Subject: Photography – Lesbian Adult Youth This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Copyright 2003. Photography (FFf) By Marie LeClare I guess everyone knows me by reading my other stories and you know that I am a lesbian right? Well, I have story to tell you of what happened to me a while ago. I work in the adult entertainment business, and live in the suburbs of a very large city and as a hobby I work part-time as a photographer which pays the extras. No I am not a whore or a prostitute which many people think because I do erotic modeling, for a living, although the neighbors think I’m a fashion model. Next door to me is a mother and her daughter who just turned 13 and is really cute. From my bedroom window I can look into her bedroom and I guess that is the start of my story. I was friends with her mom and pretty much every morning Ann and I would have coffee. She thought that I was a fashion model I wanted to keep it that way. She knew of my part-time job as I have done wedding pictures for friends of hers. One night, I came home late, well, it was late for me as it was 10 PM and my butt was dragging. I took my bath, came into my bedroom, turned off the lights and lay in the bed. Ann’s house was dark and I figured they had gone to bed. I started to get horney, thinking about sex and reached down and started to slow finger my self with one hand and with the other I was massaging my breasts and pulling my nipples. It was nice and dark in my room and I was getting wetter and wetter. I was lost in my world of self sexual pleasure when a light came on, bringing me back to reality. The light was from the daughter’s room. Her name is Jena. I stopped fingering and watched her walk all through her room and then it seemed she was looking right at me. I froze, but then realized that she couldn’t see me. She stood in front of her window and undid her shirt very slowly. Her breasts were no more than nubs as she tossed the shirt on the chair in her room. Then she slowly took off her jeans. Her hand went to the front of her panties and she seemed to trace her pussy with her finger. My pussy was soaking. I continued slowly fingering. She stood at the window for a few minutes and then pulled the shade and turned out her light. I came so strong, I gushed, thinking what I’d like to do with her. I never gave it a thought about a little girl turning me on so much. This went on for a few weeks, the same routine and I would finger my pussy every time and couldn’t wait to get home and watch her. One morning, Ann came over and we were sitting at the table sipping our coffee. Just small talk mostly then the conversation got around to my photography hobby. “Some day, when I can afford it, I would like some pictures taken of Jena because she wants to be an actress when she grows up.” She commented. “Photo taking isn’t that expensive.” I replied. “Well, what do you charge?” She asked taking a sip of coffee. “For a professional shot, its $50 per picture.” I said while getting up filling our cups again. “Oh, that’s just too much.” She said frowning. “What kind of photos do you want?” I asked seriously. “I want some of her in her skirt and maybe, with the right photographer a couple nudes for myself.” She said excitedly. Dang, I felt my pussy get moist. “Well, you know I like taking pictures.” I said not believing I was saying this. “Yes, I know. Couldn’t you come down on the price just for me?” “Oh, I think we can arrange something. How many photos do you want?” “Maybe six roles and possible a video? Is that asking too much?” “Of course not. I have 24 exposures and a couple empty tapes.” I was thinking out loud. “Tell you what. You and Jena come over Saturday night and bursa evi olan escort we’ll shoot some.” “How much?” “If I can shoot her the way I want, I won’t charge you anything, just for the film.” I smiled. “Really? Would you?” She said surprised at my offer. “Sure, we’re friends, aren’t we?” “Yes we are and thank you. I’ll bring her over Saturday night. Could I stay also?” “Of course you can stay, then you can see how I work.” I smiled. Ann got up, put her cup in the sink and said good bye as she walked out. My pussy was dripping. Tomorrow was Saturday. I went to the basement and started arranging furniture and backgrounds for the photo shoot. Now I’ll get to see her little pussy I thought and the more I thought, the more turned on I was getting. Ann called me Saturday, and said they would be over at 8 PM if that was all right with me and I said it would be fine. I was getting really excited! Everything was ready. At five minutes to eight they knocked on my door. Both were wearing skirts and both were looking fine. We sat at the table. “Well, are you two ready?” I smiled. “One thing, would you mind taking some of me too?” Ann asked. “Sure I don’t mind at all.” I said getting up. “Let’s go into the basement where I have everything set up.” I said as they followed me to the basement. The first couple shots were just normal poses and the next were in front of a nice outdoor background. “Do you think we could get some sexy ones for the interview?” Ann asked. “Sure, no problem.” I said as I walked