Retirement Party

Retirement Party
Retirement Party
You had decided to take early retirement, at 50 you still looked good, your breasts were still ample and firm and although your arse was slightly plump, it still looked sexy.
You had been planning your leaving do for ages, a Suite had been booked and all your 15 employees were coming.
The company specialised in gym equipment, and the manager had made something very special for you at your request.
You had given a lot to the company over the last twenty years and wanted a very special send off, sort of like taking a bit of the company with you.
The meal was going well and it was almost time for you to make your planned departure. The room had been made ready and your manager announced that you would like to see each employee for a personal thank you.
I disappeared to the other room.
At the appointed time the first employee; the shop foreman entered the room. He could not have anticipated what he saw and his jaw dropped.
Before him laid out on the equipment was his boss, she was partly strapped to the piece of equipment, leant back with support for her head, her legs were spread and strapped to padded cradles elevating her to waist height, she was the most amazing shiny rubber stockings and a corset, which covered her tits apart from her nipples, which poked out through the glistening rubber.
Her pussy was completely exposed and part shaven bar a small tuft of hair just above her clit, she gave him time to take it all in and then in an unusually husky and slightly pissed voice asked him if he could give her one final present, bareback of course.
Within seconds his trousers were on the floor and he was sliding the tip of his cock along her well lubricated pussy. “now fuck me John”. The poor guy was so excited about fucking his boss that after a few deep but powerfull thrusts he could feel his balls tightening, this combined with the contractions from your pussy which was gripping tightly, tipped him over the edge and he began to pulse and fill you full of his warm seed. His cock continued to pump cum into you for what seemed an age, he finally emptied its load and slid from your sopping sex. He smiled at you, gave you a quick kiss and left the room.
Your partner reappeared, smiling and delicately ran his fingers along your cum soaked pussy; teasing your clit, almost bringing you to the point of orgasm, as your breathing got heavier he stopped, leaving the room, and you in a state of sexual craving.
Ben the forklift driver entered next, he stammered a gob smacked hello, but soon got the message, now it was your turn to be surprised, before you was the biggest cock you had ever seen, at least 10 inches long and so very fat, your pussy started to flood as much in self preservation as lust as he firmly grabbed your legs and lined his cock up. With a wicked grin his cock started to slowly stretch your lips to accommodate his huge size, you wimpered as he was half way in “please be gentle” he was, to begin with… but after you had been completely filled with his magnificent weapon you turned into a complete wanton slut and begged him to fuck you hard, the sight of your pussy lips being stretched around his huge cock was such a turn on, and the mixture of johns cum and your wetness glistened on his cock.
With each thrust you could feel your orgasm approaching, he was now fucking you so very hard, you were breathing in gasps, the feeling of fullness was intense, and with a wail you let rip bucking fiercely down onto his cock, his control was fantastic as he carried you through your climax, thrusting into you several times before the pleasure enveloped his cock and with almost unbelievable force his cock pulsed and exploded into you. With an exstatic look on his cheeky face he continued to fuck you….. a river of cum was running down your arse.
You felt so empty as he withdrew from your aching hole. He stood there with his manhood swinging, a mixture of juices dripping from its end. The cheeky bastard let me know that if I ever wanted a good fucking by a nice large cock to give him a ring!
A quick rest and Philip the chief packer enters the room, I could instantly tell that he was giving off the feeling of wanting to be there and being embarrassed at the same time, He stuttered out an incomprehensible complement as he tugged open his trousers, his cock sprang out and as he neared your well fucked and glistening pussy his cock reared, firing huge globs of cum into the air, some of which landed in your face and your breasts, with his last spasms coating your pussy with yet more seed. He was mortified and scuttled off pulling his trousers up on the way out.
You felt almost cheated of another helping of spunk which should have been lining the inside of your pussy.
Your slightly wandering mind was quickly brought back into focus… before you stood the three biggest black guys you had ever seen, they were not part of the team but before you could utter a squeak of disapproval a large hand was placed over your mouth , quickly followed by a ball gag forced into your face you could hardly let out a whimper as these guys literally surveyed what was before them. Fingers roughly probed your sex, they talked amongst themselves , almost as if you were’nt in the same room.
