Our Vacations In Greece 2

Our Vacations In Greece 2
We got to our hotel room around 9:00 PM, we were both tiered. Mayo asked me to get some white wine for her, she wanted to get in the Jacuzzi and relax. I called room service and asked for two salad orders and a bottle of white wine. Once the salads and the wine were delivered to our room, I took my shorts of and joined her in the Jacuzzi. We ate our salads, drank some wine and relaxed in the warm water.

“Javier, are we doing the right thing?” My wife asked me while she looked at the bathroom ceiling.

“What do mean” I asked her.

“Well, we came here to relax, enjoy our vacation, look at museums and see the old Greek culture, p laces” You know what I mean she told while trying to put her thoughts together on what she wanted to ask me.

“Yes, I think I know what you are referring to” I responded.

“Instead of what we had planned to do, all sight seen we planned, we have done things we never thought about, things we never planed” she said.

“Well, we did all that while in Athens, I know since we got to Rhodes we have only expend only a few hours touring around the city and we have not seen the rest of the island” I said.

“I want us to expend the day tomorrow driving around the island, sight seen, is that ok with you?” she asked me.

“Yes, we can do that” I told her.

We stayed in the Jacuzzi a few more minutes and got on our beds where we slept until the following morning.

We woke up Wednesday around 8:00 AM, stretched ourselves on the, I could feel her nude body against my body, we kissed each other and decided to get dress, go down to the restaurant and grab a bite to eat.

Mayo wore shorts and a t0shirt, underneath she only wore her red shiny thong swimming suit. As usually I wore shorts and a t-shirt.

When we walked in the restaurant we saw Raquel having breakfast.

“We forgot we had made arrangements with her for us to meet her here for breakfast” I said.

We walked to where she sat chatted with her and ordered our breakfast.

“What did Mario said about you shaved pussy’ Mayo asked her.

“Mario did not get to see it, he went to bed and felt sleep as soon as we got to our room” Raquel said.

“I told Mario this morning that I was going to expend the day with you guys, that we were going to go sight seen” Raquel told us.

“How are we going to fit in a two seat scooter” Mayo asked me.

“I have car keys” Raquel told us showing the car keys to us. She explained to us how she had explained to Mario the necessity of us using the car for the day.

We finished our breakfast and started to drive around the island. Raquel did the driving while I sat upfront and Mayo in the back seat. We visited the city and its surroundings. Visited the port and the town closed by us. We drove to other small towns around the island coast and stopped for lunch around 12:30 PM.

“What about the beach, I will like to stop in one of those beautiful beaches we have seen from the road and relax a little, we have been driving and sight seen for a while now, what about it ” Raquel asked us.

“Sure, let’s find a beautiful spot and stop there” Mayo said.

We saw a beautiful small beach between some rocks in the south side of the island; we drove down slowly thru a small rocky path until we arrived at the beach.

We walked a few feet towards the ocean and all agreed to go in the water. I saw Mayo and Raquel undress, Mayo did not remove her red thong swimming suit, Raquel hesitated at first, but when she saw I had no suit underneath me she removed her top and bottom parts of her bikini. I saw her bend over to grab Mayo’s, hers and mine clothes from the sand so these could not get wet or in the way. I saw her small but, and nice pussy shinning from the sun rays. I saw Mayo’s body, she knew she looked sensational with her thong on, there was a little of imagination left for those who had watched her.

All of us were bare ass naked and jumped in the water. The water was cold but calm; no waves at all, it felt like if we were in a lagoon instead of an ocean. The calm waters and quite beach with no one around made it paradise for us.

“Do you mind?” Raquel asked my wife while she hugged me.

“Only if you don’t include me in the fun” Mayo replied while she got closer to Raquel and kissed her deeply in her mouth.

While Raquel hugged me Mayo kept kissing her, it was a very tender and passionate kiss. Raquel removed her arms from around my neck and wrapped her body around Mayo’s body. Mayo had her arms around Raquel’s waist, pooling her tight to her body while Raquel had her arms around Mayo’s neck and her legs were wrapped around Mayo’s waist while the ocean water barely covered their hips. They kissed each other; I knew they thought they were all alone.

“Javier, could you please get a blanket out of the trunk of the car” Raquel asked me while both walked out of the blue water into the sandy beach. I watched them walking, holding their hands. It was an spectacle to see both women nude, two fine beautiful asses in front of me.

I went to the car and picked up the blanked; on my way back to the beach I saw Mayo standing with her legs spread apart, spreading her pussy lips while Raquel licked her pussy.

I spread on the sand the blanket, sat down on the edge of it and watched them make love to each other.

Mayo grabbed Raquel and lay her on the blanket while they smiled to each other, Raquel lay on her back while Mayo on top of her started to kiss in her mouth, I could see their tongues liking each other lips. Mayo started to kiss Raquel’s neck and moved her lips down to her breasts, licking and kissing her nipples, her areolas, her breasts. Mayo kissed her so softly as if she pressed hard she would break them. Mayo kept moving down to her belly, she kissed and licked her belly button and went down to her pussy.

I was very arouse watching the show Rachel and my wife were putting on for me knowing that they were deeply involved with one another and they had forgotten I was there.

Raquel had her legs together while Mayo kissed her pussy and her thighs. Raquel started to spread her legs apart and exposing her pussy to Mayo. Mayo licked and kissed her pussy lips, spread them and licked her clit sticking her tongue inside Raquel’s pussy hole. Mayo was now kissing and licking her pussy more eagerly than before while she tried to accommodate her head a better position so she could have a better and deeper access to Raquel’s pussy. I heard Raquel moaning, her eyes were closed and she was raising her hips, pushing her hips up to encounter Mayo’s mouth. Rachel was holding my wife’s head tight to her pussy, I knew she was ready to have an orgasm when she tighten and warped her legs around my wife head.

Mayo lifted Raquel’s legs up to Raquel chest; Raquel held her knees tight against her breast while Mayo licked and fingered her pussy. Mayo then moved her tongue down the crack of Raquel’s ass. I saw Mayo kissing and licking Raquel’s asshole. Mayo started to finger Raquel’s pussy an ass, Mayo stated to finger Raquel’s pussy and asshole harder until Raquel started to have another orgasm. Mayo licked her pussy all the way thru her orgasm and kept doing it until for a couple of minutes after Raquel had finished with her orgasms.

“Mayo, come here” Raquel told her while pooling her up from between her legs.

“I want to do the same to you” Raquel told Mayo.

Mayo kissed her while she flipped themselves, Mayo on the bottom and Raquel on top. Rachel proceeded and followed the same steps Mayo had done a few minutes before. I did not move from where I was, I just was enjoying watching these beautiful women make love to one another.

“You ladies forgot I exist” I told them after Mayo have had three of four orgasms herself and they were relaxing on top of each other and kissing each other.

“You can join us now” Raquel said.

I got myself between them two, as soon as I hit the blanket, both women starte to kiss me. We kissed each other while the played with my cock, I felt them playing with the skin of my cock, they rubbed my cock and played with my balls.

“We are going to fuck you good” Mayo told me.

Raquel stated to go down on me while Mayo kept kissing me and telling me how much she enjoyed being with Raquel and me. She told me how much she liked to kiss Raquel, how much she liked having sex with her and watching me fuck her.

I felt Raquel grabbing my cock and licking it, sometimes she deep throat me and put my balls inside her mouth. She licked my cock while she played with my balls.

Mayo watched Raquel sucking and licking my cock and my balls while she kissed me and told me how much she enjoyed it.

“Raquel, lick his ass” Mayo told Raquel while lifting my legs.

I felt Raquel tongue go down the crack of my ass until she reached my asshole. I felt her tongue around my hole until she grabbed my ass chicks and spread them wider than these were already and stock her tongue inside of my hole. Mayo started to suck my cock while Raquel did my asshole. I felt a finger going inside my ass; I felt the finger moving in and out of my hole until the finger stated to fuck my ass. Mayo was in a 69 position with me while all this was going on. Mayo and Raquel kept sucking my cock, my balls and my ass while they played with my asshole.

I lay on t he blanket while looking up at two beautiful pussies on top of me. Mayo and Raquel were standing beside each other and asking which one I wanted to fuck fist. I stood up and lay Mayo on her back then lay Raquel on her back on top of Mayo. I had two pussies and two asses at my disposal.

I started to fuck Raquel pussy. Mayo from underneath Raquel kept her on top of her and grabbed her breasts while I fucked her pussy. I moved down my cock to Mayo and fucked her pussy while I fingered Raquel’s pussy which was on top of Mayo’s pussy. I kept switching from pussy to pussy until I decided to fuck them in the ass too. I lifted Raquel’s legs some but when I started to penetrate her she asked me to stop, that I was hurting her.

I got both of them side by side on their stomach, and spread Mayo’s ass first and started to fuck her ass for a couple of minutes, then went behind Raquel and had her relax until I got all my cock in her ass. I ponder her ass for a few minutes.

“Javier, remember t hat I am new to anal sex” Raquel reminded me.

I placed Mayo on her hands and knees and then Raquel on top of her; this way I had access to their pussies and asses at the same time. It was great, I switched from hole to hole, I fucked their asses and pussies until I dumped all my cum in deep Raquel’s pussy.

I lay on my back, Raquel go off Mayo’s back and lay beside me. Mayo wanted to look at Raquel’s fucked pussy and went down on her. Mayo sucked and licked he pussy clean from all the cum I had dumped inside Raquel’s pussy.

Mayo lay behind Raquel and kissed her from behind while I kept kissing her from the front.

We all slept for about an hour. I woke up first and saw Raquel with her arm around Mayo’s chest, keeping her close while they slept. I kissed Raquel on her back and went down to her ass, giving her little kisses until she woke up. She turned around and saw me smiling on top of her. I stood up and grabbed her hand, helping her to her feet.

We moved closer to the water and sat down watching the beautiful blue ocean in front of us. We did not want to wake Mayo up.

We talked about what we have done; how much we care for her, especially Mayo. I told her about Mayo and me, our lives, what we do and what our plans were. Raquel told me about her marriage, about her relation she had with Mario, his family, about her relationship with her woman lover in Buenos Aires.

Raquel told me that she was going to miss us a lot, that she had not many friends in Buenos Aires and their plans were to fly Friday morning Rhodes to Athens and Saturday afternoon Athens, Rome, Buenos Aires. I told her we were flying Rhodes, Athens, Rome, Miami on Sunday.

Raquel looked a little depress when she realized that Thursday; the following day, will be our last day together. I saw some sadness on her face. I kissed her and lay her back on the sand; I kept kissing her until I started to fuck her. I got on top of her and fucked passionately, like we never did before. I lifted her knees to her chest and pumped her hard, I wanted to go deep in her; I wanted to make her mine. I shot my load deep in her pussy and had our orgasms at the same time; I felt her arms around my back and her legs around my waist pressing our bodies tighter together.

We had a huge orgasm together; we kissed each other and stayed locked together for a few minutes while I felt the ocean water on my legs.

After a few minutes I heard Mayo talking to us standing beside where Raquel and I lay on top of each other.

“Having a good time” Mayo asked us smiling at us.

“Yes” Raquel answered smiling back at Mayo while I got off from on top of Raquel

I would love to stay longer, but if we do not get back to the hotel soon, Raquel may into problems with Mario for being late.

“Here, sit beside me” Raquel told Mayo.

Raquel placed her arms on top of Mayo’s shoulder while the three of us sat on the sand watching the ocean.

“I love it here, I love to be with both of you” Raquel told us while she moved to her left closer to Mayo and kissed her lips and then moved to her right and kissed my lips.

“You are getting sentimental” Mayo told Raquel.

“Yes, I am” Raquel replied.

“What is going on” Mayo asked Raquel in a very soft tone of voice, I could sense Mayo was worried about Raquel.

“It seems tomorrow will be our last day together, Mario and I are flying to Athens on Friday morning and to Buenos Aires on Saturday. Mario told me this morning that we have leave one day earlier to Athens because he has to be at some business meetings in Athens Friday afternoon” Raquel said.

“No you don’t, you don’t have to go to Athens on Friday, let’s think together and find a solution that works for us” Mayo told Raquel.

The three of us talked about it for a few minutes until we agreed on how we were to approach our plan with Mario. The three of us put our heads together and came up with a plan.

Raquel was to tell and complain to Mario that she was always bored, especially when she went with him on trips. It always was work for him and lonely hotels for her, that she had a boring life and a boring marriage. Raquel was to convince Mario with these issues that she would like to stay in Rhodes until Saturday, as it was arranged between them from the beginning. Mario could go ahead and fly alone to Athens on Friday and Raquel will meet him in Athens on Saturday; that she was willing to expend one night alone by herself in Rhodes, but that she would prefer to expend more time with us in Rhodes that alone in a Hotel in Athens.

We agreed to that plan and how each one was going to act it in front of Mario at the bar that night.

We got to the hotel and Raquel went up to her room and we went up to our room to shower, relax and meet back at the bar at 7:00 PM.

When we got down to the bar, we searched for Mario and Raquel and did not find them in the bar area. Mayo and I proceeded to the swimming pool terrace where we found a nice table overlooking the pool and the ocean. We order some drinks for us and waited for Mario and Raquel to show up. Mayo waived at Mario and Raquel that were a few feet away from us walking around the pool area.

They sat at the same table with us and ordered some drinks for themselves. After ordering another round of drinks, Mayo brought up the subject of our plans for Friday and Saturday. Raquel started saying that Mario had changed their plans and that they would have to fly to Athens on Friday because Mario had a business meeting Friday afternoon. Raquel seemed upset and frustrated with Mario. The plan was going according to what we have talked earlier that afternoon. Mayo and Raquel were putting on a very convincing show until Mario told Raquel that their plans had changed again and that they will have to fly to Athens Thursday morning and not Friday morning. It meant that they were going to fly to Athens the following morning. After Raquel argued with Mario for a few minutes, Raquel stood up from her chair and walked away. Mayo stood up and went after her.

“Javier, I am going to need your help here” Mario told me.

“Sure, how can I help you” I told Mario.

“I do not really have to be in Athens tomorrow, once I heard that she wanted to stay here in Rhodes until Saturday, I figure that it will be better for me to fly alone tomorrow to Athens and that she can catch up with me Saturday as planned. This way I can be alone in Athens Thursday night and Friday night, instead of Friday night only” Mario told me.

“How do you arrive at that conclusion” I asked him.

“I had already planned for her to stay in Rhodes Friday night; I wanted her to take the initiative of requesting us to stay longer and her being mad because we had to leave ahead of time.” Mario told me.

