back and forth in time with the motion of his mouth. The effort earned him a second finger sliding into his ass, spreading it open as Chris’ left hand palmed the back of his head and held their faces together, their tongues wrestling as Tom rode Chris’ digits. Chris broke the kiss while he still could, both of them panting heavily. Tom’s eyes looked plaintively into his own. “You really promise?” The bigger man growled, his hand squeezing Tom’s ass in a firm grip. He rested his forehead against Tom’s. “Buddy, I promise you…I am coming for this ass. Today. And I am coming for it hard.” “Good.” Tom’s grin grew into a beaming smile, anticipating a good rough fuck later that day. “But first…breakfast.” He watched as Tom took a deep breath, trying to calm his body back down…interrupted by a shudder as Chris withdrew his fingers from the tight hole. They rolled off of the bed, grabbing their clothes and pulling them on. Chris stood, hands on his hips, assessing the situation. “Well, at least your briefs kinda help. This…” His hand waved down at the rigid tent in his pajama shorts. “…not so much.” Tom bit his lip again, this time in an effort to not laugh. “Tell you what – tell Seb that I’m taking a look at the air conditioner. That’ll buy some time for this to go away.” “Alright – see you upstairs.” Tom bounded out of the room, feeling his stomach growling. Chris watched the perky rear as it disappeared, ready to pull those briefs down and… He shook his head, realizing that wasn’t going to help with his morning wood situation. By the time he’d made the bed and splashed some water on his face, his crotch was more or less back to normal…not that either of the two guys on the boat were going to complain. He made his way up the stairs, joining Seb and Tom who were already starting on breakfast. “About time you finally got up.” Seb put a forkful of food into his mouth, grinning. The bulge in Chris’ shorts was still pretty sizable…and poor Tom. Somehow despite being a good actor, he was really bad at hiding his sexual urges. It looked like he’d tucked his junk down before coming up and it’d taken a lot of effort for Seb to not laugh out loud. For a couple of minutes there had been an awkward bulge bowing out from the kid’s crotch, pointing down towards his toes. When Tom went downstairs to refill the coffee carafe, Seb leaned forward, pulling his sunglasses down to the end of his nose. “So…anything interesting in the news this morning?” Chris popped a bite of pancake into his mouth and grinned while chewing. “Some interesting things that popped up, yeah.” “Really? How interesting?” “Very interesting.” Seb rolled his eyes, half-amused and half-annoyed with Chris’ inability to ever speak in a straightforward manner. He pushed his sunglasses back up and leaned back in his chair. “Cute – you two cuddled and took turns reading the news to each other?” “Uh uh.” Chris scarfed down another bite, chewing and swallowing quickly. “Tom’s a polite guy. Doesn’t talk with his mouth full.” Another bite of pancake disappeared into his mouth, which was stretched into a big grin while he chewed, enjoying the way that Seb’s mouth dropped open a little. “You…wow. You dirty dog.” “Relax. Your timing sucks. Breakfast finished before we did.” Seb laughed, taking another sip of coffee, holding the warm cup in both hands. “Aww, I’m sorry.” “No you’re not.” “You’re right. I’m not. At all.” “Don’t be jealous. It’s not a good look on you.” Chris winked, biting into a pear, his eyes twinkling. “Oh. I’m not jealous.” Seb grinned, taking another pull from the coffee cup. “Yes you are. While you were making breakfast I was busy feeding Tom.” “Well, before you had a chance to stuff your face full of pancake, I already stuffed my cock into his ass.” “The fuck?!” Seb took absolute delight in seeing Chris’ jaw drop. If his old friend were in a cartoon, it would have hit the floor. “Fuck you. No you didn’t.” “Mmhmm. While cuddling. Inches away from you. And even more when you hit the toilet.” Chris’ eyes narrowed, looking back and forth between Seb’s light blue irises. “No you didn’t…” He trailed off, seeing the cocksure certainty in his buddy’s face. “He is…” Seb ran his finger through some of the syrup on his plate, popping the tip of his finger into his mouth. Withdrawing the digit, he smacked his lips, grinning wickedly. “…deliciously tight.” “Mother fucker…wow.” Chris leaned back in his chair, chuckling. “I hate you.” “Mmmm, more like `Tom fucker’.” Seb sampled some more syrup, then turned a look of sympathy in Chris’ direction. “Aww, Chris. Jealousy doesn’t look good on you.” “I really really hate you.” Seb responded by blowing a kiss through the air, leaving both men laughing loudly as Tom’s head popped back up. Chris and Tom cleared the table, making up for Seb cooking on his own. Chris promised to take care of lunch…which both men pointed out that it was his turn to make lunch anyway. He also kept Tom flustered by coming up behind him in the kitchen, pressing his crotch to Tom’s rear and whispering reassurances of his earlier promise in the other man’s ear. Between Chris’ grinding, the nibbling on his ear, and the very vivid description of just what Chris thought of the way Tom’s ass looked in those blue briefs and how tight his hole had been around Chris’ fingers…the pouch of Tom’s underwear quickly filled out again and left him worked up. He was an absolute mess while they went through their usual routine, watching the muscles of Seb and Chris’ body move and flex as they went through their workout. Both men behaved as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that morning, causing Tom to wonder when the hell they were going to carry through on their morning promises. Finished with the workout, Chris decided to take another crack at the air conditioner, leaving Seb and Tom to figure out their swimsuits for the day. Entering the room, he found them both standing there, staring at the drawer. “I think I got the a/c to work. Um…did you two forget how swimsuits work?” He laughed at two different middle fingers that went up in the air at once. “No. There’s just…a lot of them. Trying to