Subject: Time with my nephew Part 2 (the shopping trip) The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story may depict sexual situations between minor males, and minor males with adults if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, BenCraig, and should not be re-posted or reproduced without his permission. ©2022 Ben Craig. Please donate to Nifty to keep this archive free. Address all comments to: ook Time with my nephew part 2 (the shopping trip) Soon we met downstairs ready to set off on the shopping trip. `Did you do a weewee’, I asked. `No I did a poo’, came the answer with a wicked grin. `Hope you wiped your bottom properly’, I retorted with an equal grin. I had a feeling we would get on famously. We walked down to the garage. As we walked up the garage door opened. `Wow, that’s wicked’, exclaimed the boy. `An S class Merc, it’s brand new. I didn’t know you had that. `Yeah I picked it up last week. Today we will take the transit though as we have to fit the tv in later. Is that ok?’ `Of course!’ We climbed in the van and set off. The shopping centre was just a 20 mile trip so we arrived about 40 minutes later. At a well known store we ambled through the stock to find a nice telly. `How about this one’, I pointed to a 50″ smart television set. `Really? But that is £800. There’s one there for less than half the price.’ `Yes but this is a better make, we will have this one. Ah look they got a blu-ray player that goes with it.’ I found an assistant and told him we would like to take both items home. After a quick check he confirmed both were in stock and he would get the items delivered to the van we bust had to give him a call when we were ready When we got outside Aden flung his arms around me and kissed my cheek. `Thank you so much uncle, eh sorry, Ben.’ `That’s fine mate don’t worry. Now anything else we need while we are here.’ `Ehh Ben, I don’t know if daddy told you but I sometimes have accidents in bed when I am stressed. I need some nappies.’ Aden was bright red after he told me this. I had to help him. `Yes he told me mate, look I used to have accidents as well nothing to be ashamed off.’ We went off to find a chemist. After a couple of minutes we found a large one. An idea had formed in my head while we were walking. I would wear nappies too so Aden would not feel awkward. In the shop we soon found what we were looking for. As I picked up two packs of nappies in different sizes Aden looked quizzically. `We are in this together mate’, I said with a wink. As we walked to the till I picked up a bottle of baby moisturiser. Then a clear voice rang out `Hi Aden, what are you doing here.’ `Oh hi Adam.’ It was only the boy whose bottom I had a full view off yesterday. I quickly walked off so the boys could have some privacy. `I’ll see you istanbul travesti at the ice cream parlour in about 10 minutes, bring your friend too,’ all while frantically keeping the nappies out of sight. I paid and rang the store to get the tv delivered to the van. Ten minutes later I met the two boys at the ice cream parlour. After introductions the three of us sat down for some delicious ice cream. It was obvious that Aden had filled his friend in on the situation. `So Aden’, I said, `what is the plan for your birthday next Saturday. Is Adam coming over for a sleep over? Are you inviting other friends? Do you want to go for dinner? Anything goes.’ `I had not thought about it to be honest Ben. Would you come over Adam? Would you be allowed to stay over?’ `I will ask my mum when I get home, I would love to come over.’ `Right that’s settled then. Any other friends?’ `Adam is my best friend. Probably not anyone else.’ `Whatever you want buddy. Listen I will go and pay and then we’ll go home ok.’ As I walked to the till my phone rang out its rock anthem. Two boys looked at each other as I looked at them. I quickly answered. As we drove home Aden was very quiet. After about 10 minutes he spoke `Ben?’ `Yes mate.’ `It was you yesterday, wasn’t it?’ `Yes mate.’ Silence ensued. When we got home the boy went straight up to his room. There was nothing I could say or do. He would have to work things out for himself. After a couple of hours I decided that I had to try and do something. I walked up to his room and knocked. `Aden’, not a sound. `Aden come on mate we have to talk.’ The door opened slowly. I walked in and sat on the bed. `Come and sit here’, I said as I patted the space next to me. `Am I going to get punished.’ `What are you on about?’ `Well I did something bad.’ `What do you mean? Did something bad. All I saw was two young boys exploring each others bodies. Both of you enjoyed it as far as I could see.’ `But I’m weird I was doing things with another boy. That makes me gay.’ `Right if you don’t stop this I will get cross. You are not weird, gay is not weird. I am gay too.’ Aden’s eyes opened wide. `You are?’ `Yes, I too found out when I was your age. I too build experiences with other boys.’ Aden scooted closer to me, smiled widely and kissed me on the lips. `Right’, I said, `now we are on a level playing field so to speak, I have an admission too. Do you know what a naturist is?’ `Someone who likes nature.’ The boy shrugged. `Not quite’, I laughed, `it is someone who likes to be nude. I like to walk round nude around the house. If I were to do that would that bother you?’ Aden blushed but said `it’s your house isn’t it?’ I stood up and got undressed in front of him and walked out of the room. I could feel the gaze of his eyes over me. As it was a lovely day I wandered into my enclosed garden with a drink and laid onto a sun lounger. Minutes later Aden, still blushing but naked as the day he was kadıköy travesti born, joined me on the lounger next to me. Nothing was said. After a while I got up and got the suncream. `Your skin isn’t used to the sun. Here put this on your willy. You won’t want that burning.’ He looked me straight in the eye and said `I think you should help me with that.’ I gently poured some of the cream over his willy and started moisturising it. The desired effect was instant his willy rose to a full 4 inches. I did not carry on regardless instead telling him to turn over so I could do his bottom too. By `accident’ I dribbled the cream between the beautiful globes and rubbed my finger backward and forward bottom shot up exposing a gorgeous pink tight little poohole. It was obvious that the wiping of this morning’s poo had left a lot to be desired as the cream turned a browny colour. Gently I inserted a finger and moved in and out. Aden moaned and his body tensed and relaxed he had shot his watery load all over the lounger. He turned over and grabbed my willy, expertly he took it in his mouth. Seconds later I shot my load down his throat, not a drop was spilled. Where had he learned that I wondered. `Stay there’, I ordered. I went into the house and got a pack of baby wipes from the bathroom. `Right on all fours bottom in the air. The boy did as he told and I wiped his smooth boy crack expertly. `Look, you hadn’t wiped very well this morning. I wonder what your undies are like. Pooey stains no doubt.’ A grin was the silent answer. We both fell asleep on our loungers. I awoke by the sound of running water only it wasn’t water it was Aden weeing in his sleep. Poor las obviously was very stressed. I gently woke him up `Come on lad, you need a weewee.’ `Uh, oh’, came the sleepy answer. `I’m so sorry.’ `Stop saying sorry. Come on follow me.’ He got up, willy still dribbling wee, and followed me. I took him to the downstairs bathroom and switched on the shower. Once it was warm enough I gently pushed him under. I took a handful of my favourite minty shower gel and washed him from top to bottom, taking extra time and care on his willy and bottom. `That tingles’, he said. `It’s real nice.’ I started to wee and washed my willy in the golden liquid as it came out. `That looks nice. I will do that next time as well.’ He then washed my willy with the shower gel. `How come you haven’t any hairs?’, he asked. `I shave, I like things smooth. You are lovely and smooth. I especially love your smooth boy crack and sweet little poohole. `Turn round and bend over’, he demanded. `Your boy crack is smooth and you have a nice poohole too.’ `Thank you’, I answered. `Let’s sort some dinner shall we?’ It was amazing how in 9 or 10 short hours so much had changed I mused. As it was a nice evening I lit the bbq, I had some lovely wagyu burgers and a few steaks. It was obvious that these went down very well with Aden. I gently interrogated him bakırköy travesti about his relationship with Adam and what stage they were at. `Have you done the big thing yet?’ `You mean stuck my willy up his poohole?’ I was pleased that he understood immediately what I meant and there was no need for crude words. `Yes, that’s what I meant.’ `I nearly did once but he was scared it would hurt.’ `Have you had a willy up your poohole?’ `No, not yet but I would like to try.’ `Where did you learn what you did to me earlier?’ `A man in the toilet made me do it to him he gave me 20 pounds to do it.’ `Have you met many men in the toilets.’ `About 10 or so I think.’ `You know that is pretty dangerous to do some men may be nasty.’ `I know but it’s like I don’t want to do it but it’s like drugs I think. I need to do a poo now.’ I guessed that was his way of saying that the conversation was over. `Ok well after your bad attempt of wiping your bottom in the morning I think you should call me when you are done so I can inspect your handiwork. Don’t you think?’ `Ok then’, he agreed. I walked into the house with him and watched him go in the bathroom. Totally unabashed he left the door wide open and sat down. 2 minutes later he shouted `I’m done.’ `That was a quick poo’, I said, `ok I’m here. Now bend over.’ I first wiped his bottom with poo paper and showed him when it looked clear. Then I wiped him with a baby wipe after and showed him the result. `There you see, still poo despite the poo paper looked clean’. Another baby wipe and making sure I went into his poohole with my covered finger the result was to my satisfaction. `There you won’t have skiddies in your undies or on my white sofa when we sit down later.’ It was very obvious that the thorough clean had an effect on his willy. I loved that boys that age seemed to have a permanent erection. I told him to bend over again and began licking the very clean poohole, my tongue entered the tight pink hole. `Ohhh yess Ben’, moaned the lad. I smacked his bottom hard. `Oh yes, do that again please’. I took him by the hand and led him into the lounge there I put him across my knee and spanked his bottom till it was glowing red. With a sigh he came all over my willy. `Wow’, he said, `I always wanted someone to do that to me. It’s not the same if daddy does it because he only does it if I been really naughty. Mostly I get time out.’ `Well you only have to ask and I will spank your bottom anytime you like. I trust I will never have to get cross with you. If I did it would be a different spanking than the one you just had, trust me.’ We spent the rest of the night setting up Aden’s television in his room. Then at 10 o’clock I said it was time to go to bed as we had a busy day. `Are you going to be ok putting your nappy on or you want me to do it.’ `Please Ben can you help me? They are different to the ones I normally have. I normally wear the pants type, these are more like baby nappies.’ `Ok, lay on the bed. Legs up. Higher than that I need to get it underneath your bottom. Yeah that’s the way. How does that feel?’ `Brilliant Ben, thank you.’ I kissed him goodnight. `Sleep tight. The door will be open I’m next door if you need me.’ `Goodnight Ben.’

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