Subject: Little Me Chapter 5 Little Me by RJ This simple, multi-part fiction involves the developing sexual relationship between an adult and a minor — specifically an uncle and his young nephew. If you are offended by this type of material, do not read. Please note that the author does not endorse such relations in real life. If you have any comments about my work, or even just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to message me. As always, please support Nifty in any way you can. ~ CHAPTER 5 ~ Tanya takes full advantage of my offer to babysit Eli, especially since I take the initiative to help around the house and let her rest when she needs it. It’s not like I have responsibilities. I don’t have a job yet (thanks to my parents’ steady donations), so my life revolves around establishing my own personal routine as well as spending time with my family. I find that my interests now are much more tame than they used to be: reading, maybe some writing, walking or hiking, doing puzzles, constructing things, and making art if I feel up to it. Even though I was more artistically inclined as a kid, at some point after my teenage years, I sort of lost interest. But Eli brought that back out of me. Sometimes, if I’m over the house while Wesley is at work, Eli and I will sit in his room and comb through old magazines to use for cut-out collages. He says that’s his favorite thing to do with me (other than “the fun stuff”). After we start another batch of collages (I decide to make a landscape, and he’s halfway through an interesting mosaic face), I need a break, so I collect all the scraps and bring the pile downstairs. Tanya’s in the kitchen, waiting for the water to boil in the kettle. “‘Scuse me,” I say, and she steps slightly out of the way so that I can get to the garbage can. “You kids having fun?” she asks, smiling at me. “Oh yeah,” I say, tossing the scraps away and then standing up straight. “Think that’s our fifth collage in the past few days alone.” She laughs. “He’s been telling me all about it,” she says, giving me a look. “I’m so glad you’re here, Leo,” she says suddenly. I notice how tired she looks. “I’m glad I’m here too.” “I know I tell you all the time, but you’ve been such a big help, and you’ve been so good with Eli,” she says, almost sounding relieved. “It’s been tough with Wesley working all the time and me looking like this,” she adds, pointing to her stomach. I chuckle. “I’m happy to help in any way I can. Honest.” She bites her lip. “Can I bother you for another favor then?” “Sure.” “My back is killing me, and I was planning on making dinner, but I’m really, really, really not up to it.” She pauses, looking at me. “Do you want me to cook?” “Could you please?” she asks, sounding desperate. I expected a bigger favor, but after all, being pregnant takes a toll on a woman’s body. I’m sure any chore she can avoid is a blessing. “Not a problem,” I say, smiling at her. I’m no master chef, but I can handle myself in the kitchen. And I make a mean lasagna. I whip up some garlic bread and a salad for the table as well, and by the time Wes gets home, I’m just about finished. He comes into the kitchen, already talking. “Is Leo here agai–?” And then he cuts himself off, pausing at the sight of me. “Tanya’s not cooking?” he asks. I glance at him curiously. What was he about to say? “She’s resting. Something about her back, I think,” I say, stirring the sauce. He looks a little… I don’t know. Disheveled, I suppose. Which is strange, considering he’s always riding that fine line between overtly masculine and jarringly metro. I’m always the “unkempt” one — unshaven, tired-looking, slouching. He’s always clean cut and classy. “Everything okay?” He blinks. “Yeah. Yeah. Just a rough few days at work.” “Wanna talk about it?” I ask. “Nah. I mean… No. No. Maybe later.” He’s acting strange, especially with the way he looks at me. I notice the same thing at dinner — I find him eyeing me with narrowed eyes no matter who’s talking. I can’t tell what he’s thinking about. Did I do something wrong? Unless… No. No, it can’t be about Eli. He would have murdered me by now. That is, if he had proof. But maybe he’s suspicious. Once dinner is over, Wes immediately heads upstairs. I speculate what the deal is while I clean up the dishes, but my worries about Wes are pushed to the back of my mind when Eli asks if I want to finish up our collages. So we head upstairs and work on our art, helping each other a bit. I end up staying with him for a few hours. We chat and work on our little art pieces for half the time, and the other half, we spend fooling around. We kiss. A lot. Almost like high school sweethearts, in a way. And he’s become so good at it, so how could I say no when Eli asks for some kisses? I’m more than happy to provide. After I say goodnight to him and shut his door, though, Wes catches me. “Leo,” he whispers sharply from down the hall, and I jump slightly in surprise. “Christ, Wes,” I say, running my fingers through my hair, my heart pounding. I really hope he didn’t hear anything. Eli and I weren’t being loud, were we? “Come here for a sec,” he says. He sounds off, but I can’t very well ignore him, so I nervously head down the hallway into his little office space. His work away