Subject: BALDWIN REDUX 3 BALDWIN REDUX 3 by Jon Royale August 2020 The following work of fiction contains graphic depictions of sexual relations between consenting individuals. You must be of legal age in your area in order to indulge. The author neither condones or condemns the actions of his characters, but suggests the reader use educated judgment before considering like behavior. Days passed and brother Brian remained a fixture on the Baldwin estate. Miles had reluctantly allowed him and his son to occupy the pool house with the understanding he’d be gone in short time. But on the day of his eviction Brian came up with some lame story about his job in Virginia falling through. Miles knew it was all a crock. Brian was a n’er-do-well shyster who could spin a yarn and believe his own lies. There had never been a job, far as Miles was concerned. They’d had words, loud words. Brian pleaded for “just a little more time.” Truth of the matter was that Brian hadn’t been much of a problem during his stay. He shared nightly dinner with the rest of the family but pretty much kept to himself in the pool house the rest of the time. And, much to Miles’ dismay, he’d made an impression on all four of Miles’ sons, especially fourteen-going-on-fifteen-year-old Devyn. The youngest Baldwin was a constant source of worry for his father. Until the past year he’d believed the cute teen with long blond bangs to be an unassuming angelic child. In truth, he was anything but. He’d duped Miles into believing he was the victim of former handyman Lombardo and taken part in an elaborate scheme to rid the house of his “tormentor.” It wasn’t until later that Miles learned his son was hardly the innocent and, instead, quite perverted. For starters, he was sexually dominating many of the older, more mature men in town, including Miles’ friend Redmond McCabe. The final straw came when young Devyn drugged Miles—his own father—and engaged in a bit of depraved sexual experimentation with him. Then left him there, secured to the bedposts, to be discovered hours later by Eduardo, the housekeeper’s son. The husky thirtyish Brazilian might not have been fluent in the English language but he certainly knew what to do about the muscular blond lord of the manor shamefully nude and covered in dried cum. Miles sought out professional help for the boy. Although Devyn had been seeing the therapist for several months Miles was uncertain if he was making any real progress. That is, until Brian came along. Uncle and nephew seemed to strike up some kind of camaraderie. It was as if they instantly bonded. Miles saw more of the decent, good teen that he’d heretofore always believed Devyn to be. There were no more after school liaisons or late night escapades. Instead Devyn attended to his homework, then spent the rest of his time in the company of Uncle Brian, both of them engrossed in the end of season baseball playoffs. Miles was impressed; Devyn had never shown much interest in major league ball before. As wary as he was of his brother Miles could see the positive influence Brian appeared to have over the boy. It was one of the reasons he ultimately allowed Brian to extend his stay. The other reason, much more selfish, had to do with Brian’s son. Royce was a surly, rebellious youth with a cocky attitude and smart mouth. He’d only recently come into his father’s life when his mother succumbed to cancer. Brian knew very little about the eighteen year old. But Miles learned a whole lot in a short time. Royce had been on the estate for less than half an hour before he was giving himself to so-called handyman Jedediah and his visiting ex-con friend Huck. The hunky hillbilly told Miles all about it that evening, detail for detail, as he leisurely fucked Miles up in the master bedroom. Ever since wife Delia’s desertion Jedediah had been sharing Miles’ bed at nights, even though he had a room of his own on the same floor. Most nights, that is. If teenaged Ryan had a particularly annoying itch up his ass Jed was soothing it with his nine-inch dick throughout the night. Miles couldn’t help but be attracted to his newfound nephew. Although brooding and unfriendly, young Royce was a good looking teen. Rather than blond haired and blue eyed like the Baldwin clan the boy had dark hair, shorn close to his scalp, and wide expressive brown eyes framed by long curling lashes. His face was smooth and unblemished with prominent cheekbones, his lips thin but deeply pink and glossy. Tall and trim, he appeared to be sporting a lithe, agile body under his oversized clothing. In total the multi-pierced, attractive youth looked as if he’d stepped right out of an Abercrombie ad. “That kid takes dick as if’n he was born for it,” Jed announced from his usual spot, his hunky body casually resting back in the chair across from Miles’ desk, one leg stretched out before him, the other thrown over an arm rest. The stud was in his usual attire, an old yellowed tank top clinging to his torso and jeans so tattered and threadbare they left nothing to the imagination. His big feet were bare, the sight of naked flesh enough to cause a stir in Miles’ groin. “Good thing we moved him on up to the house,” Jed went on. “His daddy mighta gotten suspicious with him sneakin’ out at nights to get him some of this.” With that Jed slapped a big hand down on his hog, its outline clearly visible in those ragged jeans, and gave it a squeeze. Miles’ lower lip quivered. The hillbilly ex-con had a piece of meat unrivaled by many. With his good-ole’-boy charm, brawny physique and tireless libido he’d quickly made Miles forget about his crafty predecessor, that scoundrel Lombardo. It was Jed who suggested giving Royce the downstairs room recently vacated by visiting friend, and fellow ex-con, Huck. “You took a risk with that boy,” Miles reminded him. “We knew absolutely nothing about him or his relationship with his father when you molested him that first day.” Jed clucked his tongue. “Shoot, didn’t you see the way that kid was eyein’ me up almost from the minute he walked in the front door? No risk a’tall. He was hot for cock and me and ole’ Huck give it to him. Give it to him good.” “He seems to be something of a bad seed, always sulking. None of my boys care for him. Is he that sullen when he’s with you?” Miles asked interestedly. Jed whistled. “That young’n got hisself a whole lotta attitude and a mouth on him to boot. Never heard a young’n cuss that much. I jus’ slap him around a bit. Remind him who’s the man. Thing is, more rough I get wit’ him the more he likes it. And the better he fucks. Fuck, I’m gettin’ boned up jes thinkin’ ’bout it.” He ran a work worn hand down the outline of his hog which had indeed lengthened during the telling. Miles unconsciously licked his lips and tugged at his collar. Suddenly the temperature seemed to have risen in the upstairs office. Jed grinned, aware of Miles’ discomfort. “When you gonna take him for a ride?” Jed asked, a mischievous look on his handsome features. “You know you want to. You want you a piece of your smart mouthed nephew.” “I-I couldn’t,” Miles stammered, although he knew Jed was right. “Sure you could. For all the fuckin’ he’s took he still got ‘im a nice tight hole. Pretty decent boy dick on ‘im, too. Sucks like a vacuum and takes it up the ass like a whore. You jus’ gotta tame ‘im a li’l bit, tha’s all.” Miles shifted uncomfortably in his chair, fully aware that his rod had sprouted to full mast under his slacks. Avoiding the subject at hand he told him, “I allowed them to stay a few extra days but by Saturday they have to be gone.” “What fer?” Jed’s brow furrowed. “What for?” Miles repeated, rolling his blue eyes. “Saturday night is party night. Brian can’t find out what goes on here.” For months the Baldwin estate had become the site of an all-out, no holds barred all-male orgy. Advertised as a “private party” it drew men of all ages from near and far, attendance growing by leaps and bounds each week. The idea had actually been sixteen-year-old Lucas’, the once shy and reclusive boy and apple of his absent mother’s eye, as a means of income for the family. Delia Coolidge Baldwin had left Miles high and dry when she took a powder with her lesbian lover, leaving him with nothing but the mansion. The upkeep of the grand place combined with college tuitions, both current and future, amounted to a stellar figure. Income from the entry fee to the “party” proved beneficial in off-setting those costs. In the time they’d been hosting these events Miles had amassed a nice amount of cash allowing them to keep their home and save for the boys’ college tuition. Brian’s presence on the estate presented quite the problem. “Now don’t go gettin’ all squirrely over this here thing,” Jed drawled. “It ain’t exactly like your little brother hangs out in the house after dark. From what I’ve seen he keeps to hisself down to the pool house drinkin’ your beers and watchin’ all them sports programs.” Miles leaned forward. “Do you remember how many we had here last week? The house couldn’t contain them. They were all over the back deck, around the pool and, yes, even in the pool house.” Jed waved him off. “It was warm last weekend. There’s a chill to the air now. Ain’t nobody gonna want to get nekkid outside.” Miles had to admit the man was right. Last weekend had been unseasonably warm. The temperature had dropped considerably since then. “It’s too big a chance to take,” Miles insisted. “They have to go.” Jed clucked his tongue again, a sheepish look taking over his handsome features. “Well now, ya see, the boy, he was kinda lookin’ forward to it.” “What boy? Royce?” Miles was suddenly on alert. “You told him about the parties?” “Think about it, Miles. That kid’s the kind of entertainment the crowd’s gonna eat up. Nice lookin’ with an attitude an’ two holes that just don’t quit. An’ he’d be fresh meat, somethin’ different from what the regulars are used to. He’s all up fer it. And like they say, it’s money in the bank.” Royce would certainly give his sons some stiff competition, that much was for sure. But, as usual, Miles was wary. “But then there’s Brian. What about Brian?” “Jest tell your baby brother you’re havin’ a few business types over an’ he should keep hisself down to the pool house,” Jed suggested. “Like I said, it ain’t like he don’t do that all the time anyways.” Miles thought it all over. It was still risky, but the mere thought of his desirable nephew entertaining the masses was enough to make the idea alluring. Brian could be contained. He just hoped his brother’s curiosity didn’t get the better of him. “All right,” he finally announced. “We can make this work.” Jed slapped a thigh and grinned from ear to ear, revealing that somehow-sexy chipped tooth that made Miles’ heart melt with desire. “Now yer talkin’, good buddy.” Deftly he rose from his spot, unzipped his jeans and hauled out his big, juicy cock. “Now get that fine muscle ass up over that desk top. All this talk about screwin’ has got me horny as a goat.” Miles had to admit to himself that he’d been hard as steel throughout the conversation. Standing, he dropped his pants, cleared the desk with a sweep of his arm and dropped across it, cocking one leg up top. Jed came up behind, grabbed him by the hips