Subject: Helping My Step-Son – Chapter 28 Helping My Step-Son Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of us: fty/donate.html Disclaimer: This story is fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is pure coincidence. This story depicts acts of physical intimacy between male adults and adolescents, some of whom are related to one another. If this content is distasteful to you or illegal for you to consume, please stop reading now. Chapter 28 When Jeremy returned from his run, we gathered in the dining room to eat breakfast as a family. As we sat at the table, I remembered him saying that he wanted to be in front of his mother with my cum inside him. Well, he was getting his wish. I had fucked his beautiful hole about an hour before and a load of my cum was buried deep inside him. I grinned, wishing I could bend him over the dining room table and give him another serving of juice from my balls. As I watched Beth talking to Jeremy, I was tempted to feel bad for her. She had no idea her son and I were having a romantic and sexual relationship right under her nose. And more importantly, she had no idea that I was already preferring him over her. I considered blaming it on her lack of interest in sex. But I knew that that had very little to do with it. The truth was that sex with Jeremy was mind-blowingly satisfying. Even if Beth suddenly became interested in daily sex with me, I still would have preferred my young lover. It wasn’t that I was losing sexual interest in women; I just was realizing how much more fun sex with men was for me. After breakfast, Beth began assigning chores and errands from what appeared to be an endless list. At one point, I almost spoke up in protest. It was a national holiday for heaven’s sake. Didn’t we deserve a day of rest? But I held my protest in. Jer and I had spent several days at a lakeside cabin, supposedly resting and enjoying the great outdoors. In reality, we hadn’t rested very much at all. Our primary focus had been our various sexual escapades. There hadn’t been much time left for sleep. But I couldn’t tell Beth that. So I had no justifiable reason to complain about getting no rest now. Jeremy and I did everything Beth asked of us right up until an hour before it was time to head to the park. I had taken a shower and was drying off when my brother arrived. Feeling extra horny and playful, I went downstairs with just a towel around my waist. Beth scowled at me and Ryan took a double-take. True to form, my wife was annoyed by my near-nakedness, whereas my brother was turned on by it. I fought the desire to wrap my arms around Ryan and kiss him. Instead, I casually placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Hey, Ry.” I glanced around, half expecting to see Hector. But then I realized how crazy it would have been for Ryan to have brought him over. How in the world would we have explained that to my wife? Jer came into the room and gave me a double-take just like Ryan had. He undoubtedly wanted to rip off my towel and to get on his knees to suck my cock and eat my ass. After a quick intake of breath, he waved at Ryan and said with feigned adolescent disinterest, “Hey.” He had his phone in his hand and said, “Well that sucks. None of my friends are going to be there.” I grinned and said, “You poor kid. Gonna have to spend a whole evening with the grown-ups.” My boy responded sarcastically, “So much fun.” He then stepped behind his mother and smiled at me. I knew it didn’t really bother him. He was going to enjoy being with both me and my brother at the park. And, if things worked out with Nick, he might even have three daddies to play with in the men’s room while we were there. That thought made my cock stiffen. Careful not to let my wife see the growing bulge in my towel, I dashed upstairs to get dressed. An hour later, we were at the park, comfortably seated on our big blanket, enjoying snacks, beer and soda. The intense heat wave was passing, so the evening air was a comfortable temperature. Everybody was friendly, giving the whole experience a positive vibe. A handful of friends and coworkers of Ryan’s stopped by to say hi to him. A few asked about Megan, clearly not close enough to him to have known about the divorce. A few of the men who stopped by were very attractive. I couldn’t help wondering if Ryan had slept with any of them. Their body language didn’t support that notion and I reminded myself that my brother had given up sex with men for the 10 years he was married to Megan; he had only started fucking around with guys again in the last six months. That meant it was very unlikely that he had slept with the guys that stopped by. But I enjoyed imagining him getting naked with a few of them anyway. Several people Beth and I knew stopped by to greet us and to ask about my wife’s broken arm. My coworker Julia was one of them. She took the opportunity to introduce her daughter to Jeremy, clearly hoping to spark a teenage romance. My son dealt perfectly with the awkward situation, not letting the girl down, but not encouraging her either. As