Molested By My Baby Brother

Chapter Five: Big Brother Succumbs



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This story was born of deep desire and fantasy on the part of the author at a very young age, to actually be the youngest participant described in this story, and is cathartic and therapeutic in nature. The story is written in part, to invoke intellectual thought and provide insight into a part of the psyche which is often lost because individuals are often terrified at the rebuke, misunderstanding, hate, violence and even legal action which might be taken against them should they admit to these desires within themselves.

The author additionally hopes to inspire change in the way society approaches individual differences, even though they may be taboo, in the hopes of changing the way that we as a society approach individual needs; helping to improve understanding of the psyche and individual development; and preventing the action upon these desires which could harm others, particularly the most vulnerable.

The author believes that it is possible for someone that has desires deemed socially taboo or even illegal, to be able to find therapeutic outlets which can help them maintain control and prevent acting on these desires. The author also believes that the most dangerous state is the status quo, where individuals are forced to keep these desires, thoughts, and feelings locked inside, in the dark, where they cause pain, fester, and magnify. Finally, it is the author”s belief that being forced to remain hidden, secretive, unable to talk about, share, relate to others or be related to — ultimately the inability to find commonality and acceptance — is the most likely scenario which leads to opportunities and decisions to act on those desires.

If this bothers you; if you are offended, disgusted, enraged; if you refuse to engage in academic thought; investigate the reality that these feelings exist, often from a very young age; consider that society does more harm than good by ignoring them, pretending they don”t exist and imposing unspoken rules or even explicit laws regarding discussion — kindly, Fuck Off!

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Chapter Five: Big Brother Succumbs

The boys got up and put clothes on, hoping to hide the funk if they ran into their parents.  They opened the bedroom door and walked out.  The house was quiet, so the boys walked out to the kitchen.   There was a message on the answering machine.

“Hi boys,” it was Mommy.  “Your Daddy and I ended up staying out way too late.  We saw a movie and had dinner and drinks and we decided to stay in a hotel last night because we really shouldn’t drive after drinking.  We need to go to your auntie’s today to help her and your uncle with some things, so we are just going to go right from the hotel.  If you need anything, call your auntie’s or one of the neighbors if it’s an emergency.  We’ll call you later to see how you boys are doing.  We love you!”

“Well, I guess we can skip the shower for now if you want to, Scotty.”

“Yay!  No showew!”

He ran over to his big brother and shoved his face in his crotch and took a deep breath.

“Mmmm you smeww so good!”

Joshy grabbed the little tyke and lifted him up, repeating the sniff test from the night before – pits, crotch, butt.

“God, I love the way you smell, you sexy little man!   So, what do you want for breakfast?”

“Ceweaw and bananas!”

“Okay, an easy one today huh?”

Joshy retrieved bowls and spoons from the cabinet and drawer, and then got the milk and cereal.  He fixed Scotty a bowl of his favorites, and then cut banana up into the bowl, topping it with milk.  He then fixed himself a bowl in the same way and the boys ate their breakfast.  When they were finished, they made quick work of the dishes.  Just as they were finishing up, the phone rang. Joshy answered it.  It was Mommy again.  They were at auntie’s house and would be there all day, and would call before leaving to head home.

“Scotty’s not giving you any trouble, is he?” she asked before hanging up.

“No way!  Scotty is the best brother in the world.  He never gives me any trouble.”

He winked at his little brother.  They said their goodbyes and hung up the phone.

“So, what do you want to do now Buddy?” Joshy asked the little tyke.

Scotty responded by yanking his clothes off.   Joshy laughed.  

“You’re as much of a horn dog as your big brother is, huh Little Man?”


“Alright dude.  I’m game if you are.”

Scotty grabbed Joshy’s shorts and yanked them down, then sucked his big brother’s dick into his mouth like a vacuum.

“Aww, Fuck!  God Baby Brother!  You’ve got such a hot mouth!”

Joshy wasn’t hard yet, as the ambush caught him off guard and his soft schlong snaked down Scotty’s throat.  The little tyke shoved his face into his big brother’s wispy bush, reached around grabbing both of his ass cheeks and pulled him as hard as he could into his face.

“God damn Little Boy!” he laughed.  “Slow down Baby!  We got all day to play.”

He scooped the little monster up and flipped him upside down, wrapping the boy’s legs around his head he shoved his tongue into Scotty’s moist boyhole.  The little boy moaned, and once again impaled himself on his big brother’s expanding meat as he hung upside down from his neck.  The kid was a fast learner and in no time, with his hands on his big brother’s thighs, he pushed himself away from his brother’s body allowing the teen’s cock to slide out until only the head remained in his mouth, then relaxed his arms falling back into the teen’s crotch, his cock slamming down the little tyke’s throat.  Slowly Joshy began to walk to their bedroom looking up over the beautiful, porcelain mounds as he once again assaulted the little boy’s hole with his tongue and teeth sucking the boy’s candy ring between his teeth and nibbling on it like a Life Saver.  He swirled his tongue around in circles, digging in and pulling the ring back out.   That sweet little virgin ass tasted just as good as it had the night before, if not better.  The boy dove down onto his big brother’s rock-hard cock again, swallowing the entire length.  Scotty pulled back so that just the head was in his mouth, his tongue flicking around the head, diving under the foreskin as he sucked it up over his tongue and ran his tongue around the head under the foreskin like a tornado slurping up everything he could.  His tongue flicked into the teen’s piss slit, and Joshy just about lost it again.

‘Holy hell!’ the teen thought.

He wasn’t sure exactly what the little boy was thinking, but if he didn’t know better, he’d think he was a professional cock-hungry slut.  After two such massive eruptions just hours before, he didn’t know how he was so rarin’ to go again already, but his little brother’s skillful sucking, and already legendary lingus had his balls boiling again, ready to blow yet another load.   As the teen reached the bedroom, he had a wicked thought.  He backed up to the end of the bed, and leaning up against the ladder, he shared his plan with Scotty.

“Dude, you’ve got me ready to shoot my load again, you sexy little beast!  You liked me holding your head and shoving my cock down your throat, right?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“How’s about I hold your head and fuck your throat while you’re hanging upside down from my neck?”

“Mmm hmm!”

“Alright Buddy.  I’m fucking turned on as hell, so if I get too rough with you, I want you to slap my leg three times, okay Little Man?  It doesn’t matter which one, you can even slap them both.  Just slap me three times if I am getting too rough, and I will stop, okay?

“Mmm hmm.”

“Okay you sexy little fucker,” the teen growled, “keep your legs tight around my neck.  I’m gonna hold your head and I’m gonna fuck that cock hungry little mouth of yours.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Alright Kiddo, here we go.”

The teen grabbed his little brother’s head putting one of his large hands on the left side of his head over his ear and cradling his chin and the back of his head, the other hand mirrored on the other side.  With a firm grip, he leaned back against the ladder with his upper back, giving him some room to move his hips.  He would fuck the little boy’s mouth, using his hands to further extend the movements.   Joshy started off slow so that Scotty would get a feel for what he was doing.  He shifted his hips back and pulled the little boy’s head away from his crotch, and then slowly pulled his head back toward his groin as he fucked forward, shoving his cock back down the child’s throat.  He repeated the motion slowly and steadily, as Scotty adjusted to the position and feeling of being force-fed the prime tube steak.  He began to increase the speed with which he withdrew and reinserted his cock into the boy’s throat.  As he developed a steady rhythm, his head leaned forward and once again he attacked the little cub’s cute little clacker.

Stretching his lips back, he nibbled on his sibling’s slick starfish, gently teasing the frisky little flirt’s hot little hole.   Then, he shoved his tongue into his little brother’s back door, swirling his tongue around in circles like the chair in a G-Force chamber, pushing the rim of the boy’s cinnamon ring out, stretching it and massaging the walls of his precious little pucker.  He felt the little tyke’s fingers grasping his balls and wriggling in between his legs.  He slowed momentarily and stepped wider to allow his little brother access to his sweaty teen hole, then, re-establishing his rhythm, he continued to increase the speed and force with which he shoved the boy’s face onto his cock.  The blood rushing to the little slut’s head seemed to make him that much hornier as his little fingers and then hand wiggled and squeezed first between Joshy’s thighs, and then, his tight teen tushy.  The older brother was sweating from the exertion of holding and fucking his little monkey-slut, and his ass was slick with sweat.   Little fingers wiggled and wormed their way between the beautiful, peach-fuzz-covered little mounds until they found the teen’s juicy jaxxy.

