Subject: The Tales of Sol 49 The Tales of Sol 49 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to write so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any members of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync or 98 Degrees are gay, or any of the other celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO He-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. To those who’ve been reading Tales of Sol. I want you to know that while there is sex in this story. That is not is sole purpose and yes I do hope the sex sense makes you all hard and gets you off. Sol is an adaption from my childhood favorite show Captain Planet and the Planeteers, The cartoon showed us that the world can be a better place if we took a few moments to care for it. Tales of Sol is meant to express hope. It is also shows how music can have an impact in our lives. While I don’t know if my favorite bands 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys or Nsync have ever read this. They saw me through some of the hardest moments of my life and offered in their own way hope. To them I say thank you. I dedicate the Tales of Sol to all of my brothers and sisters of the US armed service past, present, and future. I like to thank my friends who I had the privilege showing these chapters with. They helped with editing and inspiration, John Rivera, Albert-Russ Alan Rivera-Odum, Derbe.D. Hunte Yvette Ortiz Samuel Diaz Jr for all their help in Making The Tales of Sol an enjoyable story to write. And I have a few other names starting with the beginner of this universe James the author of Tales of a Real Dark Knight. I still hope to reconnect with you dear friend and all the rest of this series. Blake the author of Tales of a New Phoenix Jeremi author of the Tales of Young Mutants Please remember to Donate to Nifty And now without any further ado I give you the next chapter of Tales of Sol. The Tales of Sol 49 Truth The SUV pulled up to the hospital’s curbside and before it even came to a stop. Brian threw open the door and bolted into the hospital. Not even Frank could stop him as he ran to the elevators he slapped the floor he wanted and it closed before anyone could even catch up “Man I really hope we are not going to a funeral,” Nick huffed “I have never seen Brian move that fast,” Howie gasped as he tried to catch his breath “That is love and dedication for you,” Kevin wheezed “Where is Frank?” AJ asked looking around “I am not sure,” Tony said coming up Just as the elevator got to Mike’s floor Brian ran right into the arms of his bodyguard “Brian are you crazy,” “Frank! Let go of me!” Brian pleaded “I know you are worried, Brian, you need to stop, and think for a second,” Frank warned “This is not the time!” Brian raged “Brian, you need to remember that there is someone out there, that has it out for you, and the band, if you leave my side I can’t protect you,” Frank lectured “But Mike?” Brian gasped “Can’t, protect you either, not right now, and not when you go off half-cocked like that,” Frank scolded. The elevator chimed as Tony and the rest came out “Frank how the hell did you get up here?” Kevin gasped Indicating the door still swinging back and forth “When your cousin bolted for the elevator I took the stairs,” Frank answered “Guys, I know you are all worried about Mr. Pennock, but my job is protect you guys and that includes protecting from yourselves,” Frank lectured “He is right,” Tony told the group “But, you could have done that in a room, and not in the middle of the waiting room,” Dave said, coming out from behind a hallway. That caught Frank off guard as he finally looked around, and saw the whole room staring at him and the Backstreet Boys. “My job,” Frank started “Is to protect not berate,” Dave fired back “You made a very good point, Frank but you could have handled it better,” Dave snapped Tony also stepped over to Frank “We all have our emotions all over the place and someone was bound to snap under the pressure,” “Right or wrong, Brian’s reaction was understandable under the circumstances,” Rob Thomas came around the corner. Being bombarded from all round him, “Okay you don’t have to gang up on me,” Frank grumbled “We have some lunatic out there, and we don’t have Mike, and his special senses to allow us to know it is safe,” Frank ranted “And taking that fear out on Brian, when he is up in arms already, only make a bad situation even worse,” Dave shot back “You are right,” Frank finally conceded turning back to Brian “I am sorry, Mr. Littrell I let my own fears get the best of me,” Brian looked ready to burst his feelings were all over the place “It is okay Frank I shouldn’t have run off like that I,” tears fell down his cheeks. Dave walked over to Brian “Mike is okay, you, the band, and even Rob here, came through for him,” “I don’t understand?” Howie asked “It was the most amazing thing, I have ever seen,” Rob