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Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) Jimmy sighed as the thick nine inches slid back inside him; he felt the foreskin slide back as his pussy lips closed tight around the shaft and then came the now expected tingling tickle as Jackson’s man meat made contact with the thing inside him that sent the shivers and hot chills around his body. He stared up at the glinting eyes of the man that had taught him in such a short time of the joys of his body and that of others. He felt the weight of Jackson’s body as he sank down on him, the sensation of being trapped was long gone from his mind and he was eager to feel good again. His hands stroked the grass, the cool feeling of the thin strands contrasting with the hot trembles he felt inside him. Jackson grunted as his cock slid inside the nine year old, he loved fucking boys in the open air, the smell of the grass and earth inflaming his senses as the primal need to mate coursed through him, it was just the problem that his preferred choice of mate was a young preferably prepubescent boy and the fact that someone close by may could see him fucking a boy was a further level of heightened excitement for him. Jimmy moaned at the becoming so familiar sensation of Jackson’s cock sliding inside him, since the first time with the man he had discovered he liked, in fact preferred it when Jackson fucked him; the other boys in the Institution were not as good lovers as his seducer and he felt a sense of happiness when he was with Jackson. A part of him wondered if the man in the park he had met previously would have done the same thing to him, `No, ` he decided, `Mr Jackson is special,’ and he devoted his energies to enjoying the fuck session. The cooler night breeze wafted across his naked body, the colder air making his boy teats come to taut points. Jackson seeing this leaned down and suckled each of the sensitive tips gently, nursing them with his lips and licking the surrounding area, the night air on the damp circles causing goosebumps to appear around the twin pinky points. Jimmy moaned again as a wave of delight rose within him, the large cock inside him had reached his special place; the tiny unknown boy bud that he had newly discovered gave him plenty of new sensations and pleasures; he twitched as the warm tingle mounted and mounted inside him. Jackson slid his cock back and forth, his innate knowledge telling him where Jimmy’s inner bulge was and he rubbed his cockhead against the slight swelling, watching the boy writhe and wriggle and whimper with delicious joy as he massaged the love spot. The boys pussy tightened and relaxed in quick succession as his passion rose and Jackson’s rose along with it. Panting heavily Jimmy was actually fucking himself against the steady plunging man rod that impaled him to the grass below as he sought to bring his body to the heavenly end he was so desperate for. Jackson seeing the boys wanton need thrust harder and faster, working the boys pussy and body, kissing and nipping wherever he could reach as he pummelled the sensitive boy nub. “Urggh, ohh, ahhhh, oooohhhhh,” Jimmy whelped loudly as the bright twinkling stars blazed supernova for him as the warm tingle became a volcanic heat and the rush of pure boyish delight ripped through him once again. Panting and wheezing and glorying in his new found sensual joys Jimmy sank back on the grass, Jackson following him down to continue the caressing of his inner delight. Jimmy gently grasped Jackson’s forearms in his hands as the delights continued, he gazed at the glittering eyes that stared back at him and then the tingle grew again. “OOhhhhhhHHHH,” Jimmy mewled as yet another hot wave wafted over and through him. “Ooohhhh, uuuuugggghhhhh,” he mewled again as the hotness overwhelmed him and the strange tickle was for a brief moment scratched. “Oh Mr Jackson,” Jimmy sighed and gave himself up to the probing tongue that slicked inside his gaping mouth. Jackson slowly kissed the boy, swirling his tongue inside the small mouth and rubbing his tongue tip against the boys teeth producing more and more goosebumps all over Jimmy’s body. His cock swelled and pulsed as Jimmy’s membrane squeezed and relaxed tighter and tighter around his cock. He felt the moist satiny velvetness of the boys love canal, heated now after the two dry orgasms that had brought Jimmy to that plateau where he could be fucked almost continuously as he experienced wave after wave of boyish explosions. Jackson rode the gathering storm inside the boy, thrusting hard and slowing softly when his experience told him. Jimmy writhed and moaned and wriggles and whimpered as the run of delights brought him further and further towards the tsunami that Jackson was intent on producing. The heated tingle mounted, the desire to get it finally scratched was paramount now inside both of them and Jackson used every inch of his fucking prick to bring about the perfect orgasmic storm. Jimmy could only tremble and shiver in pure ecstatic delight as Typhoon Jackson wreaked havoc within his small nine year old frame. His