Subject: my son in the bar-42 ****THE FOLLOWING STORY CONCEPT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AND CREATED BY THE AUTHOR [email protected], WHO GRACIOUSLY ALLOWED ME (NPHILLYDOGG) TO CONTINUE AND COMPLETE HIS TALE. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL EITHER ONE, OR THE BOTH OF US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. THANK YOU FOR READING**** _________________________________________________________________________ MY SON IN THE BAR-42 [This story narrated by Jimmy Little] I got a big cock, and I know it [runs in the family]! My mom has bare baby pics of me playing with my penis when I was only 6mons! My cock was always oversized, even in elementary when I used to compare cocks with my friends! Mine was always bigger, even bigger than some of the older boys who would get jealous and start hating on me! My dad sat me down early on and told me the responsibilities `guys like us’ have in society, how we’re the ones responsible for helping make the world go round! He told me about `the birds and the bees’, and told me about how guys are like a pack of wolves, and how the `alpha wolf’ always lead the pack! `The Alpha Wolf is alpha because he had a big cock’ he told me, `he dominates all the male wolves in the pack, keeping them in line so they won’t challenge him! Sometimes you might have to pick one of the pack members to use as an example, turning him into one of your harem mates to show the others your power as a dom!’ I watched my dad spew his authority around the house [particularly if he was drunk], grabbing my mother and forcing her over the couch or onto her knees where he’d face or cunt-fuck her until he came in her! Mom would always try to fight him off, but dad was over 250 pounds of thick heavy muscle, easily tossing her around into whatever position he wanted! Sometimes he’d fuck her right in front of me, telling me to `beat it’ before grabbing her and roughly manhandling her! I could barely get out of the room before he had his cock in her mouth or stuffed up her cunt, ravishing her roughly as he groaned in grunted in sluttish pain! Sometimes I stay and peek in on them, watching dad fuck mom as he pounded her mouth or ass! Mom would always [ALWAYS] stop fighting and start moaning as if her pussy was on fire! Dad would fuck her for nearly an hour, pounding her tiny body until he grunted and collapsed on top of her! OR he’d roughly pull her head into his groin and cum down her throat, making her swallow ever ounce before falling asleep with his fists twisted up in her black hair! I would run off to my room and jack off, shooting blanks as I had dry orgasms! I learned to dominate guys as I got older, taking my dad’s advice as I got on the football teams in junior high and high school, surrounding myself with my very own pack! I’d experimented dominating several guys [in school and after school], but none were as slave worthy as Shawn Harris! When I first met him I thought he was the cutest boy I’d ever seen, even more pretty than most girls in class! I hated that I was attracted to him, I hadn’t been physically attracted to the other guys I dominated, I only fucked them over cuz I could! But Shawn…I couldn’t keep my eyes off him as he walked through the lunch room looking for someone to chill with! At first I beat him up, taking out my anger for liking him out on him as I punched him in the gut and watched him cave to the ground like a demolished building! Shawn was scared to death of me, but was too scared to tell any of the teachers that I was beating him up! One day I caught him walking home from school, and I pulled him down under a bridge to beat the pulp out of him! He fell to his knees [dropping his books] and begged me not to hit him! He looked so cute on his knees begging, that my cock got hard instantly! Shawn saw my erection and couldn’t stop staring at it! “You gay…?” I asked, as he looked up at me as if caught! I grabbed a fistful of his pretty blonde hair and yanked his head back hard! “I asked you a fuckin’ question, queer…!” I yelled! “n…n…no…” said Shawn! “…I…I dunno…” “Wrong answer faggot!” I said, pulling his face into my crotch, grinding against his face! My cock got rock hard as I smeared his face in my groin, demeaning him! I expected him to fight back, to try to escape the indignity, but instead he allowed me to keep humping him! After a minute or so I felt him wallowing his face in my groin without me forcing him! I shaved him back on his ass as he stared up at me scared! It was THAN that I noticed the tiny lump in his pants, as his dick was hard too! “Oh…so you LIKE that, eh fag…?” I asked, unzipping my pants! I saw him licking his lips as I hoisted my hard-on out into the open! I hardly had to tell him what to do, when he was on his knees, opening his mouth to swallow my dick…! “Wait bitch…” I said, stopping his descent by pushing at his