decide.” Seb’s mouth pulled at one side, trying to make a decision as his attention returned to the open drawer. A bevy of colors and patterns were on display as he and Tom both slowly sifted through the variety of speedos. “Well, how about a twist then. We pick out for each other?” Tom and Seb looked at Chris and then at each other. “Do we trust him?” Tom play-acted, eyebrows curling up as he looked back and forth between Chris and Seb. “Not one bit. But…sounds fun. Wait – you’re sure about the air?” Seb reached his hand up towards the vent and felt cool air blowing out. “Nice!” “We’ll see. Hopefully it holds out. Alright – how abooooout…” Chris stepped over, picking through a few of the different swimsuits. “…since you two don’t trust me…Seb can pick out Tom’s, Tom can pick out mine, and I’ll pick out Seb’s.” Seb fished through the drawer, finding a pair with bold red and white stripes. Tom went next, handing Chris a speedo that was a very light grey color with thin peach zig-zagged lines. Chris suppressed a chuckle, noticing a pattern of light colored speedos, knowing damn well that they’d become a little see-thru when wet. He tossed a set to Seb that were white with pale green polka dots, watching in amusement as one of Seb’s eyebrows rose up. The trio stripped down, pulling on the speedos and scampering back upstairs, jumping into the water. The morning went by quickly. Tom shook his head as once again, Chris and Seb found themselves in a pull-up competition during a break from the water. Chris barely won…and then lost when he challenged Tom to another set of laps around the boat, claiming that the pull-ups had worn him out. Seb’s taunts led to splashing each other before taking turns diving off of the side of the boat. Both men got a good laugh when Tom disappeared under the water…but his swimsuit stayed floating on the surface. Seb teasingly threatened to hold onto the speedo and not hand it back over, until Chris pointed out that there was an entire drawer full of them. Seb’s faux-pouting at Chris being a killjoy turned into laughter as Tom tried – and failed – to get the speedo back on while also trying to tread water. His and Chris’ laughter died down a little when Tom took the speedo, rested it over his shoulder, and proceeded to climb up the ladder…his wonderfully perky ass muscles flexing as his legs lifted up the rungs. By the time the other two had made it up the side of the boat, the young escort bayan stud had already pulled the suit back on and was heading down the stairs to get another round of beers. The guys decided to have a light snack instead of a real lunch. They settled into their usual routine of lounging out afterward, enjoying the warm sun, fresh air, and trading stories from filming on different movies, trying to see who had the craziest story, then the funniest story, and then the creepiest or scariest story. Tom won for crazy, Seb for scariest…and neither was surprised when Evans snatched the prize for funniest story, his tale leaving their sides hurting with laughter. “So – what exactly happened in Hawaii?” Tom took a sip of his beer, looking back and forth between the other two men. It had, after all, resulted in them all sleeping naked so he wasn’t complaining but was plenty curious. Evans glanced over at Seb. “It was really hot.” Seb shook his head while rolling his eyes. “Yes, Hawaii is like that. It’s called being tropical, dipshit.” He ducked as a pool noodle flew by, ignoring Chris’ antics. “Anyway, we told you…the air conditioning wasn’t working.” He brought his own beer up to his face, covering up his mouth as he smirked. “And they didn’t have another room at the hotel?” “Nope.” Chris’ answer was surprisingly short for a man whose friends described him as a chatterbox. “So we just found a way to try and sleep comfortably.” “I mean, we’ve all been in a gym. Not like Seb has anything we haven’t seen before. Except for that third testicle.” The pool noodle flew back through the air, the end managing to clip Chris, who ran his hand over his head to smooth his hair back into place. “And an extra large asshole.” He and Tom both laughed as Seb spat out a mouthful of beer, unprepared for Chris’ retort. “Fuck you. I do not have a third nut. Or a large asshole.” Chris opened his mouth and then closed it, biting back the joke he wanted to make. Clearing his throat, he winked and finally replied, “I said `extra large’.” Seb opened his mouth to speak. “I hate you,” as he said the words, he found Chris and Tom both speaking them, all men saying the phrase at once before devolving into a giggle fit. “No seriously, I hate you. You might not make it back to land.” “Ooh – then you’d have to pay for the boat.” Seb’s mouth pulled to one side, chewing his lip slightly as he pretended to be deep in thought. “Okay, you’ll make it *back* to land but not much further.” Chris stretched out in his lounger and rolled over to lay face down, letting out a big satisfied sigh. The other two copied his move, laying out and enjoying the warm sun in silence. “Hey squirt – do you think you could…?” Tom looked over to see Seb pointing over his shoulder at his back. The corner of his mouth pulled up in a tiny smile – if most people called him `squirt’ he’d be irritated at being treated like a kid. For some reason when Seb said it…the small grin grew just a little bigger. “Yeah, no problem.” He sat down on Seb’s back, down low to where his butt was resting on top of Seb’s own firm rear, so that he was able to work his hands over the entire well-muscled backside. Hearing small moans were his reward as he kneaded his fingers up and down, the combined sound and touch sending a tingle down his own spine. The pouch of his speedos began to fill out as the soft groans continued, his mind flashing back to that morning. Finishing up, his hands glided down the center of Seb’s back, his thumbs sliding under the swimsuit’s waistband…much further than they necessary…and very slowly moved outward, making sure that sunscreen was applied thoroughly. Seb began turning over, prompting Tom to lift up so that the other man would have room to move – once he was face-up, Tom