Julia and her daughter walked away, Beth said, “She’s a pretty girl, Jer. Maybe you should ask her out.” Jer shook his head, “She is pretty. But she’s not… well… she’s not very bright, is she? We wouldn’t have much to talk about.” Beth smiled, “You’re right, sweetie. You want to find both. Good looks and a good mind.” She turned to grab the wine to top off her glass. Jer and I took the brief opportunity to smile and wink at each other. I then turned to look at Ryan who was grinning from ear to ear. Beth had no idea that her matchmaking effort was wasted on Jeremy. Her son’s needs were being satisfied by the two men sitting right next to her. There was one odd thing about the event that night. There were policemen everywhere dressed in formal uniforms. I tried to remember if they had dressed that way in past years. I made a mental note to ask Nick about it when we met up with him. My cock began to chub as soon as I thought of Nick. I was really looking forward to having some fun with him in the men’s room. I was getting hornier by the minute. Beth’s friend Karen appeared. She greeted us all, then sat next to my wife and settled in for a good gossip session. I was glad that Karen had shown up because it relieved my guilt when it was time for us to meet up with Nick. I suggested that we guys head over to the men’s room. “Might as well answer nature’s call before the show begins.” Beth was so engrossed in her discussion with her friend that she barely noticed we had walked away. As we approached the bathroom, Ryan laughed and said, “It’s kinda weird, the three of us walking to this place together.” I chuckled. He was right. It was weird. Jeremy went there practically every day. He and Ryan had had sex in there multiple times. Ryan and I had fooled around in there. And Jer had been apprehended by the police in there. But at no point had the three of us gone there together. And to top it off, we were meeting another man there who enjoyed the carnal pleasures the place offered. I placed a hand on their shoulders and said, “All for one and one for all.” Jeremy laughed, “Really, Dad? That quote doesn’t even make sense right now.” His voice relayed both bewilderment and embarrassment. I smiled at Jeremy. Despite our special relationship, we were still father and son. And Jer was still an adolescent who could get embarrassed by his dad. I loved that there were still elements of our relationship that were completely normal. I glanced at Ryan. He returned my look with a wink. Yeah, my brother could always guess what I was thinking. As we got closer to the public bathroom, we saw Nick. Just like the other police officers, he was dressed in a formal uniform. He looked extremely handsome and sexy dressed up like that. I felt my horniness increase. I was imagining Nick’s extra-large cock jutting though the fly of his uniform pants. I hoped we would go into the men’s room quickly. I was ready for some fun with him. Nick waved at us as we approached, though he had an odd look on his face when he saw Ryan. I said, “Good to see you, Nick. I believe you know my brother Ryan.” They both grinned at each other and shook hands. Nick said, “We’ve run into one another before. Nice to see you, Ryan. You’re related to these two degenerates, eh?” Ryan maintained the handshake for a few seconds longer than necessary, “Yeah, we’re a family of degenerates, apparently. It’s nice to see you too, Nick. It’s good to finally put a name to the… face.” Nick grinned. His eyes lingered over my brother’s body for several seconds, presumably recalling the various encounters they had had in the men’s room. He then seemed to remember that we were in a crowded spot and released Ryan’s hand and composed himself. He shook my hand, then Jeremy’s, telling each of us how good it was to see us. I asked, “So, what’s with the formal wear tonight?” Nick adjusted his uniform uncomfortably and said, “The Chief is going to make a speech about the corruption investigation right before the fireworks. The entire force is going to stand behind him to show our commitment to restoring the public’s faith in us.” Nick glanced at Jeremy and said, “A lot of people have had their lives turned upside down by the actions of a few bad cops. We’re going to fix that.” He then got a very serious look on his face and said to me, “I have to tell you and Jeremy something.” He glanced at Ryan, then back at me. “It’s about the incident. Is it OK to talk about it in front of your brother?” I nodded, “Yeah, we have no secrets.” He cleared his throat and said, “Jeremy, if the minister’s case is reviewed, they might ask you to come in as a witness.” Jer tried to speak, but stumbled over his words, “But… I… it…” I pulled my son against me, consoling him with a hug, “Don’t worry, Jer. I’m sure they would just want you to confirm that nothing happened.” He looked up at me with pleading eyes, then at Nick, “Do I have to?” Nick shrugged, “There’s no way to know for sure. I’m just giving izmit escort you a heads-up, in case they contact you.” He placed a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and