awed “I mean I knew he was special, but words fail me what I witness,” “Let just say this you music healed a soul,” Dave remarked as he lead everyone to Mike’s room Dr Philips was yammering “I don’t even understand it,” “What is it?” Brian had enough of the lack of answers: was Mike dead or alive, could he walk or talk, was he bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. “All of Mr. Pennock test have come back,” Dr. Philips stuttered “And what do they say?” Nick prompted “It is as if he, never even encountered that car,” Dr. Philips answered “Can I see him?” Brian phrased it as a question but it was really a demand. “Of course,” Dr. Philips agreed. “But please don’t overwork him,” Dr. Philips requested. Opening the door they saw Mike sitting up looking out the window. “Mike!” Brian practically screamed. I was looking out the window at a pair of red-tail hawks soared through the sky. After what I had been through, the majestic birds were a pleasure. My head shot up to see my lover and my friends all standing at the doorway. Before the door could close Brian ran to my side and scooped me into his arms “Bri,” I gasped as my love applied his death grip “Bria,” I tried to get out. “I am so glad you are,” Brian pulled me even tighter. “Already in the hospital,” Kevin rushed to his cousin’s side and tried to get him to loosen his vice grip hold on me. Brian didn’t seem to hear he just squeezed harder. “Brian your boyfriend is turning blue,” Nick pointed out as the machine that I was hooked up to started screaming. “You’ve also got the monitor mad too,” AJ said as he watched my readings sink. Brian finally looked down at me and quickly let go, gasping for air. I put my hand to my chest. The whole room broke out into laughter. the Nurse came into the room “Is everything okay?” She asked “Yes” I wheezed Nodding in Brian’s direction “My friend here was just giving me a bear hug,” I coughed as my lungs tried to get more oxygen in, making Brian blush and the rest of the room burst into more laughter. “A bear hug?” Kevin asked in astonishment “Is that what you call it,” Kevin laughed. “Saying, he was squeezing the life out of me didn’t sound right,” I chuckled “I am just happy to see you Mike,” Brian tried to defend himself. The Nurse checked my reading “Next time hit the nurse button, and I will bring a crowbar,” The Nurse’s good-natured comment made everyone laugh again. As she left Rob walked up to me “Now that you are awake I can say thank you,” “You,” I started to say but then decided to make sure they all knew “All of you came through for me too,” “How?” Howie asked “You guys don’t often feel your music do you?” I asked They shook their heads “When you sing your fans aren’t the only ones listening,” I said “You mean ET is watching us from orbit,” AJ said looking to the ceiling as if he could look to outer space. “Possibly,” I laughed. “But you have a host of others, most of them you can’t see and one other whose presence we take for granted,” I said, looking out at the world through the rooms only window. Only Dave knew where this was going no one else would “Who?” Kevin asked “The Earth,” I said turning my attention to everyone in the room “She listens to all our words, all our prayers and all of the songs,” “Mike, are you a Wicca?” Nick asked I was about to answer, “That is so cool,” Nick clapped his hands. “No, no,” I laughed. “I don’t follow the Wiccan belief,” I answered. “He follows the Earth,” Dave stepped up. “That sounds like a Wiccan,” AJ said. “Believe me, when it comes to Mike, there is different, I know from experience,” Dave somberly said. “I believe in the Earth herself, to us we are all her children, a gift bestowed upon her by the Father,” I shook my head in reverence. “What did I see here?” Rob asked. I looked to Dave and said “This is something we all need to discuss outside the hospital,” “We will continue this when Dr. Phillips releases you,” Dave nodded. “Why Mike?” Howie asked. “There are those who are not ready to hear what I have to say,” I answered. “And there are those who would like nothing more than to hear what I have to say,” I said assured of the other ears. “Then let them hear,” Nick said. “No, Frank’s concerns are bursa escort bayan very real,” I said making the bodyguard’s head shoot up in surprise. “Mike also has very good hearing,” Dave laughed. “So it would seem,” Frank abashed. After Dr. Philips finally released me, Rob joined us back to the hotel Tony had lunch delivered for all of us but Dave insisted on paying for it. Despite everything that just happened I was still uneasy. I really didn’t know how any of them would react. Outside of Dave who still only knew some of the story the others were a mystery. When we got to the hotel I told them to start without me. All that energy that was used to heal me from the car wreck took its toll on my body. Brian joined me when we went into my