Subject: My Special Boy – Part 1 (Diapers) This is a work of pure fiction. This is not based on any real people or events. I dreamed this up and had to write it down. I hope everyone enjoys the story. Feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or suggestions. You can reach me at the email above or on Wickr: bluepipe4 or Telegram: @bluepipe4 Part 1 I woke up early on a humid July morning. It was already over 80 outside and it was only going to get hotter. I decided to head to the local pool. Since my town had built a newer pool with slides and water attractions the older pool closer to me has seen a lot less traffic. I live alone and for various reasons like my privacy. I planned to head to the closest pool to avoid the heavy crowds. When I arrived at the pool it had been a little under an hour since they opened and the parking lot was pretty empty. I got out of my car and could hear traffic and distant water sounds but no laughing or signs of life coming from the other side of the entrance building. I showed the attendant my community card and headed into the men’s locker room. The locker room was empty except for a medium bag sitting on a bench. I looked towards the showers and saw them all open except for one with the curtain drawn but I didn’t hear the water running. Other than the showers and toilet stalls there was no other place to change; another reason people have been favoring the new pool. This is also one reason why I prefer this pool. Although I like my privacy, I sometimes love, in equal parts to be an exhibitionist and a voyeur. This pool allows me just that. I put my backpack down on the bench and took my shirt off. Then my shoes, socks, and shorts. Standing just in my white briefs I opened my bag to take my trunks out. I have a fetish for white briefs so I like to prolong how long I’m exposed in them waiting for someone who may also be into guys in briefs to catch a glimpse; although this locker room seemed empty at the moment. Then I hear from the showers. “Dad.” A young voice called out. I waited for a second and looked behind me towards the closed shower. “Dad.” This time with a little more whine. There was no one else in the locker room. I slowly started to walk towards the shower. My heart began to race. Second reason I really like this pool, and just about every other pool. Naked to near naked boys. They were probably my favorite part of all of this. I would steal glances of them changing or being changed by a nude or semi nude adult. I loved watching them play around in the small kiddie pool. Though I’ve only ever looked and never had the chance to interact with a boy. The world sort of bottomed out as I approached the shower not sure what I would find on the other side. As my fingertips reached the plastic curtain I found my bearings when I heard the boy called out again, only this time a little higher pitched and with more concern. “Daddy! I need help I grabbed the wrong…” the boy stopped. I grabbed the curtain and slowly pulled it open as I spoke to the boy. “I don’t think your dad is in here.” I started to peer around the curtain as I opened it. I didn’t want to speak before looking over the curtain for fear he would tell me to go away. This way if he told me to leave I could at least catch a brief view of him. “I’m the only one in here right now.” I said. The boy that stood before me was maybe around 9. He had short loose curly brown hair and thick glasses which magnified his brown eyes to a cartoonish size. The size of his beautiful eyes could also be the look of pure shock he was making at me for intruding on him. His mouth made an O shape as covered his boy parts with a white pad. He was naked and adorable, and although clearly surprised by me, he didn’t ask me to leave. “Maybe I can help you.” I said and smiled asI opened the curtain all the way. The boy looked at me then lowered his eyes to my tighty whities and stared for a moment. He seemed to relax a little look back up at me. The boy bit his lower lip and raised the white pad as he spoke. My heart skipped a beat as he was about to expose his little boy bits ataköy escort to me. “I grabbed the wrong…” he paused again and looked down at his hands. I realized then that he was holding a folded diaper. “Diaper?” I finished for him. “Yeah” he said as he looked away and blushed. “I need the water one. His voice had a little lisp or slowness in it. I wondered why a boy this old would need a water diaper or any diaper. But I started to put some pieces together and assumed he might be a little differently abled. My heart melted. “Where are your diapers? I can get you the right one.” I offered. The boys face lit up and he raised his hands completely showing my his little privates. He was absolutely gorgeous. He had tan lines that started mid thigh. He was creamy white and hairless above that until his faint tan returned on his neck and face and below his shoulders. He was circumcised and soft with a tight ball sack. His cock wasn’t any longer than an inch. My mouth began to water. My eyes must have been saucers as I stared at his tiny boyhood. “Thanks mister!” The boy said, not paying attention to my gaze. “There’s a bag on the bench. This one’s not a pull up so I can’t put it on myself.” Everything this boy said endeared me to him even more. I turned around and saw the bag that had been left on the bench when I arrived. I walked to it and noticed that it was diaper bag with all the pockets and sturdy design. I started to rummage through the bag I found another