Subject: Owen’s Secret Job – Ch. 3 This story is about a boy who finds out about his older brother’s work. Over time, they become closer. If you do not like themes of incest and adult/youth, do not read this story. You know the drill: if you cannot legally view this material, do not read this story. All of my writings are pure fantasy. I own all legal rights to my fictional works. A full list of my work on Nifty can be found here: https://bit.ly/2S5IYDI We all love and appreciate this site, so please also consider donating to Nifty if you can: fty/donate.html ~ Chapter 3 ~ I’d been at my desk listening to music when Owen showed up. I was working on algebra homework in my bedroom, and because I found it so egregiously dull, blasting music through my headphones at least made the time go by faster. However, I nearly jumped out of my skin when, very suddenly, a stack of magazines fell onto my desk. Panting, I pulled my headphones out of my ears to see that Owen was in my room, grinning at me. “Hey, Tuck.” “You scared the crap outta me,” I said, giving him a light punch to the stomach. He just laughed, readjusting my ball cap for me. “Sorry. Couldn’t resist. But I got some stuff for ya.” I looked down at the pile and instantly forgave him for scaring me. “Sweet!” I said, picking the pile of magazines up. I counted six new ones, all pornographic. “Oh, and I noticed you were running low,” he added, reaching into his pocket and fishing out a new bottle of lube. “You go through it faster than I do,” he commented as he set the bottle on my desk beside the magazines. “Well, you do this for work,” I reminded him. “It’s not fair.” He chuckled. “True, true. Well, hopefully you like these, too. But you’re not picky.” At this point, it’d been a few months of a steady flow of porn and Owen checking in on me. He was trying to help me figure out what I liked about the porn. The more I explored, the more I was just convinced I simply liked it all. I couldn’t decide what details did me in more than others. Any mention of sex in general made me hard, and that was that. “Thanks, Owen,” I said, smiling up at him. “No problem, little brother.” Then he glanced down at my lap, cocking his chin. “How’s your boyhood? Treatin’ him good?” I blushed but laughed. “Yeah.” Then, I fired back at him. “How’s *yours*?” He chuckled, very vaguely adjusting himself. “You don’t gotta worry about him,” he said. “He’s good, but he’s tired. Had a long day at work.” “What’d you do today?” I asked, setting the magazines down so I could listen to his story. I always loved hearing what he got up to at work. “Actually,” he said with a boyish smile, “I got tied up today.” “Really?” I asked, intrigued. “Yeah. The two ladies were kinda rough with me.” Then, he lifted up his shirt to show me two bruises those girls apparently left on him. I winced, eyeing the black and blue spots that peppered his strong core. “That looks like it hurts,” I told him, holding my own stomach. I couldn’t imagine that that would be fun. “A little bit,” he said, but he grinned. “Worth it, though. It was hot.” I looked up at him skeptically. “Even though you’re all bruised up?” “Especially because I’m all bruised up,” he said with a little laugh before looking at me seriously. “Hey, so, I wanna ask you something.” He squatted down and looked up at me as he spoke, establishing that this would be a more serious, intimate conversation. “Yeah?” “I’ve been working on a surprise for you, and I finally found the right person for the job.” I blinked, confused. “What job?” “What do you say about… losing your v-card?” I just stared at him blankly for a moment. “What’s a v-card?” Owen smiled patiently. “Your virginity.” That made my eyes go wide. Was he saying what I thought he was saying? “My virginity?” “Yeah.” He bit his bottom lip as if trying to contain his excitement. “I know a girl that’d be willing to… you know… deflower you.” I just laughed, feeling my skin getting all tingly. Surely he was joking. “Are you serious?” I asked. “Dead serious,” he told me, and I could tell. Owen could joke, but he didn’t ever lead me on. That wasn’t his style of humor. “Only if you’re interested, though. It’s no big deal if you don’t–” “I’m interested,” I said quickly, not wanting this opportunity to potentially pass me by. I suddenly imagined Christian and Link all bug eyed, staring at me in disbelief when I told them that I, at twelve, fucked a girl. And then, I’d officially be the coolest dude around. Not even just in my friend group — in school. What other peer could say they’ve had sex? I was willing to bet none of them. Owen just laughed and patted my thigh. “I figured you would be.” Then, he stood up, getting ready to leave. “I’ll let you know the deets once I set everything up. But get ready, little brother. Your world is gonna get rocked.” A week went by before I heard an update. It took everything in my power to not pester Owen for info because I wanted to play it cool. I also didn’t want to tell Link and Christian about the plan, just in case it fell through or they hyped me up so badly that I felt too much pressure. Therefore, I dealt with my nervous excitement all by my lonesome. Then, one Friday night, as I was finishing up my chores for the evening (doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, wiping