“I think I know where you going with this, but how can I help” I asked Mario.

“Please, help me convincing her that it will be ok if she stayed with you and you wife until Saturday, that she will not be a pain in the ass if she stayed those two days with you guy” Mario told me.

“Come on Mario, that is not fare to dump you wife on us like that, not for one day but for two days’ I told Mario.

“I have a wife that sometimes is a pain in the ass, an now you want me to have your wife join us for two days while you are in Athens having the time of your life” I told Mario.

“Help me out here now, one day I will do the same for you” he told me.

“Ok, I’ll do it” I said.

“Let me handle it when they return to the table, just follow my lead ok” Mario told me.

Mayo and Raquel returned to the table. Mayo winked at me when Mario was not looking. She gave me the impression Raquel was ok.

“Raquel; please, before you start arguing again, could you let Mario speak, it would be nice if you guys have a two way conversation, let him talk” I told Raquel.

“Honey, I understand you point, I understand you get bored at hotels while I am in business meetings working while you stay at the hotel all alone. I talked to Javier about all this, and it seems he does not have any problems if you stay here in Rhodes with them while I stay in Athens. Please understand that I have to be there tomorrow and meet the refrigeration companies in order to complete this project on time. I know and understand your point of view, but please understand mine.” Mario told Raquel while he grabbed her hand and touched her chin and face.

What a comedian I told myself, he leaves his wife here with strangers while he flies to Athens for a nice time, to party as if he was a bachelor. If only he knew about our parties.

Mayo and Raquel started to smile and make jokes about going shopping and having a nice time together.

“It seems it is ok with you too if Raquel stays here with you guys” Mario asked Mayo.

“Of course I don’t mind, I found a new fiend and I enjoy being with her. Javier sometimes gets bored when he is with me alone, he is too quite sometimes. With Raquel I have someone to share with and to talk to while I am here” Mayo told Mario.

“I will take care of the hotel and the car rental tomorrow before I leave” Mario told Raquel.

We decided that everything was set and that we should walk to the restaurant and gab something to eat before going to bed.

We decided that everything was set and that we should walk to the restaurant and grab something to eat before going to bed.

Once Mayo and I got to our room, I saw Mayo very happy about what results from the conversation with Mario about Raquel staying in Rhodes with us.

“Thank you honey, thank you for helping Raquel stay with us” Mayo told me while she started to think and tell me what we were going to do and where we were going to go the following days.

We called room service and ordered a bottle of wine. We got in the Jacuzzi and talked for over an hour before without drying ourselves with a towel got ourselves into bed.

We heard someone knocking at the door; it was 8:30 AM, I got out of bed and walked to the door.

“Yes, who is this” I asked. “Room service, your breakfast Sir” a male voice replied from the other side of the door. “Hold on” I replied while I got my shorts on.

I open the door and found Raquel standing up in front of the door with a room service food cart carrying our breakfast.

“Good morning” I said to Raquel. She kissed me and told me to be quite.

She got her shorts and blouse off while watching Mayo’s asleep nude on the bed; Raquel was not wearing anything underneath. She got in bed with Mayo and slowly started to kiss Mayo’s body until she woke up. Mayo opened her eyes and saw Raquel; they smiled to each other and kissed.

“I brought you breakfast” Raquel told Mayo smiling at her.

The three of us had our breakfast in bed; we talked and teased each other. We decided to find out if we could get a suit upgrade for the equivalent of the two rooms. It would have to be under Raquel’s name to avoid any issues with Mario telephone calls to Raquel.

“Lick my pussy” Mayo told Raquel while laying back and pouring some honey on her pussy.

“I’ll be glad to do it” Raquel responded while getting herself between Mayo’s leg.

I got my shorts and t shirt on and went down to the reception while Mayo and Raquel had a private moment of their own.

I talked to the receptionist, he told me we could move to a nice suite for the remaining of our three nights; Thursday, Friday and Saturday, stay but the hotel would no honor any refunds, we were switching two rooms for a suit. I got him to agree to a bar voucher for some of the difference if I agreed to it after I take a look at it.

One of the bell boys and I went up to see the suite; it was very nice, a nicer bigger bathroom with a Jacuzzi overlooking at the beach, a king’s bed and a small living room. I knew Mayo and Raquel would like it.

I was telling the bell boy to bring two bottles of white wine for later on that evening when I found out that he could speak very well the Spanish language. He was originally from the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. He lived in Spain for five years and had been living in Greece four years. His name was Masen, 30 years old fit black guy.

Masen asked me if I needed anything else when he offered me “blue pills”, he said that I will need these if I wanted to satisfy two women.

“You are lucky to have two women” he told me while showing me a Viagra.

He told me he could find some Viagra for me, we agreed in the price and that he would deliver these for me later in the afternoon.

We talked about nice places to go and what beaches we should explore. He told me about Faliraki beach; the beach where Mayo and I had been having sex in. During our conversation he found out that I had watched my wife fucked by other men in Faliraki. He told me that most couples and singles that go there and stay at the far end of the beach is to the have sex with others.

“Sir, with all the respect, how can I share some moments with you and your wife” he asked me while I was walking towards the door. I turned around without knowing what to answer him at first.

“You mean, you want to have sex with my wife” I asked him.

“Yes, I have seen her in the restaurant with you and the other couple, and I find them very pretty. No offence” Masen told me.

“Look, we really never planned this, it just happen; it was a fantasy to see her fuck a hung guy and she did that already at the beach” I told him.

“Have she taken hung guy like me” he said while putting his pants and shorts down.

I was speechless while I looked at his rod. He was big and thick, bigger than Nick and about the same thickness.

“How big are you” I asked surprised.

“I am 29 centimeters when hard” he told me. “That is over 11 inches, right” I asked while I watched his long black snake. “Yes, 11.5 to be more exact” he said.

“Well” he said while he rubbed it and held it in his hand. “Look, I don’t want to ask my wife or Raquel to fuck you, the opportunity has to be present” I said.

“I am a masseur, I have fucked some women while I have given massages, I have a masseur table down stairs, that could the opportunity and you can watch if you like.” he told me.

“Ok, I could tell Mayo and Raquel that a massage and two bottles of wine were offered for the room refunds” I told him.

Masen gave me his cell phone number so I could call him directly.

I went straight to our room and heard the shower running, I saw thru the glass Raquel against the shower wall with her legs spread apart while Mayo was on her knees licking Raquel’s pussy.

I took off my shorts and t-shirt and joined them in the shower. I kissed Raquel and went down to her tits; I could see Mayo licking her pussy, her tongue licking her clit. I felt Mayo’s hand on my cock and my balls; then I felt Raquel’s hand also playing with my cock. Mayo sucked my cock until it was hard.

“What took you so long” Mayo asked me while the three of us kissed.

“I’ll tell you later” I responded while I kissed them both.

“Fuck her” Mayo told me while she bended over Raquel; Mayo told Raquel to bend over and touch the floor without bending her knees that were wide apart. Mayo spread her ass chicks and pussy lips exposing her inner parts to my eyes.

“Like her ass and pussy” Mayo asked me.

“Yes I do” I told her.

“Fucker her, I want to watch you fuck her good” Mi wife told me.

She grabbed my cock and inserted it in Raquel’s pussy. Raquel’s pussy was moist, wet from cum. I knew then they had had a few orgasms together while I was out. I started to fuck Raquel’s pussy while Mayo kissed me and watched my cock going in and out of Raquel’s pussy. Mayo grabbed a bar of soap and started to rub soap around and in Raquel’s asshole. Mayo grabbed my cock and placed the tip of my head at the entrance of Raquel’s asshole.

“Push it in” Mayo told me.

I started to push it in until it was completely in. I started to fuck slowly Raquel’s ass, then faster and faster until I was pounding her hard while I held her hips tight to me. She wanted to lean forward but I help her hips tight to me so I could get all of my cock inside her asshole. After a couple of minutes I felt Mayo’s asshole tighten around my cock, she was also pushing back to meet my trust in her.

“Fuck my asshole hard, please, fuck me harder” Raquel said while I pushed harder into her asshole and she had an orgasm. I started to dump my load of cum deep inside of her asshole; I pushed my cock all the way in while I held her hips tight to me. I could feel my cum filling her asshole. I held her there for a minute or so while my cock fucked her ass slowly. Mayo and Raquel kissed me while we all got out of the showers. I explained to them the agreement with the hotel management while we all got dressed. They were thrill we were all moving to a suit together. We packed our belongings and then went to Raquel’s room and help her pack her belongings. I call the receptionist so they could move our bags to our new hotel room.

After a few minutes I saw Masen standing at the door. The girls were surprised when they found out Masen spoke Spanish. He took all our bags to the suit, once we arrived at our room he told us about the complimentary wine and massages the hotel had offered to us, he proceeded and asked us when we would like him to arrange the delivery of the wine and to set up the appointments of the massages. He told us that Aric and he were to deliver the massages. I was not aware of his plans, but it seemed he had included another guy in the game.

“What about around 7:00Pm tonight” Mayo asked Masen.

“Sure Madam, we will be here at 7:00Pm tonight for your massages, have a good day” Masen replied while he walked towards the door.

I walked with Masen to the door and asked him what was going on; he just said not to worry, that everything will be ok handing me a small plastic bag with some pills of Viagra in it.

Mayo and Raquel came out of the bathroom an asked me what was next, what should we do and where should we go.

“What about if go back to the secluded beach we were yesterday” Raquel said. “Let’s go somewhere else, let’s go to a new beach we had not visited yet” Mayo replied. “Ok, let’s go, we’ll find a nice beach” I responded.

On our way out I saw Masen in the lobby, I approached by myself and asked him again what was going with him this guy Aric and a nice nude beach were we could go. He told me not to worry about Aric, he was a nice guy, they have done massages together and that he was respectful of others. He also told me about a small very private secluded beach with a natural Jacuzzi were mainly couples went.

We decided to stop in a store in Rhodes town. We bought water, salads, wine, two beach dresses and two sarongs for the ladies. They removed their clothing and wore the beach dresses to the beach. The light cotton dresses were almost see thru, over the knees. While they walked in front of me I could see they were not wearing anything underneath exposing their nude bodies.

Following the directions Masen had given me, we arrived at the beach he had told us to go. It was maybe half a mile down the road from the beach we were at the day before. We saw three cars and a scooter parked there. We gather our things and walked down the path about hundred to a hundred a fifty yards before we arrived at the beach. It was a very small beach, it had maybe eighty to one hundred feet, a huge cliff on one side and rocks in the other side. We looked around and saw two couples a few feet from each other laying on the sand by the rocks. We laid our blanket and arranged all our belongings on top of the blanket. Mayo was the first one to undress; she just let the dress fall down her waist to expose his nude body. I got my shorts off while Raquel followed getting undress. A few feet behind were the two couples were laying down, I saw a man sitting down watching the two couples laying nude front of him.

“Where is the Jacuzzi you mentioned” asked Raquel. “Let’s go and look around” I said. “You guys go, I want to relax a bit here” Mayo said while laying her face down on the blanket. “She will be asleep in a few minutes” Raquel told me. “You are getting to know her pretty well” I told Raquel. “I Know, I want to” Raquel said. “Just don’t fuck too much without me” Mayo told us smiling.

I grabbed Raquel’s hand and headed to the rocks. We walked by the first couple, they lay there on their backs, they must of being in the middle fifties, both were overweight but not extremely fat, her tits were maybe 38DD and both shaved, both of them were deeply asleep. We walked a few more feet and walked by the other couple, she lay on her stomach while he lay on his back; they looked little younger; maybe in their late forties or early fifties. He was in shape for his age, she was thin and petite, her ass was flat. The Greek guy watching them was in his forties, he had a hard on which he stop grabbing when we walked by the beach in front of the two couples and him.

“Not much to see” I told Raquel while we kept walking.

We climbed up a rock and saw below us a water hole; it looked like the Jacuzzi Masen had told me about. We climbed down a few feet until we arrived at the water hole below. We moved ourselves around the water hole and found there a young couple having sex; it seems they were not expecting anyone; we have caught them by surprise. They were out of the water on a flat rock beside the water hole. When they saw us he stopped fucking her, he was on top of her, she was on her back. Raquel told them to keep on going, not to worry about us, but it seemed clear to us they did not understand Spanish; I repeated to them Raquel words in English.

“Sorry, we did not know anyone was coming” he told us in a heavy British accent with his hard on in display.

“It is ok, keep doing what you doing, don’t mind us, we did not wanted to interrupt” I told them while Raquel and I got inside the water hole; they lay right in front of us. We heard them talking and then saw him going inside of her. He started to fuck her again and we had the b**st view of the house.

They both were in their early to mid twenties. He was around 5’10”, 170 lbs; blonde, fit. She was around 5’6″ 130lbs, red hair, maybe 32C, her skin was very white. Her areolas and nipples were pink, some freckles on her face and many freckles on her back, legs and arms.

Raquel and I watched them have sex; we were touching each other while we watched them have sex. We could see his cock fucking her pussy. Her shaved pussy lips were white on the outside and a very deep pink in the inside, her asshole was also pink, lighter pink than her pussy but still pink. I had never seen a pussy and asshole so pink in my life. I asked Raquel to sit on my hard cock while we watched the action.

“Do you want to join them” Raquel asked me.

“Would like to share sex with them” I asked her.

“I have come all this way with you and Mayo; I would not mind doing other men or women now if it is ok with you and Mayo.” Raquel told me.

“Let’s see where we go with all this” I told Raquel.

Raquel got herself in front of me, opened her legs and slowly sat on top of me while inserting my cock in her pussy. While they fucked each other I saw her looking continuously at us. Something in her eyes told me she liked to fuck. We were close to them, only a three of four feet separated us from their feet. She raised her legs around his waist exposing her ass and fucked pussy to us. During her actions with her boyfriend she touched my arm with her feet a few times. At one point I grabbed her feet and massage it with my hand, then licked her toes while she kept fucking with her boyfriend. I fucked Raquel while I was playing with her feet. We saw them cum, we heard them moaning while she wrapped her legs around his waist. I watched her pink pussy swallow his cum from the hard fuck this k** had given her. He got off her and laid beside her, I could see some cum coming out of her while Raquel kept fucking my cock. They knew we had watched them fuck, they saw us watching them, especially her. She lay there with her legs open, exposing her fucked pussy to us.

I grabbed Raquel and bended Raquel over exposing her rear to them; I got behind Raquel and started to fuck her from behind. I notice both them sitting three of four feet away watching my cock fucking Raquel’s pussy.