‘Thank goodness I just clipped Scotty’s fingernails,” the teen thought as his little brother inelegantly slammed his little fingers into the teen’s tight tunnel.  ‘At least he opened me up before slamming them in,’ he laughed to himself.   There they were, the teen leaning against the bunk ladder, straddling the air while his little brother examined his tight teen tunnel extensively.  The little boy-slut’s legs were up around his brother’s neck, crossed, locked into position, his knees bent giving his big brother the widest berth into his hot little boyhole.  The little boy’s mouth sealed around his big brother’s cock, creating a strong suction as the teen pummeled his gullet.  It wasn’t long before he was slamming his cock all the way into the boy’s throat, thrusting hard and fast, as he truly fucked the little boy’s throat.  He could feel the little boy gag as his cock slammed deep, his spasming throat muscles squeezing his cock like an anaconda, while his mouth sucked like a milking machine.  The boy’s beautiful strawberry lips slammed into his pubic bone and his small fluffy bush.

“You want my cum Baby Brother?” he croaked out.


“Fuck!  Goddamn!   I’m gonna feed you my cum Little Cub!   You drink every drop of my cream down, you hear?!”

He slammed his cock all the way in and shoved the boy’s face hard against his pelvis as his cock expanded and pulsed, expelling shot after shot of searing hot cum.

“Swallow my spunk Baby Brother!  Oh!  Fuck!    Mmmmnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhh!    Fuck!  Oh!  Fuck!  Yeah!   Eat that cream you hungry little cock slut!  Nnnnnnnnngggggghhhhh!  Fuck!   Yeah!  Smell those sweaty balls boy!  C’mon, get it all in there!”

He pushed harder as if he were trying to permanently lodge his cock in the boy’s throat.  The teen continued to curse and moan as he held his little brother’s face tight onto his crotch.  Every spasm rocked his body and he shook from head to toe.  Only the ladder kept him on his feet as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure blasted through his body.  He barely noticed the three smacks on his leg.

“Oh Shit!  Scotty!”

Quickly but gently, he lifted Scotty’s face from his crotch, extracting his softening schlong from the boy’s esophagus.  He quickly slid his hand up the boy’s body to his torso and once he had center mass, he lifted the boy and spun him around.   The little tyke’s arms flew around his neck and his legs clamped around his back as he gasped for air.  Joshy quickly slid to the bed and sunk down.

“Fuck Dude!  Jesus Christ Scotty!” the teen practically shouted, grinning ear to ear, as he gently cleaned the snot, spit, spunk and tears from his little lover’s face.   “That was fucking amazing!  Are you alright my little angel?”

Scotty looked back at his big brother and grinned a big ‘ol shit-eatin’ grin.

“Yeah,” he croaked weakly as he continued to pant.

“Fuck Dude!  I didn’t hurt you did I Sweetheart?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

Joshy leaned in and kissed his little brother’s neck and cheeks and nibbled and licked his ears.  The little boy sucked several fast gulps of air as the sensations overwhelmed him momentarily.

“Fuck Dude!  Goddamn that was fucking nasty!  Did you like it Baby?”

“Yeah,” the little boy grinned weakly.  “I weewy wiked it when you were sayin’ aww doze naughty fings,” he giggled softly.

“Yeah, you’re a dirty little cock whore aren’t you, Baby Brother?” he laughed.  “Fuck!   I love you so much you sexy little man!   You are my dirty, nasty, sexy little man!  Fuck!”

Scotty giggled as his big brother squeezed him tight.   Joshy was all smiles too.  His little bro had just given him his first three blow jobs, each one more intense and nastier than the one before and fuck, was it amazing!  He really didn’t know what to say.  He had just explained how this kind of behavior could get them into real trouble…especially him, and yet he was powerless against his little brother’s sexual assault.

“Awe you mad at me?” Scotty asked sheepishly, looking back at his big brother.

“Mad at you?!  Heeeeellllll noooo, my little prince!  I’m not mad at you Angel!” the teen smiled gently with love in his face.  “My god, I could never be mad at you!  I love you so much you sexy little squirt.”  

He was smitten.  He leaned back on the bed pulling his little brother with him so that the boy again lay on top of him face to face, and then kissed him softly on his beautiful red lips, puffy and extra red from the rough face fuck his older brother’s massive hog had just inflicted.  His face was flush, red splotches around his eyes and cheeks with white below.

 “You really liked it, Kiddo?”

“Yeah,” he replied in almost a whisper, his face dripping with mischief.

“’Cause I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t like, Scotty.  I love you, and I love what you’ve unlocked in me, but I want you to love it too. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything and I don’t want you to do something that you don’t want to do just because I want to do it.  You can always say no, and you can always tell me if you don’t like something.  It will never change the way I feel about you!”

“It fewt amazing,” the little boy kissed his big brother back, harder.  

“You swallowed all of my spunk Scotty!  That was fucking amazing Dude!  You took my massive fucking cock like a pro!”

The little tyke grinned.  The compliments made him feel good.

“Fuck, Dude, you are just amazing!  I just can’t get over that, you sexy little devil!   You’re just fucking incredible!   You’re the sexiest little sexy stud muffin!  You have got to be the bestest brother in the whole world!  You’re my sweet little angel — my sweet little prince.”

The little boy was beaming again.  He loved hearing all the praise from his big brother.

“Fuck!” He kissed Scotty on those beautiful, puffy red lips again.  “Buddy, I hate to even have to say this, but this is one of those things you must never tell anyone though — Okay, Scotty?”  He added, “No one would believe that you wanted to do it or that you did it without me forcing you to do it.  They would think I made you do it.”

“Okay Joshy.” 

“I mean no one Scotty.  Ever.  It’s really important,” he added again for additional emphasis.  “I couldn’t bear şişli travesti to never see you again my little prince.”

“I know.”  He lay his head down on his big brother’s chest under his chin.

“Okay Little Man.  You know, I love you, Scotty.  I love you lots!”

His head popped back up and looked back up at his big brother.

“I wuv you moe, Joshy,” he grinned.  “I pwomiss I won’t tew anyone, evew, Joshy.  But, can we keep doing it?”

“I would really like that, Scotty.  You’re my little brother, younger than me and you gave me my first, second and third blow jobs, and got me sucking cock and eatin’ out that sweet little boyhole.”  He laughed.   “I’ve never had such incredible orgasms and I’ve never been so turned on.   You just blow my mind Little Man!  I love you so much!”

The little boy put his head back down on his big brother’s chest and in turn, he put one hand on his little brother’s head and gently stroked his hair, caressing his sexy little back and beautiful little bum with the other hand.  Each time his hand passed over his little brother’s ass, he gently slipped his middle finger into the shallow little crevice and sensually massaged his hot little hole.  He was intrigued at the heat emanating from that tiny little button.  As many times as he had bathed his little brother, changed his diaper, and wiped that sweet little butt, he had never noticed just how hot that tiny little opening was.  Each time the teen’s finger made contact with that tiny starfish, the little boy would moan and shudder.  Just as he began to shake, Joshy’s hand would continue the circle up his brother’s back and then made another pass down over the sweet little mounds, spiral into the sweet little pucker, and he would again massage the little boy’s love button, gently pushing in, slowly opening the little boy’s tunnel of love.

“Scotty, you made me feel so good, I want to make you feel good too.  Can I lick your bum some more?  This time I want you to just lay back and enjoy me making you feel good.”

“Okay Joshy,” he agreed.

Joshy really wanted to make his little brother feel good, and he hoped the boy liked his ministrations.  He wanted to make the little boy cum again.  The crazy thing was, he was digging the thought licking that sweet, hot little hole too.

Joshy lay his little brother down on the bed on his back and put a small pillow under his neck so that he could watch and be comfortable.   Then lifted Scotty’s legs up and spread them apart revealing the little tyke’s beautiful boy button.  He placed one hand under each of the little boy’s perfect porcelain cheeks and got down on the bed on his stomach.  Gently lifting the boy’s ass up, he spread his tongue flat and began licking all around the boy’s tight hole.  Lifting a little more, he pushed the little boy’s taint right up to his face and again licked and sucked, then gently nibbled the little boy’s sensitive bridge.   Scotty immediately began moaning and pushing back against his big brother’s mouth and tongue.

‘Jesus!’ the teen thought as he inhaled, his nose almost touching the boy’s hot chocolate starfish.  ‘Fuck! This sweet little ass smells so good!’