breathing became frantic as he sought to gain the oxygen needed to continue his sail over the seas of stormy delights and he clung to Jackson’s body, digging in his hands now across Jackson’s shoulder as he sought to pull him inside his boypussy even further than before. Jackson grunted heavily, he could sense his own release was close and he pounded the tight fuckchute that was a heated furnace of boyjoy. Wave after wave of hits shot through Jimmy as the plunging rod created a maelstrom of sensual pulses within him, the stars glittered and flamed with ever increasing radiance and then at last the world went white and than dark as Jimmy reached his ultimate climax and fainted once more as Jackson’s cock exploded inside him, the hot man seed actually cooling down the inner heat of Jimmy’s boyglove. “Fuck that was so hot,” Jackson gloated as he slowly continued to massage the inner hot point ensuring that Jimmy’s joys would continue. “Honey you are becoming one hell of a great fuck.” Jimmy glowed at the compliment. Mark checked the last room and continued on his security round. Most of the rooms were empty; a normal state for the weekend. Whistling tunelessly he headed back down to the TV lounge where Jack Carter was just finishing clearing up. Mark grinned at the lean twentyfour year old who was still naked, `Got used to that quickly enough,’ he chuckled to himself and sensing a stirring between his legs he approached the naked figure. “Oh Mark,” Jack stood up and smiled at his colleague, “I was just about to make coffee, you want a cup?” He moved to put away the small pile of magazines and comics the boys had left strewn around the başakşehir escort table but Mark stepped closer. “I was thinking of something else that is even more warming,” Mark spoke throatily and his hand caressed the fleshy tube and tight ball sac. “Huh?” Jack took a step backwards, after the day he had experienced he wasn’t expecting an approach from a colleague, although as Mark touched him thoughts of Ron’s thick cock and the way he made him feel caused a wave of itching sensations heat his blood, his cock twitched in Mark’s hands and he trembled, shivering on the spot. Mark moved closer, his own rising prick touching Jack’s tense skin; he pressed further and brought Jack’s cock close so that he could stroke both swelling tubes with his hand. “Oh fuck,” Jack sighed as his cock rose hard and fast, despite all the action he had seen and admittedly enjoyed he was surprised his cock could go again. “Hmm, took the words right out of my mouth,” Mark rubbed up against Jack’s heating, trembling body. Jack again stepped backwards, his legs were caught by the edge of the sofa and with a surprised cry he felt backwards onto the cushions, his cock stiff and pulsing up between his legs. Mark followed him, sinking to his knees so he could take Jack’s cock in his mouth. Jack shivered once again, this time it was shiver of anticipation and as Mark’s hot mouth swallowed him to the hilt, he relaxed against the sofa. `Here I go again,’ he said to himself as he opened himself up to Mark’s intentions. Mark sucked the pulsing five inches of manmeat, `I’m going to enjoy this,’ he thought as he sucked heavily on the sweet nectar that Jack was already producing. His hands caressed Jack’s heavy balls, hot and working hard to replace what had already been depleted and readying the sperm factory for overtime production. One hand stroked upwards to smooth over Jack’s taut muscled skin, reaching for the peaked nipple on his left side. Jack moaned as he felt the combined delights of his cock being sucked, his balls caressed and his nipple fingertip teased, `Fuck it no girl has ever made me feel the way these guys do,’ he told himself as he allowed Mark access everywhere. One swift movement later Jack found his legs being held up wide, followed by the extraordinary sweeping sensations as Mark’s tongue flickered across his manpussy lips and his sigh this time was of wondrous satisfaction. Mark probed deeper with his tongue, tasting the mixture of sperms that still coated the walls of Jack’s well fucked mancunt. His lips kissed upwards across the stretchy skin that separated the squidgy balls and ran all the way up the pulsing length of Jack’s five inches of throbbing mandick. Jack sighed as he felt the tongue being removed and the hands releasing his legs, he opened his eyes to see Mark now lift his leg to straddle him. Once more a welcome hand stroked his cock and wide eyed with anticipation he watched as Mark slowly lowered himself down. The hot moistness of Mark’s manpussy sent more thrills shooting along his cock, down into his balls and up his body. Mark’s slow progress of sliding down was especially delightful, Jack felt he could feel Mark’s pussy membrane closing around his shaft, the hot wetness of the sperms mixed in Mark’s pussy both cooling and heating the flames of his own passion as the controlled tightness closed even tighter around him. Mark sighed as he bottomed out, not as big as other cocks but Jack’s youthful vigour made up for that as his cock constantly pulsed and throbbed; making a vibration