A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park
Alison was lying on her stomach on her bed. She could feel Jerry´s cock head poking in her bum crack searching for her pussy. Lift your butt up a little Ali, Jerry asked; so I can put a pillow under you. Alison lifted her bum up a bit and Jerry shoved a pillow under her tummy and hips. Oh yeah baby, now your butt is sticking up nicely, Jerry said with noticeable excitement in his voice. He massaged Alison bum cheeks and pulled them apart, to view her butthole and pussy. Hmmmm, he grunted and positioned himself over Alison´s butt. Without holding his erection, he dropped himself forward, sliding deep inside her in one go. Uffffff, Alison responded to the sudden and deep penetration and Jerry´s weight pushing the air out of her. Alison did enjoy this position, but wondered why she didn´t feel very excited about it all…..yet again. She had several boyfriends over the last couple of years, but none of them could really get her sexually exited, let alone climax. Sure, they made her come, usually with their tongues, but Alison was never totally into it all and her orgasms sometimes felt like they sort of hurt, rather than gave pleasure. Maybe it was the lack of feelings, maybe it was that men were too rough and orgasm orientated. She did sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to be with a girl instead of a guy, but her upbringing and sense of reality usually made these thoughts disappear quickly. Jerry meanwhile was banging away on top of her, breathing and grunting in her neck and making the metal framed bed creek like it was about to give in and collapse. It didn´t take more than a few minutes for Jerry to come and when he did, he arched his back with the last few thrusts when he exploded inside Alison. Oh yeah baby, this is so good! Jerry blared a little too close to Alison´s right ear. He let his full weight drop on Alison for a moment, which made Alison gasp for air and exude another uuuffffffff. Upon hearing Alison struggle under him, Jerry pushed himself up, pulled his still throbbing cock out and rolled off Alison. Pheew! He called out, breathing like he just ran a marathon. Alison got up and walked to the bathroom and sat herself down onto the toilet. She felt Jerry´s cum trickle out of her and through her thighs watched it dropping into the toilet. She wiped herself off with some toilet paper. While she was having a pee, she reached for the bidet tap next to her and opened it, to wait for the hot water to reach the bidet. She grinned, as her mother had told her to always pee after sex. Alison remembered the first time her mother said this and how embarrassed she was, as she was only 15 at the time. When Alison felt the water of the bidet tap getting warmer, she moved onto the bidet and washed her pussy thoroughly. When she was done she got up, flushed the loo and wiped herself dry with a towel. She stood in front of the mirror and looked into her own eyes for several seconds. She then walked back into her bedroom. She could hear Jerry snoring away. He was the “bang hard, come, roll off and sleep” type of guy. For fuck sake, Alison thought; I don´t want this anymore.
When Jerry woke up about an hour later, he could hear Alison in the kitchen. Jerry put his clothes on and walked into the kitchen. Alison was dressed and making a tea for herself. Hey honey, all ok? Jerry enquired and was about to walk up to Alison to give her a kiss. Yes fine thanks, but I want you to leave now please, Alison responded in a calm tone. Jerry stopped abruptly and surprise was noticeable in his eyes. Why? Jerry asked a little puzzled? Didn´t you enjoy the sex? Erm, not really Jerry, Alison replied; it wasn´t like I got much out of it, was it! It doesn´t matter Jerry, just go please, Alison said in a now somewhat annoyed voice. Ok, whatever babe, Jerry replied in a similarly annoyed voice, making a waving away movement with his right hand. He got his jacket and took one more look at Alison. Seeing the expression on her face, he thought it best not to say anything anymore and just leave. Alison heard the front door click into its lock. She took a deep breath and slowly let the air escape her lungs. Bye bye Jerry and good riddance, she thought. Alison sipped her Rooibos tea. Ploing! Alison´s mobile announced there was a message. Alison got her phone of the kitchen work top to check who messaged her. It was her aunty Becky, enquiring “how her darling Alison was”. Aunt Becky always called Alison her darling and never Ali. She wasn´t actually a real aunt, but one of Alison´s mother´s life time friends. Aunt Becky was a very attractive and glamorous woman, but led a somewhat strange life at the same time. She never got married, didn´t have any c***dren and never seemed to have any steady men in her life. Or none that Alison knew of anyway. Men always made frantic efforts towards her, but to no apparent avail. “I am ok aunty Becky, just a little grumpy and pre-occupied today”, Alison replied. “Come over darling and we´ll have some dinner together and we can talk a little” aunt Becky messaged back. And so a couple of hours later Alison got in her little bright red Fiat 500 and drove to her favourite aunty.