Instinctively you tried to shut your legs but both the restraints and rough hands kept them apart “were gona fuck you hard bitch” was the first bit of direct communication you got, quickly followed by the way more physical presence of the most obscene and gnarled cock you have ever seen. “billy ain’t cum for a week bitch an he’s gona knock you up good and proper” and with that you felt the scary tip of billy’s cock sliding the engorged lips of your pussy apart, fuck, he felt enormous, as he none too slowly slid his monster into your thankfully well lubed cunt, your eyes began to water. “billy the poor bitch is crying, go on give it to her”, as he slammed into you, you almost felt faint as his cock stretched you like never before.
Soon the a****l in you took over and as his cock almost ripped you apart with each thrust. you started to enjoy the sensation, for self preservation you had to relax and let this a****l fuck you. He was so surprised as he felt your pussy at first quiver and then tremble uncontrollably as a climax ripped through your body. Billys cock read the signals and with one powerful thrust he grunted like some farm a****l as his cock throbbed and emptied its pent up load so very deep inside you. In a perverse way it gave you a sense of power, you had made him come, gaining control of his mammoth weapon. You tried to smile as Billy decided that it was time for me to be fucked in both holes, I was swung around and over in the harness, one of them lay on the floor below me and the other knelt behind, Billy did the honours and by adjusting the cradle guided my sopping holes towards his mates expectant members. Gravity suddenly took affect as all that cum which had been pumped into my pussy suddenly flooded out onto the guys cock. Billy scooped some of it up “better give the bitch some foreplay” and thrust it into my arse with his fingers. “make her sob boys” simultaneously both holes felt hard cocks prising them open.
Billys hands were tugging at my nipples and rubbing on my very swollen clit, even though he was incredibly rough you felt yourself feeling that first wave of lust, the two guys felt you relax a little and this was the que for them to drive their slick cocks home. The initial pain was soon overtaken by the intense pleasure of feeling two massive cocks inside you, they almost felt as one massive cock, trying to fuck you to death, they changed their rhythms with exquisite skill, sometimes one deep inside and the other almost leaving you, your pussy lips tightening round his b**sts head, they were soon both ramming into you, filling you almost to the point of fainting. They literally tried to fuck the life out of you…. Billy removed the gag, you let out a semi stifled whimper as he thrust his cock down your throat.
All three were now ramming into your defenceless body, your lips were being parted and fingers were again rubbing on your clit. From an initial feeling of total degredation, it soon became an incredible sexual high, as with precision you were rocked backwards and forwards; either having your pussy and arse filled or almost gagging on billys cock. “we aint coming till you do bitch” the rocking increased in pace slowly the mental picture of what was happening to you helped to trigger a primeaval desire to willingly accept their seed, you began to tremble followed by an uncontrollable spasming of your arse and cunt. Simultaneously they all erupted into you, Billy was the first; he had stopped thrusting and with his cock deep in your throat you felt his cum splash right down your throat. Your reflexes automatically swallowing his salty load. The other two were inside you up to their heavily laden balls as together their cocks pulsed, stretching your now willing holes even more, their hot cum was fired into you with such intensity that for a few seconds you passed out as they continued to pump their wicked seed into the bowels of your womanhood.

God you felt so fucked, your pussy was throbbing; your lips had swollen to an almost unbelievable size, and glistened with the fruits of sex. You had literally been turned into a fucking machine. Your nipples were massive and poking out of your corset in an almost obscene way. Your breathing was still in gasps as you tried to calm yourself down from such an incredible sexual high. The cum which had been blasted into you was now pouring in thick globs from your gaping sex, creating a glistening pool on the dark floor. The whole room had an incredible smell of spunk and the fruits of sex. Slowly you drifted of to sleep.

You were woken up to the sound of a car door slamming, to find yourself in the back and blindfolded. The comforting voice of your husband could be heard next to you. Your pussy felt full, gentle probing revealed a strap on, comprising of a small dildo and butt plug firmly strapped inside you. “just to keep you nice and fuck ready darling” he said. You really wanted to know what was going on and pleaded for him to tell. “we’re going to a pub to meet some guys who I contacted on the net, they specialise in humiliation both of me and you, they all want to fuck you like the slut that you are and make me watch, something we’ve both wanted for a while eh?”
