Subject: Rockhill State Jocks – Part 11 This is a fictional story based on my fantasies. This story contains sexual activity between 2 (or more) males, so if you find this offensive or if you are under the legal age limit in your country, DO NOT read this story. The characters, places, and events in this story are the products of my imagination and not based on any real life events or experiences, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Huge thanks to Zach who helped me proofread and edit this chapter! Please! Donate to Nifty to keep this awesome site fty/donate.html If you have any feedback or suggestion, e-mail me ail ————————————————————————— For the next couple of days, things between me and Luke improved. I was not invisible to him anymore. When Randall and Rex were in the apartment or when he was hanging out with his football buddies, he still acted like we didn’t know each other. But at least, he gave me a nod or a smile sometimes. I mean that was something, right? When we were both alone on the other hand, he will turn into a different person. We would have a conversation together – talking about all the stuff in our minds. It made me happy to know that the ‘heartless monster’ was actually full of hearts. He even volunteered to be my trainer. Things were going better for me and even for him. We didn’t talk about sex though. I’m lying if I said I didn’t want to do it again, but I couldn’t jeopardize our improving relationship. He did say that he liked it, but still, I wanted him to mention it first. Sadly, he never did. ** Now that Wrestling season was about to begin, Rex was becoming much busier than usual. I could say that wrestling was everything to him. He wouldn’t shut up about it. When he was not in class or studying, he would either be at the apartment working out or at the wrestling hall practicing some moves. He was really proud of being a wrestler and he showed it by wearing his incredibly tight singlet around the apartment. His singlet was really tight it looked like it was stretched really hard trying to contain all the muscles in his chest, abs, and of course, ass. As a result, I could see every single muscle from his body. Hell, I could even see his pointy nipples and the outline of his cock. That day I had just got back from my class. It had been a long day so I decided to head straight back to my room. As I was about to open my door, Rex ran from his room – in his revealing singlet – and immediately lifted me up. “DUDE!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I was surprised by his sudden move. “Wow. I never realized how small you are!” Then, he flipped me upside down so my face was facing his crotch. The musky smell of his crotch immediately hit my nostrils. I could feel my cock slowly started to rise. “Dude, let me down, please!” I pleaded to him. In this position, one of his arms was wrapped around my back while the other wrapped around my waist. I could feel his hand exploring my asscheek, giving it squeezes a couple of times. “Well, it depends. Do you want to help me tonight or not?” He said as he started walking towards the common room. As he walked, my face was grinding against his big wrestler cock. Over time, I could feel it starting to get hard. “Help you doing what?” Since my face was pressed against his crotch, my lips and tongue were touching his cockhead, making it wet. As I talk, I could feel his cock twitch a couple of times. “I learned some new wrestling moves. I want to try them on someone.” “Fuck no!” I said to him. My body was still sore from being kicked by the bullies a couple of days back. “Don’t you guys have a dummy to try it on?” “It’s not the same.” He answered. “Please?” “No! I-” Before I could finish, he shook my body up-and-down. “Please! Please! Please!” Rex said over and over like a small child as he shook me. Since I was talking as he was doing this, my mouth was wide open. As a result, his hard singlet-covered cockhead went into my mouth. So as he was shaking me, his cock-head went in-and-out of my mouth. “Mmm-kay! Mmm-kay!” I finally gave in. He immediately stopped. Flipped me back again so my feet landed on the floor. “I promise you it will be fun!” Rex said. I was looking at his crotch and it was incredibly wet from my spit and maybe even his precum. But he was not bothered by it. “I’ll see you tonight!” He added as he walked back to his room, giving my asscheek another squeeze in the process. I took a deep breath, shook my head, and went