room “Mike are you okay?” Brian asked “I am just tired,” I told my lover. “I wish you could explain what just happened,” Brian exasperated. There was a lot of what he wanted to know. My eyelids were getting heavy as I fell on top the bed “Babe I will tell you, but right now I really need to sleep,” I yawned Brian laughed lightly at seeing how droopy my eyes had gotten since we came into my room, “Then let’s get you into bed,” Brian helped me get ready for my nap. Brian quickly got undressed and crawled under the sheets with me. “I can use a nap myself,” Brian whispered into my ear. Brian spooned me and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.”I love you,” was the last thing I heard before I drifted off. We woke up a few hours later and got into the shower together. The warm shower did much to help restore the last bit of energy I needed. Brian kept looking at me over “Brian are you okay?” I quirked my eyebrow “Just making sure you are okay,” Brian voice was filled with concern. “I am, love you would be surprised how much a world can change. In a blink of an eye and how something as simple as singing can be a part of that changing world,” I took in the warm water as it cascaded over my worn out body. I felt Brian wrap his arms around me kissing my cheek, “I love you,” he whispered. I turned to see hesitation in my beautiful lover’s eye, “Are you okay love?” “I think you are beautiful and I want to kiss you so badly,” Brian blushed Smiling warmly, I pulled him in and our lips met. At first it was soft and gentle, but quickly became hot and heavy. As the water washed over us it intensified our make out moment. We separated and were catching our breath. Brian had a smile plaster on his face “I have been wanting to do that since I met you,” “I have been wanting to do that since I saw you appear on my TV for the first time,” I smiled back and moved back to give him another kiss. As we kissed I grabbed my body wash and applied on Brian’s smooth chest the suds made his chest look even sexier. We didn’t really have a lot of time to play so we washed each other’s chest and backs. “You have a cute butt love,” I said giving his cheek a pinch “Hey leave my cute butt alone,” Brian jumped and then giggled “That is not a nice thing to do,” Brian his hand over his bruised butt “No, but watching you play with your ass was worth it,” I winked. Brian looked down at his hands then laughed “I thought you like the show,” as he slowly and sexually squeezed his own ass cheek. I was getting hard thinking of it. The growl coming from my stomach told me that I needed food before I could do anything else. “Let’s finish up. I am sure Kevin has ordered dinner by now,” I suggested as a gurgling sound coming from Brian’s abdomen told me his stomach agreed with me. Making us both laugh as we went back to washing each other. By the time we left the bathroom my phone rang I picked it up and heard, “Mike I wanted to let you know especially since you and Brian missed lunch, I just ordered dinner and it will be here soon,” Kevin informed me “We will be there,” I replied “We” Kevin’s voice perked up I chuckled “Brian fell asleep with me,” my answer only fueled Kevin’s imagination. Pulling my ear away from the receiver as Kevin’s voice yelled, “That is wonderful!” While Brian got dress his head shot up at the sound. I chuckled again “We will be there shortly,” “Okay dinner will be here very soon,” Kevin was practically bouncing off the wall. Both hung up. I looked at the phone for some reason and started laughing in delight. “We better get to Kevin’s room before he brings this one down around us,” I laughed Brian looked at me “Your cousin is practically jumping with joy knowing we slept together,” I explained. This made Brian look astonished and then he just snorted, “Okay we better get going then,” Brian finished putting his pants back on. Brian and I made our way to Kevin’s room before we could even knock Kevin came out and scooped us both up. “I am so freaking happy for the both of you,” Kevin remarked as he pulled us into a deadly hug. I coughed, “Now I know where you get it Brian,” Brian hacked, “I didn’t know it was such a deadly grip,” Kevin quickly let go with a beet red face “Whoops, we don’t need any more trips to the hospital today,” When Brian and I could breathe normally again we started laughing. We chatted while waiting for the food to arrive. A knock at the door Kevin got up to answer and in came the other yahoos Nick, AJ and Howie. Before the door closed Rob came in with Dave, Tony and Frank. The food came a short time later after everything we all had been through. It was nice to have a quiet dinner with everyone. The sun had set long ago and I knew that I had a lot of explaining to do and they deserved to hear them after all they had been put through. I came out to the balcony taking in the cityscape. I was contemplating what to say to them