Subject: Coming of Age together, Part 2 Coming of age together By Chaim Part 2 [email protected] Support Nifty with a donation to keep this website open and free. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation. All the best for 2022! ================= Rites de Passage ================= Afterwards I had boy crushes and fantasies about teens, but the teens of my dreams were of course my own brother and his buddy Kai. I admired them. The often cuddled me and theirs teen dicks were often hard as they rubbed my little butt and I loved that. Terry already old enough and had a lot of fun, and Kai visited him regularly. One night I lay in bed there thinking about them, I rubbed my hard excited penis but must have fallen asleep, as some squeaking noise awakened me. I felt my penis stir, knowing my brother was having sex with Kai again. I knew Terry slept with Kai but my brother had sex with multiple teens and boys. It only took once for me to come home early from school and find a boy in bed with Terry for me to realize that hidden truth. Kai was my brother’s buddy, they were lovers but they were open about having sex with others. That was a happy thought, because it opened up more possibilities for myself. Sometimes Terry invited his buddies to swim with us in the lake and they came willing and eagerly. Terry told me much later, he liked to watch as Kai seduced them. A good example was Simon, although there were many. Simon was a teen like Terry and Kai but looked younger. Terry brought Simon home one day. Kai joined them while I walked around, and watched it all from a distance. When Simon was introduced to Kai by Terry, it ran smoothly. Simon was immediately struck by how friendly Kai was and how hard he tried to put him at ease. Simon immediately let them know that he knew why he had been invited. He knew Terry and Kai were lovers and they assured him that he didn’t have to participate in the fun if he wasn’t up to it. On the contrary Simon expressed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. Kai smiled at his open enthusiasm, “This is fun,” Simon said, “I feel really like a naughty boy.” They laughed, “Yes, you are, I guess.” They went upstairs to Terry’s room and Simon was full of joy and strength and fast talking. He stroked the bulge in his shorts, “You don’t mind do you? I’m always horny.” They smiled at him, “Hell no, we don’t mind. We are always fucking horny, too. Good to have someone here to share.” Simon reached down and grabbed his dick. I didn’t know why it was so exciting to watch this. Most amazing, they were openly seducing each other. Three teens hot and sexy, showing me all, without shame or reservation. They never looked at me, I was just there, watching in excitement. I couldn’t help reaching for my own penis in my leg of my shorts to rearrange myself. Now, Simon’s cock was starting to lift a little and he looked really hard. They went on talking saying nothing, just talking. After a while, Terry suggested, “Let’s shower and get all cleaned up.” With that my brother began to peel away his clothes and Terry immediately started to follow suit, soon there were everywhere piles of clothes. They went into the bathroom, joyful and they each took a leak, naked. The went inside the shower and stood side by side, naked. “I like how your dick swings when you walk around,” Simon said with a smile. Kai laughed and took his rather small dick in his hand and pulled him in. They took a shower together and Terry had gotten himself an attachment to wash his insides and they used it as well. Simon was grinning and relaxed, they washed and cleaned each other and hugged and cuddled, soon sporting powerful erections. “Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Kai asked Simon, who laughed and answered, “Yes, my little brother, but we never kissed like this.” “Close your eyes,” Terry said and he gently touched his face and Simon giggled. Terry brushed his lips against his and Simon twitched and eased back. It all started slow and easy, their tongues waggled and probed and they were wrapped up in a steamy embrace. Boners poking and hands roaming, and a big glob of pre-cum dribbled out of Simon’s dick. Terry and Kai were hot and impatient, but not a rush. I was there, just standing in the corner, watching them, as they kissed and stroked Simon all over. They laughed and kissed and my boner pulsed in my shorts. Kai asked Simon, “Well then, what are we waiting for?” They dried each other and went to Terry’s room. For the time being they were only dressed in their boxershorts and promptly started to initiate Simon into what Kai called, “the joy of gay sex.” I was invited to come along to watch them. I felt