said, “I’ll watch out for you as much as I possibly can. You know that, right?” Jer nodded as he pulled my arms more tightly against his chest. Nick then looked toward the men’s room door and said, “OK, well. My original plan was to hang out with you guys in there for a little bit. But there are too many… um… you know… here.” He was pointing at his badge as he said that. I nodded, understanding that he was telling us that there were too many policemen around to risk any sexual encounters in the men’s room. With disappointment in my voice, I said, “Understood. Another time.” Nick looked at each of us. “Hell yeah. And soon!” He then said to me, “You took a big step at the cabin. I can’t wait to see it for myself.” I blushed as my son, whom I was still holding in a hug, pressed his bubble butt against my groin. Nick was referring to the fact that I finally had fucked Jeremy. The nasty cop wanted to see firsthand as I slid my daddy dick into my son’s hole. I said, “I’m looking forward to it. I’ll message you to arrange a time.” As the burly policeman walked away, I gave Jer another strong hug and said, “Don’t worry about it, kiddo. If they do interview you, you’ll be fine. They would be focused on the minister’s actions, not yours.” Jer continued to hold on tightly to me. “I know, but I don’t think I can go through that again. The first time, when Nick was interviewing me, I was scared out of my mind. And I knew Nick. It’s going to be even more frightening with strangers.” I held him, wishing I could kiss him. “I know, Jer. I’m sure Nick will be willing to give you pointers on what to say and what not to say. You’ll be prepared this time around.” Ryan placed a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder. “We’re here for you, Jer. We’ll help you get through it.” My son smiled, which made me smile in turn. I said, “If I say, ‘All for one and one for all’ right now, will you get mad at me?” Jer laughed. “No, Dad. This time it makes sense.” He placed a hand on Ryan’s arm and added, “I’m lucky to have both of you.” Ryan nodded and said, “We sure have something special, don’t we?” For a few moments, the three of us looked at one another with adoration in our eyes. If we had been in a more private place, we undoubtedly would have hugged and kissed. I released my hold on Jeremy and gestured for us to return to Beth. Then, with a sly smile on my face, I said, “If either of you runs across someone who has the same kind of thing we have, I want to meet him.” I felt a tingling in my cock as I imagined finding another father who had a special relationship with his son and brother. I began imagining the wild times all of us could have together. On the way back to our spot, we passed a small crowd gathered around a news crew. Jeremy gasped and Ryan said, “Woah!” The guys were stunned by the sight of Luis Montavo, an on-the-scene reporter for a major news station. He was probably there to cover the corruption scandal and the speech the Chief of Police was going to give. I wasn’t sure what was more surprising to us, the fact that a major news channel had come to our town, or the fact that Luis Montavo was the reporter they had sent. Luis was a bit of a celebrity. He was in his late 40s and had been working for the news station for as long as I could remember. Even though I had seen him hundreds of times on TV, this was the first time I was noticing how handsome he was. He was one of those rare men who got better looking with age. Big brown eyes. Salt and pepper hair. Strong jaw with a cleft chin. He was about 6’1″ and he oozed charisma. He was thin like a runner and wore snug-fitting clothes. We watched as the news crew did a sound and camera check. Jeremy stood transfixed as he watched the handsome newsman interact with his crew. I placed my hand on my son’s shoulder, but he didn’t react. Ryan chuckled and said, “Jer has good taste. Just look at that man.” I squeezed Jer’s shoulder a little more firmly. He turned to look at me and said, “Huh?” And then, as if he had just heard what Ryan had said, he responded, “Um… yeah, look at him. He’s even hotter in person.” He then whispered, “Look at that bulge in his pants.” I glanced down at the man’s crotch and saw the bulge that was captivating my son. His denim pants were just snug enough to cradle the man’s impressive package without appearing obscene. My first thought when I saw it was how funny it was that we never had seen below the man’s stomach when he was on TV. I had no idea until that moment that the man had such a big dick and that he liked to wear pants that displayed it. Jer placed a hand on my arm and squeezed. He muttered, “He’s so amazing.” I smiled down at my horny young lover. I enjoyed the fact that we could openly express our attraction to another person without worrying about upsetting one another. It didn’t bother me at all to watch my son ogle another man. If Jer was getting turned on by watching a hot man, especially one of the newscaster’s caliber, I was excited for him. We watched until the news crew walked away. Then the man’s hold on Jer