down the counters), Owen came home. “Hey,” I said, vaguely greeting him. I was pretty focused on this one spot on the counter that would not disappear no matter how many times I sprayed it with Lysol. “Heyo,” he said back. I heard him set his keys down before he stepped into the kitchen and lowered his voice to a murmur. “Mom and Dad upstairs?” “Yeah,” I said. “Think they’re heading to bed early.” “Sweet.” Then, he lowered his voice a bit. “I scheduled you for tomorrow.” I paused my insistent scrubbing to glance up at my brother. “What?” “To cash in your v-card,” he said with a grin. “Tessa’s busy all weekend but she has time right in the morning before a shoot.” The excitement surged — and just as quickly as it rose, it fell. Nervousness crept in. I was about to lose my virginity in less than twenty-four hours? Closer to twelve, even. Holy shit. I couldn’t believe it. Now that it was official, now that it was just around the corner, I didn’t know how to feel. “I’m super beat, but I’ll be up nice and early. Just make sure you’re showered and ready to go,” he said. Then, after giving my hair a quick tousle, he went upstairs to do his nightly routine, leaving me stunned in the kitchen. This was my last night as a virgin. By the next day, I’d be a new man. Well… a new boy, I suppose, but still. The thing was, I was antsy for the rest of the night. I could barely sleep, the excitement and nervousness clashing over and over inside me. I tossed and turned thinking about this girl, Tessa. That was her name, right? I wondered what she looked like: dark hair, light hair? Maybe no hair? Was she busty or modest, thick or petite? Would she be nice, or like one of those girls that tied Owen up a week prior? Would she be satisfied with my dick, or did she need a piece like my brother’s to enjoy herself? Then, when I gave up on trying to get decent sleep and actually pulled myself out of bed, I started fussing over what to wear. The baseball cap was a given, but what shirt? What shoes? Pants or shorts? Would she think I was too dorky if I wore briefs? Should my socks have been ankle-height or hit the middle of my calf? In the end, after showering and changing in and out of four different outfits, I settled on something simple: a plain t-shirt, classic jeans, and the coolest sneakers I owned. I avoided patterns or logos in case it made a bad impression. Best to stick with the foundations. By the time Owen woke up, I had been downstairs for two hours trying to focus on whatever was being televised. My dad had attempted to engage me in conversation, but I think he could tell I was distracted, so he gave up and just stuck to his coffee and morning paper. I didn’t really want to think about what was going to happen this morning, but I didn’t want to go through the effort of upholding a conversation. TV was the perfect mindless distraction. The less I pondered, the less I had to worry about what was gonna go down in a handful of hours. No more what-ifs. Eventually, Owen waltzed into the living room, showered and ready to go. He smiled at me before saying good morning to our father. “Morning, son,” Dad said distractedly before doing a double take. He seemed to notice that Owen was also dressed, and so he looked between us, confused. “You two have plans or something?” “Yeah, we’re gonna have a little brother date,” Owen said, playing it cool and casual. Dad smiled. “Oh, nice. Where you off to?” Immediately I tried thinking of some excuse — and all I could think of was the movies, despite the fact that no movie theater would be open. But luckily, Owen had an excuse ready to go. “I owe him a big breakfast. Gonna check out a new brunch place that opened downtown.” “Nice,” Dad said with a nod. “Let me know if it’s any good. You know how your mother loves breakfast.” “For sure,” Owen said before he gestured for me to get up. I smiled at him, impressed with his quick thinking. “You boys have fun,” Dad said, barely looking away from his paper. Smirking at each other, Owen grabbed his keys, and we slipped out of the house with a naughty little secret. Guess I should have anticipated Owen would be able to be inconspicuous. After all, he managed to hide his career from all of us for so long. I hopped into the passenger side of Owen’s car and buckled up, finding it difficult to sit still. Owen, by contrast, looked calm and collected, but that was understandable. This would be my first rodeo, not his. “She doesn’t live too far away,” he said, starting the ignition. “An easy fifteen.” “Cool,” I said, unsure what else I could add. For a few moments, he let me sit in silence as he veered onto the road. He did flip on the radio, which was a nice distraction from the churning in my stomach before he spoke. “So… Excited?” I looked over at him to see him grinning. “Um… Yeah,” I murmured. “I am, too,” he said, definitely looking more excited than I felt. I wanted to be more like him, honestly: effortlessly confident. “You’re gonna love her. She’ll treat you good.” “Tessa, right?” I asked, not wanting to forget her name. “Yep. You might have seen her stuff online? Tessa Rae?” I just shook my head. I hadn’t realized she was a pornstar, too — but now it made sense. “Huh. istanbul travesti Well, whatever. You’ll like her.” I tried not to wonder too