Subject: Raising Boys 31 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticism are always welcome at hoo Please remember that Nifty needs our donations to continue to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html RAISING BOYS 31 We were the first to arrive at Sam’s, followed very closely by Alejandro and his boys. The house looked beautiful with several fresh flower arrangements and everything perfect. Sam said there were few things her sister loved more than entertaining and handsome young men and I could believe it. They had a professional bar tender there to serve drinks and Casper was passing small trays with hors d’oeuvres. If these were any clue to the rest of the evening, we were in for a feast. I wasn’t sure what they were called, but I knew t hat caviar was an ingredient. Alejandro and his boys looked incredibly handsome. He was dressed in a blue and white plaid shirt with a double-breasted navy blazer. Handsome doesn’t do justice to the way he looked. Javi and Yugo were their usual handsome selves. Javi had his straight hair parted on the left this evening rather than combed straight and I thought he looked more handsome than ever. Yugo looked great with his wild, curly hair. He hugged me and I caught that wonderful, subtle hint of pine that made my dick twitch yet again. Little Yarro looked precious in his little Polo and khakis as he handed Samantha a small pot with a bloom-laden orchid in it. She seemed really delighted with the gift and I would later learn that she loved orchids and even had a small greenhouse in her office building where she raised them. She reached down, picked him up and showered him with kisses as she thanked all of them for the gift. Bea came in from the kitchen to greet all of us. She was a calm, collected hostess and it was obvious she was in her element w hen entertaining guests. I was originally planning on a glass of wine but Samantha talked Stewart and me into a glass of an excellent single malt Scotch. She tried to persuade Alejandro but he was a bit more resolute than we and he stuck to red wine. My boys we delighted to see Casper again and the family was introduced to Donald. Sam cut her eyes to me and asked where in the hell I was finding all these handsome boys and men as she cackled. She embraced Donald as if he were her long-lost son. I could have sworn I saw a tear in her eye, but I figured it was because she had heard how horribly the boy had been treated by his own family. Within minutes, Gil and his girls arrived. Gil introduced each of the girls to Sam, Bea and Casper. He introduced the first three and Sam exploded into laughter. “Don’t tell me!” she said. “You’ve got to be Amy!” she said, absolutely exploding with laughter. “She kissed Gil on both cheeks and said, “everyone else may call you `Gil’ but from now until forever you will be `Mr. March’ to me.” She again just cackled. The young ones hadn’t a clue what was so hilarious but they laughed along with the rest of us. Gil joined us in a scotch and he seemed genuinely happy to see Alejandro again. I could tell he was very fond of the man and he also respected him very much for the father he was to his boys. Having been in the home only briefly in the past, principally to retrieve some clothes for Casper on the night of his mom’s emergency, I hadn’t realized what a large, well-appointed home it was. I had noticed some nice antiques when I had been there, but not just how very nice they all were. All of the rooms had very tall ceilings and the dining room was almost as large as the one in Downton Abbey! At least it seemed that way. All of the kids were on their very best behavior. Not once did any of them interrupt a conversation or act annoying. After confirming that Jack or Donald would act as designated drive, Stew and I had a second, and then a third scotch, poured with a heavy hand. Sam was keeping pace with us on the scotch, as was Bea. Neither showed a trace of being tipsy, so I felt they were probably used to it. Eventually Casper and Ren took the younger ones to Casper’s room where they had plenty to entertain themselves. Jack and Donald stayed with the adults as it was obvious they had Sam and Bea totally charmed. “Now that the kids are gone,” Sam said, looking directly at Gil, “how the fuck did a grown man end up living in a Louisa Mae Alcott novel?” “It was a cruel joke of my recently departed wife’s making,” he said. “When our first one was a girl, we named her Margaret, after my wife’s mother. When the second one was a girl, Janice really wanted her named Josephine. She said she wanted her named after a favorite aunt, so I never questioned it. By that time, I was really, really hoping for a boy, but we had Elizabeth. By that time, I was ready to give up, but she tricked me into having a fourth. I was hoping and praying for a Gilbert, Jr., but it was not to be. We got our precious little Amy, whom I love dearly, even if it was all a joke to their mother.” “So your wife is no longer with us?” Bea asked. I’m very sorry to hear that.” “Oh, don’t be too sorry,” Gil said. “She’s still on the planet. She ran off with her lesbian yoga buddy to a ranch in New Mexico. ” “Oh my!” Bea exclaimed as we all became convulsed with laughter. “Some women don’t know how to appreciate a good thing,” Sam said. “You’re about as good looking a hunk of man flesh as I’ve seen in these parts in a while, with the exception of all these hunks in my parlor right now!” We all had a good laugh. The flowing scotch was definitely having an effect as we all relaxed and just enjoyed the good company. Sam and Bea wanted to know about the boys’ swimming. They seemed genuinely interested. We asked about who played the piano, given there was a large Steinway grand in the parlor. “Oh, that’s Bea,” she said. “She played piano for her talent when she was Miss Alabama. She still plays beautifully but she has to be coaxed.” We all began to urge her to play but she graciously declined agreeing to perhaps play one tune after dinner if we made sure she had enough scotch and wine. “You should get Sam to sing for you,” Bea said. “Oh hell, no!” she said, laughing hilariously. “We don’t want every dog in a twenty mile radius howling. Too many years of cigarettes and scotch wiped out those vocal cords. Not a chance of that ever happening!” “You were a smoker,” I asked? “Oh fuck yes,” she said. “Weren’t we all?” That was before they admitted the damn coffin nails were killing us. I loved it. I’d still smoke one the size of your…ummm, sorry,” she said, realizing Donald and Jack were within hearing range. ” “I have always told Bea if I am ever diagnosed with a fatal disease, she is to go out and get me twenty cartons of Marlboros and ten cases of scotch and let me go happy.” Donald and Jack went up to Casper’s