Aunt Julie Chapter 2


Aunt Julie

Chapter 2

James checked his cell phone. There was a message from his aunt Julie, it said, “It’s Julie. I have an idea I’d like to talk about. We got carried away with the webcam yesterday, and I know you might feel different about that today, but to be honest, I feel good about it. Let’s talk soon. Give me a call. Bye.”

James called her back and the call went directly to messages. He quickly composed himself and said, “I got your message. I agree that we got caught-up in the moment. It was hot. I’d like to see you again soon . . . We can talk. Later. I can stop by any time.”

James’ phone rang a minute later. It was Julie.

“Got the message. Come on over this morning.” Julie said. “I’ll be home all day. Just be patient when you ring my bell. And by ‘ringing my bell’, I mean the actual doorbell – this time. We’ll find out after you push the button. I have two webcam appointments later.”

“It’s good to know there are options at the doorbell.” James laughed. “I’ll be by in a half hour, if that works for you.”

“In that case, your doorbell options are completely open.” Julie returned the innuendo with her sultry laugh. “One appointment cancelled and the other isn’t until afternoon.”

“In that case,” James replied with a grin. “I better put down the phone and just drive. I don’t want to get pulled over for ‘aroused driving’.

“Don’t worry honey,” Julie said. “If it was illegal, I’d be in jail for life. I do it all the time. See you soon.”

James felt a bond to Julie. It was more than sexual, it felt like a real connection. Julie intrigued him. James felt no guilt about what they had done. In fact, he was feeling rather proud of yesterday’s cam-show with his aunt.

Arriving at Julie’s home, James rang the doorbell and Julie greeted him with a smile and a warm, firm hug. James pulled her closer and again felt the bond with aunt Julie.

“What can I get you?” Julie asked as she broke the embrace. “Coffee?”

“Sounds good,” Replied James watching Julie walk towards the coffee pot. His eyes focused on her ass as it swayed seductively. The tight pants form-fit her perfectly. “What are you dressed for? Looks like you are on your way to yoga class.”

“Oh, this? Almost.” She replied. “I do yoga for a guy on most Thursdays. He’s the one that cancelled.”

“He likes to watch you exercise?” James asked. “Kinky.”

James now looked over her tight outfit. The soft material clung to her body. Her breasts, nipples, and cameltoe were on full display. It was a great costume for a webcam.

“Every guy has a trigger.” Julie said. “One guy’s yoga teacher is another’s sexy nurse or hot librarian.”

“You aim to please.” James said with a smile. “I can testify to that.”

“So, James, that’s what I wanted to talk about.” Julie said. “I get a lot of interesting requests, but the best money is when I have a partner. Like yesterday. And I want you to be that partner.”

“I hoped you would ask.” James said with a deep breath. “I was afraid it was a one-time thing.”

“Well, if you want to perform, I will be your director.” Julie laughed. “Stick with me and I’ll make you a star.”

“Tell me more.” James replied.

“What we need to do is make you look younger.” Julie began. “I was thinking that if we shave all your body hair, you’d pass for a teenager.”

James knew what she meant. He was always skinny and five foot six. He grew a mustache and goatee trying to look older. He had to always dress in suits to look mature. His only sport was “running” which kept him very lean. If not for his hairy body, he’d look even younger.

“So, what should we do first?” James asked.

“Let’s shave your chest and face, first.” Julie said. “I don’t want to shave all your pubes. That makes you look like a porno guy. I thought we’d trim it up, thin it out, and maybe lighten the color.”

“I always wondered when I’d get my first makeover.” James laughed. “Do you think I’ll be pretty?”

“A star is born!” Julie laughed. “You want to get started now?”

They finished their coffee and went to the bathroom. Julie used an electric trimmer to shave his chest, face, legs, arms, ass, and anywhere else she found hair. The public area was trimmed. Then with a hair highlighter, she treated his pubic hair to a near-blond color. She styled his hair. The transformation was complete.

“That’s incredible.” Julie exclaimed. “You look 10 or 15 years younger.”

James looked in the mirror and had to agree. He looked like he belonged in the freshman class at high school.

“I hope this is good for business.” James said. “Because the only girls I could date looking like this aren’t legal.”

They both laughed out loud looking at the transformation.

