The Truth About Nikki – pt 15

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The Truth About Nikki – pt15 – Romance and Birth

Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

I awoke the next morning with a feeling of complete satisfaction flowing through my every nerve ending. I was still snuggled against Rick’s body and the sound of his deep slow breaths filled me with pleasure. I allowed my right hand to slide down his belly and seek out his flaccid cock. I gently ran my fingers up and down its smooth skin over and over until I felt it beginning to swell under my touch. Carefully slipping under the covers, I gently lifted his cock and slipped my mouth over it. The taste of our sex on his tool was intoxicating and I savored it as my tongue circled his growing cock head. Rick was still asleep but occasionally his hips would move and a low murmur would escape his lips, as his beautiful cock grew larger and larger in my grasp. Slowly at first, his cock began to pulse in my mouth as I continued to suck and lick it’s full length.

Out of the silence I heard Rick’s voice as he moaned “Oh my God” and his hand cupped the back of my head. His hand pushed me further onto his cock as he almost whispered “suck me baby, suck my fucking cock”. Determined to please Rick’s every desire, I forced myself down his thick shaft to my gag point over and over, feeling him squirm beneath me. He moaned several times that I was an incredible cocksucker, which only spurred me on even more. Because of the thickness of his swollen black shaft I could hardly even stuff half of his beautiful cock down my throat before gagging on his smooth cock head, but I was loving every second of it. I could feel the pleasure that he was experiencing through his moans, the flexing of his muscles in his legs as he pressed his cock upward into my mouth, and the flexing of his fingers as he gripped the hair on the back of my head. Giving his cock head a flick or two from my tongue with each stroke he was soon moaning in a continuous stream as my lips rolled and stretched his foreskin up and down his throbbing cock while his thick pre-cum continuously flowed onto my tongue forcing me to swallow every few strokes. Suddenly his other hand gripped my head too and he moaned, “shit baby I’m cumming” just as the first heavy pulse of his cock spewed his thick sperm against the back of my throat. Pulse after pulse of his cream gushed into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it faster than his balls could eject it until he finally let out a deep sigh and released his vise like grip on my head and relaxed against the sheets. I looked up his brad chest into his eyes as I slowly continued to wring his cock from base to tip, milking every drop of his semen out and licking it from his baby smooth cock head. Finally finished, I lay his softened cock upon his flat belly and gently kissed his huge ball sack before sipping back up the sheets beside him.

Rick pulled me to his chest and kissed me deeply, tasting his own seed on my lips as we did. As our kiss ended he remarked that I had just given him the best blowjob of his life, and that he hadn’t had that many, but that mine was totally fucking awesome. We lay there snuggling for a bit, occasionally kissing, and talking, while I gently rub and fondle his cock. After maybe 15 minutes of my constant attentions, his tool began to thicken and rise from his thigh, he finally moaned that his nuts were going to dry up and fall off if I didn’t leave him alone. I giggled and asked if I should quit and get out of bed, to which Rick replied that I should get on my knees because I had caused him some swelling problem which I needed to help solve. I rolled over onto my knees as his hands caressed my hips and ass. Rick commented that I had the sweetest ass that he had ever seen as he rubbed his now swollen cock up and down my slit before gently easing it into my pussy. It felt so incredibly good as he slowly pressed himself into me; it was as if I could feel every little bump of his thick tool as he filled me to the hilt. As his balls finally pressed against me he told me again that I really had the most beautiful ass that he had ever slipped his cock into. His words or possibly the gentle touch of his strong hands on my hips made me shiver in anticipation of this mans lovemaking. As if reading my mind he patted me softly on my ass and began grinding his fat cock into me with slow agonizing strokes, I instantly began to moan in delight as the ripples of pleasure spiked through me with each push of his cock. After just a dozen or so strokes Rick lifted one of my legs at a time and stuffed pillows under my knees, jacking my ass up even higher in the air. This new angle made my pussy go even more berserk and I could already feel that special tingling building between my legs. He remarked that he needed me higher because of his height and I told him that I loved it this way. He went back to fucking me with long strokes of his powerful cock, slapping against me firmly each time. His hands were so gently fondling my ass, back, and breasts, his cock fucking me so wonderfully slow yet exuding such power within me that I exploded hard on his thick shaft in only minutes. Whimpering and bucking beneath him, I again enjoyed one of the best climaxes of my life, which gave me earthquake like aftershocks for several minutes after the main climax had passed. I told Rick that I loved the huge climax he had given me and he moaned back that he had almost cum too, because of my pussy clamping and milking his cock so hard. Just his words sent more chills up my spine and made my pussy begin to quiver with another impending orgasm. I tried to tell Rick but it slammed into me before I could get the words out and I drifted in space for a few long seconds while it controlled my twitching body. As my mind switched my hearing back on I could hear Rick behind me, telling me how much he loved watching me cum on his cock and how wonderful it felt to be inside me. I finally became aware that he had begun fucking me somewhat faster and with much greater power in his thrusts, every time his wonderful cock bottomed out inside me, his belly would make a resounding smack against my sopping wet pussy. I never even felt the next climax hit, I was just suddenly filled with electric jolts and wave after wave of wonderful bliss as it flowed through my brain. As I choked and gasped for breath I could hear Rick moaning “oh my god Nikki” as he pounded his fat black cock into my whiteness. My body was bouncing with each hard smack of his cock into me and I could hear myself whimper ” fuck me Rick” as yet another huge climax thrust me into another world for unknown seconds, leaving my body to quake beneath his power. Just as I began to recover, izmit escort Rick moaned loudly and exploded inside my quivering hole, his flood of semen began pumping from me even before his mammoth cock had emptied itself between my folds. As he slowly pulled his spent cock from my womb, a small river of his fertile seed gushed from my pussy and began dripping onto what had been clean sheets below. I was weak and wobbly on my feet but I cupped a hand over my pussy and headed for the bathroom to clean up and prevent further soiling of my sheets.