to my room. ** Finally, night came. I was watching some cat videos on youtube when I heard someone knocking on my door. I sighed. I had a strong feeling that it was Rex so I immediately change into a clean t-shirt and jeans. I opened the door and it was indeed Rex. He still wore the same navy blue singlet that he wore a couple of hours ago. This time, a gym bag slung around his shoulder. I looked down at his crotch and the outline of his cock was still printed on the thin fabric for me to see. “You ready?” He asked. “Yeah.” “Let’s go, then!” He said as he walked towards the door. “Wait, you’re gonna go there in your singlet?” I asked as I followed him behind, confused. “What’s wrong with that?” He answered. Rex always has a high level of confidence. I could never be like him. I followed him from behind the entire time we headed towards the elevator. He didn’t wear any underwear since I could see part of his tight singlet nudged into his asscrack so his bubble butt was framed perfectly, jiggling up-and-down as he walked. The wrestling practice area – or the ‘wrestling hall’ as people at the campus called it – was located behind the campus gym. The gym was located on the opposite side of the stadium so we had to walk quite a bit. On the way there, every person we passed couldn’t help but look at Rex. They didn’t give him a ‘what the fuck?’ kind of look. Instead, they looked at him with admiration, envy, and even lust. I could hear some girls giggling and some boys gasping in awe. A lot of girls stopped us – well, him in particular – asking to touch his muscles or get a picture with him. When taking photos, I saw a couple of girls wrapped their arms around his waist or back, stealing a chance to touch his bulging chest and monster cock. We arrived at the gym sometimes later and we immediately head back to the wrestling hall. The wrestling hall was dark when we arrived, meaning that we were gonna be the sole users of the room. Rex flicked the light switch near the door and rows after rows of fluorescent light lit up the entire room. The room was pretty huge. The entire floor was covered in wrestling mats and The wall was covered in paint that read ‘Rockhill State Knights Wrestling’ with a picture of a knight helmet on the side of it. Then, he disappeared into one of the small rooms adjacent to the hall and came back with something in his hand. “I want you to wear this,” Rex said as he threw the thing at me. It was a yellow wrestling singlet with bold red letters that read ‘West Ravenhill’ with a picture of a pirate – their mascot – beneath it. Rex mentioned a couple of times that West Ravenhill University was Rockhill’s biggest rival in wrestling. He also told me that West Ravenhill was the first opponent in the upcoming wrestling season. His opponent’s name was Connor Holloway. I googled him, he looked as big and intimidating as Rex. Just like Rex, he was also a state champ when he was in high school. That was why he was training so hard these couple weeks. He simply didn’t want to lose in his first match which happened to be against the school’s biggest rival. I inspected the singlet, flipping it back and forth. The singlet looked small, but I thought it was going to be too big for my slim – albeit starting to look built – body. “Where did you get this?” mezitli escort I asked him. “From the ‘Lost and Found’ box at the wrestling camp I attended days ago.” He answered as he sat on the ground. “So you stole this?” I asked him a follow-up question, I gave him a puzzled look. “I mean it was the last day and everybody already left. Nobody claimed this so I took it. The people there said they were going to throw this away if nobody claimed it!” He explained to me. I just sighed and shook my head. Then, I got up and started walking. After taking a couple of steps, Rex stopped me. “Where are you going?” He asked, grabbing my wrist. “I’m going to change, you want me to wear this don’t you?” I said as I waved the yellow singlet. “Just change here! The locker is… um… locked!” Rex answered, pausing in the middle. I squinted my eyes in suspicion. “Plus, it’s faster if you change here.” He added. I finally did what he wanted and started to undress there in the middle of the room. I looked around to see if there were some security cameras. Fortunately, there were none. I turned around so he was facing my back before I took off my shirt and jeans since I didn’t want him to see the bruises on my body from what happened a couple of days