Latin Linda & Alex Strap it On!

Latin Linda & Alex Strap it On!
It was a very hot August morning on a sunny Saturday. My husband was going “fishing” so I called Alex & he was going to chill (smoke drink & eat all day) at his apartment & lounge by the pool. Sounded like a plan & I grabbed my bikini & headed over. Alex had already secured a couple of lounge chairs & an umbrella. Now Alex is my gay coworker, confidant, bestie & occasional lover. He is a very well endowed feminine bottom. I had rolled some Backwood spiked blunts which masked the smell quite well & we smoked these in public. He had a bottle of Rum with soda in a cooler. Perfect scenario. We applied suntan lotion to each other & as always we find any excuse to feel each other up in a fun playful way. I enjoy messing with him & getting him hard any chance I can. I then joke around with him that he is a closet heterosexual! He applies my lotion for no other reason than feeling me up & getting me wet. I did want to darken my color since many guys like my lighter bikini lines when they see me in the nude. I am half Dominican & half Puerto Rican so I have a very big ass. He loves, simply loves to feel my ass up every chance he gets. So he applies a liberal amount of lotion on my exposed ass cheeks. By the time he is ready for me I can tell he is getting aroused by the enormous bulge protruding from his tiny Speedos, LOL!

I apply lotion & sunscreen as he is a pale color of white & burns easily. I also take my time on his ass cheeks & casually grab his cock when I venture between his thighs. I make sure I squeeze him & when my hand comes out I have a finger covered in pre-cum.Yummy! He just looks over his shoulder & call me a Bitch, LOL! We laid down. drank & smoked some. He begins telling me how he hasn’t gotten laid in over a week. “I got some last night” I blurted. Instantly he wants details. How did he look? How big was his dick? Was he cut or uncut? How was he? Of course I fill him in. He already knew about Jeff, the neighbor I was sleeping with. It was him who I gave head to last night. It had to be quick so we couldn’t fuck but I went back home & slept with my husband. Even though he was a POS he knew my body & could make me scream with ecstasy almost immediately. He was starting to get pink & quite honestly after a couple of hours we needed some A/C! So went upstairs. Alex was packing. As we were walking he made no effort to cover himself & even flaccid his cock bulge was clearly noticeable. Men & women stared. He LOVED it! We get in the elevator & he starts rubbing himself on my leg like a horny dog. He was playing around but wanted me to tell him a story.

There were times when we were on the phone in which he asked me to replay some of my sexcapades as he masturbated over the phone. I have to admit it was equally enjoyable for me. He then begs me for a story. He wanted me to tell him about last night. So we get to his apartment smoke a bit & he quickly kicks off his Speedos. He is already semi erect. He then strips me of my bikini & walks me over to his bed. He asks me to sit on his “Sex chair” which had these huge armrests, where you rest your legs, that would open & flare out so I could expose my poonani to him while I told him the details. He was going to masturbate on the bed. He gets me just right as he said & I begin. I have a good view of him stroking himself as well. The sight of him stroking himself & his labored breathing while I was rubbing my clit had me dripping wet. I hear him mumble something & he jumps out of bed & somehow stands over me & plunges his rock hard cock in my mouth. I had already given him head on various occasions & we had slept together a few times as well.

He then says “Fuck it, I have to get inside you. Keep talking” So without skipping a bit he puts on a condom & penetrates me while I’m still in the chair. OMG. He felt so good inside me. He knew how to work his cock. I am struggling to tell him anything as his pounding is taking my breath away. It his hard to talk & get pounded by someone that knows how to use their big dick! Alex could fuck for a long time. He then gets me on all fours on the bed. He always wanted to fuck me in the Ass & I was like “Not with that huge dick of yours your not!” so he just rubbed my ass opening & proceeded to enter me doggystyle. He kept insisting I keep telling him the story but I just couldn’t concentrate on anything than the pleasure of his cock in pussy. Soon afterwards I begin to tense up & feel the 1st wave of my orgasm. He knew I came. He then takes his dick out of me & goes to his closet. He comes over with a Strap on with a Huge dildo attached. WTF!!! Without saying a word he attaches this contraption on me. Got to admit looking down at “my dick” which he was now applying a nice amount of lube on, excited me immensely. I was about to fuck a man! Not get fucked by one, but I was going to be doing the fucking.

He quickly went on all fours & I held my dick head at the entrance of his ass. I then imagined how I like to be fucked. So I began gently rubbing my cock on his “pussy” entrance. Once the head was inserted he asked me to tell him a story. I quickly went to one in which I was being penetrated on all fours. I pictured he was me & I was the guy that had masterfully fucked my brains out that evening. I was REALLY into this. I grabbed his waist & began moving my hips in & out. It didn’t feel the same as when I am being penetrated. It felt awkward but the feeling of control I had was overwhelming my senses. He is stroking himself as I was fucking him. WOW!!! I was oozing lubrication down my thighs. It felt as if I had peed on myself, I was so wet. he then gets off & comes to the edge of the bed. He opens his legs & guides me inside him. I can see his huge dick in front of me & his belly was glistening with pre-cum. I can’t resist & I reach over & grab his mammoth tool & begin stroking him as I’m pumping his “pussy” with my “big dick.” I don’t know what came over me. I began using both hands & pounding him. I would lean down & was able to get him in my mouth but it was uncomfortable. I kept telling him in Spanish “Te gusta mi pingon? Te la meto toda pa dentro? Dime? Ruegame puta rica. Ruegame que te la meta enterita en ese bollo rico tuyo!” (“You like my big dick? Want me to stick it all in? Tell me. Beg me pretty bitch. Beg me to shove it all inside that delicious pussy of yours!”) I saw his face tense up & his toes were curled. His abs were all tensed up & I was pounding away pretty vigorously at his “pussy” I then yell at him while really squeezing his thick shaft as heard as I could “You better scream my name when you cum, dammit!” Next thing I see is his mouth open wide & a HUGE blast of cum shoots out from his cock. He then screams “OMG. OMG. OMG Lindaaaaaaa!!!!! & his dick was like a gusher. He landed cum on his face my breasts, my jaw & all over the bed. I soon started convulsing while still inside him & had an orgasm. He was squirming as my body convulsed while still inside him.

I then sat on that chair & I k** you not, we both fell asleep almost immediately!!! He was full of cum & I was still wearing the strap on!

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