He could feel the heat emanating from the boy’s back door.  Time seemed to move in slow motion for a moment as his tongue slipped out to lick the hot little hole.  The slightly musky, and yet fresh, young aroma immediately hooked him and his head and face flushed with heat again.  He didn’t know what it was but something inside of him just wanted to bury his face in between those beautiful little buns and tongue fuck that sweet little ass ‘til there was no tomorrow.  Tongue out, he once again made contact with the little boy’s silky sack.  It was amazing how soft the skin of the boy’s silk purse was.   It didn’t taste of salt any more, in fact, it didn’t taste much like anything anymore, but it was the most delicious non-taste that he had ever experienced.   He loved the heat in his mouth and he loved the forbidden nature of having his face in his little brother’s crotch and ass.  The smell of his little brother, mixed in with his own teen pheromones, sweat, and funk was like a drug.  He was really beginning to understand why his little brother liked smelling his teen spirit.

Joshy flicked his tongue around his little brother’s stiff dick and licked and sucked his silky sack.  Slowly, he moved back down to the little boy’s taint.  The teen had recently discovered the pleasures of pressure on his taint and hoped it brought his little brother pleasure as well.   He licked and sucked the boy’s bridge, and opening his mouth wide, he sealed his lips around his entire perineum and sucked a bit harder, gently chewing on the separation between the boy’s ass and balls.  The little cub laughed a little, then wiggled and moaned.  The more the older boy chewed and sucked, the louder the little tyke moaned and wriggled around.

‘Nice,’ Joshy thought.  ‘This might just be a way to repay my little slut.’

He kept licking down a little at a time so that his tongue began to slip down into his brother’s sweet crack again, closer and closer to his little rosebud.  One hand on each cheek, he gently lifted the boy’s hips again, the little boy’s crack split and spread wide, the skin tight and flat, and there, smack dab in the middle, his beautiful, pink boy-button.


He almost came again right then and there.   Paradise literally lay in front of the teen.  His cock throbbed back to its full, aching erection and he felt butterflies in his chest and stomach — he was overwhelmed with lust and emotion.  He didn’t know why, but looking at that beautiful, little pink button, his tummy wiggled, his head swirled, he felt a burning desire once again to consume his little bro’s hole.  With the little boy’s beautiful buns bisected, Joshy could once again reach the prize.  He stuck his tongue out and leaned down, licking straight up, flattening and widening his tongue as much as possible, so that he could taste as much of the boy’s pristine skin as he could.  As he entered his forbidden valley, his tongue pulled into a point.  He licked around his sweet little cinnamon ring in circles slow, then fast, slow, then fast.  Scotty wiggled and moaned at the movement of his big brother’s tongue around his tight little portal.  Joshy again flattened his tongue, but this time, held it perpendicular to Scotty’s little hole — creating a little dam with which to pool saliva to be used as lubricant as he opened up the pup’s poky little pucker.  Using his tongue as a scoop, he drove the saliva up and into the boy’s tight hole.  Curling his tongue into a funnel, he pushed the tip of his tongue in, attacking the very heart of the boy’s cherry.  Scotty moaned louder and bucked his beautiful boy-button back against his brother’s attacking appendage.  His hole was clenched, and as long as it was, he would get more intense sensations.  As he licked and tongue-fucked his brother’s tight pucker, he felt the boy shiver.  Joshy took that as a good sign that his tongue work was bringing pleasure to the frisky little tyke.

Hoping to add to his pleasure, he began to add stimulation by running one finger back and forth along the underside of Scotty’s little boner.  The little boy lifted his arms and put both hands firmly on the wall behind the bed, then pushed back crushing his hole onto the teen’s tongue.  As he pushed back, his rigid ring relaxed and his big brother shoved his tongue into his tiny little opening.  Scotty squealed like a stuck pig — in a good way — and he pushed back even harder.  His big brother drove his tongue into the little guy’s sweltering hole as far as he could and began to flick and swirl his tongue around trying to widen the opening.   Joshy fucked his little hole as fast as he could with his tongue.  He was on fire.  He was just so fucking turned on!  Just as he had done the night before, he slicked his finger up and, covering the nail with his tongue, he slipped his finger into the tight little pucker.   Scotty gasped at the reinsertion which stretched his hole again.  His big brother crooked his finger up and immediately made contact with the little boy’s prostate again.

“Unh!  Oongh!   I’m tingewing!”

Joshy had more planned for the little boy’s starfish this time.  He flicked the little tyke’s p-spot and then thrust his finger straight in and out of the boy’s tight little orifice a couple of times.  He continued to lick and suck the boy’s tight little ring, slobbering all over and filling his hole with saliva to keep it slick.  Again, he flicked the boy’s prostate and then shoved his finger in to the hilt.

“Unh!  Unh!   Unh!  Oongh!  Oo, Yeah!   Yeah!  Uaaaaaaah!  Uaaaaaah!”

His little brother was consumed by his second boygasm.  He wasn’t producing cum, but Joshy had been able to take his brother over the edge working his little prostate and stretching his tiny little boyhole, something that Scotty really seemed to enjoy.  As the tingling, intense waves of pleasure from his second climax began to dwindle, the little boy’s moans became constant vocalizations of the haze of pleasure, often increasing in pitch as his big brother hit his prostate or stretched his hole.  At the height of his little brother’s boygasm, Joshy had slowed his attack so that the boy could coast through the tingles exploding through his body.  Now that they were diminishing, Joshy began to move his finger around in a circle, gently stretching the boy’s hole again as he continued to tongue his sweet spot, flicking his prostate periodically, thrusting a finger in and out and then gently stretching the ring in a circular motion.  After a while he added another finger.

Scotty moaned loudly as his hole was forced open wider to accommodate both fingers at once, in addition to his big brother’s tongue.   Joshy wiggled the fingers in an alternating motion so that he was always stimulating two opposite sides of the boy’s stretched starfish, still occasionally flicking and rubbing his p-spot.   He added twisting motions to the two fingers as they fluttered back and forth as if walking around inside his sweet little hole.  Scotty’s head thrashed back and forth.  Joshy moved his left arm up, holding the little boy’s legs higher up as he continued to slick and stroke the boy’s cock and balls with his left hand.  At the same time, he maintained the assault on the little boy’s love button using the other hand and his tongue.  Scotty was beginning to shake as he thrashed about on the bed, a constant stream of high-pitched moans and squeals escaping his mouth.  To his loving big brother though, it was music to his ears, a most beautiful song.

Joshy knew he was getting close and so he leaned up and started sucking the boy’s balls and giving his sack and cock a tongue bath.  The two fingers firmly embedded in the boy’s bat cave joined forces and hooking up, they both attacked his little prostate.  The teen moved the fingers around in a circle, stretching and stimulating the boy’s candy ring as he alternated the attack patterns on the boy’s prostate, tapping, rubbing, and alternating tapping with the two fingers flicking in opposite directions, doubling the assault.  The older boy’s intention was to keep his little brother tingling and stimulated, keeping him consumed by waves of pleasure.  He wasn’t expecting his continued ministrations to push the younger boy over the edge again, but suddenly, his little brother tensed again.   

“Unh!  Unh!   Unh!  Oongh!  Oo, Yeah!   Uaaaaaaah!  Uaaaaaah!  Yeah!”

Scotty’s soft, boyish voice squeaked out a series of moans followed by high-pitched squeals as his orgasm exploded through his body causing his tight boy hole to clamp down on Joshy’s fingers as they continued to assault the boy’s prostate.  His little body convulsed, his head thrashing from side to side.  His arms dropped from the wall and he reached out into empty space as if trying to grab a life line.  His hips thrust up, his legs spread even wider and he shook.


The little boy squealed again as his boygasm continued, until his high-pitched squeals slowly calmed back into moans from the height of his eruption.

“Oo-oo-oo! Oo-oo-oo! Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oon!” he moaned, his voice wavering in pitch almost melodically.  “Oh, Iah wuuv you!” he cooed.  “Oo-oo-oo-oon!  Uaaaaaah!”

Another spasm caused him to squeal again as the boy’s little clenched clacker threatened to snap his big brother’s fingers right off.

“Oo-oo-oo!  Oo-oo!  Oo-oo!   Oh, Joshy, I wuv you.”

“I love you more, Scotty.”