“This going to work so great.” Julie said. “I know a guy who will pay big for a mother-son izmit escort show. We can do a student – teacher, student – hot librarian, patient – sexy nurse, and lots of things. But first we should do some shopping. We need to get you some young clothes. Let me change and we’ll go to the mall. I’ll buy lunch.”

An hour later, following lunch and two glasses of Cabernet, they arrived at the sporting goods store. Dick’s was rather busy, Julie thought, for a Thursday. Before entering, she reviewed her plan with James.

“Remember that you are a spoiled, moody, teenager who has little respect for anything.” Julie explained. “I’m your self-important, bitchy mother who has no boundaries.”

“So, we’re going to act out these parts in Dick’s Sporting Goods?” James asked with a surprised look.

“You got it Jimmy – that’s what I’ll call you instead of James.” Julie explained. “We need to practice role playing. Now is a good time for it.”

Once inside the store, Julie led James to the dressing room area where an attendant sat at a counter. The area was busy with people trying on clothes and checking themselves in the mirrors.

“Young lady, can you measure my son’s waist and inseam?” Julie asked the attendant. “We need to get some pants and he’s grown so fast; we have no idea what size to try on.”

“Mom,” Jimmy whined. “I can do this better by myself.”

“If that was true,” Julie replied. “I wouldn’t be here.”

“Sure, I can check that,” the attendant said grabbing the tape measure. “Stand over here.”

Measuring his waist was easy, 28 inches. The inseam measuring made the attendant rather nervous. She dropped to a knee and realized she was might touch his crotch.

“You need to measure the full inseam.” Julie said. “Let me help. I’ll hold the end and you check the length.”

With that, Julie pressed the tape into Jimmy’s crotch, making firm contact. Then with one hand she lifted his genitals out of the way to get the measurement. The young attendant smiled as she watched Jimmy’s mom fondle him.

“Looks like 28.” The attendant said. “Same as his waist.”

“What do you think?” Julie asked with a firm grip on Jimmy. “Seems small to me, for his age.”

“That would be about a size 12 or 14 in the boy’s section.” The attendant said as she stared at Julie’s hand and Jimmy’s crotch.

Julie told James to stay there while she brought over some new skinny jeans.

“Try these on, Jimmy.” Julie instructed. “And hurry please. I need to stop at Victoria’s Secret too.”

James put on a pair of jeans and came out to look in the mirror.

“Those are too tight.” She said. “I can see everything.”

“But mom,” Jimmy replied. “This is how they wear these.”

“Turn around and let me see then.” Julie said loudly for the attention. “Maybe. But we should try a size larger too. If you get any bigger, they won’t fit at all.”

With that said she grabbed and squeezed his balls and cock through the thin material. Leaving her hand there, she reached around and squeezed his ass cheeks with her right hand. Everyone in the dressing room area took notice – exactly what Julie wanted.

“Yes,” Julie said. “There is no room in there at all.”

“Will you just get another pair.” James said in character.

Julie came back with another pair, but this time went into the dressing room with James. She slipped her hands around his ass, pulled him close, and kissed him deeply. James felt his cock get instantly hard.

“Now Jimmy.” Julie said loudly for those outside the door. “Try these on for me. And why aren’t you wearing any underwear?”

“You know I don’t like underwear.” James said loudly. “Neither do you.”

“Oh my goodness Jimmy.” Julie said, trying not to laugh out loud. “You’re right. But I didn’t think that shopping would get you so hard.”

“You said we’d have fun at the Mall.” James replied. “Now do what you promised!”

“Sorry son,” Julie said. “I’ll take care of you when we get home. We need to hurry this time. Those fit fine. Wear those out and we’ll go to Victoria’s Secret.”

“But I want it now!” James said forcefully.

“Will this help?” Julie said as she put a finger in her mouth and made loud sucking sounds for anyone within ear-shot of the flimsy door.

“There.” Julie said. “Now we need to hurry.”

Stepping out of the dressing room, nearly everyone watched. Julie felt that she and her nephew had put on a good show. James actually blushed at the attention.

Paying for the skinny jeans, Julie and James headed to Victoria’s Secret. They laughed at the scene they had just played out at Dick’s.

At Victoria’s Secret, Julie picked out a set of crotch-less panties and a push up bra with peek-a-boo cups that showed off her nipples.”