“Thank you for the show, it was a turn on for us” I told them while I fucked Raquel. “Thank you for your show too” She said watching my cock go in and out of Raquel pussy. “Have you guys seen some one fuck this close this before” I asked them. “No” They both said. “Would you like to touch her” I asked him. “What do you mean” He asked me. “Feel her ass, ass chicks, pussy, you know” I told him. “Cindy, do you want to do it” He asked her.

She placed his hand on Raquel’s ass; he just rubbed her ass a little before she placed his hand on Raquel’s other ass chick. I saw Cindy’s face and she smiled at me and her boyfriend. I then grabbed his hand and placed his finger at the entrance of Raquel’s asshole.

“Finger her ass” I told him.

He looked at Cindy, smiled at her like if he was asking for permission to do it. She smiled back at him. He then penetrated Raquel’s ass with a finger. I could feel his finger inside Raquel’s ass, the membrane that divided her ass and pussy was so thin that I could feel his finger in and out of her asshole.

“I have never had two guys inside me at the same time” Raquel told me.

“What did she say” the guy asked me.

“She does not speak English, she just told me that she has never been double penetrated” I told them.

“Cindy has never been double penetrated either” He told me.

I looked at Cindy’s face and she smiled again. I knew there was something else going on with her.

“Have you been fucked in the ass” I asked Cindy.

Cindy just nodded her head.

“How many times, how many guys” I asked Cindy.

“I have done it four times, one time with an ex boyfriend and three time with Jim” she told me while Cindy and I watched Jim finger in and out Raquel’s ass.

I moved my hand behind Cindy’s ass and felt her pussy. Her pussy was dripping cum from the fuck she had received from Jim a few minutes ago. I moved towards her ass hole and felted it, I tried to insert my finger but she was tight, slowly I moved my finger inside her asshole and started to finger her some while she kept watching. I felt her hips moving, I knew she was enjoying it.

“Raquel, is it ok if I try to fuck Cindy now, you will have to take care of Jim” I told Raquel while getting my cock out of her pussy. Jim was again hard as a rock from watching me fuck Raquel and fingering her asshole.

“Jim, fu Raquel for me” I told Jim

He moved behind Raquel and started to fuck her pussy just as I was fucking her.

I tuned myself and faced Cindy; I grabbed her face and kissed her softly while I touched her pussy. She returned my kiss. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock; she grabbed it and softly jerked it some. She kissed me back and went down on me and sucked my cock. Jim watched Cindy suck my cock while he fucked Raquel. I turned Cindy around and bended she over in the same position Raquel was being fucked by Jim. I started to touch her asshole and her pussy, fingered both holes until I felt Cindy moving back to encounter my fingers.

“Like her pussy” I asked Jim. “Yes, I always wanted to fuck a mature woman” he told me. “Fuck her hard, because I am going to do the same with Cindy” I told Jim. “Look at my cock while I slide it in her pussy” I told Jim.

I took Jim’s hand and told him to slide his finger in Cindy’s asshole while I fucked her; I did the same to Raquel’s ass.

“Raquel, want to try double penetration sometime” I asked Raquel. “Yes, I would, but in the mean time keep doing what you guys are doing” Raquel responded back to me.

Cindy’s pussy was very tight, tighter than Raquel’s and Mayo’s pussies. I had not had a tight pussy like that since college.

“Does it excite you, does it excite you to see someone fuck your girl friend” I asked him. “Yes, it does. She is my wife, we have been married one year” Jim told me while he kept fucking Raquel. “Can you feel my cock pumping her pussy” I asked Jim. “Yes. I can feel it” Jim answered me.

“Cindy, I want to fuck you asshole” I told her while I kept fucking her pussy. “Yes, I want you to,” she said while moving her hips back to encounter my cock.

“Jim, look at Cindy, she is fucking my cock, she likes it” I told Jim while he watched Cindy moing back to encounter my cock.

“Jim is it ok with you if I fuck Cindy’s ass” I asked Jim. “Yes” Jim replied while watching me fuck Cindy. “Ok what” I asked him. “Ok, for you to fuck her asshole” he said.

“I felt you tight pussy tighten, did you cum” I asked Cindy. “Yes” Cindy said. “Yes what Cindy” I asked her. “I have cum twice” Cindy told me. “You get more aroused if there is a conversation while getting fucked Cindy” I asked her. “Yes, I do” she told me. “Cindy, push yourself back and encounter my cock, fuck my cock Cindy” I told her. “You like it like this” Cindy told me while I stood there with my cock in her pussy and she pushed back and forth her hips towards my cock.

“Tell Jim you like to be fucked by other men, you like to be a slut” I told Cindy. “Jim, I love to be fucked by other men, I want to be your slut” Cindy told Jim.

I saw Cindy spreading her ass chicks and pushing herself back to meet my cock.

“Cindy, Jim keeps fucking your asshole with your finger, do you want me to fuck your asshole now” I asked Cindy.

“Yes” Cindy said. “Yes what Cindy” I asked her again. “I want you to fuck my ass, just fuck me” she said.

I moved my cock from her pussy to the entrance of her anal canal. I was admiring her pink ass hole while I moved the head to the opening. She was tight; I tried to get it in slowly but decided to tease her some. I felt how she accommodated herself to let me fuck her asshole. She got some saliva from her mouth and spread it in her asshole to lube it some. She grabbed my cock and guided to the entrance but it did not go in.

“Cindy; your are tight; I cannot guide my cock in your ass without falling down, I have to hold on to the rocks or else I will fall.” I lied to her

She kept trying to guide my cock in her ass but could not do it because the position she was in and the water.

“Jim, please help me getting it inside of me” Cindy told Jim. “What” Jim asked her and saying no way at the same time. “I cannot do it from here, just do it; ok” Cindy told Jim.

Jim grabbed my cock and started to place it at the entrance of Cindy’s asshole. He struggled with it some.

“Bend over a little more” Jim told Cindy.

He held to my cock for over a minute until I felt the entrance of Cindy’s anal passage. Without much hesitation I pushed all in and started to fuck her tight pink ass at first with slow strokes and then faster and harder.

“Cindy, I love fucking your asshole” I told her while I kept fucking her had. “Fuck me hard” she said. “Fuck me hard what” I asked her. “Fuck my asshole hard” she said. “I want to feel you cum” I told Cindy while I fingered her pussy with one hand. “Yes, I am” Cindy said. “Yes what” I asked her. “I I am ready to cum again” Cindy told me.

I watched Raquel standing up straight after almost falling down because of the waves inside the water hole.

“Are you ok” I asked Raquel. “Yes, are you enjoying her” she asked me wile kissing me and touching Cindy. “Yes, I am, let’s use her” I told her.

Raquel lay herself on the rocks and told me to tell Cindy that she wanted her pussy licked. I told Cindy to lick Raquel’s pussy, without hesitation she moved her head between Raquel’s legs and started to lick Raquel’s pussy which licked some of Jim’s cum. Jim moved himself close to Raquel and placed his cock in Raquel’s mouth. I saw Raquel sucking Jim’s cock and balls; she was a good cock sucker.

“Jim, are you ready, lets double team your wife” I told Jim pooling out of her asshole.

“Lay beside Raquel” I told Jim. “Cindy, Get on top of Jim” I told Cindy. I saw Cindy grabbing Jim’s cock with her hand and pushing it inside her pussy. Once I saw Jim’s cock all the way inside Cindy’s pussy, I moved myself behind Cindy’s ass. I spread her ass chicks apart. I saw her pick asshole now a little red from the fucking she was receiving from my cock a few seconds before. I told her to help me keeping her ass chicks open while I placed my cock inside her asshole again. I started to go in deep slowly, I could feel she was tighten and I bet she felt very full with two cocks in her.

“Cindy, are you ok; do you like two cocks inside you” I asked Cindy “Yes. I like it” Cindy said while she paused herself from licking at Raquel’s pussy.

Raquel sat on Jim face, he licking Raquel’s ass while Cindy liked Raquel’s pussy. I heard Jim telling Cindy he was dumping again another load in her pussy. I felt like I was ready to cum, ready to explode inside of Cindy’s ass but it took me more time and efforts than ever. I had fucked Raquel pussy for a while and did not shot my load and now I have been fucking Cindy’s pussy and asshole and was just getting there. I remembered I had a taken one of these blue pills; the Viagra must have been doing this to me. I fucked Cindy’s ass for about ten more minutes until I shot my load in her ass. I could feel my cum filling her ass. I pushed my cock hard inside her.

After a minute or so, I dismounted Cindy removing my cock from her anal canal. I kissed her and told her how great her ass and pussy was, that she was a great fuck.

Raquel told me that we better go back to the beach and look for Mayo.

I told Cindy and Jim to come back with us to the beach. I told them that Raquel was a friend and that my wife was out there. I told him we were a threesome and that my wife was open minded too.

We got out the water hole and climb the rock to get to the beach. Jim was in front, followed by Cindy, then Raquel and then me. While climbing I could see Cindy’s holes have turned from pink to red, her asshole and pussy were dripped cum when she lifted her legs to climb the rocks.

“Jim, look up at Cindy’s asshole, like to see it sore and dripping cum” I asked him.

Jim just gave me a little smiled while he kept climbing up the rocks.

“You have a great ass Raquel” I told Raquel who was climbing up in front of me.

I got myself closer to Raquel and kissed her ass hole and ass chicks; she looked back at me and smiled.

There was only one couple laying on the beach; one of the couples, the younger couple was in a threesome with the guy that was watching them. The Greek guy was on her back with the thin lady sat on his cock riding him. She sucked her husband while she fucked the Greek guy. We walked passed them without noticing them much.

I looked ahead to where Mayo was and saw her lay on the blanked face down. I could see her ass from where I was and it aroused myself to see her laying nude there. I have just finished fucking a nice beautiful lovely young woman; I had fucked already Raquel many times, another beautiful woman, very sexy, very petty and must important with a great personality, but no one seemed to get me more pleasures, get more arouse than my own wife. I love my wife; I love how great she looks, her wonderful and beautiful body and her amazing personality and understanding. Mayo has a beautiful face, at age 34 does not have to envy any woman body I had seen in our trip to Rhodes, no wonder men tuned their heads to look at her.

I approached her quietly and kissed her back slowly and with tender until she woke up.

“I love you baby” I whispered at her ear grabbing her breast from behind. “I love you too, I missed you” she told me while responding to my kiss. We smiled at each other while she turned herself over. Mayo saw Cindy and Jim standing in front of her while I introduced Cindy and Jim to Mayo.

We all started to talk, drank some wine and had a good time. Raquel had a hard time understanding what we talked about, mainly because her lack of understanding the English language. Mayo and I helped her translating from English to Spanish. We found out that Jim was 25 years old and Cindy was 24 years old, they were from a small town called Southampton in England and that they have been married for one year. We also notice that Cindy was very much in command of their marriage and it seemed that really was Cindy the one that desired to share sex and to experience sex with others.

We drank the bottle of wine we had brought with us. Cindy asked Jim to go down the road and get some more wine for us and some beer for them which he did. Mayo talked to her most of the time while I talked to Raquel in Spanish. I kept looking at Cindy’s pussy; she sat with her knees close to her breast but I could see that her pussy lips and her asshole were still red. Cindy knew that I was looking at her pussy. I moved close to Mayo and touched her pussy while talked. I sat behind Mayo and placed my arms around her.

“Mayo, spread your legs and show Cindy your lovely pussy” I told Mayo.

Mayo did as I asked her. She smiled at Cindy and spread her legs apart. I moved my right arm between Mayo’s legs down to her pussy and spread her pussy so Cindy could see her clit and inner side of Mayo’s pussy.

“Cindy, come close and lick her pussy” I told Cindy. “My pleasure” Cindy replied while moving herself towards Mayo’s pussy.

Cindy started to lick Mayo’s pussy; I could feel her tongue touching my fingers while I kept I Mayo’s pussy lips spread apart. I told Raquel to get behind Cindy and lick her ass and pussy.

“Let’s better make a triangle here” I told them.

“What do you mean” Cindy asked.

I lay Mayo on her side and had Cindy’s head between Mayo’s legs then Cindy on her side I had Raquel’s head between Cindy’s legs and Mayo’s head between Raquel’s legs.

These three women started to lick each other pussy while I stood over them watching them do oral sex on each other. It was amazing to watch that action. I fed my cock to each one of them for short periods of time, going from one mouth to the other.

“I am going to fuck you again Cindy” I kept telling her.

I watched them lick each other for a few more minutes. I moved Cindy to the side and lay her on her back. I spread her legs and started to fuck her pussy while Mayo and Raquel kept kissing each other and licking their own pussies.

“Fuck her hard” Mayo told me while going back to lick Raquel’s pussy in the 69 position they were in.

I started to fuck Cindy when I saw Jim coming towards us with some bags in his hands.

‘Sit down and enjoy the view” I told Jim while he watched me fucking his wife standing beside us.

I saw him watching us fuck and watching Raquel and Mayo in the 69 they were having. “Jim, come here. I want you help me fuck your wife” I told him while getting of Cindy an standing up by his side. Cindy lay on the blanket with her legs apart exposing her pussy to us.

He just stood there, did not move or say anything.

“Come on Jim, be a team player” Cindy told him.

“Ok” he responded.

“I want you to lick her pussy and get her ready for me” I told him.

Jim moved himself between his wife legs and started to lick her clit and her pussy. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers so he could have a better access to her pussy, just like I had done a few minutes before with Mayo’s pussy.

“Good boy” I told him while he licked his wife pussy.

“Come on Jim, lick my pussy. Get me ready for another man’s cock; I know you want this, I know you are going to let me fuck other men.” Cindy told him.

“Yes” Jim responded and went back to lick Cindy’s pussy.

“Lick her asshole too” I told Jim while lifting Cindy’s legs in the air.

“There you go; isn’t it this way more erotic. Look at your wife pussy and asshole; her ass and pussy are still red from the fuck I gave her before. Do you enjoy it” I asked him at the end.

“Yes” he said. “Yes what Jim” I asked him. “Yes, I liked it’ he responded while liking Cindy’s pussy and asshole.

“Jim, massage your cock while you lick your wife pussy” I told him.

I watched Jim masturbating while he licked Cindy’s pussy. I fingered her asshole some while he licked her pussy. I then decided soothing wilder for Jim; I got my finger out of her asshole and placed it in his mouth.

“Jim, Suck my finger” I told him.

Jim sucked my finger while he masturbated himself. I kept moving my finger from Cindy’s ass and pussy to his mouth. I do not know what was going thru this guy’s mind at this time, but he sure was willing to do anything I asked him to do, and I sure wanted to put him thru the test.