against Mark’s manbud that sent Mark’s hot blood coursing with renewed desire. Slowly, slowly Mark rose upwards; his pussy lips a vice around Jack’s cockridge, squeezing the plump mushroom shape, a bleed of precum seeped down the side of the exposed shaft. Jack groaned and mewled as once again his senses were assaulted with a series of sensual shocks that pulsed through him. Mark also enjoyed the pleasure that the stretching touch of Jack’s cockhead gave him at his entrance where the nerves vibrated with delight. Reaching the apex, Jack’s cock only held by his ridge Mark descended, again slowly, slowly working every millimetre of sensual sensation for them both. Wide eyed Jack gazed upwards as the sensations continued. “Up, down, repeat,” grinned Mark as he looked into Jack’s blazing eyes and repeated the action, just as slow, just as sensuous, just as horny. “Oh fuck,” Jack lost for words could only repeat the ones that expressed his feelings as Mark continued the slow ride. His mind whirled as once more the sensual delights of fucking a tight arsehole blew his inhibitions apart, he could not help compare the tight constant passion inducing pressure on his cock to the less constricting cunts of the women he had fucked. `There is something that is extra powerful happening,’ his brain told him as he grabbed Mark around the hips so he could thrust good and hard, forcibly yanking Mark down on his rod, the strength of the sensations exploding as his sensitive nerve endings rubbed across Mark’s inner bulge. Mark yelped at the forceful intrusion and then his instincts took over and his muscles gripped the pulsing shaft and squeezed, the delicious bolts of pleasure for them both radiating up from their joined groins. “Nice,” chuckled Mark who proceeded to take control again and resumed the slow action. Jack sighed and lay back to enjoy the sensory sexual trip, every now and then as his cock demanded it he repeated the forceful fierce upwards thrust, noting just how much Mark enjoyed the aggressive movement. Mark continued the slow jerking of Jack’s cock with his manpussy; he knew that with the hot action Jack had been through it was probable that Jack’s cock was in such an overworked state that a slow measured fucking action would allow Jack to fuck for longer and having cock inside his manpussy for an extended period was one of the joys of his life. Jack’s intermittent thrusting became quicker; the intervals between the heavy pushing grew shorter and shorter. Mark knew Jack was at the end of his tether and he altered his motions, his membrane vibrated faster and quicker against the pulsing tool inside him, he gasped now as his more than ready manbud went into spasm after spasm, the sensation of this special oscillation sending white spears of sensual joy spearing through Jack’s heating passion, Mark gripped the shaft and the head with his all his inner strength and relaxed, shuddering both outside and inside as Jack’s cock spewed hot and heavy, the blasts of mansperm seeding his mancunt and cooling his manbud which shook with the heavy climax. Jack his mouth open in a silent scream of ecstatic joy as he experienced the sensually extraordinary orgasm, tasted Mark’s sperm as his exploding cock showered down on Jack’s exposed body, the pearly luminescent strings dropping in heavy splats on his skin and inside his gaping mouth. “Grrrhhhhh,uuugghhh, fuuuuuucccckkkkkiiiinnngggheeeell,” yelped Jack as the grinding against his cock continued into the pain pleasure of after climax massage; Mark clung on as he continued to milk Jack’s cock, his own cock was reduced to the limp spillage of slow shrinking. He smiled down at his colleague, `It’s going to be one fuck of a night,’ he chuckled to himself. Jock groaned and clutched at Donny’s back pulling the fourteen year old youth even further inside him, they kissed fiercely, tongues duelling as Donny continued to fuck the tight manhole. Donny could feel Jock’s man rod pulse between their stomachs and despite the feeling of being trapped within Jock’s encircling arms and legs, it felt safe and secure and as ever Jock’s mancunt was sucking hard at his teenage rod, milking it superbly. Geno braced himself on his knees as Andrew one of Jock’s pals, fucked him hard from behind, at the same time he sucked and slicked the head of Grant’s cock which was throbbing inside his mouth. He looked to the side, where he could see some of the other lads working away. The heat from the burning fire in the centre of the group, flamed and sent out sparks of glittering flame. Busy inside the limo riding Grant’s cock Geno was unaware halkalı escort of their destination which turned out to be a small private wood, the fire circle, Jock had called it a campfire circle was fully alight when they arrived, around the grassy copse were placed a number of inflated and comfortable looking beds and cooler boxes were opened to show the drinks available. A barbeque meal sizzled away on the side of the fire and the men and boys tucked into the food, some of the boys drinking away at cans of lager, liking the gentle buzz as the alcohol worked its way inside