lowered himself back down. Where he’d been sitting on firm globes before, he was now sitting on a firm…something else that was becoming very familiar. Squirting more sunscreen lotion into his palms, Tom placed them on Seb’s chest and began working out in small circles. His friend’s stubbled cheek stretched with a grin. “You can go a little harder.” The word `harder’ was emphasized with a throb that pushed against Tom’s ass. Tom increased the pressure of his wrists. “How hard do you want it?” He pushed down with his hips as he spoke. That sexy grin grew just a little more. “As hard as you want.” Another throb and Seb’s crotch rose ever so slightly. Tom pushed even harder – both with his hands and with his butt as he began working over Seb’s body. This time he was rewarded not just with a soft moan but with the feeling of a hard cock grinding against his ass. Seb lifted his arms and folded them behind his head, looking super relaxed as if he weren’t trying to fuck his friend through the material of their speedos. The grinding back and forth continued, and he listened as Tom’s breathing grew heavier, a little rattle escaping his throat on occasion. “Do you think you could get my arms too?” “Yeah.” Damn if the kid didn’t lick his lip for a quick second before his hands planted themselves on Seb’s biceps, working the large muscles over. He flexed his arms, watching with amusement as Tom bit into his lower lip, making a small noise that was barely audible over the sound of the waves lapping against the boat. He kept flexing his arms and at the same time slowly rolling his hips up and down – Tom responded by squeezing the beefy biceps and pushing his body down, meeting Seb’s thrusts. A hard lump pushed down into Seb’s abs, as if he needed an indication of how turned on Tom was. “That feels good?” Tom emphasized his question with another grinding down, pushing back to nudge back on Seb’s hard bulge. “Mmmhmm. Arms and chest are pretty well covered – don’t want my stomach to burn though.” He winked before realizing that the movement was hidden by his sunglasses, so grinned again. Tom leaned back, resting his bodyweight on Seb’s crotch as he squeezed the sunscreen tube again, getting a good dollop of cream in his hand. Rubbing them together, he lifted himself slightly and moved backward so that he would have full access to Seb’s lower torso. The result was that their two pouches mashed together, one hard cock bumping against the other. Meanwhile, his hands came down gently just at the bottom of Seb’s ribcage. Very slowly, he worked his way down the flat firm stomach. His digits traced over every bump and ridge of Seb’s abs, worshipping the muscles with his fingertips. The whole time, both men continued shifting their hips, grinding their crotches together, enjoying teasing one another. Tom’s thumbs bumped into the waistband of Seb’s speedo. The low-rise suit gave Tom a good view of Seb’s body, the ridges of Seb’s abs disappearing below the white and green material. To the left and right, a deep groove ran from Seb’s hips, veins tracing along the way, muscled lines that Tom wanted to run his tongue down instead of his fingers. His hands slid apart, appreciating the firm muscle under their touch, until he reached the twin grooves – he notched his thumbs into them and slowly ran up along their length, unaware that the grinding of his hips had become more fervent as his thumbs traveled north. Reaching Seb’s hips, he slid his hands back down, index fingers now tracing the cum gutters, imagining shooting his load onto the flat stomach and watching his juices flow down where his fingers were now slowly moving along. Reaching the waistband again, he looked up at Seb’s face as he squirted a small amount of lotion onto his fingertips, rubbing them together to make sure that they were covered. Still staring upward, his thumbs slid down, under the waistband, until his fingers rested on top of one another over the area where Seb’s abs met his groin. Tom felt the tip of his thumb bump into something hot and hard under the white and green fabric. Painfully slow, he moved his hands apart, ensuring that Seb’s groin was covered with sunscreen and wouldn’t burn should the swimsuit move. Reaching the outer edge of Seb’s thighs, he saw the other man swallow as his hands pushed down a half inch and slowly began moving back into center. Any touch was impossible to write-off as an accidental brush as his thumbs pressed into either side of the base of Seb’s cock…and then began sliding up and down, rubbing against the root of his shaft. It was Seb’s turn to bite his lip as Tom caressed the first two inches of his cock, which was throbbing against both Tom’s thumbs and the other man’s bulge. Tom looked down to see a huge wet spot in the front of Seb’s speedos, a clear drop of fluid seeping through the center of a green polka dot. He licked his lips, watching as the drop grew and broke apart, followed by another. He pulled one hand out of Seb’s swimsuit, running his thumb over the tent, catching Seb’s juices. Seb let out a soft moan as he watched the thumb disappear between Tom’s lips, which suckled on the appendage, getting a taste of Seb’s precum. “Uh…think you…” Seb let out a little breath. “…can get my chest again?” “Yeah.” Tom shifted his weight forward, returning his ass to Seb’s crotch, his hands pressing into the broad chest. He kneaded the large pec muscle, his fingers teasing Seb’s nipples, both men beginning to moan as they ground their hips against each other. The speedos were the only thing keeping him from being back inside Tom again as they roughly pushed back and forth. Seb felt a hand gently tug down, pulling the fabric out of the way. He blinked, checking to confirm that both of Tom’s hands were still on his chest, the younger man softly moaning with pleasure. Fingers gripped his pole as it sprung out of his spandex prison, covering it with a slick fluid as they squeezed up and down his lengthening cock. Evans was behind Tom, grinning as he lifted a bottle of lube into the air for Seb to see. The hand disappeared and Seb guessed where it had gone as Tom’s mouth dropped open into