weird, but I liked I was giving the opportunity. Yes, it felt strange, but I also felt proud; I was old enough to have my brother and his best friend so close. Terry said to me, “Philip, you watch us, maybe you can learn something from it.” I sat in a chair in the corner of Terry’s bedroom, I stripped to my underwear, just like them. I was completely mesmerized as I watched Kai and Terry kissed each other and invited Simon to join them. Simon accepted their invitation with great enthusiasm. Kai put his arms around Simon’s waist and they started kissing him. Terry pulled him in closer and was getting hard and I saw Simon’s dick was hardening and rubbing against Kai’s body. That was the green flag for more! This not just a dream anymore, this was my new reality. “Then what are you waiting for, my ass is yours, take it any way you want it!” Simon said with the biggest smile ever. Well he didn’t need to tell them twice. Without any shame of inhibitions, Kai pushed him on Terry’s bed and then he was between his legs in a flash. Kai lifted his legs on his shoulders as he guided his lubricated cock to his ass. Slowly pushing his hips down, he pushed his dick on Simon’s ass hole. Kai pressed down harder, Simon gasped and uttered a moan as Kai’s cock break through his ass rings and his cock-head was entering his bowels. Fuck, Kai was huge, stretching Simon’s hole to its limits. There was a little discomfort, but the pain was apparently bearable. Kai slowly moved down on his cock till Simon’s ass cheeks were pressed against him. Simon smiled and managed to relax as he had him in him all the way. Kai pressed his hips down pressing his dick even deeper up in to Simon, making him gasp and he cried out with pleasure. They stayed like that for a few seconds, making Simon’s ass get used to his size, the pain and discomfort seems to disappear as he relaxed more. I saw Kai’s cock was sliding up against his prostate, sending shivers of electricity through his body, riding him harder, riding him faster. Moaning and groaning as he rode him, Simon’s tight ass clenched around Kai’s throbbing cock. The scene was so hot and it went so fast. Looking at them was driving me crazy, I was excited and curious. My wet cock-head pushed my penis forward. Soon there was a wet spot istanbul travesti where my penis had been drooling. Kai lifted Simon’s ass as he fucked him harder, both were moaning and groaning, every time he thrust his dick deep up inside. They kissed as Kai continued to fuck him, his dick assaulting his prostate. I was young and inexperienced but now I knew how it worked. Simon moaned with uncontrollable pleasure into his mouth. Kai panted, “Oh Simon, I love to fuck you, your ass is so tight, so warm. Holy fuck, I would love to have my dick in you the whole day.” Simon smiled happy at him saying, “I would not mind to have your dick in me the whole day.” My brother Terry took my penis in his hand, looking me in the eye as he wanked me, while Kai fucked Simon, ramming his cock deeper and deeper inside. The room was filled with slapping sounds as Kai’s body slammed against his butt. Kai breathing got heavier, as he speed up his pace, fucking him harder, fucking him deeper. “Fuck I am very close!” he announced as Terry wanked my penis even harder and quicker, just as Kai cried out and his dick was exploding inside, filling Simon with his cum, my own penis exploded, and I had a immense dry climax. Out of breath Kai pulled his cock from Simon and collapsed on the bed, “Fuck that was good!” he said, huffing and puffing as he tried to catch his breath. Terry whispered, “Here play with my dick,” as he took my hand and put it on his hard dick slowly guiding my hand up and down on his teenage dick. “Suck it,” Kai said to me with a smile. Terry’s dick was just a few inches from my lips. I opened my mouth as the head of Terry’s dick parted my lips, slipping into my mouth. Terry moaned in pleasure as he moved my head up and down. “Oh Philip,” Terry moaned in pleasure as he slid his dick in and out of my mouth. He moaned as he felt his balls tightening almost ready to cum. “Oh Fuck, Philip.” Terry yelled as he couldn’t hold back anymore as he started cumming. He tightened his grip on my head pushing me down onto his pulsing dick. I started struggling to get free as Terry’s pulsing dick started pumping my mouth with his warm teen cum. I swallowed the sticky liquid that was filling my mouth as his cum spurted into my mouth from his spasming dick. When Terry’s orgasm was over his dick was still firmly planted between my lips. Terry stroked my hair smiling and pulled me close to him. He started rubbing my butt, “Love you, little brother,” Terry said as he stroked my penis