Subject: For The Love Of My Stepdad “Goodbye Terrell” This story contains explicit content and sex between men and minors. If this is not your thing, Why are you here? Go ahead and click off! Please donate to so this great site can remain to be free. “Terrell do we need to talk,” Dwayne asked? “I just need to process this.” Dwayne came in the room and closed the door and sat on the bed. He sat next to Terrell and put his arm around him. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, but yes, Justin and I do have a sexual relationship. It happened by accident but neither one of us can let it go, it seems,” he said reaching over to me and grabbing my hand. “Does his mom know?” “No! She might kill me if she knew I was having sex with her son.” “Do I get in on this?” “As much as you want son.” “Good, cause I can’t let my new little brother have all the fun with my dad.” “Well yall have fun with each other tonight. We’ll get together tomorrow.” Dwayne stood up and his dick was tenting the front of his boxers. Terrell grabbed it and Dwayne looked down at him and smirked. “If you wake him up, you gotta put him to bed.” “Nah I’m good. I see what Justin meant though,” Terrell said, getting up showing Dwayne his own dick, “I get it from my dad.” Dwayne looked at his dick with his eyes bucked open and grabbed it. “Damn son! My dick wasn’t this big when I was your age.” “Really?” “Yea. I didn’t get this big until I was 16, I think. But anyway, Justin, you have fun with this tonight,” he said waving Terrell’s dick at me. “Oh I plan on it,” I said pushing him out the door. “You putting me out?” “You said you not participating. I need to get to know my big brother and you are in the way!” “Ok fine. I’ll see you 2 in the morning.” Dad left out and left his 2 boys there in the room together, ready to get more acquainted with each other. I looked over at the bed and Terrell had his legs wide open izmit escort bayan and his dick hanging between his legs. I looked at up at him and he was looking at me with hunger in his eyes. This was gonna be a good night. The next day, 12 hours had went by and we hadn’t heard anything from Terrell’s mom. She hadn’t called looking for him or nothing. Terrell had just given up hope that she even cared about him. Dwayne wasn’t convinced though. He spent all day on the phone with lawyers and seeing what the options would be. He found out that we would have to turn Terrell over to CPS then have dad perform a paternity test to make sure he was indeed Terrell’s dad. We could tell by looking but they had to follow procedures. Dad’s lawyer friend knew people down at CPS that could speed up the process so Terrell wouldn’t have to spend no more than one night in there if we went ahead and called them. So he did just that. Within the hour, a man and a lady, along with a police officer from CPS came and talked to us and went ahead and the nurse, the guy, gave dad and Terrell the paternity test right there. But Terrell did have to go with them. But what the female agent said next shocked us. “Ok, once this comes back as positive, he can come back and he will be officially in your care.” “No fighting from his mother,” Dad said? “His mother called an attorney’s office yesterday and had papers drawn up to relinquish guardianship of him.” Terrell, mom, dad and myself stood there with our mouths wide open. She actually was gonna just make him go into the system. Terrell broke down into tears. We all comforted him and held him. “She didn’t want me. She doesn’t even care what happens to me.” Dad grabbed him. “Listen to me Terrell. We’re a family now. You got that! You’re my son and that’s all that matters. And when this test comes back and proves that, we can be a family forever. You hear me?” “Yessir.” izmit eve gelen escort “Now go get your things. You’ll be back before you know it.” Terrell and I went upstairs to get his stuff together. As I was helping him get his stuff, he came up behind me and hugged me. “I know I’m not gonna be gone long, but I’m gonna miss you little brother.” “I’m gonna miss you too, Terrell.” “I hate I haven’t got a chance to fuck your brains out yet.” I turned around and kissed him. “You’ll have plenty of time for that when you get back. Now come on before the come looking for us.” We finished getting his stuff together and we headed downstairs. The female agent gave us all the info we need for the next 24 hours. Where he would be, who would be in charge of him, all of that. After they handled all of that, we gave our see you laters, because this was not goodbye. He was coming back. I knew he was. But why was I crying when he got in that car? Why don’t I remember anything after that car disappeared around the corner. “Justin! Baby! Come on sweetie, wake up.” My mom’s voice came through to me. I opened my eyes and I realized I was in the living room. “Dwayne, he’s awake!” “Thank you God!” “Justin! Oh my baby! You scared me!” “Hey little man! How are you?” “What happened,” I said groggily. “You passed out baby,” Mom said to me. “I did?” “Yea baby boy. Scared your mom and me to death. We’re so lucky she’s a nurse. She knew just what to do.” “All of that goes out the window when it’s your own child,” she said sitting with me and holding me tight, “all I was concerned with was getting my baby to wake up.” “Ok mom I’m woke and I can’t breathe.” “Sorry baby! You gonna be ok?” “Yea I’m fine,” I said while Dwayne was bringing me some water. “Are you sure? Because I can stay home from work.” “Mom I’m gonna be ok. I guess I just got a little light headed.” “He’s izmit otele gelen escort gonna be fine babe. I’ll take care of the patient,” Dwayne said winking at me. I knew what that meant. “Ok. I’m gonna go. I’ll be back in the morning. Call me for anything. You hear me Dwayne!” “Yes baby. Go to work! He’ll be fine.” She kissed me goodbye and went out the door. Dwayne walked her to her car and I went to the kitchen to find some food. I was starving. I opened the fridge and bent over to look around. Then I felt someone come up behind me and rub something against my ass. “I wonder who that could be?” “I don’t know I wonder who!” I got up to look Dwayne in his face and he was smiling at me, that smile that made me weak in the knees. “Hey my sexy boy.” “Hey my sexy daddy.” He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him and we locked lips. While we were kissing, I thought of something. “You never gave me that surprise for my birthday you promised me.” “You must be reading my mind. It’ll be here in an hour or so. Now come on in the living room.” I was excited for my surprise. I had no idea what it was. But i just followed him in the living room. We sat on the sofa and Dwayne pulled his shorts down. His big thick dick slapped against his chest. “You feel like giving me a little head?” Like I would say no? I didn’t even answer. I just grabbed his dick and put my mouth on it. I started sucking and he started moaning. I was using my spit and tongue to make up for us not having Terrell. I was trying to make him feel better. This was already making me feel better so I had to work on him. I sucked and licked all over that massive dick. I made sure I paid attention to those big balls and that big mushroom head. “Slow down. You gonna make me cum before your surprise get’s here.” After he said that, there was a knock on the door. I looked at him surprisingly. “Why don’t you go answer it,” he said pulling his shorts up, concealing his large dick. I got up and went to the door and opened it. I was instantly embraced and covered in kisses. “Happy Birthday little cousin!” “DJ?!” Thank for reading! Please don’t hesitate to email me! I look forward ot hearing from you: hoo

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