the cutest “o” shape…the twink shuddered and tilted his head back as a thick finger pushed inside his hole, covered in lube it easily went all the way in until Chris’ knuckle was grinding against Tom’s cheeks. He pulled back and his middle finger rested against his index finger, reentering the young stud and getting a whimper as he began fingering the entrance, spreading his fingers to open Tom up. “I promised.” The whispered breath hit Tom’s ear as Chris rammed his hand in and out of his rear. Suddenly the fingers were gone. Something cold slid along his hip. “I think these need to go.” A metallic snipping noise and Tom felt warm sea air against his now-exposed right side…and then on his left and the speedo fell away. He felt a tug underneath and saw the red and white fabric hit the deck, the sides cut open. He moaned as Seb’s cock pushed against his ass – the arms that had been folded back were now reaching down and spreading his cheeks apart, the rigid pole pushing up, eager to get inside. Tom pushed back and felt Seb’s tip against his hole, a bit of building pressure before giving way. He moaned loudly as four inches of cock slid inside. Seb pulled back and rammed forward again, a couple more inches making their way in…and then again, this time pushing his nuts up against Tom’s ass, his full length buried inside, both men giving out long satisfied moans. “I promised.” Tom looked down to see Seb’s broad pink lips pulled into a big smile. “Finally. Fuuuuuuuck.” The second word was drawn out as Seb’s hips fell away, nearly all seven inches pulling out until just the head was inside. “How hard do you want it?” Tom half-moaned and half-chuckled, hearing his recent words thrown back at him. He looked down into Seb’s face and bit his lip, fingers digging into the other man’s chest. He gave the man’s earlier response back to him. “As hard as you want.” “Good.” Seb’s lips pushed together as he slammed his hips back up, impaling Tom. “Harder.” Seb growled, pulling back and ramming in again. And again. And again. Tom whimpered and moaned, his toes curling as a few days’ worth of sexual tension snapped and he got the fucking he wanted and needed. His eyes were closed in pleasure and his mouth hanging open, moaning…when he felt something press against his lips. Looking up, he saw Evans standing above him, straddling the lounger, his speedo missing. A long thick cock filled half of Tom’s view, pointed towards his lower lip. Opening up, he hungrily swallowed half its length. He felt fingers running through his hair, encouraging him as his head bobbed up and down, quickly taking the remaining inches until he felt nuts pushing against his rear and his chin, filled with man meat at both ends. He moaned long and hard, his lips vibrating around the base of Chris’ rod. `Finally. Fuck, finally,’ he thought, pulling back to slurp noisily over the thick tool. He pulled at Chris’ hip, silently expressing a desire that the other man picked up on. One hand rested firmly against the back of his head as the furry stomach in front of him pulled back and then pushed forward, feeding him as Evans began fucking his mouth. Tom turned his attention south, digging his fingertips into Seb’s chest as he rose up and dropped back down, riding the Romanian stud’s cock. His hips rocked back and forth, rose and fell, faster and faster, harder and harder. Seb moaned, his words incomprehensible as he witnessed the hungriest fuck he’d ever seen. Above him, Tom was taking every inch of Chris’ cock down his gullet and he watched as Tom’s throat swelled and shrank in size as the thick piece pushed in and out. Meanwhile, Tom’s tight hole was clamped around his cock, riding him like a overpowered human fleshlight. His hands wandered over Tom’s body, stroking his cock and then pulling at his nipples, gripping his ass and rubbing up and down his thighs. “Oh fuck, kiddo. Fuck. I’m…” Part of Chris’ mind wanted to prolong the blowjob – Tom’s throat felt amazing and the guy could eat a dick like he was trying to win a contest. On the other hand, there’d been no privacy and a lot of teasing. Chris’ balls were boiling and made the decision for him. “Tom. Fuck. I’m going…” Tom looked up at him – the sunglasses had disappeared at some point, bounced right off of his face. His eyebrows knitted upward, his eyes opened wide with hunger. He moaned again around Evan’s shaft, one hand digging into the furry rear, pulling it forward, not wanting to let the big cock out of his mouth. “Kid, it’s been…oh fuck…like six days…fuck…” Tom pulled back until the huge cockhead was the only thing left between his lips, nodding up and down, whimpering as he continued staring up at Chris. “Oh god…fuck…you want it, huh?” He got a whined muffled `mmhmm’ sound in return that sent him over the edge. He cried out, feeling as if his cock were trying to blow itself apart. Tom’s eyes got even wider as he felt the huge gush of cum flood his mouth. He was barely able to swallow it before another shot filled his mouth, and then another. Chris’ fingers were digging into his hair, the man’s own head thrown back and it looked like every muscle of his body was flexing as his balls released their heavy load. Tom’s throat and mouth went into overdrive, working hard to catch every drop. He knew he was a damn good cocksucker but this was too much – white juices made their way out of the tight seal of his lips, flowing down his chin, dripping down onto Seb’s chest. It kept coming, more and more, the few moments seeming to stretch out. Finally, Chris’ body relaxed, his shoulders slumping as the spasms of his cock became less intense. Tom kept suckling on the thick piece of meat, pulling every drop out of it that he could, savoring the taste of Evans’ sweet cum. With a groan, Chris pulled back, his cock becoming sensitive and Tom’s mouth too much to handle. “Fuck. You’re getting seconds later, for damn sure.” Tom looked up at him, his lips puffy and his eyes watery, every bit of his chin wet in a thick coat of jizz – a sight that would be etched into Chris’ mind forever. “Promise?” Chris shuddered, feeling as if he was about to cum again. “Fuck bunny, I