I then saw Mayo and Raquel sitting down a couple of feet from us, watching us what we were doing.

“Gave us a good show” Raquel told me in Spanish while both of them smiled at me. “If you have some imagination, maybe I can help both of you out with a fantasy” I told them in Spanish.

I lay beside Cindy and kissed her while Jim licked her pussy and masturbated himself.

“I know you have been wanting for a while to have other men fuck you in front of Jim. Do you want Jim to allow you to fuck anyone you want with objecting to it” I asked Cindy. “Yes” she responded. “Then just do as I ask and have Jim do the same” I told her.

I lay on my back with my legs spread apart and asked Cindy to sit on my cock facing me. I held her torso forward and told her to have him sit between my legs and to have him stick my cock in her pussy.

“Jim, please sit between Jim’s legs, behind me and stick his cock in my pussy” Cindy told Jim.

Jim sat between my legs, behind Cindy; I saw him watching Cindy’s pussy an ass hole on top of my cock. He must have had a great view of her ass and pussy.

“Tell him again to stick my cock in your pussy” I told Cindy.

“Jim, would you grab his cock and stick it up my pussy” Cindy told him in a more aggressive voice.

Without hesitation Jim did as told, he got my cock in his hand and started to point towards Cindy’s pussy hole.

“Jim, massage it a little, I wanted to be completely hard” I told Jim.

I could not believe the guy was massaging my cock, at some instances he masturbated me. He used both hands to rub my cock head and to get me harder. He played with my cock until I told him to lick Cindy’s pussy again.

“Jim, lick her pussy” I told Jim while I held Cindy close to my chest while she sat on my cock. I knew his face was going to come very close to my cock and I sure wanted to see what his next step would be. Jim was licking his wife pussy while he rubbed his cock with his hand. I felt his head between my legs, I knew my cock had become in contact with his face a few times just because the position Cindy was on top of me and my cock so close to her pussy. Then it happened; I felt his mouth around my cock, I felt his tongue licking the tip of my cock and he sucking it all in his mouth.

“Look behind you, Jim is sucking my cock” I whispered in Cindy’s ear.

Cindy turned her head around and saw him sucking my cock. She smiled at me.

“Let’s you and me do a 69” I told her.

She turned herself around and joined her husband sucking my cock. I had Cindy’s ass and pussy at the tip of my tongue and without hesitation I started to lick on these precious holes. In the meantime I kept hearing Raquel and Mayo talk to each other, but could not make up what they were saying.

I felt Cindy’s mouth sucking my cock while Jim licked my balls and my ass. I asked Cindy to return to her previous position.

“Jim, I want my cock in your wife pussy” I told Jim.

Jim grabbed my cock and inserted it into his wife pussy hole. He kept licking my balls and my ass while Cindy moved her hips with my cock inside her pussy. I grabbed Cindy by the head and pooled her face to my face, I kissed her; I licked her face.

It was not long before I felt my load of cum being dump inside Cindy’s pussy. She kept moving her hips trying to get the last possible drop of cum out of my cock. She moved herself and lay beside me. I stood up and saw her red pussy licking cum from the inside.

“Jim, It seems Cindy is getting a sore pussy, lick her pussy” I told Jim.

Jim lay himself on his stomach between Cindy’s pussy and licked her pussy clean. I kept telling him how good of a job he was doing, to spread her pussy lips and lick her hole.

Mayo moved closer to Jim and started to rub his ass with her hands, massaging his ass chicks; she spread his ass chicks apart exposing Jim asshole for Raquel, Mayo and I to see.

“Get me the sun tan oil” Mayo told Raquel.

Raquel gave Mayo the sun tan oil; Mayo spread some oil on Jim’s ass while Jim licked the cum out of his wife pussy.

“Let’s see how well he likes this” Mayo told Raquel and me in Spanish while she showed us her middle finger.

Mayo inserted the tip of her finger in Jim’s asshole, but then with one trust he pushed her finger all the way in. Jim tried to move away but Mayo sat on his back and told him to relax.

“Jim relax and enjoy it because you are not going anywhere” Mayo told him while fingering his asshole.

I watched Mayo’s middle finger fucking Jim’s virgin ass; Mayo started was really working in his ass, fingering him hard. Mayo inserted another finger and now fucked his asshole with two fingers.

“He is starting to like this” Mayo told us in Spanish. “Raquel, finger his ass” Mayo told Raquel.

“This is fun, I never done this before” Raquel told us as we watched Raquel sticking her fingers in his ass.

Raquel knelt between Jim’s legs and started to finger his ass with one hand while she placed the other hand under him trying at the same time to massage his cock.

“I want you to fuck his ass” Mayo told me while kneeling down in front of me, sucking my cock and getting me hard again.

“This guy is really enjoying my fingers, I can feel his anal muscles surrounding my finger” Raquel told us.

“Raquel, get him in his hands and knees while he keeps licking Cindy’s pussy and you finger his ass.” Mayo told him.

Once Raquel got Jim ready, Mayo told me to move behind him. I saw Raquel fingering him had and he was now moving his hips, enjoying Raquel’s fingers in his asshole. I removed Raquel fingers from Jim’s asshole and replaced these with my fingers.

“I am going to fuck your ass” I told him leaning forward and resting my chest on his back.

“Cindy, I want you know to stand up, go behind us and guide my cock to his asshole” I told Cindy.

I felt Cindy’s hand grabbing my hand and placing it at the entrance of Jim’s asshole.

“There, push it in” Cindy said as I started to push it in.

It went in very easily, maybe because he was very relaxed and all the fingering he had already received from Mayo, Raquel; or because he had been fucked in the ass before.

I started to fuck him hard; at one point I pushed my cock so hard into his asshole that he fell down on his chest. I got off him and told him to lay on his back.

“Cindy, lift his legs up and keep them apart’ I told Cindy.

I fucked his ass hard again, I could see he had a hard on again from the excitement and the fuck he was getting.

“Masturbate while I fuck you” I told Jim.

I saw him masturbate while my cock kept going in and out of his asshole.

I grabbed his legs and placed his knees against his chest, giving me complete access to his anal passage. A couple of minutes later, I could see him shooting his load on his hand and stomach. It was not long before I shot my load deep in his asshole.

“Cindy, I think he enjoys more getting fucked in the ass than he enjoys fucking a woman” I told Cindy.

We relaxed and had some wine while Cindy and Jim had a beer. We drank another bottle of wine before Cindy told us that they have to go but that they would like to meet us the following day there. We all agreed to meet there around 11:00 AM the following day.

It was around 4:00 PM when Cindy and Jim disappeared from our sight in their scooter. We looked around and saw no one else there, we found ourselves alone in the entire beach.

“I had a lot to drink, I have been wanting to take a nap for a while, you guys know I can’t understand a word of English” Raquel said while she lay on her side on the blanket.

“I saw your face a few times while we were talking and noticed you were feeling sleepy” Mayo told her placing one of the bags under her head. It was not long before we notice that Raquel was deep asleep.

“I saw your face a few times while we were talking and noticed you were feeling sleepy” Mayo told her placing one of the bags under her head.

It was not long before we notice that Raquel was deeply asleep.

Mayo and I relaxed and watched the sunset while Raquel was asleep beside us.

“Baby, is getting dark, let’s go” I told Mayo.

We got back to the hotel and while walking to the elevator I remembered that these guys were going to show up at 7:00 Pm for massages.

We all got undress and were ready for a shower. Raquel said that she wanted to pick up some of her dirty clothes and have them ready for the dry cleaning the following day. Meanwhile Mayo got into the showers while I stayed on the bed watching Raquel nude body move around the room and getting her dry cleaning ready. I started to have thoughts about her and Mayo being fucked by these two guys and without realizing it I fell asleep.

“Javier, get up and take a shower” Raquel told me while she grabbed my shoulder.

Raquel was just getting out of the shower while Mayo was doing her hand nails. I looked at her feet and saw shiny toe nails and cotton around her toes.

“Do you want me to do your nails” Mayo asked Raquel.

“Sure. Let me get myself dry and take care of my hair fist” I heard Raquel responding to Mayo while I walked into the shower.

I looked at my watch and notice it was 6:45PM. I had 15 minutes to shower and get ready.

I was getting my shorts on when I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it” I asked the person behind the door.

“Masseurs, Sir” a male voice responded from the other side of the door.

“Did you girls remember about the masseurs” I asked them.

“No, I think we just forgot” Raquel responded.

“Ok, get some towels around you and cover yourselves” I told them.

Once both had a towel around their bodies, I opened the door and let the masseurs in.

They said good evening and Masen introduced the other masseur as Aric. They opened the massage beds and placed towels on them. Masen told them that Aric was Greek and did not speak Spanish but that he understood some English.

“We are ready when you ladies are” Masen told Mayo and Raquel in Spanish.

I took the initiative and told Mayo to have Masen massage her while Raquel would be massaged by Aric. Both of them laid on their stomach while placing their heads in the opening at the front of the massage bed table and looking straight down to the floor.

“Do you want warm or natural oils” Masen asked Mayo in Spanish while removing Mayo’s towel from her body and replacing it with a small towel that barely covered her ass. Aric did the same thing to Raquel. Aric took a little longer to cover Raquel’s nude ass, he was really taking a good looking at it.

“Warm oils” My wife responded.

“Same for me” Raquel said.

Masen told Aric Raquel’s desired for the warm oil. Both masseurs rubbed warm oil on Mayo’s and Raquel’s back. I saw their hands moving around their back down to their waists. It seemed they knew how to deliver a good massage. I heard a few time Masen telling Aric things in Greek that I could not understand.

“How do you feel” Masen asked Mayo and Raquel after about 10 minutes of them getting massages on their backs.

“Great, it is relaxing me” Mayo said.

“I was almost falling to sleep” Raquel said.

“We are going to massage your feet and legs now” Masen told them.

Masen and Aric started massaging their toes, their feet and started to move up their hands up their legs. I was standing beside them and notice that both of them could see their pussies while we stood by their feet. The towels were so small that their pussy could not be covered completely. I saw them massaging Mayo’s and Raquel’s calves and thighs. I could notice Mayo was getting exited; she had moved her hips twice in less than a minute and had spread her thighs a little exposing her pussy more. Masen black hands were working Mayo’s thighs; he massaged them until he got to the top.

Masen smiled at me and then talked to Aric. I could see their hands massaging mi wife’s and Raquel’s thighs so high up their legs that every time they moved their hands contact was made with their pussies. I could see their knuckles rubbing against their pussies. Masen removed the small towel that covered Mayo’s ass; Aric did not hesitate and followed Masen action and removed Raquel’s small towel from her ass. Neither one of them said a word or tried anything to stop these two masseurs from massaging their nude bodies.

Masen and Aric started to rub and massage their ass chicks. They poured oil on their asses while they moved their hands around their asses, spreading their chicks apart and exposing their assholes. It was very erotic to watch how these two guys massaged their ass chicks and at moments they poured oil down the crack of their asses while massaging their assholes. Mayo moved her ass up a few times when Masen touched her asshole, looking for an encounter with his finger.

Masen started to remove his clothes with one hand while he kept massaging Mayo with the other hand. Aric did the same while massaging Raquel.

Masen; a 30 years old fit dark black guy had expressed his desire to fuck my wife and Raquel while he showed me his uncut cock earlier. Watching this guy nude beside my nude wife and touching and massaging her ass as he was doing gave me the hard on of my life. He was semi hard and sure looked bigger that 11.5 as he had told me before.

Aric had the same age as Masen; late twenties and early thirties. He was also very fit and more muscular than Masen. Dark skinned but not black. His uncut cock was a little smaller but thicker. I assume he must have been 10.5 to 11 in. comparing it to Masen’s cock.

Masen made me facial suggestions for me to remove my shorts. I sure looked small with my 7 in. cock.

Masen spread Mayo’s ass chicks exposing her asshole again, he rubbed his fingers around her asshole and down the crack of her ass. Masen pour more warm oils on her ass and rubbed it on her, down her ass crack and to her asshole. Masen placed his middle finger on top of her asshole and started to push his finger in it. Masen started finger her asshole slowly, moving his finger in an out of Mayo’s ass hole. I looked over Raquel’s ass and I also saw a finger fucking her ass slowly. It seems Aric was doing to Raquel what exactly what Masen did to Mayo.

I went around Masen to the head of the massage bed to talk to Mayo.

“Do you want to get fuck by a hung black guy” I whispered to my wife’s ear.

“Yes” she responded.

“I hope you can handle him” I told my wife and moved myself towards Raquel’s massage bed.

“Do you want to get fuck by a hung Greek stud” I whispered on Raquel’s ear while Aric fingered her ass and pussy.

“Yes, but has to be now, I have had two orgasms already” she responded.

I nodded to Masen, letting him know it was ok. He then spoke some words to Aric who smiled at me. I had seen my wife already going wild when she gets fucked continuously and consecutives orgasms, but I did not know if Raquel would react the same way.

“Please turn over and face me” Masen told Mayo and Raquel.

They turned themselves over. Both of them lay on their back looking at each of these guys and noticed they were also nude. Mayo moved her head and watched Masen’s cock for a couple of seconds.

“What the fuck is that” my wife said while looking at Masen and Aric.

Mayo looked at me, I could read her mind; I could read everything she was thinking. She was saying in her mind how the hell I had arranged this guy to fuck her; how did I know he was so big; how could I have arranged all this without getting them suspicious.

Raquel just laid there with her mouth open half way.

I felt Raquel’s pussy, spread her legs apart and felt how wet she was.

“Do you want me to be a complete slut again” My wife whispered in my ear.

I smiled at her; she smiled back and spread her legs.

I heard Masen again Talking to Aric in Greek. Masen and Arick moved the massage beds together themselves down to the bottom of the massage bed and spread Mayo’s and Raquel legs apart. We could see clearly their pussies. Masen and Aric grabed their feet and massaged them with their cock. They inserted and massaged their cocks between Mayo’s and Raquel’s toes; they were fucking their toes. They grabbed their feet and placed them around their cocks, guiding at fist the motion they wanted Mayo and Raquel to pursue. Mayo and Raquel got the idea and started to rub and masturbate these guys with their bare feet. Each one of them had their feet around these guys cock, moving their feet back and forth, masturbating their cocks with their feet. Masen and Aric moved to the top of the massage beds and guided their cocks into my wife and Raquel’s mouth.

Mayo was doing a good job with Masen’s cock in her mouth while Raquel was having a hard time keeping Aric’s cock in her mouth.