ago. Eventually, I was standing just in my black boxer briefs. I peeked back at Rex who was sitting with his leg extended. He spread them as soon as he saw me looking at him. I could see the bulge on his crotch became bigger. I gulped. I grabbed the singlet and tried to put it on before he stopped me again. “What are you doing? Wrestlers don’t wear anything under their singlet!” He protested. “Well, I’m not a wrestler, Rex,” I said as I kept putting the singlet on. “Alex, please! I need you to look and feel like a real wrestler. That briefs going to be a distraction!” He pleaded as he looked at me like a lost puppy. “Fine!” I didn’t know why I couldn’t say ‘no’ to him that day. “Close your fucking eyes!” “You act like we have never saw each other naked.” He giggled as mede his statement. I pulled my briefs down, exposing my bubble butt and half-hard cock which was stimulated by the sight of Rex’s growing bulge, and put the singlet on as fast as I could. Unexpectedly, the singlet fit my body. It was a little baggy and didn’t hug my body like Rex’s but it looked fine. “You looked great in it!” Rex said as he slapped my butt. “Can we get started?” I asked, he immediately got up. For the next 10 minutes, Rex was explaining to me all about wrestling since I didn’t know anything about it. He told me the fundamental things, like the rules; the positions; and the scoring system. He was really animated when he explained all this stuff to me. His face lit up and he couldn’t stand still, even for a second. His pure excitement made me smile. “Got it?” Rex asked after his 10 minutes lecture. “Yeah.” I nodded. “Good. Now, neutral position!” He commanded. I immediately jumped and imitated the position that he demonstrated earlier. In this position, I was right in front of him, standing on the balls of my feet with my knees slightly bent and my hips lowered. My hands were out, looking like I was about to reach him. We looked like 2 animals ready to attack each other. “What are you going to-” Before I could finish my question, he charged at me in a sudden move. He wrapped his muscular arm around my body and pulled my feet at the same time. As a result, we both fell back down to the mat. Surprisingly, I didn’t really feel any pain. The mat definitely helped. “FUCK!” I yelled at Rex as he laughed hard like a 6-year-old hearing fart jokes. “It’s not funny!” “You need to concentrate!” Rex said as he kept laughing. “Are you kidding? You fucking rushed at me without warning, you idiot!” I slapped him on his muscular back. “You should do this with a person equal to your size.” “I’m sorry.” Rex apologized as he got up, his laughter finally died down. He offered me his hand to help me get up and I gladly accepted it. “This time serious. I promise.” I sighed. He did get serious after that. We spent almost the whole time practicing new moves that Rex learned. Since I’m there just as a substitute for a dummy, I got taken down and pinned to the ground the entire time. I tried to hold his attack, but as expected, it didn’t work because of my lack of muscles and wrestling skills. I’m lying if I said I didn’t have fun doing it. I finally got to experience the homoeroticism of wrestling first hand. We were rubbing and grinding each other’s bodies the entire time. All the slamming and pinning was worth it as I was able to freely caress his muscular body from head to toe. I’m pretty sure I was not the only one who enjoyed it. Whenever I was pinned to the ground, I could feel his big cock grind against my ass. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it felt like there was an effect that Rex experiencing. Halfway through the training we were both soaked in sweat. I could see his body glisten under the fluorescent light. The sight of him along with all the grabbing and grinding made my cock incredibly rock-hard. I noticed that he did have a hard-on too. I could feel his cock becoming bigger and harder every time he pinned and grind against my ass with his tool. His growing hard-on also could be seen every time we were in neutral position. His tight, wet singlet showed it really well. I could even see the bulging vein of his cock printed on it. At that moment, it made me wonder if he was really wearing that incredibly tight singlet during his matches. Was he really freeballing underneath it in every match? What if he had an erection like this? Then I realized it was Rex I was thinking about. He probably loves all the attention he got. After that, he