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Carrie and Kenzie became instant best friends when they were in 3rd grade. They remained that way into their twenties. Kenzie was petit, with dark hair to her shoulders, dark eyes, sun tanned like an Italian (even though she wasn”t), and smart. Carrie was taller, fair skinned, blue eyes, long blond hair, and care free if not a little ditzy. Kenzie was extra blessed with a larger chest, but Carrie”s was extremely perky.

After college the girls decided it was best to share an apartment together. Kenzie was single and Carrie”s boyfriend, though three years older, was too involved with living in his parents basement playing video games all day to get his act together and have enough money for his own place. Carrie had been with Eric since she was a freshman in high school. Kenzie never liked him.

The girls” apartment complex was across the street from a low key bar. They loved to go there after work to drink and be able to walk home without the risk of drunk driving. One night Carrie was spending with Eric so Kenzie went to the bar by herself. She knew most of the staff so she”d probably be talking with people most of the time she was in there anyway. She couldn”t believe it when she saw Sharon sitting by herself drinking and chatting with the bartender.

Sharon had been Kenzie”s enemy in high school. Sharon was beautiful; tall with gorgeous thick blond hair; a chest the perfect combination of perky and ample. The girls fought so much in high school because they went after the same boys but Kenzie”s hatred was more for that Sharon was so unbelievably gorgeous that if she couldn”t be her, she wanted to be with her.

“Oh my God! Look who it is!” Sharon exclaimed as Kenzie sat down at a bar stool a few away from her and ordered a drink from the bartender. “McKenzie Abrams, God I haven”t seen you since I stole Damien Scott away from you at prom!”

“Who?” Kenzie looked over, pretending she didn”t remember.

“It”s Sharon Lexus! You remember me, don”t pretend that you don”t!”

Sharon was seriously drunk. Kenzie looked over. Tight black leather pants barely covered her just as tight ass. A see-through black sweater showed the satin black bra underneath. Kenzie could feel a damp spot form between her legs.

“So what have you been doing since high school?” Sharon moved over to sit directly next to Kenzie and swiveled the high chair to face her. Kenzie swiveled to look directly into the eyes of the girl she both despised and wanted to love at the same time.

“Oh you know, sharing a place with Carrie. It”s across street.”

“How convenient! You don”t have to drive. You”re lucky. I don”t even know how I”m going to get home tonight!”

“Well, if you need a place to crash you could always come with me,” Kenzie said cautiously before turning back around and sucking down her drink.

“Oh my God! That would be so awesome!” Sharon said and threw back her own drink.

After an hour and a few more drinks, Kenzie was annoyed at Sharon”s high pitched giggles and enthusiasm. She wanted to get home and pass out. So she stood and asked Sharon if she still wanted a place to crash.

“Of course!” Sharon said before following Kenzie outside and across the street.

Up in the apartment, with Carrie gone for the night, Kenzie pointed out the living room couch to Sharon and said she could sleep there. Kenzie didn”t think it would be right to allow Sharon to sleep in Carrie”s bed without Carrie”s consent.

“Um… I don”t sleep on couches,” Sharon said and began to follow Kenzie to her bedroom. “How big is your bed?”

Kenzie rolled her eyes and opened her bedroom door, allowing Sharon to enter. “Big bursa escort bayan enough I guess.”

“Great!” Sharon said and started stripping off her clothes then and there. Under the tight leather pants was a black lace thong. Kenzie raised an eyebrow as she watched. She was pissed; she was hoping that Sharon would crash on the couch so she could masturbate.

“Do you want something to sleep in?” Kenzie asked, turning towards her dresser.

“No, I have to sleep naked,” Sharon shrugged, taking off her bra and then stepping out of her thong. Kenzie saw that Sharon had not a single hair on her mound. Kenzie”s mouth began to water. She turned to head quickly into her bathroom so Sharon wouldn”t notice the drool.

Kenzie”s heart beat quickly as she changed into a pair of cropped yoga pants. She shed her bra but kept a camisole on. Sharon was already covered in the queen-sized bed when Kenzie came out of the bathroom and slid under the blankets. After Kenzie turned her lights off, she lay there wide awake. She was on her back and could feel Sharon stirring beside her. How fast would it take for the drunk girl to fall asleep so that Kenzie could masturbate without disruption?

“I”m sorry Kenzie. If I”m in a bed with someone I can”t be comfortable unless they”re naked too. I dunno, it”s weird but… if I brush up against the person and they are wearing clothes I will feel really weird. Hard to explain.”

“Seriously?” Kenzie sighed as she shimmied out of her yoga pants. Then took off her camisole and threw them on the floor beside the bed. She then turned so her back was to Sharon. Kenzie hoped Sharon was fall asleep soon but within ten minutes Sharon had rolled until she was spooning Kenzie. Kenzie could feel Sharon”s bare breasts against her back, which only turned her on more. Kenzie closed her eyes as she felt Sharon throw her arm around her and then Sharon was kissing Kenzie”s shoulder lightly, moving upward on her neck. Kenzie rolled onto her back and let Sharon kiss her on the mouth. While their tongues danced together, Kenzie lifted her arms up and caressed Sharon”s bare backside.