We soon arrived at he pub where a group of five men were smiling at me in the corner, I was made to sit in the middle, they politely offered me a drink saying “Id have as much of this stuff as you can, you’re going to need it” I felt my legs being parted and somebody under the table was undoing the straps to the dildo, which was pulled from your pussy and arse and placed on the table, two fingers rudely entered your pussy followed by a shout from the hidden man “she’s fucking dripping guys”
They could all see that from the amount of cum that coated the dildo which was being passed around for inspection, they were all smiling with approval.
“weve got a great spot to take you to, a secluded spot on the edge of a wood”
They bundled me into the car and put a collar around my neck, my hands were also handcuffed.
As soon as we arrived I was led to the woods pulled by my lead, just like a dog, or a bitch on heat as one of them mentioned.
The lead was tied to the nearest tree and I looked round to see the six guys surveying me just as if I was their next meal which I suppose I was.
“John first eh guys, to break her in?” they all nodded. I was lifted up by my arms and legs as john unzipped himself, his trousers falling to the floor to reveal a 10 inch purple headed monster, he shuffled up to me and with my pussy at his waist height he parted my lips and surprisingly gently slid the head of his cock up and down the gaping entrance to my womanhood. He continued to tease me slowly dipping the head of his cock into me, then pulling out but not completely and rubbing himself on my clit.
There was a hidden agenda, soon one of the guys who’d been gazing at my pussy very intently and stroking his cock said “she’s dripping”, he then gave me a little more cock, muttering that soon I’d be begging for it. He just kept on teasing me, my clit was aching and my breathing was getting heavier, the other guys held me absolutely rigid and even though I wanted to push myself onto that cock I was completely helpless, His cock was now glistening with my juices, “ you want it bad babe dont you?” I did’nt want to give in but as he looked me straight in the eyes and rubbed the tip up and down my slit I weakened “please”, “please what babe”, “please fuck me good and hard”, “beg babe”, He made it worse by slowly pushing a bit more of his straining cock past my tight pussy lips, god it felt good, then he asked me again,”your hubby wants to see you fucked babe, so you have to beg”, “please, Im begging you, please fuck me,…… pleeeeease” with that I was manoeuvred so that the big guy was leaning against a tree, the other four slowly slid my pussy down his cock, just like being impaled, with each inch of penetration that my pussy craved I could feel his fat cock stretching me and in turn my pussy coating his cock with my love juice, they were deliciously slow about the way they fed his cock into my oh so hot cunt, I felt his balls rest against my arse and that warm glow of being totally filled by a nice fat cock began to seep through my body. Then they began to slide me up and down his cock, again I felt helpless
All I could do was try to relax as they literally rammed me onto his cock. With each stroke they slowly pulled me almost completely of him, my pussy was contracting onto him; desperate to stay filled by manhood. Then I would be thrust back hard, each fucking stroke pushing the breath from my lungs. “we ain’t going to stop till John cum’s babe and he’s a good boy and won’t shoot his load till that pussy of yours trembles”. Beads of sweat were running down johns brow, he had no real control of the situation either, so each time they began to slide me off his cock I squeezed my cunt onto him for all I was worth, he soon got the message and he started to look more flustered. “she’s…….the ….sluts….. trying…….. to…… milk…. my…fucking … cock…….. boys…………uuuuhhhh”, before he had time to finish his mumblings I was embedded deep onto his ramrod hard cock, which had started to pulse and as john continued to grunt his cock spasmed, he forcefully pumped his hot seed deep inside me, they continued to slide me up and down his cock; milking him of his cum until he could take no more, as he pulled his spent cock from my cum dripping lips, a massive wad of spunk plopped from my pussy. His cock was quickly replaced by one of the other men who proceeded to lap up the remnants of sex from my engorged pussy, he continued to suck and lick me, circling my clit in a beautiful way,
I could feel that wave of pleasure ripping through my body, As I tensed in the throes of orgasm a jet of cum shot from me landing straight in the guys open and expectant mouth. “they don’t call him the cleaner for nothing love”