room to check in on the kids and we broke up into smaller groups. I was talking to Alejandro and I looked over to see Stew telling Sam some story. Suddenly she broke into a howl of laughter. I wondered what he had told her until I heard her repeat the end of the story. “Find another secretary to suck you off?” she said, convulsed with laughter. Everyone in the room wanted to know what was so hilarious so Stew insisted I repeat the story of Michael’s phone call which had ended with the attorney telling the good reverend to find another secretary to suck him off as he did years ago when he was run out of town. When I told them about Reverend Fee and the wider coming out of the church after the service with her daughter to find Moose in a pair of cum-encrusted panties, I was seriously afraid both our hostesses might have to run up and change their own panties. Sam thought it was the funniest thing she had ever heard, as did Bea. Both of them had stories about Reverend Fee. Many of them would have been unbelievable just days earlier but now I believed every word. Both despised the man and Bea had gone to high school with the reverend’s favorite secretary. ” “She was slut shamed out of this town by members of Fee’s cult,” Bea said. “It destroyed her marriage and they all called her a liar even after Fee ended up confessing. He painted her as the temptress and himself as a victim of Jezebel.” “Is there anyone in this town you girls don’t know?” Gil asked with a chuckle. “Not that many,” Sam answered. “There are some vile characters in this town. Some things never change.” “Since you know so many folks, I’m trying to get some information,” Gil said. “I had no idea who was my children’s pediatrician. I’m thinking I may need to talk to him very soon and I didn’t recognize the name Janice had left in all the information about the girls she thought I might need. Do y’all know a Dr. Kates?” “Oh my God!” Bea said. “Not Killer Kates!” “Well, I don’t think she said his first name was Killer,” he chuckled. “No,” she said, “the old quack’s real first name is Lester, but Killer is more appropriate. He has gone way, way off the deep end over the past few years. I’ve heard some terrible, horrible things about him. Why he’s down with that group in front of the women’s clinic every Tuesday, protesting the fact they offer abortion services. Too bad his own mama didn’t get one. And I really mean that!” “If abortion could be retroactive, Killer Kates and Reverend Fee should be the first names on the list,” Sam said. “Gil,” I said, “I’ll be glad to introduce you to Dr. Goldman. My boys adore him and I think he’s quite good. I don’t know him well and I’ve actually only met him once. Fortunately, my boys have been healthy. Casper liked him too when we had our little problem. I think your girls would respond well to him. That reminds me. Dr. G. wanted to do a final follow-up on Casper, so you may need to make an appointment for that.” “Dr. Goldman certainly has an excellent reputation in this town. I don’t believe I’ve ever actually met the man but I just adore his wife,” Bea said. “I saw her a couple of weeks ago having lunch at the club. She said they were about to leave on their annual trip somewhere to treat people who otherwise would have no medical care.” “Yes, they were headed to the Philippines,” I added. “Seems they do a trip with Doctors Without Borders every year. My boys seem comfortable with him and he has no hesitation to answer my questions honestly and without reservation.” “Sounds great,” Gil said. “I’ll take you up on that offer.” Bea announced that dinner was ready to be served and we all made our way into the gigantic dining room with the gigantic dining table. There were three huge silver candelabra with stemmed wineglasses and beautiful, sparkling china. There were two beautiful, huge flower arrangements between the candelabra which reached almost to the tall ceiling. The table seated all nineteen of us comfortably. Bea and Sam had guided us effortlessly to our seats. Sam sat at one end of the table with Bea at the other. I was seated between Stew and Alejandro. Across from us were Gil and Jack with Donald seated beside Jack and next to Ren. Javi sat beside Alejandro with Casper next to him and Yugo and Meg across from them. The smaller children were grouped at Bea’s end of the table where she kept them all engaged in conversation. Once we were all seated, Sam addressed us all. “It isn’t often we have a man of the cloth in our home although, if they were all as handsome as this one, we might very well find religion. We will take advantage of having the most handsome preacher since Elmer Gantry at our table tonight by asking him to bless our meal. She took the hands of those seated on each side of her and we all followed suit. “Maker, Creator, We thank you for putting the right people into our lives at the precise time we need them. Whether it is coincidence, karma or part of some brilliant master design may always be a mystery but that is not important. Thank you giving us examples of how to truly and fully love. Thank you for the love shared by fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, nephews, uncles, aunts and nieces. Thank you for all-powerful love. Teach us not only to love others but also to be able to open our hearts and accept the love offered by others. In the name of our Father-Mother God. Amen. We were all silent for a moment before we released hands. “Bea, “Sam said, “Get this man’s name on a contract before he leaves here tonight to do my funeral if I don’t outlive every freaking one of you!” That broke us all up and we began to enjoy light, pleasant dinner conversation. I could tell Bea was having a delightful time with the kids and I wondered, as obvious as it was that she enjoyed the young ones, why she never had any of her own. Gil’s girls seemed to making some slow progress, although the two older ones were still very reserved. I found it hard to concentrate at times because I found Alejandro’s magnetism very distracting and by the fact that Stewart was occasionally brushing my dick under the table. I was really wishing I had time to rub one out before we left home as I was feeling really horny, especially when my memories of the time with Gil and Alejandro kept flashing before me. A couple of times I caught mischievous looks on the faces of Gil, Jack and Donald and wondered if a little under-the-table dick play wasn’t also happening on that side of the table. The meal itself was amazing. The salad was a beautiful romaine salad and the soup an amazing watercress soup. Sam shared a bit of local interest with us, informing us that one of the largest producers of watercress in the country was a farm just north of our town. I wondered if she might escort kocaeli