Heading to the dressing room, she had James sit in the semi-private waiting area. The attendant introduced herself yahya kaptan escort as “Amber”. Amber unlocked the door for Julie, and gave a long look at James who took the chair just outside the dressing room.

“I’ll be at the counter if you need anything else.” The attendant said. “I can also check you out when you are ready to leave.”

James looked around the waiting room. It was decorated like a ‘strip club’ he thought. The last place he was in that looked like this was where he got his first lap-dance. He smiled remembering how he came in his pants.

A few minutes later, Julie opened the door and displayed her new outfit. It was indeed as promised. James felt his cock get hard.

The acting, the groping, the teasing, the public display, all added to the excitement. Jame got up and went to Julie. The attendant had her eye on James as he disappeared into the dressing room. James wrapped his arms around his aunt and kissed her. Julie’s tongue explored his mouth. Julie sat back on the velvet bench, spread her legs, and watched James stare at her pussy. She smiled and reached up to take his hands. James pulled down his skinny jeans, climbed on top, and buried his hard cock in aunt Julie’s cunt. For a minute they thrust together. Not holding back, both had quick, intense orgasms. The attendant noticed the tell-tale moans coming from the dressing room. She’d been through this before.

Minutes later, after composing themselves and dressing, Julie and James walked up he the attendant, hand in hand.

“These work perfectly.” Julie announced.

The attendant charged Julie’s card and placed the two items in a bag. She noticed the wet spot and odor from the panties. She stared first at James, then at Julie, then back at James. Amber also noticed the large wet spot on Jimmy’s pants where the cum from his drizzling cock had drained through the flimsy skinny jeans.

‘I was happy to help.” Amber said. “I hope you and your son have a nice day. Come again.”

“I like this store, mom.” James said as Jimmy. “We should always stop here.”

“You did enjoy yourself.” Julie said wearing an adoring smile for her audience. “I love this place myself.”

Then attendant’s mind was trying to take it all in. She couldn’t wait to get on her phone and tell her best friend all about it and share the photos she took.

On the way home, Julie detoured to a sex shop she frequented for sex toys and other adult items. It was called the Mega-Sex Superstore. The clerk at the front recognized Julie as a customer and asked if James was with her.

“Oh yes.” Julie said with a smile. “Don’t worry, he’s older than he looks.”

“He’d have to be.” Said the clerk. “Have fun. We have some new items everywhere and we have private rooms in the back.”

Julie continued to lead James around by the hand keeping up the charade. They lightly caressed each other as they looked around the store. Julie stoped by the sex-mask display and picked out a full-face mask that resembled a dog. It had big ears, a snout, and an open areas for the eyes, mouth, and tongue.

“This will be perfect.” She said squeezing his ass. “I have several ideas for this.”

Julie also picked out a kind of traditional looking mask, but instead of black leather it was pinkish with a rather baby-face look to it. The last mask was a small black, front face-mask, with eye holes. It was like you see on cartoon burglars.

“These are going to be great.” Aunt Julie said. “Do you get where I’m going?”

“I’ve got ideas flying all over.” James replied. “Can’t wait till we land.”

Julie also stopped to get a large black dildo.

“I have a guy who is always asking me to suck a black guy.” Julie explained. “I think this might work. But we’ll have to test it out to make sure.”

“That thing looks so real.” James laughed. “Hope you can handle it.”

“I thought we’d do a close up where I take the dildo out of your jeans. I’d just unzip you, pull it out of your pants, and perform my best felacio for the webcam.” Julie explained. “It would look like a real cock on camera. I think. So, we can test it out first.”

“Sounds like a plan.” James replied. “You really find sex-superstores inspiring.”

Wondering to the rear of the store, Julie and James discovered the rooms that the clerk mentioned. The rooms were cut off from the store by a curtain. The entire area was dimly lit, bathed in soft pink light. At the end of the hall, Julie opened the door and found it equipped with the glory-hole.

“Private rooms that lock.” Julie smirked. “I always wanted to try this.”

“I stick my cock through the hole and you suck it?” James asked. “I watched a few glory-hole videos, but I had no idea where to find one.”

“Let’s try it out.” Julie giggled. “If you think you’re up for it.”

“Oh, I’m up!” James said as gebze escort he kissed his aunt deeply.

“Ok, I’ll take this room and you go in the next.” Julie said.

Julie closed the door. James tried to open the door to the adjoining room, only to find it locked.