Darling! Aunt Becky called out when she opened the door; come here and let me hug you honey. Aunt Becky folded her arms around Alison and gave her two big kisses on her cheeks and a third on her lips. Come in sweetheart and make yourself comfortable. I am preparing a little dinner for us, Aunt Becky continued. Watch some TV if you want, or put a nice CD on and poor yourself some wine. Actually I have some too. Aunt Becky always talked lively and a lot and Alison loved being around her Aunt for that. She secretly admired her aunty a lot and wished she could be as elegant and beautiful as her. Not that Alison wasn´t pretty, she was, but Aunt Becky had this natural sexiness and elegance over her. Alison poured two glasses of red wine and walked with the glasses into the kitchen. Here, Aunt Becky and cheers! Alison said, passing one glass to her Aunt. Becky got her glass and made her usual toast: “to life, love and adventure”. While the two glasses clanged together, Aunt Becky and Alison purposely looked into each other´s eyes. Aunt Becky always told Alison: if you toast with red wine, always look each other in the eyes; otherwise: bad sex!! So darling, what´s up with you, Aunt Becky enquired. Alison took a sip of her wine and replied: guys, really. I am just fed up with them. I find them boring and un-exiting, Alison continued; maybe I have just been unlucky so far with the guys I encountered. But I just never really feel anything for any of them, other than companionship. Hmmmmm, Aunt Becky mumbled, while she put her glass down on the kitchen work top. And what about sex? Do you enjoy the sex? Aunt Becky asked Alison. Well yes, to a certain degree, Alison replied. But it is more like it is something I am supposed to do. I don´t know how to explain it, Alison continued. For instance, I never have an orgasm when a guy is inside me. Only orally I come, but even then: not always. Alison never had a problem talking very openly and about anything with her Aunt, unlike with her mother, who was rather conservative and vague about sexual matters. Hmmmm, Aunt Becky mumbled again. Do you think it might be that you are not interested in guys? Aunt Becky asked. Alison took another sip of her wine and replied: what do you mean Aunt Becky? Well, what I mean is, maybe you are not into guys, Aunt Becky stated; have you ever had feelings for any girls? Either feelings of love or sexually? Alison was a little taken back by her Aunt´s question. She thought a few seconds and said: well when I was younger I sort of quickly kissed a girl once in a truth or dare game and I remember I always liked to look at girls too when we had showers at the hockey club or at sleep-overs when we changed clothes. And more recently I sometimes fantasize what is would be like being with a girl……but I never had sex with a girl, Alison answered her Aunt. I see, Aunt Becky responded; maybe you should consider it for a change and try it; you may like it! You know darling, sex between women is very different than sex between a guy and a woman. It is far more emotional, fulfilling and with much deeper feeling and connection. For me it is the best! Aunt Becky had a noticeable excitement in her voice when she uttered the last statement. But…..have you had sex with a woman? Alison asked her Aunt with a degree of unbelief in her voice. With a woman? Aunt Becky replied with a little amuzement in her voice, with lots of women! In fact I only have sex with women. I haven´t had sex with a man for over 20 years now, Aunt Becky admitted to Alison. Alison looked into Aunt Becky´s eyes and mumbled: wow, now that I really didn´t see coming Aunt Becky. Aunt Becky now looked straight at Alison and said: but darling, don´t mention this to your mother, ever, as she really does not know this. She thinks I just have one nighters or hot weekends with men, as that is what I always tell her; you know what your mother is like. Alison felt a little nervousness creeping into her body and asked her aunt: but how do I know I might like girls better than guys? Or how do I know a girl I maybe like, likes girls too? As I know none of my friends do. They are all into guys. I would be so scared that my friends would find out and make fun of me, Alison continued. Aunt Becky interrupted Alison: well, if you do find out you fancy girls over boys, then it is something you will have to come to terms with and so the people around you. Maybe not all, but most will in the end. But first we need to find out, don´t we? So maybe we should pay a visit to a place I always go to. It is actually a bar and a club with a sauna, where women go to meet other women. What?! A lesbian bar?! Alison sort of called out with a little disgust in her voice. Well darling, a lesbian bar sort of sounds a bit harsh, Aunt Alison replied; I rather call it a lady´s club; as all sorts of girls and women go there and they are definitely not all typical lesbians. Alison swirled the wine in her glass several times and tapped her foot somewhat nervously against the kitchen unit skirting board. Thoughts flashed through her mind, both pleasant and anxious ones. But, the more she thought about it, the more she felt a desire coming up in her to give it a go. Ok, Alison said in a decisive tone; I want to go; but only when you come too Aunt Becky, she informed her aunty. Of course darling, we go together and see what happens. Maybe we both get lucky, Aunt Becky said cheekily to Alison, while she winked at her. Come, let´s eat darling, dinner is ready.
Red of black? Aunt Becky asked Alison. Erm…….red!, that makes you stand out even more Aunt Becky, Alison replied. Darling, maybe it is time you start calling me Becky and not Aunt Becky, don´t you think? Also when we go to this club, I rather you call me Becky, like a friend instead of an old Aunty! Becky said laughingly. Ok Becky, Alison confirmed cheekily. Becky dropped her jeans and stepped out of them then unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide of her upper body. She then unclipped her bra and took it off. Alison looked in awe at Becky´s undressed body appearing in front of her, as this was the first time she saw her like this. And this super sexy lingerie! Oh my god, Alison thought; she is even more beautiful than I imagined….. A mixed feeling of jealousy and admiration took hold of Alison. A shock went through her body as it suddenly dawned on her, how much she wished she could be with a woman like Becky. Alison could feel her stomach and loins starting to tingle. Darling, maybe we should shower first, before we get all dressed up to go out. I´ll go first, I´ll only be a minute. Meanwhile you chose something you may like to wear. And lingerie is in the second, large drawer in that unit over there, Becky informed Alison. She disappeared into the bathroom and Alison could hear her turning on the shower. Alison walked up to the unit and opened the second drawer. Wauw, she thought, this is some sexy stuff in here. She pulled some of the garments out of the drawer and held them up. Hihihihi, open crotch panties, Alison giggled; and look at these see through ones! You can lip read with these ones! Alison was noticeably amused by all the goodies she encountered. The drawer was full of nice things and she felt excitement flowing into her looking at and holding the various