that had not lost any of its hardness. “Oh fuck,” I whimpered squirming as he licked the corners of his mouth lapping up some of his cum that had oozed out of my mouth. “Hop up on the bed with them,” Terry said with a smile. I climbed up on the bed and knelt on his bed. Kai turned to face me, Terry smiled at him as Kai took my boner between his fingers and started to stroke me. “You like it, don’t you?” Kai asked looking up at me with a huge grin. I just smiled a little and placed his hands on Kai’s shoulders gasping as he tightened his grip on my penis between his fingers. “Ahhhhh” I gasped as Kai took my penis in his mouth and started sucking on it. Kai’s mouth was giving me incredible feelings my penis, the tingles travelled through my body. “Ohhhhhh” I gasped out again as I squeezed Kai’s shoulders as he dragged his lips over my penis. Kai pulled off, and flicked my cock-head with his finger smiling at how hard I was. I moaned as he teased my penis with his tongue. I looked up at Terry and Simon as they smiled at me. Both teens were stroking their dripping dicks and kissing, they were horny as hell. “I know something that will feel even better” Simon said with a sly grin as he ran his hands over my smooth thighs that made me start to worry by the look in his eyes. “What?” I asked looking into my brother’s eyes. “Get on your hands and knees” Terry said as he got up. “why?” I asked sitting back on my heels and looking at them as they smiled at me. “You’ll see,” Terry said, “believe me Simon is good at this!” I slowly moved around and got on all fours as Simon smiled looking at my butt and I saw Simon’s dick throb. “Fuck, I’m so horny. Let me take his noy pussy,” Simon whispered. I closed his eyes. They wanted to fuck me? Simon rubbed my still baby smooth butt smiling, “Still so cute and smooth, you look so good and fuckable sweet.” “Hey,” I yelped as Kai swatted my butt making me to clench my butt cheeks. Kai looked back at Terry who smiled at him as Simon laughed and rubbed his hand firmer over my ass cheeks. “What are you doing?” I asked looking back again as I felt Simon was pulling my butt cheeks apart. “Just relax you’re going to love this,” Terry said smiling at me. I tried to relax, trusting my brother, taking his word for it. I gasped in surprise as I felt Simon’s tongue licking up and down my crack. He stopped briefly and ran his finger over my ass hole smiling as it constricted with his touch. I gasped as I felt Simon’s tongue licking up and down his butt crack again. A shiver ran through my body as he pointed his tongue and swirled it around on my boy hole. I relaxed a little as his tongue really felt good. Kai reached between my legs and took my penis between his fingers and started stroking my boy dick as Simon’s tongue probed my ass hole. I put his head down on the bed and whimpered in pleasure while Kai continued. He stroked my hard penis and Simon pushed the tip of his tongue deeper into my hole. I pushed back, pressing my butt into Simon’s face moaning. Terry smiled as they had me just where they wanted me. Another green flag to continue! Simon pulled his face from my ass and Terry took up the bottle of baby oil he brought to his room. My brother poured some of the baby oil into my butt crack letting it run down across his hole before gently rubbing his finger along my crack while Kai stroked my penis firmer, making me gasp and moan. “Oh, that’s not your tongue,” I said lifting his head up off the bed and looking at them. They smiled at me as Terry shoved the tip of his finger in my little ass. I moaned as he felt Terry’s finger pushing deeper into me and I saw his dick throbbed as he had his finger buried to the knuckle in my ass. Kai whispered, “Oh boy, I can’t wait to feel my dick in that hot tight little hole.” I couldn’t think anymore. “Ahhhh!” I gasped out again as put my head back down on the bed as Terry slid his finger in and out of my butt while Kai continued stroking his boy dick. After my brother fingered me for some time, Kai said, “Try two fingers, Terry.” With that Terry poured some more baby oil in my butt crack, pulled out his finger and pressed two of his fingers back inside. I yelped in surprise as I felt Terry’s fingers stretching my ass hole. “It burns!” I cried out lifting my head off the bed as Terry held his fingers in the entrance of my hole. “Just relax and it will feel better” Simon said to me as he started stroking his own dick faster. I groaned torn between the good feeling in my penis and the discomfort of my brother’s fingers kadıköy travesti in my butt. I moaned out as Kai said with a smile, “Oh you love it, don’t you, you are close to an orgasm.” “Ow, ow, ow,” I moaned out as he