forehead with the palm of my hand…! “…did I SAY you could suck my cock yet…?” “uh…no sir…!” answered Shawn! `Sir’ eh…? hmmm, I liked that! I released Shawn’s head, allowing him to continue with his descent as he took the head of my dick in his mouth! I was only about 12 at the time, but my cock was already over 7 inches, Shawn suckled the fat head in his mouth for a moment, then swallowed me whole! I knew instantly that the little hoe had a lot of experience sucking cock! I fought back a satisfying moan [not wanting him to know how much his excellent mouth was affecting to me], as I let him wallow his face in my groin, his face pressed into the sprouts of my newly growing pubic hairs! Shawn churned my cock around in his throat for a few moments before pulling back, dragging his pretty pink lips back up my hard shaft, suckling about the fat flaring head! His mouth felt so good, that I couldn’t resist roughly grabbing his head and fucking his mouth, pulling his face into my groin as I thrust into his face, burying my cock with every thrust! Shawn looked a little caught off guard, but he didn’t fight or resist as I fucked his face, right there under the bridge while people and cars rode and walked by, unaware of the 2 adolescents below fucking face and getting cock sucked! I hammered hard at Shawn’s head, locking my fingers into his blonde hair as I slammed my pelvic bone into his face, my cock fucking well down into his cock sucking throat! “Yeah bitch…SUCK that cock, boy! Suck it!” I encouraged through clenched teeth, fucking his face as hard as I could! I fucked his mouth for what felt like an hour, but was really probably only closer to 5 full minutes before I felt my orgasm hit! Gripping his hair tighter, I nearly pulled his hair out at the roots as I slammed his face hard and rough, battering his face and lips before spearing my cock all the way into the back of his throat with one last thrust! I held Shawn’s face plastered in my pubes as my cock swelled, throbbed, and strained, then started spurting hot bursts of creamy cum straight down the back of his throat! “AAARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHGGG…!!!” I screamed as I came, busting the biggest load of my life [I’d just started shooting sperm around 1 year ago! Shawn gasped and gargled as he accepted my warm load down his throat, smashing his face closer in my groin to insure he got every drop! He milked my cock like a baby would a milk bottle, pulling back for air only after I let go of his escort izmit hair! I pushed him back on his ass once more, then tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped up! Shawn looked like he’d just lost his best friend as I hid my cock back behind its zipper! Without saying another word, I walked off, heading home and leaving Shawn sitting on the ground with the taste of my sperm in his mouth! The next day I made him suck my cock again, then started up a regular suck session [getting my own private personal cocksucker] until I started sharing him with my friends! NOW I thought of Shawn as me and my football buddies stalked Richard Peachtree’s dad! We’d successfully fucked Shawn’s dad [Mike] and Duane’s dad [Mason], and now had our sights on Rich’s pop! Richie wanted his dad fucked and turned because he was strict on him about curfew! Yeah, I thought it was a lame reason to want to see yur dad gangbanged too, but whatever floats yur boat! Richie gave us his dad’s itinerary, so we knew what time he got home! We waited for him in his garage, all wearing stocking caps over our faces [like bandits]! When he drove into the garage in his Volvo, we jumped out of hiding and physically overtook him! Mr. Peachtree was about 6′, 155 lbs with short chopped blonde hair, a trimmed waistline, and pale skin! It took only a moment to physically restrain him and wrestle him back into the house where we already had a place prepared for his gangbang! We gagged him first, then threw a bag over his head so he couldn’t see us! We literally RIPPED off his clothes, then physically dragged him into the master bedroom where we laid him on his back, tying his hands and feet up over his head [his legs hiked high in the air and tied overhead by his ankles], exposing his ass! I wished Shawn was here so he could eat Mr. Peachtree’s ass [like he did Mr. Mason’s], but he wasn’t, so I had to improvise, using my newest team bitch: Tony! Tony wasn’t too hyped about eating another man’s ass, but he was already becoming a good cocksucker and an excellent ass fuckee, so eating ass was the next logical step to making him into the next `Shawn!’ Tony stripped naked, then removed his stocking cap and climbed onto the bed with Mr. Peachtree! Peachtree squirmed about in bed, struggling with the ropes we used to tie him down! Tony stared down at his fuzzy asshole, hesitant to stick his face between another man’s sweaty cheeks! I walked up beside him, then physically cupped the back of his head before shoving his face down into Peachtree’s ass! “EAT that fucker’s ass, bitch…!” I ordered, as Tony started licking! We were prepping Richie’s dad for fucking, but all our eyes were focused on TONY’S brown ass as he bent forward on his knees, his face pressed down in Mr. Peachtree’s butt while his own butt was hiked high in the air! There wasn’t a soft cock in the room as we all stared at Tony’s ass, all having the same thoughts as we all wanted to ram our cocks up his butt! But we were here for Richie, not us! Tony may not’ve been an ass eater persay, but he soon got into it as his tongue attacked Mr. Peachtree’s asshole! Peachtree squirmed as he tried [unsuccessfully] to dodge his ass from Tony’s drilling tongue! I could tell Tony was getting into the ass eating more and more when he reached up and manually SPREAD Mr. Peachtree’s ass cheeks with his hands [pressing his face further into his butt], AND when his cock started getting hard underneath him! I could SEE Tony’s cock stiffen and swell to its full 7 inches as he ate ass, pushing his tongue deeper as it darted in and out of Mr. Peachtree like a tiny cock! Richard couldn’t stand watching his dad struggle anymore, as he ripped off his stocking cap, walked over to the bed, lifted his dad’s hood up to his nose [keeping his eyes covered], removed the gag in his mouth, then jacked off over his face until he was painting cum gobs over his dad’s gasping mouth! As soon as the gag was removed from his mouth, Mr. Peachtree started begging us to let him go! “Please…don’t DO this…! I…I have a wife…! A son…! They’ll be home shortly! Please, let me go…!” he begged, as Richie climbed up onto the bed with him and held his father’s face steady with one hand, while jacking his 7.5″ pale white cock with the other! He was super horny seeing his father struggle submissively, his legs tied overhead with one of his best friend’s faces shoved between his cheeks, eating his hole! Rich started to cum almost instantly, aiming the load down over his dad’s blonde mustached lips as the cum spurt across his face and into his mouth! Mr. Peachtree could taste the cum entering his mouth, as he tried to turn his head and spit the contents out! “EAT IT!” shouted Richie, slapping his dad across the face to show him we meant business! Mr. Peachtree stopped resisting and swallowed the cum in his mouth, eating his own boy’s load! Richie slapped his cock against his dad’s mouth, making the man suck the cum residue off his cockhead! Tony was having a ball eating Mr. Peachtree’s ass, but time was wasting and we needed to get this show on the road! I pulled Tony back from Peachtree’s butt, and anointed his virgin hole with lubricant! Mr. Peachtree knew what was coming next, as he spat his son’s cock from his mouth and started begging us NOT to fuck him! “No…no…please…not THAT…!” he begged, as I rammed a curious finger up his ass! “ARRHHHHH…!!” he screamed as his sphincter muscle was breached! “Shit, he’s tight…, do YOU want to do the honors…?” I asked Richie [who was busy slapping his stiff cock against his dad’s face]! “Oh HELL YEAH…!” he said excited, scrambling into position as he got between his dad’s legs and aimed his cock up against his asshole…! He paused for a minute as he reached up and grabbed the top of his dad’s hood…! “I want him to SEE this…!” he said, before yanking his dad’s hood off and exposing all of us in the room! Mr. Peachtree blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the daylight [after being plunged in the dark under the hood for a while]! He looked around the room at us [recognizing a few guys, –particularly me], then up at his son…! “Richie…?” he asked [sounding almost unsure], just as Richie rammed his cock up his ass! “AARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” he screamed as his virginity was stolen! Richie rammed nearly balls deep up his dad’s lube slick hole, before the anal muscles clamped down on his cock, stopping his descent! Determined to get all of himself inside, Richard pulled back about 4 inches, them rammed all the rest of the way inside, burying his cock balls deep! Mr. Peachtree threw his head back in pain, and screamed at the top of his lungs! Fortunately they lived in a rural wooded area, so no one could hear his dad scream! “R…Ri…Richie…WHY…??” asked the father, as Rich pulled back and started fucking! “Because…” said Richie, not really knowing why himself! “…you never let me stay out with my friends…! You’re too strict with the curfew…!” “Curfew…?” asked Peachtree, unsure he was hearing correctly…? “W…we could’ve TALKED about curfew…!” he said, reasoning that he didn’t have to get manhandled and raped to see his son’s point about wanting to hang out later…! Richard looked stupid as he realized he’d gone too far…! “Sorry dad…” he said, offering izmit escort an apology! “…but it’s too