was released and my son turned to look at me and Ryan. He blushed and said, “Oh. Sorry. I couldn’t stop looking.” I wanted to give my son a kiss, but I had to settle for just a fatherly pat on the back. “None of us could, little buddy.” When we arrived back at our spot, Beth and Karen were reading a couple flyers. My wife said, “I’ll go, if you go.” Karen nodded, “I’m definitely going. It’s a good cause.” I asked, “What’s this about?” Beth turned to us and said, “Do you remember the article in the paper a few weeks ago about the minister who was arrested for lewd behavior with a minor?” I nodded, trying very hard not to look at Jeremy at that moment. My wife continued, “Members of his church are organizing a rally to pressure the police department to drop the charges against him. They are sure he is innocent, just a victim of those horrible police officers. They want him completely exonerated as soon as possible.” I took a deep breath. I didn’t want my wife to get any closer to the situation than she already was. I said, “Why not just let the situation resolve itself? If he’s innocent, I’m sure they’ll figure that out.” Karen shook her head, “They want him to return to his role at the church. He can’t do that as long as the false accusations are still out there.” I was at a loss for words. I knew too much about the case to say anything. Whatever I said, whether it was in defense of the minister or in defense of the justice system, it would sound wrong. So I simply asked, “When is it?” Beth handed me the flyer. “On Sunday. We’re invited to attend the church service right beforehand too. You wanna join us?” I looked at the piece of paper. It had a black and white picture of Minister Bryce and his family. He appeared to have dark hair and light eyes. He wore his hair short and parted on the side, just like you would expect from a church leader in his late thirties. He had a charming smile and a generically handsome face. With his wife and small kids in the picture next to him, he appeared to be a wholesome family man. I knew differently. The minister frequented the men’s room at the park looking for sex with random men and teenagers. He had been having sex with my son and Nick moments before he was arrested. In my previous life, I would have been disgusted by him. But at that moment, I was turned on by the knowledge that my son had had sex with him on more than one occasion. Answering my wife’s question about going to the church service, I sighed, “Let’s discuss this at home.” We were not regular churchgoers. I wasn’t interested in wasting a Sunday morning sitting through a sermon. The rest of the event was relaxing. The Chief of Police’s speech was well-written and very inspiring. At the end, there was a mixture of applause and heckling. The police department was going to have to work hard to remove the stain of corruption. The fireworks display was impressive. Beth lay against my chest as we watched it together. On the other side of me, Jeremy placed his hand on mine. No one could see that our hands were touching, as it was already dark outside and everyone was focused on the sky above. Just like Jer and Hector had done at the movies, my boy and I laced our fingers together and enjoyed the simple pleasure of feeling each other’s touch. I glanced over at Ryan and saw that his hand was right next to Jeremy on the other side. I didn’t have to look closer to know that they too were holding hands. As I sat there touching both my wife and my son, I braced myself for an onslaught of guilty feelings. I had been consumed by guilt and self-loathing only a week before. I expected another overwhelming wave of self-recrimination to crash over me at any moment. But it didn’t. Deep down, I felt a bit of uncertainty about how I was going to manage my relationships with both of them. But there wasn’t a single cell in my body that was saying I needed to stop what I was doing with Jeremy. Quite the opposite. My entire body was burning with desire for him. Not just sexual desire, but emotional desire too. I wanted to make love to him just as much as I simply wanted to be near him. I thought about the ways that Jer and I could spend time together. We needed to find opportunities when Beth wasn’t around to catch us. That meant we seriously had to limit the late-night visits and other encounters when Beth was in the house. Getting together during my lunch hour a few times a week seemed to be a great option while Jeremy was on summer break. We could eat together then either have a quick fuck session or simply hold each other and talk. Beth wouldn’t ever come home for lunch, so we would be safe from being caught. When Jeremy returned to school in fall, we’d have to find other opportunities. But we had a few months before we would have to worry about that. I squeezed Jeremy’s fingers. He looked over at me and smiled. We would make this work. After the show, we headed home. Then, as we stood yahya kaptan escort in the driveway saying goodbye to Ryan, I felt a sense of loss. I was unable to give him a proper hug and kiss before he left. I