be referring to the family of the very tall young man who had been at our house the previous evening. I had never had this creamy treat but it was beyond tasty. The main course was beef Wellington, which was perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. This was a treat I barely remembered from early Christmases at my paternal grandmother’s. It had been years since I’d had it and this was the best I had ever put in my mouth. It was served with grilled asparagus and a squash souffl�’. The meal was truly superb and I was not the only one who thought so, based on the very clean plates that left the table. We all complimented Sam on the meal but she took no credit. “The last time I tried to boil an egg, the goddamn thing exploded,” she announced with a laugh. She gave all the credit to Bea with the exception of dessert which had been planned and executed by her son. I looked around for Casper to ask him what he had planned for our dessert, but he had quietly left the room at some point. At that instant, the lights dimmed in the dining room and in came Casper, carrying a large flaming baked Alaska on a huge, shining silver tray. This family obviously had a flair for the dramatic and we were all loving it. All the kids were oohing and aahing and so were we adults. We gave Casper a giant round of applause as the flames went out and the lights came back on. The baked Alaska was delicious, as had been the entire meal. I told Sam I had planned to invite her family to dinner, but after this I wouldn’t have a clue what to serve them. “Hell, Rob,” she said with a laugh, “I’m happy as a pig in slop with a bar-b-q and some tater salad from Big Bob’s! Bea loves to whip out the Havilland china, the Waterford and all the silver any chance she gets. The truth is that we are just so very grateful that you guys came into our lives when you did. I’m not sure what we would have done. And now you’ve brought Alejandro and his precious family into our lives. We are so much richer and our lives so much fuller and I mean that from the bottom of my old, black heart!” We heard Bea gently tapping her spoon onto her wine glass so we all looked in her direction where she was standing. A man was coming around pouring champagne for all of us adults and sparkling cider for the kids. One thing was for damn sure! This family did things in grand fashion. “Friends,” Bea began, “Casper, Sam and I are so happy to have you all in our home this evening. As Stewart said in his prayer earlier, people come into our lives when we need them. I believe that with all my heart. I have always believed that. We are so glad that all of you have come into our lives. So here is to all of you, our new friends. If I may paraphrase a songwriter, because we know you, we have all been changed for good. Here is to all of you, fathers, sons, and daughters and, most of all, friends. Thank you for letting us be a part of this beautiful family you have all created.” We all stood and clicked our glasses � even the little ones � and not a drop was spilled. We all sat. Samantha stood. “You all know that I’m a pretty tough old broad,” she said. We all chuckled. “I don’t believe I’ve shed a tear in public since the night I was crowned Miss Alabama, and if I’d known all the shit that would bring, I’d probably have cried my heart out.” We all laughed with her. “As tough as I am, I have been deeply touched by the generosity of a young man I barely know. I knew his father very well and I loved him dearly and deeply. He has asked me to speak for him tonight and I could not and would not turn him down. Donald, your father was one of the finest men who ever walked this earth. He was dear to me � more dear than most people could ever begin to understand. He was a generous, loving man. You are his son. Alejandro, Donald has asked that you accept his family home as a gift to your family. He heard you last Sunday say that you would love to have a home where you could take in other children who needed a home. If you wish to do that, it is your decision. There are no conditions on this gift. Donald says the love you have for your sons is so like the love he and his own father shared. This is something he wants very much to do, if you will accept his gift.” Alejandro was stunned, yet he didn’t lose his composure. “Donald, you precious boy,” he began. “I am stunned, yet I am not surprised. I have always dreamed of being able to provide a home and love to children who needed it. I have told my boys this many times. Somehow I always knew it would happen. I didn’t know how in the world it could ever happen, but deep in my heart and my soul I knew that it would. I accept your gift on behalf of my precious boys and I pledge to you today that for as long as we live, it will be a safe haven for children who need a safe place, a warm bed food in their tummies, and open arms to love them. I hope that everything we do honors your father and his love for you, my son.” Alejandro walked around to Donald. The two of them embraced. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. “That’s not quite all, Alejandro,” Sam continued as Alejandro stood there beside Donald, the man’s arm around him holding him close. “Because there was a high level of certainty you would accept and choose to provide this service, Gil has agreed to perform all the necessary legal work on deeds as well as all of the paperwork involved in your filing as a 501C-3 so that you can become a non-profit, entitling you to fund-raising rights and grants. That work will be done on a pro bono basis. In addition, on behalf of my son, Casper, Vandenberg Associates is donating $100,000.00 to your charity and Jack here is matching that gift.” I knew about Jack’s decision. Neither Stewart nor Gil knew about it in advance. Both these men I loved so dearly sat with large tears running freely down their faces. Alejandro maintained his composure. I could not have spoken in those moments even if my life had depended upon it. “My dear friends,” Alejandro began, “You cannot imagine how full my heart is right now. This is a gift, the magnitude of which I could never have imagined. I pledge to each of you that your faith has not been misplaced. We will make you proud in everything we do. Donald, I hope you will not be a stranger. I hope you will help me and my sons to build new and happy memories in the home your father built. As a father, I can only imagine how proud he would be of you. Thank you so very much.” We began to leave the table now. The adults were invited back into the parlor for a nightcap � one of Bea’s specialties with layered liqueurs, and then set aflame. Only Stewart, Sam, Bea and I indulged as the other adults were driving. None of us wanted this evening to end but we all realized the kids had school