became more and more serious. There were no more laughs and giggles. His smile faded little by little with every takedown. In his eyes, a growing rage replaced a playful stare. It was like he was slowly turning into a different person. He was also becoming more aggressive. He was gentle at first, always making sure that I didn’t get hurt every time he took me down. Over time, if anything, he was getting harsher. It got to a point that whenever he pinned me, instead of letting me go instantly, he kept pinning me until I struggled hard. It was like his animalistic side was taking over him. Not only that, he surprisingly was becoming verbal. He kept calling me ‘loser’, ‘faggot’, and other degrading terms. Weirdly, he also began calling me ‘Connor’, like his opponent would be in the first wrestling match of the season. After a while, I finally realized he was actually imagining me as Connor. I didn’t know how since the real Connor was as big and muscular as him, but he did. “GET UP, BITCH!” Rex yelled at me as he got up after he pinned me for what felt like the hundredth of times. I was sweating like crazy. My heartbeat was becoming faster. “I think I’m done, Rex!” I said to Rex as I tried to get up, panting. But he ignored me and move into the neutral position. Seeing that I didn’t move from my position, he squinted his eyes at me. He looked really mad. I gulped and I immediately moved into neutral position as well. “One last time, okay?” I told Rex. Then, he started to mumble under his breath. I never saw Rex like this before. Before I could say anything more, he lunged at me. “FUCK YOU, CONNOR!” He yelled loudly as he lifted me up before both of us fell back to the ground. Like before, he immediately pinned me after we were down. As I was laying on my stomach, he immediately sat on my thighs, locked both of my hands on my back and pushed my head to the mat with his elbow. “YOU THINK YOU’RE THE SHIT, HUH? STATE CHAMPION MY ASS!” Rex yelled again. He didn’t let me go even though I struggled hard. Then, he pozcu escort started to grind into my ass again, rubbing his massive hard-on. “You like that, Connor? Feeling the real champion’s cock all over your ass? You fucking like that, don’t you?” Rex said as he continued humping me. I have to admit, I did like it. He continued his ‘assault’ on my ass along with the trash-talk and after a while, I could feel my cock starting to rise again. Eventually, he got inside my head. I was starting to embrace my role as Connor. The real Connor wouldn’t let himself be conquered so easily. So I decided to struggle again, moving my body uncontrollably with all my might. Shortly after, I felt that he started to get overwhelmed by my moves and made one mistake: letting his grip on my hand loose. I quickly broke my right hand free from him. Moving my hand under his body, I squeezed his balls as hard as I could. “FUCK!” Rex yelled in agony as he fell to his side. I immediately tried to turn the situation around. I rolled his massive body so he laid on his back, grabbed both of his hands, and sat on his crotch. Just like me, he was struggling to break free. Knowing his weakness, I ground my ass against his hard cock, sliding his stiff pole up-and-down my crack. As expected, he stopped moving. The only part of his body that moved was his mouth as moan-after-moan escaped. “Who’s the bitch now, Rex?” I asked as I kept grinding his cock. “F-Fuck… you!” He taunted me. I could see the defeated look on his face. “Does it feel good, Rex? Does Connor make you feel good?” I said in a demeaning voice, grinding against his cock faster. He didn’t respond. He turned his head away from me and closed his eyes. Trying to get a response, I leaned down and sucked one of his nipples. I knew he had two weaknesses. His cock and his nipples. A loud moan was immediately heard. I could feel him humping my ass as my tongue was twirling around his singlet-covered nip. “You love it when your tits being sucked, don’t you? Bitches love it when their tits get sucked.” I said that as I continued playing with his nipples. Rex continued to moan and groan. Satisfied, without letting go of his nipples, I turned my body around so now my crotch was above his face. “Let me give you a taste of a real champ’s cock!” I said to him as I began to hump his face. His warm breath and soft wet lips felt so fucking good! I continued to rub my hard cock all over his face for some time until I made a mistake. I got so carried away in the pleasure