As I turned and sat on the commode, Rick was right there, watching me as I released my morning pee. As soon as he saw my puzzled look he told me that he was sorry, but he thought that it was somehow erotic to watch me pee. Being a smartass, I told him that if he got to watch me, I could watch him. Looking completely serious he responded that not only could I watch, but I could also do the aiming if I wanted. Finishing my job, I stood and started the shower as Rick stepped up to the commode. I turned and cupped his heavy cock, still gooie from our sex, and pointed it at the commode. Smiling down at me he asked if I was ready and after I nodded back he released his stream, which instantly went over the commode and splashed against the toilet seat. I got him under control and directed his stream into the bowl. He started laughing which made it even more difficult to keep things going in the right direction and remarked that it wasn’t as simple as it looked. I had to laugh and agree that it really wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be. My hand was actually tired from holding Rick’s heavy cock up when he finally dribbled to a stop and took over from me to wring himself out. Without missing a beat he bent over, took some paper and cleaned up the mess that I had made on the back of the commode before guiding me into the shower and pulling the curtain closed behind us.

Pulling me to him he told me that it was very obvious that I needed much more practice with my aim and thought that maybe it was a good idea for him to begin hanging around more to instruct me. His gentle suggestion that we spend more time together made my heart just about jump from my chest with delight and I told him that it might take a lot of training as I began to scrub his chest with my body wash. As we washed each other he told me that he really did want to keep seeing me because he truly felt attracted to me. When I remarked that it was probably because I was white he pondered for just a moment and said that maybe that was some part of his reasoning but that he felt something for me that he had really never felt before. I stood there feeling like my heart was going to explode inside my chest, not knowing how to express to him that I had been feeling the same exact thing almost from the moment we had met. We finally ended our shower with a kiss and got out. I dried myself and put my robe on and began making breakfast. When Rick came out of the bedroom I asked if it would make him uncomfortable if I went next door and retrieved my son, because I always tried to have breakfast with him when I could. He smiled and told me that he would love to meet my boy and that he would watch the stove as I went and picked him up.

Over breakfast we all chatted about our plans for the weekend and when my son announced that he wanted to go to the zoo again I asked Rick if he wanted to go too. He got a broad smile and said that he would really love too join us, if it was ok with my son, who nodded yes while he stuffed his mouth with French toast.

I normally just strolled behind while my son ran from one enclosure to another looking at all the animals that he knew by heart from our many visits. It was incredible to watch as Rick went with him from one place to another listening, as my son would explain all about each animal in every single enclosure. Rick and my son seemed to form an instant bond and Rick appeared to be genuinely enjoying the schooling that he was receiving.