felt Terry’s fingers slipping deeper into me. Simon’s dick got even harder listening to my moans and grunts as Terry slid his finger in and out of my ass hole while he stroked his dick. I howled as my penis started twitching between Kai’s fingers. I squirmed from the discomfort in my ass but didn’t want to stop it. I moaned as Terry hit my gland poking it a few times, watching my hard little dick twitch. He pulled his fingers out, lubed a third finger before sliding them inside. I squirmed a little more with this new intruder. Terry picked up the pace a little, fucking me with three fingers while stretching them out to loosen my ass hole a bit further, and continue to stimulate me inside. “Oh Philip, you want a fourth finger or my dick?” immediately I knew it was time for me, there was no way back and I had to take it. Kai was about to take my cherry. My hole was squeezing Terry’s finger tightly. My hole stretched open wide as I relaxed, his fingers forced all the way inside my ass hole as he finger fucking me slowly, his fingers sliding in and out of my hole gently. Once my hole was stretched to his girth, I moaned for him as another dry orgasm ripped through me. Kai glanced down at his own throbbing dick and mumbled, “Wow, can’t wait to feel my dick buried in your ass.” I put my head down on the bed panting after my orgasm was over and I grunted as I felt Terry’s fingers slip out of my ass hole. Now everything went very fast, really fast! Kai lubed up his dick and climbed up on the bed behind me and started stroking it back and forth smiling as he stared at my upturned butt. “I told you, you will love it,” Terry whispered in my ear making me smile as Kai leaned over me with his dick sliding along my butt crack. My smile soon disappeared as I felt Kai’s hot dick rubbing along my butt crack. I started to panic as I realized what Kai was going to do. A sudden fear hit me, I was about to lose my virginity, but the fear was also an instead relief. I worried about that last bit of being a little boy. I was actually desperate to get rid of it, I wanted to be one of them. It would be painful for certain. It had to be this way. They praised me, clucked softly, and took care of me. I waited, my body began to shake as I felt my fear. Kai whispered, “Shhh, don’t be frightened. Terry won’t let me take you if they don’t trust me.” his hand slid down the my chest, fingers spreading. “So soft…” He said, “Do you like my touch?” Kai growled, “Look at me!” but his expression was gentle, not angry. Still I shook with fear, “Trust me, you will love it.” I looked at Kai’s huge teen dick, and the fear kicked in again. “No!” I yelled lifting my head up off the bed and trying to scramble away on my hands and knees. Simon grabbed me as I tried to get away and pulled me back on the bed. Kai was jabbing his dick between my butt cheeks. “No Kai, please don’t fuck me, you are too big” I whimpered as Kai held me tightly around my waist and rubbed his dick along my butt crack. I pleaded for mercy, “I’ll suck you all” as I felt Kai’s dick pressing against my boy pussy, “No way, Philip. You need this and I want to be the first to fuck you,” Kai replied as he pushed his hips forward. “Terry, stop him, please don’t do this to me!” I pleaded my brother. Terry shook his head and told me the truth, “You need this Philip, you begged for this, Kai will take your cherry. Try to relax, it will feel better for you.” I felt Kai’s dick pushing into my pucker. “Oh my god!” I hollered as the head of Kai’s dick filled my ass. “Please, please, pull it out” I protested as Kai started rubbing his hands over my back. “It’s okay you just need a little more of my dick and it will feel really good,” Kai said before he proceeded to push half of his dick into my boy pussy. “Relax, my dick’s almost all the way in,” Kai said gently stroking my thighs. “It burns Kai, please!” I begged. I tried to scramble away again but Kai quickly grabbed me around my waist and shoved the rest of his dick into my ass. “Oh, oh” Kai squealed as he now had his dick buried in my ass. “See you got it all, doesn’t it feel good?” Kai said leaning over and kissing my shoulders tenderly as he panted. “Pull it out please,” I replied, “Are you sure?” Kai said as he pulled out and slowly pushed in again. “Oh,” I yelped out throwing my head back a little. Terry and Simon smiled as he started fucking me with a series of slow thrust, in and out, before he picked up his pace. I grunted with every thrust as Kai raised himself off my back and put his hands on his waist. Kai fucked me with a series of rapid strokes in and out of my ass. Kai moved one of his hands off of my waist and reached under me and smiled as he felt