“Breath and hold the air in your longs while the cock goes down your throat” Masen told my wife.

“It is not that easy, have you ever tried it” Mayo responded.

“I can’t even get it all in” Raquel said.

Masen wanted my wife to deep throat him, he kept telling my wife how to do it. Raquel could not get all that cock in her mouth.

“Try to do what Masen told Mayo” I told Raquel.

“It is thick, I can’t even get it all in my mouth” Raquel responded showing me how it did not fit completely in her mouth.

“Hey, look, your wife can do it, she is getting it all in her mouth” Masen told me.

I watched as Masen fucked my wife mouth, he was fucking my wife mouth, I could see his almost 11 in. cock disappeared inside my wife’s mouth, his balls were bouncing against Mayo’s lips.

“Not too many women have been able to suck my entire cock like your wife is doing” Masen told me.

Masen kept fucking my wife’ mouth; his cock went all the way in and out of her mouth with no difficulties. I saw Mayo fingering herself while he sucked that big black cock. I went between my wife legs and for a while licked her pussy while she sucked Masen. I extended my hand and touched and fingered Raquel’s pussy while I licked Mayo’s pussy.

I got up from between Mayo’s legs and saw Mayo sucking Aric cock while Raquel sucked Masen’s cock. Aric and Masen had switched places.

“I can’t take this guy either” Mayo said referring to Aric cock thickness.

Raquel was getting her mouth fucked now; she was sucking Masen’s cock just as Mayo had been doing a few minutes before. Raquel was able to get all of Masen’s cock all in her mouth.

Masen asked Mayo and Raquel to get on their knees, he told them to get in front of each other while Aric and him got on each side of them. They made a circle where Mayo and Raquel were on their knees and Masen and Aric were standing up.

Mayo and Raquel took turns sucking both guys. Raquel grabbed a cock in each hand, massaged their cocks, putting one in her mouth while massaging the other cock. She went back and forth playing with each cock. Mayo did the same to both cocks; the only difference was that Mayo could take all of Masen’s cock in her mouth and deep throat him.

Masen’s pushed hard in Mayo’s mouth, cum stated to flow out of my wife’s mouth, down her lips and done to her chin. She licked Masen’s cum off his cock and licked his balls.

Aric was throwing his load on Raquel’s face and mouth. Raquel kept sucking him while cum dripped out of her mouth. Raquel had cum all over her face. Mayo and Raquel kissed each other and licked the cum from each other. Mayo and Raquel kept sucking these guys until they had them hard again.

“Ok, who goes first” Masen asked the girls.

“What do you mean” Mayo asked him.

“Aric and me and I are going to fuck you one of you first, then we’ll fuck the other one, so who goes first” Masen asked again.

“Mayo, you go first” Raquel said smiling.

“No, you go first, I want to watch you” Mayo told Raquel.

“She is all yours” Mayo told Aric and Masen.

We heard Masen and Aric talk for a few seconds. Masen told Raquel to lay on her back on the massage bed with her legs hanging. Raquel did as told. Raquel laid at the edge of the massage bed while Masen got her to suck his cock again. Aric lifted her legs and pushed her knees against her chest. He showed us her asshole and her pussy while touching it and fingering her holes. Raquel was exposing her holes in that position. Aric spread her legs while keeping her knees against her breast; then he started to lick her pussy and asshole. Aric licked her holes and fingered them deeply. We saw Raquel sucking Masen’s cock more eagerly now, I knew she had to be very much turned on to be sucking that cock that eagerly.

“Do you want to get fucked now” I asked her.

Raquel nodded her head while she sucked Masen’s cock. I let Aric know that Raquel wanted it now. Aric grabbed my wife’s and placed it on his cock.

“Aric wants you to guide his cock into her pussy” He told my wife while fucking Raquel’s mouth.

Mayo grabbed his cock and moved it towards Raquel’s pussy entrance. Aric grabbed Mayo’s hand with his cock and slide his cock up and down Raquel’s pussy lips teasing her with his cock. Raquel started to move her hips forward; she wanted that cock inside her pussy.

Mayo pressed Aric’s cock towards the entrance of Raquel’s pussy. He started to push it in. Mayo let go of Aric’s cock once it was half way Raquel’s pussy. My wife and I watched how his thick cock started to go deeper and deeper inside Raquel’s pussy. Raquel moved her hips around and accommodated herself while Aric kept pushing his cock in until it was all the way in Raquel’s pussy. Raquel’s pussy was stretched wide. Aric showed us his cock all the way inside Raquel’s pussy. Aric started to pump his cock inside her pussy while she sucked and deep throated Masen cock.

They pumped Raquel hard, I could hear Aric body slapping his balls against Raquel’s buttocks. Masen was fucking her mouth hard; sometimes he left his cock down Raquel’s throat too long making her choke.

“She is good slut, and you are next” Masen told me and my wife while he walked towards us.

“I want your tight ass too after I am finished with hers” Masen told my wife and kissed her.

Aric moved himself and replaced Masen cock with his cock while Masen replaced Aric cock with his cock. Masen started to fuck Raquel’s pussy hard while he rubbed and played with her clit.

“I love to fuck white pussy, is this her first black cock” Masen asked me.

“Yes, I think so” I replied.

“I can feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock, she is having another orgasm” Masen told me while he kept fucking her.

“Hand me the warm oil” he told my wife.

He rubbed oil on his hand and fingers and then poor some of the oil over her ass. He started to finger it while lubing it at the same time.

“It is time, I want to see if this slut can take my cock up her ass” Masen told us.

“Grab it and guide it in her asshole, I know you want to watch this close” he told me showing me his cock.

“Mayo, help him out, I tried it and I am not into it” I told my wife and Masen.

Mayo grabbed his cock and guided it to Raquel’s ass.

With his first push he got half of his cock inside my wife anal passage; then he made a second push that got his cock all the way into Raquel’s sweet ass.

“He is hurting me, it is too big for my ass, get it out” Raquel said while Masen told her to relax and keep her without moving her legs.

Masen got his 11.5 in. cock all the way in Raquel’s ass, his balls were pressing against her. I could not see any part of his cock but his balls were hanging at the entrance of hr asshole.

Masen started to fuck her ass slowly, he started to push in and out slowly until Raquel got used to the size of his cock inside of her ass, then he started to pump her ass fast and with strong strokes. After pumping her ass hard, Masen and Aric spoke a few words. Massin got his cock out of Raquel’s ass and Aric started to fuck her pussy again. After a few hard trusts in her pussy, Aric grabbed Raquel, pooled her up from the massage bed and had her wrap her legs around Aric’s waist. Raquel was now being fucked by Aric standing up, with her legs and arms around Aric body. Raquel kissed him and moved herself up and down Aric cock. Raquel moaned loudly while she fucked Aric’s cock.

Aric lay on the hotel bed now with Raquel on top of him; riding and fucking his cock; moving her hips like I never seen her before. Masen pushed Raquel’s chest to Aric’s chest, exposing her well fucked ass to us.

“It is wider and loose now” he told me showing Raquel’s ass to us.

He got behind Raquel, and started to fuck her ass while Aric fucked her pussy. Raquel was being double penetrated again. I knew that was going to drive her crazy. I could see these two guy’s cocks sliding in and out of her holes. The big black cock up her ass was ripping her ass up, while her pussy was being stretched to the limits.

“Feed her you cock” Masen told me.

I went around and Raquel sucked my cock while she was being double fucked.

I could not held my cum too long, I shot my load in Raquel’s mouth while these guys kept going.

They double teamed Raquel for another ten to fifteen minutes before dumping their loads in her pussy and asshole. Raquel laid on her back with her eyes close and her legs wide spread while cum dripped for her pussy and asshole.

“Go ahead, fuck her” Masen told me.

I got myself between Raquel’s legs and started to fuck her fucked pussy, I could feel her pussy was full of cum. She placed her arms around my neck and kissed me while I fucked her pussy. I pumped her hard while I felt her legs around my waist. I kept pumping her until I stated to dump my load in her pussy.

I laid on top of her, kissing her, for a couple of minutes; I got off her and saw my cum dripping out of my pussy. Mayo got between Raquel’s legs and stated to lick her pussy. Raquel opened her eyes a couple of minutes later and sat on the bed and grabbed both cocks with her hands and started to suck them again.

“Now I want to watch you fuck these guys” Raquel told my wife.

Mayo joined Raquel and both of them were now sucking Masen and Aric. Once Aric and Masen were hard, Raquel got off the bed and stood beside me while we watched my wife fuck Aric and Masen.

Masen was on his back while my wife sat on top of him and rode his cock. We could see from the back of Mayo’s ass that she has all his black cock up her pussy. Mayo rode his black cock while she sucked Aric’s cock.

Raquel was signaling Aric to come around and fuck Mayo’s ass now. Aric got behind Mayo and pushed her chest against Masen chest. Aric fingered Mayo’s ass for a couple of minutes before getting it Mayo’s asshole. They double teamed my wife while Raquel and I watched from behind them; her holes were being fucked by these two huge cocks while she had multiple orgasms. Raquel went down on me and sucked my cock while we watched these two guys fuck my wife.

The fucked my wife in that position for a while then Mayo laid on her back on top of Masen and placed his cock up her ass while she spread her legs for Aric so he could get his cock in her pussy. After some more pounding and being doubled teamed Aric dumped his cum in her pussy. Aric got off my wife and Raquel and I saw her well fucked pussy while Masen kept fucking her asshole from underneath Mayo.

Aric placed his cock on Mayo’s mouth for her to suck. Mayo sucked Aric’s cock while bouncing up and down Masen’ cock. We could see how Masen’s black cock fucked my wife asshole.

Masen grabbed my wife by the hips, keeping his cock in her asshole while he dumped his load deep inside while my wife rubbed her buttock on top of his cock.

“Fuck, she is squeezing my cock with her ass muscles” Masen said while he pushed his cock hard into her ass.

“You have to fuck me” Mayo told me while standing up and walking towards me.

My wife kissed me and grabbed me by the hand taking me to the bed where she laid, spread her legs and open her arms for me. I got between her legs and state4d to fuck her pussy. I felt the cum inside of her pussy.

“Fuck me, I love you” My wife told me while we fucked and kissed each other.

I felt Mayo’s orgasms, she was exited; I knew she wanted to keep fucking. I pumped her pussy until I dropped my cum inside of her pussy. She spread her legs wide open and pushed myself deep in her. I stood up and saw her pussy full of cum.

“Raquel, a 69 with Mayo” I told her.

Raquel went over and lay on top of Mayo in a 69 position. They both started to lick their pussies.

“You have two wild sluts there, they are very hot and I think they want more cock” Masen told me.

“Yes, I think so” I replied to Masen.

We talked for a couple of minutes while Raquel and Mayo went at each other.

“Do you want to go to a club” Masen told me.

“What club” I asked him.

“It is called Centaurs, it is like what you Americans call a swingers club. Only couples and very select hung singles go there” He told me.

“How will that work for us” I asked him.

“There are normally five to ten couples and five to ten single men there on week days. Probably fifteen to twenty couples and fifteen men on weekends” he told me.

“How far is it from here” I asked.

“About three kilometers; 10 minutes” he answered.

“One condition” Masen said.

“I call the shots, and she will be mine until I am done with her” he told me while pointing at Raquel.

Mayo and Raquel were on the bed when I explained to them we were going out. Raquel was a little concerned but at the end accepted to go alone with us.

Both of them wore the light dresses we bought together and nothing under it.

The five of us got in Masen’s car. Mayo and Raquel rode with me I the back seat. Ten minutes later we arrived at the club. The centaurs had a neon sign with its name on it and the figure of a half man, half horse a****l.

We got in after paying 100 Euros fee and 50 Euros for alcohol vouchers. Aric and Masen went in without problems; they seemed to be regulars at this club.

We got the tour of the club from Masen and Aric; we stopped a few times while they talked to some of the guys. We saw about seven or eight couple in the club. Three of the couples were having sex with other men. The other couples were either at the bar or in the Jacuzzi. All the couples were in the mid forties to early fifties. Masen took us to a little room with some lockers. We undressed there and placed our clothes in one of the lockers.

“I am a little scare” Raquel told me while walking thru a hallway.

“It is ok, relax, we are just here for some fun” I told her while we held hands.

Mayo walked in front of us beside Masen, Aric leaded the way thru the hall way while six or seven guys followed us into this empty area where it had two twin beds together. Once we got there Masen spoke to the guys in Greek. Masen only allowed three guys in with us.

“These guys are going to fuck your wife until she desires it. They all know that no means no and they will not mistreat or hurt either one of you at anytime. You wife or her does not have to worry, they understand the word no and they will stop on what they are doing” Masen told Mayo, Raquel and I.

Mayo smiled, she felt comfortable and was not afraid. Raquel tightens her hand around my hand and asked me to stay by her side. I looked at the guys and all of them in the late 20’s early 30’s; all were very hung and fit.

“Masen, all these guys are hung” I told him.

“That is why this place is called Centaurs, half men, half horse” he told us and smiled.

One of the guys grabbed my wife’s hand and took her to one side of the bed, all the other guys followed behind; leaving Masen and Aric lone with Raquel and I in the middle of the room.

I faced Raquel and kissed her deeply placing my arms around her waist and kissing her in the mouth deeply. She placed her arms around my neck and responded to my kiss. I saw Masen coming closer behind Raquel. He knelt down and started to kiss Raquel’s ass while Aric watched from a few feet away. I slide my hands down Raquel’s waits to her hips and then to her ass chicks, I grabbed her ass chicks and spread them apart, exposing her asshole to Masen that was kissing her ass chicks. I felt his face pressing against my hands that were spreading Raquel’s ass chicks apart. Masen was licked Raquel’s asshole while we kissed each other.

“Are you ready, do you want to get fucked” I asked Raquel.

“I will do what you say, but do not leave me alone” Raquel told me.

Masen grabbed Raquel’s other hand and had her lay down on her stomach. I could not clearly see my wife fucking; she had six guys around and on top of her. I went over to where she was to see if she was ok. I had found a couple of days before that Mayo was a fucking machine when she get self to a certain degree of excitement and after being fucked continuously for a long period of time. Mayo was on her back on top of one of the guys with a cock in her ass; she had another guy on top of her fucking her pussy while the other four guys were fucking her mouth, licking her tits and waiting their turns. I noticed that the other guys had walked into the room.

“Mayo, Mayo” I called her name.

“Are you ok” I asked her while looking at each other while she smiled at me.

“Slut” I told her and walked away.

