Subject: Lust for Ashton – Chapter 2 – THEN IT WAS MY ASS. Chapter 2 — THEN IT WAS MY ASS. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. I don’t remember what the hell I did in those two hours. I suppose I was on my computer but I was unable to watch some porn, the image of my father’s cock all the time on my mind. And I was hard all the time. I was aware that I was hard cause the memory of having watched my father wanking over me had aroused me. I guessed now I would not enjoy watching him masturbating over my ass but I shrugged my shoulders and told myself I would also accept this second punishment. So I guess, I was watching some things I wanted to know about trucks on the net, and time went by very slowly. But finally it was almost the time and I took off all my clothes from waist down and even headed barefoot to the kitchen. Ashton Fargas was in fact waiting for me with his cock out and totally hard. And he greeted me with a lustful face. -Nice to see you almost naked, Darrell. Whatever you feel about your father at the end of the day, now you’re doing what I asked you and will give me the fun of wanking looking şişli travesti at your ass. I’ve many times whacked off looking at girls’ asses but never looking at a boy’s ass. So please turn. Totally red I turned there in the kitchen so my father could finally see his son’s ass. -I want you to know, Darrell, that my cock has gone some inches higher looking at that gorgeous and really sexy ass you have. His words were humiliating but at the same time flattering and I supposed they made me horny for unexpectedly I shot a load there in the kitchen, which my father saw of course. -So good, Darrell, I love to see you cumming again with me. Take this experience as something pornographic, that’s all. Somehow I think you are enjoying. -I’ll say nothing, dad. You can go on. -Approach me a bit. I obeyed him and it was then that he started to lustfully grope my ass. I was totally embarrassed but I went quickly hard again. I couldn’t understand it. But maybe he was right and I was enjoying his way of punishing me. I could never have thought that watching a boy masturbating, and over my ass! Could make me so hard, and the fact that boy was my father somehow increased my lust. All I can say is I kept a big erection knowing Ashton Fargas was erotically touching me and how he touched! beylikdüzü travesti -Once again I tell you that a father should never whack off over his son but that is giving your ass a special attraction. It’s a hot ass to fuck, but don’t worry. I’ll never do that to you, though after now I can jerk myself off sometimes imagining I’m fucking this perfect bum. But you’d be really successful if you ever give it to a boy, or even a girl could fuck you. I knew about strap-ons, I’d sometimes seen it in porn and I knew girls could fuck boys. -I also told you I’d say any obscenity that comes to my mind now and I will add this gorgeous ass is asking to be spanked. I couldn’t reproach him anything. Oh, what was happening to me? His last words made my erection even harder. Oh, I needed to see my father wanking over me, I needed to see him playing with his dick. He was moaning and constantly told me he’d wank over my dick or over my ass in private many more times, now he couldn’t help it. I only told him he could wank over whatever he considered funny. I mean I was deliberately telling him: oh, dad, keep on wanking over me, please. And the moment came when he told me he couldn’t hold back any longer and just as he had told me, I soon felt my father’s dick rubbing my buttocks and noticed istanbul travesti how horny he was and how horny I was too. I knew the moment he came, I’ll shoot my third load before him. Finally I felt father’s semen dirtying my buttocks and I couldn’t control my dick and erupted a third time. My face was a burning red. Ashton Fargas finally spoke. -Your punishment is over, Darrell Fargas. Certainly you’ve taken it like a man. I know how dirty you must feel now but that was the aim. And I also hope you can forgive me now and not report me. Anyway, do what you want. Now you can return to your room, wipe your ass first, which is full of semen and later get dressed again and if you’re not angry, we’ll have dinner now. -Dad, if it’s the same to you –I told him then-, I’ll put everything back on but won’t wipe your semen. I want it to be there all night as a memory of the right punishment my father has chosen today. I’ve learnt my lesson and promise I won’t psychologically abuse any more girls. And I’m not angry and will never report you –and then I went to his cheeks and kissed him affectionately-. I will always love you, dad, don’t ever fear me. And then I went to my room, put my clothes on but didn’t wipe my buttocks. Now I’d have dinner with him but his semen would be there all night. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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