Subject: H – Part 1 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women. Do not read it if this type of content offends you, you are under the age of 18 (or underage wherever you live), or if it is illegal where you live. The author holds sole copyright to this work, but offers it for free distribution as long as this paragraph is kept intact. Any and all comments welcome and encouraged! 🙂 Thx in advance!! 😀 — hoo Hearing the sound of a motorcycle outside my house, I quickly looked out between the blinds and saw a woman sitting there with her motorcycle idling. I could see that the rider was female because her leathers hugged her body in a way that made me drool. With her helmet on, I couldn’t see who it was, but I was sure it was no one from my neighborhood. She quickly removed her helmet and in the glow of the streetlight I could see her red hair spilling forth from the jet-black helmet. “H” I squealed, sprinting for the door and grabbing my jacket en route. I ran out the front door, down the steps and was wrapping my arms around her neck before she even had time to set her helmet down. “Oh my God, what are you doing here luv?” “Yer, well I thought I’d surprise ya babe,” she said in her thick English bursa escort bayan accent as I melted into a little puddle right there in front of her. Although we’d been talking online for months, I’d never before heard her voice. Just hearing her speak for the first time sent shivers down my spine and an intense tingling throughout other parts of my body. “Surprise me? How about give me a heart attack? Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming across the ocean?” “Well now, that wouldn’t have been much of a surprise, now would it?” “Hmm, guess not… but damn girl!!!!” She just grinned this really big, beautiful grin that only made me fall for her more. She leaned over and quickly kissed me then handed me the spare helmet from the back of the bike and said, “Get on babe” Well, she didn’t have to tell me twice or even threaten to twist my arm. I threw my leg over the bike and climbed on behind her while putting my helmet on quickly. She put her helmet back on and then said “where to babe?” I knew exactly where I wanted to go with her, and took her out the back roads to the Pacific Coast Highway, about an hour’s ride away. As I sat behind her giving her directions, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. It had been a dream of mine for nilüfer escort months, but I never believed it possible. In between giving her instructions, I just settled in with my hands wrapped tightly around her waist, my body pressed against hers, feeling every movement of her body in that tight leather gear. The combination of both her and the motorcycle between my legs was almost more pleasure than I could bear. I took her to a special place I knew where we could ride the bike right out onto the moonlit beach. We both took our helmets off while staring at the moonlight on the water. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear “It’s almost as beautiful as you are.” She blushed just enough that I could see it in the moonlight as I kissed her on her crimson cheek. She turned her head so that our lips met for the first time and I swear there were fireworks going off over the crystal calm water. The kiss was gentle and touched me in places I’d forgotten existed. Momentarily breaking the kiss, she spun her body around so that we were facing each other on the bike and pulled me close to her body so that I could feel the rising and falling of her chest with her quickened breathing. Our lips met again and this time it was an orchestra türbanlı escort I heard, as our kiss grew more passionate by the moment and our breathing became labored as our hands began to explore each other’s bodies. I started to kiss my way down the side of her neck, but found her leather jacket in my way. I took the zipper of her jacket in my teeth and pulled it downward, stopping about half way down. As I came back up, she had the biggest grin on her face that I’ve ever seen (wait ’til she sees me use that trick elsewhere). I finished unzipping her jacket and pushed it back off her shoulders and down her arms until it fell onto the gas tank behind her. Our kisses were becoming more passionate as she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around me. I kissed down her neck to that spot right where the shoulder and neck meet, that spot that drives every woman I’ve ever known absolutely wild. I lingered there, showering that sensitive spot with kisses and licks and nibbles and then moved on down her collarbone to that soft landscape between her breasts. I could feel her body starting to writhe with my touch, my breath, my lips, the tip of my tongue… Suddenly she pulled me back up to meet her beautiful, oh so kissable lips yet again. As our kisses became more passionate, and our breath became more ragged, I knew that we were not going to make it off this beach before we made love together. If you’d like to know what else happens between Max and H, on the beach or anywhere else, please let me know!!! hoo

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