and how to say it “Gaia I could use some advice,” I asked the air. “The answers you seek are right in front of you,” Gaia said appearing before me in the night sky “Well at the moment all I see is New York,” I pointed out “And while it is a sight it still offers no support for what I have to tell them,” “Yes, but when you stop looking into the night sky what else do you see?” Gaia asked with a smile “All I see are stars Gaia and while they too are a spectacle they still hold the same secrets that they’ve held for thousands of years,” I sighed “Mike I must remind you that at least two bore witness to the very miracle that music can have on this world and neither Rob Thomas nor your mentor Dave Matthews went running out of that hospital room,” Gaia gently reminded me “Gaia Dave already knows about my growing powers he has seen me use them,” I huffed “Rob I am not too sure though why he didn’t go running.” I pondered “Mike, you are afraid for nothing these wonderful people will be the support you need whether they know it or not,” Gaia replied “Gaia, every time I went out to sea despite where I was going, I still never knew what laid beyond the horizon, and right now at this moment I am looking at the horizon line and all I can see is uncertainty,” I remarked “And the last time you felt this uncertain what did you do?” Gaia smiled her motherly smile. I could see that she was sending me her support. “I prayed to both the Father, the Mother, and the Earth, and at the time it didn’t seem like any of them were answering my plea,” I countered for some reason I felt the need to argue. “Mike you had taken leap of faith and it was proven right,” Gaia spoke with wisdom I caught it I smiled back, “So you are saying I need to trust the Mother,” “The Earth will not abandon you no matter what, and for the record neither have Father God nor Mother God, nor have I we will be here for you no matter the outcome,” Gaia said then she countered “It is not just us, you need to put your Faith in, you but you to trust the Backstreet Boys and put Faith in them,” “They come to put faith in you, especially with all you have saved them from,” Gaia reminded me “Trust them,” Gaia said one last time then returned to Hope Island. “Mike?” I heard from behind me “Yes Nick?” I answered but not looking “Are you ok?” He asked “For the most part, I am just seek some help,” I replied “From who?” Nick asked, trying to see what ever it was that I saw. “From someone who both very close yet so very far away,” I replied as I looked out into the world. “Someone who we see everyday but miss every time we walk the streets,” I said as turned my attention to Nick who had a very perplexing look on his face, “I am seek help from Mother of all creation in this solar system,” I told him “Ok, all this sounds very deep but if you could come back down to Earth and answer my question,” Nick requested “As you wish Nick,” I smiled “I was seek assistance from the Earth herself,” I finished “But how?” Nick asked “The same way we ask God for assistance,” I replied “By praying?” Nick asked “That one way but just talking to them out loud can help too,” I laughed “But doesn’t that make you look crazy?” Nick smirked “Yea and you dancing on the stage in front of crazed teenage girls is the model of sanity,” I pointed out “Touche?,” Nick laughed We both went back in Dave was the only person in the room who didn’t seem concern “Guys, I it is time I explained what happened not only at the hospital but everything that happened before it,” I spoke setting the tone of tonight’s powwow. The whole room got quiet as I became the center of attention, not my favorite position but I had to press on, “have some explaining to do especially in light of everything that has happened,” Turning to Rob I said, “You are now as much a part of this and if you don’t want to hear it I understand,” Rob sat patiently and somberly said “Mike you saved my life what ever you have to say to them you can say to me,” I nodded in appreciation “I am just unsure what best way to convey it,” I confessed. “And Dave I know you heard me before but what I am about to show you might be too much even for you,” I warned my mentor “Mike, fire away,” Dave threw in his support and I smiled. “Whatever you feel comfortable with,” Brian answered as he came by my side offering his support. “Very well,” I said “Today lying in that hospital bed a miraculous thing happened, I know I showed this görükle escort to you all before,” I opened my shirt revealing the golden globe on my chest. “To fully explain that I must start from the beginning,” my voice echoed as the whole room plunged into darkness. “Wow!” They all said at once “How did you do that?” Howie asked The glow from my globe soon filled the room and out shot light illuminated the ceiling. “It is only through the darkness can we truly see the light,” I stated as the ceiling began to glow and the