promise. You’re gonna limp off this damn boat.” He sat down on the deck, spent as if Tom had sucked all his energy out through his cock. “He tastes good, doesn’t he?” Tom looked down in amusement to see Seb grinning. There was a story there he’d have to hear later. Before he could respond, he felt Seb’s strong hand wrap around his head and pull him down, their faces coming together and their mouths meeting, the other man’s tongue pushing into his mouth, sharing the taste of their friend. The other hand reached down and pushed against Tom’s lower back, pinning him in place as Seb began slamming up, hammering the tight hole. Their breath came out hot and heavy through their nostrils, hitting each other’s cheeks. Seb’s fingers dug into Tom’s hair and pulled his face back, a tongue lashing out to clean off the lower part of his face before returning home into his mouth, another deep kiss as Seb rammed his cock in and out. Chris watched as the two moaned and grabbed at one another, hands all over each other’s bodies. Tom was trying to push his hips back to meet Seb’s thrusts but they were coming too fast and too strong, causing the twink to bounce on top of the bigger man’s body. He clung on, getting the pounding at long last that he needed. Seb pulled his face away, staring into Tom’s eyes. “Where do you…” “In me. Don’t you dare fucking pull out.” “Yeah? You want to get flooded at both ends?” “Fucking…” Tom leaned down and used his teeth to nip Seb’s chin. “…breed…” His tongue lashed out over Seb’s lips. “…me…Seb…” He gripped Seb’s hand and jammed two of the fingers into his mouth, sucking on them as hard as he could. Seb’s head tilted back with a roar – he pulled Tom’s hips down as he slammed up. His cock throbbed as he unloaded, shot after shot splattering Tom’s insides. Seb’s large balls normally carried a sizable load – with a few days built up, it just kept coming. Tom’s mouth opened, moaning as he felt Seb filling him up…and then pulling back and sliding in, Tom’s cum-covered guts offering little resistance even as the muscles of his ass squeezed and kept milking Seb’s cock. Still cumming, Seb pushed Tom back, wrapping his palm around the younger man’s rock hard cock. Days of teasing, a mouthful of cum, and an ass full of throbbing cock…it took only a few strokes and he cried out, cum rocketing out of his dick. The first shot went straight over Seb’s head, landing somewhere on the boat deck. Two more shots hit him squarely in the face, splashing his cheek and his chin. He was still cumming in Tom’s hole when a jolt of jizz slammed into his neck. He heard Tom whimpering as he kept shooting, covering Seb’s chest and stomach. At last, both men finished, shuddering as Tom collapsed onto Seb, his juices a sticky mess between them. Seb ran his hand down Tom’s back, the other stroking his hair. Slowly, his cock softened and then withdrew from Tom’s ass…he felt his own cum flowing down, covering his balls. Tom kept nuzzling his neck, the heaving of their chests taking a few minutes to calm down. Tom’s cute little nose traced up over Seb’s stubbled jaw, his lips coming to meet the other man’s for another kiss, much gentler this time. Pulling back, he sat upright and the pair looked over each other, their bodies a sloppy mess of sweat and cum. “I think we need a shower.” Seb looked up to see Tom nod in agreement. “Fuck you. You’re not walking downstairs looking like that.” Chris laughed, still sitting on the deck a few feet away. “There’ll be more cum than carpet on the floor.” The other two laughed, looking up and down at each other and realizing their friend was right. Grinning wickedly, Seb sat upright…and then stood, lifting Tom with him. The smaller man instinctively wrapped his legs around Seb’s waist. “Um, Seb…where are you going?” He turned to look over his shoulder when he heard Chris laughing again. “Holy fuck…you’re dripping cum *everywhere*.” Tom reached down and realized just how big a load Seb had shot into him – with his legs spread apart around Seb’s waist, his hole was open and the other man’s juices were flowing out, splattering onto the deck. “Daaaaaamn Seb.” Chris bursa escort whistled, clapping. He laughed as two middle fingers shot up into the air. “Hold on.” Seb spoke softly as he continued walking across the deck. “Seb…where are…” “Shh…hold on. Gotta clean up.” “Seb…where…ahhhhhh!!!!!” Tom’s voice grew fainter as they both fell, cut off by the sound of a giant splash. Chris got up and trotted over to the rail, looking down as the other two men resurfaced. “You could warn a guy.” Tom splashed at Seb, who just kept laughing. “I did. I told you to hold on.” “That…” Tom shook his head, getting the water out of his ears. “That was not a warning. Ugh…I hate you.” “No you don’t.” Seb moved his arms, swimming closer to Tom. “You love me.” “No I don’t.” He kept shaking his head, feeling his ears come clear. Any pretended irritation melted away as Seb’s lips met his own again, a long soft kiss as they bobbed up and down in the waves of the sea. Their mouths finally left each other, their foreheads touching as they continued treading water. “Nope. I hate…ow!” Tom howled as Seb pinched his ass. The other man swam over to the ladder, his laughter matching Chris’ from up above. Tom followed, looking annoyed…and that faded as the other man made his way up the ladder, the muscles of his body glistening, covered with water under the sun’s rays. He scampered up the ladder, a familiar hunger already rekindling in his loins. It was a fire that would have to wait. The afternoon tryst had also fired up the men’s appetites, especially with lunch just being a light snack. Even though it was Seb’s turn to make dinner, Evans insisted on making dinner since he’d gotten off easy with lunch, with Tom offering to help. “Oh man.” Seb leaned back, taking a long pull from his beer. “If I’d known that Tom’s mouth turned you all domesticated, I’d have pulled your speedo down and pushed him onto his knees on the first day of this trip. Could have dodged all the cooking.” “Fuck you Seb.” “Maybe later. Wait – you don’t want to fuck Tom?” Chris just glared at his friend, shaking