much about what he meant. I just wanted to go into this with as few expectations as possible. I had already spent my entire night stressing. Now that we were so close, I just wanted to listen to the radio until it was time to get down to business. We arrived at Tessa’s apartment complex almost fifteen minutes on the dot. Miraculously, there was a single open space in the small parking lot beside it, and Owen squeezed his car between a Jeep and an oversized truck before shutting off the ignition and turning to me. “So… listen,” he said. “Before we go in, fair warning: I told her you were fourteen, to make it seem a liiiittle less weird.” I raised my eyebrows. “She doesn’t know I’m twelve?” “Nope.” “But I don’t look like I’m in high school,” I told him. “One look at your dick and she won’t even wonder,” Owen said with a grin. “It’ll be fine. But if she asks, just say you’re fourteen.” I just nodded, feeling a little stressed that this was now something else I had to keep in mind. “Okay.” Owen suddenly reached over and rested his hand on my thigh. “This is all about you, okay?” I nodded, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what he was saying. “If you wanna quit, we’ll quit. No biggie. And I’ll be with you the whole time. Well, unless you don’t want me there. Then I’ll just chill in the other room and let you have your fun.” Honestly, it was a bit of a relief to hear the sincerity in his voice. “I want you there,” I told him. Frankly, going it alone sound way too fucking terrifying. I wanted my big brother there with me. He seemed pleased by my answer because he smiled. “Cool.” Then, he slapped my thigh. “Let’s do this.” We stepped out of the car and started heading towards her building. Owen buzzed up to Tessa, and when the front door clicked, we stepped inside and made our way up her fifth floor apartment. Owen knocked on the door, and we waited patiently for Tessa to show up. He even looked at me and gave me a quick wink before, suddenly, we heard someone fussing around with the locking mechanisms. The door swung open, and a girl around Owen’s age stood in the threshold, wearing her pajamas. Frankly, she looked like she had just rolled out of bed. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, but her face at least looked fresh and clean. And speaking of her face… I swear I got hard as soon as I saw her. I think Owen was right in knowing that I’d like her. Prior to this, to gauge what types of girls I found attractive, he’d show me pictures of girls he had fucked. Turns out I always liked the badass-, “naughty”-looking girls the best: dark hair, eyebrows that tilted in a V, and sly grins. Tessa had that down pat, plus tattoos. She had a ton of them, adding intrigue to her pale skin. “Hello hello,” Tessa said in a sultry voice, smiling at Owen. “You’re late.” “I know,” Owen said, and I looked up at him in surprise. I didn’t realize we were supposed to be here earlier. “But I worked late and slept in too much.” “Lucky you made it,” she said before looking at me. She gave me the old once-over before stepping aside. “Come in, boys.” “Thanks, babe,” Owen said, leaning in to kiss her cheek as they stepped inside. I thought it was curious of him to refer to her as “babe.” Were they dating? She shut and locked the door once we were inside, and I took a brief moment to glance around her apartment. “So, this is how a pornstar lives?” I wondered. Her place was modern, chic, and clean — but it was minimalistic, and a lot of white. It didn’t seem to quite match her style, which struck me as more gothic than anything else. But it made sense when she said, “Welcome to my office.” I gulped a bit. Was this where she… recorded? Or was she just making a joke? I couldn’t tell. Regardless, Owen put a hand on my shoulder. “Tessa, this is my main man, Tuck. Tuck, this is Tessa, certified slut.” She laughed at Owen’s quip, playfully slapping his chest. “Certified slut, yes, but Tessa’s my performer name.” Then, she smiled down at me. “You can call me Raquel, if you want, hun,” she said, extending her hand. I took it, shivering when I felt how soft her inked hand was. “Um… Nice to meet you,” I murmured, feeling a little flustered. “Aww, he’s shy,” she said with a little giggle. I swear her eyes got firey right then. Maybe she liked the shy ones. “Just a little nervous,” I said. “I understand,” she said before her eyes wandered down and settled on my crotch. “But from what your brother tells me, you have no reason to be.” Her comment was startling enough for me to have fully forgotten what she said her real name was. Rachelle? Raven? I just blushed, but it was a proud blush, I think. After all, she more or less complimented my size. Owen just wrapped his arm around me. “Wanna see it?” he asked, as if he were showing me off to a potential buyer. Her eyes twinkled a bit, and she tucked a loose curl behind her pierced ear. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” As we were led down the hall and into another room, I saw that she kept her personality contained to her bedroom. It was a clash between the goth and the hippie, which I suppose made sense since her personality seemed more bubbly than her aesthetic. There was a lava lamp in the corner, patterned tapestries and old band posters practically covering every inch of the wall, and several different shag rugs on the floor. All the furniture and light fixtures, however, were intricately crafted, painted black, and adorned with obvious gothic references. I remember Fleetwood Mac was playing softly from a record player near her desk. Her apartment must have been for work, but her bedroom was definitely for play. “I wasn’t sure how today was gonna go,” she said, “so I brought all the toys out.” She sure did. Once my eyes were done being assaulted by the confusing decor, they settled on the bed and got wider. There was quite an array of toys: dildos, vibrators, beads, contraptions, and other phallic-shaped devices that I didn’t understand. “Don’t scare him off,” Owen said behind me with a laugh. I was intrigued, though. “What is all this?” I asked curiously, stepping closer. I picked up a double-ended dildo, wide-eyed. Some of the other objects were so foreign that I couldn’t conceptualize them, but this? This was just straight-up odd to me. “I’ve used most of these on your brother,” Tessa said to me, grinning. I hit her with a surprised expression, and Owen came up behind me. “Alright, alright,” he said, laughing as he took the double-dildo from me and placed it back on the bed. “Let’s just stick with the basics today.” “No fun,” Tessa said with a playful pout before gathering up her toys and then putting them away in a box (that reminded me of vampires for some reason) at the base of her bed. “How much time we got?” Owen asked. “Hmm…” Tessa glanced over at the clock. “Honestly? Probably only like a half an hour.” She seemed upset by that fact, but Owen wasn’t perturbed. “That’s plenty of time,” he said before he patted my shoulder. “Have at him.” Then, Owen moved to the corner of the room to take a seat in an odd-looking chair. He spread his legs and lounged back, a smile stretched across his face. Tessa smiled at me before she undid her bun and set her mane of dark curls free. She gave her hair a little shake and then, to my amazement, started stripping right in front of me. She pushed out of her pajama pants and then removed her flimsy little top to reveal that she was only wearing a little pair of panties underneath her sleep clothes. Her tits, perky and rounded, flopped out of her shirt, and my eyes went wide — especially when I noticed her nipples were pierced. If Link or Christian were there (Christian especially), they’d be positively dumb-struck, drooling as they stared. I didn’t even have the chance to really appreciate all her tattoos scattered across her body. All I could think was that I was face-to-face with a great pair of tits. But I didn’t stare too long, because she gave me more to see by doing a little strip tease as she pulled off her panties, and my eyes traveled down. She had a tiny, meticulously manicured bush above her pussy, which I couldn’t believe I was bearing witness to. A woman was naked in front of me, in the flesh, on purpose, *for* me. She climbed onto the bed with sensual movements, seeming to arch her body in a way that would be the most alluring — and it sure worked. I eyed her longingly, surprised by how beautiful and natural she looked. I think I stared too long because she giggled slightly. “Don’t be shy, cutie,” she said, patting the bed. “Come to Mama.” I found myself turning towards Owen to get the all-clear, and he just smiled and tilted his head towards her, nonverbally urging me to go for it. So, taking a breath, I climbed up onto Tessa’s bed and gulped as I drew closer to her. Soon, I was near enough to smell something emanating from her: a faint lavender scent, I think it was. I didn’t know what I should have done next, but luckily, she reached out, took my hands, and brought them up to her breasts. I felt my face get hot as she had me grab and squeeze, and I admired the weight of them, their fullness. “Voluptuous” was the word that came to mind. I’d seen that as a descriptor in porn before many times, and now I was applying it to a real-world example. “Have you kissed anyone yet?” she asked me, pulling me away from my tit-induced stupor. I shook my head. “Hmm,” she said with a smile before she grabbed my ball cap and flipped it backwards. Then, she slowly started leaning in. I suddenly became hyper-aware of my body and my posture. I straightened my back, hurriedly licked my lips to ensure they weren’t dry, and told myself repeatedly to relax as she drew closer. She quickly pecked my lips with hers. Then, again, slightly deeper. Then, on the third, she held her lips firmly against mine. She graciously took the lead, guiding me through my first real kiss, and I rocked my lips against hers the way she was doing to me. She hummed an encouraging little “Mhm” as we both got into it more, and I felt myself melting. “I’m kissing a girl!” I thought to myself. Just then, I wished I could have recorded this moment for my friends. Who knows if they’d even believe this. Soon, I felt her tongue tap at my lips. Heart fluttering, I opened my mouth slightly to let her ease her tongue in. It was alarming at first to feel something so slick and alive moving around my mouth like that kadıköy travesti — but my own tongue automatically pushed forward to meet hers. Slowly, they danced against each other, moving easily. It was a strange