late now…, you’ve been targeted…! We HAVE to fuck you now…!” Richie continued fucking his dad, pulling his hood back down over his face so he wouldn’t have to stare down into his shocked and confused eyes! Richie’s cock never limped as he fucked, still excited about seeing his dad tussled up so! We took cell phone video of Richie’s cock sliding in and out of his dad’s cunt, his tight gripping asshole choking the shit out of his son’s erection as Richie [after only 5 or 6 minutes of fucking] started to cum…! “Fuck…oh fuck…” he gasped, realizing [too late] that his orgasm was here, ramming all the way into his dad’s ass and unloading…! “…ARRHHHHH…!!” Mr. Peachtree could feel his son squirming around on top of him, and realized he’d just climaxed in his ass! Richie kept his dick buried in his father’s cunt for a few minutes before finally pulling out! I selected Duane to go next, seeing how HIS father inspired us to rape more dads! Duane climbed up onto the bed and added more lube to his 9″ cock before aiming it up against Mr. Peachtree’s anus! “Oh god…” groaned Peachtree, feeling a second cock press against his asshole! Duane waited a moment as Peachtree’s anus flexed in fear of penetration, then rammed straight in when the man least expected it! “AARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHGGG…!!!” screamed the man, getting speared by Duane’s massive prick! Duane settled in on top of Mr. Peachtree as he sheathed his entire cock [feeling the asshole spasm and squeeze around his deeply embedded rod, trying to oust him], then started fucking, sliding in and out of the sperm lubed man-cave! Peachtree struggled against the ropes securing his ankles, wishing his could lower his legs and fight for his virginity! Duane leaned in over him and started fucking, pumping his hips back and forth as he thoroughly rammed his rod in and out of the gripping ring of fire! On the other side of the room, I pushed Tony down onto the floor to act as buffer for the guys, keeping our dicks hard and wet for Richie’s dad! The guys [myself, Dennis, and Peter] surrounded Tony as he took turns sucking us! Mine was the first cock he sucked, stretching his sexy lips around my ramrod as he painted my thick hard shaft with his spit! Dennis was next, as Tony pulled off my cock and slid onto Dennis’s! Dennis had a fat 8 incher that filled Tony’s mouth nearly as much as mine! I could tell he liked sucking the linebacker’s prick by the way he savored it, constantly looking up into Dennis’s face to see if he was enjoying his mouth…? Peter was the next to get sucked! The freckled redhead stood with his hands on his hips as he watched Tony’s mouth envelop him, sucking him into his oral cavity! Tiny swallowed Peter’s peter to the balls, burying his nose in his red pube hair as he nursed hotly on his cock! Peter couldn’t help shooting a load accidentally down Tony’s cock sucking throat, as Tony hallowed in his cheeks and wolfed the fresh nut down like a hungry man! “Damn…” cursed Peter, not meaning to feed he fellow footballer…! “…he’s good…! I didn’t mean to cum that quick…!” “Good thing you did, though…” I said, as Tony finished him off, then moved back over to me…! “…now you can fuck Mr. Peachtree longer…!” By now Duane was leaning in over Peachtree in pushup position, slamming his hips down into his ass as he sank his cock in and out of the spread ass under him! Peachtree sounded like a broken record as he groaned and grunted constantly, wailing like a banshee as his ass got fucked! The hood rose up slightly, allowing him to peek up at the black guy fucking him! Duane’s eyes were closed as he concentrated on beating his dick through the older man’s ass, hammering at his asshole with long deep strokes! Duane drilled Peachtree with a steady hard fuck [feeling the older man’s gripping asshole suck his shaft like a milking fist] until he came…! “Oh fuck…” gasped Duane as his orgasm snuck up on him! “…I’m bout to bust my nut…!” “UHHG…! UHHG…! UHHG…! No…UHG…! No…!” grunted Peachtree, peeking up at the teenager fucking him! Duane’s face twisted painfully just before he rammed forth, burying all thick 9 inches bone deep! “Arrhhhh…! I’m coming…!” he yelled, shooting thick ropes of hot cum up Richie’s dad’s ass! “ARRRRHHHHHHHH…!!” Peachtree groaned aloud when he felt Duane cum inside him, feeling the black guy’s swollen dick pulsating in his gut as it dumped a huge wad inside him! Duane felt instantly drained as he pulled out, making room for the next man! Dennis Mooney was next, a thick corn fed trailer hunk who climbed up in-between Mr. Peachtree’s legs and aimed his fat 8″ cock up to his hole before pushing in…! “URRHHHHH…!!” grunted Peachtree, feeling the 3rd cock slide into him! Dennis had been getting his cock buffed by Tony for the last 10-15 minutes [along with me and Pete], so his cock was well pretty excited when he slipped into Mr. Peachtree’s