over to Ann. “Here undo three buttons of your shirt.” “Ok.” Ann said as she unbuttoned. I then positioned her and shot two pictures. “Now, Ann, go sit on that couch, put your heels to your butt and put your hands to your knees.” I instructed. “Like this?” She said as she positioned her heels. I was getting a good shot of her pretty panties! “Ok,” I said after I shot two pictures, “unbutton your shirt all the way and just let it hang natural.” “Like this?” She commented as she finished unbuttoning her shirt. Dang, talk about sexy. “Yup, just like that. Now hold it.” I said taking two more. “Now take off your shirt and lay it next to you.” She did what she was told. Then I instructed her to take off her skirt. Those white bikini panties made my pussy get so hot and I was uncomfortable as I took a few more. I looked at Ann. “Do you want some nudes now?” I asked. “Please. A couple sitting, a couple standing if you don’t mind.” She replied. At this, Ann pulled down her panties and stood there while I was shooting. I thought if this kept up I would have to excuse myself and go finger my pussy in a hurry! “Now, how about you?” I asked Jena. “Ok. I want just two nudes of me if that’s ok.” She said taking off her blouse, then her bra, then her skirt and finally her panties. I really thought I was going to explode. I took not just two but 5 of her. Then she got dressed and Ann followed suit. We went back upstairs and I gave each of us a Pepsi. “I will have these ready in two days.” I smiled. “Well, ok, but if they don’t turn out could you re shoot and I’ll pay you for your trouble.” “Please, if they don’t turn out I’ll re do them for nothing.” I smiled. They stayed for another 30 minutes and then left. I just about ran to my bedroom and stripped and lay on the bed. It was about 15 minutes later when Jena came into the room. I was slowly rubbing my pussy watching her do the same thing as she always did, but this time her hand went into her panties for a couple minutes before she pulled the shade and turned off the light. I was really hot and finger fucked my hot pussy till I had a mind-blowing orgasm. I made two copies of the semi nudes and nudes for myself then I had an idea. I called over to their house and Jena answered. “Hello.” She whispered into the telephone. “Jena?” “Yes.” “Some of your pictures didn’t turn out well, altıparmak escort could you and your mom come over so I can re shoot them?” “Mom ain’t home she had to work. But I can come over if you want.” “Ten minutes then?” “Ok. I’ll be there.” She said as she hung up. It wasn’t five minutes and Jena knocked on the door wearing the sexiest shorts. “Which ones didn’t come out good?” She asked sitting on the couch. “I’m afraid all the nudes didn’t come out.” I commented with a frown. “Could we re shoot?” “Sure. Where do you want me?” She said smiling. “Back to the basement if it’s ok with you.” “Sure I don’t mind.” She said as we got up heading for the basement. “How do you want me?” She asked taking off her shirt and then her jeans, and finally her panties. “Here lay down and put your heels together.” I instructed. “Like this?” She asked. “No, wait a sec. Like this.” I said as I knelt down moving one leg then another. Damn her pussy was driving me wild. “Is this ok?” She finally asked. “Yes. You have a nice pussy”, as I lightly touched it before taking the pictures. I could feel her moistness. “Thanks.” She said tracing a finger up her slit. “Could you spread it for a few photos?” “Ok.” She said as her hands went down and parted her pussy lips even more. “Could you put a finger in?” I asked wildly taking photos. Her finger went in to the first knuckle. “Like this?” She asked. “Now move one hand to your breasts.” “Ok.” She said. I was going completely crazy! I wanted this girl, but I was a little worried because of her age. “Ok, you can get dressed now. I’ll have these done later tomorrow.” I said smiling. “Ok, I’ll tell mom that, then.” She said struggling into her jeans. We talked for awhile and then she said she had to leave. I took the pictures into my dark room and started to develop them. As soon as I was finished I made two copies again. The next afternoon Ann and Jena came back over and I told Ann I had to re shoot. She said she didn’t mind and then I brought out the pictures, all of them. Her face blushed as she saw these erotic photos. “Hope you don’t mind.” I said weakly. “Oh my. No, I don’t mind.” She said obviously pleased. “I hope they’re okay.” I said. “Yes, they’re perfect.” She said studying them. Then she looked into my eyes. “Could you, I mean could we, take some sexy ones with Jena and me?” “Sure if you want.” I said smiling. We got up and headed for the basement and in a few minutes they both were undressed sitting on the couch as I was taking pictures like there was no tomorrow. Ann lay down and spread her pussy like Jena had done in the pictures and inserted a finger. Ann also had her finger in her pussy. “You won’t say anything if we do some erotic ones would you?” “I won’t tell a soul.” I said. Ann put her hand to her daughter’s pussy and slowly finger fucked her as they kissed. My pants were soaked and I could feel