The teen paused and gave his little brother a knowing evil grin as he slowed his assault on the boy’s prostate and hot little boyhole.  Joshy was full of pride that he had been able to give his little brother his first official orgasm, but equally thrilled that he had been able to give him another two boygasms by working over his sweet little starfish and p-spot.  Just for good measure, the teen gently withdrew his fingers from the boy’s spasming hole, and then leaned forward and shoved his tongue back into the boy’s little flower and grabbed the rim of his ring and pulled out.   Scotty moaned again, his head thrashing once more.  Joshy gently chewed on his ring and pucker like it was a chew toy.  The little tyke moaned and squealed again.  Joshy pulled away for just a moment and gently gave Scotty a slap square on his little bumhole.  He moaned again and wiggled his ass.  Joshy slapped his hole several times and then attacked it with his tongue and teeth again.   He gently chewed on his hole and tongue-fucked the ring open again.  The older boy sealed his lips around his little brother’s hole and sucked — another high-pitched squeal erupted.  Scotty’s eyes flew open and he looked as though he were possessed.

“I’m gonna pee, Joshy!”

Before Joshy knew what had happened, a stream of piss started squirting out of the small penis splashing all over the little boy’s groin and the teen’s face and chest.  Suddenly, the little boy’s legs flew down shoving his hole back onto Joshy’s fingers.  He moaned again, then pounced like a launched torpedo onto his big brother, pushing him onto his back and swallowing his cock.  The sweet smell of the little boy’s pee was intoxicating to Joshy.  With Scotty once again working his older brother’s cock like a dog with a new bone, Joshy’s arousal kicked into overdrive.  He not-so-gently grabbed his little brother’s small body, and flipped him around like a little rag doll so that they were once again in a sixty-nine, and licked as much piss as he could from the little boy’s sprinkler, then alternated tongue fucking then sucking the little boy’s ring again.  He chewed on the little tyke’s chocolate cheerio then tongue fucked it, chewed then sucked it; he alternated his attack on the little boy’s bumhole…  The boy bucked wildly.  Joshy put a little lube in his hand from the drawer beside his bed and fisted his little brother’s hard-on so that the boy’s bucking caused him to fuck his fist as the teen terrorized his little starfish.

The youngster attacked his older brother’s cock with increasing fervor as well, and it wasn’t long before Joshy was blasting another load into his little bro’s voracious mouth.  Once again, the little squirt swallowed every drop, not letting the slightest dribble escape his hot little mouth.  Joshy lubed his other hand and while he furiously fucked his little brother’s stiffy into his manual masturbator, he slipped a well-lubed finger past his tongue and into the boy’s hot hole.  The young pup groaned and pushed back against the probing finger.  Joshy began finger fucking Scotty’s love tunnel with a rapid in and out action as he also rotated his hand stretching the boy’s opening.   The little boy’s moans became high-pitched squeals as his older brother slipped a second finger into his hole and continued both pumping actions.  Joshy’s cock dropped from his brother’s mouth as he arched up as if to howl at the moon.   Joshy rammed his fingers into the boy’s hole, bending his fingers down causing them to prod and poke, scrape and slam into the boy’s prostate.

He practically screamed as he began to shake violently, losing control of his body.  Moments later he collapsed on his older brother, face in his crotch, shaking and vibrating, whimpering and moaning.  Joshy slowed the stroking of his brother’s cock to a gentle massage over his entire crotch – cock and balls, taint, hole and butt cheeks.  He stopped thrusting his fingers into the boy’s used hole, and left his fingers inserted all the way as the boy’s ass muscles clamped down as if trying to masticate his fingers.  He gently moved only one finger now and then sending another wave of pleasure through the young’un’s body.  After a few minutes, he gently removed his fingers from the boy’s tender, used, and slippery hole.  The little tyke grunted and then moaned at the renewed sensation and the empty feeling.   Joshy again pulled his limp body up next to him and holding him tight, he kissed his ear, neck and cheek again.   His face and hair were soaking wet with sweat, matted down on his face.  He smelled of cum and crotch and piss; he smelled wonderful.

“How did that feel, Scotty?” Joshy asked with an evil grin.

All Scotty could do was give him a weak smile.   He was still in no condition to talk, exhausted from the sweet payback his older brother had dealt out to him.   Two orgasms in a row, followed by a third, one so forceful it had actually caused him to piss all over his brother.  Joshy couldn’t have asked for better.  He wrapped his own naked body around his little brother, covering Scotty up, surrounding him, protecting him, with his own nakedness.  He held the boy with his back against his slightly larger chest and stomach and his sweet little ass smashed up against his soft cock.  Though it had blown four loads in less than a day, it started inflating again.

‘Jesus Christ!’ the teen thought. ‘This is fucking ridiculous!’

Scotty was fast asleep before he knew it, and the teen was close behind.  They both needed a nap after another round of raucous love-making.


Joshy woke up and he had to piss, but he was so comfortable, he didn’t want to move.  Keeping Scotty covered however, he pushed the covers back from his side of the bed gently piling them onto Scotty, climbed over the small boy and went to the bathroom.   He didn’t think there was much to risk since Mom and Dad were expecting to be at his auntie’s house until later in the day, and continued sans clothes.  He pissed what seemed like a gallon and returned to the bedroom.  As he walked back into the room, he slammed into a wall of funk.

‘Oh shit!’ he thought, ‘Mom or Dad smell that, and they’re gonna know what we were doing today.’

Quickly, he ran and grabbed an air freshener.  Opening it all the way he set it on his dresser and cracked the window a little.

‘I hope this works!’ he thought to himself as he climbed back into bed.

He couldn’t help but give Scotty another kiss as he climbed over his still form.  He was still fast asleep, and didn’t stir.  The sweet little boy was tuckered out and he had definitely earned his nappy time.  This was a weekend the young teen would never forget.  Back under the covers, he snuggled up next to Scotty again, and in moments, he was dead to the world.

‘What the…are you fucking kidding me??  Jesus if you keep this shit up, I’m gonna have to cut you off!’  Joshy thought as he re-emerged from unconsciousness enough to realize that his cock was rock hard, again!  A moment later though…

‘…the hell?!’

He could feel Scotty’s hot little silky-smooth ass gyrating against his cock though he couldn’t tell if he was actually awake, or if he was acting out his dreams, or if it was just the heat of his big brother’s body stimulating the little boy.  Joshy immediately began to spiral down the arousal rabbit hole, strangled by the sensations of his little brother’s burning hot and yet wonderfully smooth skin.  The waves of excitement that blasted into his body from his fuck stick as Scotty wriggled and moved his ass along Joshy’s once again hard-as-rock cock were even more intense this time.  Perhaps the intensity was due to the fact that he was still half asleep and his conscious mind wasn’t at the ready to inhibit him.  Once again, the precum flowed from his cock like a river, slicking every surface of Scotty’s smooth skin that it encountered.  He kissed Scotty’s neck, and ear and cheek as his brother’s hot, slick ass gyrated against his steeled beylikdüzü travesti stick.  His lips parted and he gently sucked the boy’s soft ear lobe into his mouth.  Scotty shivered and reflexively grabbed his older brother’s left arm, which was draped over him, clinging to it as if for dear life.  He stuck his sweet little face deep under the teen’s arm and sucked in air.

The older boy could smell his own musky scent and remembered that he had not put deodorant on the morning before.  His own cock pulsed again at the thought of his little brother sniffing his funky scent and loving it, paired with the fact that he was a dirty teenage boy and loved smelling like a man (almost anyway).  In that position, his hand was directly over the little boy’s stiff prick.  The teen felt his small cock and balls at the tip of his fingers.  He reached out and cupped his little bro’s balls and sweet little cock, gently squeezing and massaging Scotty’s package.  In return the boy fucked into Joshy’s hand, then recoiled, shoving his ass back against the teen’s searing stick.  The warm precum oozing from his piss slit lubricated every surface it came into contact with.  Scotty’s sweet little butt cheeks and his tight little boy-button were slick with the natural lubricant from his big brother’s boner.  As Scotty continued to fuck his little boy cock into Joshy’s hand, there was also an equal and opposite action as he pushed back against the teen’s cock.  Sparks flew in the older boy’s mind and fireworks exploded from every angle of his brain; he saw only bright flashes of light exploding everywhere.  He couldn’t think clearly.  He wasn’t really sure why, but he couldn’t get close enough to his little brother; he couldn’t get enough of the boy into his mouth, but he sucked more of Scotty’s ear into his mouth and licked around his outer ear, even shoved his tongue into his ear and flicked it around.