Raquel was on her back, she was sucking both cocks back and forth, switching them in her mouth. I leaned over and licked her pussy while she sucked the two guys.

I heard Masen voice asking me to gave him some room. Masen got between Raquel’s legs and started to push his cock in Raquel’s pussy.

“Please go slow” Raquel asked him while grabbed Aric cock with one hand.

“Just spread you legs wide open” he told Raquel.

Masen started to push himself harder on Raquel. His cock started to go inside Raquel’s pussy.

“She is so tight” Masen said.

“Yes she is” I told him.

Masen started to fuck her slowly and only getting half of his cock inside her. He only put half of his cock in and out of her pussy; slowly he started to push his cock in a little further until at one point he had it all the way in her pussy. Masen pressed hard his cock in her pussy; he pushed it all in with all his weight.

“You have my cock all the way inside your pussy” Masen told her.

“Kiss me please” Raquel told me.

I kissed Raquel for a few minutes while Masen started to fuck her pussy had.

“She is more relax now” I heard Masen tell me while I kept kissing Raquel.

“I like it Javier, I like it while you kiss me” Raquel told me and went back to kiss me.

I heard Aric and Masen talk.

“Aric is asking for you to let her suck his cock” Masen told me.

Raquel started to suck Aric cock. I watched how Raquel’s pussy took the pounding and how Masen’s huge cock went in and out of Raquel’s pussy.

I head Aric talking to Masen again and then they switched places. Aric thick cock was well received by Raquel’s pussy. Raquel did not have any problems taking him all the way inside her pussy while she sucked Masen. Aric pounded Raquel’s pussy hard. He lifted and spread her legs on the air, exposing her anal canal.

“Grab some oil and applied it in her ass” Masen told me.

I squeezed some oil on my hand and rubbed it against Raquel’s ass. I fingered her ass with one finger, then with two fingers. I wanted to have her ass relaxed before Massed was able to get his cock in Raquel’s tight ass. Raquel’s asshole was tighter than my wife, and I knew she was going to have a hard time accommodating that cock in her asshole.

“If you want to have sex with other men or other couples, feel free to move around” Masen told me.

“It is ok” I told him while I kept fingering Raquel’s asshole.

Aric sat with her legs open while Masen had Raquel lay on her stomach between Aric’s legs.

“Suck his cock” Masen told Raquel while we admired her tight little ass in front of us.

Masen started to play with her ass, spreading her ass chicks, exposing her asshole and rubbing his fingers against it.

“Have you fucked her ass” Masen asked me.

“Yes” I told him.

“It seems to be tight” He told me.

“Yes; she is very tight. Her ass is tighter than my wife ass” I told Masen.

He leaned forward, lay on top of Raquel and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Raquel’s asshole.

“I am going to start pushing forward, if it hurts, let me know and I will stop” Masen told Raquel.

“I want you to fuck my ass again before someone else does it again” Raquel told me.

Masen was hearing what Raquel and I were saying and agreed to Raquel’s request.

I got behind Raquel and spread her ass chicks, kissed and licked her ass until I felt she was already very much turn on. I got on top of her and fucked her asshole. I was doing pushups on top of her while my cock went in and out of her asshole. I saw my cock fucking her asshole that made me very excited.

I dropped deep inside her asshole my load of cum.

I lay beside Raquel and watched her sucking Aric. Aric then laid on his back on the other side of Raquel. Masen lifted Raquel up and placed her on top of Aric. He had Raquel sat Aric’s cock.

“Place his cock in you pussy” Masen told her while she sat on top of Aric.

“Now bend over and press you chest against Aric’s chest” Masen told Raquel.

Masen asked me to see Raquel’s ass and pussy. I could see Aric’c cock all inside hr pussy and my cum dripping from her asshole. Masen then started to press against Raquel’s ass, he blocked my cum with his cock from dripping out of Raquel’s ass. He pushed his cock all the way in, slowly but with a steady push.

I could see from behind Raquel’s asshole and pussy getting a hard fuck. They both pressed their bodies against Raquel’s body. I heard Raquel moaning and knew she was having an orgasm. Masen and Aric kept fucking Raquel for a while until they decided to switch positions. Aric now fucked her asshole while Masen fucked her pussy. I wanted her to feel three guys, so I decided to feed her my cock which she happily sucked while getting fucked.

I could see to where Mayo was, and now she was fucking the guys not being fuck by the guys. She was now mainly in command of what she was doing, not the guys. I tuned my head back to Mayo, and saw he lips around my cock while these two guys kept fucking he asshole and her pussy. I felt Raquel having more orgasms, I could feel these by the way she sucked my cock at times and the way she moved her hips.

I heard Masen and Aric talk, then Masen told Raquel that both of them were going to drop their loads together if possible, and that they would like for her to have an orgasm at the same time if possible. I saw Masen, Aric and Raquel cum at the same time. The moaning and the expressions on their faces made almost cum again.

“Fuck her pussy” Masen told me.

I hesitated at first but realized that these guys were used to fuck women with their pussies or assholes full from other men cum.

Raquel lay on her back, her legs open, cum dripping from her fucked open pussy and asshole; she smiled while she laid there.

“Fuck me, please” she told me.

I got between her legs and inserted my cock in her fucked cum filled pussy. My cock went very smoothly all the way inside her pussy. I started to fuck her pussy, move my cock in and out of her pussy. I felt her responding to my trust and squished my cock with the wall and muscles of her pussy. I felt her having an orgasm.

“Fuck me Javier; I want you to fuck me hard too” Raquel told me while she moved herself underneath me to encounter my cock. She kissed me hard while her hands and arms held me tight to her chest and mouth. I felt her having another orgasm when I shoot my load of cum deep in her pussy.

We kissed and hugged each other for a few minutes. I heard that some of the guys that were beside us having sex with Mayo were now a little loud.

“Come on, let’s go over and see Mayo” I told Raquel while I stood up and grabbed her hand.

There were six guys surrounding Mayo, but all these guys were not the same guys that started the gang bang. Some new faces had shown up.

“You pussy if full of cum, so it is Mayo’s pussy. What about if you do a 69 with her and see where does it take you both” I told Raquel.

“Where will you be” Raquel asked me.

“I am not leaving you or Mayo here alone; trust me. I will be watching you and Mayo from here” I told Raquel.

I gave her a little spank on her ass had her on her way.

The guys around Mayo saw Raquel now moving into the group. She saw Mayo and Mayo saw Raquel. Mayo opened her arms and kissed Raquel. Raquel moved into a 69 position. Mayo was on the bottom and Raquel on top.

I watched them fuck for a while. I felt sleep while Mayo and Raquel kept fucking these guys. I woke up around 3:00 AM and found Raquel deeply asleep beside me. I looked around and did not see anyone else in the room.

“Wake up, Do you know where Mayo is” I asked Raquel.

“I don’t know. We were having sex on that bed, I told her I have had enough; then I came here and went to sleep beside you” Raquel told me while getting up from the bed.

We started to look for Mayo around the club and we found Mayo in the Jacuzzi having a drink with Aric and Masen. It seems there was no one else in the club.

“She really can take a gang bang; the guys left after no one wanted to fuck her any longer, she drained them completely” Masen told me while Mayo got out of the Jacuzzi and walked towards me. Mayo kissed me and told me how much she loved me; she was waiting for me to get up and go back to the hotel.

I asked them Mayo if she wanted to invite Masen and Aric to the water hole the following day. They said it was ok with them. We got dress and Masen took us back to the hotel and dropped us there.

Once we got to our room, I notice that Raquel’s and my wife’s pussy were dark pink; it had the signs that they really had a good pounding. We all took a quick shower and between the first 10 minutes on the bed we all fall asleep.

Once we got to our room, I notice that my wife’s pussy was dark pink; it had the signs that she really had a good pounding. We all took a quick shower and between the first 10 minutes on the bed we all fall asleep.

I got up on Friday around 10:30 AM. I got close to Raquel and Mayo and started to kiss both of them until the opened their eyes.

“How are my two sweet pies” I asked them.

“I am sleepy, I want to go back to sleep” Mayo told me.

“Me too” Raquel replied.

“We have to get some breakfast before going out to the water hole” I said.

“I don’t want to go anywhere, I would like to stay here if you guys agree” Raquel said.

“I think I would rather stay at the hotel like Raquel is suggesting, but you can go to the water hole if you like” Mayo said.

“Look at my pussy, it is still pink from last night, I will like to give it a rest for the day” Raquel said while showing us her pussy lips.

I wrote down Masen cell phone number and gave it to Mayo just in case she needed to contact me. I kiss them both and wished them a good day. I got dressed and went down to the restaurant for breakfast. I got the scooter and headed to the water hole.

I got to the water hole around 12:15 PM. I saw Cindy’s and Jim’s scooter on the side. I walked to the beach and saw no one around. I assumed they might have been in the water hole. I started to walk towards the water hole when I saw Cindy and Jim coming out of the water hole.

Cindy gave me a small hug and kissed me while Jim trying to be formal shook hands with me.

“You look beautiful” I told Cindy while looking at her nude body noticing she had some make up on her face.

We talked for a while, I told them why Mayo and Raquel did not come and meet them. Cindy could not believe what we had done the night before. Jim kept almost very quit during the conversation Cindy and I had. Cindy was sitting in front of me with her legs wide open and on top of my legs, while Jim sat beside her. I watched her pink pussy again as I had done the day before. She saw me watching her spread pussy; she smiled at me and made sure I had an easy view of her pussy.

“Would you like to go to that club” Cindy asked Jim.

“I don’t know; it seems it is too erotic” Jim said.

“Stop being a pussy and get with it. I told you last night we were going to have some fun and we will” Cindy replied to Jim in a hard tone.

It seemed to me that they have had an argument the night before leaving the beach.

“Come on, let’s go” Cindy grabbed my hand and we walked together to the water hole.

“Come on Jim, let’s go, follow us” Cindy told Jim while we walked to the water hole.

We got in the water hole; I notice the water level was not as high as the day before when we were there. I sat down an without saying a word Cindy knelt in front of me, grabbed my cock, played with the skin of my uncut cock for a couple of seconds and started to lick the head of my cock. She kissed the tip and then started to put it all in her mouth. She fucked my cock with her mouth while she played with my balls. Cindy slide herself up my chest until she reached my mouth and kissed me.

“I am going to fuck you” Cindy told me while positioning herself on top of my cock.

I felt Jim’s hand grabbing my cock and putting it in his mouth while Cindy kissed me.

“Sorry, We going to fuck you” Cindy told me while kissing me with her body against my chest and her husband sucking my cock.

“Jim, Lick my asshole and my pussy too.” Cindy told Jim.

Jim started to switch back and forth from sucking my cock to licking Cindy’s pussy and asshole. I felt Jim’s hand grabbing my cock and guiding it to his wife pussy. Cindy let herself slide down until my cock was all inside of her pussy.

With her back towards Jim, she told Jim to finger her asshole while she fucked me. Cindy kissed me while she jumped up and down my cock. Sometimes my cock would slide out of her pussy but Jim was there suck it some and to put it back inside her pussy once again.

Cindy stood up and turned herself around. She sat on top of my cock but this time she was facing Jim, her back was on my face. Jim grabbed my cock and placed it in her pussy. Jim licked her pussy my balls and parts of my cock while my cock was inside his wife pussy.

“There, lick my pussy Jim, lick his cock and balls while he fucks your wife pussy” Cindy told Jim.

Cindy sat on top of me with my cock halfway in her pussy while her husband liked hr pussy and my cock.

Cindy started to moving her hips and sitting deeper on my cock. She then started to jump up and down my cock just as she has done it before when she faced me.

“Lick me, I am having another orgasm” Cindy told Jim.

Cindy spread her legs wide open while Jim licked her pussy hole and my balls. I was ready to cum too and while he licked Cindy’s pussy I started to drop mu load in her pussy. I could feel Jim’s tongue and lips working on his wife pussy and licking my balls and cock. Once my cock had dumped the load in Cindy’s pussy, I felt Jim’s hand on my cock and his mouth sucking my cock. Jim licked and cleaned my cum off his wife pussy and off my cock.

Cindy stood up and kissed her husband telling him how good he has done.

The three of s sat there and talked for a while. I knew Cindy wanted more sex and was wondering if Masen and Aric were going to come and meet us at the beach. I was also ready to take my blue pill; I knew I was in for another long day.

“Let’s go up to the beach” I told them while standing up and showing the way out of the water hole.

“Come on, let’s stay here a while longer” Cindy told me.

“Let’s go out for a while, we’ll come back later” I told her.

Cindy was not too pleased with my decision, but Jim and Cindy followed me to the beach.

We sat on the beach for a while. I grabbed my shorts and without them noticing it I took one of the blue pills I had with me.

I notice Jim was very much dominated by Cindy; he was always doing what Cindy told him to do. I decided that I had to dominate Cindy in order to have them both under control.

“Cindy, get on your hands and knees. I want to see your ass hole and pussy from behind” I told Cindy that was sitting beside me.

After a couple of sentences back and forth, she did as told. She placed herself on her hand and knees in front of me.

“Lean on your chest and spread your ass chicks” I told Cindy.

Cindy grabbed both of her ass chicks with her hands and spread them ass chicks apart showing me her asshole. Her ass white chicks, her pink asshole and her pink pussy made me had another hard on.

“Finger your pussy” I told Cindy.

Cindy moved one of her hands to her pussy and started to rub her hand and fingers around her pink pussy.

“Jim, spread her ass chicks and finger it some; I want to watch her fingered asshole while she fingered her pussy” I told Jim.

Jim spread his wife ass chicks apart and fingered her ass while Cindy rubbed her pussy with her hand.

I stood up a couple of feet from Cindy’s ass. I told Cindy to spread her ass chicks again with both hands while Jim to masturbate me some and I watched Cindy’s asshole. Jim masturbated and sucked me while I watched his wife exposed anal canal in front of me.

I told Jim to spread some suntan lotion on his wife ass because I was ready to fuck it.

“Fuck Jim’s ass” Cindy told me.

“Stop giving me commands, I am going to fuck your ass” I told Cindy while Jim and I finished preparing Cindy’s asshole.

I got behind Cindy, slapped her ass chicks three or four times and then with one trust I started to fuck her asshole. She cried in pain and dropped herself down from the hand and knees position to down on the sand. I did not get my cock out of her asshole; I kept pumping my cock in her ass hard until she started to relax and enjoy me fucking her asshole.

“You like to have your ass fucked, don’t you” I asked Cindy.

“Yes I do” she told me.

“Tell me, you are a slut and you want to be my whore today, don’t you” I asked her.