from work. It looks a bit of a mess — there are files scattered all over the place, and the little trash bin is overflowing with crumpled pieces of paper. The stress is apparent. Usually this space is pretty organized. He shuts the door and I stand in front of his desk, shifting on my feet. What’s this about? He stands nearby, crossing his arms a bit and not meeting my eye. “So. I need to ask you something.” “Okay,” I say, waiting for him to continue. “And I want you to be dead fucking honest with me.” Again, I wait for him to finish talking, but he just pauses again, looking at me. “Leo, what’s this–?” “Look,” he says, cutting me off by holding his hand up. “I don’t want to make assumptions. But I want to speak to you, man to man.” Then he looks at me. “Think you can do that for me?” There’s a little bit of a hostile edge to his tone, and his eyes, they cut. I feel like I’m about to be interrogated. He must have suspicions about me and Eli. What else would this be about? Fuck. Fuck fuck. My heart starts racing again, and my palms feel a little clammy. “Sure,” I say, trying to sound as strong as possible. I feel like I might start sweating profusely at any second. “I know you’ve been spending a lot of time here,” he says eventually. I nod a bit, trying to stay still, but my leg keeps twitching. There’s another pause. Then: “Especially when I’m not here,” he adds. Is he angry? I can’t tell. I’m too busy freaking the fuck out. “What are you getting at?” “I just want you to be honest, Leo.” He stares at me for a while and then just starts to speak, but he stops himself. He’s reevaluating his words, I think. I’m not sure. But his pauses between each sentence are making my anxiety fly through the goddamn roof. “Just spit it out, Wes,” I blurt out. Let this fucking end. “Are you sleeping with Tanya?” I freeze. Everything freezes. What did he just say. “Huh?” Me and Tanya? Where did that come from? “You and Tanya,” he says insistently. “Are you two fucking?” I blink a few times, shaking my head to clear my thoughts. “Wait. You think me and your wife are… sleeping together?” “Just answer the question, man–” “Dude–” I start laughing, mostly out of relief. Pure fucking relief. This is much more manageable of a situation. “I– No, I’m not fucking your wife,” I say, trying not to laugh more than I already am. He stares at me for a long while, looking me right in the eye, and eventually he decides to believe me. He sighs heavily, his tough demeanor being taken over by a tired, shameful version of him. He groans a bit, rubbing his face. “I’m sorry, bro. It’s just, work’s been tough lately and Tanya and I have been fighting so much and she’s always talking about how much of a great fuckin’ help you’ve been and… Shit, I’ve been buggin’ out, man.” He rubs his temple with his fingers a bit. I sigh a bit. “It’s okay.” “I know you’re not fucking Tanya,” he says, almost as if to himself. “That’s insane.” “A little,” I say with a slight laugh. “Just… I’m sorry. It’s the stress of the job and the baby and… Just fucking ignore me,” he says, shaking it off and standing up a little straighter. “Pretend we never had this conversation.” “Already forgotten, man.” “Okay.” He smiles slightly, putting a hand on my shoulder. “But for the record, don’t fuck my wife.” We both share a good laugh about that, and for me, it’s mostly because I feel released. I’m still in the clear. Sure, Wes, I won’t fuck your wife. Can’t say the same about your kid though. He catches me up on the details of what’s going wrong. Apparently his company is in a serious bind, but I don’t understand legal jargon, so I just nod and let him rant. The work stresses bleed into his marriage, and the pregnancy isn’t helping keep their stresses at bay. I just let Wesley drone on. He seems like he just has a lot to get off his chest, and when he’s done, he takes a huge breather and apologizes, saying “I’ve droned on long enough.” We hug and say goodnight, and I head downstairs to get ready to head back to the lake house. As I go down the stairs, I notice that the TV’s on in the living room. I just see the light from the screen illuminating the room, and can just faintly hear vague noises coming from the box as if on its lowest volume setting. And when I come down the stairs, I see Eli kneeling close to the TV, studying whatever he’s watching. When I’m at the bottom step, I can see the screen clearly. I should have guessed it was porn. “Eli!” I say automatically. He jumps in surprise, gasping and turning to me. “Sorry, sorry!” he says quickly, standing up and blocking the screen from my field of vision. “Not this again–” “I thought you left!” “What about your parents?” I say, crossing my arms over my chest. “They’re right upstairs.” “They stomp when they walk,” he explains. “I just turn it off when I hear them coming.” I almost laugh. This kid has got it figured out. Guess this is how he’s managed to peruse his dad’s collection without getting caught. He pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and then looks down at his feet. “I’m sorry.” I sigh through my nose. I suppose it’s a bit nonsensical of me to chastise him for watching porn one minute and then let him suck me off the next. “If you’re not sorry, don’t lie izmit escort about it,” I