sensation, honestly. “Weird” was the best way to describe it, but I also enjoyed the intimacy of it, the heat of it, the wetness. It was at that moment that it really hit me that I was going to lose my virginity — and, for the first time, I started to feel… kind of sexy. She pulled back with a satisfied hum. “You’re a natural,” she murmured, tugging on my shirt playfully, and I smiled bashfully. A natural, huh? I liked the sound of that. “Anything in particular you wanna start with?” Owen just laughed behind us. “Don’t bother asking him what he wants. He doesn’t know,” he said. “Just show him what’s good.” Tessa smiled at me. “I can do that,” she said. Then, she urged me to lie down on the bed and get comfortable. I watched as Tessa spread my legs a bit so that she could crawl between them. I tensed up at first when she started sliding her hands up my legs, but I quickly told myself to relax. She was there for me, like Owen said. Hell, Owen was there for me, too, keeping an eye on me. Part of me just wanted to impress him, so I willed my body to relax and enjoy the inevitable. Her fingers expertly undid the button on my jeans before unzipping the fly — and I first became aware of my cock when her knuckles pressed into my groin. I’d been rock hard underneath the clothes for who knows how long, and now I was eager to be set free. Gingerly, she slipped her hand in, reached inside my underwear, and wrapped her inconceivably soft fingers around my shaft. I moaned a bit, blushing as I realized that my little whine made me sound like such a little boy. I was supposed to be fourteen, a young stud, a little man — not some whiny twelve-year-old kid. I made a mental note to try and butch up my moans moving forward. But she didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she only seemed focused on my dick, because her eyebrows raised when she grabbed me and then went up even higher when she finally pulled me out. “Wow!” she said with a laugh, stroking me tenderly, inspecting me. “You weren’t kidding, Owen. He’s a big boy.” It made me feel good that she was impressed with my size. I knew I didn’t stack up to a real pornstar, for the most part, but because I was still short, I probably looked disproportionately hung for a kid my age — and that was enough for me to be proud of, because it probably meant I still had some growing to do. Owen chuckled a bit. “Would I lie?” “Can’t blame a girl for doubting,” she said, smiling at my cock and licking her lips. “Little boy with a man’s cock, huh?” It suddenly struck me how odd it was that Tessa agreed to do this. Was it my size that drew her in? A decent-sized piece on a little kid is probably intriguing enough, but why else would a girl fool around with a twelve-year-old? Then again, she thinks I’m a little older. Maybe she has a thing for teen boys. Who knows. I’m not sure if she needed convincing, but whatever Owen did or said, I was grateful for when she leaned in and wrapped her lips around me. I inhaled sharply, tensing my body as her tongue seemed to send little electric shocks up my spine. “Whoa,” I murmured. She giggled around me but didn’t pull off to say anything. My eyes rolled back as I became practically rigid. I didn’t want to move from her mouth. She bobbed up and down slowly, taking me in deep strides, coating every inch of me in warmth and spit. I blinked a few times and looked down at Tessa, watching the way her lips plumped out on every backstroke. She tucked her hair behind one ear and then dove into my lap even deeper, making my hips lift off the bed. Fuck, it was incredible. I glanced over at Owen, who was watching intently — and when he noticed me looking, he caught my gaze and gave me such an effortless, brotherly smile that my mouth automatically formed one in return. But the thing is, I was only a kid, and it was only my first time — so of course, I came quick. Upon reflection, it seems like something about Owen’s smile really triggered it for me. I mean, there he was, watching over me, his little brother, after having set this up for me. I felt such a rush of affection and appreciation for him that it must have helped catapult me over the edge. I gripped the blankets and clenched my teeth, left with enough sense of myself to make sure any moans I let slip out sounded manlier than I really was before my orgasm hit me like a runaway train. I gasped, pumping my hips up a bit as my cock spurted in Tessa’s mouth. She just hummed, taking it with ease and pushing her face deeper into my lap to just let me ride it out. Soon, I relaxed, sinking into the bed and panting softly as I stared up at the ceiling. Fuck. I just came in a girl’s mouth. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Then, Tessa pulled off of me with a little giggle, licking her lips and swallowing. She kept lightly stroking me as she turned to my brother. “I forgot boys cum so fast,” she said, and they both chuckled. