Margaret at the wedding

Margaret at the wedding
We had gone to a friends daughters wedding, Margaret looked stunning in her heels and seamed stockings. Almost as soon as we were at the reception, which was held right next door to where we lived, 3 young guys early 20’s came up for a chat. One of them told me I had a hot sexy wife and that is was great to that she wore stockings and they hoped they would get to see more as the evening wore on. They asked me if she dressed for sex, and if she would be likely to give them a better look. I told them that was entirely up to her. They were cheeky to say the least and Margaret was being a bit bashful. Never the less during the evening they gave her plenty of attention dancing with her often. She would come back to the table and sit with me a while then one of them would get her to dance. She disappeared for a short time and when she came she was a little flustered, I asked if one of the guys had got frisky she said no, but our neighbour Ian had. He had suggested a walk out in the garden to get some cool air as it was hot inside. Once away from the house he had commented that she looked sexy and he had noticed her getting plenty of attention for the 3 young guys. They had walked to the top of the garden where there was a picnic table and she had sat on it. Ian had stood in front of her, looking down at her legs. He asked if she liked to be the centre of attention, and slid his hand along her calf and up her thigh moving the hem of her dress further up giving him a good view of her stocking tops. She’d had a few wines so was feeling quite good on it. He told her he’d have to pop around after work one night and have a better look then he went back to the reception. I asked how she felt she said horny, the young guys had been saying quiet naughty things to her all night and getting a quick feel when they thought they could get away with it. A short time after we said our good nights and started to walk down the drive to ours, we heard footsteps behind and it was the 3 young guys. They caught us up and asked if we could recommend for somewhere for them to stay the night as they hadn’t booked anything. Town was busy as there was a big convention on so we knew that rooms were few and far between.
I could feel my self going hard as I knew these guys were looking to at least have some time inside with us. I had my arm around her, I asked if she had shown off her stockings to them during the course of the evening. They told me they had felt the bumps of her suspenders when they danced. I whispered to her they wanted to see more, I bet you would love that I told her. She said nothing, as I suggested maybe we had a couple of spare rooms they could use. So they followed us inside.

Once inside she organised a drink for everyone, She sat on the sofa, two of the guys on the floor and one beside her, I sat in one of the arm chairs. I knew she would more than likely let them see what they wanted to see. She looked so hot, skirt half way up her thighs, one leg crossed over the other, she would change legs nice and slowly. I asked them what they thought of my wife wearing stockings to work. That got them going, asking her if the men at work got any special treats. If she teased or had any that got to see more. Then one of them suggested maybe she more thanm teased and just love to spread those thighs. The guy next to her asked his mates if they wanted to see more, they nodded their approval. He leant towards her, kissing her on the cheek, asking if he could now have a proper feel of her stockinged thighs. she turned to face him kissing him and pushing her tongue into his mouth, she broke away and asked him if that was what he had wanted to do all evening. He grinned at her gradually sliding his hand up her skirt, caressing her inner thigh, they kissed tongues entwined, her legs gradually parting to allow access as he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh. She told him to tell his friends what they fealt like, with that they told him to move her legs wider. His fingers finding their way to the thin gusset of her skimpy knickers, she was very wet and she moaned as his finger slid into her slit. She was really turned on her nipples were rock hard and stood out clearly through the thin material of her bra and silk blouse. As he was fingering her pussy she undid the buttons on her blouse she eased her tits out of her bra. She then hooked her fingers under her panties lifting her bum and sliding them down her thighs. One of the guys on the floor moved and sat the other side of her his hard cock sticking out the front of his pants. He started sucking on her tits whilst his hand found its way up her other thigh. The other guy looked at me he said we picked when she got out of the car at the wedding she was a hot slut and someone was going to fuck her tonight, glad its us. He moved over positioning himself between her open thighs. He set to licking her pussy, the other guy beside her sucking her tits and the third guy removing his jeans. She was like a bitch on heat, the guy between her thighs knelt up he got his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, now was the time for him to push the tick bulb of his cock slowly into her. Gradually he worked it in until he was all the way up her. He looked at her as she had this lustful look on her face, he said to his mates “I told you the slut would spread for us before the night was out”. The other guy knelt beside her so the she could suck and play with his cock. So now it was on, one in her pussy one playing with her tits whilst she stroked his cock the other knelt beside her whilst she sucked and licked. She looked so hot, with three young guys getting what they wanted and one hot woman getting it all.

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