panties, thongs, stockings, suspender belts and bra´s. She felt a little more in the back of the drawer and stomped on something hard. Her hand pulled out a large purple and silver vibrator, with little pearl like balls in the middle of it. Haha! Alison laughed, this one has bunny ears! That´s my favourite one darling, Becky´s voice suddenly sounded behind Alison. Alison nearly dropped the vibrator, as she hadn´t heard Becky coming out of the bathroom at all. Erm….. nice stuff you got in there Aunt Becky, I mean Becky, Alison said, stumbling a little over her words and feeling like a little c***d being caught stealing some sweets. Alison didn´t dare turn around, as she felt a little embarrassed. Well, I sort of collected a few things over the years, Becky said. But have you found anything you liked yet darling? Becky asked Alison. Erm, not yet really. But why is there a little bunny with ears on this vibrator? Alison asked. Well, that is for tickling your clitty. While the actual vibrator is humming away deep inside you, these little bunny ears tickle and vibrate your little pleasure button darling, Becky said in a calm tone. Now Becky had mentioned this, it suddenly clicked for Alison and she said with noticeable excitement in her voice: ah yes, ofcourse! Hmmmm wonder what that feels like! Alison stroked the bunny ears and they sprang away from the tip of her index finger while she dreamily said: it must be wonderful…. these little ears feel so soft. Go on darling, have your shower and then we will sort you out, Becky asked Alison. Alison dropped her jeans and took off her jumper and threw them on the large double bed. She hesitated taking her bra off. She quickly looked at Becky and then released her bra and walked into the bathroom, with her arms crossed over her boobies. Becky smiled, as she could see Alison was just a little too embarrassed to show her nakedness to her. Becky decided she needed to brush her teeth and walked into the bathroom when she heard Alison was showering. Just brushing my teeth darling, she informed Alison as she got hold of her electric tooth brush. While pretending to concentrate on brushing her teeth, she could see Alison showering in the large mirror which covered the whole wall over the bathroom sink. Hmmm, she thought to herself, look at that young body and these firm boobies. Becky tried to get a glimpse of Alison´s pussy, but the glass of the shower screen was already too steamed up to really have a clear view. Do you have a razor Becky? Alison called out from the shower. Sure darling, hold on, Becky replied. She grabbed the lady shave of the bathroom unit and walked to the shower cubical. Becky opened the door and looked at Alison´s naked and wet body in front of her. Perfect! Becky said, nice and shaved down there, so no need to sort you out in that area! Well, I just want to run the lady shave under my arms. I hate having little stubbles there, Alison informed Becky. And what about your pussy darling? That seems quite smooth, Becky said. And before she realised it herself, Becky had put her hand out and felt over smooth skin of Alison´s groin. When her hand touched Alison´s skin, a shock went through Becky as she realised this was maybe a little to forward of her, but at the same time, she so wanted to feel Alison there. She regained control and said: all smooth darling; no need to shave there. Alison wasn´t really bothered by Becky touching her groin and replied: no, I shaved there last night and properly, with foam and a brand new razor blade. Alison ran the lady shave under her armpits and rinsed off and closed the shower tap. Ok, squeaky clean again, Alison said laughingly as she stepped out of the shower, now completely comfortable with her nakedness in front of Becky. Becky got a large towel and reached forward to wrap the towel around Alison´s shoulder. But when her arms reached forward, her own towel which was wrapped around her body, became undone and dropped on the bathroom floor. Oopsie, Becky said with a cheeky voice. But she didn´t make any effort to pick the towel up. Here, let me dry you of darling, Becky said and she pulled Alison towards her with the towel she just wrapped around the girl. While Becky dried Alison´s hair, Alison leaned against Becky´s naked body and she could feel her warmth. Becky slowly rubbed the towel over Alison´s back and bum. Lift your arms up sweetie, Becky asked. Alison lifted both arms in the air, and Becky carefully dabbed the towel under Alison´s arms and over her chest and firm boobies. Becky´s mind was racing: oh god, I shouldn´t! I shouldn´t! I am 22 years older than this girl! She is like a daughter to me! It was like there was a little angel standing on Becky´s one shoulder and a little devil on her other shoulder, both trying to convince her to do the right thing. Becky kneeled on the floor and patted the towel on Alison´s belly and groin. She then ran the towel along her legs. Alison, losing her balance a little by Becky pushing the towel against her, moved one leg a little aside to regain balance and by doing so opened her legs somewhat. This gave Becky the opportunity to move the towel up Alison´s inner legs. She carefully rubbed the towel upwards Alison´s leg to stop at her pussy, pushing the cloth with her index finger softly against it. All Becky wanted to do was to kiss and lick and caress Alison´s body, but she just managed to control herself. Becky got up and threw the towel in the washing basket. Come here darling she said and wrapped her arms around Alison. Becky kissed Alison´s forehead and eyes and nose. Oohh, this is so nice Becky, Alison mumbled softly. She caressed the side of her head against Becky´s chest, feeling her boobs wrapped around her neck. Alison moved to look up at Becky and by doing so, got her lips only centimetres away from Becky´s lips. It was Alison who moved forward, so their lips touched. Alison let her lips softly touching Becky´s lips. Becky could see Alison closing her eyes and slightly bending her neck. Becky´s mind was racing but seeing Alison being ready to be kissed, she slowly opened her mouth, pulling Alison´s lips apart with her lips. Becky let her tongue reach forward a little in search of Alison´s tongue. When their tongues touched´s , Alison responded by pushing and rolling her tongue against Becky´s. A long and soft, but utterly passionate kiss followed, while the bodies of the two women pressed firmly against each other. Becky´s hand was supporting the back of Alison´s head and her other hand pushing Alison forward in the arch of her back, just above her bum. Alison had her arms and hands tightly wrapped around Becky, just under her shoulder blades. All Alison wanted was for this moment to go on forever. It was like she was floating on fluffy clouds. But, as Becky still wasn´t sure she should do all this, after a few moments she pulled her lips of Alison´s lips and ended the kiss. She smiled at Alison and pressed Alison´s head firmly against her chest. Awww, you are such an adorable cutey darling, Becky whispered in Alison´s ears. Alison clinged on to Becky and so they stood there in the bathroom, naked and in each other´s arms. Come on darling, let´s get dressed and have some fun, Becky broke the silence. As Becky knew that if they continued now, things would get out of hand quickly and seriously.