“Kenzie?” Sharon asked, lifting her face away from Kenzie”s eager mouth.

“Hmm?” Kenzie replied trying to not let a moan escape her.

“Why do you hate me?” she asked as Kenzie”s eyes flew open to look at Sharon.

“I don”t hate you. You just, irritated me with your perfectness all through high school. Infuriated me.”

“I wanted you. But all you did was fight with me.”

“Wanted me?” Kenzie asked surprised and reached over to her bedside table to switch on the reading lamp.

“I kept getting guys I thought you wanted to see if they would get you into a three-some, so that I could have you. But as soon as I got them you wanted nothing to do with them.”

“I thought you were just getting with guys I wanted out of spite.”

“I went to this party and made out of Jessa Westin in full public so that you would hear about it and realize that I was into you.”

“How is you being drunk and making out with a girl at a party in front of a bunch of high school boys supposed to make me think you wanted me.”

“Jessa looked just like you. And obviously if I would kiss her, that I would kiss you.”

“You”re kissing me now. Is there more you want?” Kenzie looked at Sharon who leaned down and resumed their foreplay. With their chests pushed together, Kenzie lifted her legs and intertwined them between Sharon”s. Her pussy rubbed Sharon”s thigh, smearing juice from her dripping snatch all over Sharon”s unblemished skin. Sharon broke away from Kenzie”s mouth and kissed down along her neck and shoulders until she reached Kenzie”s C-cup breasts where she licked and sucked on the hardening nipples. When Sharon presumed Kenzie”s nipples were satisfied she moved lower on her body until she came to rest between Kenzie”s legs where she spread Kenzie”s lips and lapped at her clit. Kenzie”s back began to arch and soon she was squirting juice into görükle escort Sharon”s mouth.

When Kenzie finished shuttering, Sharon slinked her body back up onto Kenzie and smiled face-to-face. “You taste amazing,” Sharon whispered to Kenzie and Kenzie blushed.

“Can I have you now?” Kenzie asked while flipping Sharon over onto her back at the same time. Sharon giggled as Kenzie explored every inch of skin Sharon had, moving slowly down her body until she was face-to-face with Sharon”s glistening slit, but before she could taste the juice slowly leaking from Sharon”s pussy, Sharon said,” turn around so I can taste you again.”

Kenzie obeyed by turning her body so that they were in the 69 position. Kenzie strattled Sharon”s face and lowered her already soaked pussy into Sharon”s hungry mouth. Then Kenzie lowered her own mouth to join with Sharon”s cunt. Kenzie sucked Sharon”s clit between her lips and flicked her tongue up and down swiftly. Sharon”s body spasmed for over a minute as she came hard in Kenzie”s mouth. Kenzie barely felt Sharon”s mouth on her as she was so engrossed with eating the pussy she”s wanted to taste since high school. Kenzie didn”t allow Sharon to recover from her orgasm as she continued to lick and suck her pussy through it. Soon Kenzie plunged her tongue inside Sharon”s inviting hole; her nose pushing lightly on Sharon”s puckered pink asshole.

“Oh my God!” Sharon shouted out as Kenzie continued to administer orgasm after orgasm. Finally, when Kenzie felt that she”d given Sharon enough, she moved up on the bed, allowed Sharon”s spasms of pleasure to cease.

“Have you been with another girl before?” Sharon asked as Kenzie”s head came to rest on Sharon”s shoulder.

“No love, I”ve been saving myself for you,” Kenzie said, pushing her body on top of Sharon”s to kiss her again. Their juices combined between their lips and they licked hungrily at each other”s faces.

“I need to fuck you,” Sharon whispered before turning around and moving to the opposite end of the bed. She spread Kenzie”s legs and scissored hers between them, crushing her cunt against Kenzie”s. As they gyrated against each other, both girls moaned in pleasure, their pussies sliding back and forth against the other. Soon they vibrated together and squirted into each other, a wet spot forming on Kenzie”s sheets. Out of breath Sharon came back to rest her head on the pillow, Kenzie panting beside her. They kissed for a moment before passing out.

Carried walked into the apartment about three in the morning; she opened the door and closed it quietly, hoping not to wake her roommate. She had been crying in the car the entire distance from her boyfriend”s house to hers. Eric was an asshole. He”d refused to get off the computer long enough to tell her hello and wouldn”t come to bed when she pleaded him. She would rather sleep alone at home in her quiet bedroom than sleep alone at her boyfriend”s trying to drown out of the sound of a sniper rifle blasting from the computer speakers. When she”d walked into the apartment however, all was not quiet. She could hear moaning coming from Kenzie”s room.

