Subject: Son’s Daddy Part 1 ******** This story is just fantasy. It contains incest, rough sex, touch of young, interracial and depending how the story takes me possible std’s and drugs. I do not support adult/child play but the “child” in this story is barely a child and as given the youthful age for flavor only. I hope that you enjoy it. If I get enough likes and suggestions I may make a part 2. Email me at [email protected] ****** It was hard on us when my mother passed away. I was 12 at the time and overall handled it fairly well. I was destroyed for that year but so was my father. For the first few months he was constantly there for me. He slowly went hard into his construction job and several nights a week went to bars. He never abandoned me. Just for the asking he would stay home and be a good dad. Well time went on and I grew up. I realized I was gay when I couldn’t help but look at the other football players in the showers. I never really became friends with most. Been told I come off too aggressive. Similar to my dad I am a big guy. He stands a cool 6 feet, 275lb, 42yo, nearly all muscle, fuzzy and is about 6c thick while soft. I am 16yo, 6’3, 254lb, muscular, smooth (I shave) and when hard about 7.5c and also thick. Well the glorious age of the internet made it easy to find other gay guys. I have gone there and found that I enjoy the BDSM porn. Also I have found groups and chats on the topic. I also found local groups as well. From a town not far away I met a black man in his 20’s named James. He loved to submit to younger guys. I told him the truth on my age and at first he seemed like he was gonna vanish. We talked some more and agreed to meet at a public location and to confirm I wasn’t a cop. We met up at a coffee shop. He was hot. He was just a little shorter than me, thin but still a bit muscular. Discreetly we discussed what we wanted to do and such. I admitted to him that I was a virgin and this was all new. He seemed shocked at that. So shortly after that we went back to his place. He gave me a quick tour from the door to his bedroom. Once there, like a switch, I became a Dom. I ordered him to strip. He hesitated for a moment and then stripped. He was hard with about the same length of my cock but not as thick. I inspected his body, groping, pulling, slapping and pinching. He tried his best not to move but when he did I slapped his bubble butt. I had him strip me and he gasped when he saw my cock. I ordered him to suck me and he did happily. It felt amazing. “I am going to fuck you hard.” He moaned as he tried to take me deep down his throat. “It will be hard and rough. I’ll tie you up if you feel like you won’t be able to take it freely.” He looked up at me clearly not sure if I was just talking dirty or being honest. His eyes widened when he realized I was being honest. He started to suck me with more energy now. I believe he was trying to suck me off completely. After about 10min of total sucking I dropped a load in his mouth. He swallowed every drop. “Fuck, you have a hot cock and great tasting cum. I wasn’t sure you were gonna stop cumming.” James said leaning back. “Did I tell you to stop ,boy?” I asked him. His eyes widened again and he quickly got back on my still hard cock. My cock was sensitive from just cumming but I wanted that ass. “If you want me to tie you up try to suck me to base, else suck my balls.” After a moment he tried to take me to base and did a pretty good job. “Get onto the bed on your back boy.” I ordered him then I grabbed some rope he had laying off to the side. I learned bondage tying on the net and tied his hands above his head to the edge of the bed. Then tied each of his ankles in the air leaving his hole exposed. As I did this I asked him a few questions. “I want to fuck bare, are you cool with that boy?” “I am clean Sir and I’ll let you choose that Sir.” “Good boy.” I replied and stroked his still hard cock. “Safe word boy?” “I never needed one Sir so I am not sure Sir.” He nervously said. “Will discuss that later but for fucking I don’t do safe words.” I told him and smiled just before shoving my underwear in his mouth. “Well boy if we do anything more than this we will do a safe word. Though for fucking I don’t believe there should be one. You chose to let me tie you up to fuck you. I really didn’t want to use a condom.” I was telling him as I was getting lube and putting on my fingers. “I really just want to use spit and ram in, but since this is our first fuck and you seemed intimidated by my cock I am gonna use lube.” Then I shoved a lubed finger into his ass. I yelped through the underwear and moaned. “Next time I’ll eat that ass before I fuck it but time is running low and I want to fuck you silly boy.” Then I shoved in a second finger. His body tightened up. I was so turned on I started to pound his tightening hole with my fingers. After a few minutes I looked at his face. “Ready for my cock boy?” I asked and he just nodded. My fingers were clean. Considering the location I had them I expected to be a little dirty but this boy was ready. I stroked some izmit escort bayan lube