After fitting several types of lingerie and lots of touching and little pat kisses, the two ladies were dressed to kill and ready to go out. Becky in red, Alison in white. I´ll drive Becky, Alison said; I don´t want to drink too much anyway. Great darling, I like to be chauffeured on evenings like this. They jumped into the little Fiat and drove to the town centre and were lucky to get parked quite close to the club. Alison felt a little nervous, as she had never been to a, what she considered lesbian bar. Being a Saturday night, it was busy in the street where all the bars and clubs were. In front of the club they were going to, they could hear the thudding of the music inside. It was a David Guetta song, which Alison really liked and which put her in an even more exited mood. As soon as they entered, a couple of ladies walked towards them. Heeey Becky, called one of them out, who´se your gorgeous friend? The lady walked to Alison and stood in front of her, with her legs spread and one hand in her hip. She ran the other hand through Alison´s hair and stroked her right cheek. Miaaauw! said the lady in a rather overdone tone; I like this pussycat! Alison, not really happy with this sort of attention, indicated to Becky she wanted to move on. She got Becky´s hand and pulled her along to the bar, leaving the two women to themselves. Don´t worry darling Becky said, I know these two well. They are ok, but a bit over the top. Let´s get some drinks. Two white wines Tina, Becky called to the girl behind the bar. With lots of ice please! Tina put her thumb up to Becky and started preparing the drinks. Alison lifted herself on a bar stool. As soon as she had sat down, another girl came towards them and stood next to Alison, with her leg touching Alison´s. I like what I see, the girl said in a little too horny voice and without any hesitation she put her lips onto Alison´s lips and pushed her hand in between Alison´s legs. She ran her flat hand on the inside of Alison´t thighs up to her panties. Alison, not knowing what to do, initially kissed back, but soon stopped when she felt the girls finger rubbing her pussy lips. Sorry, but I am with this lady, Alison said to the girl and she grabbed Becky by the arm and pulled her towards her and laid the side of her head on Becky´s breasts. Yes, she is with me sweetie, Becky confirmed; sorry, but I am sure you will find someone else here. The girl looked at Becky and Alison and shrugged her shoulders. All she said was: what a shame and she walked off. Here is your wine darling, Becky said to Alison; I have a feeling you are not enjoying this place very much. No, sorry Becky, Alison replied. This is like a meat market for women what I see around me. I don´t think this is my type of place and I don´t know if I will find a nice girl here either. Becky looked around and confirmed: hmm, yes , maybe you are right. We´ll drink our wine and will get out of here.
So, there they were again in the little red Fiat 500 on their way back to Becky´s house. Alison felt a little disappointed, as she was really excited about the prospect of maybe meeting a girl tonight. Becky also felt a little disappointed as she introduced Alison to her world, which in a way was a little bit of a sad world. Becky knew this all too well, but still did go to this club, mainly to score a woman and sex for night. I hope you didn´t get the wrong impression of me darling or that you now think differently of me, Becky carefully asked Alison. Oh no Aunt Becky, not at all. It is just I don´t like things when they are too much in your face. I may be young, but I am an old romantic, Alison said jokingly; this place was like a hunting ground for women! Very good honey, Becky confirmed; I am just an old sad woman in search of some excitement at times, I hope you understand. Sure Aunt Becky, don´t worry, Alison said in a sweet voice; you know I always love you, whatever you do. Becky smiled and put her hand on Alison´s leg and said: and I love yóu darling, lots and lots. But we agreed it was Becky and not Aunt Becky anymore, remember? Alison laughed and confirmed: yes, sorry Becky. Having arrived at Becky´s house, Becky asked Alison to come in for a tea or drink, but Alison hesitated. I am actually quite tired, Alison admitted; I think I will just go home and go to bed. Ok darling, we will see each other soon again I hope? Becky reached over to Alison and cupped her hand around the back of Alison´s head and kissed her on the lips. She held her lips onto Alison´s lips and although Alison was still a little unsettled by the events in the club, she did really enjoyed kissing Becky earlier that evening. Alison purred a hmmmm, indicating she didn´t mind and Becky opened her mouth and immediately their tongues found one another. Becky changed her position, so she could answer Alison´s kissing even better, her right hand stroked Alison´s legs and the side of her body. Alison moaned another “hmmmm” while she passionately kissed Becky back. Becky now moved onto her knees of the passenger seat, which was quite an acrobatic act in that little Fiat. She was could now fully embrace Alison. They kissed wildly and passionately, but still with a delicate softness as only woman can kiss. Becky´s hands wondered over Alison´s body. Her right hand stroked Alison´s left breast and she let it rest there. Then slowly she started to squeeze and massage Alison´s boob. Alison let her lips come off Becky´s, to utter an “ooohh”. Becky immediately placed her mouth fully on Alison´s mouth again. Alison´s arms were still along her body. Becky got hold of Alison´s right hand and lifted it up, so the hand touched the inside of her Becky´s legs. Alison immediately knew what was expected of her and started softly stroking the inside of Becky´s thighs. She could feel goose bumps appearing on Becky´s legs. She stroked and softly squeezed Becky´s skin between her thumb and index finger, slowly moving upwards. Alison noticed Becky´s breathing through her nose intensifying and when she reached Becky´s pussy, she could feel a shiver run through Becky´s whole body. Alison´s finger touched Becky´s pussy lips straight away. Ah, crotchless panties Alison thought; very usefull! Alison could feel Becky was moist already and with the back of her finger, she slowly rubbed along Becky´s pussy, the knuckle of her index finger, separating the pussy lips. Oh god darling, Becky sighed and she leaned her forehead on Alison´s chest. Alison ran her finger along Becky´s pussy for several minutes, feeling the reactions in Becky´s body and breathing. Alison then turned her hand and let her middle finger slide a little inside Becky, not touching her clit yet. Becky was breathing heavily on Alison´s chest and Alison pushed a little deeper and let her finger slide in and out of Becky´s now very wet pussy. Alison upped the tempo of her finger a bit and her folded index and ring fingers were now tapping against Becky´s clit. Becky kissed Alison´s chest through her white dress, while moaning ooohh´s and aahhh´s. Make me come darling, Becky whispered; I need to come. Alison knew what she liked when she played with herself, so she let top patch of her middle finger firmly, but slowly rub Becky´s hard clit. Smooth, slow strokes, with a slight circular motion, changing from clockwise to anticlockwise. Becky was answering Alison´s strokes with circular hip movements. Short aahh, aahh, aahh´s came out of Becky´s open mouth. Faster darling, faster, Becky commanded Alison. As ordered, Alison rubbed Becky´s clit in a higher tempo, still putting pressure on her finger. Becky´s hips meanwhile were like riding Alison´s hand. Suddenly Becky reached her climax and she grabbed Alison´s hair and pulled her head against the car´s head rest and kissed Alison wildly, breathing heavily through her nose. Alison still continued rubbing the top of her finger on Becky´s clit, but with less pressure. She always did that to herself too, after she had come. Oohhhh darling, yes!!!! Becky´s head shot up and with a loud bang she hit the roof of the little Fiat. Hahahahaha, they both laughed at what just happened. Becky let herself drop onto Alison´s chest again and mumbled: thank you darling, I so needed this. She sighed, taking in a deep breath of air. Becky lifted herself up a little and looked at Alison, giving Alison a wink with her right eye and a squeeze in her left boob and asked : Are you sure you don´t want to come in darling? Although Alison was totally wet and horny, she answered: No thanks Becky, I really want to go to bed now. Alison knew she was disappointing Becky by leaving now, but she was just exhausted. Ok then sweetie, we will see each other soon Becky said and gave Alison a quick last kiss. And thanks again! You made an old lady very happy! Hahahaha! Becky laughed loudly when she got out of the car. Bye darling, be happy! And Becky shut the door of the Fiat. Alison started the car and put it into gear. What an evening! Alison thought when she drove off. I kissed ánd pleasured a woman for the first time in my life! With her right hand, Alison scrathed a little itch under her nose and a woft of Becky´s lovely musky smell penetrated her nose. God I love this woman, maybe I should have stayed with Becky, Alison thought to herself. She paused to think for a moment and concluded: naaah, maybe another time, Alison said out loud; this will do for today.