tomorrow so we reluctantly said good night with lots of hugs and parting kisses. Jack had agreed to drive us home. Stewart sat beside him in the front and Donald and I climbed into the back. As soon as we were in the car and all buckled in, the handsome boy leaned in and laid his head on my chest. He took my hand. I realized just how much he missed his daddy and how rough the coming months would be for him. When he casually laid his hand on my thigh, I fully realized just what a sexy boy he really was. I was regretting not having had any private time with the boy while he had been with us and resolved to change that the next time he was home from school. Jack and Donald got our younger boys out of the car and carried them upstairs. Ren went to his room to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Jack and Donald undressed our babies and gently got them in their bed while Stewart and I watched. It was very reassuring to see how much these young guys loved our babies. I think Stewart and I took comfort in that if anything should happen to us, our boys would still be loved. We watched as each of the boys leaned down and kissed our boys, and then we did the same. I gave good night hugs to Jack and Donald and told Stewart I would be in after I tucked in Ren. Ren was already in his bed. I sat on the side of his bed. He scooted over and patted the bed, indicating I should join him. I lay down with my precious boy. He had his arm around my neck. I could smell his fresh, minty breath and feel the warmth of his naked body. “Dad,” he began, “I felt really happy for Alejandro and his sons tonight. It makes me feel good to see people do good things for other people.” “Yes, son,” I said. “That’s what I kind of think of as love in action. We don’t just talk about loving others and helping others. We go a step further.” “Dad,” he said, “I don’t feel like I’ve really done anything to help out. I’d like to do something.” “Son,” I said, “it makes me very happy and proud that you want to help. You have shown love and support. Those things are important too. If you feel you’d like to do more, why don’t we talk to Stewart and Alejandro to explore things you can do to help at the ranch? Would that work for you?” “Absolutely, dad,” he said with a smile. “I knew you’d have an answer. You always do.” “I hope you know how deeply I love you, son,” I said. “I do know that, dad.” I lay there with my boy until I heard his breathing get even and I knew he was sleeping. Then I kissed him, turned out the light and closed his door. I was really hoping Stewart wouldn’t be asleep because I was feeling really, really horny. I could see an outline of his body in the dim light, lying face down under a sheet. I undressed and climbed in beside him. I reached to stroke a buttock and realized immediately this was not my handsome hairy buddy. The skin was completely smooth to the touch, like silk. “You’re not Stewart,” I said. “You’re right, I’m not,” he said. “My name is Donald.” “Nice to meet you, Donald,” I said. “Nice to meet you, Rob,” he said as he pulled me in tightly for a hot, wet kiss. “I hope you’re not disappointed,” he said. “Not at all, son,” I said. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, a long, wet kiss. “Did that feel like it came from someone who was disappointed,” I asked. “No, sir,” he said. We were facing each other now as I continued to stroke his back and his buttocks, and the backs of his thighs. I could feel his smooth hard cock pressed into my own hairy hardness.. “I’ve really been wanting you, Donald. I don’t know how to be more honest than that,” I said. “Yes, sir. I’m ready now. I wasn’t ready until tonight but now I know I’m ready.” “Ready for what,” boy” I asked, knowing pretty well what he wanted. “Ready to be fucked, sir,” he whispered. “Did your daddy let you talk like that, boy?” I asked. “Only when we were alone together,” he said. He had begun to squirm against my own naked body, seeking the friction it would take to give him release. I began to lick his fresh, smooth pits and he squirmed even more. “How did your daddy let you know you wanted him?” I asked. “He made me ask him to do it,” he said. “Ask him to do what,” I asked. “To fuck me,” he said very softly. We were silent for a couple of minutes. “Will you, sir?” he asked. “Will I what?” I asked. “Will you fuck me, sir?” I was ready. I was beyond ready. I began to kiss and nibble at his neck. Stroke his chest, lightly chew on his nipples. He was hot and he was beautiful. He was so very responsive to my touch. His daddy had created a little fuckmonster. I turned him over on to his tummy and he automatically parted his legs, exposing his hot tiny pink hole. I parted his buttocks with both my hands. I paused to look at his beautiful boyhole. I knew that only his daddy had ever possessed it and I felt privileged in this moment to be where I was. I didn’t touch his hole with my hands but went directly to devouring it. I licked and I thrust my tongue into his tight little hole. He started to go for his cock with his hands but I wouldn’t let him. I grabbed both wrists and held them tightly against the bed. He was essentially immobile, his tiny hole completely in my control. I had it wet and slick with my juices. I wanted to fuck him and I wanted him to look at me while I fucked him. I flipped him onto his back and climbed on top of his sturdy swimmer’s body. I started kissing him again and he tried to eat my tongue. I again held his wrists to prevent him from touching his own hard cock and, using my knees, I parted his legs. He didn’t resist, but willingly opened those legs, making my target easy. I released his hands and guided my hard cock directly to his tiny hole. He moaned loudly when he felt my hardon just touching his pink star. He started to hunch, trying to get some of my cock inside him. I teased him and resisted his thrusts to allow his tension to build. My dick could feel how wet his hole was so, instead of grabbing lube, I went for it and put my hard cock right against his hole. He thrust his hips forward at the exact instant my cock touched his boy hole. I went in about an inch and he moaned. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” he moaned quietly. “Are you ready for it, boy?” I asked. “Yes sir, please do it. Please fuck me!” I gave him a wet, passionate kiss and let him suck my tongue as I allowed my cock to fully penetrate him. He moaned and took a gasping breath. I was afraid I might have gotten too eager and began to pull my dick out of him, but he grabbed my hips and begged me not to leave him. I left my cock all the way in him and held still until his hole had begun to relax and he started gently thrusting. His movements were kocaeli anal yapan escort stroking my foreskin and it felt amazing. As I pushed my dick all the way into him, he would clamp his muscles down on my cock. It was amazing, like his tiny hole was gently milking my daddy cock. Each time he would do it I could hear a very soft whimper. I went slowly and gave the boy a nice, long fuck. I believe he would have been content to be gently fucked all night but after a while I felt my climax beginning to build. I began to thrust faster and he knew what to expect. He started thrust back and in a short while we were rutting like rabbits. I was pounding his hole and he seemed to love it. This boy knew how to get fucked and I was loving every minute of it. When I started to shoot, he started constantly clamping down on my cock as his muscles milked every drop of seed out of my spent dick. After just lying and holding him for several minutes, I started to pull my spent dick out of him. He wasn’t having it. He begged me to stay in him. I couldn’t turn the boy down and I went to sleep with him still impaled on my spent, soft cock. I woke later. It was still dark. I was conscious of a wetness on my tummy and in my crotch. When my eyes began to adjust I could see it was Donald at my side, softly cleaning my crotch area with a warm cloth. It felt absolutely amazing. “Hey, son,” I said softly to let him know I was awake. “Hey, Rob,” he said softly. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to explore your body. Is that okay?” “Of course it is, kid,” I said. “Will you come up here and lie beside me?” “I’d love to,” he whispered. I raised an arm and tucked him in under it, holding him close beside me. “This feels good,” he said. “I agree,” I whispered. His hand had begun to stroke my chest, feeling and rubbing my ginger daddy chest hair. “You better be careful,” I chuckled. “You might wake the bear.” “I’m not afraid of the bear,” he said with a smile. “As a matter of fact, I like the bear. A lot.” He began to tease and pinch my nipples. The tent in the sheet was becoming obvious. “I love that bear,” he said. “I’m glad you do, son. You know, last night really wasn’t fair.” “What wasn’t fair,” he asked, with a concerned look on his face. “It wasn’t fair because I didn’t even get a taste of that beautiful cock of yours,” I said as I began to gently tickle his ribs. I pinned him down on his back, holding both his wrists above his head with one of my hands. He couldn’t move his upper body and he began to struggle. I held him even tighter. He realized I was in control. I began to lick his neck and gently nibble at his nipples. They immediately got hard. I didn’t slow down and started to really suck on those boy nips. He was moaning and there were now two tents in the sheet. “If you will stop struggling, I’ll let your hands go.” I said. He immediately got still. “Good boy,” I said. “Now you be very still and I’m going exploring. ” I stroked and licked all over his hard chest. He was a muscular little fucker and my initial assessment had been correct. There was not one ounce of body fat anywhere. I began to lick his pits and he tried to be still but it was tickling him in addition to feeling incredibly erotic. I went lower and began to tongue his navel. He liked that a lot so I went lower and began to lick his pubic area. I wondered if he would have thick pubes if he allowed them to grow, but I really couldn’t tell because he was so cleanly shaven. I took first one of his balls, then the other into my mouth and gently sucked on them. That elicited moans and he began to writhe a bit. I told him to be still and he obeyed. As I licked and sucked on his balls, he automatically spread his legs. He had them wide open. I reached down to touch his little hole which had given me such pleasure the night before. It was still wet with my seed. I used that to lubricate my finger as I began to draw circles around his hole. He liked that a lot so I gave him the very tip of my index finger. That set him off. This kid was really sensitive to any anal stimulation. His internal muscles started squeezing my finger. It felt amazing so I gave him more of my finger. He jumped when I hit his prostate gland. He was trying to move his butt up and down on my finger to stimulate the gland but I was holding him still and controlling the motion. I began to very, very slowly massage his gland. That got him whimpering and moaning. He was almost in another world with his eyes closed, his sole focus being on the little gland inside his body and the way it was being stimulated. It was beautiful to watch as he tried to will himself to release his seed as that little fucknut was stimulated by my finger. I sped up my motions and he began to ride my finger. I pulled my finger out and he begged me to put it back. I quickly inserted two fingers and he started thrusting again. He was loving the feeling of his little gland being pounded and I felt the nut start to harden. He was going quickly so I pulled out completely. He was begging. I told him to be patient. He calmed until I reinserted the fingers and he went wild again. I was going to edge him once more, but he grabbed my wrist and wouldn’t let me take my fingers out of him. I gave in and started to pound his gland as it hardened and spewed his load all over his chest with a spurt or two even hitting his forehead. He was fucked out � completely spent and he dozed as I gently laid his head on the pillow and cleaned him with my tongue. I put my arm around him and held him. We were both still sticky with his load but I didn’t care. He was content. I was content. I kissed his cheek and held the boy as I dozed again. When I awoke, it was light. Donald was still asleep in my arms with an almost angelic smile on his face. I looked at my clock and it ten minutes after time for my alarm to go off. I realized I had not set it but I realized I didn’t have to rush as we always allowed plenty of extra time in the morning. I was thinking about how I might extricate my body from Donald when I heard a gentle tap on the bedroom door. It was Stewart who came in with a wide grin on his face and a cup of coffee in his hand which he offered to me. He leaned down and kissed me as he sat beside me on the bed. “Did you like your surprise?” he asked. “Very much,” I said. “You and Jack are tricky little rascals!” “Jack knew he needed a daddy last night and I could see you wanted him,” Stewart said. “And you’ve wanted Jack since the day you saw us kiss in the kitchen,” I said. “True that,” he said as he came in for another kiss. Another tap on the door and Jack came in with a glass of juice just as Donald woke and began stretching. He had a kiss for all three of us. “I can’t believe I have to leave all this and all of you and go back to Auburn” he said. “You’re going to be fine, kiddo,” I said. “That much I’m sure of. That said, how long