and quickly sunk his nine inch wonder into Miles’ hungry hole. As he pistoned his cock in and out he dropped down upon the blond man to suck an ear lobe between his lips and whispered hotly into the groaning man’s ear, “This is gonna be one fuckin’ party to remember.” Across town, fourteen year old Devyn Baldwin was in the office of his therapist. It was his father who’d insisted he have some counseling and, pretending to be the sweet young son the family thought him to be, Devyn consented. In fact, Devyn was anything but sweet and innocent. For years, since before he was thirteen, he’d been shimmying down the trellis from his bedroom window at the midnight hour for assignations with any number of horny daddies in town. Devyn was always the aggressor, a foul-mouthed rough and brutal bit of forbidden fruit who drove grown men wild with ecstasy. None seemed to care what sexual experimentation he performed on them. They accepted anything offered up by the cute teen with long wispy blond bangs and sky blue eyes. From ages thirty to a near coronary-inducing eighty they let him have their way with him, ultimately manipulating them into a memorable orgasm. Perhaps it hadn’t been such a keen idea to drug his own father, secure him to his bed and demonstrate the remote controlled vibrator he’d recently secured. Of course, it was no fun running the thing at a low wattage; he’d had to run it directly from low to super maximum with the quick flick of a finger. As Miles went into spasms, his body practically rising off the mattress, eyes bugged out and hair on ends Devyn laughed hysterically as he sat there between the juncture of his father’s wide spread thighs and jerked his seven inch boy cock. In a disappointing short space of time Miles shot a daddy load and Devyn anointed the man’s fatigued body with his own boy batter. The kicker had been in leaving Miles there like that, all trussed up and coated with father and son cum, knowing full well Eduardo would be up shortly to make the beds. His only regret was in not leaving the vibrator in Miles’ hole, mercifully switched to low. Miles certainly had no right to balk at the violation. Snooping Devyn had seen his father slipping into both Lucas and Ryan’s rooms. He surely was not there to help with their homework. And it wasn’t a shortage of beds that had him bunking with Jedediah nearly every night. Daddy Dearest certainly couldn’t denounce young Devyn’s actions after all of his fucking around. After all, who else’s father opened up his home to a free-for-all orgy every weekend? And took cash for it! Not that Dev was at all unhappy about it. On Saturday nights he didn’t have to leave the house to get his teen rocks off. After being “kidnapped” and worked over by backwoods hillbilly Jedediah and his motley crew Devyn had to give the man some props. Sure, they’d brutally taken his cherry that night at the behest of villainous Lombardo, but in actuality had done him a favor. His tight young asshole became a great bargaining point with some otherwise reluctant admirers, who were suddenly willing to allow him to do unmentionable things to them in return for sinking their dicks into his newly broken-in boy pussy. Getting fucked had become a pleasurable thing for him, especially when he verbally abused and degraded the men, cajoling them into really tearing him up. Devyn liked all things rough. Although he’d tried to disguise his features with a mask that night Devyn recognized Jed the moment he arrived on the Baldwin estate. They came to an agreement early on: neither would get in the other’s way. Towards the end of Lombardo’s reign of terror he’d tried to wield a heavy hand over Devyn, interrupting his nocturnal activities. Devyn was relieved to discover Jed to be nothing like Lombardo. He was actually unassuming, quite carefree and pleasantly easy going. The new handyman posed no problem for the boy. It was Miles who was not to be so easily dismissed after his traumatic encounter with his youngest son. Hence, the therapy sessions. The psychologist was a middle-aged man, probably in his early forties. The nameplate on his office door read “Benjamin Katz.” Pictures of a wife and two daughters were placed prominently on his long mahogany desk. He wasn’t a bad looking sort, not at all the dork Devyn expected. Dr. Katz had a somewhat long and thin attractive face sporting the classic brown eyes, high forehead and large curved Jewish nose. His hair was thick, dark and curly, showing a touch of grey at the temples. Always dressed casually, he wore a pressed shirt with the top button undone and sleeves folded up one turn to display hairy wrists. His slacks were always nicely pleated and his feet were fitted into comfortable, somewhat worn loafers. Miles was a dope, Devyn thought, to put him in the care of such a man. The first few sessions were unmemorable but as Devyn grew more comfortable with Dr. Benjamin he began to talk. Over a period of several weeks the doctor learned that the boy had been often neglected by his parents in favor of the others. Miles apparently gravitated to his older jock sons while Delia doted on shy Lucas, leaving Devyn to fend for himself. The teen was reluctant at first to discuss his sexual activities but, on prodding from the psychologist, he gave a somewhat watered-down version of his first conquest. When the doctor suggested he might be looking for the affection lacking from his parents in other adult men Devyn began more freely sharing his exploits. Shedding off any allusion of innocence Devyn gave detailed accounts of his exploits using the most vulgar of language. Words like “fuck” and “cocksuckers” so freely rolling from the cute boy’s pink lips had an obvious effect on the doctor. Shifting uncomfortably in his chair he listened attentively as Devyn recounted the time he’d instigated an assignation between Redmond McCabe and his young son. As Devyn told of directing the older man to eat both his and Terrence’s assholes before they both fucked the redhead Katz tugged at his shirt collar, undid another button and began to profusely sweat. His reaction was not lost on Devyn, who rose from his seat and casually sauntered over to the doctor while continuing to relate his tale. Standing directly at the flustered man’s side he told of young Terrence dry orgasming in his father’s hairy hole and how he, Devyn, shot a load up the man’s ass. When Devyn reached out to cup the doctor’s groin, smiling with satisfaction when he felt the turgid organ, Katz’ prominent bottom lip quivered and he whimpered like a schoolgirl. Dev had unzipped, released his rigid hardon and thrust his groin out to the nervous doctor. After a moment’s hesitation Katz let out a cry of defeat and engulfed the offering in his wet mouth. When he’d gotten it good and slick Devyn ordered the doctor up and bent over the desk. He yanked the man’s carefully pressed trousers down around his ankles and proceeded to nail his ass. The doctor was tight as a drum, obviously never breached before, and Devyn came in short order spewing copious amounts of teen cum deep inside. From that point on their sessions became even more interesting. Devyn would relate another of his tales meant to get the doctor horned up and then they’d fuck. Katz quickly became an accomplished cocksucker as well as an eager bottom. Devyn snickered each time the man turned the framed photos of his family face down on the desk whenever they indulged in their hedonistic activities. He fucked him with fervor, ignoring the man’s sometimes pleas of respite. Devyn’s pelvis bone slammed against the medical man time and again, turning his ass to pussy and filling his tank with youthful Baldwin seed. Sometimes Katz begged, actually begged, for Devyn to shoot in his mouth. And Devyn complied. The doctor scarfed up his load as if it was a lifesaving nectar. Devyn reveled in the satisfaction that he’d successfully turned the man. On this, the day before the next Baldwin shindig Devyn was in the doctor’s chair, legs up and spread wide over the arm rests while Dr. Katz ate out his asshole and serviced his teen cock. As usual, he was demeaning the man with his vulgar verbal assaults and enticing him to further sexual greatness. In truth, Devyn had come to like Dr. Katz. Sure, the adult was a tool. They all were. But there was something about Katz that made the teen look forward to their weekly sessions. Along with the sex he also enjoyed the preceding banter. Katz seemed to have some useful insight into Devyn’s psyche and, rather than ignore it, the boy had become interested. Of course he scoffed each time Dr. Benjamin tried to convince him that sex could be pleasurable without degradation. Far as he was concerned the doc ought to practice what he preached. Not two weeks ago at a party Katz was getting double fucked by two of Trey’s college jock buddies while he was forcibly face fucked by some older dude with a big black jaw buster. Devyn even shared his plans for Uncle Brian with the therapist. Each week he told the doctor how he’d gained further ground in gaining the confidence of his father’s brother. Dr. Benjamin made a feeble effort at cautioning Devyn against taking action, but the rise in his trousers spoke otherwise. In the end he gave Devyn the supplies required to make his plan work and Dev repayed him by sucking his adult cock. It was a nicely sized cock, thick and firm with a nice downward curve that fit right into the throat. Dev actually enjoyed sucking his doc’s cock. So much so that he eagerly scarfed down the man’s healthy load when it finally erupted. Being the sadist in training he was, Devyn certainly couldn’t leave it at that. For weeks he’d been curiously admiring the obsidian statue resting on one of the doctor’s shelves. Katz claimed to have purchased it on a Mexican trip, that it was some sort of symbol for good luck. To Devyn it looked entirely phallic, a long gleaming black stone column with a sort of flare at top. Devyn ate out the doc’s ass for a while, making it slick with spit while at the same time driving Katz delirious. Certain the hole was ready he took the sculpture and deftly shoved it up the doctor’s rectum. Katz howled. Devyn racked with insane laughter. His eyes sparkling with glee he shoved the thing in and out of the doctor’s asshole with such force that the man begged for relief. But Devyn didn’t stop until Katz spouted a load like an uncapped oil strike, then left him there in the office with the black object protruding from his abused man hole. Next patient, please. Leaving the office Devyn dialed up a car and waited for his ride. It didn’t take long. As the driver pulled curbside he was stricken by the image of the cute, wholesome-looking teen. Devyn smirked. They all thought the same, which made it so very easy for him to snare them on his line. From the name of the driver displayed on his cell and the look of him he was definitely Middle Eastern. Thirty-five, six or seven. Dark skinned. Not bad looking. Nice wide smile. Accent. Wedding ring! Oh, fuck yes, wedding ring!! As he relaxed back in the seat, legs widespread and crotch thrust out, Devyn caught the interested eye of the driver. He had the distinct feeling the car would istanbul travesti be making a detour before depositing him