It was a bright and beautiful morning that Sunday. What a lovely day, Alison mumbled when she opened the curtains; a good day for a stroll through the park. She made herself some Wasa crackers with cheese and an Early Grey tea, while thinking of last night´s events. She then checked her messages. Nobody loves me today, Alison grinned, as she had no new messages on her Whatsapp at all. She walked to the front door and opened it to feel the outside temperature. It was pleasantly warm already. So, no jumper or jacket needed, Alison thought to herself. She went back inside and had a shower and afterwards put a summery and pretty dress on. She put her phone in her little hand bag and walked out the front door. The park started at the end of her street, only 100 metres away. Alison saw the park was still relatively quiet, as most people went for walks after lunch. She took a breath of the fresh air and a contented smile appeared on her face. Lovely! She said to herself. After about 20 minutes, she got to the large pond in the centre of the park. She walked up to the bench, but someone was already sitting there. It was a girl of what Alison guessed her age, reading a book. Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here too? Alison asked the girl. Not at all, the girl replied and shoved up half a metre to give Alison some space. Thanks, Alison said. She sat down and noticed the girl was reading a book she had read too. Enjoying your book? Alison enquired with the girl? I have read it and really liked it. The girl looked up at Alison and with a smile on her face replied: yes, it is good so far. Hello! Alison thought: this girl is so pretty! The way she looked at me….these eyes…..these lips…. I am Alison, nice to meet you here. Candy, the girl replied; likewise. Alison undid the top 3 buttons of her dress and pushed the two halves open, exposing the skin of most of her chest and leaned back, so her boobs firmly pointed forward. Hmmmm, lovely this warm sun, Alison said out loud ensuring Candy would pay attention to her. Yes, it is, she could hear Candy´s voice next to her. Do you come here often? Candy asked Alison. Well, yes actually, I live very close to the park entrance. But usually I am with other people, Alison replied. Ah, ok Candy said; but today you are alone. Yes, Alison replied, today I am alone. Just broke up with my boyfriend and I don´t want any guys in my life for a while yet. Hihihi, Candy cheekily laughed, me too! I kicked my boyfriend out last week and I am done with guys for a while too. The two girls sat in silence for quite a while, both contemplating their lives and guys situations. I am a little hungry actually, Alison suddenly said. I only had a few crackers for breakfast. You want to come to my place for some lunch? I was going to prepare a lovely Caesar salad for myself, but there will be plenty as I bought enough for two. So you are very welcome to have some too if you like. Hmmm, sure! Candy replied with genuine enthusiasm in her voice. Come on then, we walk back to my place, Alison said and the girls got up from the park bench and walked back towards the park entrance. On the way there, they were chatting and laughing and sharing their stories about their ex boyfriends.
Come in Candy and make yourself comfortable, while I prepare the salad. Would you like a drink? Alison asked Candy. Is it too early for white wine you think? Candy enquired. Naaah, good idea! I will have some too, Alison replied. She opened the fridge and got a bottle of white wine out and two glasses from the drinks cabinet. Alison poured the wine and passed a glass to Candy. Santé! Alison toasted. Cheers dear, Candy responded; nice to meet you. Ok then, let´s make some salad! Alison announced. Do you want some help maybe? Candy asked. Well, maybe you can grate some carrot and cucumber, that would be grand, Alison replied. Hold on, we need music! Alison pressed the ON button of the Bose Soundlink speaker and linked her iPad to it via Bluetooth. That´s better, Alison said; now let´s cut! Both girls started to cut and prepare their lunch, till suddenly Candy shouted: crap! ouch! I caught my finger on the grater. She looked with a face like a k** whose ball of ice cream just dropped on the floor. Ahh, sweetheart, come to mummy, Alison jokingly said when she saw the little drop of blood coming out of Candy´s thumb. Here, let me sort you out. Alison took Candy´s hand and pulled her towards the tap. First run a little water over it, Alison informed Candy; then we dry it off with a paper towel and I will put a band aid on it. Candy loved the attention she got from Alison and let it all happen. She really felt attracted to Alison for some reason. It felt all so natural. Alison came back from the bathroom, with a tiny plaster and taped it around Candy´s thumb. No there, I will give a kiss on it and all will be ok, Alison said. She pulled Candy´s hand to her mouth and gave two kisses on the plaster and chuckled a little. When she stood up again, she noticed Candy intensely looking at her and before they knew it, they were in each other´s arms, kissing each other passionately. Candy kissed Alison frantically all over her face and neck, like she was in a kissing race to get as many kisses in within a minute. Then she locked her lips onto Alison´s lips again and they kissed long and full of passion, their tongues furiously rolling round each other. When the kiss finished, the girls stood there in silence in each other´s arms in Alison´s kitchen. Alison turned Candy around, so she stood with her tummy against Candy´s back. She wrapped her arms around Candy and kissed her neck, while Alison´s hands were searching for Candy´s boobs. Candy leaned her head back onto Alison´s shoulder and moaned quietly to confirm she loved Alison´s touches and caressing of her boobs. I am suddenly not so hungry anymore, Alison whispered in Candy´s ear. Me neither, Candy responded. With her arms still wrapped around Candy and still holding Candy´s boobs, Alison started pushing