universe burst into view it zeroed in our tiny section. The Earth came into view. Her jewel-like image colored the night sky. “Wow!” They awed again even Brian who is just now starting to see the true scope of what it is I can do. “There have been many beginning stories and if you look close enough you will find they are as close as to truth as we humans can understand,” I said I drew on the memories from both the Earth, and Gaia as I told these stories. “Billions of years ago the world was formed over time. She became a rich and vibrate a treasure, the Heavenly Parents had asked the Mother to house their children,” I spoke as the image changed to a field with the warm sun shining over everything. “For a time there were no such things as pain, or prejudice, or any of the suffering you see in the world today,” my voice echoed The view changed from the peaceful valley to a city in flames. There were people running in terror. “Then the Dark Lord fell upon the world and brought pain, and suffering with him,” I called out. Our scene changed again to show a being with scarlet skin with horns on his head and goat like legs. I could sense their fears knowing who it was “He did all he could to destroy what was good and pure,” I told The beast before us silently laughed and made them shiver in fear. The scene changed again this time there were people crying out towards the heavens. “Neither the Father nor the Mother could no longer stand by, and allow their children suffer,” I called “While they could not physically intervene they did send help,” I told them Everything changed again and now Gaia stood in the field battling the Dark Lord’s minions. Gaia was shown coming to the aid of the Mother’s children great and small. “Gaia the Spirit of the Earth was created by the Gods,” I said “Being the Earth’s caretaker she had all the powers of Nature to back her, and Gaia used them to turn the tide and the Dark Lord lost his ability to maintain solid form,” I informed them as the image of the Dark Prince faded into spirit form. “While he could no long physically threaten the Mother or her children he still had enough influence that he was able to cause trouble at every chance he had,” I lectured “Nonetheless Gaia job was only to hold the line and keep the Dark Lord’s plans from coming true,” I told them I could hear their small talk “This is so unreal,” I heard Rob “There was one person who was supposed to give us final victory over the Dark Lord,” I said as the image changed into a desert-like scene and high above was a star signaling the Birth of Christ. I felt Brian reverence for his faith in Christ made this site only more important and his faith even stronger. I felt all of them as like most they knew this story very well it was of course told to them as it was told to me. “Our Lord came to this world to end the Dark Lord threat once and for all,” I told them “And Gaia retreated to her new home,” I said as the ceiling changed again to show Hope Island. “However things didn’t go as planned,” I said as the imaged changed again and Three Crosses hung in the hillside I couldn’t show them no more, But it was enough for them to feel sorrow and reverence at the same time after all they were all raised in the Christian Faith and this was the defining moment for them. The reason many believed in him. I too was raised in this Faith so I understood their feelings “The Dark Lord used human greed to change everything,” I told them “But like all things the Heavenly parents turned a negative into a positive with his death a new way to fight the darkness was formed,” I told them as the first slayer appeared on the battlefield. “But our Lord left humans with the powers to counteract the Dark Lord and his minions. Soon the Slayers were beginning to be born giving the Spirit of the Earth the room to breathe. She scaled back her interventions by fighting him in a different way; she added a new element to the planet Heart with this added element she could use love as a weapon against evil.” I said “She also formed her only helpers calling them Planeteers; they were given special rings each with its own element it was supposed to control,” I said as each ring came into view showing their effect and what element they controlled. The past Planeteers were shown with their rings and then using them in different incidences. “Now this is where I come in,” I told them “Gaia knew that the Planeteers would get into trouble that would be too big for them to handle,” The image changed again this time with each of the Planeteers pointing their rings to the sky. “Let our Powers Combine!” Kwame hollered The united powers combined and formed, “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” Captain Planet he soared into the air. The scene changed to show Captain Planet and Planeteers battling in one way or another. “Take the forces of Nature and the intelligence of the