When we finally left the zoo it was mid afternoon and we stopped and got my son the happy meal that he insisted on before I finally dropped Rick off at the motel that he was staying in until he found out about his new job. Before he got out of the van he asked what our plans were for the evening and I told him that we normally just hung around the house and he asked if he could maybe bring over a movie or two instead of being alone in the motel. My heart rate jumped as I told him “sure” and my son chimed in and began rattling off different movies that he wanted to see. We set a time and went over directions to my apartment again before Rick closed the door and disappeared into the motel lobby. I smiled to myself as I turned into traffic and headed home, realizing that I had been in that very motel on several different occasions, with several different clients over the years and wondered if Rick might be staying in one of the rooms that I had visited before. What a weird twist that would be.

I made snacks and we all sat down to watch the “Ice Age” cartoon together, my son planted directly in front of the TV with his popcorn and Rick and I snuggling on the couch. As the movie played, Rick and I began to sneak the occasional kiss and even do a little light groping from time to time, which resulted in a small tent forming in his trousers and my panties becoming damp by the time the credits finally rolled across the screen and I shut off the TV. Tucking my son into bed, I returned to the living room to find Rick cleaning up the snacks and putting things away. I didn’t know how else to ask, so I just blurted out that I really wanted him to stay over again. He simply flipped off the room light, pulled me into his arms and said that he thought that I would never ask. Kissing me deeply he scooped me into his arms and headed down the hall toward my bedroom. I told him he didn’t need to carry me and he said that I should save my strength for what lie ahead, and I said that maybe I should be carrying him, making us both laugh.

We quickly peeled each other’s clothes off and threw ourselves onto the bed. I made a comment about Rick’s cock already being so hard, and he told me that he had never had this much sex in such a short period of time in his life. I looked directly into his perfect brown eyes and told him that he had given me the absolute best sex of my life and that I just couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He drove his tongue into my mouth and thrust his 9-inch cock fully into me at the same time, making me moan into his mouth as he began pounding my hips against the mattress with hard thrusts. My legs automatically wrapped themselves around his back and I gripped his shoulders as he drove himself into my womb over and over. The pure heat of his passionate love making, and lovemaking is what I truly felt like yahya kaptan escort we were doing, stirred my pussy into warp drive in mere minutes, triggering a huge orgasm to explode in my womb and race up my spine. Whimpering and bucking beneath Rick’s steady pounding I felt as if our souls had become as joined as our bodies, I almost blurted out that I loved him, but I bit my lip and just held him to me instead, feeling his strong muscles flex as his rigid cock thrust in and out of my womb. Rick moaned deeply into my ear and told me that I was the hottest fuck that he had ever had then kissed me with such passion that I almost came again. As he continued to drive his fat cock into me with long hard strokes I could feel another climax forming inside me again and whispered to Rick that I was going to cum. He nipped my ear and told me to cum for him, that he loved making me cum. He only had seconds to wait, as another wave of bliss rolled over me like a tidal wave making me zone out for a few long seconds as I fought for breath. Rick was moaning, “oh fuck Nikki, cum on my cock” as I recovered enough to understand his words and I whispered to him that I wanted him to cum for me, that I wanted him to fill me with his seed. His response was almost instant as he buried his cock inside me and groaned as I felt the heavy pulse of his thick cock between my legs as it began filling my belly with his sperm. Thrust after thrust he pumped his seed into me until I could feel it begin to seep from me only to be splattered on us both, as he would thrust his cock fully into me again. As he finally began to relax upon me he sighed and said that every time he came with me it felt better than the time before. I thought to myself that I felt the same way about his lovemaking, it fulfilled me in some way that I had never felt before. I had had some truly great sex with different men before but had never felt this complete before.

