Subject: Jacking-Off-with-Dad-07 Gay/Incest (M/m, mm, Mmm) I’ve read Nifty for 20+ years and would love to contribute to making (what I think) are higher quality stories. If you like my writing style and preferred themes, please email me at ail to request commissions. I’ll write the story you want to jerk off to, and share it on Nifty. Please contribute to Nifty by sharing a story or by donating. Thank you! __ Jacking Off With Dad by MasturbationBro Chapter 7 It was near the end of the summer and my brother was turning 16. To celebrate, my dad planned a camping trip. It was going to just be my brother Kyle, his friend Robbie, my dad, and me. My younger brother was pouty about being left out, but my mom decided to throw a big sleepover party for him with his friends from school, so he was pretty happy about that because he never had the house to himself when he had friends over. Thursday night we loaded up the station wagon with all of our camping gear and at 5 am we picked up Robbie and headed out of town. I sat up front with my dad so that my brother could hang with his friend in the back seat. I was going to share my tent with my dad and they were going to take the other one. We were heading to some property that was pretty remote that was owned by the grandparents of my dad’s friend from work, Mark. The grandparents had a cabin near a river and with a bunch of forested land, though we were not going to be at the cabin itself. They had set up a fire pit and some picnic tables on the other side of the property that the grandkids would use. They often lent it out to friends, too, like us. The grandparents liked their privacy, however, so we were going to be roughing it this weekend. No toilets or showers. I was a little nervous about that part, however it was going to be nice having privacy. We weren’t going to have to be around other families, and should have that part of the river to ourselves. I had brought my pillow in the front seat with me and dozed off right away. I was a little more alert when we stopped at a McDonald’s to piss and get breakfast. We still had another 2 hours to go. It was just after 7 am and the sun was already starting to feel hot. It was going to be a blistering hot August day. Everyone gölcük escort bayan had the windows cracked to keep the air flowing in, but the sound of the wind made it hard to hear people talking unless they shouted, so there wasn’t a lot of conversation. My brother and Robbie were talking about CDs and it looked like had my brother’s discman out and were trying to listen to the same song. The station wagon didn’t have CD player installed in it. I gazed out the window, just staring at the ranches that were interspersed throughout the trees. It was becoming denser with forest as we continued on. As usual the vibrations from the road were getting to my cock, and I distinctly felt the heat from the window hit the skin of my legs as my penis started to lengthen. “Whatcya thinkin about?” My dad asked. I looked over at him and saw the smirk on his face. I returned the smile, amused by our inside joke. Obviously, my dad saw my tent. He nodded toward the glove box with a silent expression that said, “Go ahead.” Did my dad really want me to pull out a porn magazine on the road, with my brother’s friend in the back seat? I mean, I knew my dad was pretty open with me so far. I’ve jacked with him a few times. It didn’t appear that he had ever jacked off with my older brother though, and my dad was pretty careful not to walk around naked when we had friends over, so I always assumed that what we did was just between us. But I suppose it would be hard for them to see into the front seat. The front seats were all one piece, like a bench, and the back went up pretty high. They wouldn’t be able to see into front seat unless they leaned over to look. They already jerked off with me anyway, so I guess it really didn’t matter if they caught me, but it might be weird if they knew our dad was ok with me jerking off in front of him. I decided to risk taking the magazine out. I mean, it wouldn’t have been a big deal of I was just simply reading one was there? I opened the glove box and was shocked to not find 1 magazine, but 4 jammed into the box. I looked at my dad and he was grinning widely, with an expression on his face not unlike a schoolboy who was excited that he just got away with a scam. I couldn’t pull kocaeli otele gelen escort one out without pulling all of them out. There was also a small tub of Vaseline at the bottom of the glove box. I took that out, too, just in case I decided to change my mind and wanted to jack. I picked the top one without looking much at the cover, and then crammed the rest back in. This one was full of blondes with big tits in tight fitting nursing outfits. I’ve come to realize that my dad’s taste in porn leaned towards ones with stories. Sure enough, the photos started with the bimbos checking the guy’s heart rate while he ogled her titties, and then progressed to the nurse giving him a sponge bath where he got hard and then the nurse used her massive tits to jack his penis off right there on the exam table. My penis was full blown hard at that point and my dick was getting uncomfortable being restrained in my shorts. I looked back at my dad and he had that same look on his face, like he was telling me to go on and continue. There was hardly anyone on the road. I glanced down at his package in his shorts. He was obviously freeballing. The meat of his cock was straining up against his shorts and there was already a wet spot from his precum soaking through the material. I placed the magazine down on the seat between us and tried looking at my brother and his friend through the mirror. It looked like my brother was dozing off behind me, and Robbie had put both headphones on his ears and was just staring out the window, slowly bobbing his head to the beat. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled my underwear beneath my balls. Removing the pressure provided instant relief and more blood flooded my cock head. Using some spit, I got the tip of my dick wet and slowly rubbed into my helmet. I kept applying some spit with my right hand while I turned the pages with my left hand. Pawing at my dick in the car was adding an extra element that made it hotter. Potentially getting caught, being out in the open, where a passing truck driver could see me or surprising the guys in the backseat was thrilling. It made the blood pump into my cock harder. I was also aware that my dad was watching me. kocaeli sınırsız escort Though in the past he looked at me when he beat off here and there, he was mostly focusing on his own bate. This time, he couldn’t beat off while he was driving, his attention divided by the road, the porn, and my cock. This extra attention to my cock filled me with pride. My own fucking dad, hairy like a gorilla, masculine as fuck, was watching me beat off. He challenged me to jerk it in the car, and I accepted. Now I had to prove to him how much I have learned in the past couple of months. I opened the small jar of Vaseline and slathered it on my red penis. I was intensely aware of the thwack thwack sound I was making, but I was too into my penis to worry if they could hear it in the back seat. I looked over at my dad’s face. He was silently egging me on, watching me intently. Every now and then he would swerve a bit to stay center on the road. I wondered what he thought of me as he watched me jerk. Was he proud of his boy? Was my dad happy that he created a son who was into his boy penis the way my dad was into his adult version? A truck passed us. If he looked over to the left, he’d see me jerking my cock. I watched his face as he drove past, silently daring him to look over. He never did. I glanced back at my dad, and he was eyeing the truck driver, too, perhaps he had a small look of relief on his face for not getting caught. When he made eye contact with me, he flashed a smile. He knew what jerking in public like this was doing to my bate. He looked at me again and mouthed the word, “Cum.” I picked up speed. He mouthed, “Do it! Cum!” My cock responded to his silent command and squirted up towards my face, hitting my chin, and dripping all over my shirt. I panted silently, still cautious to not let my brother and his friend know what I was doing. I didn’t have a towel, so just pulled up my shorts enclosing my cummy cock in my underwear. I wiped my chin off the sleeve of my shirt. “That’s my boy,” my dad mumbled. I heard Robby sniff the air. Perhaps the air from the windows blew my scent to the back seat? I told my dad that I needed to pee. He said that he had to pick up some supplies anyway. We stopped at a gas station at the next exit, and we all took piss breaks. If they noticed my cum stains on my clothes, they didn’t say anything. We joined my dad inside the store where he proceeded to buy ice and two cases of beer. My eyes bugged out. That was a lot of beer for one weekend. I wondered what other surprises my dad had in store.

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