folded diaper and some ointment, powder, wipes, and a big bottle of baby oil, but no pull-up diaper or one that seemed water resistant. “I don’t think there’s a water diaper here buddy.” I looked back toward the shower. “Are you sure there’s one here? Does you dad have it out by the pool?” The boy emerged from the shower not covering himself with the diaper. He looked defeated. “No. Daddy let me pack the bag this morning. I must have forgot. Now I can’t go swimming.” He sounded on the verge of tears. “Hey buddy. It’s ok. Don’t cry.” I reached out my hand to him and spoke in a comforting voice. “come here. Tell you what. We’ll put a regular diaper on you and you can wear my swim trunks in the pool over it and no one will know. How does that sound?” He sniffled. “really?” He walked closer to me his eyes still giant, beautifully magnified by his thick glasses. My eyes were glued to his softie as he bounced towards me. “Yeah. Come here. Lay down on the bench and I’ll put this guy on you and we’ll head out there.” I said as I reached for the diaper he was holding. I straddled the bench and sat down feeling the coolness on my thighs and on my taint and balls through the cotton of my briefs. I was starting to get a little hard while ogling this boy, I hoped he wouldn’t notice, though he seemed very open about being nude despite his initial shock when I opened the shower. He slid the diaper bag down and straddled the bench facing me. He was fully nude and on display for me. I was quickly getting more erect by the second. I probably wasn’t thinking the most clearly, but I figured if anyone walked in, I had a good reason for this, I was diapering him. I unfolded the diaper as he laid back and lifted his legs so his knees almost touched his shoulders. My eyes got wide and my breathing intensified as he gave me a full view of his soft pink starfish. This boy wasn’t shy at all, was he? I looked for a long second forgetting what I was doing. I swallowed dryly. I returned to spreading out the diaper under the boy and I leaned in closely to his rosebud and little sack and inhaled deeply. I was now fully hard inside my undies. While positioning the diaper I noticed a tear in the back end, a little hole. I poked my finger through from under the diaper. “Hey buddy. There’s a hole in this diaper maybe we should use the other one.” “No. It’s ok. It’s supposed to be there. I made it.” The boy said casually. “What for?” I asked. “For when someone wants to put their peepee inside.” He said nonchalant. I stopped breathing for a second. Did he say what I think he said? In case merter escort someone wants to put their peepee in what, I thought. My mind started to race. No. I told myself. There has to be an innocent explanation for this. I swallowed slowly and dryly again. “In w-what?” I slowly asked. “In my butt, silly.” The world bottomed out again. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. This boy has prepared a diaper for when someone wants to fuck him through it. My brain stopped working and I was now thinking with only my raging hard on which was leaking precum at the prospect of being inside this little tyke. I took a deep breath and looked around to see if we were still alone. I tried to work up the nerve to ask this boy for what he was clearly offering to me, or to someone. I started to put the diaper on him. “Um.” That was all I could say as I tried to figure out how to ask. I taped the diaper on both sides and patted his crotch a couple times. I let my hand rest over his dick and balls a second before sliding down to his butt and I put my middle finger over the rip. I paused and we stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. I broke the silence as I started to probe the diaper with my finger. “So, can I…” trailed off as my finger his little bud. He breathed in sharply through his mouth, never breaking eye contact. “Uh huh.” Was all he said between breathes. That was all I needed I stopped thinking about anything that wasn’t going to put me inside this boy. I slide toward him snuggling my hard dick against his diapered balls and taint. I leaned over him and reached into the diaper bag looking for the bottle of baby oil I saw earlier. I looked down into his eyes and as he looked back at me and I swear I saw pure wanton desire in them. I leaned down and softly kissed his lips. I broke the kiss when my hand found the bottle. I sat back up and asked him to hold the bottle. I pulled apart the y-front of my briefs and let my 6 inch aching cock out keeping my balls tucked in. I looked up and reached for the bottle of oil only to see the boy pouring a massive amount into his hand. He handed me the bottle and reached his hand to the bottom of his diaper and stuck two fingers in the hole smearing the oil all over the diaper while pushing some inside himself. I poured some oil on my dick and rubbed it around careful not to get too worked up before being inside this young boy. The boy removed his hand and I looked down to see a shiny slick diaper with a hole made for my cock. I looked at the boy and in a brief moment of near lucidity I asked “you sure?” The boy nodded and said yeah. I put one hand in the boys shoulder and the other on my cock as I lined it up. My dick head disappeared into the diaper and it brushed his slippery hole. I pressed a little and his tiny bottom opened up easily for me and my head plopped in. I gasped. I was actually inside a little boy. My deepest darkest fantasy brought to life in less than a few minutes after arriving