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In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any con- sequences of you viewing or downloading the story. —————————————————————————– Bad Uncles and Dads – Chapter 7 Plumber Uncle George Uncle George always reminded me a little of Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, at least from the neck up. He had a thick head of receding grey hair, all combed back, and a wide bristle- brush silver mustache. Tall and stocky, though, he had the body of a former football player. Barrel-chested, with wide shoulders and thick solid arms and legs, his physique was somewhat intimidating to a scrawny sixteen year old. Somewhere around the age of ten or eleven, I’d started finding him attractive in a way I really didn’t yet understand. Uncle George was a plumber by trade who worked for a restaurant supply company and spent his days delivering and installing industrial appliances. Every time I saw him, he was in hiking boots, loose gym-type shorts, and tank tops. At first, it had been his striking face that attracted me. The hard chiseled planes of his face made him much more harsh and masculine than the actor he looked so much like. The fact that his mustache bushed out well below his lips intrigued me and left me staring at it the rare times the quiet man talked. I loved the way it moved as he spoke while his deep gravelly voice seemed to come from deep inside his broad chest rather than his completely hidden lips. His head seemed huge to me, but somehow right on his blocky physique with all its rounded linebacker muscle. Small grey-blue eyes looked out through sleepy slitted lids. Crinkling at the corners, they sat under thick bushy grey brows inside his broad square face. Those eyes seemed to watch everything quietly and seriously almost as if he preferred studying what went on around him to taking part in conversation. When those eyes were on me, I felt uncomfortable and yet oddly excited. It was as if he studied every little thing about me…the features on my young face, the slim lines of my arms and legs, and every other part of me. At first, it had been all those qualities in his handsome older face that’d drawn my attention with a puzzling intensity for me at that age. Later though, it was his muscled arms and legs heavily furred completely in thick grey curls that drew my attention….well, and the obviously solid cock swing- ing long and thick under the thin material of his shorts. At first, I didn’t realize it was “wrong” to stare at the outline of his thick cock as he walked or sat. Something in the intensity of his gaze each time I found he’d caught me doing it though, told me it was something forbidden and unacceptable. Still, I somehow never felt as if he was dis- turbed by my innocent attention. Every time he and his wife, Aunt Anne, were over…I would lay in the living room floor facing him as I pretended to read my homework in hopes of getting to look up the leg of those shorts. I was unsuccessful until I turned sixteen and he asked me if I’d like to help him out on his runs after I got out of school. I agreed immediately and went with him on an appointment the very next day. He picked me up at the house and told me we were going to a small local resort and spa to install a new dishwasher in their kitchen. The kitchen was closed during the week and the owners had provided him with a key, so it would be just him and me. I noted how differently we looked as we walked out to the big white heavy-duty truck he drove with its bed outlined in stainless steel tool- boxes and the black metal frame suspending ladders above it all. Having P.E. as my last class of the day, we were both in gym shorts and tank tops. Only his big size-fourteen hiking boots differed from my much smaller tennis shoes. I felt a bit like a small puppy following a huge bull as he walked slightly in front of me. His bulky muscular body lumbered from side to side with each step. I couldn’t help but take in how wide every- thing was about his physique…broad escort kocaeli neck, shoulders, back, arms, ass, thighs, calves, and feet. With him at 6’3″ and towering over my own 5’4″ height, I felt dwarfed by the big solid man. During the drive and while he explained briefly what we’d be doing, he gave no indication that he noticed how my eyes kept dropping to his crotch as he drove to take in the thick length of his cock as it draped down the leg of his shorts. He drove in mostly in silence, staring intently at the road in front of us. Leaning back and over toward me with his right elbow on the con- sole between us, the beefy wide forearm of his other arm draped over the steering wheel. Twice he reached down with his right and and scratched his crotch. The action caused the hem of his shorts on the leg opposite me to jerk up several times and reveal the thick dark head of his cock as it pressed into the dense hair curling down his thigh. His company had delivered the unit earlier