My First Shared Wife

My First Shared Wife
I miss the days, when the internet was young, chat rooms were full, and people were open to discussing any variety of desires and perversions. I was AOL at the time. There were hundreds of chat rooms filled with horny people. The public chat room was busy, but the real action was in the private messages. I believe a sexual revolution was taking place and I was in the process of getting divorced. Great timing.

I traveled for business at the time and frequently went to the Detroit area. I started chatting with a woman from suburban Detroit. A town called Canton, MI. She was married and she and her husband were discussing the possibility of bringing another man into their relationship. We chatted in private messages for days about ME being that guy.

I was chatting only with her. So there was another level of approval necessary to make this happen. Her husband had to agree.

On my next trip to Detroit I booked a hotel near their home and planned an evening meet in a bar nearby. I had seen pictures of her. Some of them were naked pics. I had jacked off looking at her pics, but we never met. Then they arrived. She looked exactly like her pic. About 5′ 8″ tall, a bigger woman, not obese or huge, just busty. plump, rather voluptuous. He was my height, about 6 foot, thin, glasses, goatee.

We all sat at a table and had a couple beers. He got up to use the restroom and left his wife, Debbie, and me alone at the table. Debbie told me then they he approved. He approved! Somehow, non verbally, this husband and wife agreed while we were all together that the three of us would go back to my hotel and fuck the hell out of her.

We went back to my hotel in separate cars. They came up to the room and we talked some more. It was rather awkward for awhile. None of us had ever done anything like this. I was hesitant to make the first move and she was too, I think to avoid looking like the whore that she deep down inside wanted to be.

It was getting late. Nothing had happened. They were getting ready to leave. I helped her put her coat on to leave, then turned her around and kissed her while my hands roamed over her huge breasts. That was the spark we needed.

Within minutes she was in her bra and panties kneeling in front of me sucking my cock while her husband watched. He was sitting next to me on a chair. I turned to him and said something I never ever said to another man. I said to him ” Your wife is a great cocksucker”. He smiled. I had leaned back to relax and enjoy her mouth on my hard cock. I hadn’t noticed that he layed under and was licking her pussy while she continued to kneel before me.

I came in her mouth. He being under her took a little bit of my cum on his face. That which had dribbled out of her mouth as he lay right below.

I could not believe my good fortune. A fantastic blowjob, by a sexy woman, all while her husband watched.

We weren’t finished.

So far, I was the only one to cum, we had a ways to go yet. We moved to the bed. By now everyone was naked. He laid down, hard as a rock and she started to suck him off. I was so turned on I was ready for number two. While she sucked her husband off I came up behind her and put my still hard cock in her pussy from behind. She was soaking wet and so turned on, Her husband was moaning in ecstasy from (what I knew to be) a great blowjob. And I was slamming my cock in her from behind.

She came on my cock. I could feel her tremble. Moments later he blew a load down her throat. I couldn’t hold back anymore and blew my second load of cum deep inside her pussy. We all came damn near simultaneously.

The three of us collapsed together on the bed with her in the middle. Silent at first, then some giggles, some touching, and lots of talk about doing it all again.

We chatted again after this. We wanted to find another woman to join so she could watch her husband with another woman. But things got difficult. She became very difficult when it came to approving another woman. And let’s face it, I simply do not have an unlimited supply of woman in Michigan to submit for her approval.

What we had all so easily agreed to in that bar that night, we could never agree to again. We got hung up on which woman would be the fourth and eventually we lost touch.

What remains are memories of the first time I ever enjoyed a shared wife. Those memories will never go away.

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