onto my cock and aimed it at his hole. I slowly pushed in till I felt what must’ve been the first ring. I grabbed his legs and pushed hard past it. I couldn’t tell if he cried out in pain or pleasure but I knew I wanted in deeper. A few hard thrusts later I was balls deep. I’ve seen porn and chatted with guys about letting the bottom get used to the cock before start pounding but he felt so good that I never thought of that. I just started to pound his hole. It felt tight and again I couldn’t tell if he was moaning or crying so I just fucked harder. On the occasion I pulled all the way out and slammed back in balls deep. After about 15min of me pounding him his cock erupted with cum. I never touched his cock after I started to top him. His ass got almost as tight as when we first started. It took about 5min after that for me to blow a load deep in his ass. I slowly pumped his ass for a few more minutes and then reached over him driving myself deeper in him to untie his hand. He untied his other hand as I untied his legs with me still in him. He took the gag out. “Sir are we still playing or may I talk freely.” He asked. “Talk freely but I may take over at any time… boy” I said with a smile. “That was fucking intense. It hurt like hell and wanted you to stop at first but man I loved it. You are amazing.” He said but only stopped because I pulled out of him and that made him moan. “Fuck, next time we’ll have more time and do more if you like.” He offered. “Next time we will do more and I will fuck you more too. Well suck my cock clean and let’s get dressed.” I told him and he obeyed instantly. I got home that night a little late. My dad was asleep on the recliner like some nights when he had a hard day. I know when he is like this he is out cold and nothing really could wake him. I gently rubbed his crotch and he moaned. I smiled and then went upstairs. I was about to go into my room and I saw my dad’s computer still on. I went in there to turn it off for him and I recognized a site. It was for local discrete gay and bi guys. I jotted down his screen name, closed everything down and turned it off. I went online and saved it. A few nights later I saw him online. I was “doing homework” and he was in his room “watching tv” with his door closed. “Hi, your profile makes you sound hot. What are you looking for?” I messaged him. “Hi, I am new here but am interested in messing around with a guy. You” He replied. “I am a Dom top. I love fucking guys while they are bound and blindfolded. I am hoping to find a willing bottom. Trade body pics? I don’t need to see your face and won’t share my face.” I messaged him. “Can we chat some first before sharing pictures, Sir?” He asked and added sir. I knew I had him bated. We chatted further and he was really interested in being fucked. He had fingered himself for years and loved it. Now he wants to try the real thing. I told him I mostly fuck bare and hard. I don’t care if my cock hurts the bottom but I don’t stop till I am done. It was after that I got an ass pic from him. It was my father alright. I replied with a pic of my cock but did it with only a white wall behind me. He was impressed and a bit scared of it. I told him that the first fuck I’ll start slow but once in all bets are off. “That’s fine. Are you into tying guys up? My ex-wife used to tie me up and spank me.” He told me. I was thrown totally off guard. Partly gross to know what my mom used to do but yet I was talking sex with my own dad. “I am not into women but I could tie you up, spank you and fuck you hard like that.” I replied. “I see we are in a local room. I would love to be used by you but I cannot host. My son is home. Can you?” He messaged me. “I am still living at my parent’s place and cannot host. If you get a hotel room and be blindfolded face down, I’ll come tie you up and have fun. Interested?” I asked. My cock was leaking cum through my shorts. “Give me a few minutes to get cleaned up. Can I have your number so I can message you when and where?” He asked. “Yeah it –” I gave him an online number and muted my phone. He texted me with his real number and asked if it was me. I replied yes. He comes out of his room a few moments later and knocks. By this point I put homework stuff on my desk. “Yeah?” I replied. He opens the door. “Hey son. A few guys from work messaged me about playing some pool at the bar. I am gonna hang out with them. I’m putting pizza money on the fridge if you get hungry. I might be home late but you don’t stay up too late.” He told me and I could see the smile on his face. After he left I got a shower and put on just my pants and shirt. Just as I finished I got a message for the hotel and room. I replied to be clean, laying face down and blindfolded. Also to have the door slightly cracked so I can get in. I arrived and was all nervous. I opened the door and there he was as requested. I brought rope and tied him up. I stripped and setup my phone’s camera to record it all. Neither of us said anything izmit sınırsız escort at first. I adjusted my voice and broke the silence. “You want a gag or will you be fairly