say, coming into the living room. I sit myself on the couch and beckon him over. “Come here,” I say, patting the spot next to me. He brightens up immediately, hurrying over to join me on the couch. “What are you watching, anyway?” He shrugs. “I found more of Dad’s tapes. He has a lot.” “Apparently,” I mutter, shaking my head. “I haven’t seen this one yet.” As I watch the screen, it looks unfamiliar to me, too. Granted, though, I haven’t exactly watched a lot of porn in my day. “Neither have I,” I say with a smile. On screen is just a simple straight pairing, with the camera focused on vaginal penetration. If I listen closely enough, I can just barely tell that the woman on screen is moaning her heart out to the beat of a shitty 70s soundtrack. “What’s it like having what girls have?” Eli asks me suddenly. I look at him. “A vagina? I don’t know,” I say with a slight laugh. “Can’t say that I’ve had one.” “Well, obviously,” he says matter-of-factly. Then he asks a slightly different question. “What’s it like putting your dick in it, then?” “It’s pretty great,” I tell him. He considers this for a moment. Then: “Do you think they get pregnant a lot making these videos?” How observant of him. “Maybe,” I say. Truthfully, I don’t know much about the porn business, but I’m sure they take precautions. “It could happen.” “You can’t get pregnant from your butt, right?” I snort. “Right.” “In one of the videos, the man put his dick in her butthole.” I arch my eyebrows a bit. “Is that so?” “Yeah,” he says, shifting slightly. “I didn’t know you could do that.” I scratch my jaw a bit. “It’s not the go-to for women, usually,” I explain. “It’s usually a… well, a boy-boy thing.” “Boys? Really?” he asks, looking up at me. “Yeah.” I lower my voice slightly, glancing at the stairs. “Remember when I used my fingers and you said you felt extra good?” He nods eagerly. “Boys have this special little uh… button in their butts that girls don’t have.” He looks at me skeptically. “That sounds like a dumb lie.” I laugh, patting his thigh. “I promise I’m not lying. It’s called a prostate.” “That’s so weird,” he comments. He glances at my body. “So you have one too?” “Every boy– Every male does,” I tell him. “Some girls still like getting fucked there, though. Even though they don’t have that little button.” He giggles, probably at me swearing. As if he’s not used to it by now. “She liked it,” he says, glancing at the TV. “She’s an actor. She’s paid well to pretend to like it even if she doesn’t.” “I feel like it would hurt,” he says before turning to me. “Right?” I shrug. “It can, if you don’t do it right. Though I’ve never had something up my butt before,” I say, nudging him gently. He thinks for a moment. “Well, have you done it in a girl’s butt before?” I laugh. “Uh, yeah. Once or twice.” He seems to find that funny and giggles slightly at the thought. “I bet you were nice about it,” he says. “Some of the men in the videos are mean.” I find it strangely endearing that he thinks I’d be a nice fuck. “I try to be nice,” I say. “You’re nice to me.” Then, he asks another question that seems to pop into his head. “Do you think you’d even fit me?” My mouth gets suddenly wet and I have to swallow my saliva. “I… uh… I don’t know, kiddo.” He doesn’t ask any further questions about it, as if it was just a passing curiosity. But my mind is fixed on that question. Eventually, he asks me if I’m hard, and I tell him that I am, but I don’t tell him that it’s not because of the porn. It’s because of what he asked. Would I fit him? He asked me like he was asking about a new pair of clothes. So cute. And God, how I’d love to find out. That’s the final frontier. “It’s the only thing we haven’t done, y’know,” I say him after a moment. He looks at me. “What?” “Fucking,” I say, pointing to the screen. “Really?” he says, looking surprised. Then it seems to dawn on him. “You’re right! We did everything else that’s in the videos.” He smiles a bit. “So if we did that, then we’ve done everything?” “Well not everything everything,” I say with a laugh. “But all the basics, yeah.” “We should do it,” he says. We should do it. Exactly what I wanted to hear. We can’t talk about it more though because, sure enough, I hear loud footsteps stomping down the hallway upstairs towards the staircase. Eli gasps and rushes over to the TV, shutting it off. I chuckle a bit, standing up and giving him a nice hug and sneaking in a quick kiss before I head back to the lake house. Almost every time I see him after that, he ends up asking me when we’re going to “do it.” I just keep telling him “Soon, buddy. Soon.” It requires proper planning. For one, I have this dying need to deflower him in his own bed — in my childhood bed. I don’t know why, but the thought popped into my head one evening and now I can see no other way to do it. But it’s made difficult because Tanya is home so often now, and even when I’m babysitting, there’s not really enough time to dedicate to it — because I want to do it right. I even buy him a small, inconspicuous toy for him to practice on — mostly just for him to start getting used to that stretched feeling before the time comes. When I’m at the lake house and Eli’s at home, I sit up at night and jerk off thinking of him in his own