Subject: “The Fireman’s Son”, Chapter 53 Archive: “Fireman’s Son, Chapter 53” {Rob} (MBB oral anal) This chapter is the prelude to the story of Steve’s sexual involvement inside a school team. There are two more chapters covering more of the weekend at the meet that I wrote about in the intro of the last chapter. I have to do some minor revisions, bringing them into sync with the present time. After that, I have to start writing from scratch. I have lots of ideas, but getting them down on paper? That may take awhile! The next chapter will introduce the 25-year-old Kevin Jones, who I’m writing about in “Born to Serve” as a 19year-old. I have another chapter of Kevin’s 3 weeks as Pastor Mike’s sub almost ready to submit. Hope you find the Dad-Steve sex and the bus ride pleasurable. Rob at aol. The story is copyrighted by me in 2019 as the owner of it and all legal rights pertaining to it. (1) If you are not of legal age where you live, do not read this story! (2) Since this is an entirely fictional story, a fantasy if you will, where all the sex is bareback and the main character is in some potentially risky situations, it takes no notice of the dangers of recreational sex with multiple partners. In real life, BE CAREFUL and BE PROTECTED and DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at fty/donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen The Fireman’s Son Chapter 52 – On the Bus to Madison Friday before the big meet in Madison arrived. Steve woke full of excitement at the prospect of his first competition. He was even more excited because the coach had gotten permission for the team to leave from school and spend the night there since the meet started at eight o’clock Saturday morning. If they did well in the competition, they would stay over Saturday night also, since the final rounds for the teams who made it that far weren’t until Sunday afternoon. True to his word, the coach had fucked Steve or made him suck him off almost every afternoon after practice since the day on the wrestling mats. Steve’s mother had gotten used to him staying at school late for the “extra practice” with the coach Steve’s dad told her he had arranged. A couple of times Officer Johnson caught him in the locker room after the coach left and fucked his huge sausage up the boy’s eager butt. And one afternoon the coach called him into his office where he found both big men, one black, one white, waiting for him with their hard cocks sticking out of their pants. They took turns fucking his ass and making him take their monster poles down his throat for two hours until the coach told the raunchy boy he’d better get cleaned up and get home before his parents started worrying. One day while they were working out in the basement, his dad told him that the coach reported on his getting double-teamed by him and the black security guard. “I’m proud of you, son. I’m proud that you can take on Coach Thomas and Officer Johnson at the same time and satisfy them. Coach says Johnson has a really big cock.” “Yeah, Dad. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen.” “And you could take all of it up your ass and down your throat?” “Yeah. I took his cock the first time he fucked me after the coach used me and, I guess, loosened me up. It took me a couple of tries before I could deep-throat him, but I finally managed.” “When he was fucking you, did the coach ever do anything with your dick? Did he ever suck it like he did mine that day in the office?” “No, Dad. He did feel me up a few times when he was fucking me. I figured he was trying to get me to cum.” “Yeah. That was probably it. What about Officer Johnson? He ever mess with your junk?” “No. He did fuck me with his fingers a few times talking about those young punks shaking their big cocks, thinking they were so hot. How he had taken the down. Fucking them with his big fingers until he had broken them and they were groveling, begging him to fuck them with his big cock. It was pretty hot, hearing him ranting about all the young studs he had broken. A couple of times he was fucking me with his big thumb…You wouldn’t believe how big his fingers and thumbs are, Dad…his fingers went up and grabbed my balls.” “Did Coach Thomas ever suck Johnson’s cock like he did mine?” “I never saw him, but once he was fucking me…I was on my stomach on the floor…and I heard some sucking sounds from up above me.” While they were talking, Steve noticed his dad’s cock had stiffened up. Catching his dad’s eye, he glanced down and said, “You want me to take care of that for you, Dad. Mom’s gone to the store and won’t be back for a while?” Without waiting for an answer, he laid back on the weight bench, kicked off his escort bayan shorts and pulled his legs up in the air. “It’s all