safely home. Saturday came quickly, bringing with it a chill air and persistent thunderstorms. Trey Baldwin arrived home at just about five in the afternoon accompanied by four fellow college jocks. Three were regulars at the weekly festivities, the other a newbie. Miles greeted the handsome young men, two of whom he’d fucked and another whose ass he’d been coveting for a while. And then there was the new addition. This one was a strapping ginger with a spattering of freckles across his creamy cheeks and an entirely wholesome appearance. Miles instantly resolved to have the young man before the night was over. While he would prefer to fuck what appeared to be a nice tight end, if the redhead was a total top he’d just as gladly accommodate him with some daddy pussy. Ryan showed up shortly after with a carload of high school buddies, an equally desirable bunch. Most all of them were natural born athletes, with the bodies and looks to support their charm. It had long ago been decided that the rather large fee for attendance would be waived for the under twenty-five crowd. After all, they were the entertainment. These boys were all hot, horny and sexually frustrated. Tired of being left with a bad case of blue balls and resorting to whacking their meat because their girl wouldn’t put out they came to the Baldwin place for the alternative. Most didn’t consider it queer. Hell, it was almost like a heated wrestling match, a rough and tumble football scrimmage, slam ball or some other contact sport—with sex thrown in. Young and loaded with testosterone they could go for hours, their randy dicks ever-hard and their hefty balls spouting an unending supply of cum. They all assisted in readying the place for the anticipated guests. The weather made a large attendance questionable but at least, Miles thought, that would keep everyone inside. There should be no worries about a frisky guest taking his act out onto the back deck or down by the heated pool where Brian might see them. Miles was still nervous about his brother’s presence on the estate during this time, despite Jedediah’s reassurances. He would like to have locked Brian inside the pool house. But that would have been way too obvious. With a little luck Brian would be so engrossed in the baseball playoffs that he’d never be aware of the business being conducted in the main house. The caterers arrived at seven with trays of aromatic delicacies. Eduardo lorded over the setup, making certain everything was in order for the coming deluge. By nine the first of the guests had arrived and within the hour the party was in full swing. Liquor flowed, food was consumed and conversation was enjoyed by all. As predicted, the turn-out wasn’t as large as last week’s spectacular event but there was still a good amount of horndogs in attendance. Miles figured they’d easily take in $10,000. By eleven the clothes were coming off and the fucking begun. Lucas, who’d been absent until then, made the appearance they’d planned, coming down the grand staircase in the foyer unashamedly nude, that big cock of his hanging long and heavy between his thighs and swinging from side to side. His bevy of middle-aged admirers swooned, showering him with all sort of niceties and stoking his somewhat fragile ego. They guided him to a long settee in the living room where he relaxed back like some young god while their hands roamed all over his body, especially his cock which was soon up to its astonishing fifteen inches. Jedediah looked almost dapper in his tuxedo, a gift from Miles. The lord of the manor figured it would be a nice touch to have the “doorman” dressed elegantly. Jed played the part well, even slicking back his longish hair to complete the illusion. His unshaven face gave the whole look raw sexual appeal. And the hog hanging down his left thigh, attesting to a lack of underwear, made him all the more desirable. Currently the Chief of Police and his off-duty deputy were groping Jed, unzipping his fly and releasing his mighty hillbilly weapon. It was quite an arousing dissimilarity observing the ex-con being manhandled by the long arm of the law. For Jed, it was a real kick. While he preferred his playthings much younger he allowed himself to be used as entertainment by these two, the deputy sucking on his long dong and the Chief burying his face between his ass cheeks. Somehow, for him, there was justice in the act. College and high school boys were gloriously naked, hard and providing pleasure to the assortment of partiers which ranged anywhere from thirty to the early sixties. Miles observed that the Ginger Boy had quickly assimilated. He was getting his very nice and temptingly thick cock sucked by not one, but two fortyish neighbors. Miles was pleased, and encouraged, that the handsome teen had none other than Redmond McCabe’s dad-meat in his mouth. Redmond was gloriously fucking the face of his fellow redhead, the knob of his dick outlined in the boy’s throat as he thrust it in and out. Oh yes, Miles was now convinced it would be a cinch to lure the boy up to his room later and leisurely fuck him in the bed he’d once shared with his former wife. The younger set took care of the older. Acquaintances at former parties re-connected. First-timers mingled with the crowd, perusing the “merchandise”, selecting their personal form of pleasure and wishing they’d come sooner. There were moans, groans and sighs and the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh. Hard-ons abounded. Trey was simultaneously fucking two gentlemen whose asses were at the edge of the family sofa. He jumped from one to the other, easily sinking his Baldwin dick into one’s asshole while he fingered the other. Trey rode them like they were unbroken stallions, fucking them with real gusto. Not far away Ryan was pogoing on the long, thick Latino rod of the owner of the landscaping company which serviced the estate while being force fed dripping cocks to either side, and in front, of him. Devyn had managed to maintain a low profile, something uncommon to him. He’d allowed a few of his daddies, and granddaddies, to fondle him but soon as anything became too heavy he rudely kicked them away. Tonight he was saving himself for something much bigger than needy pervs. Scanning the landscape he found Jed and his brothers occupied in their individual forms of carnal delight while his father appeared deep in conversation with some new guy. Smirking, Devyn felt certain one of them would be fucking the other any time soon. Miles was such a slut! Spiriting himself away to the kitchen Devyn absconded with a platter and made his way to the buffet where he loaded it with a selection of the offerings. Back in the open kitchen he retrieved a roll of plastic wrap and carefully stretched it over the platter for safekeeping. Luckily for him Eduardo was entertaining in the main room along with the other horndogs. Managing to dodge interested party guests he sprinted down the hallway and up a back stairway to his room. There he quickly dressed and retrieved the bag of goodies he’d been collecting for several days. Full of nervous anticipation he left the room and followed the path to the lower level of the house and the exit to the rear parking lot area. From there he unlatched the gate which led to the backyard and the pool house. Giddy with excitement he mounted the porch to the place and peered through the panes of the glass door. Uncle Brian had the daybed open and was lounging back in it watching the widescreen. Careful not to make a sound Devyn retrieved a smaller bag from the larger one and sat the later down alongside the doorway. Balancing the food platter and bag in one hand he turned the knob, found it unlocked, and stepped inside. The area was dimly lit, the largest amount of illumination coming from the television. Brian saw the visitor as soon as he came in unannounced. Pushing himself away from the back of the daybed he sat up more erect and said, “Dev, what you doin’ here? Thought you’d be enjoyin’ the party.” Devyn made a face. “Nah. It’s a boring party for grownups,” he lied, although only partially. “All us boys were supposed to hang out in the theatre upstairs and watch junk on the eighty-six incher.” As he sat the platter down on the counter he continued, “Snuck some food out for you. You should see the spread they have up there! All kinds of sh-stuff.” Holding the bag up in the air he added, “Also brought you some of Dad’s good stuff.” Brian scrambled off the bed and came over beside the boy. Taking in the selection of eats he whistled low. “Boy, that’s some sampling. Smells good too. You didn’t hafta do this, Dev.” “No problem,” the teen smiled widely. “I was bored watching the crap my brother’s like and it was kind of fun sneaking downstairs and taking a haul without anyone noticing. Even got behind the bar to fetch this.” And he held out a hand containing the paper bag. Brian took the offering from him, peeled open the bag and removed the bottle. With wide eyes he said, gasping, “Holy crap, kiddo. This is some expensive friggin’ cognac!” “Daddy only has the best for his friends,” Devyn told him proudly. “Whyn’t you try some?” Brian winked at the boy and ruffled his hair. “I think I’ll do just that.” While Devyn excitedly watched, Brian circled around behind the counter, took a rocks glass from the counter and poured himself a healthy amount of the amber liquid. Devyn’s eyes flared and his excitement mounted when Brian brought the glass to his lips and took a sip. “Oh man, that’s smooth!” he gushed before taking another healthy draw. Wiping the back of a big blue collar hand across his mouth he said, “You’re not gonna get into trouble with your daddy for this, are you?” “Nuh uh,” Devyn shook his head. “He’s too, um, busy up there to notice. And he’s got lots more of that anyhow. Go on, have yourself some more.” Brian smiled widely and replied, “I think I will. But I want to get me some of these vittles first.” He proceeded to come around the counter to sit down on a stool next to Devyn and dig into the meal. He chowed down like a starved man, talking all the while to the boy about the game. Their team had won and was only one more victory away from the World Series. Devyn was impressed by the appetite of the big guy; he managed to devour the entire plate! When finished he let out a loud burp, causing Devyn to chuckle, and swallowed down the remainder of the tainted cognac. It hadn’t been difficult convincing Doc Katz to supply him with a dose of Rohypnol. Devyn had laced the bottle of cognac quite heavily with the stuff early this afternoon. Having done some research he learned it would take effect in less than half an hour from first consumption. And nearly half that time had already passed. All he had to do was sit back and wait. And then the games would begin. Devyn hadn’t counted on the combination of alcohol and drug to speed up the process. No sooner had Brian risen to take the platter and utensils into the kitchen that he began to feel woozy. Steadying himself by the sink he ran some cold water and splashed it over his face. Gripping the edges of the counter top he shook his head in an attempt to ward off the sudden dizziness. The whole damned room was spinning and he felt incredibly warm. “Is-is