American ass in Africa

American ass in Africa
Tommy is a 19-old sweet blond from Alabama. After a few months of buttfucking training in my school in America, he went to Africa with our soccer team and stayed with a local family in Lagos, Nigeria. Here’s his story:

“I stayed with the Mkome familiy. They’re very poor. The dad carves wood sculptures that are sold in tourist markets. They have tons of k**s and relatives and live in a small house with a single room. Everybody sleeps on the ground, one next to the other. On one side, Mr. Mkome has a small studio where he does his work. But everybody in the familiy comes and goes between their only room and the studio. There’s absolutely no privacy. When I got there, Mr. Mkome held my hand warmly. He scratched his middle finger on the palm of my hand. I knew what that meant. He wanted to fuck me! I wanted him too, he’s big and tall, handsome and very sexy. He brought my hand quickly inside his dashiki and brushed it against his hard dick. If felt huge. But how could we fuck in such a crowded place? At night we all ate sitting on the ground and then everybody went to sleep.
Mr. Mkome quietly lowered my pijama pants and sneaked a hand between my thighs. His big fingers found my pussy. He finger fucked me. We all went back to sleep. I wondered where this all would take me. Early next morning, before everybody woke up, Mr. Mkome brought me to his studio. In the back he stores his sculptures in a big heap. They all look the same. Some tall black god with fierce features, carved in ebony. But seen from the back they all look like a big black phallus. The large fangled head is perfectly sculpted, the shaft wide and veiny. My jaw dropped. Mr. Mkome asked if I wanted to see the model for his sculptures. I nodded yes. He then brought out of his robe the biggest, thickest black dick I had ever seen. It looked just like the sculptures, only wider. He explained he couldn’t get ebony beams as thick as his dick. I fell on my knees to worship this African god, but just then his family started to swarm from their room. He made me stop and told me that later he’d let me have it.
The day passed and I grew impatient. How would we get rid of this crowd? He saw my frustation and signed for me to wait. At night, when everybody was asleep, he got up and signed me to follow him. We went outside and climbed a ladder by the side of the one-story house. When we reached the roof he hugged me. I could feel his hard giant pressing against my little body. He told me to be quiet. We undressed and I marveled at his strong manly body, smooth black skin glistening in the moonlight. He praised my blond beauty and took me in his arms. He lifted me, making me kneel on his shoulders, my butt on his face. I had to stifle my moans when he stuck his sharp tongue in my anus. It had never felt so good. He is a pro. He turned my body around. I felt like a toy in his big hands. He lowered me until I was sitting on the wide head of his dick. He kissed my mouth, my neck, my nipples. I had never had so much tenderness from a man. With a good grip on my hips, he circled them slowly, so my pussy rubbed against the tip of his dick, getting all gooey with his precum. I took deep breaths to prepare but I had never taken anything that big inside me. Would it fit? He didn’t seem to have any doubts.
Thank God he wasn’t in a hurry. Slowly, he lowered me, letting take in half an inch at a time, lifting me a few inches before taking more. At first it hurt like hell but gradually I learned how to relax my ring around the head, than the shaft, enjoying the fantastic pressure of his giant dick on the walls of my fucktube. I couldn’t make any sound, so I gasped my intense pleasure in his ear. He was panting wildly, eyes glazed, mouth drooling. He told me I was the first white boy he fucked and his best fuck ever. I believed him. I felt the same. Finally I reached bottom. I moved my hands down my back and fondled our two pair of balls, his huge and hairy, mine smooth and small. As he lifted me back up I gripped his shaft, too wide for my little hands, and marveled at its girth and power. I couldn’t believe this tree trunk had just been inside me!
Finally he pulled the head out with a loud POP! I took his manhood in my hands, lovingly, and guided it back to my hungry pussy. He swooped it around the borders and released me. I fell all the way down in a single plunge. He covered my mouth with his big hand to muffle my scream. I felt the whole continent of Africa surging up into my young body. I wanted more. I held his arms, scrunched my feet around his waist and climbed his huge body, slowly disgorging his dick from my chute. When I reached the top, I just let myself go, sliding down with a swoosh. I was beggining to master my new African tobogan. He was enjoying the ride as much as I. Soon I got the knack of it and was able to climb and fall with increasing speed. I had never impaled myself and fucked my own butt on a man pole with such abandon. He moved his hips, bouncing me up and down. I couldn’t hold any longer. I started to cum on his chest, my tight pussy squeezing his monster, and then he came, holding me down on his lap.
He came and came, endlessly, filling my belly with his load. For a long time we stood there, hugging, the big dick still pulsing inside me, while the stars turned around way up in the sky. Man, I’m falling in love with Africa!”

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