yours, Daddy. Fuck me. I need my daddy’s big cock fucking my pussy. I know you want it. Come and get it,” he said teasingly as he watched his big, burly dad drop his shorts and peel off his t-shirt. After running his eyes over his slutty son spread out offering his ass-pussy, the hairy, hard-muscled man stepped into the vee formed by his son’s legs and rammed his hard daddy-dick deep into his welcoming, hungry hole. He held his body up with his massive arms, his big hands on each side of his boy’s head holding on to the vinyl-covered bench as he pounded away at the tight hole. “This what you want, slut? This what you need, a big-muscled man over you, pounding his hard cock into your pussy? Stretching your tight hole, ramming up into your guts. On top of you so close that you can feel his heat, his hair scratching your body, his stud sweat dripping down on you? This what you want from your daddy and his friends and the men he gets for you and your jock buddies and teammates? Is this what you’re always gonna need?” “I don’t know, Daddy, but this is what I want, what I need right now. I may not need it always, but Tony made me know I need it now. And I’m so glad I have you for a daddy, that you understand and are willing to use me and help me. I’m so lucky to have a daddy like you.” As he lay in his bed stretching, his dad came into his room. He wore a short robe, which he untied and let fall open as he closed the door behind him. His half-hard cock was sheathed in what looked like an already used rubber. It glistened in the morning light and Steve could see a gob of white fluid trapped in the reservoir at the tip. “I just fucked your mom,” he said as he stood next to Steve’s bed. “You want to taste her pussy juices?” Steve raised up and eagerly took the slimy latex-covered cock in his mouth. It tasted salty and different from any pre-cum or cum he had ever tasted. By the time he had sucked long enough to get all his mother’s cunt-slime off the protective sheath, his dad’s cock was standing out straight, hard and throbbing. Steve pulled back and Captain Andrews pulled the rubber off and held it out to his son’s gaping mouth. He looked like a baby bird. His mouth wide open begging for the daddy-slime that was in the used rubber. Captain Andrews turned it up and let the thick, milky cock-juice slide out and pour onto the boy’s outstretched tongue. “That’s it, baby, drink your old man’s scum.” When the last drops were squeezed out by the man’s big fingers, he dropped the condom on the bed and shoved his hard cock into the boy’s hungry mouth and down his throat. “Suck your daddy’s cock and get another load. That’s a good boy! Make me come again! Just like your mother, make your old man spill his seed! Fill your tummy with all that good protein for breakfast!” It didn’t take long for Steve’s talented mouth to bring his father to a thundering climax. The satisfied man leaned down and gave his son a kiss on the lips, getting a slight taste of his own cum lingering in his kid’s mouth. “You’re a good boy. That pussy-mouth of yours always does the job, baby. You better get up and get ready for school. I’ve got to get back to your mother and wake her up, too. She always likes to take a little snooze after I give her a good fuck.” Steve dressed, packed what he needed for the overnight stay in Madison, and went downstairs to have breakfast with his mother. As usual, when he was off duty, his dad stayed in bed until after the two of them had left for work and school. It seemed like the school day would never end as class followed class. It did start out good. Mr. Jones, his first period English teacher, held him back after class for him the suck the handsome man’s morning load out of his thick cock. He had to give the boy a tardy slip to excuse his lateness to his next class. Steve had a hard time concentrating on his studies, but, since he was a good student, his teachers didn’t notice. Finally, last period came and the team gathered outside the gym, preparatory to boarding the special bus that was to take them to Madison. Steve was surprised when his father drove up and came over to join them. He carried a duffle bag over his shoulder. “Since I’m off duty this weekend, Coach Thomas asked me to help him corral you boys. You don’t mind, do you?” he asked his son. “Heck no, dad. Hey, guys! This is my dad. He’s a captain in the fire department,” Steve introduced his father to his teammates, secretly proud to be able to show off his big, masculine fireman father to the other guys. “Okay, everybody on the bus. We need to get rolling so we can get to the tuzla genç escort hotel and get checked in before time for dinner,” Coach Thomas yelled good-naturedly to the boys. Everyone scrambled in, the boys heading toward the back, pairing