bed, legs spread, his little fingers pushing that mini dildo into his tiny pink hole, exploring where I want to so desperately sink my dick into. The image is enough to get me off, but I’m craving the real thing. And he’s eager to try. And then, towards the end of summer, I get the magic call. It’s a little after 10 PM, and I’m washing dishes I’ve neglected for days when the phone rings. I dry my hands on a small towel before picking up the receiver. “Hello?” “Leo! Thank God.” It’s Wes. “I couldn’t reach you on your cell.” “Sorry, I was just cleaning up and– Wait, you okay?” I ask curiously. He sounds odd. “Yeah. Yeah, just… Kind of an emergency,” he says. I hear him moving a lot, shifting or something. I can’t be sure. Then I hear a grunt, and a car door shut. “Tanya’s water just broke.” “Seriously?” I laugh. “Holy shit!” They weren’t expecting the baby for almost another week. “I know!” he says excitedly. “I’m rushing to get some things toge– HOLD ON!” he shouts, probably at Tanya. “Christ. Okay, forget it. Long story short, can you watch Eli?” “I mean, yeah–” “You guys can 100% come to the hospital once, y’know, Tanya’s done pushing a baby out of her fuckin’–” He grunts as if he’s lifting something, sounding slightly out of breath. “But Eli doesn’t need to be there, and I obviously need to be there for Tanya, and I’d love you forever if you–” “Yes, yes,” I say, interrupting him. “Go be with your wife,” I say. “I’ll take care of the kid.” “You’re the fucking best, dude,” he says before quickly hanging up. I wonder how long this will take. When she was in labor with Eli, it was a 32-hour ordeal, so I just pack a couple changes of clothes and some overnight things before driving off to the house. Wesley really left in a rush because the door isn’t even locked when I get there. I chuckle slightly, locking up behind me and setting my bag by the door. “Eli?” I call out, but I don’t get an answer. It’s late, and if he managed to sleep through Tanya’s water breaking, he’s probably in bed. I head upstairs to check on him. I slowly open his bedroom door and peer inside. I can see him across the room, sleeping soundly in his bed, and I smile a bit. His body is half draped over the edge of the mattress, so I sneak in to readjust him, gently rolling him onto his back and tucking him in. He stirs slightly but otherwise doesn’t wake up, and I lean down and kiss his forehead before turning to leave. I bump right into one of his easels. I swear and try to catch it, which only makes matters worse — in my attempt, I end up pushing the easel down faster, which causes it to fall on the hardwood floor with a loud crash. “Fucking hell,” I whisper, bending down to pick it up. “Uncle Leo?” I turn around and see that Eli is rubbing his eyes before he looks at me. I sigh. “Sorry, buddy, I didn’t mean to wake you.” “What are you doing here?” he asks before grabbing his glasses and putting them on. “Your mom and dad went to the hospital,” I say, resetting the easel and putting his canvas back on it. “What? Why?” He sounds nervous, so I reassure him. “No, no, it’s not like that. The baby’s coming,” I say with a smile, joining him on the bed. “You’re about to be a big brother.” He seems to wake up instantly. “Really?” He grins widely. “Can I meet her?” I laugh. “Not yet. They’re gonna call us when we can go visit.” “Cool.” He rocks in the bed slightly, clearly excited about the prospect of having a little sibling. “How long does it take?” I shrug. “It depends on a lot of things. We just gotta be patient.” “I hope it’s soon,” he says, messing with his hair a bit before he looks at me. “I hope I’m a good big brother,” he says. “I know you will be.” “Do you think it’ll be hard?” I smile. “I don’t know. I only know how hard it is to be the youngest one,” I say. “I would say, just make sure she gets lots of love from you. Okay?” “Okay,” he says, nodding. “Promise me.” I hold up my pinky. He smiles and curls his little pinky around mine. “Alright,” I say, tousling his hair and then pushing him back down on the bed as he laughs. “Get some rest. I just wanted to check in on you.” “But I’m not tired now,” he says. “Pretend to be tired,” I say, smiling. “G’night. I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” “Okay,” he says. I take his glasses off for him and set them on his nightstand before carefully heading out of his room. I grab a spare blanket and pillow from the linen closet downstairs and then retire to the couch. It’s pretty warm, so I take my shirt and pants off, just relaxing in my boxers. I switch on the television and flip through the channels a bit, settling on something random. I’m only half-watching it, too busy thinking about the baby to pay attention to the television. They still haven’t picked out a name for her yet, so I wonder what they’ll choose. I know my mom was gunning for “Gail” since that’s her name, but I’m praying they choose something different. I hear Eli come down the stairs after a while, and I watch him as he comes into the living room, wearing his favorite matching-plaid pajama set. He comes and joins me on the couch. “I thought I told you to get some rest,” I yahya kaptan escort say with a smile. “I can’t sleep if I know you’re here,” he says, leaning his head against my arm. “Whatcha