“Yes, I do” she told me.

I kept fucking her ass while Jim looked at us and masturbated himself.

“Jim, lay right here, beside me” I told Jim.

“Spread you ass chicks and look at your wife” I told him while I fucked his wife ass.

I fingered Jim’s ass while he spread his ass chicks with both hands. Cindy and Jim laid on the stomachs side by side while I fucked Cindy’s ass while I fingered Jim’s asshole while he laid beside his wife.

“I think you need help here” I heard a voice in Spanish behind me.

I saw Masen and Aric behind me smiling. Jim and Cindy tried to get up but I told them to relax and stay down while I gave Jim’s ass a hard spank.

“What are you waiting for; what about you guys taking care of him while I finish with her” I responded to Masen in Spanish while I kept fucking Cindy’s ass.

I heard Masen and Aric talking to each other in Greek. Arec got between Jim’s asshole and licked his asshole while Masen went around Jim and sat in front of Jim.

“Suck my cock while your wife watches” Masen told Jim while Aric licked Jim’s asshole.

Jim sucked Masen while Masen talked to me about where and how I found this couple. He grabbed Jim’s head and pushed it down his black cock.

“Cone on bitch, suck all of it” Masen kept telling Jim while he pushed his cock all the way in Jim’s mouth.

Aric sat over Jim’s legs, spread with one hand Jim’s ass chicks while with his other hand he got his thick cock in Jim’s asshole. Jim tried to move and accommodate his cock but Aric held him firm so he could not move. Aric spread Jim’s ass chicks while he fucked Jim’s asshole. I saw his cock go in and out of Jim’s asshole

“Let me see how good your wife is sucking cock” Masen told Jim while he placed his cock inside Cindy’s mouth.

Masen pushed Cindy’s mouth down his shaft; he was pushing her head hard down his cock, Cindy choked a few times but Masen insisted in her to go down on him.

“Look at you wife, look how fast she learned, you can do the same” Masen told Jim and went back to him and placed his cock back in his mouth.

I told Cindy to lay on her back. I lifted her legs and placed her knees to her breasts while I got my cock in my hands and guided inside her pussy. I fucked her pussy for a few minutes when Masen asked me for some of her pussy.

I told Cindy to get on top of Masen who laid on his back. Cindy got on top of Masen and got his black cock in her pussy. I did not want her to get a chance and accommodate and get used to his black cock when I got behind her and pushed my cock in her asshole. The three of us started to move at the same pace. I pumped Cindy’s asshole for a while until I dumped my cum deep inside her asshole. I tried to relax on top of Cindy but Masen told me to give him some room.

I got up from Cindy’s ass and saw Masen placing her on her hand and knees. Masen got behind her and started to fuck her asshole now. My cum in Cindy’s ass lubricated the way for Masen’s cock to go all the way in her asshole with just one push. Once Masen’s cock got all the way in Cindy’s asshole she made a softly noise of pain.

I also was watching Arik fuck Jim’s asshole while he kept his eyes close and his reflecting pleasure. I could not believe he was taking that cock up the ass with so much pleasure, he was doing much better than Mayo and Raquel had done the night before. Aric had Jim turned around. Aric lifted Jim’s spread legs over his shoulders and stated to fuck Jim’s asshole again. Aric grabbed Jim’s hand and placed over Jim’s cock making him stroke himself while he got fucked in the ass. Jim masturbated himself with Aric’s cock deep in his asshole. We hear Jim moaning and making loud sounds while getting fucked in the ass and when Jim dumped his load on his hand and stomach. Aric made a few more hard pushes and he dumped his load in Jim’s asshole.

I sat between Cindy’s and Jim’s face and told both of them to share my cock and to suck it.

Aric dumped his load in Jim’s ass hole while Masen dumped his load in Cindy’s pussy. Masen told Jim to lay on his back while he picked up Cindy and placed her on a 69 position with Jim. They both licked and sucked all the cum out of their holes.

We all relaxed and talked for a while. Cindy and I went inside the cold water of the Mediterranean. We talked about Mayo, Raquel and I and also about her and Jim.

When we got out of the water, Masen was telling me that they wanted to go to the other beach which we agreed on doing.

Once we got there, I decided to call the hotel and talk to Mayo. No one answered in the room so I left a message for them to call me at Masen cell phone number.

We got down to the beach and sat close to the dunes and rocks. After being there a few minutes we all decided to go behind the rocks and walked all the way to the end of one of the paths.

Massen asked Cindy and Jim to suck Arick and his cock. Cindy knelt in front of Masen and started to rub and lick his cock with her hands. Jim on the other side was doing the same. It was not long before two guys we had seen in our way there where close to us now and watched Cindy and Jim suck cock. I heard them talking to Aric and Masen in Greek. I saw the two guys get behind Cindy and Jim and lifting them to their feet easily while they sucked cock and bend forward. The two guy got behind Jim and Cindy and after spreading their ass chicks licked their assholes while fingering them. The guy licking Jim’s asshole started to suck Jim’s cock while fingering Jim’s asshole.

Jim lay on his back while he sucked Aric and the other guy fucked his ass and masturbated and played with Jim’s cock.

Cindy’s pussy was being fucked from behind while she sucked Masen.

Masen lay Cindy on her back and spread her legs wide open while the other guy fucked Cindy’s pussy.

It was not long before other beach guys started to show up and placed themselves around Cindy and Jim and watched them getting fucked while they masturbated and touched themselves. They started to take turns fucking Cindy and Jim while they lay on the backs. The guys started to take more control over Cindy and Jim. Literally they were being used by them. Cindy and Jim have become fuck holes for these guys; they were in line waiting their turn to stick their cocks inside an empty hole.

I watched for over one hour different guys fuck Cindy and Jim. I did not want to leave them here alone with these sharks; things could get rougher than it already was. A guy was fingering Jim too hard, he was hurting Jim while Cindy had already had two cocks up her pussy at the same time and now they wanted to do the same with her ass, they were moving her around to get her in position for two guys to do her ass. I thought then that things could easy get out of control; these guys where in too much in control of Cindy and Jim.

I asked Masen for his opinion on this and he let me know that he was about to tell m the same thing.

“Cindy, it is time to go, we better go now; if you guys stay here any longer you and Jim may get physically hurt” I told her.

“Ok” she said trying to get away from the guys around her.

While she pushed her way from the guys, Jim was starting to stand up but the guy on top of him did not want to get off him, he was fucking Jim.

Masen told Jim to let the guy finish fucking his ass in order to avoid problems. We watched the guy fuck Jim and cum in his ass.

We arrived at the beach and watched Cindy and Jim get in the water to clean and refresh themselves.

“Is you wife” Masen told me handing me his cell phone.

My wife had expended the entire day with Raquel by the swimming pool and had just got back to the room. I told her where I was and what had occur during the day.

“Do you mind if we meet at the club later on tonight; we want to go out tonight and we want to expend the entire day tomorrow alone, just the three of us.” Mayo told me.

“Sure, I would love to be with both of you alone all day. I’ll tell Masen to pick us up around 9:00PM” I told her.

“That sounds good” Mayo told me.

“We’ll be there in approximately forty five minutes” I told my wife.

“Masen, do you want to take us again to the club tonight” I asked Masen.

Masen told me that on Friday nights it gets crowded, that it should be fun. We invited Cindy and Jim to come alone with us. Cindy and Jim agreed to meet all of us at our hotel at 9:00PM.

I walked into my hotel fond Mayo and Raquel on the bed talking and having a bottle of wine. They told me they relaxed all day by the pool and behave like good girls all day long. I kept saying to myself; while I admired their nude bodies; how beautiful and how gorgeous my wife and Raquel were and how lucky I was to have them together with me.

Raquel and Mayo had makeup on and both wore skirts and blouses. The both looked great. We were at the bar when we saw Jim and Cindy walk in. We said hi to each other and waited together a few minutes for Masen to show up. We all got into Masen’s car and in order for all of us to fit in it I had to hold Raquel on my lap while Jim held Cindy on his lap.

When we got there we saw quite a few people around the bar area. There were maybe 15 to 20 couples and a few single men. Must couples seemed to be from the mid thirties to the late fifties. We sat at the bar and talked for a while. Cindy and Jim were very relaxed watching everyone around us. Raquel, Mayo, Masen and I were having a conversation on some of the guys and local couple that were normal customers of the club. After a couple of drinks we all decided to undress and move to the nude area of the club. We all got undress and each one of us grabbed a towel and walked towards the Jacuzzi where we found two couples in their late forties and three guys chatting. Masen let us know that all of them were Greeks while Masen exchanged some words with them.

After we talked for a few minutes and relaxed in the Jacuzzi, we all got out and walked to the rooms. We walked by two rooms that had some couples and guys having sex; we just watched for a couple of minutes and moved on to the next room. We arrived in a room that had six rare wooden structures, in one of these structures we saw a woman tied up to it. She was on a 45 angle with her chest against the wooden structure; a guy laid under her fucking her pussy while she had another guy with a cock up her asshole and she also was sucking a guy. There were about four guys watching and I believe waiting in line for their turns.

“Interested” I asked my wife.

“I don’t know about that, I don’t think I will enjoy that, at least not yet” my wife responded.

“What about you Raquel” I asked her.

“I am curious, but not yet; maybe later on tonight” Raquel responded.

While watched a couple in their early forties and two guys arrived in the same room we were. They tied them up and the two guys got a little jar of oil and spread oil around their asshole and her pussy. The guys got behind them and started to fuck them both. A guy walked in front of the woman and started to fuck her mouth; he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard.

Masen told me that many of the guys knew this couple and some other couples that go on regular basis to the club and that in a few minutes we would see they guys that know what to do and how to behave with them. Sure thing, a couple of minutes later, there were 3 more guys having sex with them. A guy sucked the guy’s cock while he was getting fucked while his wife was being double teamed.

“Ready” I asked Raquel while I touched her asshole.

“Yes, but as long as you get to fuck my asshole first” she told me.

I grabbed Raquel by her hand and laid her chest against one of the wooden structures and tied her ankles and wrists to it. Her asshole what somewhat expose because of the way her chest and bode laid on the 45 angle wooden structure. I was ready to lick her asshole and pussy when I heard Masen telling me not to do that.

“Don’t get the women turn on with your hands or mouth, the less turn on they are at first, the more guys she will be able to fuck” Masen told me while I remembered not seen anyone doing that.

I got myself behind Raquel and inserted my cock in her pussy first, I wanted to get her pussy wet and her get exited before fucking her asshole. I grabbed some oil Massen gave me and poured on Raquel’s asshole. I fingered her asshole some before I started to fuck her anal canal.

I was fucking her asshole when a guy walked in front of her and placed his cock in her mouth and Raquel sucked his cock. A guy got underneath Raquel’s pussy and I could feel his tongue licking Raquel’s pussy while my cock fucked her asshole. I fucked her for a few minutes but when I was ready to cum I pooled out, I did not wanted to cum the first time so early that night.

I moved aside and Masen took my place. He rammed his cock in her pussy and asshole for a few minutes until a guy underneath Raquel stated to fuck her pussy. Raquel had a cock in her pussy, ass and mouth at the same time. I saw Mayo Cindy and Jim watching how these guys fucked Raquel.

“Jim, you are next” I told Jim while I grabbed him by the hand and tied him just like I did before with Raquel.

I Lubed and inserted my cock in Jim’s asshole. I fucked him for a couple of minutes and left his exposed asshole for others to take my place.

“Cindy” I called her name and extended my hand for her to come to me. I did the same to Cindy. I tied her to a wooden structure and fucked her pussy for a couple of minutes before I poured oil around her ass and ass chicks and fucked her ass for a few minutes. I switched from her asshole and her pussy a few times. I watched Raquel and Jim getting fucked and sucking some guys while I kept fucking Cindy.

I fucked Cindy for a few more minutes before I notice Masen standing in front of my wife while she was on her knees sucking his clock. I moved aside and let a guy take my place and fuck Cindy’s ass and pussy.

I moved myself beside Masen and asked him and my wife if they mind me joining in. Mayo grabbed my cock and sucked both cocks back and forth.

There was a small bed on the corner, I grabbed my wife’s hand and placed her on her back on the bed while Masen knelt in front of her and fed his cock into her mouth. I spread her legs apart and licked her pussy for a couple of minutes before Masen told me to fuck her. I fucked my wife while Masen fed his cock into her mouth. I was almost ready to cum because of the fucking I had giving Raquel, Jim and Cindy. I grabbed my wife and laid her on top of me. Spread her ass chicks exposing her asshole to the guys that were watching us. I saw guy lay on top of her and fucked her asshole while I fucked her pussy. She kept sucking Masen’s cock while we fucked her asshole and her pussy. I dumped my load in her pussy, she moved her hips and drained my cock until the last drop of cum was deep in her pussy.

I moved aside and watched a guy fucking her fucked pussy while a guy fucked her asshole and Masen kept fucking her mouth until he dumped his load in her mouth. I realized the room was quite full by now. There were a few single guys and couples watching all the action.

The first couple that was there tied to the wooden structures were not there anymore. Raquel, Jim and Cindy were at this time the only ones getting fucked while they were tied up to the structures.

“Are you ok” I asked Raquel.

“I am tired of being in this position” Raquel told me.

I untied Raquel’s from the wooden structure; then I did the same with Cindy and Jim. We all decided to go to the same room we were the night before. I walked over to where my wife was and saw a black woman licking her pussy and asshole while others watched them.

I was telling Mayo that we all were going to go to the next room when a guy spoke to me in English.

“Hi, you have a beautiful wife there” he told me.

“Thank you” I responded to this guy that just don’t seem to remember his name.

“I am Mr.X and that is my wife Cassandra, we are from New Orleans” He told me.

“I am Javier and she is one of my wives Mayo, and there is Raquel, my other wife. We are from Miami” I told him.

He thought I was joking, but by the time he asked Mayo and Raquel, I had already told them to go alone and play the game with me.

While Cassandra kept licking Mayo’s pussy and ass, I notice that Cassandra kept away any man that tried to join them. Raquel stood by my side and I notice Cindy and Jim were nowhere around us in that room.

“Do you mind if I fuck you wife” Mr.X said while he pointed at Mayo.

“Only if I get to fuck your wife” I told him.

“We like to have female, male, female relationships” He said.

“I like to fuck women too and we like group sex” I told him.

He was over six feet tall, weighted around 250 lbs. and had about a 9 in. cut cock.

She was about 5’8″ tall weighted around 150lbs and had a 34D or 36D breasts. She had a big firm ass as the rest of her body; she may had been into weight lifting.

