Subject: Exploring My Brother Part 8 b The following story is fictional and does not depict any real people or events Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. fty/donate.html Part 8b by popular request Carl As Josh and I snuggled up, I heard footsteps outside, Josh looked at me, `who’s that?, I didn’t need to answer as the door burst open and Greg’s massive figure was at the door, his cock swinging like a pendulum as he walked over to the bed, `I brought these two with me’ he smiled, Brandon and Walker followed him in. Greg rubbed Josh’s head `you okay mate, want to have some man sex with us guys now? Josh looked at me again `it is up to you Josh’ I said `but remember what I said, sex is about fun, just enjoy it’ Josh interrupted me `and make sure you’re not the last to cum if you’re in a group’. All of us burst out laughing, `so is that a yes’ Greg asked Josh, `you bet’. —————————————————————————– This part of the story will be told by Greg. Exploring My Brother Part 8 B � by popular request Greg Entering the attic room, I could smell sex, lying on the bed Carl was on his back a white sheet barely covering his groin his thick cock obvious below it, lying facing him on his front was Josh, now that was a peachy ass, his legs slightly spread and his small balls hanging on view, he had turned and looked at me over his shoulder, his little dimples and button nose, I felt like I had been poleaxed. I had never been interested in really young guys, but seeing his smooth hairless body lying next to Carl’s hairy muscular body, I felt a stirring in my loins; despite, having just unloaded in Brandon not 30 minutes ago, I was definitely, chubbing up again. Josh is just under 5 foot tall, but looked so much smaller laid out on his front his body half way between prepubescent and adolescent; a real live cherub, I thought to myself, all he needed was bow to play with or maybe a club. He had changed a lot since I had first seen him at Carl’s house, Brandon and Walker were there at the same time; and I had only really looked at them, lustfully imagining spearing them with my cock as they lent over the snooker table. I had pretty much ignored Josh and his mate Neil as being too young. Having recently found out it was all Josh and Neil’s horny planning that had led to several pairs of hands exploring me, made me both horny and with a desire to show them what could be done with my club; as Brandon had recently found out, I thought grinning to myself. `I brought these two with me’ I said entering the room with Brandon and Walker in tow. As I got to the bed I rubbed Josh’s head `you okay mate, want to have some man sex with us guys now? I watched as Josh stared at my swinging cock, then Carl pipes up `it is up to you Josh’ I couldn’t believe it, don’t give him a choice I thought to myself, as I tried to think what to say myself, Carl then came out with some nonsense about remembering what he had said, that sex is about fun, just to just enjoy it, then fuck me Josh interrupted came out with, and make sure you’re not the last to cum if you’re in a group; well I had to agree with that, you don’t want to be the only one wanking at the end. We had all burst out laughing hearing him say that, `so is that a yes’ I asked him and that horny little temptress said `you bet’. Josh looked at me and then at Carl, `first I have one question’, `go on’ I said to him, `you and Carl have the same tattoo on your ass cheeks, but they are slightly different, what are they all about’ Carl got up and we stood next to each other proudly showing off our arses and the tattoos of the devil with the trident. `They are different and the two on our friend’s Calum and Mark are slightly different too’ `why though? Josh asked. `Well, with the new Army Cadets, Mark fucks them first, Calum fucks him, Carl fucks Calum and I slid into Carl, with all our arses fucking the devil moves his trident stabbing it into the Cadets arse, well he looks like it is to anyone watching us fucking’ I burst out laughing as Carl added `we were all drunk it sounded like a good idea so we had it done’. `We will have to introduce you to Calum and Mark so you can see what you think of it in action, you can maybe watch in a mirror’ I winked, as Josh, Brandon and Walker all nodded. Until then let’s get this party started I said waving my cock at them. `You and Brandon start on Walker’, I said to Josh, `get on the bed Walker and show us all your cute arse, Brandon grab that Dildo again and show Josh how to use it on Walkers butt’ as Carl and I sat on the bed, Walker got on all fours escort izmit and leaned his front half on to the bed, his butt nice and high, his thighs nicely apart, his meat hanging, two decent