watchin’?” “Nothing,” I say, lifting my arm and putting it around him so he can snuggle closer to me. “Nothing good is on.” “We could watch a movie,” he suggests. I laugh. “We’ve seen every single one of your movies already. Some of them twice.” “Nuh uh,” he says, smiling and gently pinching my side. “There are still lots of movies you have to see.” “Well, regardless, it’s too late to watch a movie,” I tell him. He sighs dramatically. “You’re boooring,” he drawls. “Go back to your room then if you’re so bored of me.” “No,” he says simply, nuzzling up to me more. I feel his hand on my torso and when I look down, I watch his fingers play with my chest hair. It’s one of his favorite pastimes. “Hey, Uncle Leo?” he asks. “Hm?” “Are you my boyfriend?” I make a weird noise between a laugh and a cough because I simultaneously choke on my spit when I inhale too sharply. “What brought that up?” I ask, clearing my throat. He shrugs. “I don’t know. Jimmy’s brother said–” “Oh, here we go,” I say. He pauses. “What?” “You listen far too much to Jimmy’s brother.” “He knows stuff.” “I guess, but–” “And that’s why I’m asking you.” I sigh, smiling. “Alright, alright, fine. What did Jimmy’s brother say, huh?” “He said that if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you love them and kiss them and do sex stuff with them and hang out a lot.” I wait for him to continue. “That’s it?” I ask. “Yeah.” I laugh. “I guess he’s not wrong.” “Does that mean you’re my boyfriend then?” I smile slightly to myself. “Is this you asking me to be your boyfriend?” “I guess so,” he says, smiling up at me. I comb his hair with my fingers lightly. I find it cute that he wants me to be his boyfriend. “The thing about couples is that they’re… well, public,” I say. “And you know we can’t do that.” “Oh.” He looks disappointed for a moment before he comes up with something. “Well, we can be secret boyfriends. Right?” He’s so adorable. I chuckle a bit. “Secret boyfriends, huh?” “Yeah!” he says excitedly. “And we can get matching rings.” I laugh. “That’s for marriage, buddy,” I say, patting his thigh. “One step at a time.” He giggles a bit. “I don’t wanna marry you. That’s crazy.” I pretend to look offended, and I speak in a funny, girlish voice that is always sure to make him laugh. “What, you don’t like little ol’ me?” He laughs. “Don’t make that voice.” “You don’t think I’m pretty? Is that it?” He can’t stop laughing. “Uncle Leo, stop–” “Well I didn’t wanna marry you anyway,” I tease, tickling his side, and he squeals slightly before pressing up against me to shy away from my hand. “I’m breaking up with you,” he says, his face close to mine. I laugh, abandoning my southern belle impersonation. “What? Why?” “Because you’re dumb,” he says with a little smile. “Am not.” “Yeah you are. And weird.” “Well we can’t all be as smart and cool as you,” I say, rolling my eyes. He just smiles. “Nah, you’re the coolest.” I smile back. “You think so?” “Yeah. And you’re not dumb. I was just kidding.” I chuckle. “Alright, well what about me being weird? Were you kidding about that too?” “Nope. You’re still weird,” he says, but he giggles slightly. “Little bastard,” I say with a laugh. “Don’t know why I put up with you.” “Because you looove me,” he says, resting his chin on my shoulder. “Ehhh,” I tease, chuckling and rubbing his back gently. “Maybe.” I turn my face to his and he looks at me for a moment before leaning in and pressing his lips against mine. I can’t help but laugh slightly when he does, and he pulls back, looking at me as if he did something wrong. “What?” “Nothing,” I say. “It’s just… You like kissing a lot, huh?” He blushes a little but smiles, shrugging. “Only you.” “You sayin’ you’ve been kissing other people?” I ask, grinning. He laughs. “That’s stupid. I don’t wanna kiss anyone else.” Then he pokes my chest. “And you shouldn’t kiss anyone else either because you’re my boyfriend now.” “Yes sir,” I say, giving his side a little squeeze. He squirms lightly and giggles. “Good. Now kiss me, please.” I snort a little, glancing at his lips. “Where?” I ask, leaning in and kissing his cheek. “Here? Or, maybe here?” I move my lips lower, kissing his neck. He laughs, trying to push me away. “No, not there–” “How about here?” I ask, planting my lips on his collarbone as I start to undo the top buttons on his fancy little pajama shirt. I move my lips a little lower, kissing his chest before moving back up to face him. “Not there?” He has a little flush in his cheeks, but he smiles slightly. “All you do is tease me.” I laugh. “That’s not true.” “Yes it is,” he says, his eyes flickering to my lips before they go back up to my eyes. “Alright, I’m sorry. I won’t tease you anymore tonight. K?” He nods a little, biting his bottom lip before leaning right back in. This kid is insatiable at times. He presses deeply against my mouth and I feel his tongue trying to get against mine. I hold onto him tight with one arm, kissing him back at his preferred pace. And then, I feel his hand on my cock. I grunt a bit against his mouth, and he stops when he notices that I haven’t gotten hard yet. “Can I watch it grow?” he asks. I laugh a little. “Sure, but hurry,” I say. Any more touching from him and I’m sure to get hard quick. He hops off the