my penis dick was incredibly hard in his hand. I grunted and moaned as Kai kept slamming into me, and saw Terry and Simon were stroking themselves. I reached out and grab the closest, Simon’s dick and jerked his dick toward me as I was fucked by Kai. With my head on the bed, my hands were free enough to pull his dick into my mouth and play with his balls. “Ahhhhh. Keep doing that, Philip. It feels so awesome.” Simon’s dick was feeling so good that he started to leak precum. I took a deep breath and slipped his juicy dick back inside my mouth. I tried to suck Simon’s dick and also use my tongue to massage the underside of his dick shaft at the same time. He grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands. He desperately wanted to shoot his cum, “Keep sucking, Philip. I’m soon gonna cum.” He loved it, me blowing him, his attention was pretty evenly split between Kai, who was fucking me and the feeling on his dick. I took a deep breath and took him deep inside my mouth. I could tell that Simon was only seconds away from an orgasm. All I could do was continue to suck and wait for the explosion. Simon gasped, “Oh take my load boy,” and with thar he started to shoot his teen cum down my throat. Kai started stroking my penis with the same pace as he was fucking me, rubbing his other hand over my back. I put his head down on the bed as Kai released my dick that felt like it was about to explode between my legs as Kai rammed his teen dick into his little ass. “Oh Kai, Ohhhhhhh yeah!” I moaned in pleasure as he pushed his butt back to meet Kai’s dick with every thrust. “Fuck me Kai fuck me!” I moaned in ecstasy as Kai dick was sending waves of pleasure through my young body. Kai picked up his pace pulling his dick almost completely out of my ass and shoving it back into me hard making me squeal with delight. “Oh fuck, Philip,” Kai moaned out as he fucked me so hard my body moved back and forth on the bed. “Harder him harder, fuck him harder!” Terry yelled. “Oh yeah, fuck me hard,” I begging for more. “Yeah, look at him, yeah,” Simon joined him as Kai tightened his grip on my waist. “Oh yeah, bakırköy travesti take his cherry,” they chanted, “breed him,” as Kai started fucking his ass with long rapid strokes, “give him what he needs!” “It’s happening, it’s happening” I gasped with an air of desperation in my voice as I felt my little dick, it was hard as steel and I was on the edge. Kai started thrusting into me even harder wanting to breed me at the same time. I was about to cum! “Oh fuck YES!” Kai proclaimed as he started cumming, spewing his hot teen cum into my insides just as my ass started reflex, squeezing Kai’s dick as I squealed in delight overcome by my powerful orgasm. Kai collapsed on top of my back pushing me down on the bed on his stomach. I smiled as Kai started lick his shoulders as he felt his dick softening in my ass. “Fuck me again Kai, do it again,” I asked after a few minutes had passed as Kai lay on top of my back with his dick still in my ass. He whispered, You were really the best, giving up your cherry to me, Kai laughed, “I remember that the defloration of your brother Terry, I was also the first to breed him, was more difficult.” Kai stroked me and smiled a my insatiable sexual appetite made his dick rapidly regain its rigidity, but he said, “Let your brother Terry do it, he wants to fuck you too.” Suddenly unsure I asked, “Did I well enough?” In reply Kai stood, pulled me into his arms, and French kissed me, relishing the taste of Simon’s spunk in my mouth. As we kissed, we ground our groins into each other, “You were perfect!” After several minutes Kai broke away and pushed me to my brother. Terry had a wild, longing look in his eyes. “Will you fuck me, Terry? Please!” Terry couldn’t believe his luck. I was begging to be fucked, but he decided to take it slowly. “Are you quite sure Philip? Your boy pussy was well and truly stretched by Kai and your pucker’s still not quite back to normal.” “I know, but I still feel so open, and I would love to have your load inside my boy pussy.” Terry’s dick jumped and oozed pre-cum when he heard that, “Christ! Philip, you are a true cum-slut already! Come on then you sexy little bugger, we’ll go fo it.” Terry’s dick was steadily dripping pre-cum onto the bed and he was more than ready to fuck my tight young ass. He knew he’d have to be careful, the my ass hole hadn’t fully recovered from Kai’s ordeal. He let go of his jerking cock and sat on the edge of the bed, fondling his teen’s balls as he said, “I’m dying to fuck your boy-pussy Philip, but you need to be well lubricated first. Lie on your back, stick a pillow under your buttocks, and lock your legs behind your