sized balls and his cockhead just peaking below them. Brandon lubed up the dildo as Carl moved in front of Walker, I watched as Carl, with poppers in one hand, gripped either side of Walkers crewcut, his fingers enjoying the sensations before he pulled Walkers head up and said `sniff these and then get sucking’. Walker breathed the poppers deeply and then Carl pushed his inflating cock in to his mouth `suck it’ he hissed and slowly started to push and wank his cock into Walkers mouth, Brandon now had the dildo at Walkers hole, Walker seemed to tense, I laughed to myself as Brandon licked his fingers and smacked Walkers ass hard and pushed it in, it sounded like Walker choked a bit on Carl’s cock; I had taught young Brandon well. Josh had gotten on to the bed on all fours and had his face inches from Walkers butt watching the dildo fucking Walkers hole, Brandon climbed on to the bed alongside Josh. I watched him snogging Josh and then telling him to try, letting him hold the dildo as together they pushed it in and out of Walkers reddening hole. I watched Carl start to fuck Walkers mouth really hard pushing himself in deep, Walker spluttering and gaging, I sniffed some poppers myself and felt my cock start to stiffen. Before me two guys cute butts; only feet from me their holes winking at me calling me over, I took the poppers over and made sure the both took deep sniffs. I could see Josh really start to punish Walkers butt, thrusting the dildo all the way in and then pulling it all the way out, Walkers hole gaping as he did it. I couldn’t stop myself I lubed up my finger and slipped it into Josh’s ass, I slid in knuckle deep Carl’s cum oozing out against my hand, Josh grinned innocently back over his should at me again; little fucker. I pushed another finger in and a third, my other hand and fingers finding Brandon’s equally sloppy hole and with three fingers now in each of them I began finger fucking them both hard and fast. I leaned forward licking both of their arses as my fingers worked them hard, tasting first mine and then Carl’s cum. I could hear Brandon and Josh now too licking and fucking Walkers butt alternatively, ramming the dildo up it and then replacing it with their tongues. Carl, his cock rock hard, was carefully keeping Walker poppered up then offering his balls and bellend alternatively to Walkers mouth too suck and lick on and then pushing himself balls deep while Walker gagged and bucked his ass against the probing tongues and the dildo. Carl let go of Walkers head and came round to where I was, he tapped Brandon on the back and leaned into his ear `fuck him’, Brandon didn’t need told twice, he got himself close in behind Walker and slid his hard cock easily into Walkers hole, Carl got behind Brandon and pulled his cheeks apart, he licked along his taint and dug his tongue into Brandon’s hole, I was sure he could taste my cum. Carl had once identified my load out of a line of ten guys cumming in his mouth while in the cadets, as I watched, he licked his lips tasting them and with Brandon fucking Walker, Carl slid into Brandon only stopping when his balls slapped against his ass. I was still finger fucking Josh and could see he was watching first Brandon and then Carl, I wondered what was going through his head, I didn’t want him getting all jealous. I glued my mouth to Josh’s hole while holding poppers to his nose, my tongue snaking into him as deep as I could, then letting my lips pluck at those little balls and licking at his bellend; nice he did produce precum, it was so sweet, like sugar water. I picked Josh up off the bed and carried him to the other bed, I laid down on my back and with Josh on all fours next to me I pulled his mouth to mine and stuck my tongue into his mouth, now my large tongue didn’t leave much room for his and I could feel his lips gripping my tongue pulling on it, I reached back between his legs, gently squeezing his leaking hard cock and balls and let my fingers slide into him again, his ass was like a glove gripping my fingers, his inside smooth and velvety. I gripped my now hard cock and offered my bellend to his mouth, offering him more poppers `lick it, lick up that precum, dig for more from my piss slit’ I urged whispering to him. He sat on his knees his butt in the air his two small hands gripped my shaft slowly wanking me as he worked his tongue over my bellend trying to keep up with the precum bubbling up from my piss slit. I could see Carl was now really hammering into Brandon, who was sniffing more poppers and moaning like a whore. Walker pulled off of Brandon’s cock and turned round his izmit escort hard cock hovering inches from Brandon’s mouth, Walker deeply sniffed some poppers and then