She was waiting as he had instructed, feeling anxious, decadent and willing–too willing. Short flippy skirt, bikini panties, halter top, push-up bra, her brown-sugar skin silky smooth–even her pussy. This was a new, sinful feeling, and just the thought of her bare cunt made her squirm. She was sitting in her office chair in front of her computer, her back to the door, barely breathing, listening for the slightest sound. Was she really going to go through with this? What would it be like to truly taken by him? They had spoken on the phone and texted, but had not sent pictures. She would know him by his voice, his commanding words that drew her inexorably. And today she would see his face, feel his touch on her body. Could his hands possibly excite her more than his words had already? The thought of it made her pussy ache. She was so wet already, so very wet.
The front door clicked, and his steps echoed through the house. As she heard him enter the room she willed herself not to turn around, to look straight ahead as instructed.
From behind her, his quiet, low voice: So you wanted to play, little girl? Very good. Now hands behind your back. I’m going to cuff you to the chair. Feel how cold the cuffs are? The bite of the metal made her flinch….I’ve been known to keep them in the refrigerator, for just that reason…
Then his hands on her shoulders lift her hair from her nape. She hears him breathing in her scent, then he touches his lips to her neck. She so yearns to see his face but does not turn her head. She releases a small moan.
Did you like that? He gently licks her neck and blows on it. She shivers as the sensations flow through her body, pooling in her cunt. We’re just beginning…
From behind her he leans forward and types in a URL and then her computer screen is filled with his blog, his newest post detailing what he has planned for her initiation this afternoon. He hears her quick gasps as she reads of own ravishment, sees her hands clenching and unclenching, chest heaving. He smiles, knowing how wet she must be now.
I wonder how our story will end, what you’ll write to it, he muses as he removes her halter, lifts her breasts from each bra cup then teases her nipples, twisting them, hard, harder. She groans, twisting in her seat, melting even more as she feels the cuffs restraining her. There must be a puddle under me, she thinks, ashamed. He turns her chair around and she sees him–finally. His eyes flashing with desire and intent hold hers, his cock hard. The teasing, taunting curve of his mouth. Powerless to look away she licks her lips, submitting to him, to her great need.
Keep your legs pressed together, he orders, taking off her panties. Putting both ankles through one leg hole, he binds her ankles together very tightly. Open your knees, slut — I’m in the mood to taste you, he orders. Her mind reels — this was not what she expected, and as if in a trance she complies, spreading her knees open for HIS pleasure her cunt throbbing with desire, trying to control her body’s shaking, barely daring to breathe. He traces his fingertips inside her soft thighs slowly, tantalizing her. She shuts her eyes, embarrassed by her wetness, her seeping desire displayed for him. Knowing he’s watching her every reaction carefully, that it’s useless to resist her hunger, she gives in to her awful lust. Each stroke makes her sigh, gasp, her slickness dripping down her slit to the chair. God, I am such a slut, she thinks.
Suddenly he forces her knees open even wider then buries his face in her cunt, she is lost in the wondrous feeling of his probing lips and tongue, the achingly hot wetness lashing her folds, her clit so hard needing, lusting for his mouth. Bound to her chair, feeling so wanton, so vulnerable with her legs spread wide, wrists cuffed, a stranger sucking, licking, stroking her most secret places, her body begins to soar. Oh my god, she moans, head thrown back, eyes closed, arms pulling wildly, her legs shaking, surrendering to his demanding mouth, his fingers thrusting deep inside her.
Just as she is about to cum, abruptly he stops, rises from between her legs and takes out his beautiful cock. He places his hands on her shoulders, pulling her forward, and she lowers her mouth to him, her pussy gushing as she licks then sucks in his mushroom head, loving his scent, his hands holding her head, the intimate feel of him so deep inside her throat.
Mmm, that’s nice, little girl, he whispers, urging her on. Reveling in her sluttiness, the feel of his thick cock sliding in and out of her mouth, out of the corner of her eye she sees his black bag. She knows what’s inside his “bag of tricks,” and imagining all that she will experience at his hands makes her cunt clench hard squirting more juices from her cunt. Her moans are muffled by his cock; her tears, the desperation and wonder in her eyes let him know of her surrender…she is his now he can do what he wants with her. Her cunt lusts for him.

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