Scotty moaned as his brother licked and sucked his ear.  The teen moved down and kissed his neck and the little tyke’s head tilted away to give him better access.  He had never seen anyone kissing or licking ears or even necks really.   He had no idea why he did it, it just seemed the natural thing to do, and Scotty sure seemed to like it.  With all of the full-body contact, Joshy was experiencing sensory overload.  He didn’t know which end was coming and which end was going, and he still wasn’t sure if Scotty was asleep or awake.  He also didn’t know how long his brother had been gyrating his ass on his cock before he woke up.  All he knew was when he regained consciousness the fireworks were already going off and it felt amazing.  Scotty seemed to be enjoying what he was doing too.  He could feel the searing heat of his brother’s soft, smooth little butt cheeks sliding up and down the underside of his shaft and head, and was lost in the boy’s rhythm when the sensation changed.  The way Scotty was pushing back and angling down, Joshy’s cock was no longer sliding up the crack of his brother’s hot little ass.  He felt an immense heat at the tip of his cock which began to consume his head.  It reminded him of when Scotty was sucking his dick, but it was even hotter, but tighter, softer, and yet, there was firm resistance.  His brother, whether awake or asleep, was pushing himself down onto his big brother’s stiff, slick tool.  

He heard Scotty grunt, “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngghh,” followed by another, “Mmmmmmnn.”

His hungry hole opened up around the stiff yet spongy mushroom helmet of the older boy’s cock, and it disappeared into the younger boy’s love oven.  His entire head was through the boy’s outer sphincter.  Scotty rapidly sucked in air and moaned, Joshy sharing a deep moan simultaneously as he felt the strangle of his little brother’s silken heat, his tight tunnel pulling him in.

“Oh god, Scotty!” the teen purred into his younger brother’s ear quietly, “Oh Scotty!  Oh fuck!   That feels so good!  Oh, god, Scotty, you’re amazing!  Are you awake Little Brother?”

“Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn!  Oh!”

The little boy gasped and moaned again.  As he sucked in air, waves of pleasure ran through him interrupting the airflow.  It sounded as if he were rapidly taking tiny gasps of air until his lungs were full.

“Oh!” he moaned loudly.  “Yeah.  Oh!   Joshy dat feews so good!”

More rapid, tiny gasps of air — explosions of light flashed across the little tyke’s mind.  It was like before when Joshy gave him tingles and made him have a boygasm, but different.  It was like he was being opened up and flashes of light, fireworks just poured into him.  His head hurt, but he didn’t care.  He loved that feeling of his little ring being stretched. 

His little body shook with pleasure as he felt the heat of his big brother’s thick hunk a’ burnin’ love pierce his boy-button.   Joshy didn’t know why but those little rapid gasps of air turned him on something crazy.  He just knew that the boy was experiencing such pleasure that his body was reacting in the only way it could.  The teen boy burned with a fiery lust.  He felt as if his eyes, ears, nose and mouth all glowed from the burning desire within him.  The heat washed down over his body, starting at his head but moving through his shoulders, stomach, groin and down his legs through his toes.  At the same time, it almost felt as if a burst of heat shot through his body, originating in his asshole, straight out through his meat stick, and into his little brother’s tight little boyhole.  He was ravenous, consumed with lust, with the desire to devour his sweet, sexy little brother.  He was just a little way inside the boy’s puckered opening, but he felt an intense urge to be inside the child.

Strange little visions flashed through his mind.   His hands easily opened his little brother’s tiny boyhole and as he stretched the opening, he climbed inside massaging the insides of his brother’s rectum.  He sucked on his little brother’s ear and his entire body slipped into his mouth like a string of spaghetti as he flicked his tongue and licked him all over.  He licked his sweet little feet and up his legs, spreading as his tongue rose upward.   His tongue wrapped around his sweet little boy butt and he tongued his little boy button.  Then his tongue snaked around the boy flicking and licking his sack and snaking around his not-so-little cock.  Suddenly he was licking up the boy’s tight little tummy, flicking his little nipples, licking his little smooth arm pits and then back to licking and kissing his neck and ears.

‘Woah!  That was fucking weird!’ he thought as the strange visions flashed through his mind.  He returned to the reality of sucking and licking his little brother’s ear and neck as his cock slowly entered the little boy’s paradise.  He continued to lick and suck his ear and neck and then kissed his cheek.  Scotty turned his head, moving his lips directly under his older brother’s, and opened his mouth.  Joshy was ablaze with sexual frenzy, and covering the little boy’s mouth with his, he shoved his tongue into the boy’s mouth, swirling his tongue around and tasting as much of the boy’s insides as he could.  He sucked his brother’s small tongue as if it were a cock, sucking hard to pull as much into his own mouth as he could.  The boy was clearly awake now and began to spar back.  He fought to regain control of his own tongue and then used his small lips to create a vortex, sucking his big brother’s tongue into his own mouth.  Returning the favor, he sucked hard pulling Joshy’s tongue out and into his own mouth mimicking the actions his older brother had done.  He gently bit down on his brother’s tongue and then giggled and let it go.  Then he took a little nip at the older boy’s bottom lip.  Trying to mimic as much of what his older brother was doing, he then slipped down and latched onto the teen’s neck like a little vampire.   Neither of them really knew what a hickey was or what caused it.  Little did they know, that earlier Joshy had given Scotty a love bite low on his neck, and Scotty had just returned the favor.

“Ow! You little vampire, careful!” Joshy whispered quietly and giggled.

“You did it to me befoe,” the boy shot back.

“I guess I did.  You know I didn’t mean to hurt you Scotty.  I love you very much, and I would never do anything on purpose to hurt you.”

He kissed the little tyke smack on the lips.

‘My god!’ he thought, ‘His lips are so soft and smooth!’

He licked them gently.  He could smell the musk from his own arm pit on the boy’s face and it just compounded his desire.  He licked the youngster’s lips again tasting his sweet skin and the funk from his under arms all at once.  He didn’t have any experience; he didn’t know what he was doing.  He was just consumed doing what came naturally and he wanted to taste — he wanted to savor his little brother.  The teen’s eyes had been closed because of the intensity of the sensations flooding over him, but he forced his own eyes open.  Scotty was oblivious, awash with his own stimulus storm.  But as Joshy’s tongue passed over his lips, he opened them, sticking his tongue out to meet his brother’s.  Their tongues again met and it was like electricity.  Joshy pushed his tongue into Scotty’s mouth and sucked, closing all of the gaps between his brother’s lips and his.  He swirled his tongue around the little boy’s like a tornado and sucked his tongue into his own mouth again.  With his lips over his teeth, the teen gently sucked the youngster’s upper lip into his mouth, squeezing, gently biting the boy’s lip, but protecting it from his teeth with his own lips.  Scotty moaned into his older brother’s chin, biting gently.   Fuck!  It was insanely hot!

The head of the older brother’s cock had been trapped within the tight circle of the younger’s sweet little boyhole, in a sort of limbo, fully stretching the boy’s tiny candy ring, not yet through that inner band guarding his love tunnel.  Precum had been just pouring out of his cock lubing that soft little love sleeve and slicking up the boy’s little ring.  Scotty’s heavenly little hole suddenly reached out and took another nibble at Joshy’s thick dick.  His head slipped through the little boy’s tight ring as it settled just below his head squeezing the teen’s shaft as if to insist that it remain hard and inside the boy’s hole.

“Oh!  Mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnngggghhhhh!”

The little boy moaned into his big brother’s mouth at the same time that Joshy groaned into his.  Joshy’s hips thrust forward.  He didn’t do it on purpose, but he couldn’t stop it either.  His thick teen cock slipped into his little brother’s love sleeve.  As it did, millions of points of light exploded in the teen’s eyes.  He could feel every movement of the boy’s silky skin as it ruffled and sloughed around his cock head, over the ridge and proceeded down his shaft with a heavenly scrub.  Scotty suddenly felt the thick, hot rod stretch his insides.  As the hard, yet somehow soft shaft slipped further into his tiny tunnel, the lights, flashing wildly, and the bright fireworks that exploded across his mind’s eye greatly intensified, and waves of wonderful sensations rippled through his body, reverberating and rebounding, slamming into each other, changing and intensifying as they did.  The boy’s tight sphincter clamped down on the thick shaft pulling the teen’s foreskin down tight as if trying to tear the teen’s cock head from its sheath.

“Nnnnnnnnnngggghhhh!” Scotty grunted.

Joshy stopped immediately.  He was afraid he might have hurt his little brother.  He slowly started to pull his cock back out of the boy’s hot and humid love tunnel.  He stopped as the boy’s tight ring clamped down just as the ridge of his head hit the inner wall.

“Oooooh!” the little boy gasped.