before you can come back for a weekend? We will all miss you terribly.” “I should be back in a couple of weekends, if you’ll have me,” he said. “Your home is here now, kid, for better or worse,” I told him. “I hate to be a bitchy dad but one of us will expect either a call or a text on a daily basis. Is that understood?” “Understood,” he said, smiling. “That’s the same deal I had with my dad. Just then two raucous boys came into the room, jumping onto the bed. One got between Donald and me and the other jumped into Stewart’s lap. “Hail, the gang’s all here,” Stewart said. “Well, it is now, “Ren said as he walked in wearing only a towel at the waist. He raised his arms to stretch and his towel fell off, revealing his beautiful body. We all laughed but the adults in the room hated to see that towel go back on. “There’s a breakfast casserole in the oven and cinnamon rolls in the warmer when all of you are cleaned up and ready,” Stewart said. “Jack and I are already showered and ready to meet the day and have even fixed food for the rest of you worthless heathens. He lifted Flynn into the air as high as he would go as the boy giggled. Landry wanted the same so I jumped out of bed and, while still buck naked, did the same with my boy. We took the boys into the shower and I adjusted the water temperature as the others except Donald headed back downstairs. Ren started to head back to his room but I invited him to join me and the little ones in my big shower. He accepted and so did Donald. So, Ren, Donald and I took both little guys into my big shower. They all got into the shower while I peed. I must admit the thought of the night I just had with Donald was getting me a little hard as I stood at the toilet. Donald and Ren each had a youngster in his arms and was starting to shampoo them as I joined the group. Watching my handsome son and my lover of the night before standing nude together was getting me going and I tried to calm down. When Ren and Donald saw that I was getting hard, they both started to chub. A hardon in a group of guys really is contagious. I just winked and nodded at the boys, letting them know we just act normal because what is happening is completely normal. The boys were standing in the shower when I pulled Ren over to me, starting to soap his chest. I was feeling playful and he was laughing as it was tickling him. Donald joined in by starting to soap my chest. Of course, his touch on my nipples made things even worse and I was by now almost fully hard. I suggested Donald help Ren the way I help the little guys shower, so Donald started to soap Ren’s legs. He knelt in front of him, his face very close to my son’s beautiful bush and began to create a lather on his legs. I could see that Donald clearly wanted to touch Ren all over and that made me hot. I realized the two older guys needed a little private time so I quickly washed the younger boys and took them, throwing them on the bed and started to dry them. I could see back into the shower but the younger boys could not. Donald was on his knees in front of Ren as he began to lather his bush and his hard cock. It was beautiful to watch the boy stroke my own son’s hard cock with his soapy hand and it was easy to see it wouldn’t take much. When Donald began to soap Ren’s balls and graze his hole, I knew he was a goner. True to form, he started shooting ropes of white cum right on Donald’s face. By now Donald was squatted in front of Ren, stroking his own beautiful cut hard cock. It didn’t take long before I could see him shooting. I watched and smiled as they began to rinse each other and I saw Donald pull Ren close for a long, passionate kiss. I was hard as a rock as I put on shorts and a tee shirt and took the boys to their room to get dressed. I left Ren and Donald drying off in my bedroom. I got the two younger boys dressed and headed downstairs. Jack and Stewart asked what had taken so long for us to shower. I told them things were fine but they knew something was up from my expression. I seated the kids at the breakfast table and pulled Jack and Stewart in for a kiss. Ren came in and started pouring juice for all the guys as Donald and Jack started setting the table. Donald asked if he might use my study for a minute and I gave him permission. He returned in a couple of minutes as we talked about our plans for the day. Donald was, of course leaving for Auburn this morning. He said he had a little more packing to do in the guest house then he would be taking off. He said he would be driving his dad’s Escalade. I told him his mother’s dark blue Lexus was parked in our third garage and he could leave it there as long as he wanted or needed. He looked sad as he thought about the little two seater his dad had bought him which his brother-in-law had smashed up. He didn’t linger on the sadness though as he pulled out a manila envelope with Javi’s name on it and set it on the table between Stew and me. “I know that Javi has his driver’s license now but they only have one vehicle. To make life easier on them, I have a little gift for Javi,” Donald said. He nodded toward the envelope he had placed on the table. Stewart opened it to find the keys to the Lexus. I was stunned, as was Stew. “Are you sure…?” I began. Absolutely positive. I certainly don’t want anything to remind me of her and this is something that Javi can use to assist his dad. I made sure the title is there if you guys will take care of the transfer,” he said. “Consider it done, son,” Stewart told him. Stewart and Jack brought the breakfast casserole and wonderful cinnamon buns to the table. Everything looked and smelled terrific. We had a nice breakfast. I think we were all touching each other a little more than usual. I felt it was because we all knew one of us was leaving this morning. Thank God he would be back in a couple of weeks because we were missing him already. “This is certainly a boring meal after what we had last night,” I joked. “Nothing is even flaming a little.” “A little gasoline and a match can take care of this boring food,” Stewart said as we all laughed. “I’ve invited Flynn and Landry to join me this evening for a SpongeBob movie,” Stewart said. “I know you guys probably have some swim meet preparation to take care of. I’m thinking we may see if Yarro can join us if he would like. We may all come back here for a spend the night party if it all works out.” “That sound great,” I said. “I’m only sorry I won’t be able to join you guys.” “I talked to Bradley and he would love to come over and swim with you guys after your izmit yabancı escort meet on Saturday,” Jack said. “He said he would really love to stay overnight and help you get the boys to church, if you’d like that, Stewart.” “You tell Bradley it’s a date,” Stewart said with his face a