here. Part of me wondered about how this could be happening but the other part of my didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth and just enjoy the ride. “Oh… man.” I was about to say shit but I wasn’t sure if I should swear in front of him. I was worried about swearing in front of a boy I was in the process of violating. I started to slid into him further. The boy gasped and then moaned. I easily made it the rest of the way in. I pressed firmly against his diaper padding making it crinkle. My dick pulsed inside him, both of us lightly panting. “Have you done this before?” I asked as I started to slide out. My butt easily slid on the bench. I didn’t quite pull all the way out before I gently slid my cock back in and moved forward on the bench. “Yeah. All the time. I like when guys do this to me.” He squinted and grunted as I again pushed in him as far as I could go. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This little boy gets rear ended all the time. No wonder this was so easy. Both getting into the position and then getting into him. I pulled out a little quicker and rammed back in bahçeşehir escort a little quicker. He grunted again. “Your so warm.” I slid out and back in. We both grunted as he swallowed me to the hilt again. “And silky…” Grunting. “Smooth.” I picked up the pace and was fucking him with a good rythem. The locker room was filled with grunts and the crinkle of diaper fucking. Then I heard a noise. I froze balls deep in the boy. I realized I was in the middle of a public locker room and anyone could see us at any moment. Then the noise got louder. It was a conversation. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. A couple seconds later a group of old men walk into the locker room from outside the pool. They were already wearing their speedos and carrying their towels. They wouldn’t be staying long in the locker room I hoped. As they walk by, I made eye contact with a couple of them. I smiled as I tried not to look like I’m buried to the hilt inside a hairless diapered boy slut. One of them looks back and forth skeptically between the boy and me and for a second I think maybe I’m not wearing underwear like I thought. That would make this a little hard to explain. But as of now we just looked barely, but non the less, dressed. My dick pulsed inside the boy never getting any softer. The men left to go to the pool area and I resumed slowly fucking the boy. I was close to cumming from having been almost caught and asI slam into the boy again I heard a voice from behind me coming from the pool area entrance. “Everything ok? I heard some groaning. I’m the lifeguard.” I looked behind me. Again interrupted while completely buried inside this boy with no way of pulling out discreetly. “Oh yeah, we’re fine just getting him ready for the pool.” The lifeguard was young and handsome. He was wearing a red tank top and red short shorts and carrying a lifeguard floatation device. He walked around to the side of us to get a good view of how close I am to this boy, though we both appear clothed. My dick pulsed again inside the boy. “Can I help at all? Is he ok?” He looked at the boy laying on his back who had a scrunched up look on his face. “Yeah. He’s fine just doing a changing.” I patted the diaper a few times as I said this. I hit the boys hard cocklet and realized that his face was like that because he was holding back an orgasm. He started to groan loudly and arched his back. His butt started to slide off my dick and I was afraid the lifeguard would see so I pressed firmly down on the boys spasming diapered dick sliding him back to the base of my cock. The boy responded by curling the other way. He drew his legs in close to his chest and closed his thighs around my hand as he lifted his head slightly, still moaning. He clamped down on my dick with his chute and started vibrating, this combined with the last little slide into him and it was too much for me. I tensed up and tried not to move or show it on my face. It felt like my dick was getting bigger inside this little cumming boy until it was released and I shot a huge hot stream of cum inside this boy I didn’t even know, while a lifeguard looked on obliviously. “Yeah” I said as I panted then froze as another jet of cum pumped out of me into the quaking boy. “We’re fine. he’s…” I paused again and my dick kicked and another shot of cum came out. “He’s embarrassed.” Another kick and fire of hot cum. “about people seeing him being changed.” I looked at the lifeguard as I shot a few more times into the boy. The boy’s shivering and groaning subsided. The lifeguard didn’t seem like he was buying it but, during the scene, he moved his flotation device to cover his crotch so I hoped he wasn’t going to question it further or tell anyone. “Ok. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” He slowly turned around to walk back out to the pool. My dick was no longer spasming. The lifeguard turned the corner. I quickly pulled out of the boy and tucked my slowly softening dick back in my briefs. The lifeguard came back around the corner and started to say something as the boy sat up. I turned around and acted casual. The lifeguard looked down at my dick and didn’t look away or say anything. I looked down at myself. Not only was it creating a large upward curve inside my briefs but my briefs were also soaked from the excess baby oil. I looked back towards the lifeguard and smiled. “I guess maybe I need a diaper too.”

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