realized that exploring his and my relationship was going to be even tougher than exploring Jeremy’s and mine. At least Jeremy and I lived in the same house and we could see each other every day. But my opportunities for spending time with my brother were going to be sparse. I promised myself I would figure out how to get together with him regularly and often. Back in the house, Jeremy went straight to the living room and turned on the news. I sat on the couch and enjoyed my nightly view of his perfect ass as he lay on the floor in front of me. I still hadn’t recovered from the sexual excitement I had been feeling all evening. I was horny as fuck and the view of my son’s bubble butt was having its usual effect on me. I was sporting a pulsing hardon. If Beth hadn’t been nearby, I would have pulled my hard daddy dick through my fly and asked my son to help me relieve the pressure in my balls. After a short time, the news segment Jer was hoping to see came on. It was a replay of Luis Montavo covering the events at the park earlier in the evening. As the handsome reporter highlighted some of the more important parts of the speech, I watched my son grind his crotch against the floor beneath him. I smiled, suspecting my son was getting an erection while fantasizing about the man. Hell! My own cock was hard as I watched the reporter and remembered the promising bulge he had in his pants. In bed later that night, I tried desperately to fall asleep. I was returning to work the next day after a very long weekend. I needed to rest so I could be focused. But my mind was keeping me from dozing off. I was still horny and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the sex we had had at the cabin. I tried to avoid going to Jeremy, telling myself that I needed to limit the frequency of my late-night visits to him. But, at around 2:00 a.m., I lost my resolve. I had finally convinced myself it was OK to be with Jeremy one final time before ending the long weekend. I would start showing self-control the following day. I carefully got out of bed without waking up my wife and quietly walked down the hall. I knocked softly on Jer’s door, but there was no answer. I figured my son must have been asleep. I opened the door and slipped inside. As I shut the door behind me, I realized Jer was sitting at his computer with his headphones on. He wasn’t asleep; he just hadn’t heard my knock. He reacted quickly to my entrance, as he must have seen the light from the hallway illuminate the walls. He quickly minimized all the windows on his computer and turned to face me. He let out a huge sigh of relief as he pulled his headphones off and said, “Dad! You scared the life out of me! I was afraid you were Mom!” I grinned as I approached him, “No just me, Baby. What were you looking at?” I assumed that he had been watching porn or maybe even web camming with someone. We hadn’t put parental controls on his Internet usage. He was such a good kid that we never felt it necessary. I suddenly wondered what types of sites he regularly went to. He shrugged and pulled up the browser window. “Just this.” I walked up behind him and placed my arms over his shoulders and my hands on his chest. He was naked except for a pair of white briefs. I kissed the top of his head as I looked at the pictures on the screen. To my surprise, they weren’t porn at all. They were snapshots of Luis Montavo, the handsome newscaster. I quickly glanced at the titles on all the other tabs in his browser, thinking he had been looking at porn in them. But they were more of the same � all about Luis Montavo. Jer grasped my arms and rubbed them affectionately. I looked at the pictures on the screen and saw how the man had matured through the years. He had been handsome when he was younger, but he was ten times better looking as an older man. I said, “You really like him, don’t ya?” Jer pulled my arms more tightly against his chest, “I do. Even before I knew about sex, I would get butterflies in my stomach when I watched him on TV. I’ve dreamed about being his personal assistant or one of his camera men for years.” He paused as we both looked at the newsman’s pictures. He then added, “And now that I’ve seen him in real life, holy moly! I can’t get over how big his package is!” I kept one hand on his chest while I moved the other down to his crotch. I grasped my son’s bulge in his briefs. He wasn’t hard, but his cock began responding to my touch. I kissed his neck as I encouraged his cock to harden. I was curious about his fantasies, so I asked, “If you were his assistant, what would you do for him?” Jer moaned softly as he felt my hand fondling his teenage cock. He said, “I’d make sure to keep his stress levels low by… you know…” I suspected my son was a little uncomfortable sharing his secret fantasies with me. Maybe because he was worried about making me jealous. Maybe because I was his father figure and discussing such things was awkward. Whatever the reason, I was going to help him get past it. I wanted to hear about his fantasies. And, yes, I couldn’t help comparing myself to