Cassandra stood up from between Mayo’s legs and approached us while Mayo followed her a minute or so behind. We talked for a few minutes and agreed for the five of us to have sex together in the same bed.

Raquel and Mayo lay on the bed while I watched Cassandra move between their legs and lick their pussies. Her husband lay on Mayo’s side licking her tits and rubbing her pussy while she was being licked. I got myself behind Cassandra and rubbed my finger on her asshole and her pussy, I could feel she was wet and her pussy lips were warm and thick. It was my first time with a black woman.

While I moved my face under Cassandra’s pussy, I notice Mayo and Raquel were both already sucking together Cassandra’s husband cock. I felt Cassandra’s wait on my face, she sat on my face; I had her pussy and asshole on my face. I felt someone sucking my cock; I could not see who it was because Cassandra was on top of my face. I kept licking her asshole and pussy until she stood up from my face and saw Raquel sucking my cock. I got up from under Cassandra to see Mayo being fucked by Cassandra’s husband while she was against the wall with her legs around him.

Cassandra told me to tell Raquel to lay on the bed. Cassandra wanted to lick her pussy now. Raquel lay on her back and spread her legs to allow Cassandra to invade her pussy and asshole with her tongue and mouth. I told Cassandra to get on her hands and knees while she did that, I wanted to fuck her from behind.

I spread her ass chicks and with no hesitation I pressed against her anus and started to fuck her asshole. It seemed her ass was very much loose; as we said in my country, she had some millage in it already. I also fucked her pussy and switched from her pussy to her asshole. I saw Masen standing beside me and asking me in Spanish if I needed help with her. I told him to stay beside me and be ready. I fucked Cassandra ass and pussy until I felt I was ready to cum. I dumped my load in Cassandra’s ass while she pushed her hips back to encounter my cock. I made signals to Masen and let him know that as soon as I get my cock out he will replace it with his in her pussy.

Cassandra was so into licking Raquel’s pussy that she did not realize for about thirty seconds that Masen had switched places with me and now he was fucking her pussy. Cassandra and her husband were a little upset about it but I told him that if he wanted to Cassandra to get Raquel ready for him and for him to fuck Raquel, Cassandra would have to fuck Masen too. After a few minutes of conversation while he still had Mayo against the wall and was fucking her and Raquel lay on the bed waiting for Cassandra to keep licking her pussy, they finally agreed.

I told Masen in Spanish so they could not understand to split her ass and pussy.

Masen told Cassandra to lay on her back while Raquel sat on her face. I told Raquel to spread her pussy lips and ass chicks so Cassandra can lick and clean her holes. Raquel with both hands spread her pussy lips and asshole and gave Cassandra tongue complete access to her holes.

Her husband kept fucking my wife against the wall while I lifted and spread Cassandra’s legs apart so Masen can have full access to her holes. I watched Cassandra’s tongue in Raquel’s pussy and asshole.

“Oh fuck, I am cuming” Cassandra husband said while dumping his load in my wife pussy while he fucked her against the wall.

My wife walked over to Raquel and replaced Raquel’s holes with her well fucked cum filled pussy. Cassandra licked her husband’s cum out of my wife. Mayo sat and relaxed on Cassandra’s face while Massen fucked her pussy and ass back and forth.

Cassandra’s husband fucked Raquel the same way he fucked Mayo, Raquel was against the wall while he fucked her pussy. Masen laid on his back and got Cassandra to get on top of Masen. Cassandra started to fuck and move her hips while Masen got his cock inside her pussy. I stock my finger in her asshole while Mayo sucked my cock, I asked Mayo to get me hard that I wanted to fuck her asshole again.

I got behind Cassandra and started to fuck her ass again while Masen fucked her pussy.

“Holy shit, fuck me hard” Cassandra told us while we rammed hard her ass and pussy.

“You sure have some millage on you, but you sure can run” I remember telling her.

I notice Raquel beside Mayo standing up watching us fuck, on the other side Cassandra’s husband stood up over us and watched Masen and I fuck his wife.

“She has hard ass chicks” I told Cassandra’s husband while I fucked her ass and squeezed her ass chicks with my hands.

I did not want to come yet; I let Masen know this and told him to take his time and that we had to prolong the time and fuck her for a long period of time. I felt Cassandra orgasm multiple times while we fucked her together. I could feel Masen cock in her pussy when he fucked her as I knew he could feel my cock slide in and out of her asshole. We synchronized ourselves to cum at the same time which we did.

I felt Masen cock expanding and ramping in and out of Cassandra’s pussy while I dumped another load in Cassandra’s ass.

We relaxed one on top of the other until my cock got some flaccid and out of her asshole, Cassandra stood up followed by Masen.

“You are a good fuck, you should do this more often” I told Cassandra while smiling at her and her husband.

Cassandra and her husband walked away towards the Jacuzzi while Raquel, Mayo, Masen and I walked towards the other room where Cindy and Jim were having sex.

We arrived there and watched a six some on a bed. Cindy was being double penetrated; she had a guy in her pussy and Jim in her asshole, while Jim was being fucked by another guy at the same time. Both of them were also each sucking a cock.

We watched together for a few minutes, I felt Raquel and Mayo on each side of me holding hands with and both of them leaning against my chest.

“Javier, I want to go, I want to get back to the hotel if you don’t mind” my wife told me.

I grabbed Mayo with one hand and Raquel with the other hand and the three of us walked out of that room. On our way out I told Masen that we were going back to the hotel and not to bother that we will get a Taxi.

The three of us took a quick shower, got dressed and took a Taxi back to the hotel.

On our way to the hotel, I asked Mayo why the sudden decision of leaving the club.

“I just want to be with you and Raquel; right now I don’t care about no one else. I may change my mind tomorrow, but not tonight” Mayo told me and Raquel.

While walking to our rooms, I ordered a bottle of white wine for Raquel and my wife and some scotch and water for me.

We undressed, kissed each other and lay on the bed.

“I don’t want to fuck you and I don’t want you to fuck Raquel or me. I want you to make love to us” my wife told me kissing me and Raquel.

The three of us kissed together. I notice Raquel’s kisses to be much softer and more tender than before. I felt Raquel kissing me deeply, then Mayo replaced Raquel’s mouth with hers and then I watched both of them engage in a deep kiss. I kissed and licked their tits, their nipples. I went down on them and started to kiss their ass chicks softly and around their assholes and pussy lips. I placed both of them on their stomach side by side; I admired their asses while I kissed their feet all the way up their legs and thighs until I reach their assholes. I spread each of their ass chicks and licked and kissed their asshole softly. I placed a finger inside each asshole and felt these were not as tight as before; maybe because the pounding both of them had received a few minutes before from guys at the club.

I asked them to turn themselves on their side and face each other. While they laid on their sides facing each other I watched them kiss and touch themselves. I pushed them both close together, pussy against pussy, breasts against breasts, mouth against mouth. I spread their legs a little and could see their pink fucked pussies touching each other. These pussies had received a pounding at the club, especially Raquel’s pussy and ass got fucked hard while she was tied up to the wooden structure. I got between their legs and kissed their pussies lips, then spread their pussy lips and licked the inside of each pussy, I felt them moaning and keeping my head and tongue inside their pussies. I took turns for a while licking their two pussies and assholes while they pressed their pussies together against each other.

I moved myself to their faces and placed my cock between their lips. Both women started to kiss, lick and suck my cock while they kissed each other. Raquel got underneath my cock and licked my balls while my wife sucked my cock.

“I want you to fuck Mayo” Raquel told me.

I got behind my wife and started to fuck her pussy while Raquel and Mayo kissed each other. I pressed Raquel’s hips against my wife hips while they kissed. I wanted to fuck them both and I knew the blue pills I had taken a few minutes before were going to help me fulfill these desire. While I fucked my wife from behind I was fingering her asshole before I fucked her pussy and felt Mayo’s orgasm on my cock. My wife knew how much I like anal sex and how I liked fucking her in the ass. I pressed again my cock against her asshole and pushed my cock in her. Mayo gasped a little and then started to move her hips while I fucked her asshole. I fucked her asshole and her pussy while Raquel rubbed her entire body against Mayo’s body. I felt Raquel’s hand pressing my hips against my wife buttocks.

I got my wife on her back and myself between her legs. I was fucking her in a steady pace when I felt Raquel spreading my ass chicks and licking my asshole. I kept fucking my wife until I dumped all my load deep inside her pussy.

“I love you more than ever” my wife told me with a tear on each eye.

“I love you too, I’ll do anything for you and you are and will always be the woman of my life.” I told my wife.

I kissed my wife for a couple of minutes and then laid on her side. Raquel move d between my legs and licked my cock and balls before moving between my wife’s legs and kissed and licked her pussy clean.

We relaxed and kissed each other for a few minutes before I felt my wife go don to my cock and started to lick and suck it. Raquel and I kissed for a couple of minutes before Raquel also moved beside Mayo and both sucked my cock and licked my balls.

“Javier, I want you to make love to Raquel, not just fuck her.” My wife told me.

Mayo pooled Raquel up on top of me and grabbed my cock and placed it inside Raquel’s pussy. Raquel started to move her hips and kissed me. I responded to her kisses softly while she fucked me. Mayo got behind her and kissed her ass and massaged her back and legs while we made love. Raquel stated to move her hips up and down my cock faster and her kisses were now deeper and more violent. I felt her moaning hard until I felt having a very intensive orgasm. I moved on top of her, lifted her legs and fucked her asshole for a few minutes before going back to fuck her pussy. I had her knees on her breasts when I dumped my cum in her pussy. I kept fucking her pussy until my cock started to lose the hardness of it. I got off Raquel and laid on her side. Mayo licked my cock and then licked Raquel’s pussy just as Raquel had done to us before.

The three of us felt asleep in each other arms right after that.

We woke Saturday around 9:00 AM. We all smiled and laid on the bed talking and laughing. The three of us enjoyed being together and did not want it to finish that day.

“Our last day together” Raquel told us in a sad tone of voice.

“We will meet again; somehow we will meet again and this will not be our last day together” Mayo told Raquel holding her hands.

They hogged for a few minutes before Mayo stood up and grabbed Raquel by the hand taking her into the bathroom. Mayo started to fill the Jacuzzi with water while they kissed each other waiting for it to fill up. I closed the bathroom door and gave them some privacy. I relaxed on the bed and felt asleep.

I woke up again around 10:30AM and found myself alone in the room. I saw a note stating that they were both at the swimming pool.

I walked to the pool area and saw both of them laying topless on a towel under the sun. I joined them and lay beside Mayo.

“Let’s go in the pool” Mayo asked me grabbing my hand and pooling me up from the ground.

We jumped together in the pool and swam to the other side of the pool.

Mayo held me around my neck kissing and hugging me for a few minutes.

“Javier, are you having a good time” Mayo asked me smiling at me.

“Yes, I am and I know you are too” I smiled and kissed her.

“What do you think about Raquel” Mayo asked me.

“She is a nice woman” I told her.

“I mean, do you like her” Mayo asked me.

“I like to fuck her; she is pretty, she has a very hot body; she has a great tight ass and as you know I love to fuck a nice ass.” I told Mayo.

“Please answer, I just want to know” Mayo asked me looking at my eyes.

“Look; as I said; I like her, I love to fuck her, she is a great fuck but I do not love her if that is what you mean, I like her as a person, I am very fund of her, I love her for being and sharing all this with us, I like her as a person, her personality, the way she is. What else can I say. Does that answer your question” I asked Mayo.

“Yes, it does” Mayo told me but something in her eyes told me that there was something else.

“What about you. Now tell me how you feel about her. What is going on” I asked Mayo.

Mayo told me about certain conversations they had in private and explained to me what had happen this morning in the Jacuzzi while I was sleeping. Raquel and Mario had gotten into a big argument the morning before Mario took off to Athens. It seemed that Raquel had told Mario that once they went back to Buenos Aires she was going to file for a divorce, that she was tiered of him and his games. Raquel told Mayo that during the past year they had sex only twice, and both times it was Mario on his back while she gave him a blow job. She also said that she was sure Mario had other women in Buenos Aires; that he usually went home late after work and that she felt miserable with him.

“How is that affecting us” I asked Mayo.

“Raquel and I have become good friends and I care for her” Mayo told me and paused for a couple of seconds.

“Javier, I love you, you know that you are the only person I love and have ever loved and If I had ever had any doubts at all about my love for you or I had ever had any doubts about your love for me we would not be talking right now. We have fucked others during these past few days, I let you fuck other women and you let fuck other men because we are sure about ourselves, we love each other and we know that and we know that each one of us know that.” Mayo told me.

“I told Raquel this morning that she can count on us, that if she decides to get a divorce she will have our support” Mayo told me.

“How does she feel about us” I asked Mayo.

“She feels the same way about me that I feel about her. She is very fund of me” Mayo told me.

“Let’s talk about all this later, let’s finish enjoying our vacations and we will discuss this when we get back home” I told her.

“Javier, I know you love me, you know I love you, and there is no one and nothing in this world that can separate us.” Mayo told me.

The three of us expend the day at the pool area; we talked and enjoyed the entire day together. At the end of the day we went up to our room, showered and went out for dinner. We had dinner at a nice restaurant with an ocean view.

We went back to the hotel, drank some wine and made love all night. Mayo felt asleep first while Raquel and I had sex. About 3:00AM I fucked Raquel again, we sat at the balcony and she fucked my brains out on a chair.

Raquel and I talked about what Mayo had told me earlier at the pool. We agreed to meet in December when she travelled Miami. Raquel had already decided before she met us in Greece that she wanted a divorce, and meeting us just made it clear to her that there was life after marriage, with us or without us.

The three of us travelled together all the way to Athens, for various reasons we said good bye at the Athens airport where she joined Mario and flew to Rome and then to Buenos Aires while we took a different flight to Rome and then to Miami.

Mayo and Raquel kept in touch at all times by phone and via emails until we went to pick her up at the Miami International Airport in December.

Raquel expended ten days with us at our house in Miami, she is in the divorce process and she may come and stay with us in June for a few weeks until she gets back on her feet.

After talking to my wife and Raquel in depth and gathering more personal details of Raquel’s married life, I understand why she stopped loving Mario months before the trip to Greece and the efforts she did to save her marriage and make her marriage work. She is getting a divorce and has had for a long time plenty of reason for doing it. I just want to leave it at that.

I know the readers of this experience do not know the details and what the three of us know; that is why I believe no one can really judge anyone of us. I also believe that no other couple feels the way Mayo and I feel for each other and I am not asking you to understand.

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