Subject: Aj Mclean And Eminem Author: Felicia E-mail: aol Disclaimer: I do not know the sexuality of Backstreet Boys or Eminem. This story is fan fiction only! The Backstreet Boys were in the studio. They have been working on their album for months. One of the producers walked in the room. He looked at the guys. “Guys, I just found out that Eminem has to use this studio today. So you guys need to pack your stuff up”said the producer. “Man we are almost done finishing this album. I was hoping we will finished it today”said Aj. “We will finished it soon”said Brian. “Well, let’s pack our stuff up”said Kevin. The guys started to pack their stuff up. Ten Minutes Later… Finally, the guys got done packing their stuff. They walked out of the room. They saw that Eminem was walking down the hallway. Aj started hard at Eminem. Nick slapped Aj head. Aj turned around and glared at Nick. Nick smiled at Aj. “Lets go”said Nick. The guys walked pasted Eminem. Aj ankara rus escort realized he had to use the restroom really bad. “Guys, I have to use the restroom really bad. I will meet you guys at the limo”said Aj. “Alright”said the guys at the same time. The guys walked out of the studio. Aj walked into the bathroom. He saw that Eminem was using the restroom. “Hey”said Aj Eminem turned around. He saw it was Aj. “Hey”said Eminem. Eminem kept staring at Aj. Aj realized that Eminem was staring at him. “Why are you staring at me?”asked AJ. “Your sexy”said Eminem. “What?”yelled Aj. “I know that you are gay. Plus, I am gay too”said Eminem. Eminem walked towards Aj. Eminem put his mouth against Aj ear. “Don’t talk or think”whispered Eminem into Aj ear. Eminem kissed Aj’s lips. Aj started to kissed Eminem back. Eminem laid Aj onto the floor. He was on top of Aj. Eminem pulled Aj shirt off and started to kissed his chest. çankaya escort Aj tooked Eminem clothes off of him. Aj put his mouth against Eminem ear. “69” whispered Aj into Eminem ear. Eminem smiled at Aj. Eminem and Aj got into the position of a 69. Aj put Eminem dick into his mouth while Eminem started to tease Aj dick. They were both moaning. Eminem was fixing to cum into Aj mouth. Aj started to tease Eminem dick. Eminem couldn’t hold his cum anymore. Aj swallowed all of Eminem cum. Eminem felt that Aj was getting really close. Finally, Aj cum in Eminem mouth. Eminem made sure he swallowed all of Aj cum. Eminem pulled Aj dick out of his mouth. All of sudden someone was banging on the door. “Aj, come on man. We have been waiting forever”yelled Nick. “Shit, I have to go”whispered Aj. “Maybe when we see each other next time that we will do this again”whispered Eminem. “I would like us to do it again”whispered Aj smiling ankara escort at Eminem. Eminem kissed Aj lips. Aj kissed Eminem back. Eminem pulled away from Aj lips. Aj and Eminem stand up from the floor. They put their clothes back on. “Bye”whispered Aj. “Bye”said Eminem. Aj walked towards the bathroom door. He opened the door. He looked at Nick. “I am coming”said Aj. Aj walked out of the bathroom. Nick and Aj walked out of the building together. They got into the limo. Aj looked at the studio. Maybe we will see each other again thought Aj in his head. The limo drove off to the hotel. Author note: well, that was supposed to be a short story but if you guys want me to continue this story then just e-mail me your comments if I should continue this story or not. If I don’t get any responses that I should continue this story then I will just leave the ending like that. So if you want me to continue the story then just e-mail me. Thanks, Felicia P.S I have been getting e-mails about my story called ” Justin, Jc, and Lance” because all of you guys want to know when I will have the sequel out to it. Well, I just wanna tell you guys the sequel to it will come out in the end of October.Remember the sequel will be called “Is This Love”.

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