Subject: My Naked Family 4 This story contains sexual acts between teens, adults-teens, and incest. If this offends you or is illegal for you to read where you are located, close this story. This story is fictional. Any resemblance to people real or fictional are entirely coincidental and any views stated do not necessarily reflect those of any company or organization that exists in real life nor necessarily reflect the views of the author. This story is the property and copyright of the author, do not share, reproduce, repost, or any such act which is illegal to do without the author’s permission. I appreciate you reading this story and you can contact me gmx. I will do my best to answer every email if I can. Any comments, suggestions, or questions are always welcome. I can’t thank you enough for all the e-mails and kind comments. I was very surprised to get such a reaction to my story. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know how you like it so far. Please donate to fty/donate.html to keep the archive free! —————————————————————————————————————- Chapter 4 Ryan woke up first and is a bit disoriented being naked and having some one else in bed with him holding on to him. He remembers that he and Chris went to sleep together last night. He tried to get up without waking Chris, but Chris just held him tighter. “Awww, do we have to get up. I was having such a good dream. I was so warm and loved.” he whispered. “Bruh, we have pee boners and I’m not sure Mom and Dad should see us spooned together in bed.” Ryan replied. “Your dad was fine with us in Maryland at the camp. He’ll be ok and your Mom is pretty easy going also. You heard she said we can be naked.” Chris answered. “I gotta pee bad so one last hug then and let’s empty them out. It’s after 8 so I’m pretty sure they are up.” So they get up and head to the bathroom. After some cock wrangling, they manage to start peeing. You know how difficult it is to pee that way! “I got breakfast ready if you guys want some. Mom ate and went back to rest a bit. She was feeling a bit drained and went back to bed.” I whispered to them up the stairs. They came down naked as I though they would. We ate breakfast together. “Did you two have a good sleep?” I asked with a smile as I was sipping my juice. “It was one of the best sleeps I had in a long time, Mr. Glick.” Chris said to me. I went over to give Chris a big hug and then did the same to Ryan. “Nothing wrong with some cuddles during sleep. It’s been a while since Ryan has slept with Jean and I, but we’ve never denied him. Cuddling during şişli travesti sleep really helps you relax and rest.” They go a bit red since they didn’t know I saw them cuddled together. “Guys don’t have to be gay to cuddle. Everyone needs some loving sometimes. And hugs are definitely good for us also.” I let that stew for a bit. As we finished breakfast, they asked me to sit with them for a bit. “Dad, are you and Mom really ok if we don’t wear clothes this summer?” Ryan asks. “Sure, I don’t have a problem with it. You know, Ryan, that we were never that uptight about clothes in Florida. We hardly ever wore suits in the pool and sometimes nothing in the house. We really only stopped when you got a bit older and we moved up here.” “Why was that Dad?” “Firstly, it is a bit cooler up here in West Virginia in the mountains. We really only have maybe 7 months of weather comfortable enough to go naked. We also couldn’t put a pool in here. Secondly, you were getting into first grade and we were a bit concerned you might have a “whoops” moment and let out that your mum and dad were naked at home. Since this is a bit more of a churchy area and we didn’t really know a lot of people that well, we decided to hold off on being naked at home.” I answered. “I guess that’s all right, but you know I don’t blab a lot.” Ryan told me. “We couldn’t take the chance on that happening and then losing you, Ryan. You were hard enough to make in the first place and we can’t make another.” I said hugging him. “You do know Dad that other kids will ask why our tans are so good and they may wonder why we don’t have white butts.” Ryan offered. “Hmm, well you could tell them you have a tan thru swim suit like the one I have. Your mum and I already ordered them for you so when you go to the park, you won’t lose tanning time.” “That’s so cool we’ll get speedos. We’ll be the only ones at the pool with them.” Chris said. “Oh yeah and that will get us lots of attention.” Ryan said wringing his hands. “You just need to be careful you little horndogs. You remember our talk last night. If you play with the wrong person, it could really make your life hard. And you need to at least try to hang out with some girls to see if they get you excited.” “We’re not really sure about that, Mr. Glick. I really prefer looking at guys more than gals. I get hard looking at them. And Ryan really likes hearing about the times I’ve played with another guy.” Chris told me. “Oh really? Here I was thinking you didn’t have much experience Chris. So have you had oral sex yet?” I asked, a bit concerned. “Well we tried a bit yesterday. Chris kinda hurt me a bit beylikdüzü travesti with is teeth.” Ryan said. “Ah. That’s always the first thing to learn. It helps if you can open your mouth bigger or at least cover your