her legs against Candy´s legs and walked her towards the bedroom door. Open the door honey, Alison whispered in Candy´s ear. As Candy had her hands free, she opened the door and they walked into the tastefully decorated bedroom. Wauw Alison, this is such a cosy bedroom! Candy said with awe in her voice. Thanks honey, Alison replied. They stopped in front of the bed and Alison moved her hands and started to unbutton Candy´s blouse. Candy laid her head back on Alison´s shoulders again. When all the buttons were undone, Alison slowly moved her hands over Candy´s tummy, softly stroking her silky smooth skin. Candy turned her head and Alison responded by turning her head so their tongues could meet. Alison could feel Candy´s breathing getting heavier. She cupped Candy´s breasts with her hands and softly squeezed them. Hmmmmm, Candy moaned, now a little louder. Alison let her left hand on Candy´s left breast and with her right hand, she pulled Candy´s cute Scottish tartan skirt up. Alison pushed her hands between Candy´s thighs, having the ball of her thumb against Candy´s venus. Oh god I´m so on fire, Candy said in a desperate and horny voice; I want to get naked with you now and kiss and taste you! Candy turned round and looked Alison. The cheeks of her face were red and her eyes were full of fire. She meant business. Alison didn´t need a lot of convincing and started to further undress Candy. Slowly and sometimes teasingly, kissing Candy on any bare bit of skin that came exposed. When Candy was left only wearing her bra and panties, she whispered to Alison: now you, and started to undo Alison´s dress. When Alison was in the same outfit as Candy, she wrapped her arms around Candy and hugged her new friend intensely. The rubbing together of their tummy skin was so sensual. With a simple movement, Alison unclipped Candy´s bra. Alison moved back a bit, and Candy let the bra slip of her breasts. She had cute breasts, with perky nipples that stood out perfectly straight. Alison stepped back a little and put her hands on Candy´s breasts and softly squeezed them. She then bent forward and kissed the skin of Candy´s left breast, just above her nipple. Her tongue ran up and down the soft breasts skin, till she let it slide down to the nipple. Alison made her head shake like she was saying no whilst letting Candy´s nipple slide between her lips. Hmmm, Alison heard above her. Alison then opened her mouth and carefully sucked on the nipple, running little circles with her tongue around it. She could hear another, longer hmmmmm above her. Alison felt Candy´s hand under her chin and Candy pushed her head up towards her. As soon as Alison was standing straight up, Candy started kissing Alison again, with their tongues firmly entangled. Candy put her hands on the top of Alison´s bum and pushed them under the elastic of her panties to feel and rub Alison´s bum skin. She squeezed the bum cheeks softly, while they kept kissing passionately. After a while Candy moved her right hand up to undo Alison´s bra. It dropped on the floor next to Candy´s bra. Now Candy stepped back and looked at Alison´s breasts. Alison´s breasts were somewhat larger than hers, but also firm and nicely shaped. Candy´s reached forward with both hands to touch Alison´s breasts. Initially a little with shyness and very delicately. Candy had never touched another girl´s boobies before and was totally mesmerize by watching her hands feeling and touching these two beautiful breasts. Alison had closed her eyes and fully enjoyed Candy caressing, massaging and squeezing her boobs. After several minutes of boob exploration, Candy put her hands back where they were before, inside Alison´s panties and on her bum cheeks and gave Alison another, long kiss. She then let her mouth get off Alison´s mouth and suddenly let herself drop down on her knees, at the same time pulling Alison´s panties down too. With her hands back on Alison´s bum cheeks, but now on the underside, Candy stared straight at Alison´s venus. She gently pulled Alison towards her. Alison´s body was now only centimetres away from Candy. Candy was beyond control, her mouth slightly opened and breathing heavily. She started kissing Alison´s all over her hips and running her tongue along the skin in the soft V between legs and venus. Ehhmmmm Candy sighed while licking and running her tongue over Alison´s skin, while Alison looked down on the girl´s head kissing and licking her groin area. Lie down honey, Candy asked Alison sweetly. Alison let her bum drop on the bed. She immediately felt Candy´s hands in the hollows of her knees. Candy pushed Alison´s knees up and made Alison fall back on the bed. Calm down baby, Alison said laughingly, but she had hardly spoken these words when she felt Candy´s mouth locking onto her pussy. With deep strokes of her tongue, Candy lapped along Alison´s pussy lips and the sensitive areas inside her thighs. Uhmmmm you taste so nice and sweet, Candy said in between licks. Alison lifted her head up so she could see it all. There she was lying on her bed, with her legs in the air and a girl licking and kissing her pussy, lapping up her juices. My god this was so horny and hot, Alison thought. But also só nice and tender and yet so sexy and sweet too. After minutes of licking, kissing and lapping Candy asked Alison: hold your legs Ali, so I have my hands free. Alison put her hands on her knees and Alison could feel a pillow being shoved under her bum, pushing her hips up even more. Now I can lick deep inside you, Candy explained and Alison could immediately feel Candy´s tongue reaching as far as it could stretch into her pussy. With her other hand, Candy started softly poking one finger inside Alison´s lower down in her pussy, while she placed her whole mouth over Alison´s clit. What Alison could not see, is that with her other free hand, Candy was now touching herself too. Candy´s mouth was making sloshy noises while sucking and licking Alison´s clit. Oooowwwuuuhhh Alison screamed, as she was now rapidly heading