his head as he descended the stairs, hearing Tom’s light tread on the steps behind him. As he got the pans and utensils out, Tom began working on the food. “So you’d rather fuck Seb?” Chris looked over to see Tom glancing over his shoulder, trying to look put out but failing as he was also trying not to laugh. He crossed the short distance between them, wrapping his arms around Tom’s waist and working his beard against the shorter man’s neck. His bulge pressed against the bountiful backside. “Mmmm…no, I’m coming for *this* ass.” He made his point by pushing forward, pinning Tom between the counter and Chris’ hips, his grinding earning a little sigh from Tom’s lips. “For it? Or in it?” Teeth nipped an earlobe and Tom yipped. “Both. Coming for it. And then coming in it. My balls still have a lot of pent up load.” “Mmmmm….” Tom smiled and pushed back, lifting his arms and wrapping his hands behind Chris’ neck. The beard moved up, brushing against his jaw and then covering his mouth. “Mmhmm. Gonna fill you up so much that you’ll be burping up my babies, tasting them a second time.” “Oh my god. Gross.” Tom giggled and pushed backward, putting space between himself and Chris as he tried to look disgusted. “Oh my god. Gross.” Chris repeated the words, laughing. His fingers danced along Tom’s ribs, causing the other man to wriggle and laugh. “Like you didn’t just choke down a gallon of my cum already.” “I think it was only a liter.” “I…” Chris looked up at the ceiling, trying to remember how to convert metric to American units. “Fuck. Wait, how big is a liter?” He watched as Tom pulled two bottles out of the fridge and set them next to one another. “Gallon.” He pointed at the milk. “Liter.” He pointed at a bottle of water that was about a quarter the size of the milk. “I hate the metric system.” The pair laughed and went back to preparing dinner. The brushing up against one another was not accidental this time, with their hands and mouths catching each other as they moved back and forth in the kitchen. “Blame Tom for the burnt vegetables. He distracted me.” Seb looked down at the plate and then back up. “Distracted or dick-stracted?” “Both!” Tom’s smile was large and wicked as he speared a bite of food with his fork and popped it into his mouth, chewing and making a satisfied little sound. “Well, whichever it was, he was making that noise…but louder.” Chris’ laugh faded for a moment as Tom began choking, the result of trying to chew and laugh at the same time. Swallowing hard, Tom gave Chris a look that only got bigger laughs from the other two men. “Damn squirt…and here I thought you didn’t have a gag reflex.” Tom’s cheeks blushed bright pink. “Fuck you Seb.” “Maybe later.” He winked at Tom as he took a bite of food, watching the pink hue turn even darker as Tom blinked, unable to come up with a witty response. Seb swatted Tom on the ass, telling him to go shower while he cleaned up the dishes. In the meantime, Chris “checked” on the air conditioner again, returning to the cabin as Tom exited the shower. His guest brushed his teeth while Chris showered, gazing into the mirror to watch the hunk soap up behind the clear curtain. Turning off the water, Chris pushed the curtain to the side to find himself alone in the bathroom. The sight of himself brushing his teeth in the mirror reminded him of the sight of his cock moving in and out of Tom’s mouth earlier in the day, causing his cock to chub up. Spitting and rinsing, the image came back of Tom sitting on Seb’s dick, half of his face covered in cum, looking messed up and still hungry…the blood went rushing into his crotch and his manhood was very quickly pointing up at him, waving for attention. Shaking his head, he headed for the bedroom. “Hey mouse – does the cabin feel….” He trailed off, finding Tom laying face down on the mattress, turned away and reading his phone, that round bubble butt on display. “Okay, guessing you’re not wearing pajamas tonight?” The smaller man looked over his shoulder, flexing his ass muscles, grinning. “Mmmm, naw. Got used to sleeping naked.” He curled his toes, shifting his legs around. “Hawaii.” Winking, he turned back to his phone. “You know – looking at screens is supposed to make it harder to get to sleep.” Chris made his way towards the foot of the bed. “How hard?” He crawled onto the foot of the mattress, planting his lips on the back of Tom’s left calf, then turning to mirror the movement on Tom’s right calf. “Very hard.” “Mmm….” The slender leg flexed under Chris’ lips. “Do you know any good tips on getting better sleep?” He sighed as a tongue lapped heavily up the back of his calf to his knee. “Yes. Two good tips, actually.” “Oh really?” Seb walked into the room just then. “Well – you guys are getting ready for bed without me?” He saw Chris tilt his head up, still lapping away at Tom’s lower leg. “Go shower,” the beefy man growled. “Damn. Yes sir.” Seb faked a salute, making his way into the bathroom. The sound of running water filled the room once more. Seb showered and brushed his teeth quickly, wondering how things were progressing in the bedroom. Wiping his face, he walked back into the cabin, his hard dick pointing the way forward. Before him, he saw both men laying face down. Tom’s legs were spread wide apart, one of Chris’ meaty paws on the back of each thigh, squeezing and caressing them. Chris’ face was out of sight, planted firmly between the cheeks of Tom’s rear, working his tongue deep and hard, earning moan after moan from their friend, who was writhing around on the bed. “Fuuuuuck.” Chris pulled his face up, glancing back for a moment. “Later.” His mouth returned to its new happy place, feasting on Tom’s hole. Seb made his way to the head of the bed, looking down at Tom. The younger man looked up, his eyes rolling back in his head, trying to make a coherent word and failing. “He’s good, isn’t he?” Seb grinned as Tom’s mouth worked to form a word and gave up, nodding with another loud moan. “It’s the beard.” “Fuck you. It’s the tongue.” Seb chuckled – Chris had looked up, spoken, and returned to eating out Tom so quickly that if you blinked, you would have