something wrong, Uncle Brian?” Devyn asked innocently. Brian attempted to laugh off his discomfort. “The cognac. Must be awfully damned strong. Feelin’ a little light headed there, kiddo.” “Maybe you should go lie down,” Devyn told him, quickly jumping up from his stool to come over to the man. “Here, let me help you, Uncle Brian.” Brian threw a heavy arm across Devyn’s shoulders and Dev wrapped an arm around his uncle’s waist as he carefully led him to the daybed. It was tough going. With each step Brian appeared to grow weaker. Brian fell across the daybed and lay there in a panic. His cheeks were flushed red and sweat slicked his brow. He tried to speak, but words would not come. His vision had gone double, then triple. He closed his eyes to avoid the dizzying effect. Attempting to lift himself up he found his body felt like one huge weight. All he could do was moan and roll his sweaty head from side to side, wondering how a few sips of cognac had rendered him helpless. Devyn scooted onto the daybed next to him and said, “Here, Uncle Brian, let me help you out of your clothes. Maybe then you’ll feel more comfortable.” Brian was incapable of objecting. He lay there entirely defenseless as Devyn worked the buttons of his flannel shirt, stripping his chest bare. Then the boy was undoing the drawstring on his sweatpants and sliding them down his legs along with his boxer briefs. Devyn even went so far as to peel off his socks, leaving him totally bare on the bed. And still Brian felt as though his body was on fire. Devyn paused to take a good look at the defenseless, naked man. While Brian wasn’t gym toned perfection like his brother, the man had a real studly build. Everything about him spoke of a lifetime of hard physical labor. Shoulders were broad, biceps thick as tree trunks and a chest proud, its beefy pecs hosting a pair of meaty nipples rising from the dusting of dark hair coating them. His abdomen wasn’t cut, but it was strong and tight with a slight sexy outward swell. A swirl of body hair led down from his sternum, fanned out about his indented navel and led down to a wealth of man hair above and around his dick. And a decent piece of meat it was. Even in its relaxed state it appeared worthy of the Baldwin name, a nicely plump piece with a flared knob. Roving his eyes lower Devyn took in Uncle Brian’s thick and hairy thighs, knotted calves and chunky toes. Devyn snorted. His slut brother Ryan would really go for this guy. In fact, the wayward uncle even had him boned up. “Don’t you worry, Uncle Brian,” the boy reassured him. “I’m going to take real good care of you.” Brian might have been frightened if he’d seen the wicked gleam in the teenager’s eyes but he was lost in a state of confusion. He moaned and tried to move, but his body was much too heavy. It was as if he’d suddenly gone paralyzed. Even vision failed him. Everything was one distorted kaleidoscope of filmy shapes and colors. Try as he might be couldn’t remember where he was or how he’d gotten there. He could hear a voice, but it seemed so far away. Satisfied with his work thus far Devyn backed away from the daybed and returned to the entrance. Peeking out to make certain no one had ventured out of the main house on this stormy night he stepped out and retrieved the bag he’d earlier deposited there. Back in the pool house he paused to dim the lights and cut off the volume of the large television set, its brilliance the only thing illuminating the room. Placing his bag of goodies at the foot of the bed he stripped himself bare. Reaching inside the package he retrieved the restraints he’d once used on his own father, securing one under each knee joint. The other side was attached to the brass railing at the head of the bed. It took some effort to lift each of Brian’s heavy legs but, when he was finished, the man’s legs were raised and spread widely apart. Crawling up onto the daybed Devyn knelt there with a wide grin on his cute face. Uncle Brian’s trench was wide open, its hairy bung hole totally vulnerable. Excitedly Devyn dumped the remaining contents of the bag on the mattress. Picking up the hard ball he’d lifted from Ryan’s room he tossed it in the air and deftly caught it on its way down. Hefting the thing in his hand he said, “So you like baseball, huh, Uncle Brian? Well, we’re gonna have our own kind of game. Me the Pitcher and you the Catcher. Batter up!” Despite Jed’s reassurances Miles was still wary of his brother’s presence on the estate on this particular night. Bare-assed like the rest he moved over to the long bank of windows facing the back just at the moment the lights in the pool house dimmed. Observing flickering from the television screen Miles was somewhat relieved that Brian was otherwise occupied. How could he possibly explain a house full of fornicating males if Brian had defied his rules and walked in on the scene? A hand cupping his ass drew Miles’ attention away from the outdoors. He looked over a rounded shoulder to look into the attractive face of his attorney, Saul Davidson. Saul was only one year his senior and had been a good friend for years. “Thinking of a bit of decadence out in the storm?” Saul inquired with a twinkle in his brown eyes. “Be more than happy to join you.” His fingers glided into the crevice of Miles’ firm buttocks. “I haven’t tapped this in quite a while.” A crack of lighting lit up the sky, followed by the roar of thunder. “I think the heavens have made this an indoor event tonight.” “Too bad,” Saul went on, his middle finger tapping at Miles’ bunghole. “I’d love to do you in the hot tub again.” Turning to face the lawyer Miles took one of his erect nipples between his thumb and index fingers and squeezed. “There were so many bodies in the water that night I’m not sure who was doing who.” Saul raised his thick brows and winked. “Oh, it was definitely your fine ass I was plowing. Nobody forgets Baldwin pussy.” Miles looked down between their bodies at two fine looking hardons, took them both in his hand and brought their underbellies together. “When are you going to give up some Davidson ass?” Saul chuckled, tiny lines forming at the sides of his eyes when he smiled. Both his hands were on Miles’ buttocks, spreading them apart while their groins mashed together. “Now Miles, buddy, you know I’m strictly a top man.” “I’m going to have your ass if you don’t settle this divorce to my financial satisfaction,” Miles said pointedly, the look of seduction having quickly left his face. “While Delia is gallivanting around the globe with her dyke girlfriend I’m scrambling to keep things together here.” Saul looked stunned. “Miles, babe, I’m on it. These things take time.” Miles stepped back from the other man. “I don’t have time, Saul. I want that money. Until you can give me some positive news perhaps you should avoid these parties. It will give you more time to concentrate on what’s most important.” He left Saul standing there with mouth agape and ventured into the body of the room. There was activity everywhere. Black shoe shop owner Harvey Jackson was fucking Ollie Harris, Lucas’ friend and co-conspirator in their now-defunct webcam business. Once obese, Ollie was looking good. The kid must have taken off a good hundred pounds and firmed himself up so there was almost no slack hanging under his belly. Not far away was his father Mike. The well-built ex-military man had that hot Puerto Rican quarterback Adrian Lopez posting on his ramrod. Lopez was a college boy gone wild slamming his gorgeous ass down on Mike’s meat. Miles felt a bit of envy; after all this time he still hadn’t gotten around to sampling that boy’s goods. Observing Trey fucking one of his college Professors Miles had a feeling of pride. His sons, all of them, had the Baldwin stamina. Every one of them, including himself, could fuck for hours. There appeared to be a flurry of observers stroking their cocks around the Cleopatra Sofa near a corner of the room. Miles peeked over the shoulder of one man and smiled knowingly as he saw hunky Ryan wedged into the one corner of the sofa being skewered by Doc Schwartz. Suddenly someone was chewing on his lobe and breathing hotly into his ear while arms encircled his torso and a wet dick pressed against the small of his back. Glancing over a shoulder he identified his molester as sexy Jedediah. “Dayum if that whacky doc ain’t got a dick big as Lukie’s,” Jed drawled. “An’ would ya look at the way Ryan’s taking it right down to the short curlies! Hot damn!!” “That’s the way he needs it. Deep,” Miles allowed, pushing his ass back against the ex-con. “He sure don’t complain when he comes crawlin’ into my bed,” Jed replied. Then, “And neither does his daddy.” His lips brushed against the side of Miles’ neck. Miles’ man-nubs popped fully erect when he felt the bristle of the man’s unshaved face nuzzling against his skin. Rolling his head back to rest on Jedediah’s strong shoulder he sighed heavily. “Fuck me!” he breathed. Jed ran his big calloused hands over Miles’ torso and chuckled. “First there’s somethin’ you gotta see.” Jed led him away from the spot. They passed one of two major hubbubs. Miles could see enough through the crowd of naked bodies to know that Lucas and his fifteen inch teen wonder were the main attraction, as always. Jed steered him past that point and to another crowd of excited onlookers. Clearing the way he brought Miles to the front of the horde where they had a ring side seat to the action taking place there. Young Royce, Brian’s contentious eighteen year old son, was on his back atop a beefy, bald and bearded truck-driver type, a new addition to the gathering. The trucker had one thick, hairy forearm around the boy’s middle while the other was like a chokehold across his throat, holding him in place. The boy’s long hairless legs were spread and pulled back to the sides showcasing the massive club of man meat thrusting upwards into his boy hole. Royce’s asslips quivered around the meaty cock, its heavy cord wreaking real havoc on his hot hole. The dude was only fucking him with the last few inches, making it impossible for Miles or any of the others to determine just how much dick was buggering the kid’s insides but it was obvious the trucker was hung. Its darkly hairy root was like a stem and the heavy sac hanging between the man’s big stocky thighs looked as though it contained a set of bull’s balls. “Who is he?” Miles whispered to Jed, unable to tear his eyes from the lurid scene. “Cross-country trucker, stationed out near Alabama way,” Jed drawled. “Heard about us from that fella from down the warehouse district. You know, the one who can almost sit all the ways down on Lukie’s big dick. Anyways, the long hauler and his brother are partners. That’s him over there,” he said with a nod. Miles followed his gesture and saw another equally hairy, thickset brute standing on the sidelines, his eyes glued to the young man being skewered by his brother. The resemblance between them was marked, although Miles deduced this one to be a few years younger. He also wore a bushy heard but the hair sprouting out kadıköy travesti wildly from under his cap suggested he hadn’t suffered the loss his brother had. Both were stocky and strong. And if the older brother’s dick was anything