that I let go of his nipples – his weakness. As he felt the absence of pleasure that I gave, he regained his composure. As I was still busy humping his face, he lifted me up and slammed me to the mat. Next thing I know, I was in the same position as before, laying face down with him on top of my back and his hands gripped both of my wrists. “YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCKING DEFEAT ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT?” He yelled as he conquered me once again. This time, he held me so tight I couldn’t move at all. “Let me put you back into your place, shithead!” He began to grind my ass again with his stiff cock. This time, more violently. My energy was drained and I couldn’t move at all so I was just laying there, enjoying the sensation, feeling his cock stimulating my ass once again as he kept taunting me. Over time, I finally accepted my defeat. My role was switched in my brain, from ‘Connor the State Champion’ to ‘Connor the Loser’. All the stimulation Rex gave me made brain fueled with lust, slowly turning me into his slut. “Tell me who’s the pathetic loser?” He asked “I am! I am a pathetic loser! Oohh, Rex! My loser ass feels good! Aaahhh” It felt like I was hypnotized by the pleasure he gave me. I couldn’t think straight anymore. I was under his control. He continues teasing my ass more, until he suddenly wrapped his big arms around my body and flipped me so I was now laying on my back facing him. I finally could see his face again. There was no rage in his eyes anymore. All I could see was lust. Then, he moved to kneel above my chest, with his knees straddling my torso. “Look at you, Connor! The pride of West Ravenhill laying helpless below the motherfuckin’ Rockhill Knight!” Rex continued letting his narcissistic side take over him. “FUCK YEAH!” He yelled as he did a double bicep pose, showing his bulging biceps for me to see. “Worship your conqueror, bitch!” Rex grabbed my hand and rubbed it all over his hard, muscular chest. “Feel your defeater! Feel my power!” I obediently continued to explore his big torso with my hand, feeling every single inch of his skin. For some time, he continued telling me – or ‘Connor’ – what a loser I am and how grateful I should be at his mercy. Telling me how easy it would be to ‘crush’ me. I didn’t listen to all this since I was allocating all my concentration to his chest – touching and squeezing his soft, bulging chest. After a while, he pulled my hand away from his body. “Let me give you a more beautiful sight.” With that, he peeled down his singlet to his waist, revealing his massive pecs and bulging abs. They were all covered in sweat, glistening under the light. I never saw his body from that angle and he was right, it was truly a magnificent view. “Worship the Knight, bitch!” He grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his now exposed torso. I gladly explored his body again. This time, I focused more on his pink erect nipples. I couldn’t help but rub and pinch them with my fingers. “Ooohh! Fuck! That’s it! Give the champ the prize he deserved! Aaahhh!” He moaned as really enjoying my hand trick. At this point, my cock was leaking like crazy. The view, his moan and all the trash-talk made me incredibly turned on. Then, he did another double bicep pose. Didn’t waste the opportunity, I moved my attention to them, caressing his baseball-sized biceps. Suddenly, I had an urge to kiss and lick them. “You want to kiss them don’t you, shithead?” Just like a mind-reader, Rex asked. He must have saw my lustful stare at his biceps. “Yes, Rex. I want to kiss them.” I said as I licked my lips. “Beg for it then.” Rex flexed his biceps harder, which made the veins around them bulged even more. “Please, may I kiss your biceps, Rex?” “I said beg! Not ask!” He yelled at me. “Please, Rex. Please let me honor your powerful biceps! Let me worship the arms that defeated me! Oh, Rex. It would be an honor for this loser to kiss them!” I begged, channeling ‘Connor the Loser’ persona even more. Satisfied, Rex smirked and lowered his right bicep to my face. I Immediately gave his bicep the kiss it deserved. Kiss after kiss landed on it. After giving his biceps hundreds of peck, I stuck out my tongue and started to lick at the sweat that covered it. Like a thirsty camel, I lapped not only the sweat on his bicep, but also his pit as well. It tasted so fucking wonderful. Nothing tastes better than jock’s sweat fresh from training. “Fuck yeah. Lick