them. Jock had worked his way around the group and Geno had taken his turn in fucking him, Jock manpussy was still tight around his slim pencil boydick and he had been pleasantly surprised when Jock brought him to a dry cum, `I must remember how he did that,’ Geno mused as he watched Jock’s birthday celebrations continue, each man and teenager fucking Jock. Jock had with a flourish produced a big magnum sized bottle of champagne and to Geno’s surprise Donny had knelt between Jock’s open legs and removing the wire and foil wrapping he inserted the still corked head of the bottle into Jock’s hole. Amazed he had watched as Donny fucked away at Jock’s manhole, the bottle sliding about six inches inside the pulsing lips of Jock’s mancunt. Jock gritted his teeth, grunted and strained then grinned and shouted `Scotland for ever!’ as his cock had exploded, his spunk shooting champagne like from the head of his dick and seconds later Donny removed the champagne bottle to wave it at the crowd, the cork was gone and the champagne bubbled out and down the bottle. As everyone cheered and moved forward to hold their glasses out to catch the foaming liquid, Jock got to his knees bent slightly forward and with a deep growling grunt, he thrust his torso forward and the cock popped out of his arsehole; a further joyful cheer went up and Donny handed the bottle to Jock who took a big swig, his face beaming with delight. He stood up bowed; grinning broadly he announced, “A little trick I learnt at Cavalry School,” and another round of applause followed. “Seen him do that before,” Grant caressed his hand down Geno’s body to grasp the slim cocklet, “it’s always impressive,” he drank from his fizzing glass, “and his pussy is so fucking tight when you fuck him,” he leaned down and kissed Geno on the lips, sticking his champagne tasting tongue inside Geno’s mouth, “nearly as tight as you are my fucker,” he led Geno away to an empty mattress. Around them other couplings were already taking place and Geno straddled Grant’s plump stomach and stroked the fat five inches of hard boyfucker; quickly he sank down on the hot pole and began sliding his pussy up and down the spongy hard shaft. Grant’s groans became intermingled with those of the others fucking away, the flames flickered and blazed as the party went on. Robbie screamed and held his hands out, “No, no, no please don’t fuck me with your big cock, no please,” he sobbed but the man just grinned and reached down to Robbie’s briefs, sticking a fat finger in the waistband he tugged hard. A rough tearing sound reverberated around the school locker room followed by the deep chuckle emanating from Robbie’s client. The briefs lay ripped apart on the floor and seven year old Robbie backed away naked, the man grabbed him picked him up and slung him on his back on the pile of heaped towels placed on the tiled floor. “No, no, no!” cried Robbie again, his eyes on the five and a half inches of fat mandick that drooled at him. His client lunged and with practiced ease the fat dick slid straight inside Robbie’s waiting boy pussy. Robbie’s cries slowly turned to cries of delight as the man fucked away inside him. Paddy aimed the camera between the man’s open legs where his balls were banging away at Robbie’s cheeks, he caught the wobbling arsecheeks as the man continued to fuck his `victim’, it was scene that Robbie had played several times with the man, all in different locations and the client paid well for the privilege. Paddy continued to film the scene, taking clos ups of the client’s rod plunging in and out of Robbie’s tight fuckhole. Dominic was filming the facial expressions; afterwards Paddy would edit the two streams to enhance the film. As the client would ejaculate inside Robbie, there would be no cum shot apart from the final scene where the camera would show Robbie’s pussy drooling with the pearly strings. The scene came to an end Dominic catching the client’s face when he came, Robbie acting his climax as the man failed to make him orgasm this time, but Robbie knew how to make it appear that he had orgasmed so the client was satisfied. The man dressed slowly, well satisfied with what he had paid for, he glanced at the young boy, Jake who had been offered in place of Robbie, but the offer had been refused, the client preferred the feel and sensation of Robbie’s body. Jake was still in training. “You’ll send me the original,” he held out the remainder of the fee, his trust of Paddy was clear as he could have been robbed at any time, his clothes had been hung up on one of the locker hooks, his Sportsmaster’s garb was strewn around the floor where he had thrown it during the session. “Sure,” Paddy nodded, knowing that copies of the film would be kept safe and a doctored version not showing the man’s face would be made available on the website for those who paid heavily for such fuck films. Mark Davenport escorted the man off the school, the caretaker was away enjoying the theatre tickets that Mark had offered him, especially as Mark had volunteered to stay at the school when he should have been on security detail, he had shown Mark the device and keying system so that Mark could replace him on his rounds. The school’s CCTV had been disabled, Mark would reset it once Paddy and the boys left and he would wait for the caretakers return. “All done,” Mark grinned as he returned to the locker room, he held the camera as Paddy and Dominic put Jake through his paces, admiring the cute boy. He envied Paddy the availability of `his boys’, although Robbie and Dominic had both spent more than the occasional night in his bed. Paddy, thrust his dick inside Jake’s boy pussy, holding the stance so that Mark could get the angle right, it was not a comfortable position but to ensure that watching clients bought the films it was necessary to adopt odd positions to show the `action.’ Similarly Dominic, his teen dick in Jake’s mouth also took up several uncomfortable positions for Mark to film, the earlier fuck with Jake in the car had deadened his cock nerves enough so that he could hold on longer before the need to cum became paramount. Robbie in turn sucked Jake’s boycocklet, the slim three inch crayon held between his lips as Mark captured the moment. Jake’s dry cum was caught on his face, there was no acting here, the boy blazed his delight and the expression was caught in close up on his eyes, whilst Paddy held the other camera on Robbie’s dicksucking him through his boy orgasm. The scene progressed until Paddy’s own climax, the teenager well used to such `acting’ slid his exploding cock out as he shot his bolt before plunging the spitting teendick back inside the pulsating boy pussy, the spunk already spreading from Jake’s boycunt. Dominic slid his own teen dick out of Jake’s mouth, as Paddy had done he balanced himself so that his shooting strings could be seen blasting into Jake’s mouth, the boy deftly using his tongue up against the spitting cocklips, spreading the creamy teen juice across his face. Mark could feel his cock pulse heavily as he helped film the action. “That’s a fuck wrap,” Paddy announced and he and Dominic stretched their muscles which ached from the uncomfortable positions they had `acted’ from. “Awesome fuck film,” grinned Mark, “do I get a credit on the finished version?” The four chuckled; Jake beamed not fully understanding why but he felt happy and Robbie kissed him gently on the lips. “Happy?” he smiled as he continued to stroke the slim dicklet, he could not help compare Jake with himself, he knew what Jake had been through şirinevler escort as Paddy trained him, he recalled his own first time, the pain had been brief and sharp but Paddy had worked his little nut so much he had soon forgotten the pain as he had writhed beneath his brother’s body. Dominic had been cameraman then. Paddy patted Robbie on the head, “You ready?” he nodded his head in Mark’s direction. It was time to pay Mark his dues for arranging the venue and helping out with the filming. Mark led the way to the school hall where he directed them through the side door to the stage. The teenagers and Robbie and Jake stepped onto the stage as Mark switched on the lights. “The school is putting on a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Mark explained as they looked around the set. “I’ve put a makeshift bed in the middle of the stage and Paddy is going to come and video the school’s showing so he can add in the audience to add spice to my film,” he looked across at Paddy, “I do get a cut of the profits don’t I?” “Sure,” Paddy nodded, “but I’ll have to be careful and soft focus the audience, don’t want anybody spotting where it was actually filmed,” he grinned. “Luckily the staging is well known, just need to make sure that nothing sticks out to identify it as this place,” he looked around. “There’s a couple of flats that can be turned around,” Mark moved one, “they were from an old production so the colours and background are different. Dominic swung the second one around as Mark indicated. “Costumes are over here,” Mark showed them the wheeled rack on the side of the stage. Dominic and Robbie and Jake quickly put on their respective costumes, Robbie had a small loincloth whilst Jake wore a very tight gold coloured bikini bottom and Dominic’s costume was that of a skirted soldier, the slatted skirt revealed that he was naked underneath the skirting. Mark’s costume was to be worn by the Senior playing the Pharaoh; he wore just the headpiece, a snake band with the raised cobra head, the richly embroidered cloak and leather throng sandals that were ties criss-cross to just below his knee. Mark sat carefully on the throne, it was a stool from one of the school laboratories with paper Macie attachments and was exceedingly fragile. Jake stood to one side waving one of the palm leaf fans. Paddy began shooting as Dominic entered, Robbie being pushed forward at the point of his sword. As he approached Mark, Dominic yanked the edge of the loincloth and Robbie naked sprawled in front of the throne. The action continued with Mark mouthing words at Robbie who would recoil backwards apparently frightened, all the time his boy dicklet would be in clear view. Dominic pulled across the backcloth, a grey