that day and it was waiting outside the restaurant when we arrived. Once there, we stripped off its plastic wrapping and placed a temporary roller on each leg. We then wheeled it into the dark kitchen and moved it into place under the kitchen’s dim night-lights. “Let’s see if we can get this bastard in without searchin’ for the light switches.” Uncle George said as we moved it in between the wall and the sink. The soft glow of the lighting accented the silver hair that curled thickly up his solid legs and over his gorilla-like arms. We removed the rollers and then he told me to lie on my back and grip the legs farthest away from me. He explained that we needed to move it against the wall and then hold it there while he secured it to the edge of the sink and wall opposite. What happened next changed my life forever. He straddled my chest with his feet and then knelt down on one knee. The raised leg pulled his shorts way away from the other thigh and gave me a clear unobstructed view of a long fat cock and low hanging heavy balls falling from a dense mass of salt and pepper crotch hair. I gasped out loud before I could stop myself as Uncle George’s hefty equipment dangled only inches from my face. “Now, push back toward the wall, Eric.” He ordered as I swal- lowed and attempted to focus on what he was telling me to do. I did as he asked and stared in heated delight as his cock shifted, swayed, and jerked while he tightened bolts, reached for screwdrivers and wrenches, and worked to secure the dishwashing appliance into place. Inside my underwear and under my own gym shorts, my young prick shot to life. Without being able to reach down and adjust it, it stood straight up from my crotch and made a six inch tent in my shorts that I wasn’t even aware of at the time. His cock was at least four times the thickness of mine and the length seemed to top eight inches even soft. As he worked, though, more and more of it slid toward the hem of his shorts until about two inches of it swung free in the air just above my face. My breath began coming hard and fast. The sight of the wide fat head of his cock swinging just above my nose and lips somehow made me feel as if I were stroking my own dick. The dusty pink flaring head of his cock seemed to begin swelling in rhythm with the movements of his body, the pink spongy flesh turning dar- ker and deeper each time it very nearly brushed my face. I could smell the scent of him. Something heavier, muskier, and richer than my hand would smell after grasping my own balls and dick. It was a scent that made my head swim even further as my lips parted and a silent moan escaped from inside. Then, it happened. He reached behind him into the toolbox and went still as petri- fied wood. In that position, the beautiful fat head of his cock was almost touching my open lips as I exhaled and inhaled over it. Instead of pulling another tool from the toolbox, I suddenly felt the pressure of his big hand grazing across my teenage prick as it stood up straight inside my underwear and shorts. His cock flexed and half the length of the head pressed passed my lips. I didn’t think, I didn’t consider…my lips just closed tightly on their own and my tongue moved up to swipe slowly over the firm flesh and trace the deep slit cutting through the generously wide head of his cock. Uncle George’s hand encircled my young prick and slid halfway down its length at the same time as something thick and salty flowed into my mouth. I lapped it up and sucked for more. I didn’t know exactly what it was at the time, but something inside me said it meant my uncle liked the feel of my mouth on his cock. I wanted him to like it even more. I heard a strained groan escape his chest as his cock flexed and thickened, three inches of his fat meat suddenly expanding inside my mouth. I let go of the legs of the dishwasher and reached for Uncle George’s hairy thighs. I slide my hands upward, taking the legs of his shorts with me. I wanted to see his fat cock completely bared and was soon treated to just the sight I’d longed for so much over the past five or six years. At ten inches long and half as thick, his cock jutted from his crotch like a third leg. Rather than slender, sloping, and long…the head of that huge meat was blunt, wide, and forceful looking. The shaft behind it was thick, long, and curved izmit anal yapan escort to the left with three thick bulging veins criss- crossing its massive length. It was a cock that belonged on Uncle George… as thick and muscular as everything else on his body, it was as bulky and impressive as the rest of him. In awe, I didn’t notice it sliding out of my mouth. Its intimidating length and girth jerked out of my mouth and snapped up toward his belly. Swaying above me with half its length coated in my shiny spit, I noticed the thick bunching of skin just behind the head of his meaty cock. Uncle George was uncut! That extra skin, so unlike my own circumsized prick, made me want his hot cock