A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Fifth


Sir Henry was of little good Humour, having Ridden with some Haste to the Cathedral City of Salisbury upon Receipt of a Message brought by Urgent Rider from the Spanish Ambassador, who had Refused all save a Tumbler of Refreshing Wine before turning a fresh Horse toward Bristol where he said he was to Enquire of any Ship departing soon for Portugal.

The Reason for his Haste and the Need for Ship to Portugal he did not Explain, that Lack of Information adding some to Sir Henry”s Mood.

The Message had Expressed a Wish that Sir Henry should come alone, and though he Felt it something Strange that a Father should not have Wish to see his Son, Sir Henry had Complied and left the Delightful Carlos in Care of his Servant, James, with Instruction that the Boy be Entertained.

The Spanish Ambassador was in the Place he had Decreed, upon the Cathedral Green, with his Head bent Backwards in what could only be a most displeasing Position, as were so many Others about him, it being Demanded of all Visitors to the City that they should View the Lofty and Magnificent Spire.

“Sir Henry,” the Ambassador said, having First returned his Head to a more Normal and Comfortable Position, “I Fear Our Purpose is Discovered.”

“Is there some harm in that?” Sir Henry Enquired, “That Purpose was but to Convince the Prince it would bring about Great Harm to both England and Spain should he Openly Declare for Rome. I am Perplexed that you should Believe such a Mission could bring Harm.”

“To Spain and England none,” the Ambassador Agreed, “But much to me. My Mission from His Most Catholic Majesty was to make Assay to have the Prince make such Declaration. That I should Fail in that Purpose would bring Disfavour on me, but to be found to Conspire against it is some Danger to my Life. In Conspiring against His Wishes, I have Conspired against my King.

“Kings and Princes do not look with Favour on Subjects who do not Follow their Wishes,” Sir Henry Agreed, “Even when what they do is for the Good of the Realm.”

“Kings and Princes must never be Seen to be Misguided, however Misguided they may indeed be,” the Ambassador Confirmed. “My Letters and Discourses with the Prince have all been Spied upon, and your Part in having False reports of my Attempt to Convert Prince James is also Known of. You must Know you are no longer Welcome at the Court, Sir Henry, though you are Safe in Wiltshire. Your King Charles, though much Displeased, is also in Secret most Content that his Brother will not make Declaration for Rome. I must straight to Bristol for Ship to Portugal and from thence to the Americas, if I be not Taken on the way.”

“Your Plight is Desperate indeed,” Sir Henry Sympathised. “I will have Carlos Prepare himself and will, in Person, Escort him to you in Bristol.”

“Ah, there”s the Rub, as your ataköy escort Poet said,” the Ambassador Sighed a most deep Sigh, “I would beg leave to place upon you a far greater Imposition than that. I know not what Misfortune may Befall me, and should my Son be also with me then that Misfortune will also Fall on him. In Wiltshire is he Safe, and could it be that I may Prevail upon you to Keep him Still in Wiltshire?”

“You would have him Remain with me?” an Astounded Sir Henry Enquired. Had the Fates taken from him the Pleasures of the Court and his Service to the Crown and given him in their Place a most Desirable Boy? “But what will Carlos Think of this? Will he not have Desire to be with his Father?”

“Sir Henry,” the Ambassador made a most Abject Apology, “I Fear I must make Confession that I have Taken much Advantage of you in this. Ever was it Possible my Secret Mission would Fail and I be Obliged to Flee. A Plan I Devised to Embroil you in my Scheme, and that One that would Provide Carlos with Refuge also. Truly, Sir, he is much Taken with Matters of Botany, that at least is True, and my Leaving of him with you for this Time was but to Determine if you were to Abide his Presence.”

“And does he Know of this?” Sir Henry Demanded, “That he is to be Left Destitute in England?”

“Not Destitute Entire, there are some Monies Deposited in London that he may Draw on when he is of Age, but till then, indeed he is at your Mercy.  Of it he does Know, for Hearing of the Wonders of your Gardens and Learning of your most Noble Philanthropy to the Poor Boys of your Estates, we did Devise this Scheme together. May it be, Sir Henry, that though you have been most Cruelly Duped, you will Take the Boy to you?”

What then could that Beguiled Knight do but Accept the Die as Fate had Cast it? Might it be that, Cast again, it may Reveal that an Alluring and Desirable Boy may in time become a Seduced Boy?

“Duped I have been, and that most Cunningly,” Sir Henry Agreed, “But my Sentiments do not Permit me to take Anger at that. Your Schemes were of Noble intent, both the One for the Safety of our Realms and the One for the Safety of your Boy. That they have Cost us both it is indeed True, and your Cost far Greater than mine. You must Flee for your Life, I only be Outcast from Court and Society, but I shall have the Compensation of the Company of a Delightful Boy and the Satisfaction of Teaching him all I Know of Gardens and of Botany.”

Profusely the Ambassador thanked Sir Henry then and Presented him a Letter to be given to his Son, and so they Parted to their Respective Fates.


Carlos Rose in a languid Manner from his Bed, taking Ample Time to Admire the Slender and Smooth length of his Thigh as he did so. They were, he Thought, most Excellent Thighs and much Admired by Men when Viewed in the near Skin Tight Breeches that were his Customary Dress. Certainly, he Smiled to himself, Sir Henry had been much Taken with them when he had Viewed them so, and how greater more would he be Taken were he to set Eyes upon them now, Uncovered as they were?