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed. Did I cum too fast? Oh God. Did she hate me? But she seemed to sense my shift, because she looked at me and smiled patiently. “It’s okay,” she said. “You’ll be good to go again soon, right?” Again? I gulped but nodded. “Good. Wanna try fucking me?” she asked. I almost would have laughed if she wasn’t asking *me* that question. The combination of her sweet tone and filthy words made me squirm — and again, she giggled a bit. “Nervous?” I hesitated to answer. After cumming too fast, I wanted to play it off as cool. I wanted to impress her. But Owen looked at me and tried to put me at ease. “You can be honest,” he said. “We’re all friends here.” I nodded a bit and murmured, “I’m… a little nervous, yeah.” “Don’t be. She’ll take good care of you,” he said with a wink. Then, Tessa grabbed my jeans and started tugging them off of me. “Let’s get you naked, `kay?” she suggested, and I lifted my ass off the bed to allow her to strip me of my pants and underwear. Then went the shirt along with my cap, and I realize I’ve never felt so exposed before in my twelve years of life. I was naked and still sporting wood in front of my brother and a pretty girl, on the cusp of truly losing my virginity. Once I was naked, Tessa lied down on her back in front of me, showing off her full body — and when she spread her legs, I swallowed thickly, staring. I drew closer, not taking my gaze away from her pussy, eyeing it with both intrigue and trepidation. She looked soft, inviting, floral, fascinating… but also complex. Guys in porn made it look so easy, because they often just slid right in like a torpedo locking in on a target. But… how did I do that? Where was I supposed to go? No one had taught me this stuff. Fuck, I should have asked Owen more about the ins and outs of sex before I agreed to this. “Touch her, Tuck,” Owen said, suddenly breaking my concentration. “Feel how wet she is.” Tessa just laughed. “How do you know I’m wet?” “`Cause I know you,” Owen teased before he stood up and joined us on the bed. He sat down beside her hip and slid a hand down over her taut stomach until his fingers touched between her legs. She hummed a bit, but Owen just grinned. “Knew it. Bad girl,” he murmured. She just swatted Owen’s hand away. “That’s not for you,” she said, playfully chastising him before she looked at me and opened her legs even more. “C’mon in, baby.” I got myself between her legs, and now that I was “up to bat,” I felt the nervousness increase tenfold. I didn’t want to embarrass myself by totally fumbling, so I beckoned Owen closer. He lent me his ear, and I whispered, “Where does it go?” Owen just chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, it can be intimidating,” he said quietly, looking down as if analyzing the situation. “Um… Want me to just do it for you?” I wasn’t sure what he meant exactly, but that sounded good to me. I nodded. Owen reached forward and grabbed my cock, guiding me in place. I gasped when I felt his strong grip around me, the antithesis of Tessa’s but still equally pleasurable. Then, I grunted a bit as he ushered me forward with his free hand on the small of my back. When the head of my cock kissed Tessa’s softness, Owen whispered one word in my ear: “Push.” He was so close to my ear that his lips grazed it, his soft command sending shivers down my spine. Obediently, I sunk in, and once I pushed through, Owen let go. Immediately, I felt dazed. She was so warm and so moist and so overwhelming that I was unsure how to process it. It felt too fucking good, far better than I had imagined it’d feel. It was incomparable to her mouth, even. Her lips and tongue gave me more precise pleasure sensations, as if she was pinpointing certain spots on my boyhood, but this? This felt like a tight hug, like I was being sucked in completely. There wasn’t a single particle of me that felt left out. “Atta boy,” Owen said, grinning when I bottomed out in her, patting the base of my back and keeping his hand comfortably right above the curve of my ass. I kept myself in balls-deep, taking a moment to get used to the sensation. Frankly, I wasn’t too worried about cumming too fast since I just got off a few minutes prior, but still, there was always a chance. Owen nudged my hip, and when I glanced at him, he demonstrated a movement, rocking his hips back and forth. At first, I thought he was telling me to start thrusting — but then I noticed he was actually just showing me technique. His hips moved less with a robotic back and forth and more so with a smooth gliding motion. It almost reminded me of the ocean. I nodded, looking down between Tessa’s legs and starting to try to follow Owen’s lead. I mimicked him as best as I could, moving my lower body in wave formations, gyrating instead of simply pumping. “Yeeeah,” Owen said approvingly. “That’s it, Tuck.” He gave me a pat on my ass for good measure. Encouraged by his words, I picked up the pace a bit, which made Tessa start moaning. I watched as one of her hands dipped down to rub a spot above her pussy. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but I didn’t care. I was feeling fucking fantastic. The pulls and pushes had totally different sensations, and the fight for wanting to experience both simultaneously propelled me to a faster speed. I closed my eyes, listening to the slick noises of our fucking and Tessa’s moans, reveling in the feelings Tessa was providing. It made me never want to jerk off bakırköy travesti again. I couldn’t see how that was an option when all guys could be doing this instead. But most of all, what made me the most excited was that I felt like a man, like a real stud. I felt like my big brother. As I closed my eyes, I pictured the videos I’d seen of Owen in this exact position, looking like he’s in his element, like fucking was what he was made for. I was channeling some of that energy, focusing my hips and working as fluidly as possible. God, I was in heaven. I never wanted it to end — that is, until my orgasm started approaching. Then, that’s all I wanted to do: cum. I looked up at Owen, my body getting hotter, my boy balls boiling, my cock throbbing incessantly. “I’m gonna shoot again,” I told him. He smiled, nodding and gently rubbing the nape of my neck. “Do it wherever you want.” Wherever I wanted? There were so many options that I’d seen in porn: the face, the tits, over the pussy. A lot of times, guys would flip the girl over and cum all over her ass. Frankly, I was curious enough to want to try them all and see what I liked best, but because I was so overwhelmed and indecisive, I decided to stay put. Huffing, I just pushed in deep and came in her, whining and trembling as I had my second orgasm of the morning. I felt this one far more intensely than the one from the blowjob. The pleasure rippled through me, over and over, from my toes all the way to my eyes until finally releasing me. “That was so hot,” Tessa murmured to herself. Owen patted my back. “How you feelin’?” he asked me as I came down from my climax. “Good,” I said, smiling back as I pulled out, feeling red-faced but exceptionally happy. “Real good.” “Good,” he said with a chuckle before cocking his chin. “We can talk more later, but… now it’s my turn.” He shifted onto the bed, sitting up on his knees and rubbing himself over his jeans. He was bulging pretty profusely. “You mind?” I shook my head. I had had my fun, and frankly, I was excited by the prospect of watching sex up close for the first time. Tessa was casually fingering herself while Owen quickly undressed. I was impressed by the efficiency in which he removed his clothes, but I guess that’s a skill you learn when you work as a pornstar. When Owen got rid of his underwear, his cock swung out, bouncing around. My eyes followed it as if hypnotized until he positioned himself between Tessa’s legs. She giggled a bit as he crawled in between, nudging her thighs apart even wider. Then, with fascination, I watched as Owen pushed his hips gently forward and entered her without using his hands. He made it look so effortless, the way he adjusted his hips and eased forth. Tessa immediately groaned, wrapping her legs around Owen and tugging him down to kiss him. Watching them fuck in person was so different to watching two people through a computer screen. After Owen hammered it into me that pornstars are, first and foremost, actors, I started analyzing their movements and their reactions more. It didn’t necessarily ruin porn for me, but it made it less exciting to realize everything was so fake. Owen and Tessa, however, felt anything but. They fucked like pros, of course, because they were — but there was a level of passion that I hadn’t seen in porn before. I truly believed they were loving what they were doing. I even wondered if they were in love. Then, they started talking dirty. “I can’t believe you let my little brother fuck you,” Owen whispered against her lips. I guess Owen cussed in this context, too. She let out a higher pitched moan, clutching onto Owen more tightly. “You know what a bad girl I am,” she said, grinning. Owen gave her a sharper thrust that made her squeal. “I know real well,” he said with a little chuckle, kissing her again. “You can bring all your little brothers my way if they’re hung like Tucker,” Tessa said. Owen laughed. “It’s just me `n him,” he said, kissing her neck. “Mmm, what a waste,” she said. “Could have so many big cocks in the family.” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Owen asked, starting to thrust faster and harder. “One after the other?” “Yes,” she panted, trembling a bit. Owen grinned a bit, watching her, seeming to sense a change. “All those little boys?” “Yes!” she cried, grabbing onto Owen even tighter. Owen kissed her cheek tenderly. “Maybe I’ll give you a boy of your own.” That seemed to trigger her orgasm, because she wrapped around Owen like a vice and nearly screamed through her climax. Owen watched her with fascination, steadily rutting as she came before he allowed himself to cum as well. Grunting, he pushed into her deeply, his ass flexing as he filled her with his load. After sharing a soft kiss, Owen rolled off of Tessa, panting softly and donning a satisfied smile. He gave his cock one good tug before letting it rest against his thigh, heavy, wet, and leaking a little bit of cum. Tessa sighed happily, rubbing her stomach before she spoke up. “I think I liked Tucker better,” she teased. Owen looked at her with a shocked expression. “Hey!” he said, and she just giggled, which made me smile. “I’m just teasing,” she said, patting his thigh. “Though he was very good.” Then, Tessa glanced at me and laughed. “Hard again?” she asked. I looked down, and sure enough, I was rocking another boner. Owen just chuckled and spoke before I could answer. “Yeah, he does that.” She licked her lips before glancing at the clock above her bed and sighing. “Damn. I’d say one more round, but–” “It’s all