like the stud salami arcing up from his sibling’s tangled crotch hair Royce was feeling it well up into his belly. Royce was cussing up a storm, spewing out some verbiage Miles had rarely heard. His hands clawed at the big arm around his throat and he called the man every vile name imaginable. His protests only served to further arouse the trucker, who pounded up into the boy’s fuck hole with renewed vigor, which was undoubtedly the foul-mouthed teen’s intention. The big dick shot up Royce’s hole again and again, the trucker’s chunky buttocks audibly slapping on the carpet beneath him. Miles was totally boned observing the kid’s hole protrude outwards as the brute pulled back only to quickly be sucked inward again. The heavily pierced boy was practically devoid of hair, save for the close cropped darkness on his scalp and eyebrows, a fact which had intrigued Miles for most of the week. His asshole was as smooth as the rest of him, nary a suggestion of germination around his pucker. Watching the big, dark hairy man dick violate that curiously sleek cleft was delightfully obscene. The circle of onlookers panted, licked their chops and stroked their hardons as they watched the new addition to the Baldwin clan in action. A few had already had their go at him, apparently warming up his hole for the beating it was now taking. Trucker-Man’s dick was gliding smoothly through the boy’s insides, already made slick by several spent cum loads. Each time the big man came down a gush of semen spilled from the foul mouthed teen’s tender cunt lips, trickling over his big bloated ball bag and sticking to the matted hairs. One of the refugees from Lucas’ defunct webcam group, a career man in his late forties, broke free of the spectators and stepped up to the action. Dropping to his knees to one side of the duo he slapped his dripping hardon against the cheek of the cussing teen. Droplets of pre-cum instantly dotted Royce’s smooth skin. The boy jerked his head toward the uninvited man and opened his mouth to spew more venom. Taking full advantage of the moment the older man grasped Royce by the back of the head and shoved his cock into his mouth and straight down his throat until his graying pubes were flush with the teen’s face. Royce staged a garbled protest but the hollowing of his cheeks revealed to all that he was ravenously sucking on the meat. Another gent, this one the long-time Town Clerk, quickly joined them. The fifty-three year old widower had little trouble getting down to the other side of Royce and tapping his rod against the boy’s shoulder. Royce spat out daddy number one and, with a few insulting remarks, devoured daddy number two. Miles leaned back against Jed, whose arms encircled the buffed Baldwin and rested his grizzled chin upon a broad shoulder to watch the hot action taking place center stage. Every now and then a stray finger would graze over a painfully erect nipple, causing Miles’ already throbbing dick to pulse even more. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the smooth-bodied teen, his nephew, posted on a manly rod while taking turns sucking middle-aged dick to either side of him. His brother’s son was a bonafide whore and not at all unpleasant to the eye. Whereas the Baldwin boys, even developing Lucas and Devyn, showed nice teenage musculature Royce was tall, trim and ballet-dancer lithe. Rather than blue-eyed blond he had darker hair shorn close to his scalp, and expressive brown eyes framed by long, curling almost feminine lashes. His cheekbones were high and prominent, his lips thin and glossy, appearing as if they’d been painted on. Big, obscene gauges occupied both ear lobes, while other less intrusive piercings adorned eyebrow, nose and, as Jed had relished in relating, his tongue. His teen dick was a real beauty, arcing up in all its splendor from a bald crotch at anywhere between seven to eight breathtaking inches with a smooth set of boy balls hanging beneath. Just when Miles thought the situation couldn’t become more degenerate Brother-Trucker 2 stepped forward from the sidelines. Planting big feet to the outsides of his sibling’s hairy thighs he squatted down at the fornication’s juncture. Miles gasped at the way those thick mounds of ass cheeks spread, revealing the moist pucker in its bed of manly hair. Miles’ bottom lip quivered and, he thought later, if Jed hadn’t been holding him in a hot embrace he might have rushed forward and buried his face in that funky trench. As all assembled around them breathlessly watched Brother 2 took hold of his fat sausage and rubbed the juicy, helmet like head around the upper portion of Royce’s cunt lips just below his hairless perineum and the underside of Brother 1s charging pole. Royce had ceased all his cussing and had real fear in his widened eyes. He shook his head from side to side but the big brute was not to be deterred. When 1 pumped down the roughneck laid their nearly identical pieces underbelly to underbelly and drove them together back into Royce. The teen’s eyes opened wide as saucers and he attempted to cry out, but found he’d suddenly gone hoarse. Two giant, hairy pricks continued to drive up inside him, performing a seemingly impossible task. Cock to cock, ball bag to ball bag the brothers skewered the tough talking teen, stretching his ass lips around the full diameter of their combined width until it seemed they would split. Together they filled him, wrecking every last vestige of elasticity, until their matted crotches were pressed into the boy’s open trench. Drool leaked from the corners of Royce’s mouth. His eyes rolled around in their sockets and his head flapped to and fro like a rag doll. A low, continuous moan emanated from deep in his throat. For a moment Miles feared the boy had lost his mind. And then the brothers began to fuck. They fucked in concert, one pushing in while the other pushed out but never leaving Royce’s pussy empty. They worked in synchronized order, leading Miles to believe they’d done this sort of thing many times before. Probably hauled their loads from coast to coast destroying boy ass along the way. Picking up young hitchhikers, double-fucking them senseless and leaving them by the side of the road with an asshole that would be sore for weeks. Miles didn’t know how correct his assumption truly was. Like a well-oiled machine one cock drove in, the other slid out. Then both of them were diving in together. Saliva foamed from the corners of Royce’s groaning mouth and his Baldwin-handsome face was etched with agony. The dicks on the two older gents to either side of the boy’s head looked as though they were about to burst from being so close to the shocking action. Town Clerk couldn’t hold back any longer and, taking the helpless boy by the back of his head, shoved his hardon into his mouth and immediately popped his load. No sooner had he fallen exhausted to the side the other man whipped Royce’s head his way and repeated the other man’s actions. This one lasted a few moments longer before he was shooting his funky jism into the teens already loaded mouth. Slack jawed Royce couldn’t even swallow, leaving all the cum to flow out of his gasping mouth. The moment when Royce accepted his predicament was accompanied by a geyser of boy batter blasting up into the air out of his piss slit and raining down over his body. Instantly a bevy of tongues were all over him, licking up the precious nectar. Miraculously it was as though the release had unleashed something else inside him. There was a look of pure rapture on his face. His hands caressed his own body, tugging at his steely hard boy tits and pumping his still-erect prick. The brothers hadn’t relented with their ministrations. In fact, they were mercilessly pounding his impossibly stretched asshole. But Royce now seemed to welcome the harsh treatment; in fact, appeared to enjoy it. As they had done with everything else, the moment the brothers reached the pinnacle of their endurance seemed equally synchronized. With savage, deep and manly bellows they forcefully shot their loads deep up inside the boy. Royce felt each surge from both wicked cocks, pumping him full of boiling cum. It seemed unlikely they would ever stop. He had never in his young life felt so decadently full. Panting like stallions after a race the two were finally, mercifully, tapped out. Brother 2 fell on Royce, his big body nearly crushing Royce’s trim frame. Sandwiched between the two Royce delighted in the sensation of two hairy chests against his smooth front and back. Then, to almost everyone’s amazement, with their cocks still wedged up in Royce’s leaking hole they mashed lips together over the boy’s shoulder. It was a hungry, sloppy kiss. Bushy beard mashed against bushy beard as their mouths sloppily devoured one another. Sibling tongues plunged and probed, sucking at one another and intermingling heady mouth juice. Finally, to rousing hoots and applause the brothers broke free of the fucked-out teen. When their plump dicks evacuated his hole a stream of release followed. Soon as they moved away, probably off to the buffet table to replenish for the next conquering, at least three others moved in. “Hold on, fellas.” It came from Jed, standing behind Miles with a work-calloused hand on his big, broad shoulder. “Rules of the house: the host gets first dibs on pussy. And the host wants this one.” Miles shot his head back to look at Jed, who nodded toward the boy writhing on the floor temptingly shoving fingers up his swollen, abandoned hole. Miles’ eyes flared. He shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t. It was his brother’s son, after all. Then again how often had he fucked his own son, the always randy Ryan? It would be hypocritical of him to draw the line at pleasuring himself with his recently discovered nephew. From the heated action he’d just observed the young man was well experienced. Openly flogging his dick, pinching his pierced nipples and practically fist fucking himself the teen was begging for more dick. Swallowing hard Miles broke away from the others and stepped forward, his burning erection leading the way. Devyn rested on his haunches on the daybed between the spread of his uncle’s trussed up legs. There was a maniacal gleam in his baby blues as he eyed the man’s vulnerable asshole. It was a nice looking thing, all pink and puckered in its nest of dark fur. Devyn smacked his lips, thinking how tasty it seemed. He was tempted to get down there and give it a few swipes of his tongue, maybe even eat Uncle Brian out for a while. But the distraction from his master plan lasted only for a moment. Shaking such appealing thoughts off he returned to the business at hand. Reaching for the can of vegetable shortening he’d confiscated from the family’s refrigerator Devyn unscrewed the lid and set it aside. Taking one of the hard balls he’d lifted from Ryan’s room he dropped it into the shortening and screwed it around until the entire thing was coated with the white goo. Satisfied that the baseball was duly slick he took it in the palm of his hand. The shortening was cool to the touch from its period of refrigeration. With a wicked smile splitting his cute face he brought the ball to Brian’s hole. Brian’s ass lips clenched when introduced to