Curious, since Kenzie hadn”t told her about any guys she”d been seeing lately, Carried moved down the hallway close to the door of Kenzie”s bedroom. The door was ajar and a dim light spilled into the hallway. Carrie held up her ear to the crack to hear not one woman”s moaning but two. Barely able to believe it, Carried peeked in as best she could and saw Kenzie with her legs wrapped around another women”s, their pussies smashed together. Carrie could only see the back of the other women”s head but the girl had long blond hair, most like Carrie”s. Carrie backed away slowly from the door as she heard the sounds of orgasm reach her roommate and her roommate”s partner. Carrie hurried to her own bedroom and shut the door silently. Without hesitation, Carrie stripped off her clothes, threw herself down on her bed, and immediately plunged her fingers inside her dripping hole. Carrie had already been horny, which is why she went Eric”s in the first place, but the site of her best friend getting fucked by another girl was just too much. Carrie had no idea Kenzie would fuck girls and now that she knew, bursa escort bayan she was too excited.

The next morning, Kenzie was out the door before anyone else in the apartment was awake. She thought it was only Sharon, having no idea Carrie had come home upset from her boyfriend”s the night before. Kenzie had a Saturday morning meeting at her office and left Sharon a note to let herself out, along with her number in case Sharon ever wanted to stop by again. Carrie woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in her kitchen. She threw on some gym clothes and padded down the hall in bare feet. She was surprised to find Kenzie”s worst high school enemy sitting at their kitchen island with a piece of bacon held up to her mouth, wearing an oversized flannel shirt and boy-short panties of Kenzie”s.

“Sharon Lexus, holy crap. What are you doing here?” Carrie asked, purely surprised.

“Carrie Anderson. Haven”t seen you since high school. Kenzie said you two shared this place. How are you?”

“I”m good,” Carrie answered as she sat down at the island opposite Sharon. “I didn”t realize you and Kenzie were friends at all. I thought you hated each other. What are you doing here?”

“Well, my boyfriend is having a guy weekend so I was drinking alone at the bar across the street from here when Kenzie came in. I had too much to drink and couldn”t drive home so Kenzie said I could crash here until I sobered up.”

“You didn”t crash on the couch though? You slept in Kenzie”s room?” Carrie asked with already knowing the answer.

“Oh yeah. I don”t sleep on couches. Not that we did much sleeping anyway,” Sharon giggled, waiting for Carrie to admit she heard exactly what the girls were doing instead of. “What time did you get in anyway? Kenzie said you”re usually not here on the weekends `cause you stay with your boyfriend a lot.”

“Well, I think we broke up last night. He likes his computer more than me and I”m pretty sick of it…” Carrie trailed off, looking down at the floor but then looked back up at Sharon, whose wide eyes swam over Carrie. “I um, heard some things last night. Coming from Kenzie”s room. Did you two um…”

“Did we fuck?” Sharon asked and Carrie”s eyes widened. “Yes, we did. And she”s amazing. Probably the best pussy eater I”ve ever had.”

“Are you serious? I mean how? Kenzie has never even hinted at liking girls.”

“I told her I had to be naked when I slept. And then I told her that if anyone was in the bed with me they had to be naked too otherwise I wouldn”t be able to sleep. And then I started touching her and she was soaking wet.”

“Really? Wow.” Carrie looked down at her twiddling thumbs, lost in thought.

“You know, you could probably get her to fuck you too. Just make up an excuse to get into bed with her. And make the moves. She seems to really love pussy. And I bet you are dying for some.” Sharon moved slowly around the island until she was standing next to Carrie. Carrie looked up to see she was face-to-face with the other blond. For a second they looked in each others” eyes before Sharon moved closer and was kissing Carrie. Carrie stood from the chair and wrapped her arms around Sharon”s shoulders. Sharon reached under Carrie”s flimsy t-shirt and fondled her bra-less tits. Carrie lowered her hands `til they were squeezing Sharon”s ass cheeks. They moved slowly, still in lip lock, towards the couch in the living room where they collapsed, their legs entwined their tongues slobbering hungrily in each other”s mouths. Carrie had her back on the couch; Sharon lifted Carrie up and used her hands to remove Carrie”s yoga pants and thong. Then she spread Carrie”s legs and dove into her pussy. Carrie”s pussy was shaved bald of public hair; Sharon licked the bald mound, moving around to the creases where Carrie”s legs joined her hips. Then she lapped at Carrie”s clit with grace and speed, Carrie cumming hard against Sharon”s mouth. When Carrie”s orgasm subsided, Sharon moved up and licked her lips for Carrie”s viewing. “Mmm, so sweet,” Sharon moaned before kissing Carrie again.

Sharon stood up after and minute and began walking to Kenzie”s bedroom where her own clothes were still stashed. “That should hold you over `til Kenzie gets back,” she mentioned before changing into her own clothes and leaving the apartment.

Carrie was finally able to move off the couch a half hour after Sharon left for home. She was content with fantasizing how she could get into bed with Kenzie that night.

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