teeth with your lips.” I told them. “Would you show us Dad?” I thought about it for a bit. I didn’t want Ryan or Chris picking things up from another person that didn’t love and care for them. Maybe it would be ok to give them a small lesson. “Ok boys, I am going to teach you just a bit how to do it. I’ll show you both what to do.” I told them. I sat down on the floor and pulled Chris close. “Ok I’ll start with Chris and show you how to make love to a guy.” I stuck out my tongue and started licking around Chris’ glans. Being uncircumsized is a different process. I could taste a bit of spunk from overnight since they didn’t have a shower yet. I ran my tongue around the outside, then along the underside. Chris was squirming pretty good from just that. When he was good and wet, I grasped his skin and pulled it back, revealing his head. Ryan was on the floor watching intently. I then opened my mouth and took Chris in. He could barely stand up and wound up falling into my face, all of his 3″ boner went in. That was a bit more than I intended to do, but I just went with the flow and ran my tongue around his cock. That sent him over and he collapsed in his orgasm. “Oh man! That was the best thing in the world. Sorry Mr. Glick for falling down on you.” Chris said. “Good thing you’re not grown up yet Chris or that could have hurt a bit. You may not want to be standing up like that until you get a bit more experience.” I reach over a draw Ryan near. He’s already sporting a boner and was stroking it. I do the same thing as I did with Chris. The first touch starts him shaking in an orgasm. A little suck is all he can stand. I get up on my knees and give him a hug. “It’s ok bud, the feelings get to be too much when you get all worked up. You’ll get more used to it.” They are both on the floor recovering. The re-enactment group have a work party planned for the camp area after lunch. We check with mum to see if she wants to go to church today. Jean tells us to go ourselves, she’s a bit tired since she didn’t sleep good all night. We get dressed and head out. There’s no kids choir today but a lot of them still sit together. They get a few “looks” from the adults if they get a bit loud but they all are good kids overall. Chris and Ryan are sitting with Jimmy and have all three heads together. Jimmy had been a “Narrator” kid last year. I think Ryan and Chris are trying to recruit him to be an Indian. istanbul travesti After service, we head out to the Captain’s place for some fish and then home. We get changed into shorts and Ts. I load up some tools we’ll need to clean up the camp area. It’s prety warm out so all three of us lose the Ts. I have to admit, we don’t look too bad as none of us are overweight. The school has a weight lifting room for the high school teams and allow middle schoolers to use it one day a week if they are on a sports team. Chris and Ryan had talked about going out for track this year. Neither one is good enough to make the basketball or football teams (grid iron to those of you not from ‘around here’). Soccer (football to the rest of the world) is just starting and I suggested they try that. That will really buff them out. We’re all breaking a good sweat by the time we’re done. I suggest we head to the camp showers to wash off. I had brought towels and body wash with us since I thought it would be pretty warm at the park. We put the towels on the seats and head up the road to the campground. We abandon ship and go into the men’s side. We all drop the shorts and since none of us are wearing underwear (how did that happen I wouldn’t know 🙂 ) We hop in when the water is warm enough. I thought the boys would shower by themselves but the little buggers didn’t start a shower. They get under the water with me and start to soap me up. With two of them going, they get to my cock pretty fast (really they didn’t do a good job of soaping up anything but my cock, the horndogs). I put a stop to that and get them wet down and soaped up. I do a much better job of getting everything else soaped then they do. I have a lot of trouble with them not touching my cock but they got what they wanted as it sprang a boner. “Ok horndogs, go ahead since you can’t keep your hands to yourself.” I decide to torture them the way the done me. I soap up their cocklets and get them stiff. They start stroking me and their own. I put a hand on each of their butts and search for their rosebud. I start rubbing it and that sends them off. They both drop to their knees as they orgasm. They steady themselves on my thighs and both bend over a bit and start licking my shaft on the side. They get to the head and both start sucking on either side. About 30 seconds of that is enough to get me spurting. They each get a bit of a taste as I shoot. “Shit guys. That’s not very nice to do that to an old man you know.” They are giggling their asses off as they drop them to the ground. I shut the water off and they get up and get dried. We wrap the towels around us and head out to the truck. “Are we going to go home this way Dad?” Ryan asked. “I thought you wanted to be naked all summer? Well, you might as well start now.” I told them grinning. We make it home without any trouble and head in to see how my wife Jean is doing.

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