universe and then shape them into a human like form and you’ve got my brother,” I told them “Brother?” I heard “He was also the combination of his team as well everything the Planeteers cared about he cared about,” “While he was extremely powerful he did have his weakness,” I said There were several scenes with my brother covered in toxic waste or some sort of pollution. “What hurts the Earth, hurts Captain Planet,” I told them They all paid close attention to my story. “This went on for many centuries until a very eventful day,” I told them and this part was going to be harder on me than any for my part in what happened, this time the flaming World Trade Center of New York City. “That day was a very terrible day with everyone in the world attention drawn elsewhere a trap was set for Captain Planet and Planeteers,” I said as I showed them “I felt the death of Captain Planet while preparing to host 98 Degrees,” I told them as I showed myself with my hand in the dirt. “Unbeknownst to myself Gaia had been watching me for some time after Captain Planet’s death,” I told them “While fighting a gang that was holding a mutant hostage when I was taken captive the gang was going to turn both me and the mutant over to a bunch of Sentinels,” I told them “I still don’t remember much of what happened but when I regained consciousness I was standing in the same room with both the Sentinels and Gangs dealt with,” I told them “It was later that I found out that what remained of Captain Planet was infused into me, and from that day on Gaia has asked one thing of me,” I spoke, conveying the request of another. “What was that?” Howie asked being the first to speak “To continue the fight and to protect the Earth’s children,” I answered With that the room plunged into darkness again when light returned to normal they all began rubbing their eyes as they had to readjust to light again. Even Dave was taken back by this and Rob was shell shocked, The looks on Frank and Tony didn’t make me feel any better. “Today at the hospital while you were all sing,” I explained “Your combined efforts touched,” indicating the globe on my chest, “The last spark of Captain Planet and it was through him I was restored,” I finished The room was deadly silent; only the sound from the bustling city below could be heard. I stood there looking at my friends and I could feel their apprehension. Thinking that I must have freaked them I made my way to the door preparing to leave them forever. I felt a hand on my arm turn to see my beloved staring at me. I could see the love in his eyes “Where are you going?” Brian asked “I thought you guys were about to tell me to leave, so I was going to save you the trouble,” I said softly “Why would we do that?” Kevin asked “Because I am a freak,” I replied softly “No you are not,” Nick said, coming up to me and giving me a hug. This in turn made the rest do the same. “Thank you Mike for sharing this with us,” Brian spoke kissing my hand “We just found out that we are friends with Captain Planet,” AJ cheered breaking the tension making us smiled then my dear friend turned serious, “That was very brave of you,” AJ smiled “And we couldn’t have been more proud of you,” Nick told me “And you are not going anywhere,” Howie reaffirmed “Not if I have anything to say about it,” Brian stated he then pulled me in and kissed me. Alright there was no way I could stop it. The floodgates opened and I began to weep with joy. This was the power of faith and this was truly where I was meant to be. “Thank you,” I cried “We love you Mike,” Brian answered for everyone then he said “I love you Mike,” I turned to Rob who was still sitting there “Are you okay?” “Mike, how much of that was some kind of holographic illusion?” Rob was still dumbstruck “I wish it were but when you, Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, and Howie sang what you all saw was your music touching the last remaining spark that was Captain Planet,” I reaffirmed “We did?” Howie gasped “Yes Howie,” Dave spoke for the first time acknowledging what he saw in my hospital room. I turned back to Rob he smiled “That explains Sasha, that poor dog and those bastards,” “What do you mean?” I inquired not sure how they connect “You had some earthly reason to help those creatures,” Rob pointed out “Not entirely, but the Earth did let me know that there was danger,” I said That brought Rob up short “The accident?” he whispered “I was given a warning, of what was going to happen there was nothing that I could have been done to prevent it,” I said “How did you know?” Kevin asked “Those Pings you told me about,” Brian answered “I call them that because, the closest bursa escort bayan thing I can think of when I get them are radar blips or sonar contacts,” I told them it made some sense. “I personally think the Earth chose those sounds, because I would easily recognize them,” I said somberly. “What