the cold covering. Rubbing the ball against–and twisting around—his uncle’s hot pucker hole Devyn announced, “Top of the first inning and Brian Baldwin’s up to bat! Dev is on the mound ready to throw his first pitch. He concentrates on home plate, sets himself up—and tosses!” With that Devyn pressed the ball tightly against Brian’s awesomely tight man hole. “Ste-rike one!” he shouted when there was no give. Shoving the fingers of his free hand into the fatty goop he coated Brian’s bung until it was nice and slick and attempted to introduce the ball to his hole again. Frustrated when the second try proved unsuccessful Devyn scowled and threatened, “That’s strike two, Uncle Brian. One more and you’re out, motherfucker!” Deciding his unwilling victim needed some help Devyn scooped up more kitchen lube and greased Brian’s ass. He was so very slick now that the boy’s middle finger easily slipped between the crinkled folds and into his uncle’s inner heat. Devyn’s face brightened as he felt Brian’s ass begin to open for him. He worked his digit in and out of the tight man hole, delighted with the way it gripped him. Soon he inserted another finger into the drugged man’s butt, then another until three were up inside his hole. Devyn gleefully worked the fingers around in Brian’s manly ass, spreading them out and stretching the hole wider. Hardly aware of what was happening to him Brian nevertheless groaned and rolled his head back on the fluffy pillows. Devyn withdrew his fingers, wiped them on one of the man’s beefy thighs and retrieved the baseball. “Don’t strike out, Baldwin. You don’t want to know what’s gonna happen if you do,” he warned. Full of expectation the perverse boy brought the slippery ball to the hair-rimmed hole and twisted against it with increasing pressure. Just when he was about to accept an angry defeat Brian’s sphincter momentarily relaxed. Devyn pushed and watched breathlessly as the ball disappeared through the man’s slippery ass ring! Giddy with joy he bounced around on the bed squealing, “Ball one! Batter’s still alive!” Taking hold of a second ball he greased it up in similar fashion and taunted, “Here comes the next pitch. Baldwin can’t afford another strike. There’s the wind-up! Looks like a slider!” Cork screwing the ball against Brian’s flexing asshole he giggled maniacally when the ball was swallowed up. Brian’s ass pucker pulsed, eliciting a warning from the boy. “Batter better not lose them balls or we’re gonna have to do it all over again. Remember, four balls gets a walk.” Devyn repeated the action a third, then fourth time. When Brian’s hole had successfully taken all four balls he sprung up, pumped his fist into the air and cheered. Further exciting the sadistic teen was his uncle’s cock, eight inches of impressive adult meat standing up hard and oozing honey. Fuck, he really likes it, the boy thought to himself. Taking the dick in his small hand he began to jack it. “You done good, Baldwin,” he said seriously. “Took the walk and made it to first base. This here is your reward.” He rode his palm over the mushroom-like corona to coat his grip with Brian’s free-flowing pre-cum and stroked the rod to maximum hardness. With his other hand he rubbed the man’s slightly out curved, but hard belly, almost certain he could feel the cluster of hardballs just beneath the skin. Anxious to further his game Devyn announced mostly to himself for he was mostly certain his uncle was too strung out on the roofies to understand, “Next batter’s comin’ up, Baldwin. And boy is he a dandy!” Continuing to stroke the hefty dick he dipped the three inner fingers of his hand between the folds of Brian’s distended pucker and found the first of the balls. With a little effort he managed to take it in his grip and pulled back. Brian’s butt lips pulsed impossibly wide and seemed not to want to let go but Devyn finally managed to extract the ball. Tittering excitedly he tossed it aside and went in for the second. It seemed that with one object removed the other had slid forward to take its place. Devyn repeated removal with the second and third ball, then moved in for the last. To his dismay the fourth ball appeared lodged out of his reach! Furrowing his brows Devyn unhanded Brian’s cock and used both paws to palm open the man’s asshole for a look inside. Still perplexed he shrugged his shoulders, reached for the container of shortening and punched his fist into its creamy content. Forming all fingers into a cone he went in for the final ball. Breaking through the resisting sphincter Devyn’s fingers invaded Brian’s hole. Still unable to locate it, and growing increasingly frustrated, he pushed himself in even deeper. Brian’s puckered ridges were spasming all around the invader but Devyn was a determined boy. He could feel the man’s insides, all soft and mushy, and fondly recalled how good it always felt against his boy dick when he fucked his many men. His search suddenly secondary Devyn took hold of his hard prick and stroked it while he skimmed his fingers around inside his victim. Miraculously, or perhaps intentionally, his entire hand was suddenly sucked into Brian’s abused ass. He was in up to the wrist, his uncle’s sphincter clutching it in a vice-like grip. His baby blues flashing with delight he coated half his forearm with shortening, balled his hand into a fist and sunk even deeper inside the abyss. Brian reacted with a long, low moan; even in his heavily drugged state he could feel the violation. His heart pounding with excitement Devyn began moving in and out of the man’s ass, slipping further inside each time and punching up to his guts. His thrusts grew faster and harder. His tongue lolled out the side of his mouth with his efforts. He jerked Brian’s dick, which looked as though it, too, was strained. It had turned a deep shade of purple and angry veins were bulging out all along its surface. He fisted his own prick, high on the perverse act he was performing. His arm twisted through the wrecked hole, now buried nearly elbow deep inside. And then he felt it! The missing ball! It was right there, at the tip of his fingers. He pushed forward a bit more. Yes, now he was definitely elbow-deep. His fingers formed around the ball, took it in hand and pulled it back. The exit wasn’t a charitable one. He practically ripped his arm out of Brian’s shitter, eliciting another painful moan from the man. Elatedly he observed his uncle’s yawning asshole, its rosy folds slowly gathering up to reshape into its former appearance. Devyn desperately wanted to jump aboard, shove his dick up in there and fuck Brian full of family babies. Restraining himself, he knew there’d be time later. There was still the game-changer to be enacted upon his unsuspecting prey. Miles looked down on his nephew, his brother’s son, with pure unadulterated lust in his eyes. Royce looked back at him with what appeared to be contempt. His usually big brown eyes were narrowed and challenging. Unashamedly the arrogant boy’s fingers continued drilling into his hairless, leaking hole as he vehemently addressed his uncle. “What the fuck are you lookin’ at? Step the fuck aside and let somebody with a real dick at me, asshole.” Later Miles would hardly believe his reaction. Dropping to his knees his arm shot out and he backhanded the boy across one cheek. The slap resounded across the busy room. Royce’s head snapped to one side from the force of the blow. Quickly rebounding he spat at his uncle who responded with a smack to the other side of his face. The belligerent youth’s eyes flared and his tongue curled out over pink, glossy lips as he appraised Miles with newfound interest. “Fuck, yeah!’ he gushed. “Now you’re talkin’! I been a bad boy. Need my unc to teach me a lesson.” There was a look of savagery about Miles that none had ever seen before. Snarling thickly he grabbed the teen by his trim, raised thighs, yanked him forward and roughly slammed his cock meat into his ready hole. With young Royce’s insides slick from the truckers’ double loads Miles easily bore through with one mean thrust, ramming all seven of his inches into the boy’s guts. Royce grunted from the force of Miles’ entry and his nostrils flared. “Fucker!” he roared. Clenching his teeth Miles grabbed the boy by the throat and applied some pressure. Royce clawed at the man’s strong forearm at first but as Miles began fucking him with heavy and quick strokes the boy took to caressing the muscled limb. It was apparent the sullen youth craved rough treatment. “That the best you can do?” he taunted, his voice quivering from the powerful thrusts. “I’ve had…old men…fuck me…OH SHIT, YES…better than you, fucker.” Miles grinned wryly, fully aware the kid was merely trying to uphold his hard-ass attitude. It was apparent to him, as well as everyone else in their presence, that Royce was being served exactly what he craved: a hot man fucking him like an animal. Miles impaled him on his perfect Baldwin dick again and again. His fingers dug into the tender skin of his throat, careful not to go too far or leave any telltale mark. He sunk to the hilt each time, churning up all the truckers’ cum and wreaking havoc on the foul mouthed boy’s bowels. His nutsac flapped crazily to and fro, smacking wetly against the kid with each fulfilling plunge. Aroused as he was by his new found aggressiveness Miles feared he wouldn’t last long before breeding his nephew. His uncle’s cock was hitting all the right spots and giving Royce the treatment he really craved. From a young age he’d taken on a lot of dick down at the trailer park where he’d resided. They’d come in all shapes and sizes but the ones he enjoyed most were those who roughed him up a bit. And there was no shortage of the type. Surly, mean and most of the time drunk they used him like a whore. And Royce loved every moment of it. When their old lady was on the rag, not putting out or knocked up (as they always seemed to be in the community) they knew they could find a willing hole in the teen from Lot 26. But, strangely enough, it was old Mr. Carmichael that was his favorite. The geezer had to be in his mid to late sixties, was a widower and wanted nothing more than to have Royce strip down, beat off and relate his escapades in the park. Without revealing any identities Royce gave him detailed accounts of his activities. He could see the arousal grow under the bathrobe the old man always wore for these occasions. But the one time Royce went for it Carmichael slapped his hand away. Royce figured the old codger beat off a mean one once his young ass was out the trailer door. Carmichael was impeccably groomed for a man of his years, well-spoken and seemingly intelligent. Roye wasn’t particularly interested in his rhetoric. He cared more about the five bucks, eventually advancing to ten, the old man gave him when finished. But Carmichael’s analysis of his actions was somewhat thought provoking. Carmichael deduced that Royce sought the company of all these men as a sort of substitute for his absent father. Royce bakırköy travesti decided there was some truth to that and often asked the man to expand on the idea. As he was jerking off for him. Now he had a father. And what a dud Brian turned out to be. Dumb as a stump, practically penniless and