gripped his cock and wiped it along Brandon’s lips and then forced it into his Brandon’s mouth and took his revenge face fucking Brandon his balls slapping against his chin. Brandon was slobbering drool which was dripping from his chin as Walker pulled out, Walker then climbed on to the bed and offered his precum and saliva covered cock to Carl’s mouth, Carl leaned forward and began to suck and lick the boy juices from it as Walker pulled Carl’s head into his groin. I was starting to feel a bit left out, when Walker jumped down came over to my head and offered me his hard cock too, I sucked him hard using my tongue to squeeze more of his adolescent precum from his cock, savouring his sweet boy taste. With his cock covered in my saliva Walker moved again taking up position behind Josh, I nodded at him as he smeared his hard cock over Josh’s hole. I gripped Walkers hard cock and fed it in to Josh and once he was in, I slapped my hand on Walkers butt then griping his butt got him into a steady tempo fucking Josh’s hole. Josh groaned and carried on licking and sucking my bellend with even more vigour, Josh had barely stopped, he needed a bigger cock than Walkers to make him moan; I had to fuck him. Walker’s breathing started to get faster, he groaned thrusting forward. He could not stop his body emptying his balls into Josh’s pert arse and he stood juddering as his climax over took him and faded, Walker stepped back his softening cock slipping from Josh’s hole. I wasn’t going to miss this I picked Josh up and getting him astride me facing my dick , telling him to keep working my bellend, I brought his ass to my mouth once more, gripping and easing apart those two, now rosy peaches, my tongue licked out Walkers boy juice from Josh’s open hole. Lost in my pleasure, I suddenly felt a cock hitting my cheek, I looked up to see Brandon’s face grinning down at me, I flicked my tongue over his exposed red bellend and sucked in his hard 6″cock, tasting him once more on my tongue, another cock slapped on to my other cheek, I turned to see Carl’s 8″ cock dribbling precum and boy ass snot on to my other cheek, I pulled off of Brandon and allowed my mouth to take in Carl’s bellend, he held my head fucking it with his big cock as I hungrily licked it clean. Brandon had got hold of Josh and as Carl pulled out of my mouth, Brandon positioned Josh over my Face; Josh kneeling next to my left ear, his hard 4″, eleven year old boy cock and balls pressing against my mouth which I opened to receive him, as Brandon pushed his cock back into Josh’s hole and got into his stride I could feel Brandon’s balls slapping on my cheek as he pushed into Josh. Josh looked up at his brother Carl, who held poppers for him to sniff and stood, his hand on his hips, offering him his throbbing rock hard thick 8″ cock, Josh reached out steadying himself by gripping the base of Carl’s shaft with both of his hands, he was then able to take his Big Bellend into his salivating mouth. Carl rested his hands on his brother short spikey hair enjoying the sensations it gave him and pushed his brother’s head downwards filling his young mouth with as much of his cock as he dared. Josh’s eyes bulge as he was pounded from behind and spit roasted from the front, me sucking and licking on his hard cock and balls I had in my mouth. Brandon was sniffing poppers again sharing them with Carl, who was getting more and more aggressive with Josh’s mouth and throat. Brandon his head floating in a poppers haze, moaned loudly as Walker pushed the dildo into his ass, sending him over the edge too, he had been close with Carl fucking him but as the dildo hit his boynut, he began to spew his load in to Josh. As Brandon grunted and thrust forward, I knew I didn’t want to miss this and ran my tongue along Josh’s taint to his hole as Brandon pulled out, bringing his boy juice with him which I lapped up. Carl then moved round the bed and pushed Brandon out of the way, he pulled apart Josh’s reddening ass cheeks and with his tongue above and mine below we began supping at Josh’s yawning hole, licking up the cum as it dribbled out, sharing it on our tongues; fuck Brandon tasted good. The sight of Josh’s hole winking at him, soon had Carl lining his cock up to his brother once more, He gripped Josh’s hips, Josh who was still leaning over me but had lost his support was bent right over me perfectly presenting his hole, Carl steadily pushed his cock back in till his balls sat on his brothers pert cheeks, the sheer size of Carl’s cock going in forced out more cum which I licked up, running my tongue over Carls big balls as they banged izmit kendi evi olan escort into Josh with renewed purpose. Walker went back to holding