head, and I’ll get the lube.” While I was doing as I had been told he asked Kai to get a butt plug as well, so that I could save his spunk when he finished fucking my boy pussy. Terry carried the lube and Kai gave him the butt plug. Terry’s cock jerked when he looked at my pucker. He liberally coated my ass-crack with lube then gently worked two fingers inside my ass and worked them around. I gasped and grimaced slightly at the first intrusion and tensed up, then after a couple of seconds I relaxed and began to moan softly, almost purring. “That hurt a bit at first, but I’m alright now. Oh brother, I so want your dick inside my boy pussy fucking a load of cum from my balls!” “And I’m desperate to fuck your tight little boy-pussy too. Oh Philip, you’re such a sexy young fucker, you really turn me on.” Terry turned the screw. “I can’t wait till we’re together and I will have you alone for the whole night. I want to make love to you all night long!” He had lubed up his rigid cock while talking, and he placed his cock-head on my pucker. Terry looked down at my face and smiled at me, “Love you little brother! Are you ready Philip?” Terry looked deep into my eyes and I saw his eyes were filled with lust. I whispered, “Fuck me now, thrust your dick all the way up my ass, and then fuck me as hard as you want until we both cum! I don’t care if it hurts, I just want your cock in my ass!” He teased me, “Hey baby brother, what do you want?” “Fuck me!” I sternly replied. “What do you want me to fuck, Philip?” he teased on. “Fuck my brains out with your dick!” I earnestly growled, looking intently at Terry, meaning every word that came out of my mouth. Terry mounted me and held his large hot cock head next to my quivering wet ass hole. He waited in this position for a few seconds, getting ready to fuck my brain out. More pre-cum oozed from Terry’s cockhead and coated my wet boy pussy. “Open your eyes,” Terry whispered, “I want to look in your eyes when I bust open your little ass hole.” I opened my eyes and looked apprehensively at him. I trembled under Terry as he felt his hot throbbing cockhead at the entrance of his wet pucker, nervously waiting to be fucked for the first time by my own brother. Terry took his time, he steadied himself and leant in, cupping my shoulders and we started kissing just as he thrust his dick all the way up my ass-hole. “Oh Terry!” I howled loudly, jerking my head back, arching my back, and rolling my eyes as his dick penetrated my boy pussy for the first time. “Oh Fuck!” I cried. My ass lips stretched, convulsed and vice gripped his dick inside me. Terry held firm, not moving, as he as his balls slapped against my hairless buttocks. Soon he started to fuck me, slowly and gentle. “Fuck me!” I cried out again in a high pitch, as I reached out my hands for his biceps and squeezed them hard. “Oh! Still so tight!” Terry loudly grunted. He remained still, his hard dick firmly rooted inside me. “Fuck me!” I howled. I gasped loudly as he was nearly unable to breath or utter any more words as his dick remained lodged inside me. now “Relax baby brother, just breath,” Terry whispered into my ear. “Breath, baby brother, breath slowly in and out. Relax…” I tried to relax and as soon I did, I had gasped into Terry’s mouth, within seconds I was moaning, and groaning as Terry’s dick rapidly ploughed up and down my tender boy pussy. The pain didn’t matter anymore, the burning sensations didn’t matter, my brother was fucking my boy pussy and I was in heaven! Terry was fucking the my ass-hole at a furious pace, he couldn’t stop himself, he was full of lust. Occasionally Terry’s dick slipped out of my pucker and I gasped into his mouth when he forced his dick straight back in. My brother was so turned on that within minutes he forced his dick as far as it would go up me. Then he pulled down on my shoulders and shuddered as he started to shoot his load. That triggered me off and we both felt the warm licks of my watery boy cum splattering onto their sweaty, heaving bodies. When their intense orgasms were finally over Terry pulled his softening dick from my ass and gently eased the butt plug in past my gaping pucker. My sphincter closed around the base in seconds and we untangled and lay side by side, arms around each other’s shoulders while we regained our composure. When our breathing eventually returned to normal my brother gently toyed with my balls. It was going to be a very, very long, but enjoyable night. We were some of the most intense and horniest boys around. At last, I found an outlet for my feelings and Terry and Kai and Simon excepted me as one of them. Thanks for ail

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