couch and waits for me to tug my boxers down to my ankles before kneeling between my legs. He adjusts my dick so that it’s resting against my thigh, and then, he waits. He’s watching intently as sexual thoughts run through my head. And then, it hits me. We could do it tonight. Right now. This could be our chance. The thought of fucking Eli makes my cock start to inflate. As he watches, I pet his head gently, and he nuzzles into my touch a bit but never once looks away, not even for a split second. Once I’m almost fully hard, he picks it up, swinging it gently in his fist. “That’s so cool,” he says. Like this is a science project. He gives my cock a few strokes before leaning forward and letting those pretty lips of his wrap around the head. I moan out softly, spreading my legs a bit more as I watch him. I’m still not used to the sight of him like this. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem real, watching my cute little nephew get lost in sucking cock. MY cock, no less. His movements have become more purposeful. His tongue, more precise. He usually ends up salivating way too much but even that I find hot. I lick my lips, moving my hand to the back of his head and having him take me a little deeper with each stride. I hit the back of his throat each time I bring him down, and he falters slightly. “Atta boy,” I encourage him. “C’mon.” I hold him in place a little harder as I push my hips up as well. The head of my cock sinks into his throat and he gags. I moan, swearing softly before he tries to pull back. Sighing, I let him go and allow him to cough and regain his breathing. “You good?” I ask him. “Yeah,” he says, wiping tears out of his eyes and panting slightly. “C’mere.” I beckon him up to my lap and he climbs on top, straddling me. I lean in and kiss his lips a couple times before starting to undress him. I undo the rest of the buttons on his shirt before pulling it off of him. As I let one hand slide over that smooth torso of his, my other hand works its way down against his crotch. I grin to feel that he’s hard, and he moans out a bit, immediately grinding up against my palm. I bite my lip as I slip that hand right into his pajama pants and briefs. I rub his cock with my fingers, and his eyes close as he moans softly, his fingers gripping my arm tightly. “Did you take a proper shower tonight?” I ask him. “Mhm,” he says, licking his lips. “Good boy.” I stroke his hard pecker for a minute before I work my hand further down. I slide my palm over his balls, massaging them for a brief moment before my fingers head for their goal: his hole. As soon as my middle finger makes contact, he lets out a little whimper, clutching onto me more tightly. I tease his hole, adding a gentle amount of pressure before I lean up and kiss his neck. “What do you say,” I start, adding another kiss to his cheek, “that we try something new tonight?” He pulls back and looks at me. “Really?” he asks, a slight smile on his lips. “Like… fucking?” I laugh a bit. “Yeah, like fucking.” I give his butt a nice squeeze. He nods eagerly. “Let’s do it.” I peck his lips before patting his side, signaling for him to hop off my lap. “Let’s do it in your room,” I tell him. He stands up, waiting for me to join him. I get up too, my hard cock swinging around as we head up the stairs and into his bedroom. I don’t think I could get any harder than I am now. Is this really about to happen? He climbs onto his bed and I join him, kissing his chest lightly. I start with those little nipples of his, teasing one with my fingers and lapping at the other simultaneously. He squirms a little, breathing heavily before I make my way down. I strip him nude, sliding his pajama pants off of his hips and then slowly removing his briefs (even though I like how he looks in them). His dick is rock solid too, and I grin a bit, moving my lips down to wrap around that sensitive appendage. He moans as soon as he feels my tongue. I take him fully into my mouth, coating him with my saliva. But as much as I like making him feel good this way, I have other plans I’m eager to see through. I pull off, licking my lips. “Turn over for me, kid,” I say, giving his thigh a little slap. He obliges, rolling over onto his stomach. I lift his ass up, and he adjusts so that he’s on all fours. I lick my lips. “Beautiful,” I say, leaning forward and biting one of his cheeks gently. He laughs, but those laughs quickly turn to moans once my tongue finds his hole. I run my hands over his sides and his ass as I lap at him eagerly. His instinct is to keep his hole clenched tight, as usual, but I take my time with my mouth, circling the rim until he’s wet enough for me to force my tongue in. He lets out a noise that’s between a whimper, a laugh, and a squeal as my tongue slips into his boyhole. I grip his sides tightly, keeping him in place so I can dart my tongue back and forth properly. I pull back when I need a real breather. “Where’d you put the lube I got you?” I ask him. “Um. In the drawer,” he says, pointing to the bottom drawer gebze escort of his nightstand. I hop off of the bed, searching for the lube and finding it under a few notebooks. Right next to the little dildo I bought for him. I smirk slightly, seeing that the lube has definitely been