hole! Dennis felt his cock sliding through the older man’s cum lined rectum [Peachtree’s anal walls locking and sucking his cock tightly as he slid through], and only got a couple of strokes before he yanked back out! His cock was already throbbing as he tried to hold back his orgasm, but his cock couldn’t take both sensations [Tony’s magic mouth and Peachtree’s tight raped hole] and started spewing white cream all over the place! “Awwww fuck…!” grunted Dennis, watching his cream spill all over Peachtree’s ass as the spurts of hot cum pumped out all over the man’s ass! “Sorry Jimmy…” he apologized, climbing down off the bed, “…I fucked up…!” “Don’t worry about it, guy…” I said, patting him on the back for the effort…! “…we still got a couple more cocks to go before he’s thoroughly branded…!” Peter was the next man to step up to bat! Pete was a bright red head with orange colored freckles all over his face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders! He was pale white, with red eyebrows, eyelashes, cock & ball hair, and red fuzz about his ass crack! He climbed up onto the bed and aimed his 7″ cock up to Mr. Peachtree’s asshole and pushed right in, sinking straight through into his cum filled colon! Mr. Peachtree pulled at the ropes, his ankles and wrists secure as Pete started to fuck, sliding back and forth in and out of the man! We were all in awe of fucking another male adult, successfully pulling off another rape as Pete fucked into Richie’s dad! While Mr. Peachtree continued to struggle for his manhood and freedom, his cock couldn’t help growing hard as Pete’s cock rubbed back and forth over his abused prostate gland! Mr. Peachtree was more embarrassed by the unexpected hard-on than anything else, not wanting us to believe he was some sort of pervert who got off on getting gang raped! “Yeah dad, we all know you’re super macho…!” said Rich, ignoring his dad’s rants and raves! Peter leaned in over the man and started thrusting straight into him, picking up speed and depth as he started to drive deeper! “His ass’s so tight and wet…” complained/complimented Peter, unsure if that was a good or bad thing as it seemed to trigger his orgasm quicker…! “…I…I’m gonna cum in him…” he warned, fucking harder as he started stabbing Peachtree izmit kendi evi olan escort fast and deep! “…arrrhhhh… I can’t help it…his ass feels so good…! AARRRRRHHHHHHH…!!” yelled Peter as he came, flooding Peachtree with a massive amount of ball juice! Peter pulled out of Peachtree after climax, then rolled out of the way as MY turn came up! I climbed onto the bed after getting my cock sucked by Tony for the past 25 minutes, watching 4 of my buddies cum up Richard’s dad’s ass! I stared down at the bound man’s pale ass as his red worn and glistening asshole stared back up at me, spilling gobs of my buddy’s sperms from his ravished swollen anal lips…! I couldn’t help slapping the pale cheeks as they turned red with my handprints! Slapping my cock up between the ass cheeks, I nudged my cockhead into the cum slimed crevice and pushed straight in…! “ARRHHHHH…!!” yelled Peachtree, feeling my cock stretch him further than any of the others! I shoved all the way in until my pubic hair was scratching against his ass, my entire rod rammed bone deep as the cum of my friends coated my cock and oozed out about the base of my balls! Peachtree’s cock was still rock hard as I called Tony over to take care of him! Tony scrambled up from the floor [having started sucking the other off again] and wedged his head in under Peachtree’s legs [just above his stomach] and took his cock in his mouth! “Oh god…” groaned the man, not expecting to that to happen as Tony wrapped his dark lips around the ivory white cock and started sucking! At the same exact moment I pulled back with my hips, withdrawing my thick fat 9.5″ cock to the head before changing direction and sliding all the way back in, sinking back into the cum slick hole as Mr. Peachtree’s asshole welcomed me by gripping my cock like a tight fist, stroking me off as I fucked in and out! I knew I was gonna cum the man’s inside, but I knew I’d be able to hold off until at least HE came, as I watched Tony’s hot mouth fly up and down the older man’s pale white cock, painting the hard shaft with spit from his sucking mouth! Tony was becoming quite a substitute for Shawn! I’d been training him by fucking him at least once a day, and making him suck my cock, or at least 2 of the guys daily! Tony was learning to deep throat and swallow cum while sucking so he wouldn’t lose a single drop! This would free Shawn up sometimes, giving him more of a break while Tony took over! Tony looked like he was enjoying himself as he sucked Peachtree’s cock, swallowing the man’s prick to the root and back as he sawed his mouth back and forth hungrily! I could see Peachtree’s hairy balls tightening in their sac as Tony took him to the