about Erica did you know she would?” Rob asked trying to piece everything together. “I didn’t know it was her behind the wheel no more then I knew she’d try to climb a bookshelf,” I told him “But you could have stopped her from running us down?” Rob asked “No, I couldn’t she was gone the moment she was fired, not even my powers would have prevented her from doing what she did,” I said sadly “I don’t doubt she was a lost cause, but couldn’t you have used some form of your powers to save me without you getting struck?” Rob wondered “No, the moment I got that Ping, it was already too late for me to do anything, but either watch her run you over, or to take the hit myself,” I replied “The choice was obvious and I took it,” “You knew you would survive it?” Kevin supplied “No, I still could have been killed there was no time, for me put up any kind of defense, nor could think of any at the time,” I shook my head Rob looked at me and then said “You saw it coming, you let your guard down, and were put into the hospital bed,” “That I did,” I confirmed “Why?” Rob asked Before I could even answer Dave knew it and said “Honor, Rob it was about honor,” I shook my head in agreement Frank seemed to be the only one, who knew what the meant everyone seemed to be at loss. AJ asked “What does?” “Have to do with this?” Dave finished “Yes how did taking a hit from that car serve, any other purpose other then saving Rob’s life,” AJ requested “Not that doing so wasn’t the right thing,” He added quickly “As a Sailor I follow three codes,” I said “What codes?” Howie spoke up Kevin spoke up “Honor, Courage and Commitment,” “Yes and how a Sailor needs all three to do his duty,” I acknowledged “The minute you stepped out into that street Rob, The moment Erica put the pedal to the metal,” Dave said “Mike didn’t even hesitate to do what he knew was right,” Brian finished Rob just looked at me walked up to me and pulled me into a hug “Thank you and no, I don’t think you are freak you are amazing, Gaia choice well,” “I count you as a friend Rob, and that makes what I do even more worth it,” I hugged him back “Thank you for trusting me with this know, that I will never reveal it to anyone,” Rob promised I did something that seemed like the right thing I kissed Rob on the cheek this surprised him and everyone in the room “I am sealing that promise,” I remarked This made him laugh and he said “I don’t think Brian was too impressed with that display,” I turned to see Brian standing there shocked but I could see a smile forming “Don’t worry love, we are just friends,” I reminded him “That’s not the problem,” Brian retorted “Oh what is?” I asked he walked up to Rob and kissed his other cheek this made everyone gasp “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,” Brian returned this made Rob blush as Brian move in so only Rob could hear “Mike trust you, and so do I, Rob you are always welcome company,” Rob blushed again “Thanks Brian I won’t even try to steal him,” “Oh I know you won’t,” Brian snickered. “You two know I am right here, and I can hear you both?” I asked them both they both laughed and then both kissed my cheek. “Okay enough of this I am going to bed,” We all heard AJ huff “Are we ignoring you AJ?” I asked as he moved offensively “Oh hell no, but all this touchy, feely, mushy, all this lovey dovey stuff is getting too sickeningly sweet,” AJ stuck a finger in his mouth. “Oh AJ you know you are happy for these two,” Nick snickered “Oh I am, but I am seeing a dentist in the morning,” AJ said as he left for his room “You guys, all should get some sleep you still have to be back at the studio tomorrow,” Tony recommended “And now that I am all healed you should head back to Philadelphia,” I directed my comment to Dave “Yes sadly we both can’t be away who knows what mayhem might befall the city,” Dave smirked “Why don’t I at least see you off to the airport?” I asked “I will go with you,” Brian said “Brian you should get some sleep I will be back,” I encouraged “No I want to come,” Brian insisted through his yawning “I will come too,” Rob stated tiredly Eyeing their condition and I could see the exhaustion taking it toll on them hell I was just as beat, “Guys we are just going to the airport and how am I supposed to keep the public from seeing you two sleepy heads ?” I asked “I will keep them with me,” Frank said “Let me guess you want to drop us off?” Dave gauged “Well if these two knuckleheads are determined to tag along someone got to keep a close tab on them,” Frank said turning an evil eye on both Brian and Rob this made everyone laugh. We all said our goodbyes both Dave and Rob were hugged and with a promise to return we all left for the elevator. By the time Frank had called for the SUV Dave had booked a flight we were on the road in short ordered I looked over and saw the days events had gotten to Rob and Brian they had passed out making Frank