the handsome reporter and feeling envious of his amazing looks. But I didn’t feel threatened by the man. Jeremy’s lust for other men didn’t change how he felt about me. Hell! My lust for other guys didn’t change how I felt about my son. Our ability to openly discuss our attraction to other guys didn’t strain our relationship; it enhanced it. I gently pinched his left nipple as I licked his ear and fondled his hardening dick. I said, “No, I don’t know. Tell me. How would you keep his stress levels low? I want to hear.” Jer gasped and moaned, clearly enjoying the multiple ways I was stimulating his young body. He said, “Well, I imagine he has to sit in that news van for hours at a time, waiting for something newsworthy to happen. His anxiety level must get pretty high, not knowing when the next helpful tip is going to come in.” I continued to pinch, lick and fondle him. “Oh yeah, I can imagine he must have pent up energy he needs to release.” Jer said, “He’d be sitting shot-gun in the van. I would crawl into the space between his feet. I would look up at him, asking him if he needed me to help. He would look down at me with those big eyes of his and nod.” Jer moaned as his cock hardened more. “I would put my hands on his thighs and gently rub them as I move my hands closer to his crotch.” My own cock was hardening in my boxers. Imagining my son on his knees in front of the hung newsman was a huge turn-on. Breathing hard, I said, “That big bulge must be making you salivate. Is it your first time with him?” Jer said, “Yeah, it is.” He then pulled my head down so we could kiss. Our lips parted and we pushed our tongues into one another’s mouth. I felt chills go down my spine as our tongues met. He said, “Maybe it would be easier for me to show you.” He then stood up and gestured for me to sit in his chair. Excited that he was getting into telling me his fantasy, I quickly took a seat. Jer then went down on his knees and scooted underneath his desk. I looked down at my son and felt an overwhelming surge of lust. My heart was beating quickly and my cock was pulsing as blood pumped to it. Jeremy placed his hands on my thighs and gently rubbed them as he slowly moved them toward my hard dick. “Mr. Montavo, you need to let off some steam. Let me help you with that.” Assuming the role of the seasoned reporter, I said, “Do you know what you’re doing, boy?” Jer grinned. “When they hired me as your personal assistant, they told me my job was to anticipate your every need.” He fondled my balls through the fabric of my boxers, “It looks like you have a need I can satisfy.” I moaned loudly, “Go for it, kid. Do what we hired you to do.” Jeremy’s face lit up. He was enjoying the roleplay just as much as I. He moved his hands to my hard cock and rubbed it through my boxers. “Wow, Mr. Montavo, your cock feels big.” I responded, “Pull it out. See just how big it is.” He pulled it through the fly of my boxers and grabbed it by the shaft. He said, “Oh jeez, Mr. Montavo. It’s bigger than I thought. So thick. And your foreskin… it looks so hot.” I was surprised by the foreskin comment. But I had to agree, as an Hispanic, it was very possible that the reporter had foreskin. I said, “Pull it down so you can see the head.” Jer rubbed my cock as if he were pulling down the foreskin. He said, “Wow, it’s beautiful.” He then used his index finger to scoop up some of the pre-cum that had gathered at the tip. Then, while looking into my eyes, he very seductively swirled his tongue around his finger tip. He then removed his finger from his mouth and swallowed. I trembled all over as I imagined my son drinking the sexy newsman’s pre-cum. I said, “Do you like the taste of my natural lube, kid?” Jer scooped up some more and, before putting it into his mouth, he said, “Yeah, it tastes just like my dad’s.” My eyes opened wide and my cock jerked. The idea of my son telling someone our secret excited me. My mind spun as I imagined all the possible responses the newsman could have to that statement. I slowly asked, “Has your father let you touch him like this?” Jeremy stuck out his tongue and licked my pre-cum-covered cockhead while looking innocently into my eyes. “Yes, sir. My dad likes it when I suck his big dick.” As Jeremy lowered his mouth onto my rigid pole, I inhaled deeply and said, “Holy fuck. This is so fucking nasty. So fucking hot.” I then watched as my son sucked my cock down his throat, then pulled it out of his mouth and worshipped every inch of it. After deep throating my prick several times, Jer pulled off and asked, “Does that feel good, Mr. Montavo? My dad loves it when I suck every inch of his beautiful cock into my mouth. He says no woman can do it as well as I do.” I patted Jer on the head and said, “You’re doing great, kid. My cock is too big for most people.” Jer swallowed it gebze escort again, then said, “It’s not too big for me, sir. I’ve been practicing a while on my dad’s dick, so I can take it all.” I pushed it into his mouth so he could show me again how good at deep throating he was. I said, “What a lucky man your dad is. I