thinking he could suddenly play parent to a rowdy eighteen year old. The only bright spot turned out to be coming here to his uncle’s house and meeting Jed, who was much like some of the dudes from back home. A few of them had spent some time in lock up, too, a fact that thoroughly enticed thrill-seeking Royce. He’d quickly figured out he wasn’t Jed’s only boy in the house. Jed was throwing it to his jock cousin Ryan as well. Royce was far from envious. Jedediah was always hard, ready and loaded with succulent cum. He’d even hinted at a threesome including Ryan. But Royce wasn’t all that crazy about his newly discovered cousins. Seemed to him they were all born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths while he had lived an entirely different type of life. Jedediah stood on the sidelines stroking his big cock while enjoying the action taking place in front of him. This new assertive Miles was a far cry from the normally docile father of four. Jed liked it. Seemed to him as though ole Miles had been taking lessons from him—and that other fella, Lombardo. Of course, that whippersnapper Royce had a way of making anyone want to beat the hell out of him. Fucking, instead, was more prudent. And a whole lot of fun. A good hardass fuck always seemed to tame the boy, for a while at least, as Jed had quickly learned this week. When some bald, middle-aged dude, a refugee from Lukie’s webcam site, dropped down in front of him and began servicing his rod Jed failed to object. Normally he preferred the young ones. This guy could be his father, that moonshining hick hillbilly. Pappy was prob’ly still sittin’ on his dilapidated porch out front of that shack out in the woods of Kentucky chewin’ his tobacco and samplin’ his hooch. The n’er-do-well sonofabitch never gave a crap about Jed or any of his brothers. If’n it was up to him Jed would still be coolin’ his heels in a jail cell somewhere. The old fuck down on his knees in front of him wasn’t all that bad. What he lacked in talent he made up for with enthusiasm. And why shouldn’t he? Jed had nine mouthwatering inches of prime beef standing proud from his manly loins. Mr. Over-the-Hill had paid some good bills to take a taste of whatever he wanted tonight so Jed figured it was his duty to let the man feast. For awhile. Then he’d go find himself some young, tight ass to shove himself into. With dozens of lusty eyes on him Miles dropped down over the agile youth. With his muscular arms planted to either side of the crude boy, thick legs kicked straight back holding him up off the carpet, Miles’ gym-toned dad bod was suspended over Royce’s squirming frame. In pushup position and face to face with the unruly teen Miles rammed himself into the slender brawler with all his might. His usually handsome features were twisted into an almost frightening expression. With teeth bared and tightly clenched, nostrils flaring widely and angry eyes burning through the boy he looked almost bestial. Not one to relent, rowdy Royce spit up into his face. Failing to miss a beat Miles countered with a contemptuous hawking of his own. Royce appeared momentarily surprised at the older man’s corresponding return. He’d have never thought it, but his Uncle Miles was turning out to be one hell of a fucking diamond in the rough! Without further hesitation Royce hooked an arm around the back of the hunk’s sweaty head, pulled them together and mashed his mouth to Uncle Miles’ sneering lips. Growling, Miles plunged his tongue down into Royce’s throat and hungrily sloshed it about inside his maw. Royce sucked on the slippery, stabbing tongue as if attempting to yank the strong muscle all the way down his gullet. Miles bruised the boy’s lips with a rough, brutal kiss before tearing their mouths apart. Propping himself up by one strong arm he used the other to once again loudly backhand the boy. Royce’s cheek smarted from the blow but the spark in his eyes and the glow of admiration revealed nothing but true gratification. Miles came up to rest on his haunches dragging the teen close to him. He continued to thrust into Royce liked a man possessed, determined that this wild fuck would be one the kid would remember for a long time to come. His meaty fingers reached out to forcibly twist, turn and pull on the boy’s tit flesh. He took hold of the awfully impressive teen meat and briefly pounded it within the grasp of his fist, making young Royce writhe even more. Pre-fuck oozed from his piss slit to coat Miles’ hand. Snarling lustily Miles brought it to his lips and hungrily devoured the nephew nectar, its succulent flavor enticing him to rip into the boy with savage vigor. The throng of excited onlookers parted momentarily as Trey muscled his way through. His blue eyes widened when he observed the state of his father. Damn, his stud dad was a total fucking machine! And he was giving that smart mouthed cousin exactly what he deserved. Trey was mostly a novice at getting butt fucked but, man, his dad was making it look awful tempting. If he was going to get fucked, this was the way it should be. Memories of his first time at the hands of Lombardo, before he was passed off to his brother Ryan, came flooding back to Trey. “Fuck that ass, bitch!” Royce demanded. “Let me have that nasty uncle dick! Tear me the fuck up, cocksucker!” Trey shook his head. Snorting disgustedly he decided they’d all heard enough of Royce’s vulgarities. He stepped forward to come around from behind the fornicating twosome. Facing his father, who at the moment didn’t resemble his mild-mannered parent at all, Trey straddled Royce’s torso. Squatting, he pulled his tight butt cheeks apart and brought his gaping asshole down to his newfound cousin. “What the fuck?!” Royce wailed. “No! You motherfucking—MURMPHHHH!” His vitriol was instantly cut off by Trey’s ass, which was planted directly on his face. He continued to protest, but his words were smothered by the jock butt grinding itself on him. Royce’s hands were on Trey’s solid quarterback hinds, making a half-hearted attempt to extricate him. Trey’s head fell back, his eyes fluttered dreamily and a smile broke across his good looking features when he felt the tongue begin lapping at his hot hole. And when the swollen digit slithered inside him he shivered excitedly. Looking across at his heavily perspiring father, he nodded affirmation of Royce’s acceptance. He could hardly believe the mean fucking machine right before his eyes was the man who’d parented him for the past nineteen years. He’d long ago realized his father was a good looking hunk, but here and now he was more like some kind of wild sex god. For the first time in his life Trey was actually seeing the man as a sexual entity. His blue eyes were heavy with lust as he reached out and latched his thumb and index fingers onto one of Miles’ wide, jutting nipples. It almost frightened him when his father growled, then took him by the nape of the neck and laid an impetuous lip lock on him. As a kid Trey had been kissed by his father, but never like this! Miles kissed hard, aggressively plunging his tongue into his eldest son’s mouth. Thoroughly aroused, Trey hooked an athlete arm around the back of his father’s neck and returned the wolfish kiss. Miles growled huskily into his son’s wet mouth as a burning lust spiraled in his loins. Their lips hungrily mashed together as their mouths licked and sucked at one another, tongues swirling deeply into respective throats. The gathering of spectators were so thoroughly aroused at the sight of father and son tag-teaming wild Royce and discovering one another that they were pawing at the body closest to them. Hands were everywhere: on tits, cocks and asses. Some had dropped down to suck the cock of their neighbor while others came up behind to slide their dick up a ready asshole. Three men were fighting for Jedediah’s coveted cock while Mike Harris, young Ollie’s dad, was behind the ex-con with his arms wrapped around Jed’s torso while he ground his cock into the curve of his lower back. Jed allowed his head to fall back against Mike’s strong shoulder and their lips met in their own passionate kiss. Elsewhere in the room Lucas was performing the seemingly impossible task of feeding his monstrous organ into the lower extremities of another webcam fan. He had a flock of beholders of his own who watched breathlessly as inch after inch of his behemoth sunk into the depths of the squealing man’s stretched hole. Still others had abandoned their own activities to follow Ryan, who was being led away by the two brother truckers who had only recently finished double plowing Royce. All knew Ryan was a real trouper and this threesome would definitely be one to remember. Devyn had a baseball cap turned backwards on his blond head as he sat back on his haunches and excitedly coated an aluminum baseball bat with slick shortening. Uncle Brian remained trussed up and vulnerable before him. Barely conscious all he could do was roll his head slowly from side to side and moan continually in his drugged state of confusion. “Bases are all loaded,” Devyn announced as though he was sports commentator. “New pitcher is trotting out of the bullpen and making his way to the plate. He’s taking his warm up tosses. The batter is on the sidelines taking some practice swings. Ump motions and the batter steps up to the plate. The challenge is on.” With that said Devyn brought the fat end of the bat to Brian’s defenseless asshole and rubbed it against the swollen lips. “Signs are exchanged between pitcher and catcher. Pitcher nods when he sees what he wants. He sets himself up and fires the ball to home plate. It’s a fastball! The batter swings!” Holding the handle of the bat in a tight two handed grip Devyn applied pressure but Brian’s ass stubbornly refused to cooperate. Disheartened Devyn snarled, “Strike fuckin’ one!” Holding the weapon in place he scooped up a healthy amount of shortening and liberally spread it around Brian’s ass mouth. “Pitcher’s winding up again. It’s the bottom of the ninth and there’s already two outs but them bases are still loaded. It’s all up to the batter. The ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. It’s a slider this time. Batter swings again. He connects!” Once again Devyn pushed. At first it appeared to be another unsuccessful attempt. He corkscrewed the end against Brian’s tortured ass, allowing it to slide through the abundant amount of lube. Placing it directly at the entrance he shoved again and to his utter glee the bat won its battle with Brian’s sphincter. Devyn increased the force of his thrust and watched as the thick punisher sunk into the man’s ravaged rectum. Brian grunted hoarsely as Devyn twisted the weapon around in his cavity, meticulously working more between the straining lips. The adult’s hair ringed asshole was dilated to an astounding 2.75 inches to accommodate the thickness of the club. Devyn watched excitedly as the insignia began to disappear. He angled the bludgeon in varied directions to spread the walls of Brian’s rectum and sink it even deeper into his ass guts. Snatching up some more goop the determined boy smeared it around the barrel, applied more pressure and fed even more of the bat into his uncle’s straining hole. It was a little tough