poppers to Josh’s nose and snogging him alternately, Josh was grunting and moaning with each thrust of Carls cock, Carl started to thrust deeper and harder, as Brandon got down behind him pulling Carl’s cheeks apart he slipped his tongue into Carl’s hole. Carl had been enjoying his brother’s tight silky warm ass, but he could feel himself getting close too, fuckit he thought, as he felt his balls boil, his shaft spasm and his cock pumped its second load of the night into his brother. Josh looked exhausted, he was glistening in sweat, as I lay below him I felt him turn and get astride me once more, his mouth found mine and we kissed deeply, He leaned to my ear and whispered `now you’. `Hang on’ said Carl coming down from his high, `Greg you’re not fucking him’ Josh turned to Carl still standing by the bed and leaned up to his brother and kissed Carl on the lips `I want him too’ he whispered `he is too big for you Josh, he could damage you’ all I heard was `please Carl’. `fuck’ Carl said he looked straight into my eyes `Greg please go slow, don’t hurt him’. As much as I wanted to lay him on his back and fuck his brains out; that would have to wait for another session. I told Josh to get astride me and see if he could take my cock, then he was in charge. I don’t know if it was a wave of fraternal love that swept the room or what, but Brandon and Walker kneeled down on one side of the bed and Carl on the other as Josh stood up and slowly sat down, Carl guiding my cock to Josh’s hole, Josh sat down onto my bellend, Brandon held poppers to Josh’s nose and he sniffed deeply. I could feel my piss slit was against Josh hole, it was dribbling like an open tap, the rest of my bellend pushed against him, I began to think it was never going to happen, Josh looked like he was sitting on a stool, he bounced himself up and down, Carl holding my cock tightly at the base, Walker whispered to me to lay back and my arms back behind my head; which I did, even I could smell me, fresh sweat from all the fun I had been having, Walker rubbed his hand in my pit and placed his fingers to Josh’s nose `oh yes, oh yes’ he mumbled as he pushed himself down, I felt his ass muscle give way momentarily and my bellend was inside him. He cried out and I felt Carl feeling round his ass where my cock and Josh met, he checked his fingers and looked relieved, `Slowly Josh, slowly’ he repeated as he lent in and kissed his younger brothers lips, Brandon was smearing more lube up and down my shaft and at Josh’s hole. As he stretched to accommodate me and with Walker, refreshing his hand in my pits, Josh became more aggressive with his thrusts down on to my cock, each of the guys, took further turns kissing and encouraging him and in the end he bottomed out on my balls sac. Carl was feeling at Josh’s obscenely stretched hole, shaking his head `well done bro, well done’. Brandon moved over to me and our tongues met and we licked and sucked each other’s tongues, he brought a bottle of poppers to my nose and I inhaled deeply, my cock was in a tight warm tube, Josh’s muscles seemed to be rippling up and down it gripping and releasing, I could feel my excitement rising as he lifted himself up and down a few inch’s at a time, his love tube gripping my cock, my precum adding to the lube of cum he already had in him, he continued this for some minutes till he pulled up until just my bellend was in him and then kissing Carl once more, he smiled at me and dropped himself like a stone back down my shaft on to my balls, I didn’t stand a chance, my cum shot up my thick shaft and sprayed out deep inside him, my hips bucking out of control, pumping it deeper in to him, his little face grinning at me smiling as he rode my bucking cock. He sat grinning as the guys congratulated him, Carl locked lips with him and began to wank Josh’s hard cock, I could feel his muscles gripping my cock as Carl wanked him, Josh was soon panting and he spurted a couple of dollop’s of cum out of his cock, the first which landed on my lips, the second on Carl’s hand, first me and then Carl licked it up; it was so sweet. Josh smiled at us all and he raised himself off my softening cock, which made a lewd, sloping sound as it pulled out of him, dropping on to my thigh and balls, followed by most of my cum. Brandon and Walker leaned in to feast. Josh said `Who said you should never cum last if you’re in a group’ laughing and joined Brandon and Walker licking my balls clean. As Carl leaned down and kissed me, whispering `thank you’. Now this is the END. Please send me e-mails with suggestions, support and even criticism. I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing.

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