hope he appreciates what you do for him.” Jeremy placed a hand under my t-shirt and found one of my nipples. He started pinching it, sending jolts of pleasure into my head. With the other hand, he pulled on my balls. “Oh yeah, my dad shows me all the time how much he appreciates me. He gives me what I need and makes me very happy, sir.” I closed my eyes, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of my son sucking my cock, pinching my nipple and pulling on my balls. With my mind elsewhere, I asked softly, “And what does he give you that makes you so happy, boy?” Jeremy said nothing as he stood up, pulled his underwear off, and retrieved his small bottle of lube from a box on his desk. In the back of my mind, I noted that he hadn’t magically produced the bottle as he usually did. I supposed this was one time he hadn’t anticipated needing it. He poured some of the liquid onto his index finger and reached behind his body to apply it to his young hole. He then poured some more on the palm of his hand and applied it to my thick daddy meat. I shuddered as I felt his slick hand rubbing the liquid up and down my shaft. I would have been completely satisfied if all my son did was give me a hand job. Everything about the encounter was stimulating me. Shooting all over his hand would have been gratifying. But I willed myself to hold in my orgasm. My son wanted me to fuck him and he wanted to tell “Mr. Montavo” all about it. I had to keep going until his fantasy was seen all the way through. Jer then straddled the chair. He placed my hands on his butt cheeks and asked, “Have you ever fucked a 16-year-old boy, Mr. Montavo?” Playing the part, I shook my head, too amazed to speak. Jer smiled and said, “My dad says it’s one of the most amazing experiences in the entire world. He tells me my hole is very tight and silky. He says he can barely keep himself from cumming whenever he slides his big cock inside me.” He lowered his ass until it touched the top of my cock. Then he said, “Would you please spread my cheeks? My bubble butt gets in the way sometimes.” I shuddered once again as I thought about his beautiful ass as it approached my stiff cock. I thrust upward, unable to resist penetrating him. My cockhead entered his tight hungry hole. Jeremy jerked up slightly, “I know you want to slide your big cock deep into my tight young hole, Mr. Montavo. But you should take it slowly and enjoy it. You don’t want to cum too soon, do you?” I stared into my son’s eyes, feeling drawn in by the fantasy of me being the newscaster and Jer seducing the horny Hispanic man. I shook my head and croaked out, “No.” He lowered his ass onto my cockhead. It popped past his opening then he stopped and held it there. “Can I tell you a secret, sir?” I could barely speak. It was taking all my energy not to push my entire cock inside him. But he wanted to be in control so I took deep breaths and through labored breathing, I said, “Yes, please tell me.” He began to lower himself on my cock while saying, “My dad thinks he’s being selfish when he fucks me. He thinks the pleasure is all his.” He lowered himself another inch. “But what he doesn’t know is that it’s me who’s being selfish.” He lowered his butt another inch. “I flaunt my ass in front of him, making him want it. I drive him crazy with desire.” He was almost sitting on it completely. “I do all of that so I can have him inside me. Because feeling his fat dick inside me is the most amazing experience in the entire world.” My cock was now balls deep inside him. “There’s nothing that makes me happier than to have my dad’s cock deep inside me. Just like yours is inside me now.” I was shaking. Every inch of my body was on fire with lust. My son’s glove-like silky walls were massaging my cock and the words he was saying were thrilling my brain. Jeremy began grinding his ass up and down my cock. “It looks like you know how my dad feels, Mr. Montavo. Whenever his cock is inside me, he gets the same look on his face.” He increased the intensity of the grinding. “But, you have no idea how good I’m feeling right now. Your cock is so much like my dad’s. It’s thick, it’s hard, and it’s touching me in all the right places. As I move up and down like this…” I winced. It was getting more difficult to hold back. “…oh, Mr. Montavo, you look like you want to fuck me hard. Do you like the way my ass feels on your thick piece of meat?” I nodded, “You have no idea. It feels incredible.” Jeremy smiled and gave me a quick kiss. He placed one of his hands on my shoulder for leverage and began fucking himself harder on my cock. “I’m glad, sir. I want to be the best personal assistant you have ever had. I want to make you happy so my dad will be proud of me.” I let go of his butt cheeks and placed my hands on his hips. I stared into his eyes and said, “You are making me very happy, Jeremy. I’d be happy to tell your dad personally how well you’re doing.” With his free hand, Jer found one of my nipples and began pinching it again. He said, “I think he’d like that. He enjoys sharing me with other men, especially ones