little bit red. “I expect we’ll be back by early afternoon on Sunday, unless Coach needs to be back earlier than that,” I said. “My friend Rick has always been a late night kind of guy and I have no idea what he might have planned after the football game. I assume Coach is riding up with us so we’ll be leaving really early. It might be better if Ren and I plan to stay with Jack tonight so we won’t disturb everyone as we’re leaving.” “Sounds great,” Stewart said. “You guys just have to promise to be careful and get back here safely.” As he said that, he put his hand on mine and smiled at me. “I’m ready to head to the office, so why don’t I drop all three of our boys at school? That way you can give Jack and Donald a hand and help get our boy on the road to Auburn. We don’t want him rushing.” “Sound great to me,” I said. Ren, Landry Flynn and Stewart said good bye to Donald as I started the dishwasher. I was really fighting back tears and determined to do so. The little guys kept wanting one more hug or one more kiss from Donald but Stewart finally got them off to school with him. I poured another cup of coffee and sat down at the table with Donald and Jack. I had a couple of things I wanted to say to them and I hoped I would be able to say them. “Guys,” I began,” Thank you doesn’t even begin to tell you how much you two mean to me. You have been such amazing examples of everything I want my sons to be. The examples you have set could not possibly be more valuable. I really want both of you go know that I mean it from my heart when I say that I consider you both my own sons and I could not possibly love you more if I had made you with my own seed. There are really no words, or if there are, I don’t have them in my vocabulary. Stewart and I love you, adore you both and I hope you really understand that your home is here. Your home is here until not one of us is any longer on this earth. I love both of you and I’m thankful for both of you. I can’t imagine my life without either of you. What I’m trying to say is we are here for you guys, 24/7, 365. All you ever have to do is call.” We all held each other for a while. “Donald,” I said, “I think we better get you packed up. We joined him in the guest house and got all of his things packed within an hour and he was ready to go. More hugs and kisses but no more tears. I asked Jack if he would like to have lunch and he said he would. We were both in the mood for something a little different so we decided to try a new place that served only lobster rolls. The food was good and I loved being with Jack. He thanked me for giving Donald what he needed last night. I thanked him for making it possible. I had thought he was a very sexy boy from the minute I met him. Jack admitted he had wanted some time with Stew as well so it had all worked out so that everyone was pleased. He asked what had happened in the shower this morning. I told him. “Dang,” he said, “I knew I should have stuck around and let Stewart finish breakfast. Was it as hot as I imagine it was?” “Pretty damned hot, kiddo,” I told him. “It was brief but very hot.” “How are you feeling about Ren shaving his body?” he asked me. “I am actually good with it either way. I think he plans to shave tonight. Is coach coming over?” I asked. “Yes, he plans to be here around six and he is spending the night.” Jack smiled. “He told his wife he didn’t want to wake the house up when he left. She was fine with it.” “And so were you,” I said. “And so was I.” “I’ve never had a problem with Ren deciding to shave. I think you know how much I love touching and eating and licking your smooth body. There’s not a boy on this earth sexier than you or Donald,” I said. “I just wanted to be absolutely certain he didn’t feel pressured to make a decision he might regret. Especially after Alejandro told me the story about Javi trimming his pubes because of pressure from some of the other soccer players. He succumbed to peer pressure and later has pretty much regretted it. I think it a decision every boy should make for himself without feeling any outside pressure.” “Your son pretty much knows what he wants,” Jack said. “I think he has enough of his dad in him not to ever allow himself to be pressured into doing something he doesn’t really want to do. Tonight we’re prepared either way. I need a shave so we’ll be doing my body. I’d love for you and Ren to help out if you like. Coach loves doing it. Are you okay with whatever Ren chooses to do? Sexually, I mean.” “As long as it is Ren’s choice, I’m okay,” I said. He’s certainly physically mature beyond his age and I’ve seen enough to believe he will make good decisions, especially around guys like you and Donald and Bradley and Coach. I think he’s wanting to do some butt stuff and I’d really prefer if he held off just a bit longer for that. But the truth is, whatever happens, happens. When I was fingering him in the hot tub, he kept trying to guide me into him. I think he really wants it.” “Who wouldn’t?” Jack asked. “The whole idea is scary at first, but if you’re with someone you really trust, there’s nothing like that feeling of total surrender and putting yourself in someone else’s control. “I understand that, kid,” I told him. “I’ve found myself thinking about it myself lately. It’s been a long time since I bottomed but I’ve really been fantasizing about that lately.” “I haven’t topped anyone yet but I’m really getting anxious to try,” he said. Do you think I might…?” “”If it happens, it happens, kiddo. I think Ren would definitely enjoy the syringe or the bag tonight. I thought we might stop and pick up one or two for future use.” “Sounds great,” I said. “By the way, has Donald told Shaggy that he deeded the caretaker’s house to him?” “Gosh, Rob,” he said. “I don’t know. With everything that has gone in on in the last few days I have no idea.” “I’ll make a note to ask him about that,” I said. “What can you tell me about your friend Rick?” he asked. “I’m really looking forward to meeting him. He must be a great guy if he’s your friend.” “We haven’t been close in quite a while,” I said. “I think I told you he was quite a woman chaser and that resulted in a collapse of his marriage. He’s had a couple of bad marriages since then and he tells me he’s sworn off women completely. He’s consulting for a couple of hotshot recent Vandy grads and he seems to enjoy it a lot. I really loved the guy a long time ago but it’s entirely possible that he’s turned into a total asshole.” We left the restaurant, made a stop at Target and headed home. I had really enjoyed my time with this lovely guy and I was looking forward, with some trepidation, to my evening with him, Coach and Ren. On the way home, I asked Jack if he had been back to his family home since the day he removed some personal