And not his Thighs alone, but also merter escort that Special Part of him that also was Uncovered and now was Risen to a most Firm Hardness as it was always in the Mornings. Indeed, he thought, Sir Henry would much Admire it as now it was; often enough he made Attempt to Gaze upon where it lay Soft and Concealed within his Breeches, so how much more would he have Wish for his Eyes to Observe it as now it was, Hard and Upright and all Uncovered?

Fondly Carlos Recalled how the Boys at the lake had shown Approval when he Displayed it for them and Brought it to Seeding for them to See, and how much Better would that have been had he been at Liberty to Accept their Clear Invitation to Join them in their Sport and be brought to Seeding by another”s Hand or better yet, a Mouth?

On Impulse then, Carlos crossed to his Window in Hope to View those Boys at work in the Garden, and in Hope also that if they were such, they would be also Uncovered at least in Part, as they had been before. That he was Uncovered Entire and would be Seen as such, the Window reaching almost to the Floor, he Cared Nothing for, indeed it was his Hope that, should there be Boys working there and one Look upwards, he would be Viewed in his Entirety and he Display to them the Pride of his Hardness.

Boys indeed were there at Work, and clad again in Breeches only, and Carlos” Hardness jerked some of its own Accord as he Viewed that most Splendid Sight. That he would be soon Obliged to bring himself to Seeding was beyond Dispute, but he Harboured some Wish that he may be first Viewed and mayhap given again Request that he should do so for them to Watch and be Entertained by.

One then did Look up and viewed Carlos standing there Uncovered and most Hard, and he did draw this to the attention of the Others and all paused in their Labours to Observe him at his Window, and gave wide Smiles and Signs of Appreciation at what they saw. One stepped Forward then and untied the laces of his Breeches so they fell Unhindered to his Feet and he Displayed himself Entire, and Carlos made Quiet Moan at the Delight of what he Viewed, his Tongue, Unbidden Licking over his full Lips.

That Boy then made Gesture Unmistakable of what he Wished for, and most Clearly had no Shame that he did so, and no Shame had Carlos either and most Willingly Obliged those Boys, Stimulating himself to Seeding for their Entertainment.

Most Extravagantly did those Boys Clap and Cheer when his Seed shot from him and splattered on the Glass of the Window and Carlos felt great Contentment in his Mind that to those Boys it Mattered not that they were Poor and of the Country and he of the Court; all were Equal in that they were Boys and found Equal Pleasure in being so.


“That” un do be girt proper boy,” one said to James when they gathered at the lake, “Did stand all naked at “er”s window, `er did, so us”n could see `er, and `er did toss `iself for us to watch when us”n did ask “er to.”

“Do have a girt nice cock an” all,” another said, “Seed in my mouth any time `er do want.”

“Aye, and put I to the plough with it,” bahçeşehir escort one more grinned “”Twould fit my furrow proper I do be thinking.”

“Any plough do fit your furrow,” came a laugh, “Do need a coach and four to fill that now.”

“Don”t be hearing `ee be complaining none when `ee do take I for a ride,” the boy laughed back, “Mounts I right proper `ee do do, like a ferret in a rabbit”s burrow `ee do be.”

“Aye, youm do be a good ride, Sam, and no mistake, and none of us do be complaining that youm do so have a liking for being ridden.”

“Nor I that youm all do be so fond of ploughing,” Sam chortled, “And I do not be denying that I do like it much.”

“But to this Spanish boy,” James said, “You must all know Sir Henry do have desire for him, and he to my mind, do be having desire also for Sir Henry.”

“Why then do `ee not let the Master have `er? `Er do be having some girt liking for cock, that be plain enough.”

“I do be thinking this Spanish boy do have some other wish than just to be ploughed,” James said, “That `ee do have wish to be ploughed I doubt not, but I do be thinking that `ee do have wish to be taken for more than one ride and do be having want to be Sir Henry”s boy.”

“But youm do be that,” Sam protested, “Us”n all do know what bed it is `ee does be sleeping in, an” us all do know Sir Henry be not one to chuck a boy in the midden cos he do take a fancy for another.”

“That us”n do know,” James agreed, “But I do be a country boy and this Spanish boy is of the court, and all of us do be knowing that to the gentry, Sir Henry apart, we do be nothing, and this boy may be of that mind and do be having no understanding that here us all do be but boys.”

“I believe not so,” this from the boy who had lowered his breeches earlier for Carlos to see him, “Naked `er did be showing `iself to us”n all, and when I did be asking `er to toss for we, then `er did be doing that straight. Quality `er may be, but I do be thinking `er do be a proper boy an” no mistake.”

“Do all be agreeing with this?” James asked and was informed that was the case indeed.

“Then I do be of a mind that we do be helping this boy,” James said thoughtfully. “I do not be having much longer as boy for Sir Henry”s bed. Already I do be having some hair upon my legs and much now around my cock and our Master will be of need of something younger than I to sleep with. He will not be putting me out but will be finding I work to do about the House, and I do be most happy to serve him in any manner `ee wishes when “ee do no longer have wish to plough I, so if all are agreed this Spanish boy should take my place, then I would be having it so.”

“Us”n all do know Sir Henry be most uncommon fond of boys an” do be having a girt liking to be sucking of we an” putting us”n to the plough, an” baint not one of we do be wishing it was other than `tis. But never do `ee be making any request of any of we for sport less first us say us”n do be wanting that, an if that do be his way with country boys, “ee baint be making no asking of a fancy one.”

“That do be for the Spanish boy to sort,” James said, “But for the part of us”n, let `ee be knowing us do think much of him that he do be a boy, and let “ee see our cocks as often as us can, an” if there do be some chance for sport an” `ee do be wanting some to play, well, I do be wondering what the taste of Spanish seed may be!”


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