off to share seats. Coach Thomas and Captain Andrews stopped at the front and took seats together. “Hey, Andrews, come sit with me,” invited Mark Deacon, one of the senior members of the team who had grabbed one of the two seats in the very back of the bus. Steve, delighted to be singled out by the older boy, eagerly joined him. Across the aisle were two other senior members of the team, Jack Smalley and Peter Russell. The bus pulled out and the boys settled down for the long ride to Madison. It was already getting dark outside and none of the boys turned on the reading lights over their seats, most of them only interested in dozing, messing with their phones or talking to their neighbors. Coach Thomas and Captain Andrews were engrossed in their own conversation. They rode in silence for a few miles and the sky outside darkened completely. Mark spoke softly to the younger boy. “Jon and Jim White tell me that a guy can really have a good time with you.” He reached for Steve’s hand, carrying it over and placing it in between his outspread legs. Steve could feel the hardness of the older boy’s prick inside his trousers. He could feel the heat generated by the big cock and balls through the denim fabric. He looked up into Mark’s smiling eyes. “Go ahead, take it out and feel how hard and hot it is.” Steve glanced over toward the two boys across the aisle. “Don’t worry about Jack and Peter. They’ll keep watch out and you can take care of them after you finish with me,” the muscular wrestler said softly as he unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed the younger boy’s hand inside. Steve worked the thick, hard shaft out of Mark’s fly. He had often seen this cock the past weeks as they showered and dressed in the locker room. It looked about four inches long soft and Steve had secretly marveled at its thickness. It looked like a short beer can nestled in the thick dark curls of the boy’s pubic bush. Now, it was hard as iron and had expanded to about six inches. Steve’s mouth was watering as he lowered his head into the older boy’s lap and opened his mouth as wide as he could to take in the thick prong. He had to go slow, stretching his lips and lubricating the shaft with copious amounts of saliva, as he crept down until he had the whole thing buried in his mouth and throat. “Oh shit, Steve!” Mark whispered. “Suck that cock! Shit, that feels great! Fuck, Jon and Jim weren’t lying when they said you had a hot mouth! I’m about to shoot! Get ready to take my load, baby. I’m gonna fill you up. Take it all,” he groaned as he began to pump his hot teen jock cream into Steve’s hungry mouth. Gulping down the torrent of hot sperm, Steve sucked voraciously as the big boy trembled through his climax and then slumped, drained, into the seat. Having swallowed down the last drops, Steve rose up and leaned against the back of the seat as Mark stuffed his now-soft cock back into his pants. Steve glanced across the aisle at the other two seniors who had watched avidly as the younger boy went down on their classmate. Both of them had their pants open and were stroking their big hard cocks. Peter motioned for the younger boy to come over to join them. Mark said, “Go on. I’ll keep watch. Make them feel as good as you did me.” Looking up the aisle toward the front of the bus and seeing no one, Steve quickly slipped over and squeezed in between the two horny seniors. He immediately went down on Peter who was sitting on the aisle. As he sucked on his hard seven-inch cock, he felt Jack rubbing against his butt. “Unbutton your jeans. I want to feel the cute little ass of yours while you suck on Peter’s dick,” he whispered. Steve quickly unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his fly. Jack pulled the jeans far enough down to reveal the firm round globes of the boy’s luscious ass. Steve concentrated on sucking the big prick that Peter was pumping in and out of his mouth, his big hands pressing down on the top of his head, forcing the boy to take his iron rod deep into his throat. He felt Jack squeeze the cheeks of his ass and then press his hand down into the valley, searching for his tight asshole. Jack’s fingers found what they were seeking and he began to press on the tiny opening. Steve relaxed his sphincter and pushed back until he felt Jack’s thick finger pop into his shitter and slide up inside him. He wiggled back on the intruder as Jack forced another finger into the tight hole. “Fuck, man, you oughtta feel this little bitch begging for tuzla kendi evi olan escort me to ream her ass,” he whispered to his buddy as he forced a third finger into the young boy’s eager pussy. “Lemme feel,” the other boy whispered back as he reached over the sucking boy’s back and felt down between his spread-open