my pussy juice running down my leg. “Take some of this.” Ann said as she dropped to the floor and put her head between Jena’s legs. I was taking pictures as fast as I could, and Ann was lapping Jena’s pussy. Then Jena got down on the floor and started tongue fucking her mother. After they both had their orgasms, they both sat up. “How about some of you?” Ann asked. We both want to see your lovely body up close. I said, “up close?” “Yes, we both saw you. Remember when Jena pulled the shades and turned out the lights?” “Umm yes.” “We both pulled the shade back and watched you, as you fucked yourself with that dildo” She smiled. Dang I was embarrassed. “Could we see you now?” Asked Jena. I unbuttoned my shirt and reached around and unhooked my bra letting it fall. Jena was now sucking on her mother’s nipple. I struggled out of my tight jeans and stood there for a moment, then pulled down my panties exposing my shaved pussy. I stood naked before them. Jena looked up and went back nursing on her mother. Ann motioned me forward. I was about two inches from her face as she bent down and licked my delicate wet folds. I saw Jena’s fingers go into her mother’s pussy. “Mom, I want to lick her for awhile.” Jena said. Jena removed her head from a nipple and taking her thumbs parted my pussy lips to lick my inner lips. I could feel her tongue probing my pussy walls. I thought my legs wouldn’t hold me as she tongue fucked me. As she swirled her tongue in a little circle around my clit I felt her fingers invade my hot pussy. As the tingle was building she started to finger fuck me with two fingers as she sucked on my clit like a straw. I could feel it. One moment I was on the edge and the next instant I was gushing and filling her young mouth with pussy honey. “I want pictures of you fucking her with a strappon.” Ann said to me. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes.” She said reaching for the camera. “I already took her cherry with a banana so it won’t hurt her.” “A banana?” I stammered. “About six months ago”, she said. “Ok Jena stand up and turn around.” Ann said. “Now spread your legs.” Jena did as she was told as I adjusted the harness to the plastic dick. “Now, ease that plastic dick in her while I take some pictures.” “Yes.” I groaned as my hips pushed and the plastic dick slowly entered Jena. “That’s it, now slow fuck her.” Ann whispered as Jena just moaned feeling the plastic dick in her pussy. As Ann was taking the pictures with one hand her other hand was patting her clit. I was so hot fucking Jena and watching Ann fingering her hot pussy. After awhile and about a dozen or so pictures, Ann put the camera down and ordered us to the floor and Jena to get on her hands and knees. Then Ann scooted under Jena so she could have access to her pussy. “Mom, do you want me to eat your pussy?” Asked Jena. “Yes, then we’ll trade places.” Ann whispered. In a little while, Ann stood up as I had started slow fucking Jena with the plastic dick, and she started to lick and suck my breasts, nibbling and biting my nipples. “Mom, I want to watch you now.” Exclaimed Jena. The plastic dick came out in a plop, then Ann bent over and Jena scooted down to allow her mother to lick her hot wet pussy. In a while, Ann decided on another position. She had me lay down and she got on top and allowed the plastic dick to enter her. Jena straddled my face and they kissed and fondled each other, as my tongue explored her young sweet pussy. Licking her from her swollen clit back to her hot little asshole I was having little orgasms, one after the other, as I tongue fucked her. “Are you ready?” Ann asked me. “Yes”, I said, as I took off the strap-on. As she dove to my hot pussy, she said, “Lick me Jena”. Her daughter knelt down and was licking her mother’s pussy as Ann was swirling her tongue over my hood and clit. As she penetrated my pussy with three fingers she sucked my clit into her mouth and was sucking on it like a straw as she finger fucked me. Taking her other hand she found my little asshole with her middle finger and plunged it in up to her first knuckle. The tickle was building stronger and stronger, when all at once the world exploded, with me screaming, “I’m cumming”. A moment later, Ann screamed into the folds of my pussy, “Ohhh”. “Your turn.” Jena said smiling at her mother. Ann got down and started to lick her daughter, sucking and nibbling on her pussy lips. As Jena cupped her breasts and pulled and twisted her nipples her mother tongue fucked her. As Ann worked her tongue in a little circle around Jena’s clit, she was rewarded with Jena gushing her sweet honey. After awhile we were all too tired to do anything more. “Could we make a video next time?” Ann asked. “Next time?” I asked. “Yes, next time.” Well, we did make a video and what is better, Ann and Jena moved in with me. On the street I still play the role of a fashion model, but in the bedroom with these two women, I’m a very kinky slut. If you like this story please write me, [email protected] I have my own group on Yahoo for my stories, but you must be over 18. hoo/group/MariesStoryland/

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