all the sweat! You must be thirsty right?” He commented as I continue to savor his sweat. But then, he pulled his bicep away from me. I was disappointed since I was not yet satisfied. I wanted more. He wanted me to move my attention to something even more irresistible. He grabbed my hand again and put it in the part of his body he most proud of: his monster cock, which was rock-hard and pulsing. His cock was trying hard to be free from the containment of his tight blue singlet, begging for my attention. I rubbed his cock, jerking it up-and-down as Rex kept giving me a show – flexing all his muscles. Eventually, it was too much for me. I couldn’t handle the lust anymore, so I pulled another inch of his singlet down and his monster cock was finally unleashed. Rex was just smirking, knowing that I wanted it. Anything didn’t matter to me at escort bayan that point. I just wanted his dick. I touched his cock again – this time without the obstruction of his singlet – and played with it. His cock was wet from the combination of sweat and pre-cum that flowed constantly. When another drop of pre-cum came out, I couldn’t help but scoop it with my finger and put it into my mouth. The familiar taste of the sweet essence of his manliness greeted my tastebuds. I wanted more. I lifted my head and opened my mouth wide, ready to engulf his pulsing cock. But before I could do it, he pushed my head back down. “Who the fuck told you to suck it?” Rex said with a demeaning snear. I shuddered. I was dying to taste his cock. “You really wanted it, don’t you?” I nodded. “I don’t think a scum like you is worthy to suck it,” Rex said. “Yes… P-Please… let me suck it…” I begged him. “So, you really are a scum, huh?” “Y-yes.” At this point, I would do anything to get his throbbing cock in my mouth. “Only a bitch likes to suck dicks you know?” He gave me another demeaning. “Are you my bitch?” “Yes, Rex. I am your bitch.” “Who are you, Connor?” He smiled before eventually asked me again, still living his fantasy that I was Connor. “I-I’m your bitch, Rex. You conquered me.” I said, continuing to play along with his fantasy. “Who are you, Connor?” He asked the same question. His face became serious again. “I’m a West Ravenhill scum! I’m your bitch! A bitch for a Rockhill Knight!” I answered again. I could see him smiling, satisfied with my answer. “Kiss it! Worship the Knight’s cock, bitch!” I complied, immediately giving his leaking cock-head a long kiss. I could taste his pre-cum again as it was flowing into my mouth. I let go of the kiss after a moment and decided to show my love by giving every inch of his cock a peck. Starting from the head all the way to the base. “Good boy. Now open your mouth!” He commanded with a smirk. Just as I opened my mouth, he rammed his cock into my mouth. Without hesitation, he fucked my skull intensely, just like the pussy of a hot girl he met at a party. “Ooohhh fuckk yeahh!! You want my cock? I’ll give you my cock!” He moaned as he moved his hips back and forth at a steady pace. I was coughing and gagging but he didn’t care. He kept going. His cock-head hit the back of my throat over and over again. My face was wet from all the slobber. “Oohhh Fuck! Your mouth feels so fucking good! Aaaahh! I guess I found the real purpose of your mouth! Ooohh!” He continued to moan. At this point, he increased the speed of his thrust, holding my head as he violently slid his cock in-and-out of my warm mouth. His balls were slapping against my chin, creating a loud smacking sound. Then, I could feel his body become tense. His moans becoming louder. I was bracing myself to be drowned in his cum. But before it happened, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I felt relieved as fresh air finally could enter my lungs again. But he wasn’t done. He immediately flipped my body and moved his attention to my ass. He buried his face into my ass for a moment, taking a couple of deep breaths before he finally ripped the singlet, exposing my ass to him. After admiring my ass, he dove his face into my ass again. This time, he lapped my twitching asshole like a hungry predator. The feeling of his warm tongue grazing against my aching cunt was so amazing. Lust was filling my brain again. Next thing I know, I was moaning and panting like a bitch in heat. Then, he kneeled behind me and lifted my ass. “Are you ready for this?” Rex asked as he slid his cock up-and-down my crack. “Y-yes…” Then, I felt his cock started to stretch my aching