even more! I reached my hand up, grabbed it by the base, and angled it back down for my mouth. When I swooped up onto it again, I tugged at his thick foreskin with my lips, tongue, and teeth until I’d pulled it down to cover the massive head of his weighty cock. I slid my tongue underneath that skin, pressing it between his foreskin and the spongy flesh of his cockhead. I heard him gasp at the same time as his hand came around the back of my head and more of his salty syrup flowed into my hungry mouth. He began thrusting half his hard fat meat in and out of my lips as my tongue began assaulting the head of his cock from under that sexy cowl of thick solid foreskin. Soon, though, it was pushed back to where it had been before and I was left to suck his bared adult cock as he con- tinued moving in and out of my mouth. Before long, the intermittent flow of intoxicating precum began streaming over my tongue more regularly. “No, Eric, no!” He whispered desperately as he suddenly tried to pull away. I slid my hands through the dense curling grey hair of his ass- cheeks to force him to continue pistoning into my mouth. “Errrrrrrrric……” His cock jerked and swelled as the head erupted a powerful jet of thick hot cum across my tongue. The force of it was so strong, it seemed as if it carved a permanent valley across the length of my tongue before splattering against the back of my throat and filling what room there was inside my mouth not already taken up by his huge fat meat. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…!!!” He groaned/whispered hoarsely as his cock continued spewing into my mouth. I love the taste of him, but couldn’t keep up with the buckets of cum white-washing my mouth and throat. As quickly as I swallowed his rich cock-juice, globs of it still spilled out the corners of my lips and poured down my cheeks and throat. He pulled out of my mouth and flipped me onto my stomach, stripping me of my tank top, shorts, and underwear in a matter of seconds. The cold tile bit into my nipples, the underside of my stiff prick, and the thin skin encasing my young balls. It turned me on even more…the harshness of it somehow matched the coarse hair scraping my back, ass, and thighs as 240 pounds of forty-eight year old uncle beef pressed me into the floor. Strong thighs shoved my knees apart as a big meaty hand wiped its way across my jaw and throat. That same hand slid between us and up inside my ass-cheeks slicking up the valley in between with the thick globs of the cum wiped from my face and neck. I shuddered as broad fingers vibrated against my young asshole just before something thick, hard and blunt pressed up inside in their place. It was his cock. That huge, ten inch, meat bat of a cock was pushing into my sixteen year old ass! I wanted it. Good fucking god, how I wanted it!! I wanted my big blue-collar uncle to shove that huge cock between his legs up inside me like nothing I’d ever wanted before. I wanted it, that is, until the pain of his entry set in. “Oh god, no, Uncle George…” I was cut off as the smell of his cum filled my nostrils and a baseball mitt of a hand covered my mouth. Tears stung my eyes as I began yelling my throat raw into his meaty paw and the head of his cock pressed my teenage asshole open further. My yelling turned to wild panting gasps as my body rebelled against the tremendous girth of the adult cock trying to force its way inside me. Just as I thought I could take no more and dull pain throbbed though my whole body, the wide head of Uncle George’s cock snapped inside. For a moment he seemed satisfied with how far he’d gotten and ceased pressing further. My muscles went limp and I laid there gasping as the pain began to subside. Just as it did, though, he began pushing inward again. I pressed my palms to the floor and tried to push myself up, but his much heavier weight kept me pinned to the tile. I felt more of him enter my ass. Inch after inch widened me further and pushed deeper into my guts. An odd euphoria swept over me. It was as if a fever started inside my ass and spread outward throughout the rest of my body. I seemed to float in the feeling of his cock burying deeper into my young body and impaling me onto his massive meat. Before I knew it, I felt the tangled wire of his crotch nestled against my ass. I had all of him inside me!!! It felt as if his incredible length reached all the way up into my chest. The feeling of my asshole itself stret- ched so impossibly wide along with the mind-blowing depth to which he’d shoved that huge brute of a cock inside me instantly drove me wild. I groaned and began lapping at his palm, slurping gebze escort at the salty remnants of his load as he began easing his fat cock out of my belly. “Oh fuck, Eric….” Uncle George whispered thickly into my ear, his mustache tickling and sending shivers through my body. I felt the head of his cock exit and the lips of my asshole attempt to close on the tip just as he thrust back inside. I