He pushed his sweet little butt back against his brother, forcing the massive schlong to slide back through that tight silky tunnel into his gut.  Joshy lay still.  He let Scotty set the pace.  The little tyke got the idea quickly and he gyrated his hips forcing his big brother’s cock deeper and deeper inside his tiny little tummy.  He pulled back off and then pushed even farther down the thick shaft moaning and groaning the entire time.  Joshy wrapped his arms around his little brother’s chest allowing his tummy and pelvis to move freely and continued to kiss and lick and suck on the boy’s ear, neck, cheek and lips.  While they kissed and nibbled on each other, Scotty continued to undulate on his older brother’s cock, pushing his vise-like hole down onto the hard shaft.   Ever-so-slowly, the older boy’s massive member snaked its way into the little tyke’s tight tunnel.  It was difficult for the teen to determine exactly how much of his cock was already in his little brother’s bat cave, though he could feel the searing satiny striations slowly slipping over his schlong.   He couldn’t believe this was happening!   He couldn’t believe that his sexy little brother had so easily seduced him and that he had been powerless to resist.   Moreover, he couldn’t believe that the little guy was working his big brother’s massive cock into his own tiny, tight little boyhole.  He found it wholly unbelievable that his tiny little brother, who was a little small yet for his age at just under four feet tall, all of forty-six pounds soaking wet, was so easily consuming his big brother’s nine-inch long, five-and-a-half-inch around cock, not only able to swallow his entire shaft down to the lightly sprouting bush, but now he was actually taking that same big fat cock into his tight little cock collar.

Scotty was grunting and groaning constantly.   His head turned, and the little cub shoved his face deep into the cave under his brother’s arm, he snorted the older boy’s sex again.  Suddenly, there was a larger movement.  He didn’t know if it was arousal from snorting the pheromones, or the deep breath that the boy took, or a combination of both, but with a ‘pop’ the teen’s thick cock suddenly slipped, practically jumping, deeper into Scotty’s taught little tummy.   He gasped loudly and his eyes flew open in surprise.  Joshy’s face was right there, millimeters from Scotty’s and he looked deeply into his eyes, peering down into his soul with such a look of love and adoration.   There was hunger in the little boy’s eyes — deep, bottomless hunger and furiously burning desire.  Joshy smiled and kissed and then licked the youngster’s lips again.  It seemed the most difficult part was over after that, as Scotty began to push down harder.  The older boy’s cock sank deeper and deeper into his baby brother’s gorgeous little ass.   The teen moaned and groaned in sheer ecstasy as the little boy’s burning hot insides consumed his stiff stick.  He felt the boy’s smooth little ass and lithe back settle against his stomach and crotch, resting down against the older boy’s soft sack, his own little silk purse tickled by his older brother’s soft skin and the few thin wispy hairs.  It wasn’t long before Joshy felt his little brother’s porcelain hills pressed tight up against his pelvis.

“Fuck Little Man!  You’ve got my entire fucking cock up inside you!  Jesus Fucking Christ Baby Boy!  You are so fucking amazing!”

Scotty just moaned his appreciation.  Now that his entire massive cock was buried deep in his little brother, the teen started to move again.  He slowly gyrated his hips in large circles working to gently loosen the boy’s tight hole.  The warm smooth skin of his cute little butt and soft sack felt nice on the teen’s balls.   Joshy lay in disbelief, still shocked that all nine inches of his thick teenage cock was buried inside Scotty’s snug starfish, gripping his older brother’s thick sausage like an anaconda strangling its prey.  The little boy wriggled back up against his older brother’s body.  He suddenly gasped three times in rapid succession, pushing back hard and gyrating, stirring his insides with his big brother’s swizzle stick.   He sighed deeply as his ass repeatedly clenched around the teen’s thick hog.  Joshy hugged his little brother tightly, holding his cock as deep inside the boy’s tiny little body as he could, gently squeezing him close as if trying to absorb the boy into his own body.  His hips moved ever-so-slightly as he began to make tiny fucking motions, ensuring that his little brother was not in any discomfort.  He kissed his little brother, licked his neck and ear, and repeated the actions again as he very slowly increased the length of the movements his inspissated anaconda made deep in the boy’s bowels.  He gently pinched one of the little tyke’s tiny nipples.   His little brother gasped in response.

“Do, you, like, that, Scotty?” he panted in a strained voice.

“Mmmmnnnnn Yeah!” the little boy croaked out.  “Do you, wike it, Joshy?”

“Oh, Scotty!  Do I like it?!  It’s fucking amazing!  You’re fucking amazing!  I love you so much Little Bro!” the teen blurted out through the haze.

Scotty giggled, “You said anudder bad wowd,” he squeaked out weakly, half laughing, half moaning.

“You’re just so fucking amazing, Scotty!” 

He found it funny that the little tyke chose now to acknowledge his foul language.

“God, you’re so cute, Scotty!  You’re so sexy, you’re my sexy little stud muffin!  Do you like the way it feels Scotty?”

“Yessss,” he practically hissed at his big brother, poacher of his little puffy pucker, his priceless virginity.  “It feels sssoooooo gooooooood,” he cooed.

The older boy was sure that his dick was going to just explode any second.  He lifted Scotty’s sweet little ass off the bed, pulling him up onto his saddle, reverse cowgirl style, settling him down, draping the boy’s legs over his own, spreading them wide, exposing his cock, balls, and impaled ass to the open air.   He leaned up, gently caressing and lifting the boy’s arms so that he held them above his head, gently resting them in his hands and gently turning Scotty to one side, he dove into his smooth little arm pit with a tongue attack.  Scotty moaned and gyrated his little ass in Joshy’s saddle, his big, thick cock whipping around inside the boy like an egg beater.  Joshy gently turned his little brother to the other side and the other little arm pit got attacked by his tongue.  He tasted a little salty but oh, so sweet.  He giggled and moaned as the teen’s tongue painted pleasure on his underarms.  Joshy leaned in more and took one of the cub’s hard little dimes into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the tiny little spike, and then gently biting the little tyke’s nipple.  He gasped and moaned in response.  His whole body wiggled as he did, forcing his big brother’s cock to slip partially out of his hot little ass.  Then, as he moved and relaxed the teen’s cock shot back into the little boy’s depths.   Once again, those three little rapid gasps escaped the little pup’s open mouth as his eyes rolled back in his head.   It dawned on Joshy that his little brother had experienced such ecstasy it had caused him to involuntarily gasp like that.   It made him smile, his heart felt like it would burst, he was so proud to have helped his little brother, his little lover, reach such a level of euphoria.

As the teen’s massive whang slammed back into him, the boy moaned and ground his hungry little boyhole back down onto Joshy’s crotch forcing his cock in deep.  Joshy lowered the little guy’s arms back down to his side, then wrapped his own arms around his little brother pulling the small boy’s smooth, lean back against his own chest.  Leaning forward, he gently turned Scotty’s head and kissed him softly, at first pecking and licking his lips, but as the boy opened his mouth in went his tongue as Scotty’s came out.  Both boys started sucking face as if each were trying to suck the other into him.   For a moment Joshy got a visual of sucking Scotty into his mouth and just swirling him around with his tongue.   The thought made him snort and giggle a little, but he didn’t break the kiss.

Joshy then turned Scotty’s head the other way and attacked his other ear, cheek, and the side of his neck that had been down on his arm out of his reach, neglected.  As Joshy began licking and sucking that ear, continuing across his cheek and kissing his mouth, pulling his head to the side more, he attacked that side of the boy’s neck, licking, kissing, sucking, and gently biting it.  The little boy squealed from the sensations rippling out from his previously virgin skin and began to rock and fuck his ass back onto the older boy’s cock.  He threw his arms up around the teen’s neck and kissed up his older brother’s neck mimicking his brother’s istanbul travesti actions, licking, sucking and biting his neck.  He continued upward to the teen’s lips and gave them a lick and their eyes met again.  As Joshy looked deep into his little brother’s eyes, he noticed the boy looked like he was high, in a daze.  His lips parted and he leaned forward and snaked his tongue into his younger brother’s mouth; once again they started sparring, licking and fighting to suck each other’s tongue.  Joshy slowly tilted his ass back, sliding his cock out of Scotty’s ass just a little, and then pushed it back in.  The little boy gasped into his brother’s mouth and moaned loudly.  He broke the kiss with the older boy and leaned forward.   Planting his feet on either side of his brother, he tried to stand, but his legs were jelly.  Joshy understood immediately what he was trying to do, so he gently put his arms under the boy’s coltish legs, hooking him under his knees, he gently lifted the boy’s body up his length.

“Put your hands on my knees, buddy,” he told Scotty.   “I’ll spin you around so that you can face me.”