used a few times. I get behind him on the bed, popping the cap and squirting a little directly onto his hole. He flinches slightly from the cold but otherwise stays still as I work a finger around and then into him. I push my middle finger inside, and he takes it silently. God, he’s so tight still, even after a whole summer of fingering. I hope he’s been using that dildo. “You been using that toy I got you?” “Yeah,” he says, looking back at me slightly. “You getting used to it?” I ask. “Yeah, I think so,” he says breathlessly when my finger gets a little deeper. Then, he gasps when I add a second finger, tensing up. “Relax, relax,” I tell him, rubbing his back gently. Slowly, his body gets used to my fingers again, and I feel him submitting to me. “That’s it,” I say, running my hand over his body soothingly. I finger him lightly before having him get on his back again. I shift between his legs get nestled up against his ass. I lift one of his legs and he holds up the other as I pour a good amount of lube onto my dick, toss the bottle to the side, and then stroke myself. I moan a bit, the wet noises practically echoing off the walls from all that lube. It’s necessary though. Eli will be a tight fucking fit. God, I can’t believe this. My cock is throbbing in anticipation. “Uncle Leo?” I look away from my cock, glancing at Eli. “What, baby?” “Do you think it’ll still hurt?” he asks me. I see that he’s getting a little nervous. I smile softly. “I’ve got you. Okay?” He nods slightly. “I just need you to breathe. Breathe and relax.” As my middle finger slides back down to his hole and eases its way into him, he clenches on me a bit before relaxing more. “O-okay.” “Think you can do that for me?” I ask. He nods. “Ye– Yeah.” I lick my lips a bit before shifting into position, holding his leg up a little more as I grip my cock tight and rub it against his hole. It’s right there, pink and virginal and practically begging for dick. A perfect little boy pussy. My heart is racing so hard I can hear it in my ears. I bite my lip, concentrating on his pucker as I target my cock and push the head against it. I start gentle and then gradually add more force when he won’t budge. Damn it, Eli. Let me in. And then, finally, the head slides in. My eyes instantly roll back a bit as I moan out softly, gripping Eli’s leg tightly. I have to use every ounce of restraint not to just bury my whole cock inside him. Though I don’t even know if I could — that’s how tight he is. I start pushing forward and he gasps out, starting to whine a bit. His body recoils at the penetration, and he starts sliding away from me but I keep him in place. I look up. His face is flushed red. “Breathe,” I tell him. “Breathe, Eli.” He gasps out but it comes out a little shaky. “It hurts,” he says, his voice wavering. “I know, kiddo, just relax,” I tell him, looking back down. My God, my dick looks so huge right now. This is crazy. “Uncle Leo…” “Shhh.” I bite my lip, tuning him out for a moment as I push forward. It’s an incredible sight, watching my cock stretch his hole and slowly, slowly try and bury itself inside him. As I get deeper, his warmth envelopes my cock even more. The more dick I give him, the tighter he feels. Maybe it’s because he’s wiggling so much, like he’s trying to get away from me. I groan, my whole body feeling hot. I’ve never felt a hole like this. Ever. “You feel so fucking good, Eli,” I groan. I pausing after getting maybe a little less than half of my cock in him. He’s crying. I can see the tears rolling down his cheeks, even though he’s not sniffling or anything. “Can we stop?” he whines. “Just relax, Eli.” “Please?” I can’t stop now. I just can’t. I have to see through this to the end. Which means I have to try and guide him through it. “Just push back on me, Eli,” I tell him, trying to explain how he can make it easier for himself. It takes a bit of coercion, praise, and pep-talking to get him to listen over him nearly begging me to take it out. He even starts audibly crying a little, but I keep my cool and talk him through it — which is amazing considering I just want to plow my fucking cock into him. Maybe next time. Soon, he composes himself enough to listen to me. He pushes back on me like I told him to, and I can feel him resisting less. “That’s it, buddy,” I say, cheering him on. I take advantage of the opportunity and push in more, slowly, inch by inch. I’m so hard that it almost hurts. Maybe it’s because he’s so tight. I’m practically fucking winded — that’s how good he feels inside. “That’s it,” I keep saying. I go in as deep as I can get my dick to go before I feel resistance — nearly all the way. I let out a heavy breath before starting to pull back. Eli gasps out almost immediately, arching his back and letting out a few shaky, whiney moans. He’s clutching the sheets in tight fists, mouth open and eyes closed. It doesn’t look like he’s in pain. Not until I push back forward. He seems to like the feeling of my cock sliding back out of him. So I vary my thrusts, giving him short bursts of cock before very slowly dragging my cock back and drawing out that sensation for him. I reach up and wipe the tears off his cheek, cupping his face a little. I can’t even speak anymore. I go back and forth between