Rick pulled the covers up and over us then rolled over gripping my hips to him keeping his flaccid tool locked inside me. As I rested on his broad chest, he made the comment that he loved the way my pussy felt when it was around his cock and didn’t want to lose that feeling right now. I didn’t say anything, I just rested my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat and feeling the occasional twitch of his cock as it rested within me. The next thing that I remember is the sound of the shower shutting off and opening my eyes to see Rick’s smiling face as he approached the bed with a towel over his shoulder. His cock looked even thicker than normal because it was drawn back and the thick folds of his foreskin were bunched around it, forming deep wrinkles of skin. It looked like a wrinkly black coke can bobbing back and forth as he approached and sat next to me. He bent down to kiss me but I tried to turn away so as not to reveal my morning breath, but he cupped my face and kissed me deeply anyway, sending tingles throughout my body. He said that I was so incredibly cute but I snored like hell when I was on my back, making us both laugh. He slipped back onto the bed and leaned against the headboard and I rested my head on his thigh, looking up into his beautiful eyes. His hand caressed the hair on the back of my head and told me that I was truly special, that he had never enjoyed sex like ours with any of his other lady friends. I wanted to know just how many other women he had been with but could not risk asking because he might ask me the same question in return, an answer that I did not know myself. I looked back up at him and told him that he was the best lover that I had ever had and that making love with him was truly awesome. I cupped his cool cock in my hand and I watched as Rick’s eyes fluttered as I gave him a gentle squeeze. I squeezed his tool a couple of more times and his head rolled back against the headboard and a soft moan escaped his lips. I released his cock and watched as it slowly began to grow, his foreskin unfolding as it did. Rubbing my fingertips gently up and down its entire length, I watched as his cock grew to its full length and began to lift from his thigh and begin bobbing up and down in the air. I was like a child watching a magic show for the first time and was unable to keep from touching this marvel before me. Rick’s soft moans brought me back to reality and I slipped forward a few inches and slipped his cock into my mouth and ever so gently ran my tongue around his swollen and throbbing cock head. Rick moaned deeply and his hand gripped the hair of my head. I needed no encouragement to continue and pressed forward, feeling his rigid cock fill my mouth as I forced my throat down his thick shaft. I could instantly tell that Rick was loving my attentions as his hips rose from the bed and his grip on my hair tightened a bit while a continuous low moan rolled from his clenched lips. I began squeezing his tight balls as I drove my mouth up and down his pulsing cock, feeling his excitement grow and grow. I could sense that his cock was going to explode very soon, but before it could, Rick pulled me from his cock and drew me onto his lap. I guided his fat cock into my pussy and slowly sat down upon it, savoring the incredible feeling as his 9 inches filled every centimeter of my womb. It was my time to moan as Rick began to rock me up and down his cock and I told him that he felt perfect inside me. We kissed deeply ignoring my deadly morning breath as my filled pussy went into overdrive and I felt that electric tingle building to a roar between my legs. Rick guided my hips as our fucking became more and more intense, as we each grew closer to our climax. Finally I could take no more and I clutched Rick’s shoulders and came hard on his thrusting tool. My intense orgasm pushed Rick over the edge and he drove my hips down hard on his tool and groaned deeply as his wonderful cock pumped his semen into my center. As I rested, my head on his shoulder, I told him how wonderful our fuck had been and he told me that, it had been more than wonderful, it had been truly awesome. Rick told me that there was something special about me, that he had never met a woman that could make him so hard so often, that he felt like a schoolboy when he was around me.

We lay there snuggling and talking for at least another hour before we both took a shower and reluctantly got dressed because it was almost 7am and my son would be bounding out of bed at any moment looking for breakfast.

Rick had to leave shortly after breakfast so that he could get things organized for the start of his new job on Monday morning. I almost instantly began feeling lonely for his mere presence, but I too had things to do, I had some school assignment that needed work and I also needed to prepare my outfit for a scheduled Date the following evening.

Monday evening Rick gebze escort and I talked on the phone after his first day at his new job and he told me that he really wanted to spend the evening with us but had to study his new employees handbook. He said that he would love to come over the next night if that would be ok and I had to tell him my standard excuse that I used when I had a “date”, that I had to go to my study group and he accepted it without question. As we were getting ready to sign off, Rick asked if he could chat with my son for a minute and I slipped the phone to Trev and listened as they yakked about his day, it touched me to my core that this man would be interested in a child that he had barely met.

Tuesday night went pretty much as it normally did with Lou, I would park the van, grab a cab from a hotel that was just around the corner and arrive at Lou’s apartment around 8pm. Lou was one of my regular clients, he was about 40, tall, pretty fit, was nicely hung with about 7 inches, and liked the school girl look. So I always dressed in some outfit that looked liked I was a teenybopper, tonight I wore a cheerleader outfit that I had found in a second hand store. The skirt fit a bit tight at the waist but I was pretty sure that Lou would strip it from my hips long before it became uncomfortable. With my hair pulled back into two pigtails, I rather looked like some little 16 or 17-year-old girl as I rang the bell of his condo.