quiet as I destroy that ass?” I asked as I spanked him. “Gag me Sir. I don’t want to spoil your fun as you take my cherry Sir.” This surprised me and turned me on too. I made sure the blindfold, made from his shirt, was on good and then I shoved my underwear into his mouth. I spanked his ass for a few minutes making the cheeks nice and red. He moaned with each hit. Then I spread his cheeks apart. His hole looked so small compared to the rest of him. I went in and licked it. He moaned loud through the gag. I ate his ass happily and I think I did it well for the first time. I even stuck my tongue in him. His hole was mostly tight but not impossible for me to get my tongue in. I ate it for a while making sure to get it all wet. I got up and pushed my cock against his hole. I didn’t give him any warning and just started to shove it in. I could tell it hurt him because his body tensed up and he grunted. “Relax boy or it will hurt worse.” I told him and I could feel him trying. I forced some more in him. I was being rough but not as rough as I was with James. This time when I was balls deep I waited for a moment. “You like that boy? You like a real man being in you?” I asked him with a humiliating intent. He nodded yes. I pulled out a little and slammed back in hard. This time there was more of a moan than painful grunt. So I start to pound his ass hard. I fucked and came in him 4 times. I finally started to lose hardness while I fucked him a fifth time. I pulled out and saw my cum leaking from my dad’s ass. I got my phone and recorded that as well. I got dressed and before I untied him I told him to stay how he is until I left. He obeyed. I hurried home and showered. I did grab pizza along the way and during that I got a text from him. “Thank you Sir. That was more than I was expecting but ultimately loved it Sir. I would love to do it again Sir.” He sent. “Did you love how my cock made your ass hurt?” I replied. “It was a bit much in the beginning but yes Sir.” “Next time if we do it in a hotel room I am going to be even more rough, but if in your own bed I’ll do the same as I did tonight.” “If my son is ever out for the night I will invite you over Sir. Though the hotel roughness does sound hot Sir.” That shocked me. He wanted it even more rough. I was rock hard again. “I’ll fuck you rough anywhere then. You will always take my cum and cock. Only standing order is to get a better blindfold.” “Yes Sir” I got home and after the shower ate some of the pizza in my room. When I heard my father get home I turned everything off and acted like I was asleep. We both sleep nude some nights so I positioned myself nude with my door cracked showing my cock off to him. I had my webcam on to record him in the doorway. He smiled and adjusted his cock then walked away. I could hear him jo that night. A few days later I asked my dad if I could go to a party that weekend and crash at one of the guy’s places after. He agreed faster than normal and a few minutes later I got a text from him saying Friday night the house will be free for me to use him. My dad, the slut I thought. Friday came and I “headed out” and then the text with my address came in. I went to the local part to text. “Be clean, face down on your bed and blindfolded. Any toys you want me to possibly use on you leave out.” I ordered. He replied with a simple yes sir. About 15min later I get a message, “Sir I am ready. Are you almost here Sir?” “I am almost there. You got a good blindfold boy?” I replied. “Yes Sir. Bought one that won’t let me see anything Sir.” “Good, I am about to walk up to your door. Be in position.” “Yes Sir.” was the last message I got before I walked in. It felt weird knowing that I was arriving to fuck my dad in my own house. I acted like I didn’t know where to go for a moment and then “found” his bedroom. I setup multiple cameras this time and I told him to roll over so his head was hanging off the bed. As if he knew what I was gonna do he opened his mouth. I started to skull fuck him as I played with his nippled. He managed to take more than James did. That made me think of James and I messaged him as I was getting head. “Dude I have this man sucking my cock and he’s blindfolded never seen me.” I messaged “Hot send me pics.” he replied. Of course I did send them but they were angled so he couldn’t really make out who it was. Then I took a pic of my dad’s cock and sent that. “Fuck, I would love to be riding that as you use his mouth.” James replied. “Boy lay like you were when I got here.” I ordered and he obeyed. I climbed on top of him. “No gag this time but you are not allowed to say no or beg me to stop. If you do I will only go harder. Do you understand?” I asked with a stern voice. “Yes Sir. Fuck me for your pleasure only Sir.” I was super turned on by this. I aimed my cock that is now barely coated with spit at his hole. Then kocaeli escort bayan I shoved it in. He did his best to stifle a cry out of pain and tried to stay loose but only so much would work. Again I rammed in hard. This time I made it balls deep. Then I just started to fuck. He was moaning and