good. I know you’re busy,” Owen said. Then, he slid out of bed, starting to gather up his clothes. “C’mon, Tuck,” he said, tossing my clothes to me. Tessa just eyed the both of us as we got dressed. I made myself decent, but Owen just pulled up his jeans and tucked in his shirt without zipping up his fly or fastening the button. Then, Tessa, who was still naked, walked us to the door. “Thanks for doing this,” Owen said. “My pleasure,” she said, combing her fingers through her hair and smiling at me. “It was nice to meet you, Tucker,” she said. I blushed but smiled a bit. “You, too.” She giggled. “So cute,” she said, bopping my nose with a finger. “Yeah, yeah, he’s adorable,” Owen said with a grin before smacking Tessa’s ass. Then, he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the side of her forehead. “I’ll catch you later.” “Tuesday’s shoot, right?” “Yep. I’ll be there,” Owen said, pulling open the door. “Sounds good. Bye boys!” she said cheerfully. “Let’s do this again sometime.” Owen put a hand on my back and ushered me out of her apartment as I waved goodbye to Tessa. Then, we made our way back to the car in silence. I just couldn’t stop smiling. I felt lighter, more confident, more aware of myself. There was even a little bit of bounce in my step. Frankly, I felt fucking great. Once Owen got back on the road, he broke the silent streak. “So?” he asked, grinning. I glanced at him. “What?” “What’s the verdict?” “It was… awesome,” I said, still a little hard in my pants. I knew as soon as I got home I was going to jerk off multiple times recounting different pieces of this morning’s adventure. Owen just laughed. “Yeah, I told you you’d like it,” he said, clearly pleased with himself. “You did great, buddy. Made me real proud.” I smiled, happy to hear that. “Thanks, Owen,” I said before I glanced at him. “Is she your girlfriend?” Owen looked confused. “What makes you ask that?” I shrugged. “You called her `babe’ and said stuff about… trying to get her pregnant.” Suddenly, Owen laughed. “Yeah, I guess that’s confusing,” he said. “But no, she’s not my girlfriend. Just a good friend from work. And she likes that kind of dirty talk,” he adds, grinning. “Don’t think too much on it.” “Alright,” I said, nodding. I wasn’t about to claim that I understood the complexities of adult relationships, so I just did what he asked: I didn’t think too much about it. “I’m really glad you had fun, bud,” he said, reaching over to flick my ball cap. I smiled a bit, swatting his hand away and then readjusting my cap before I started thinking about what else was out there. “Does it feel that good with guys?” I asked. “With guys?” He seemed surprised by my question, and took a second to think about it. “Huh. Well, I mean, it’s different.” “Different how?” I asked. “Different… equipment, I guess you could say,” he said with a little chuckle before glancing at me. “Are you… curious about guys?” I blushed. Something in his tone made me feel embarrassed, like it was a topic to tread lightly on or something. I wasn’t entirely sure. “It’s okay,” Owen said to reassure me. “You can tell me.” “I guess a little bit,” I admitted. It seemed fair, though. I tried it with girls. It’d make sense to try it with guys, right? “What are you curious about?” he asked me. “Um, I don’t know,” I said with a shrug. “Everything?” Owen chuckled. “You wanna try it all, huh?” he asked, and when I nodded, he smiled as if proud. “Atta boy,” he said before gripping the steering wheel and thinking about something. “Well, with guys, there are levels. You can top or bottom.” I wrinkled my nose, confused. “What’s that mean?” “Like… a guy can do you, or you can do the guy,” Owen explained. “Which one sounds better to you?” I was getting flustered. How was I supposed to know which was better? Yeah, fucking definitely sounded intriguing since I could compare a boy to a girl, but *getting* fucked? I didn’t even know what that would entail. It was so foreign a concept that I wanted to learn everything about it first. “It’s alright,” Owen said when I didn’t respond. “You don’t have to answer now.” “I just don’t really know what it’d be like,” I said. “Yeah, it’s all new. I get it.” Then, he tapped his chin. “If you want, I can try `n find a guy for you,” he said. “You know, someone to show you the ropes and all that. Bet it’d be way easier than it was finding a girl. But it’d have to be someone I trust…” “Why not you?” I asked. I didn’t even think too hard about it. To me, it just made the most sense from a logistical standpoint. Owen had the right equipment, and there was already established trust between us. Why not just do it with him rather than with a stranger? “Oh,” he said, looking like he hadn’t even thought of that. He almost laughed a little. “Really? Me?” “Yeah, why not?” I asked. Hell, we wouldn’t even have had to leave the house. We’d have just needed to wait for a day where Mom and Dad were out or something. Easy peasy. Owen laughed, scratching his head. “I’ll, uh… I’ll have to think about that,” he said, and I just nodded. Think away, big bro, but as far as I was concerned, there wasn’t any other guy on Earth that I’d rather figure things out with. If I was going to explore guy sex, it had to be with Owen.

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