“It will be a minute. Be right back.” James said through Julie’s door. He then headed to the front, to ask the clerk to unlock the room.

James was excited. He couldn’t wait to get back.

Julie wasn’t sure what James had said, so she lowered her mouth to the hole and imagined sucking a cock in this rather public place. The idea excited her. She licked her lips in anticipation. Pushing her mouth and nose into the opening, Julie said. “Mmmm, don’t leave me hanging.”

Immediately she felt a familiar cock-head push into her lips. Julie kissed it repeatedly. Licking and drooling, to make it slick. Julie sucked the cock into her mouth. Moaning and whimpering in pleasure, aunt Julie performed with enthusiasm.

Back at the front desk, James asked the front desk clerk, “Can I get you to open up one of the rooms?”

“They use a dead bolt that only locks from inside,” The clerk explained. “If it’s locked, there’s someone inside. You’ll just have to wait.”

James got an uneasy feeling. Quickly walking back to the private rooms, James was shocked to see an old man emerge from the room he had been trying to get into.

The old man walked past James and out through the curtains. James stood in shock as Julie’s door opened. “You want more already?” Julie laughed. “That was impressive. I guess sex-store sex is your thing.”

“Not sure about that.” James said. “But that wasn’t me. I was at the front desk asking about the locked door.”

“Locked door?” Julie inquired. “You mean someone else was in there?”

“I told you I’d be right back!” James explained.

“Oh, that’s what you said.” Julie said sheepishly. “I thought you were just talking dirty or something.”

“No.” James said. “Not this time.”

“Then who was it?” Julie said with a sour look on her face. “I let him cum in my mouth. And it was a lot of cum!”

“It was a senior guy that walked out when I came back.” James said. “If it’s any consolation, he definitely looked happy.”

“I hope so.” Julie said, beginning to see the humor in it. “I really went for it.”

They headed to the front desk. At the checkout, Julie made her purchases.

“Did an old guy come by here?” James asked the clerk. “He was in the back and then seemed to disappear.”

“He didn’t bother you two, did he?” Asked the clerk. “He’s been known to expose himself to good looking women.”

“No,” Julie replied laughing. “He just surprised us.”

“That’s George. Yes, he went out a minute ago.” The clerk said. “That old goat is 70 and so horny that we can’t hardly get him to leave. Forgot he was back there.”

“No problem.” Julie said.

As Julie and James opened the door, the clerk smiled and said, “Come again! We appreciate your business.”

Julie and James looked at each other as they walked out of the superstore. “He knows!” They said simultaneously.

“I’d bet the old guy said something before he left.” James said. “He will be telling anyone that will listen.”

“So, you think I’m good for business?” Julie laughed.

“Oh, I’m sure of that.” James laughed. “There’ll probably be a waiting line next time we come.”

“We?” Julie questioned, then laughed. “If I’d known there was a guy waiting at the glory-hole, I wouldn’t have needed you at all.”

“Maybe next week we could get the AARP van to drop off a bunch of geezers at the sex-store for you.” James said with a snicker. “I’m sure they will love your glory hole.”

“Glory-hole?” Julie said. “To be accurate, I have three glory-holes and the sex-store only had one.”

“I’m sure they’d be happy to fill all your holes.” James laughed. “But I want to watch.”

“Sounds like a good time.” Julie replied with a laugh. “Bring your smart phone. I want to see the video.”

“It’s good you can laugh at giving a stranger a blowjob.” James said.

“You have to appreciate everything that happens to you in life.” Julie surmised. “Trying to deny ‘what is’, or ‘what happened’, will beat you up inside. You can’t change what happened, it’s in the past. Feeling bad about your past doesn’t change anything, but will eat you up.”

“I hate the ‘what if’ thing myself.” James agreed. “You are one cool aunt, Julie”

“Thank you! You just keep learning and move on.” Julie said. “Speaking of learning. How do you feel about setting up a glory hole for the webcam?”

“It’d be like a movie prop.” James said. “Wow. Way to make lemonade. Hey, if George isn’t available, I’d be happy to sub.”

“Speaking of George,” Julie said. “That reminds me. I need to stop by Walgreens for some mouthwash.”

“Maybe some toothpicks too,” James laughed. “You have some gray pubes stuck in your teeth.”

“It’s one of many job hazards.” Julie hooted. “They ‘cum’ with the territory.”

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