grumbled “They should have just stay at the hotel,” I laughed “It has been a very rough couple of days Frank,” I reminded him “Yes and that was why Tony wanted them to sleep,” Frank grumbled, he turned his attention back to the road. Wrapping an arm around Brian I brought him closer to me. He snuggled up against me in a low voice, “Dave, do you have time to check out that hanger we are renting?” “My flight is in four hours, but I could why?” Dave asked “I want you to check it out to make sure you are satisfied with it,” I spoke softly “I could take a swing but it will be tight,” Dave promised “Don’t worry you will make your flight with no problem,” I said knowingly. “I will check it out,” Dave promised We got to the airport Brian and Rob woke up in time to see Dave off after promising to call me when he got back to Philly we drove off. Rob’s apartment was next. I helped the sleeping singer out and we were greeted by Sasha, I patted her on the head as I took her daddy to his bed. Making sure to lock the door behind me Frank was waiting for me and we made our way back to the hotel. When we pulled up to the hotel I picked up my sleeping boyfriend when I felt a ping from the Earth. Followed by a very low growl and not one from a stray dog either the noise woke Brian and after I gave him over to his bodyguard I ordered, “Frank get Brian inside,” “What is it?” Frank demanded “Trust me, Frank, you don’t want to mess with this, get Brian inside and I will be there as soon as I can,” I said for the first time since I got to New York I went to my Fighting Pike I then picked up a scent of approaching demons. “What’s wrong!” Brian demanded “Frank get him in side,” I yelled as my Fighting Pike shot into action “Just go!” I yelled as I intercepted a sword deflecting it and swung my Pike to deflect the next sword attack. I saw both Frank and Brian still standing “I can’t fight and worry about you two get inside!” I barked. Frank finally pushed Brian inside. Now they were gone I could concentrate on the matter at hand. Ducking left then right I dodged more sword attack, I used my Fighting Pike to strike. Hitting one the stomach while smacking the other in the knee cap When I jumped into the light what I saw stepping in with me was. I found myself being flanked by two weird spike face demons and two orange head demons with strange symbols where their eyes should be. “Just my luck Kailiffs and Bringers why couldn’t it be vampires,” I grumbled. My Fighting Pike and their swords clashed with sparks and bone throbbing effects. I swung my fist around turning it into lead, sending the Bringer into his Kailiff friend sword the blade went clean through and was sticking out the Bringers back. The other Kailiff managed to graze my right arm with its sword. The fire that came from it was almost invigorating. I ignored it. The Earth had already healed it, so it was already forgotten. “You guys really have a point,” I commented as I whacked the Kailiff in the face making it howl in pain “Me I am going to be blunt,” I stated as I used my Fighting Pike to smack the last Bringer in his knife wielding hand relieving the demon of its sick looking knife just before it could fall. I grabbed its hilt and drove the ugly knife through its chin and the blade came out the top of its ugly head. It made a gurgling noise and fell to the ground. All that stood now were the Kailiffs and I then said “It has been fun but I am tired, let just blow this whole thing off,” I grabbed Fighting Pike in both hands as they charged me. I spun it until I had a small gust of wind going. They tried to fight through it but I sped up the spinning and my gust became a whirlwind which picked them up and carried them away. I yelled after them, “Don’t think this was fun because it wasn’t, happy landings,” The two demons were sent to the top of the Empire State Building at 45 mph. I didn’t even see them fall back to Earth, I was tired and just wanted to get some sleep so I turned and went inside. I went to my room only to find Brian there fast asleep I grabbed a shower I was glad this day was finally over as I crawled into bed and pulled Brian into a kiss and when he returned it I felt the love he had for me and I knew he could feel the love I had for him, I fell into a dead sleep and dreaming of a brighter future. “By the Mother’s Hand,” I spoke in my sleep. My faith in her was renewed knowing she had led me to this moment. Please remember to Donate to Nifty Please tell me what you think hoo All comments are welcome on a side note all of this takes places after the events of 9/11 just so you all have a sense of chronological order and understanding. I began writing Sol after reading Tales of a Real Dark Knight while I was still in the Navy and have been working on it for the last 13 or so years. I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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