cheeks. He found his friend’s fingers as they pumped and twisted in the stretched asshole. “Here,” Jack said as he turned his hand so that Peter’s fingers were resting in the cup formed by his palm, “stick a couple of yours in. Let’s see if he can take five.” Peter slowly worked his middle and forefinger in on top of Jack’s. Steve raised up off Peter’s cock and whispered, “You guys are gonna split me open. I can’t take any more.” “Oh, I bet you can. I bet that hungry ass of yours can take another one,” Peter whispered in the boy’s ear as he wriggled his third finger in to join the others. The two studs fucked in and out with their big fingers as the little boy writhed in between them. Jack carefully rotated his hand so he and Peter were knuckle to knuckle and then the two studs began to pull the boy’s ass wider and wider open. As they opened him up more and more, their hands went in deeper and deeper. “Let’s give him another,” Jack said as they inserted their little fingers and pressed down `til their thumbs were hooked side-by-side over the rim of the trembling boy’s hole, their fingers in to the second knuckles. They each pulled, forcing Steve ass open wider than the biggest cock he had ever taken. “Please, guys. Please stop. You’re ripping me open. Please take them out.” Steve begged, tears running down his cheeks. “What’s going on back there?” one of the boys sitting in the next row up asked, beginning to rise up out of his seat. Mark, who had been watching the lewd action across the way while he kept an eye out for anybody noticing what was going on, stepped out into the aisle and said softly, “Keep a lid on it, junior. The guys are just giving the new boy a little initiation. Sit down and mind your own business.” After ensuring that the potential interruption had been quashed, he leaned over and whispered, “You guys are getting carried away. You want us to get caught? Let up on the kid and just let him get you off.” During the interruption, his two tormentors had withdrawn their fingers from Steve’s abused asshole. Jack, not entirely put down, pulled the still weeping boy around and forced him down onto his hard cock. Steve, glad to have his ass relieved of the stretching fingers opened up and took the big ramrod into his mouth. “Get, that cock nice and slick, boy, `cause I’m gonna fuck that stretched-out little ass of yours and I don’t wanna hear no crying. The twins told us how much you like to take it up the ass and I’m gonna get me some of that.” Deciding that his cock was sufficiently lubricated, Jack pulled Steve off it and forced him around to face Peter. “Get down on my buddy’s cock and make him feel good while I plow that sweet ass of yours,” he hissed. Although he had been serious when he begged the two abusers to stop, Steve was now hot and ready to have his ass fucked by his rough older teammate. He went down on Peter’s still hard prick and stuck his ass up invitingly. Jack only took a minute to plunge his steely dick into the boy’s shitchute. “God damn!” he hissed. “This little cunt’s pussy is tight. Even after the workout we gave it, he’s tighter than any of the bitches I’ve stuck it to.” It didn’t take long for both of the big studs to reach their climaxes. Soon they were filling Steve at both ends with their copious loads of jism. When they were finished, Steve pulled his jeans up and slipped back into his seat next to Mark. The older boy put his arm around the younger boy’s shoulders, leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “I’m sorry about that, baby. I know Jack’s a mean dude, but I had no idea he would be so rough with you.” “That’s all right, Mark,” Steve said as he leaned against the older boy’s body. “They were hurting me, but, actually, I like it pretty rough, but I don’t care for some of the stuff Jon and Jim go in for.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I thought you would already know, since they told you about me. Please, don’t say anything to them, `cause I like them a lot and they’ve been real nice to me. They have big cocks and they’ve fucked me a couple of times since school started, but sometimes they go in for real rough stuff, with handcuffs and paddles and things.” “Shit, I had no idea they were into S&M,” the older boy exclaimed. “Who do they get to do it with?” “I don’t know, but they say there’re several guys at school who like it. But, even though I don’t like all the stuff they do, I do like an older guy to make me do what he wants and I don’t mind if he’s tough on me. Anytime you want me to take care of you, whatever you want me to do, just ask.” “You got it, little buddy. Now, let’s get a little rest before we get to Madison,” Mark said as he rested his head on Steve’s.

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