Scotty put his hands on his big brother’s knees and gingerly, Joshy spun the little boy around so that he was facing his older brother.  Joshy lowered the boy’s sweet, skinny legs and Scotty planted his feet flat on the bed again.  Even in this position, his legs were weak.  The teen placed a hand on each of the boy’s beautiful milky white buttocks and lifted him up his length again, then lowered him back down.  The youngster moaned again.  His hands reaching all around, trying to find a handhold that he could steady himself on.  His legs alone were not strong enough to lift and lower himself on his big brother’s nine inches.  Joshy realized that Scotty was trying to find handholds; a way to control the raising and lowering action as the boy tried placing his palms on his brother’s knees again.   But, if his knees were more bent, they were too high for the little guy and if he straightened them out some, they were too far behind for the inexperienced youth.  Joshy put his arms out, elbows at 90 degrees, and made two fists, planting his elbows on the bed next to him.  Scotty recognized the make-shift hand rests and immediately put his tiny little hands on his brother’s big fists.  Joshy opened up his fingers and gently folded Scotty’s fingers into his to give him better stability.  The boy leaned forward slightly and pushed down onto his older brother’s hands, pushing up with his jelly legs.  This time, his arms gave him enough mechanical advantage that he was able to raise himself up the older boy’s nine-inch cock.

Clearly, he was not experiencing a lot of discomfort.   He didn’t look like he was in pain; rather, it was a look of pure ecstasy on the little boy’s face.  His tiny little ass slid up the massive meat stick until just the head remained inside and then he lowered himself back down onto the teen’s super-sized schlong.  He continued this action slowly speeding up until his little ass cheeks were slapping down onto his brother’s groin.  As he clearly became used to the huge cock plowing into his gut, Joshy began to thrust up gently to meet his little brother’s downward motions.   Slowly the little cub began to pick up speed and force; the teen’s baby brother fucked himself on his big brother’s extra-large member.  The beautiful little boy lifted his gorgeous little bum off his big brother’s cock, extricating the teen’s cock a little further sometimes, pushing it all the way back in, other times pulling out only a little before slamming back down.  The boy’s ass was amazing — and it was sliding up and down Joshy’s cock, lubricated perfectly by the constant river of precum flowing from the rather large pubescent cock!  The moans and groans and grunts flowed like water from both boys.  They had given themselves over to absolute animal lust, doing what felt good.  The teen literally didn’t know which end was up as the room began to spin from the dizzying pleasures intensified by the aromatic funk of unwashed teen and boy; the funk of ass, piss, cum, spit, feet, sweat, and fragrant boy underarms.  He heard more grunts as the boy slammed his own ass down his big brother’s achingly stiff, but equally tingling and sparking rod.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnngh.  Mmmmmmmnngh.    Ooaahh.”

He found himself in a constant state of oral assault, kissing Scotty’s neck, ears, cheeks, nipples, lips and arm pits.  His little brother opened his mouth and offered his tongue to Joshy’s assault.  He licked his tongue and his cheeks and sucked his kiss into his own.  He moved back and kissed and sucked his ears and his neck.  He lifted one arm licking and sucking his pit, crossing his hard little nips, nibbling on them, then attacking the other pit.  More grunts and moans.  Joshy noticed that Scotty seemed to be trying to lean into his big brother’s armpits.   Not wanting to deprive his little brother of this sex drug, he leaned forward pulling his little brother tightly to him and lifted his arm.  Scotty shoved his face into his big brother’s pit and licked and sucked the funky teen spirit.  He moaned and the speed of his bouncing increased.

‘Shit!  I’m…well, I’m fucking my little brother!’ he suddenly thought as if realizing it for the first time.  ‘Sucking cock, eating ass, kissing, licking armpits, ears and cheeks!  I can’t fucking believe this!’

Scotty dove in again every so often and stuck his face under one or the other of his big brother’s arms and took another hit.   Joshy felt his hot little tongue flick out and lick his underarms, his lips suctioning now and then and the little boy sucking and chewing his funky pits.

“Fuck Dude!”

Scotty’s ass pulled away and slammed back onto Joshy’s saddle with an amazing rhythm.  His baby brother was hanging off of his neck, swinging, bouncing on the bed, riding his cock with everything he could muster.  The sensations exploding all over both boys were astounding.  Neither had any previous sexual experience; they had no point of reference.  But Joshy’s young teenage body, mind and cock burned with a white-hot heat just as Scotty’s younger prepubescent body craved being filled with his big brother’s hot cock.   Joshy was all-consumed.  It is still difficult to find the words to describe everything — hell, anything!  The young teen’s sexual awakening had just crested the horizon, his blossoming sexuality, like the first rays of morning light breaking through, and suddenly, that same blossoming sexuality was exploding like a nuclear flash, that sunlight now burning hot and bright, the glaring sun as if someone had lassoed it and yanked it high into the sky.  He went from fresh and taught, not unlike a crisp yet soft set of Egyptian cotton sheets freshly pressed and applied to a bed, to a flaming inferno of lust, a violent sea of disheveled fabric, waves of sheets and blankets, sweat, piss, cum all over everything.

He was naïve; his senses and his emotions easily overcome; the older boy’s mind was blown by the things his sweet little brother had initiated.  He was not a dullard in any way, shape or form.  The boy got excellent grades, was extremely inquisitive and thoughtful, his mind nearly always churning at questions and mysteries of the universe.   But, never in his life could he have expected this, anticipated it, imagined it, wanted it, and yet in that moment there was nothing he wanted more; there was nothing that he could think of that he had ever wanted more.  His hips thrust upward into Scotty’s tight hole.  The small boy leaned forward, lying down on his brother’s warm, wet chest, wrapped his legs and arms around the teen and shoved his nose into the sweaty man-boy’s underarm again.  He grunted with each thrust, his arms and legs stiffening around Joshy’s body as leverage to enable him to push his own body down onto his older brother’s love rocket.  Though he lay on his back, the teen’s hips and legs and even his arms and shoulders were beginning to tire from the repetitious movement.  He couldn’t believe that with Scotty’s searing tight tunnel sucking his cock like a high-priced…no, that comparison wasn’t acceptable.  That would cheapen what he had with his little brother, and he literally felt sick for a moment at the insulting nature of his thought.

It passed as another wave of ecstasy exploded through his fuck stick, as that sweet little boy, turned some kind of amazing little sex monster, slammed down his shaft burying his head deep up inside the boy.  Still, he was shocked that he hadn’t blown his wad into the little boy’s hot hole yet, but he was glad.  He didn’t want this to ever end.  The teen pushed up so that he was sitting and with his hands on his little brother’s beautiful hips and ass, he slid to the edge of the bed.  He shifted his weight, pulling Scotty close to his chest and down onto his cock.  With Scotty’s arms wrapped securely around his big brother’s neck, the teen stood, his little brother clinging tightly to him while gravity helped pull his lithe little body down onto his big brother’s throbbing shaft.  He didn’t miss a beat, and with his arms around the teen’s neck holding on for dear life, his legs sprang around his big brother’s back, and he bounced.  He impaled himself on his brother’s thick hot cock over and over.  He leaned to one side and again shoved his face into Joshy’s fragrant armpit.  

In this new position, the sensations that exploded through the little boy’s body suddenly intensified.  His big brother’s cock slammed into his prostate sending the little tyke into a frenzy.  Stars exploded in his mind.  His eyes closed as though he couldn’t process any additional information, and in that moment, fireworks exploded across his mind’s eye again.  He moaned and squealed at the tingling sensation building and spreading through his bum.  The older boy leaned down and kissed his little brother’s forehead.  The youngster leaned up, opened his mouth and started licking and kissing his brother’s lips.  Joshy got a whiff of the musk from his own underarms — it was intense.  Scotty sucked the teen’s bottom lip into his mouth and bit down — a little too hard, but in the heat of the moment, it didn’t matter.  He was trying things out and Joshy found it incredibly exciting that he enjoyed the kissing and the biting, and was trying to mimic what the older boy had done to him.  Joshy moaned loudly.

His hands cupped Scotty’s perfect ass and helped lift as the boy pushed up with his shaky legs, and, he added a little extra force pulling his slim little ass back down onto his cock.  The boy’s tiny little delicious ass slapped loudly back down onto his older brother’s saddle with his sudden ferocious attack.  A loud, high-pitched noise, part squeal — part moan, erupted from his tiny mouth.  He leaned in, and sucked on the teen’s neck; the teen tilted his head and licked and sucked the boy’s ear.  Scotty shivered and moaned as the intense waves of pleasure exploded through his body.   The tingling sensation was blasting out through his groin in explosions of intensity but he didn’t miss a beat.  A tingling sensation started building deep within the teen’s crotch — well, actually, deep in his ass.  Scotty rode his older brother’s cock like a champ.  The storm continued to build deep within him.  He tried to hold on as best he could, but his little brother was riding him like a wild stallion and he was losing control.