for an orgasm. She didn´t want to come yet, but also really did want to have her first orgasm by a girl´s mouth. Candy´s finger was now rapidly poking in and out of Alison´s pussy, while at the same pace flicking her finger in and out of her own pussy. Suddenly Candy pulled her head back, but kept her finger moving. She spat on Alison´s pussy and pulled her finger out. She spat again and then slowly pushed in two fingers. Yaaaahhh, Alison sighed and she could feel Candy locking her mouth over her clit again. Candy´s tongue rapidly flicked over Alison´s clit, while her two fingers were fucking her pussy at the same time. As there was a pillow under Alison´s bum, she didn´t really need to hold her legs anymore. So Alison grabbed Candy´s head, to push her even harder on her pussy. With her other hand, Alison started massaging her left and most sensitive nipple. She always did this when she was playing with herself and it would nearly always get her over the edge. Oh god yes! Ohhh yesss! Alison shouted out loud. I am going to come Candy…. I am going to come! Encouraged by Alison´s wild screams, Candy made her tongue and fingers go even faster and it made Alison explode in a wild and intense orgasm. Alison´s body was shaking and shuddering and she grabbed wildly at Candy´s hair. Oohhhwwwww gooooooood Alison screamed,while she spasmed her body and clamped Candy´s head between her thighs that it actually hurt Candy´s ears. Candy pulled her fingers out of Alison´s pussy, but kept softly licking Alison´s clit with her flat tongue till it was too much for Alison to cope with. Stop! Stop! She half laughingly half hysterically screamed at Candy and she tried to push the girls head away from her. Candy stopped and looked up at Alison with a smile. Her face was totally wet from her saliva and Alison´s juices. Holy crap, Alison sighed. This was the best and nicest orgasm I have ever had. Candy smiled and replied: well I can do this again and all day. I am totally in love with that pussy of yours. Alison giggled and looked at Candy. So my dear Candy, what about you? Alison asked the girl. A little shyness appeared in Candy´s eyes. Erm…I haven´t shaved down there for a week now. I don´t think you want to be playing with that: you may hurt your tongue! Candy laughed a little embarrassed when she said it. Ok young lady, Alison responded, than we will sort that pussy of yours out right here and now. Alison got off the bed and pulled Candy up and put her arms around her neck. Hihihihi, grinned Alison; Look at you, with your wet and sticky face. Alison bent forward and kissed Candy full on the mouth. The aroma and taste of her own pussy entered her mouth and nose. She liked smelling her own smell. Alison let go of Candy´s mouth and said: come on, let´s shave that pussy of yours the proper way.
Alison walked to the bathroom to get the necessary bits and pieces and a large towel, which she spread out on her bed. Here, take your panties off and lay your bum on that sweetheart, she said to Candy. Candy acted as ordered and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She then laid herself on the towel on the bed. Move up a bit dear and spread your legs wide please, Alison continued. Candy shoved herself a little higher on the bed and spread her legs wide as asked. Alison now had a full view on Candy´s very cute and still very wet pussy. It was still glistering a little of all the wetness of before and a tiny dark opening was showing. Alison couldn´t resist it and softly felt Candy´s pussy lips with the tips of her index and middle finger. Slowly moving them up and down, making sure she wasn´t touching Candy´s clit. Alison was like in a trance, looking at her fingers touching the soft pussy of this beautiful girl. She was cheering and screaming of excitement in her head and her whole body was like electrified by all the things that had been happening today. Meeting Candy in the park, them getting on straight away and now all this. It was amazing. But soon Alison regained sense of reality again and said resolutely: ok, let´s do this. Awww Alison, I really liked your touching me there. It feels so relaxing and sensual said Candy in her sweetest voice possible. Let me shave you first sweetie, Alison replied and she picked up the can of shaving foam and shook it a few times. She sprayed some foam on Candy´s venus and with her right hand, she carefully spread the white shaving foam all over the areas to be shaved. Candy meanwhile had put a pillow under her head, so she could more or less see what Alison was doing. Her mind wondered: gosh how she liked Alison. Besides pretty, she was also so sweet and kind. She immediately felt so comfortable with Alison too. She never had the urge to do anything with a girl before, let alone kiss and lick a girl´s pussy! And with Alison, it all just happened and she so wanted it to happen too, like it was meant to be. Alison wiped her hand on the towel and picked up the shaver. Ok, here goes, Alison said and she carefully started shaving. With smooth movements Alison let the shaver do its work, every time feeling with her other hand if the shaving result was ok. Slowly Candy´s venus, inner thighs and pussy appeared again from under the shaving cream. Lift your legs up for a moment honey, so I can get at the sides of your pussy, Alison asked Candy. Candy lifted both her legs in the air and Alison carefully shaved the last bits. With her left hand she felt all the areas she just shaved and was pleased with the result. Ok, let me wipe you, Alison said and she walked off to the bathroom and came back with a small damp cloth. She softly passed it several times over Candy´s Venus, pussy lips and inner thigh, turning the cloth several times. Alison then got a little bottle of jasmine perfumed skin oil and squirted some of it in the palm of her hand. She softly rubbed it all over the shaved pussy of Candy, not missing one little spot. It left a shiny pussy, so beautiful and cute. All done! Alison said with some satisfaction in her voice.