going when he reached that second inner sphincter but Devyn was a determined lad. Remaining on course he gripped the knob and exerted even more force against the obstruction while moving the end around deep inside. When he broke through Devyn pumped a victorious fist into the air. “Home fuckin’ run!” he shouted elatedly. Brian’s groans had become whimpers. Devyn continued to embed the barrel of the bat in his stupefied uncle’s super-stretched asshole. The manufacturer’s emblem had long disappeared from view and the instrument was now just a slick, shining black aluminum. Much as he’d have liked to, Devyn knew he couldn’t make it to the taper without causing potential harm to the man. Ceasing the ascent he unhanded the thing and paused a moment to gleefully observe the unit hanging out of Uncle Brian’s expanded ass mouth. Even more delightful was the fact that the man’s cock was standing obscenely upright and bubbling adult pre-cum. Devyn took hold of himself and gave his straining boy cock a few preliminary strokes before commencing with the game. Taking the implement by its grip he pulled it back, watching wide-eyed as inch after inch came out of his uncle’s ass. Brian’s shit lips were sucked outward as they greedily gripped the exiting instrument. Once he had it nearly extricated he spiraled it around back into its recently abandoned domain. With each maneuver he increased the speed of his thrusts until finally he was literally pounding the bat in and out of Brian’s sink hole. Brian unconsciously sniveled and groaned. His ass squirmed on the embedded object and his body thrashed about in its binds. Devyn exuberantly continued his torture, furiously plundering the man’s ass with the instrument of his former high school glory. The roughness of the battering ram was turning Brian’s ass ring red and raw but Devyn showed little sympathy. He fucked it through the man’s abused membranes with a fury. With his tongue lolling from the corner of his mouth Devyn got a handhold on Brian’s straining cock, wrapped his fingers around its heated surface and began to furiously jack it. The big head was an angry shade of red and literally oozing pre-cum, providing the boy with natural lubrication. Scooping up some of the stuff Devyn lifted it to his mouth and licked it from his fingers. “Mmmmm Mmmmm good, Baldwin,” he complimented. “You’re gonna be a real asset to the team.” He returned to stroking the dick with one hand while the other rammed the bat home. With all this manipulation it was hardly surprising when, in short order, Brian’s hot load shot up in the air. “Fuck yeah, blow that fuckin’ load,” Devyn encouraged. Brian came like a geyser, spurting big creamy jets of fuckjuice which came splattering down on his writhing torso. His asshole had gone into overdrive, eating up the bat while he went through a ferocious orgasm. He kept coming and coming until a startled Devyn didn’t think it would ever end. And when it did he unapologetically ripped the bat from Brian’s ravaged rectum, jumped aboard and thrust his boy meat into the man hole. It took only a few desperate strokes before Devyn’s prick exploded inside his uncle. Hot cum blasted into the man filling his newly-formed pussy with a seething teen load. Devyn was certain he’d never cum like that before. He felt like his entire soul had been drained from him. Falling back on his haunches he paused to calm his breathing. Brian seemed to have passed out after the long ordeal. Devyn’s eyes roamed all over the nude man. Brian’s cock was slowly deflating, curling up to rest lazily along one raised thigh. His ass lips were gathering together, although cum mixed with shortening were oozing from between them. Uncle Brian was certainly all fucked out. The boy went about the arduous task of cleaning up, taking the bat and balls into the bathroom shower with him to restore them to normal. After he’d toweled himself dry and dressed he retrieved his I-Phone and snapped several pictures of his trussed-up uncle shamefully naked and looking like a man who’d just been fucked. Reviewing them to his satisfaction he chuckled, slipped the phone into his pocket and released Brian from his bonds. Tucking a sheet up over his strong chest and under his arms Devyn extinguished the lights and made his way to the door with his bundle of tricks. Then, as an afterthought, he turned back to the kitchen and secured the tainted bottle of cognac in the back of cabinet. He would be needing it again. With a smirk on his face Devyn left the place and, like a thief in the night, managed to steal his way back to the action in the main house unnoticed. Miles’ thick, grimacing lips were pulled back and baring his clenched teeth. His normally appealing eyes were cold as blue steel. There was an altogether savage, determined look about him. Gym-toned muscles rippled in high definition and shone with rank sweat. Even his short blond hair was damp and matted. His fuck muscle roared through young Royce’s shit hole, his groin making resounding slaps every time he landed full-length inside him. He pounded into the boy with all his might. Royce was not complaining. Once again he was in heaven with a hot man handling him the way every man should. The way he liked it. Hunkered down on the other teen’s face Trey’s tight, muscular skin had turned to gooseflesh from the sensations of Royce’s tongue dipping up inside him. He shivered each time he felt the steel tongue piercing drag across the sensitive skin of his tender asshole. The kid was truly eating him out, prying his butt cheeks wide open and thrusting into his jock hole. It felt so good having tongue up his ass, even if it belonged to his surly cousin. Not a one of the cheerleader types he casually fucked and discarded would go near his backside but here at the house parties there was no shortage of dudes wanting to taste his ass. The way Miles was pounding him like a two dollar whore made Royce grunt, groan and moan into his butt hole, creating some awesome toe-curling vibrations. While Royce’s swollen digit lashed through his asshole Trey took hold of himself and pumped his teen prick fast and hard in his quarterback’s hand. He was hardly aware of the gawking spectators all around them. It was just him, his hot dad and Royce. On impulse Trey shot forward and latched his lips around one of Miles’ swollen teats. It was firm and standing out from the sweaty curve of his prominent pec. Trey chewed and sucked on daddy’s tit. When he lightly bit down on it the resulting manly murmur encouraged him to chomp down even harder. Miles took the back of his son’s head and held him against his strong chest while Trey made a meal out of his erect nubbin. Whereas most men would have busted a nut long ago Miles had willed himself to hold back so as to continue the savage taking of his brother’s son. He fucked like a champion, slamming his hard stake into the boy’s greasy asshole with relentless fury. Royce took every blow like a real trouper but, unlike his impressive uncle, soon reached the point where he couldn’t hold off any longer. Between the hot dick ramming his hole and the tasty, sweaty ass grinding about on his face he lost all control. Howling up into Trey’s anal cavity he came, his teen dick spurting ropes of pearl white out across his heaving chest. While Miles huskily groaned from the contractions of Royce’s ass against his pistoning rod, Trey deftly changed position. Removing his jock ass from his cousin’s face he pushed his cock downward and into the other boy’s panting mouth. It only took a few strokes before his body trembled and his dick unloaded into Royce’s maw. Royce hungrily gulped down each surge of salty jizz, excitedly licking and sucking Trey’s exploding prick through its orgasm. The sight of his son getting off in the other youth’s vulgar mouth proved to be the catalyst for Miles’ release. Foamy spittle had formed at the corner of his thickly grimacing lips. He was snorting and grunting like a pig in a rut. With a guttural bellow he threw back his head, planted himself groin deep inside the thrashing pussy and let go. Rich cum burst from his cock like hot lava from an erupting volcano to scour the ravaged insides of Royce. His big dick pulsed wildly as it emptied the boiling seed from his manly balls. The force of his orgasm was so strong that he had to grasp onto the shoulders of his son, who was staring into his father’s face with wide-eyed wonder. Every muscle in his body was flared to full definition as the flood of cum continued until the stud had finally been drained. Royce spat out Trey’s prick and raised his head to look up at Miles with respect, admiration and lust. Breathing heavily Miles whipped himself out from the hot, heavily leaking hole. With a sneer on his usually handsome face, now more resembling a wild conqueror, Miles spit heavily into Royce’s mug. Whimpering excitedly Royce wiped the offering off with his hand and licked the spittle from his fingers. Quickly he spun himself around so that he was on all fours facing the man and engulfed his adult dick. He swallowed the piece whole, orally loving the strong cock which had just tamed him like none before. He siphoned off every last vestige of sweet cum and worshipped his uncle the only way he knew. Miles let the boy have his way before snarling evilly and forcing Royce off of him. He rose, stepped back and slipped off into the startled crowd. Trey took full advantage of the ass presented before him and shoved his ever-ready shaft into the boy’s oozing hole. Rising up on his toes behind and over him, he fucked Royce like a dog, attempting to imitate his father’s aggression. It was such a turn on to know he was fucking into his own father’s spent load. Even if he’d wanted to Royce had no opportunity to object when a hairy man cock was suddenly shoved into his mouth and thrust down through his throat. A horde of other studs, all juiced up from watching the wild fuck, stepped forward to both sides of the boy and shot their loads over his prone back while he was taken from both ends. Jed followed Miles from the party room, watched him ascend the grand staircase and traced his steps. Observing the man go behind the double doors of the master bedroom at the end of the hall he silently made his way to the same spot. Pausing at the door to listen and hearing not a sound he shrugged his shoulders and entered. Miles was stretched out on the bed, his hunky body glistening in sex sweat. Smiling crookedly Jed crawled up onto the bed and ran his calloused paws over Miles’ legs. “That was fuckin’ hot, dude,” he gushed. “Gotta admit I didn’t know you had it in you. Got me all turned on.” Behind steely blue eyes Miles glared back at him. Jed took stronger hold of the man’s legs and lifted them to expose his man hole, then moved to climb aboard, his burning erection leading the way. With quickness that surprised Jed Miles shot out with strong arms, hurled Jed over onto his back and pinned him to the mattress. His jaw was clenched, his features formidable as he stared down at the startled ex-con. “You do what want with anyone else here, but you don’t use me anymore,” Miles snarled. “From now on, I’m doing the taking. There’s a new Sheriff in town.”

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