I knew that I had hit the jackpot as soon as he opened the door and froze there, staring at my tits poking out of the tight little red top. I gave his crotch a little pat as I stepped past him into the foyer and put my bag down.

Lou was a very organized man, his schedule never changed as far as his sex went. He always met me dressed only in his housecoat, once inside he guided me directly to the bedroom where he would drop off his housecoat and sit on the bed. I would slowly remove my top and massage my breasts in front of him. Tits were another of his quirks and his cock would always be rock hard after I had played with them for just a few moments. He always insisted on removing my panties and skirts so I would walk to the edge of the bed and stand while he would give me a running commentary of my assets, as he would first slip my panties off then my skirt. Lou would lie back on his bed and I would sit upon his rock hard cock then lean forward, dropping my breasts into his face for him to suckle as we fucked. Now that the canned part of the night was now over, Lou would grab a full handful of my ass and take total control of the sex. This night he sucked in one of my nipples and began expertly flicking it with his talented tongue while he drove his cock into me with hard, fast strokes. He moved from on nipple to another frequently, keeping them both rock hard and tingling. The hard pounding began to make my pussy twitch and I could feel the heat of our fucking bringing me towards a climax. I whispered into his ear that he was going to make my little slut pussy cum and he growled back that he was gonna flood my pregnant little white cunt. A wonderful orgasm flowed through my body making me whimper and twitch as he growled below me and slammed his cock deeply into my hole. He pushed me from him and rolled on top, slamming himself right back into my pussy and pinning my arms to the bed as he pounded me with all his might until he groaned deeply and gushed his pent up seed into my pussy as he whispered into my ear “take it bitch, take that fucking nut juice”. Once finished he lifted from me and straddled my chest and shoved his semi-hard cock into my mouth, telling me to “suck that fucking cock girl, suck me slut”. He leaned over me and gripped the headboard and began fucking my mouth with his rapidly hardening cock. I put my hands on his ass and gently rubbed his flexing cheeks and tickled the hair of his crack as he humped my face faster and faster. It only took maybe 4 or 5 minutes before he moaned that he was going to cream my fucking face and exploded inside my throat, humping into me over and over until the last dribble of his seed had been swallowed. The signal that the evening was over was when he lifted from me, put on his robe, tossed the envelope with my money in it on the bed, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I knew Lou’s routine so well that I had foreseen this and prepared for it by writing him a note informing him that this would be our last “date” and that he needed to make other arrangements for the future. I left the note and the cheerleader outfit on the bed as I left his apartment feeling totally soiled and guilty. I felt as if I had just cheated on Rick by being with Lou tonight. I had the night attendant call me a cab and went out into the cool damp air to clear my thoughts.

I had decided that Sunday afternoon after Rick had left, that I was going to quit my side business as soon as my current schedule of “dates” had been completed but now I was having some serious second thoughts about that decision and decided to violate all the rules and call them all and cancel our “dates”. This was a totally new feeling to me and I hated the feeling of guilt that filled me, and I vowed to myself to free myself from this business forever.

The next two weeks were like being swept up in a hurricane, Rick and I spent almost every minute that he was not working and I was not in school together. He had bonded with my son to the degree that it began to worry me if Rick suddenly decided to move on. I was in totally new ground here, I had let a man into not only my life but I had included him in my family affairs and I wondered what the hell I was doing.

I was sitting on the couch sorting paperwork when the phone rang one Thursday afternoon, assuming that it was Rick calling about the group party, which Rick and I had begged off of for the last two weeks, I snatched it up without even thinking and said hello. It was Anna calling from Denver and I greeted her happily thinking that this was a social call, but it wasn’t. She told me that Kevin had died from a massive heart attack a few days before and she had just gotten the word from her mother in law. It felt like the world was crumbling around me and I broke out in tears. My son came over and sat beside me, he had of course known Kevin as a visiting friend but didn’t fully understand the thought of death yet. He was upset because I was crying and he hugged me telling me that it would be ok. The second that Rick walked in he knew that something terrible had happened in my life and pulled me into his arms and just held me close until I finally found the energy to explain that a close friend had passed away. He instantly became my rock and took over by consoling me then told me to rest while he made dinner and putting my son to bed. That night when we went to bed, he just pulled me close and held me in his strong arms until I fell asleep.

My next diary posting will be entitled ” The Truth About Nikki – pt16 – The Birth”

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