Candy felt between her legs and stroked her venus and pussy. Hmmm, well done Ali, she said enthusiastically. Come here honey, I want you hug and kiss you again, Candy continued. Ali put her right knee on the bed on one side of Candy´s legs and then her other knee on the other side. She towered over Candy, with her breasts firmly pointing forward and her looking down on this beautiful girl. Do you now sweetie, Alison replied in a somewhat commanding voice. She let herself drop forward onto her arms and her body was now hanging over Candy´s body. Alison bent her elbows a little bit and started swaying her body from left to right, just so both her nipples touched Candy´s nipples every time she swayed. Hmmmm Candy purred and Alison answered with a similar hmmmm. Alison kept doing this for several minutes, while looking deep into Candy´s eyes. Candy’s was thoroughly enjoying it as she had a contented glow on her face and in her eyes. Alison slowly let her head come down and tapping her lips on Candy´s lips. She then moved on kissing Candy´s cheeks, nose, eye lids, fore head and closed in on her ears. Alison carefully touched Candy´s ears with the tip of her tongue, letting it flip up and down like a cat´s tail. Hmmmffff was Candy´s reaction to this and when Alison started licking just behind Candy´s ears, it turned into an ooohhhmmmm. I love this so much, Candy whispered. Alison licked every millimetre of skin behind Candy´s left ear and when she thought she covered the whole area, Alison moved to the other side. Candy meanwhile let her hand “browse” Alison´s boobs and inner thighs. As Alison had her legs over Candy´s legs, Candy had easy access to Alison´s pussy and she started slowly and firmly stroking the outer pussy lips. Alison, feeling waves of lust coming into her body by the touching of Candy, stopped the ear licking and started passionately kissing Candy full on the mouth. They let their tongues play freely in the open air at times and Candy now had her middle finger sliding inside Alison´s pussy. Candy placed her hand on Alison´s pussy and pushed her forward, so now Alison boobs were hanging over Candy´s face. Candy´s lips grabbed Alison´s right nipple and next she sucked in her whole nipple, like a very hungry baby. Uhmmmmm Alison moaned, as now her right nipple and her pussy were being stimulated. Candy moved to Alison´s left breast and sucked the nipple in completely again, while softly circling her tongue around it. After Candy swopped boobies and nipples several times and the constant finger play in her pussy, Alison felt another orgasm building up. But, as Alison didn´t want to come yet, she pushed herself upright. She let herself drop sideways on the bed and grabbed Candy´s arm and started pulling it. Come here sweetie and sit over me. Now I want to taste yóu, Alison said in a dreamy voice. Candy got up and looked at Alison. Which way around do you want me baby, she asked Alison. So you face the wall and you can hold the metal bars of my head board, Alison replied. Candy crawled towards Alison´s head and placed her right knee close to Alison´s head. Next she let her left leg swing over Alison´s head. Candy´s pussy was now within centimetres of Alison´s mouth. Candy grabbed the metal bar in front of her and then carefully let her body drop down towards Alison´s ready mouth. Alison twisted her neck a little and stuck her tongue out. The first touch of her tongue touching Candy´s pussy lips caused a shiver through Alison´s body. She bent her neck a little more to get closer and let her tongue flick softly along Candy´s pussy. Oh that sweet taste and the softness of her skin, it made Alison crazy. Here she was, licking a girl´s pussy for the first time in her life and she was loving it. Alison moved her hands up and they found Candy´s breasts. She grabbed hold of them both and pulled Candy down on them, so Candy´s pussy was now fully placed on her mouth. Alison´s tongue was searching along Candy´s pussy lips, occasionally sliding all the way inside the girl. Meanwhile Alison let her hands caress Candy´s boobs, at times softly squeezing her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Slowly Alison´s tongue explored and tasted every millimetre of Candy´s pussy, with the young girl breathing and sighing heavily above her and making soft swaying motions with her hips. After some time Alison pushed Candy´s boobs up, so Candy instinctively lifted herself up a little. By doing so, Alison could let her tongue tickle Candy´s perineum. Awwwwwhhh, this is soooo nice Candy reacted to Alison´s tongue touching her there. Alison let her tongue flick along Candy´s perineum some more, occasionally poking her tongue back inside Candy´s pussy again too. Alison contemplated whether to lick Candy´s butthole. One of her boyfriends did this to her once and she really liked it. But some of her friends said they didn´t like it at all and found it dirty. But with Candy…dirty? No, she was so into this girl, she thought by herself: why not! So after having tickled Candy´s perineum for a while, Alison let her tongue wonder a little further back and her tongue tip touched Candy´s butthole. Ahhmmm Candy reacted and she moved her body a little forward to give Alison better access. Alison realised Candy liked her licking her there, so continued now lapping her tongue along the tiny little hole. Ohh yeah Ali, this is so sweet. Awwwmmm, I love this. Lick me there sweetheart, please lick me there, Candy begged Alison. As for Candy it also confirmed the total passion and love Alison felt for her to do this. Alison now put her hands on Candy´s butt cheeks and pulled them sideways, to open up the split between her cheeks even more. Uuuhhwwww Ali!! Candy was calling out quite loudly, while her body was bobbing more or more up and down. With her right hand, Candy let go of the metal bar behind the bed and started rubbing her clit. Alison had her mouth fully locked on Candy´s butthole and let her tongue flick and up and down and making little circles and at times pushing a bit inside the little opening, while Candy was slowly rubbing circles with her index finger around her clit. After several minutes Alison could feel Candy´s body starting to shudder and cramp and she immediately pushed back Candy and locked her mouth onto her clit. Within seconds Candy exploded and had her orgasm, while wildly calling out and making the metal bar behind the bed rattle. Alison kept softly squeezing Candy´s nipples and pushed her tongue far inside Candy´s pussy to make the orgasm linger. Oh…my….god….Candy finally sighed. This was…..this was the most intense and amazing orgasm I have ever had in my life, Candy declared to Alison. So was mine, Alison replied to Candy. Candy got up and laid herself next to Alison and crawled up against her. They laid there for a while and looked at each other, while Alison stroked Candy´s hair, shoulders and arms. Candy was the first one to break the silence….I think I am in love with you Ali, Candy said in a sincere and serious tone. Alison smiled and winked at Candy and replied: and I with you. I can scream, shout and jump into the air, I feel só happy. Candy could see tears welling up in Alison´s eyes and she grapped hold of Alison´s head with both her hands and pulled her towards her. Owwww sweetheart, Candy said , come here and she softly kissed Alison on the side of her eyes. I want you Ali, Candy continued; I know you are the one I have been looking for and I want to be with you. Do you want to be with me Ali? Candy asked with a little insecurity in her voice. Alison looked deep into Candy´s eyes and replied…..I do honey.

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