missed his face, his beard damp with spit. Loud sloppy noises filled the space – and then a loud smack as Chris brought his palm up and back down, slapping Tom’s rear. The twink squealed in delight and pushed his hips back, as if he were trying to fuck himself on Evans’ tongue. Seb swallowed, knowing full well how good Evans was when he was focused. He crawled onto the bed, sitting with his legs spread out in front of Tom who licked his lips and began crawling forward to close the small gap, dragging Chris along with him. Seb leaned back and sighed contentedly as Tom’s lips wrapped around his cock and began sliding up and down. His temporary lust-filled insanity from earlier in the day broken with some satiation, Tom took his time now, savoring the taste and feel of Seb’s meat in his mouth. Pulling off, he dove down, running his tongue around each of the large balls. The Winter Soldier gasped when Tom opened wide and took one in his mouth, gently suckling on it. He grunted and pulled on Tom’s head, burying more of his nut sack into the younger man’s mouth. “You like that?” Tom pulled back, grinning. “What do you think?” Tom just winked and dropped his face back down, taking the other ball in between his lips, slowly taking it in. His teasing stopped when he felt moisture hit his lip. Looking up, he saw that Seb’s cock was wet with precum, a few rivulets of fluid shining along the shaft. The tongue ran around and around Seb’s nut and then moved up to the base of his friend’s cock, slowly lapping up the length, using his lips to play on the foreskin before popping the rod back into his mouth. Both men moaned – Seb from the hot tight sensation of Tom’s mouth and Tom at the sweet taste of Seb’s juices. A hand returned to his head again, pushing down. Within seconds, Seb’s tool was completely out of sight, every bit of it buried down Tom’s throat. Tom looked up and was surprised to find Seb’s hands on his shoulders, caressing them. He smiled around the mouthful of cock, realizing that Evans had moved and it was his hand guiding him down their friend’s manhood. Another hard cock slid up and down his ass, which was drenched wet with spit. He saw Seb reach back and toss the bottle of lube over Tom’s back. A soft click and a moment later the feeling of cool fluid drizzling along his crack. Hands gripped his thighs again, holding them apart. Hardness pushed up against his hole – he pushed back, opening himself up and felt Evans slip inside. Above him, he heard breath hiss between clenched teeth. “Fuck. He is *tight*.” “Uh huh. Very.” Seb sighed, focused on the feeling of Tom sucking his cock. “Didn’t you open him up earlier?” “I tried. Maybe that’s his super power.” Tom rolled his eyes and pushed back, taking a third of Chris’ cock. “Oh my…fucking…god.” He heard the large man moan above him and grinned, winking up at Seb. “That’s how you want it?” Tom kept his lips wrapped around Seb’s pole, just nodding in response to Chris’ question. He moaned, hard, as Chris sank another few inches into him. “I told you I was coming for this ass. Oh fuuuuuuuuck.” Seb chuckled as he watched Tom lift himself up onto his elbows and knees and then shift backward, impaling himself on the rest of Chris’ thick piece while letting most of Seb’s rod escape his mouth. Another wink and he moved forward, inhaling Seb again while releasing several inches of Evans’ meat. Adjusting his shoulders, he pushed backward again – while one dick pulled out of his body, the other end got stuffed. “I think the kid is owning you, instead of the other way around.” Chris stared down, caressing Tom’s round ass. He looked up at Seb, blinking. “Actually, I think I’m okay with that. He’s…oh damn…” His head rolled back as Tom backed up again, wiggling his hips this time, grinding against the stud. “…he’s good.” “Yes he is.” Seb looked down, gazing into Tom’s hungry eyes as he ran his fingers through the wavy brown locks of hair. Moments later, Tom’s eyes went wide as he was shoved forward – Chris had moved his hands to take hold of the slim hips and was picking up the pace with his thrusts. Tom pulled off of Seb’s cock, coughing a little bit from the abrupt intrusion. Another thrust pulled out a long moan. “Yeah kiddo – you like that?” “Uh huh.” Tom nodded. “You did say I was going to limp off of this boat, right?” His tongue ran around Seb’s cock head. The next second, his forehead was pressed against the smooth stomach as Chris rammed forward. Tom rocked his face against Seb’s abs, groaning in pleasure. Another thrust and his hand came up and planted against Seb’s chest, fingers raking down the muscles of Seb’s torso. Seb ran his fingers under Tom’s jaw, caressing it while he tilted the young man’s face upward. “That’s how you want it?” Tom nodded, struggling for words as Chris began pounding his rear. “You sure?” “You can be gentle tomorrow. Tonight…ungh…” The sound of Chris’ hips slapping against his ass echoed through the room. “…use…me.” Tom felt the hard cock pulse in his mouth, releasing more of Seb’s nectar. “Fuck, squirt.” Seb repositioned himself, rising up onto his knees. He pulled Tom upright, planting a firm kiss against his lips while Chris continued a hard thrusting into the tight hole. “Sweetness tomorrow. Tonight…I think you’re hungry.” His lips brushed against Tom’s as he spoke, feeling Tom nod in response. “Too many days of teasing?” He felt another nod, more insistent this time, Tom’s fingers digging into his body. “You don’t like being teased?” He grinned as he kissed along Tom’s neck. Tom’s hands rose up quickly, holding onto Seb’s shoulders as he pulled back slightly. “I don’t…ohhhh…” His head bobbed as his body was rocked by Evans’ pounding. “…mind teasing…uhhhhhh…a little teasing…oh my god…” He lost track of whatever he was going to say. “Seb – just fucking fuck me.” Seb leaned back, letting Tom drop down to the mattress. He planted his hand on the back of Tom’s head, lining his cock up with the other man’s mouth. “Definitely hungry.” He tilted forward – just enough to get half of his rod into Tom’s mouth but the hungry bottom pulled on his hips and yanked him forward, burying the rest