watching my cock and watching Eli’s face. On his face, there seems to be a few different expressions: pain, confusion, worry, but hints of pleasure as well. And when I look down to watch my cock slide in and out of him, I notice something. Eli’s cock is hard. I’ve been inside him for probably ten minutes, and only now is he stiffening up again. I smile slightly before reaching down to grip his cock for him. He mewls immediately, looking down at my hand wrapped around his boner. I thrust a little deeper than before, and he cries out a little but otherwise keeps it together. This kid. He’s being so tough about this. I take one of his hands and guide it to his crotch, wanting him to make himself feel good while I focus on his ass. I spread his legs a little more, shifting so I get a full view of the penetration. And what a beautiful sight it is to see my cock nearly buried inside his boy pussy. I wish I had my phone so I could snap a quick picture. I pull back slowly and then thrust back in, his hole clamped tight around my thickness. I gradually find a pace that’s manageable for Eli but also enough for me — fast enough to keep me excited, but slow enough for me to not cum too fast. He doesn’t tell me to take it out anymore. Doesn’t tell me to stop. Just keeps lazily stroking his cock as I make a man out of him. I know to really seal the deal, I should make him cum first. That’s been a thought in the back of my head, and when I finally (somewhat) get used to the incredible feeling of Eli’s ass, I turn my attention to him. He’s still half-stroking himself. Still hard, but he probably can’t focus with my hips thrusting back and forth. So I take over for him, licking my palm and then giving him a firm grip as I stroke him. “Do you think you can cum?” I ask him. I shouldn’t have bothered asking. Nearly as soon as I touch him, he moans out louder, and just a few moments later, he starts to cum. I feel his cock pulsing in my hand, yes. But the far more intense sensation is his hole repeatedly clenching down on my cock. Milking it. As far as I know, that’s his body’s way of telling me to cum, too. “Cum inside me, Uncle Leo.” Not that I have a choice in the matter. A couple clenches later and I feel my cum practically racing through my cock. I gasp a bit, pressing a little deeper almost instinctually and holding Eli down as I fill him with my load. “Jesus– Fu–” I grunt, trembling slightly, unable to see straight. I keep blinking but I feel almost dizzy with how intense my cumshot is. Once I come to my senses, I breathe out, shaking my head a bit. I look up at Eli. He looks positively exhausted. I bite my lip and then very, very slowly pull out of him, noticing how wet with lube and cum my dick looks. Once I get to the head, his hole pushes me out and closes with a sloppy noise, though it’s leaking a bit of my load. I lick my lips a bit. His hole looks redder and a little puffier than before. He’s gonna be sore as hell. I rub his inner thighs and look up at him. He’s sniffling slightly, rubbing the tears out of his eyes from under his glasses. “Hey,” I say, crawling over to lie beside him. I grab his side and bring him to me, and he cuddles up against me immediately. “You okay?” I ask, stroking his hair as he presses his face into my chest. “You did so good, champ.” I hear him sniffle again a bit. “I did?” “Better than good,” I say. “You were amazing.” As I massage his scalp soothingly and rub his back with my other hand, he seems to think about what just happened. “It felt so weird.” I can’t help but chuckle. Weird. His favorite word. “Weird how?” “Weird like… I don’t know,” he says. “Stuffed?” He looks up at me. “Like when you eat too much. That feeling, but in my butt. And it hurt.” “It just takes practice,” I assure him. “Like anything else.” I stroke his cheek a little and he nuzzles into my touch. “Did it feel okay after a while?” He nods a bit. “Yeah, kinda.” He rubs his nose. “It felt good for a little bit of it, I think.” “You think?” I say with a grin. He shrugs. “I got confused ’cause it was bad and good.” I sigh. “Yeah, I know,” I say, making sure I give him as many soothing touches as possible. “How did you feel?” he asks me after a moment. “Me?” I laugh. “Fuckin’ awesome.” He giggles slightly. “Really?” “Really really.” I smile. “I haven’t felt that good in a long time.” He blushes slightly. Maybe because he knows he did that for me. “So now we’re really boyfriends then?” he asks after a moment. I chuckle, nodding. “I suppose we are.” “Cool,” he says, smiling, his eyes looking heavy. “You look sleepy,” I say. “I am now,” he says after a moment before yawning. “Okay. Want me to let you rest, then?” He bites his lip. “You’re gonna stay here, right?” I smile. “I will if you want me to.” He just nods a bit, grabbing the blankets and then pulling them over us. He practically pins me against the wall as he cuddles up to me. He even makes sure I have my arm wrapped around him the way he likes it, and I laugh, lifting his leg over my hip so that there’s lots of body contact. I kiss the top of his head and keep him snuggly in my arms. He falls asleep quickly, and after replaying the whole scene in my head a few times, I fall asleep too.

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