“Scotty,” he panted, “I’m gonna — Oh, fuck!   Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggghh.  Oh, Scotty!  Hnnnnnnnnnnnnngggh.  I love you, Scotty,” Joshy panted out between straining grunts.

The words had barely escaped his lips when the fireworks exploded.  His hands grasped his little brother’s tiny hips and he pulled the little tyke down hard onto his shaft.  Thrusting his hips upward, his weapon discharged.  It felt as if his cock might literally explode like a stick of dynamite the orgasm was so intense.  So much cum barreling through the teen’s fuck tube it almost hurt.  He roared, moaning and cussing in between the kisses and licks with which he showered little Scotty.  He was deep in the throes of ecstasy, fully engulfed in his orgasm.  Cum erupted from the teen’s cock in several massive, forceful spurts.  His climax was so intense that Joshy couldn’t breathe – he literally couldn’t pull air in.    Scotty began to shake violently.  His arms around his big brother’s neck became a veritable strangle hold as once again he experienced an orgasm.  He clung onto his big brother for dear life.  He was shaking and vibrating so violently that he continued to twist and bounce on the cock deep inside him as his big brother erupted deep in his gut.

Joshy pulled his arms up around Scotty’s torso and squeezed him.  Instinctively, he understood that the boy needed to be held as he lost control of his body and submitted to the climax that wreaked havoc on his lithe little figure.   He also needed Scotty to hold still as his gyrations were beginning to overstimulate Joshy as he began to descend from his own intense climax.  He tried to gently hold the boy still.  He was finally able to suck in enough air to speak.

 “Scotty, Scotty,” he croaked out.  “Hold still Sweetie, please.”

The teen pleaded for mercy from the boy’s tireless gyrations.  He was still trying to catch his breath and deal with sudden massive sensory overload as the boy’s slimy snug sleeve suddenly sanded his stiff stick silly.

“Oh Baby,” the teen cooed.  “Oh Scotty, you are wonderful!  Please, hold still my little prince, my dick is really sensitive now.”

He kissed his little brother again; he kissed his lips and his cheeks, his neck and his ears.  

Over and over again he whispered into each ear, “I love you my little prince.  My god, I love you so much, Scotty.”

Joshy released his little brother from his veritable strangle hold, and putting one hand on each cheek, he looked straight into his eyes.  He was soaking wet, his hair matted down, he looked dazed, but oh so content.

“Jesus you are a god, Scotty.  You’re my heart, Baby.  I love you so much my little prince.”

He grinned weakly.

“I’m gonna lay you down, ok Buddy?  I want to lick your ass again and suck my spunk out.   Is that ok Scotty?”

“Okay,” he agreed weakly.

Joshy put his arms back around his little brother and pulled him over to the side, laying him down on the bed.  His cock started to slip out of the boy’s tight ass, deflating and no longer held in by his weight sitting down on it.  His cock snaked out quickly, with a pop.  Scotty gasped, and a surprised look appeared on his face, the sudden emptiness shocking to his being.  The teen quickly put his hand under his brother’s hole to catch any cum that escaped.  A river of spunk immediately burst from his stretched hole as if a dam had broken.  He switched hands put his other hand below the boy’s hole and moved the first hand toward his mouth.  Scotty grabbed his older brother’s hand and pulled.  The teen didn’t resist his tug — if he wanted the cum, he had certainly earned it with his clearly naturally expert tight little ass.   The little tyke tipped the bigger hand into his open mouth and drank his brother’s cream as it ran off, then licked and sucked his hand and fingers clean.  Joshy was just fucking stunned.

“Fuck, Dude!  You dirty little sexy stud muffin!” Joshy exclaimed quietly, grinning from ear to ear.  “You really like my cum, huh?” he asked his little brother with quiet excitement.

“Yeah,” he grinned, barely a whisper escaping his tired body.  “It tastes weewy good.”

The older boy swapped hands again and offered his little brother his other hand, filled with more of his massive teen load.   Once again, he drank it down and slurped up every trace.  Joshy’s dick pulsed, starting to stiffen again.  There was something incredibly fucking hot about watching his little brother greedily slurp down every last drop of his load.  The river of semen had slowed, so, he leaned down, lifted his little brother’s gorgeous little butt and sticking his tongue out, tasted the boy’s sweet hole, glazed with his own slick seed.  First, he circled the stretched hole, cleaning up the cum remains, flicking his tongue over the ridge of the boy’s stretched cinnamon starfish.  It was such a thing of beauty; it just didn’t seem right to think of it as an asshole.  His sweet little boyhole was sensitive, and Scotty moaned and squealed, wriggling around as his big brother teased the puffy, stretched, sensitive entrance to the boy’s love tunnel.

He immediately bent back down and shoved his tongue deep into the tiny boy’s puffy, stretched ring.  Both hands flew up into the air as he moaned again.  His body shook, and his little flag flew at full mast once again.  Joshy loved that he could continue to give him pleasure.  The little tyke had given him so much in the last two days — so much that he felt he could never repay.  He had given the teen his first, second and third blow job, his first fuck – he literally rode his older brother hard and put him away wet!  He had swallowed load after load of the teen’s cum and taken his seed deep up his sweet little Hershey highway.  His baby brother had taught him so many things about sex and about himself.  His emotions were still wild; he couldn’t fathom how he, freshly a teenage boy, that had entered puberty, could have been so clueless.  He wondered if someone else had touched Scotty before.  He made a note to ask his little brother about that later.  A flash of anger crossed his face.  If anyone had hurt his little brother like that, he would kill them, and he meant it.   He felt nothing but intense love for his little brother and a strong impulse to protect him.

He didn’t have the language or understanding to express his love at the time, though later, because of that very moment he would research love to understand his complex emotions for his brother.  He learned about Agape — he had experienced that from the moment he saw his little brother.  It was selfless and pure.  He also knew that he felt Philia, affectionate love without romantic attraction, Storge — love that had grown over time as he cared for his brother and played with his brother, and Pragma — the long-term love that he would feel for his brother his entire life.  He realized that as the boys played together, they had very likely innocently engaged in Ludus, or playful and flirtatious love, especially when his little brother would bat at and play with his penis in the bath.  This had clearly developed into Eros — erotic, sexually charged love, and at that moment, and perhaps for the rest of his life, he felt Mania — his love for his brother defied definition from that point forward.  His little brother was everything to him.  He hoped that they would be this close, together for the rest of their lives.  He couldn’t imagine not sleeping with his brother, bathing with his brother and experiencing the wonderful pleasures of sex with his little brother.  He wanted to wrap himself around the little tyke, and love him, protect him — and fuck him silly.  He locked his lips around the boy’s winking little starfish and sucked his own cum out of his hot little boyhole, licking and nibbling on his sensitive, well-used little button.  The boy continued to moan and squirm under the terrors of his tongue.  When he no longer tasted cum, he stopped.

“Are you ok Scotty?” he asked.

“Yeah,” he barely squeaked out.

He looked at the clock.  It was just after noon.  They still had time before their parents would be home.

“Are you hungry Buddy?  It’s just after lunch time,” he whispered.

The little boy shook his head.

“Do you want to go back to sleep?”

“Yeah,” was all he said.

Joshy gently wrapped his arms around his little brother and lifted him up and hugged him close.  Repositioning himself to his back, he then turned onto his side, scooping Scotty right back up against him in a spooning position.  He lay the crook of the boy’s neck on his arm and both boys got another whiff of the teen’s very ripe armpit.  Scotty moaned again.  Joshy wrapped one leg over his little brother at the hips, his large soft cock settling down into the boy’s raw little crevice and pulled the leg up against the boy’s ass if to protect him, but also increasing the skin-to-skin contact.  He wrapped his arm over the boy’s shoulder and Scotty grabbed his arm and hugged it tight, practically burying his face in the newly repositioned pit.  He pulled the covers up over them in case their parents should come home before they woke, and then leaned down and gently kissed and licked the boy’s neck and ear as they slipped back into slumber.

“I love you so much Scotty,” he whispered into the little boy’s ear.  “I can’t even find a way to express how deeply I love you.  You are my heart and soul.”

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