hole. I just closed my eyes and bit my lip. “Mmmmpphhh” I moaned as I felt his dick sliding deeper and deeper into my cunt. My ass was twitching like crazy. After his cock was fully engulfed by my ass, he started to fuck me, sliding his cock in-and-out of my hungry hole. “Aaahh shit! Your pussy feels so good!” He moaned as he kept thrusting. “You like it? Fucked by your defeater?” Drowned in pleasure, I couldn’t speak. I just kept focusing on the sensation his monster dick created. I just moan louder and louder. Then again, the moan should answer his question. He fucked me for quite sometimes, sliding his cock in-and-out as he flexed and taunted me again. I guess it made him feel powerful. Then, as I was still enjoying all the sensations he gave me, he stopped. He pulled out his dick and flipped my body again so now I was laying on my back, seeing him face to face. He lifted both of my legs and put them on his shoulder so my ass was exposed one again. He gave me an intense stare before he rammed his cock into my ass and fucked me again. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was back in heaven. The room was filled with our loud moans. It was so loud I think people in the other room could hear us. But we didn’t care. We were hypnotized by the pleasure our bodies created. “Hell fucking yeah! Feel the Knight power, bitch!” Rex yelled as he began to fuck me without mercy. Not only fucking me, but he also started to stimulate my nipples, manipulating it with his big hands, pinching and rubbing them. My moan was becoming louder. I was becoming his bitch that night. After a while, all the stimulation he gave me was making me lose control. I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Oh, Rex! I… I… I’m gonna… CUMMM!” I yelled as ropes of cum erupting from my cock and landed all over my face and torso. Rex didn’t stop. He kept pummeled my ass with his big manhood as I was laying there with all my energy drained. His loud moans were the only sound echoing through the room. After a while, the pleasure was too much for him to handle. I could feel that he was about to cum. I was ready to receive his seed. “AHHH FUCK! CONNOR! YOU BITCH! FUCKK!!” He yelled as he pulled his cock from my ass and lunged forward, straddling me above my hips. He jerked his cock fast with his hand before he pointed his cock at my chest and then… “OOHHH! OOOHH! FUUCCKKK!!!” Rex roared as his cock finally explode, releasing load after load of thick, white manjuice all over the “West Ravenhill” letters and the Pirate mascot on the singlet on my chest. He didn’t move for a moment before finally collapsing to the mat, panting. I looked at him, the man who was full of energy now laying helplessly. His bulging chest was moving up-and-down rapidly We just laid there on the mat for a moment in silence as we were both were so tired, we couldn’t even speak. The room was dead silence as we tried to recharge our energy. Then, he grabbed one of my fingers and held it tightly. When I looked at him again, our gaze met as he was facing me, smiling. This time, not one of those evil smirks, but rather a genuine smile that he always shows. He got up after he got enough energy and offered his hand to me to help me up, which I gladly took. “Let’s take this off. It’s wet.” Rex said he grabbed the strap and pulled down my cum-soaked singlet. He kneeled and stopped halfway when he noticed some scar and bruises on my abs. “Holy shit, Alex! Is it because of me? I’m so sorry, Alex! I’m sorry!” Rex panicked, horror could be seen on his face. “It’s not because of you, dummy,” I said, grabbing his shoulder to calm him down. He looked up to me, confused. I sighed. “We should sit down,” I suggested as I sat on the mat again. Rex also immediately complied. Then, I started talking about what happened a few days ago. I didn’t want to talk about it, but knowing him, he would blame himself if I didn’t. He pulled me into a big hug after I finished talking. It was so comforting being wrapped in his warm, muscular naked body. “So you didn’t know who they are?” I shook my head. “Alex, what I did to you tonight-” Rex trying to apologize again, but I cut him off before he could finish. “Don’t worry about it, Rex. I guess it’s kind of different. I’m lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.” I smiled, trying to assure him. “We should get back. It’s getting late.” I suggested. “I think we should shower first.”

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