mhm fbd

mhm fbd

this story is crazy thank you for reading it
I was bored I lived near
a gas station or should I say a truck stop.I was from the d**g store next to the station and I needed the toilet so bad I quickly run to the toilet and I did my thing next to this stall I was in I saw a big hole with tapes on it. I was innocent back than didn’t know that was a glory hole ,I clicked on the Internet icon on my phone I searched as it shows a glory hole,images and descriptions .. while I was searching I heard the next stall door being kicked as I didn’t pay attention until something says have a pick through the hole and I did only to notice this guy unzipping his pants and throwing them to the ground . looking as his dick flew In the open air it was about 6inches normal size he seat on the toilet sit and pulled out his phone ,he had big beautiful hands as he switched his phone on and went to the videos . the was this white guy on the video worshipping a big black dick and sucking it so perfect that my mouth was watering and the truck driver began to get stiff and hard .. his dick began to grow to what was like 3 inch bigger to 9 inch big as his hands went to his black thing I began to get Horny and him taking his shift up and down made me Horny I undid my pants opening my 6 inch erected dick .he began to mourn in pleasure as he saw me getting naked and when I was done undoing my clothes I saw this magnificent black thing enter the hole. my mouth got wet and I dropped down n bow to this God standing in front of me I began to run my hands through it and it was stiff. .slowly I was getting it inch by inch inside my mouth for a blowjob as I did I gigged a bit .. I did it a few times and I got it right began to move up and down on it with my mouth ,I could hear him mourn out of pleasure I was giving him .. he kept on saying mhm momm uhhhh and I gave him a few handjob hold his cock in my hands and Perform what I was new at .. he asked “if I have ever done this”
i replied by “no you are my first person “. than he gave me a compliment that I was better than this other hoes he found on the street and he compared me to his wife that I was better by the blowjob she never give it to him ..he told me he want us to be fuck buddies.. as I did blowjob him than he cums and he shoot his big load in my mouth and I tried to swallow everything others kept on dripping from my side cheeks to meet at my Chin ,his cum tasted so like fries.. he threw a few bucks with his business card and he asked me to call him so he can save my numbers I did ..
every Tuesdays
he would give me a call that he is at our station , we would do the same routine blowjob and few cash and leave separately I never got time to see his face but hear his voice
I went to my friends for a weekend as they planned a house party and at of my boys crib his mother was away on a business trip and his father was never there ,he was busy providing for his family neither did I know that he was a truck driver..
while I was busy having sex with some girl upstairs.. buddies dad has arrived and I haven’t noticed.. he started shouting I thought I was busted because I knew that voice.. we all went out of the house and I didn’t even see him I heard the noise from the back door and escaped from the front door .he called my phone telling me he needs to blow of some steam I told him we can’t am busy, we made an appointment for tomorrow but at a hotel he wouldn’t risk people seeing him with a man … he gave me the suit number and I knocked that was the first time a saw his face he was so handsome and he looks like his in his late 30’s and he had a 6 pack for days ,I ask if he works out he replied “sometimes”
he kissed me passionately so and he pushed me next to the sofa in the hotel room undressed me as I scratched his back with my nails and leaving a mark. I felt something in my belly wen I looked down as we were in a kiss I saw his monster pointing I went on my knees and I suck and handjob till he pick me up and throws me in the bed and takes out a condom from the drawer and puts it in we fuck 3 rounds

next weekend I went for a sleep over at my friends house it was just the 2 of us .. we made food and went to sleep I woke up around 2am to have a snak only to find that truck driver fully naked and he opened the fridge door looking for food I said sorry it’s in the micro oven he turned only to realise it was me.. he was in shock he asked me questions which I answered and he went to check his son if he is sleeping , he was the father pushed me to the wall and kissed me keep out for part 2

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