they then turned me over face down, rested and then tied my arms over a low branch, my arse was now pointing skywards, “heard of wheelbarrowing love?”, I didnt but suspected I’d find out soon enough. It was the youngster of the groups turn, he positioned himself behind me spreading my legs, two others helped to lift me so he could support me under my calfs, as if using a wheel barrow, one of the other guys then helped to slip his cock into my pussy and he was away, boy could he fuck, he rammed into me like a steam train, the noises coming from my soaked sex were obscene as he pistoned in and out of me, they were all cheering him on “ go on jim fuck the slut”, my shoulders were beginning to ache as he pounded me into the ground, the cleaner knelt under me to give me some extra support and at the same time lapped at my clit, the sensation was incredible, his cock was penetrating me so very deep and my clit was on fire. “you like jims cock in your pussy don’t you slut?” “yessssssssss…. God your’re fucking me so hard, give me your cum pleeeeese” the cleaner was making me come and as the first trembles took over my pussy, my legs began to visibly shake, Jim rammed into me one last time and with his cock buried to the hilt my contracting pussy tuned into his pulsating cock as he emptied his sackfull, it was bliss, I could really feel his cock jetting semen into me and literally with each throb my orgasm would squeeze his cock in a delirious rhythm. This time it was my husband who licked away the traces of semen from my sex, I could tell it was his tongue as he feverishly went about his task of licking another mans cum from my pussy lips. I felt like I was on cloud nine and such a slut.

I was untied and led towards some farm buildings, “It’s stallion time babe”, within one of the stables was a beautifull black stallion next to sex my second pasion was horses, and this one was spectacular. The horse was in a peculiar looking stable with a very solid panel which was as high as the horse’s stomach with a roof structure about three feet long. a few inches below that was a large hole and the horse was straddling this.” He’ our top stallion and we built this structure so we could extract his semen without him getting damaged by feisty meres” they can kick the hell out of him but this way we justv collect and sell his semen; easy.
Tonight darling your going to sample his cock, he’s been well cleaned, all you have to do is kneel down under the canopy and we’ll feed his cock to you. fuck this was unreal, ive seen their cocks before and they’re at least 18 inches long. this boy did not dissapoint before I offered myself to him the got him to attention, god it was impressive, long, very long pointed and incredibly smooth with a massive hole at its tip. “best to let him find his rhythm lets hope he feels you as your pussy is a bit on the wet side, I obediently lined myself up under the canopy and the cleaner very gently guided the tip of the a****ls cock into the folds of my pussy, it felt very strange as it was so incredibly smooth. as the stallion felt the warmth of my sex around his cock he lunged forwards, luckily the barricade allowed me to control the depth of penetration and he only managed to spear me with about 4 inches, fuck it felt so kinky, I wanted more, but once again was warned to let him set the rhythm. Gradually as he thrusted I pushed myself back onto his mighty cock, the feeling of fullness was exquisite, added to the element of danger, as no way could i take his entire length, even up my well lubed cunt.
I could feel his pointed tip nudging my cervix, he was really banging away now clattering into the barricade desperate to get deeper into my hot sex. “when he starts to shudder make sure he’s not too deep or he’ll blow you apart, Ok” I nodded, fuck it felt so good, his pointed cock just gently spread my sex, unlike a mans hammerhead and the smoothness gave the whole sensation the feeling of a hot and alive heavily greased slick dildo ploughing into you, He was even whinying in appreciation as I massaged his cock with my rampant pussy. His rhythm was fantastic, ok he was an a****l but you could tell he was having the fuck of his life, and so was I.
I really was getting carried away by this bliss like sensation when I felt him gently throb, I could even feel the veins standing out on wonderfull tool, I thought I’d get one more stroke out of him and just as i was sliding my pussy over him his cock gave a massive shudder and arched inside me. I could feel his semen splash against the neck of my womb, it felt as if somebody had turned a high pressure hose on, instinctively I slid off him, his cock reared up and spurted thick wads of cum all over my arse, up my back and in my hair, it felt like a large tin of hot custard had been thrown over me, the quantity was unbelievable. All the guys were now cheering. Fuck that felt so good, I shuffled round so they could see the results and marvel at the thick cum which was now dripping from my oh so fucked pussy.

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