thanking me during it as well as swearing some. I just laughed and fucked him harder. It only took me about 20min this time to cum deep in him. I pulled out to rest. I had him roll over and I tugged on his balls roughly as I sat there. “You tell your boy yet that you are an undercover faggot?” I asked him. “Um no Sir.” he replied nervously. “Okay boy. Since this is your house, this is the only reason why I am asking this. I messaged a friend of mine and he is also a sub pig like you. He wants to ride your cock as I fuck you. Would it be ok for home to come here? If not he’ll come to the next hotel meeting.” I more so told him than asked. “If you wish it Sir. I only want you to fuck me though Sir.” That was a surprise. So I messaged James but told him not to call me by my name, just Master. He agreed and so I gave him my address. I was in the middle of fucking my dad again when James messaged me that he was pulling up. I tossed on a robe and went downstairs. I invited James in and told him to strip down here. He obeyed and followed me to my dad’s room. I had James suck him and I went back into my father’s ass. My father just moaned at it. After a bit I told James to 69 with him and James just moved and put his cock in my dad’s eager mouth. “James, sit on his cock. It should be lubed up with spit enough.” I ordered. James looked at me if I was crazy but then obeyed. He grimaced and whimpered as he sat down on the cock. In a surprising event my dad grabbed Jame’s hips and pulled him down. Both moaned. We fucked like this for just over a half hour when I came again. James was just loving my dad in him. It took a while but my dad finally came deep in James. Then I had James go back into 69’ing with me fucking James. James ended up shooting a load down my dad’s throat with me still in him. I made sure I came fast in James and had him sit onto my dad’s face. My dad obeyed with me barely saying anything and started to eat our cum from Jame’s ass. James left shortly after that. He thanked me for the fun. I went back up and my Dad was sitting on the edge still blindfolded. “You enjoy yourself my little piggy?” I asked. “Very much so, but I just wish I could see you Sir.” “Not yet, once you are ready to tell your son that you are a cock whore, then you can see my face.” “Then I’ll probably will never see that face. He sees me as a big strong man not a faggot.” He said and then I punched him in the balls. “You are not a faggot. Faggots require lube to take cock while a real man doesn’t. Would you rather me call you Daddy instead of boy? Would that make you feel more like a man as you take my cock.” I barked at him. I could tell he was hurt some by it. “I know what you mean Sir, but would my son? He is a big shot football player. Girls are all over him. What would he think if I told him I like cock?” “Show him my cock and he might understand.” I chuckled. “Listen, tell him when you are ready but keeping secrets can cause harm. Hell he might want a ride of that sweet ass you have.” I joked with him. “Speaking of, I loved the 69. Can we 69 Sir?” he asked. “If you cum in my mouth I’ll break those nuts. Also I am tired some so I’ll lay on the bottom and you over me, Daddy.” He turned his head toward me as surprise and his cock got harder. “Yes Sir, but if I am Daddy does that make you my son?” He asked. “If it turns you on and you still obey me sure, Daddy.” I replied and super hard now. He felt around and climbed in position. Seeing his big hot body over me turned me on. I never really wanted to bottom before but as I took his cock in my mouth I thought about it.This went on for what felt like forever till I finally came and he swallowed each drop. He was about to move away but I thought fuck it and I held him still as I sucked him. “Sir.. I mean Son, I am gonna cum if you don’t stop.” He pleaded. I continued and ended up swallowing his load. After this I got up and took down the cameras. I told him I had to leave but that we should do it again. I then got dressed and left. There was a party and a buddy already said I could crash at his place. So I went there. I got a few messages asking if everything went ok and he wanted to make sure we would play again. I replied yeah it was fine, just I had a party I was invited to. A few hours later I sent him a pic of me taken by a friend. I sent it as the top to my dad with a comment. “This sexy drunk guy is cute. Looks a lot like you. If you didn’t drain my balls so much I might have fucked him.” “If you could get into his pants I am sure he’ll enjoy you like I did.” Was his reply. I was shocked and turned on that my dad would let the guy that fucks him fuck me. “Dam, he wasn’t really drunk. I might still try again later.” I replied. Moments later I got an actual text from my dad to me not the hookup me. “I hope you are having fun and not drinking.” Was his message. **** Well guys I am gonna call it for now on this. I hope you all enjoy it. I was going to write more but I think I may save it for a part 2. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. ail

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