as handsome as you are.” He kissed me again, then added, “And my uncle would like to join us too, if you don’t mind. The three of you could pass me around, filling me up with your big cocks.” At that moment, images of me, Ryan and Luis passed through my mind. I imagined Luis’s long fat uncut cock sliding in and out of my son’s bubble butt while my brother and I kissed the man and played with his nipples and balls. I imagined the look on his handsome face as he released his load into my son’s hole � the tight hole that was working overtime to extract my load at that very moment. I held Jer’s hips in place as I took over the fucking. With his fingers pinching my nipple, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth and my cock sliding in and out of his tight hole, I began thrusting into him with all my might. Jeremy took his hand off my shoulder and began stroking his dick. I looked down at his beautiful long cock and watched as my son brought himself to an orgasm while sitting on my pistoning dick. Without warning, warm white lava erupted from his teenage meat and landed on my t-shirt. Within seconds, it was drenched in his cum and I could smell the sweet odor of my son’s nut butter. As Jer’s cock spewed his adolescent jism all over my shirt, his ass clamped down hard on my cock. That extra sensation was all that was needed to trigger my own orgasm. I began releasing my load inside him. I grunted and snorted like a bull as I felt waves of pleasure coursing throughout my body. As my cock pulsed inside my son’s hole, he said, “Oh yeah, release all your tension, Mr. Montavo. Let me take it all from you.” I opened my eyes and smiled at my son. My beautiful amazing son. I pulled his head down to mine and kissed him deeply. I said, “That was incredible, Jer. I know you like Mr. Montavo a lot. I wish your fantasy could come true.” Jer blushed and said, “Me too. I have fantasized about him for a long time.” He relaxed into my arms and we hugged, neither of us caring that he was pressing his chest against my cum-soaked shirt. My cock was still embedded deep inside his ass. I leisurely slid it in and out, prolonging the pleasure for as long as I could. We sat like that for several minutes, each of us lost in his own thoughts and post-orgasmic high. We only returned to the present when my softening cock finally slipped out of his cum-filled hole. Jer jumped to take care of the leaking cum, but I held him firmly in place and said, “Relax, Jer. Let it drip out. We’ll clean up in a minute. I want to hold you for a little while longer.” Over the next several minutes, we began making out. It started as simple snuggling. But our desire for one another was so natural, so intense, so raw, that it slowly became passionate kissing and an overwhelming need to touch every inch of one another’s body. Our cocks, despite having shot loads only minutes before, began hardening. We were in a perfect position to give a repeat performance. I only needed to slide my stiffening cock back into his lubed and cum-filled hole and we would have made love once again. But, no. It was late. And we couldn’t push our luck any more. Reluctantly, I said, “I could stay up all night with you. But I need to get some sleep before going to work tomorrow morning.” I gently lifted him off me. He jumped off the chair and helped me remove my wet t-shirt. He then used it to wipe up the cum that had leaked from his ass onto the chair. Holding the cum-soaked article of clothing, he said, “Better leave this with me. I’ll wash it tomorrow.” I took the shirt from him and wiped streaks of cum from my torso before handing it back. I said, “These late-night get-togethers are amazing, but really risky. I mean, it’s exciting to do this knowing we could get caught by your mother at any moment. But, neither of us really wants that. How about we start getting together for lunch a few times a week?” Jer nodded and said excitedly, “I can make lunch for you each time. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I pulled him close and said, “You can keep feeding me. But you already made it into my heart.” Jer kissed my neck, then said, “Umm… well… no lunch tomorrow or Thursday. Uncle Ryan and I are working out during lunch time tomorrow and I’m getting together with Lisa on Thursday. Already a wrinkle in our plans.” I sighed. No one said it was going to be easy. I piled on the bad news, “And I can’t make it on Friday. I have lunch plans with coworkers.” I paused, then added, “We’ll figure out a time. I can’t go very long without holding you.” Jer grinned and said, “Don’t forget you promised we’d go to the truck stop together soon.” I laughed and slapped his ass. “You are insatiable, aren’t you?” Jer just grinned in response. With one final kiss and a hug, we said goodnight. I slipped out of his bedroom and into the bathroom so I could rinse off the residual cum. I then went to my room, retrieved a fresh shirt, got into bed next to my wife, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. End of Chapter 28.

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