of Seb’s length down his throat. “God damn, Tom…” He clenched his fingers into the hair and held the head in place, matching Chris’ movements. The cabin was filled with the sounds of skin against skin, a wet half-sucking-half-choking sound, and lots of moaning. Both of the beefy studs were breathing hard, their nostrils flaring, as they filled Tom’s desire and thrusted into him from both ends. Seb felt assured that they’d last longer the next day – all of them had gone too long without getting off. Between watching Chris slamming into Tom’s ass and the feeling of the tight throat wrapped around his pole, it was too much. “Tom…” Eager fingers wrapped around his ass and gripped it, holding him in place. A quick `gluck gluck’ sound rang in his ears as Tom wildly slobbered up and down his dick. “Tom..FUCK!” He pulled down, ramming every inch into the hungry mouth, cumming right down Tom’s throat. He felt the mouth manage to work its way backward, lips latching around the head and sucking greedily. This time, despite the copious load, Tom didn’t spill a drop. Sucking the last bit of Seb’s load out of his rod, Tom let go, panting heavily as he looked up into the brilliant blue eyes which widened as he was yanked up and back. Evans’ large paw planted onto the center of his chest, pinning him in place – the thrusts were slower and harder now as Chris got closer to busting his own nut. He wasn’t about to ask – he knew exactly where Tom wanted it. He watched as Seb dropped down and out of sight – a second later, Tom was writhing and groaning. “He tastes good, doesn’t he?” “Uh huh. Swee…” Tom didn’t get to finish the word `sweet’ as Evans’ mouth covered his, a tongue shoving down his throat as the hard cock rammed up into his hole. Reaching around with his free hand, he felt Seb’s head down at Tom’s crotch – he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled towards him, impaling Seb’s throat with Tom’s cock. Tom’s mouth pulled away, his head thrown back as he yelled out towards the ceiling. “FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” His body spasmed as he unloaded into Seb’s mouth. Every muscle in his body clenched – his tunnel gripped Chris’ member so hard it almost hurt. His own cry rang out along with Tom’s as he raced past the point of no return. His balls pulled up quickly and began emptying, firing shot after shot into Tom’s ass. His fingers dug into the smooth chest as they both rocked in place, both trying to bury their exploding cocks – Chris in Tom’s rear and Tom into Seb’s throat. Swallowing the last of Tom’s seed, Seb pulled himself up and found himself being yanked in for a kiss with Chris, sharing Tom’s taste. He smirked while wrestling tongues with Evans – his friend was definitely in horned-up alpha male mode…which could be quite a lot of fun. He savored the feeling of the soft beard against his face, heavy breathing hitting his cheek, a paw holding his head in place. Tom’s hand snuck in, pulling Seb away, almost causing the Romanian stud to laugh. Any humor was quickly forgotten as Tom planted a solid kiss on him, full of his own taste. The kiss was sweet, and needy, and hungry, and hot, and Seb realized he could fill a notebook with words describing these lips as he lost himself in them. His hands wandered down Tom’s back, making room between the firm glutes and Chris’ hips, squeezing that perky beautiful ass and pulling it closer. Tom broke the kiss first, staring into Seb’s eyes, panting, his jaw hanging open slightly. Blinking, the glazed over look in his eyes cleared up a little as he grinned. Tilting his head, he found Chris’ mouth and latched onto it as well, seeking a kiss from the other stud in the bed. Seb watched, one hand going to his own mouth and feeling his lower lip where Tom had nibbled on it. He shook his own head, coming back to the moment as the other two men collapsed down onto the bed. Clicking off the lamp, Seb nestled into his pillow. In front of him, Tom was curled up against Chris. Well, actually he was halfway curled up *on top* of Chris, one leg thrown over a thick hairy thigh and a slim muscled arm laying over the broad furry chest. The arm lifted up, reaching back and latching onto Seb’s hip, urging him forward. Smiling, Seb pulled his body up against Tom’s not a millimeter of space between them, his arm curled up against Tom’s stomach. The younger man’s arm landed back onto Chris’ chest. “Good night mouse.” Chris sighed, a little out of breath. “Good night, asshole.” “Fuck you. Good night dipshit.” He nuzzled Tom’s neck. “Good night, motănel.” He could feel Tom quietly chuckling at the banter that never seemed to stop between the two older men. “Night Chris. Good night…Seb.” Seb’s eyebrows twitched, wondering what Tom had almost said in the small pause. He planted another kiss against the cute little neck, and then another. Moments later, all three men were fast asleep, each with a smile on their face. ~ TO BE CONTINUED ~ Thanks, as always, for reading. This chapter was supposed to be “shorter and come out sooner”. It turned out to be longer…and work got intense, which made writing difficult. Should be on a roll from here on out. This will likely be the longest story arc yet, so really don’t want to have too much of a delay between each chapter. *fingers crossed* If you enjoyed the story, have feedback, or want to share ideas, it would be great to hear from you. ail Find me on Instagram @redcheshire If you’re interested in other stories I’ve written: “Suckered by a Jonas Brother” (sexual adventures of Nick & Joe Jonas) https://www.//gay/celebrity/suckered-by-a-jonas-brother/ “More Than Once Upon A Time” series (series based on the “Once Upon A Time” television series) fty//gay/celebrity/more-than-once-upon-a-time/ “On The Set of Neighbors” (Zac Efron & Dave Franco have fun – based on the 2014 films “Neighbors” and “Neighbors 2”) fty//gay/celebrity/on-the-set-of-neighbors “Exploring Kirk’s Frontiers” (based on the 2009 “Star Trek” universe) https://www.//gay/celebrity/exploring-kirks-frontiers “The College Bet” fty//gay/college/the-college-bet

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