edge! He bobbed his head nonstop, never taking a break for a second as he pushed the man over the edge…! “Oh no…no…” panted Peachtree, his asshole tightening around my thrusting cock as he prepared to cum…! “…noooo…please…don’t make me…arrrhhhhh…ARRHHHHH…!!” he yelled as he came, flooding Tony’s mouth and throat with a gushing wave of hot cum! Tony swallowed all of Richie’s brothers and sisters as he continued to fuck his father’s hole! Once finished, I pushed Tony out of the way and leaned in over Peachtree’s body and started fucking his spasming hole seriously! The older man grunted and groaned in sheer pain, as his orgasm awakened and tightened his sphincter muscles 10fold! I reached down and yanked the hood off his head, wanting him to SEE the man currently fucking him…! Peachtree stared up at me, his bulging eyes practically staring straight through me as I fucked through his body with deep hard strokes! His hands pulled at the ropes as my cock barreled through him, banging him a new asshole as I shoved all 9 and 1/2 inches into him without regard! I could feel my orgasm growing as I plunged in and out of him, the sperm filling his colon spilling out to overflow every time I rammed in full length! Mr. Peachtree tossed his head from side to side, trying to fight through the fucking as my big cock took over his existence! His hands and legs were tied, preventing him from pushing me off or fighting back! He was forced to lay there and accept our cocks, taking our loads as we fucked his body with growing passion and aggression, banking on his shame and embarrassment to keep him from reporting this to the authorities! I started fucking harder, slamming my hips into the bound man’s ass as I power fucked my way through like a madman! Peachtree was screaming after every thrust, my cock hitting into him like a punch in the gut! His insides would be permanently bruised by the time I finished coming! I could see his limbs straining against the ropes as he tried to break free! I slammed into him one last time, spiking him deep as I threw my head back and roared like the KING of the jungle…! “AARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…!!!” I cried as I came, grinding hard against him as I injected him with all my cum! I was surprised that while my cock was straining and coming in Peachtree’s ass, HIS cock [which had hardened again while I fucked him] suddenly burst another wad of cum from his pulsating hard-on, shooting cum straight across his shocked face as he panted and moaned like a slut whore while I drained off inside him! After coming, I leaned back on my heels and slowly withdraw my cock, just as a flood of cum cascaded from Mr. Peachtree’s ruined hole! I moved out of the way as Tony climbed up onto the bed and inserted his cock up the man’s cummy ass, so turned on from sucking all our cocks that he needed to come quickly! He hammered the man as hard as he could, holding him down by the backs of his legs as Peachtree started groaning aloud in sluttish delight! Again we all couldn’t help staring at Tony’s brown ass he as fucked, his bubble bouncing up and down, his smooth brown cheeks parting just enough to give us a glimpse of his tiny taut asshole before disappearing from view during the plunge inward! Tony’s cock wasn’t as big as mine [about 7″], but he plunged Peachtree’s hole as deeply as he could, plunging full length with every thrust until he finally rammed in and came, adding yet another load to the raped man’s bowels! We untied Richie’s dad soon after, letting him know the pictures we took would be uploaded to the Internet if he went to the authorities or told anyone what happened! He agreed to keep it our secret, just before we shoved him down to his knees and made him clean our cocks with his mouth! He was a horrible sucker, and would need lots of practice before being able to make us nut! We left Richie’s house about 2 hours after first abducting his dad, getting back into our cars to head home! I dropped Duane off at home [fighting the urge to go in and fuck HIS father while his wife was home], and called Shawn as I backed out of the drive! “Hello…?” “Where are you, cocksucker…?” I asked, speeding off down the street! “You better be ready for a good poundin’ tomorrow…!” “um…are you looking for Shawn Harris…?” asked the voice over the phone [once I realized it wasn’t him]…! “uh…yeah…” I answered, wondering WHO had his phone…? “This is the NURSE at Springdale County Hospital…” she said, making me screech on the brakes…! “…Shawn Harris has been admitted after being in a car accident…! Are you a relative…?” TO BE CONTINUED… _______________________________________ Written by Eugene Marvin aka [email protected] Email me or ail with questions, comments, and suggestions. Or join me on Facebook to get faster updates and see what I’m working on next!

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