arched underneath him, “Ohhh goddddddd…” “Oh yeah, that’s it, Eric….I’ve wanted this a long time. You have too, haven’t ya, boy.” “Yeah, Uncle George….ohhhhhhhhhh…..” I groaned quietly, twisting underneath his weight as much as I could. “….yeah….” It was a lie. I hadn’t wanted this. I hadn’t known to want this. All I’d wanted was to SEE that heavy cock swinging between his sturdy hairy thighs. Anything further, I hadn’t even considered. Now that he had his huge bull-dick inside me, though…yes, I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything in the world. “Yeah, I know when a man or a woman’s after my cock.” He continued, torturing my ear with his hot breath and bristly mustache, “You, though, I wasn’t sure of till t’nite.” He pulled out again and then groaned deeply as he shoved back inside harder and deeper than before. My head snapped back against his shoulder as his mouth found my neck. He bit, tongued, and sucked as he began pulling out his full fat length and then ramming it back inside me. My whole body was on fire from what he was doing to me and I barely noticed when he flipped me onto my back without dislodging his forceful fuckmeat from my ass. Suddenly, my legs were hooked inside his elbows and pulled to the sides of his waist. He head flew down to my chest and his lips locked onto my right nipple. I almost screamed as a new fire shot through me. Instead, though, I was instantly reduced to a mindless babbling whore for my rugged uncle’s thick cock. He slammed into me with a new determination. It was as if he wanted to fuck me hard enough to last me my whole life. “Fuck, I’ve never…” He mumbled, “…I’ve never been inside anything…man or woman…this fuckin’ tight!! It’s like your goddamned ass is is tiny fist grabbin’ my meat in vise grip n’ squeezin’ it for dear life, boy!” Later, I would ponder that ‘man or woman’ statement. For now, though, all I could do was spin mindlessly in the mind-wrenching sensations coursing through me from the diesel pistoning of his huge cock and the lightning bolts shooting through me from his attack on my nipple. “FUCK!!” He groaned into my chest as he changed angles slightly and began slamming his cock into me more fiercely. On every stroke, he hit something that made me feel as if I half- way came each time. All I could do was whimper as I felt as if my mind was falling apart. “Errrrrrrrrrrrric…!!!!!” His voice rumbled into my chest as he slammed into me so hard I felt the bone of his pelvis crash against my ass. He raised up and his arms pulled out from under my legs. In- stinctively, I wrapped my legs around his back as the force of his driving hips tilted my ass upward. One big meaty hand came down over the top of my head and held me solidly in place whle the other clamped down around my throat. It made it rather hard for me to breath. But, feeling his strength and control over me only turned me on even further. It was like a bomb going off inside me every time his strong body slammed into mine. Every part of me was jarred with each impact and I felt as if my brain was exploding behind my eyes. Everything about him was drowning me as I lost all control. The smell of his testosterone drenched sweat flooding my nos- trils…the sound of his deep gasps as he used every muscle in his body to drive his cock into me like a crazed jackhammer…the slight pain from my balls as his hips crashed into them and me over and over…the feel of his coarse fur scraping the backs of my thighs, ass, and the underside of my young prick pressed into his muscled belly…the incredible force of his big hands gripping my head and neck to clamp me in place for the crushing force of his powerful thrusts…the feel of my sixteen year old hole being stretched tight and further than it ever would be again by any man other than Uncle George…and, the feeling he was fucking my young body with a three foot two-by-four gigantic cock. Suddenly, he raised his voice above a hoarse whisper for the first time and roared above me. I felt his cock flexing, jerking, and spewing inside me like a huge pent-up geyser at the same time as I realized my own dick was shooting up against the bottom of Uncle George’s chin and splat- tering down onto my chest. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK !!” He jerked his cock from my ass and stumbled on his knees to straddle my chest. Bracing his hands against the side of the dishwasher above me, he angled his huge curved cock toward my lips and began splattering my face with the rest of his load. I opened my mouth and he reacted by pressing his hips forward to the point where I could stretch upward to lock my lips around just the head. “Ohhhhhh fuck….” He growled as three thick jets of hot white cum spewed across my tongue. My eyes rolled back in my head as the taste of him flooded my mouth once more even as the first half of his load drooled out of my gaping over-stretched teenage ass hole. 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