screen which would allow Paddy to add in the arena background. Dominic carried Robbie to the bed which was placed before the screen and slid him onto the makeshift mattress. Mark followed behind with Jake in the rear. Mark removed his cloak to stand naked apart from the snake circlet and the thronged sandals and strutted before the imagined audience. Jake knelt before Mark and sucked his cock until it was pulsing stiff, Mark displayed his gleaming wet pulsing organ to the invisible crowd; grinning he advanced towards the bed. Dominic, naked held Robbie down as Mark climbed between his spread legs, Jake moving to hold open the opposite one to Dominic. Robbie was writhing and squealing as Mark moved closer, Paddy swooped in for the close up as Mark’s dripping cock speared inside Robbie’s boypussy. Dominic using his camera to capture Robbie’s supposed pain as he was penetrated. The acting as such over Mark started to fuck the seven year old, in his head he imagined actually being on stage in front of the school as he fucked the boy, it was one of his fantasies and the fact he was in reality fucking Robbie on the school stage added a frission to his enjoyment of Robbie boycunt. Robbie moaned as his little bud was stroked and rubbed by the invading manprick, his arms rose to clasp Mark closer to him; it was not their first fuck so by now they were attuned to each other’s bodies. Mark tensed his body ramrod straight, his cock similarly tautly stiff embedded in Robbie’s pussy so that the boy could work his boycunt himself against the meaty prong of Mark’s boyfucker. Robbie’s body trembled and shivered as he fucked himself against the invading fleshy pole, savouring the sensation as his boy bud was tantalised and teased, the little shoots of warming tingles increasing in strength and length the longer he rode Mark’s cock from beneath the straining body. He imagined himself in a real arena, being violated in front of the crowd of sex thirsty, blood engorged screaming throng. As the rush of heated desire began, Robbie thought he could hear the tumultuous cries of the crown demanding that he be fucked to death. Mark gasped as the tightness vibrated and pulsed around his cock as Robbie’s dry orgasm shook them both, seconds later he punched down, his whole thrusting weight pinning Robbie to the cloth and his hips began ramming his cock deep and hard against the vice like grip, Robbie screamed as yet another hot wave flooded over him and as he sank beneath the waves of boyish deliciousness he felt the hot blast of sperms batter his insides, the white liquid as brilliant in his mind as the trails of comets that orbited in front of his closed eyes. Malcolm lay in his bed, his cock was straining upwards, his senses aflame as Andy’s tongue continued to slick and lick and penetrate his boypussy, the virginal lips opening wider and wider as his passion increased. Andy flicked his tongue across the pulsing puckered wrinkle of Malcolm’s pussy, he tasted the boys’ juices, `much like Barry’s’ he told himself as he continued to fuck away at the tight boyhole with his tongue tip. Carefully he moved a finger to join his probing, the digit easily sliding inside the wet moistness. Malcolm groaned as he felt the insertion, his nerve endings twitched as yet another delightful sensation bolted up from his arsehole. “So good, soo fucking good,” he murmured as the sensation blossomed and flowered inside him, the tingling tickle spreading upwards and around, the hot itch demanding more and more of him, he thrashed on the bed, his body moving out of his control as the waves pounded over and over his system. The flickering fucking tongue at his boypussy was intractable. Andy delved again harder and faster; this time he slid two fingers inside the opening furnace, Malcolm gasped as his pussy was stretched, the sweet pain of the stretching only adding to the fervour of his churning emotions, his desire had never been so high, so hard and for the first time he sensed he was not in control. His abandonment of his reserve was fuelled as Andy, still finger fucking his pussy moved. Malcolm felt his hot breath, the kiss was hard and yet sweet and the strange tainted taste of Andy’s pussy licking lips further enraged his desperate uncontrolled desire. As he returned the kiss he felt Andy’s body move, the boy’s weight on his was comforting, sexy. The pulsing touch of Andy’s hot cock as it stroked across his pussy was enjoyable, welcome even. Malcolm’s eyes flashed open as he felt the probing begin. “No, no,” he whispered as his hand gently tugged Andy’s neck downwards. End of Part Five. To be continued…??????????????????????????? . (So will Malcolm give it up, how will Jock’s party end and what about playtime in the park? Well if you want more and want me to continue this story then write and tell me and don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing ( fty//authorslist.html V for Van T Z Boi ). Hot Date, Pecking Order and Scott’s Cool Brother are recent updates if you missed them Please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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