articles. He said he had not. He said it hadn’t been terribly upsetting to him because he had managed to put that unpleasantness behind him for the most part. I told him I had no contact from the realtor recently and asked if it would disturb him if we drove by. He said it would not so we drove over to his old neighborhood. The home was in a very exclusive part of town, a part of town jokingly referred to as “pill hill” because so many of the town’s doctors had built large, fancy homes there. The house was set back on a large lot. It was an ante-bellum home with a large circular driveway. The grounds had once been beautiful but had fallen into some disrepair. We parked the car and walked around to the back where there were any number of dead shrubs and what once had been a beautiful, sparkling pool with an elevated fountain in the center now had ugly green stains around the edges and the water was murky. The home was obviously not being cared for. There was a large patio with leaves all over it and even spider webs visible everywhere. I was not happy. I got my cell phone and called the realtor. I was not pleased with the outcome. The receptionist was surly and when I finally got the listing realtor on the phone, he was an asshole. It was obvious he knew nothing about the property and it was obviously not making an effort to sell the property. By the time I got off the phone, Jack was on the ground laughing and trying to muffle the sounds of his own laughter. My conversations had gotten pretty heated and I realized Jack had overheard every word of my end of the conversation. “Wow, Rob,” he said, trying to catch his breath, “I didn’t know you had it in you, buddy! I could never have imagined you calling someone a `worthless cunt’ or a `feckless cocksucker’ if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears.” He was literally rolling on the grass laughing. “Your face was so red, I thought it was going to burst.” “Jack, I am so sorry,” I said. “I shouldn’t have done that in front of you.” He came to me and started hugging me. Then he started tickling me. We were both laughing hilariously now rolling in the grass and leaves around the ruins of his childhood. When we were able to breathe normally again, he rolled on top of me and gave me one of the sweetest kisses I’ve ever had. “Thank you,” he said. “For what?” I asked. “For loving me.” It was another memory, one of so many, etched indelibly on my memory. He held my hand as we walked back to my car. From the car, I phoned Alejandro. I explained what we had discovered at the house and what we needed him to do. I apologized to him because I knew he would be so busy getting his house ready for his own family’s move. “Never apologize to me again, Rob,” he said. “I really mean it. I told you my boys and I are here for you and I meant it. We will get right on it.” I then called Samantha. She was in the office. “Hello, you handsome ginger stud!” she said with one of her musical laughs. “Sam, first of all, let me tell you how very much we all enjoyed being with you last night. The meal, the company…everything was perfect,” I said. “Oh, honey, thank you for the beautiful flowers from you and your boys that arrived at my house bright and early this morning. That certainly wasn’t necessary but Bea and I very much appreciate them. Just promise me you’ll come again soon and bring your horde of handsome boys with you,” she said. “”Okay, dear, we can be there in about thirty minutes. Have Aunt Bea warm up the Wellington,” I said. She howled. “Sam, I have a problem with Jack’s family home,” I began. “Jack is that handsome ginger boy that looks so much like you � the one with the bubble butt…” “Uh, yes,” I said, “that’s Jack. You did such a great job with the Slovenian property for us I hope you can pull another rabbit out of your hat.” I explained that we had listed the home with Bush Realty and what we had found today. “Is that the one old Dr. Wilson’s wife built up on Colorado drive?” she asked. “Miss Thang wanted nothing more than to be Scarlett Goddamn O’Hara. She even had liveried servants at all of her parties.” “Unfortunately I never made the acquaintance of Scarlett, but Bush Realty has let the property go to shit. It’s a beautiful home. Jack’s mom and dad paid around $400,000.00 for it almost ten years ago. Now the grounds are in disrepair, the pool is nasty and, although we haven’t been in, I’m sure the interior is awful.” “Do you know how long the contract on the listing runs?” she asked. I had no idea. “Don’t worry about that,” she said. “Bea has enough dirt on that Bush fucker and his wife that we don’t have to worry about that. Mrs. Bush is a social climber who hasn’t quite been able to give up her proclivity for dark meat since she dated the whole Alabama basketball team in college. There are even pictures!” She laughed uproariously and I didn’t doubt for a minute that she knew where all the bodies were buried. “Can you help us?” I asked. “I feel really badly because Jack has put his faith in me to handle things and I dropped the ball on this.” “No harm, no foul,” she said. “We’ll get it whipped into shape and sell that fucker for more than those Bush idiots ever even thought about listing it for. I promise you that. If I don’t, my name isn’t Samantha Vandenbergh Littlechurch! The first thing I’ll do is to call that handsome Alejandro and have him get out there and start working his miracles.” “I’ve already done that,” I said. “Great minds, honey!” she laughed. “You know, Rob, we’d make a great team. Have you ever thought about real estate?” “I’m afraid my plate’s a little full right now but I’d love to talk about it sometime.” “Don’t worry about a thing. Let me handle it,” she said. “My next call will be to Bush realty and that will be fun.” “Go easy on them,” I said. “Their day hasn’t been great already. I won’t tell you what I called the receptionist but I will admit to calling Mr. Bush a `feckless cocksucker'”. She howled. “That makes my day!” We agreed that she would call and arrange any signatures necessary. She also said that when the house sale closed, she wanted to come to my house for a Speedo bar-b-q. I promised her that! I felt much better after talking to Sam. The thing she had said about Jack looking so much like me had stuck in my brain. When we got in the car and buckled in, I turned to Jack. “Sam just said to me one of the nicest things I’ve ever been told in my life,” I said. “What was that?” he asked. “She said you look enough like me to be my biological son,” I told him. “That may be the highest compliment I’ve ever been paid.” He reached over and hugged me. I put my arm around him and held him. “Rob, I couldn’t love you more if I were your own,” he said quietly.

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