Subject: Special Gift Part 1 All usual disclaimers apply. It is assumed you read them and abide by them. This story is a total work of fiction. If it is not legal for you to read stories about sex between men, then say farewell. If you want to read on then please do. Please remember that Nifty can always use your help to make sure this site stays around and gives us an outlet and pleasure in reading. Please consider making a donation of any size: fty/donate.html Hey all! This is the start to a spinoff series from Itchy Daddy. I plan to bounce between this, Itchy Daddy and another project so I don’t burn out on writing! Feel free to leave comments/feedback by emailing hoo. XXXXXX I walked into work like any other day, heading to my office for another 8 hours of staring at my computer screen and making calls. Though something wasn’t right….there was something on my desk. I was surprised to see that a vase of roses and a little wrapped box was sitting on my desk with an envelope propped up against them. I’d never gotten something like this before…not even my ex wife had ever sent me something like this. We were deeply in love for many years, raised our son Dan together, who is just about finishing highschool now. It wasn’t until she decided she wasn’t happy that things took a bad turn. The divorce was quick and then she was gone, travelling and living out some dreams. Dan lives with me now, since he didn’t feel like moving around the country with her… Clearly, I have yet to fully move on from that. I haven’t even gone on a date since the divorce, so then why the hell was there a cute little romantic gift on my desk? I sat down in my office chair and began to open the envelope. Inside was a sweet little card covered in hearts. Inside there was a brief message. “You are amazing. Hope you enjoy these special treats. Love, your secret admirer.” Well that was adorable. I was blushing feeling like a teenager. I wondered who it was…I mean obviously someone who knew where I worked but…I wouldn’t even be able to guess. I went darıca escort ahead and opened the box. Inside were a few chocolates though…they looked so incredibly bizarre. I’d never seen chocolates like these before, well the design on them at least. It almost looked like a crater or maybe some kind of crude mandala. I really didn’t understand the design. There was a small business card sized paper inside that said “Special treats for a loved one, make sure to swirl your tongue and taste the unique flavors.” I chuckled a little…what kind of candy company feels the need to tell people how to eat chocolate. Though, I did follow the brief instructions. I let my tongue swirl slowly around the design of the chocolate before popping it into my mouth and eating it. It was an amusing way to eat them, and made them last longer at least. I ended up eating half the box before I started working. I felt a little warm under the collar, so I loosened my tie and undid a few of my buttons on my shirt. No one really ever came into my office, so no one would see my slightly disheveled appearance. The only person who stops by was already on his way to my office. Derek, my best friend here at the office, poked his head in. “Hey there Benny, how’s it going? Oh wow. Someone’s popular!” He said as he noticed the roses and the box of chocolates. “Yeah they’re from a ~secret admirer~ and I have no idea who it could be.” I said, leaning back in my chair. “But hey the chocolates taste awesome. They’re weird designs though, never seen something like that.” Derek leaned over and looked in the box, his eyes went wide and he started to laugh. I was confused, almost worried that maybe this was some elaborate prank he pulled. “What’s wrong?” I asked, sweating a little and loosening my tie some more. “Holy shit dude. Someone sent you some lovers chocolates!” He said as he picked up a chocolate and pointed to the design. “This isn’t a design man, this is the shape of someone’s asshole.” He chuckled and had to steady himself on the desk. kocaeli eve gelen escort “Wait what?” I asked as I took another look at the chocolates. Now that he had mentioned it…shit those weird creases…the wrinkles of an asshole. Shit. I felt super awkward as he cackled at me. “Yeah. People send these to each other to be sexy and all that shit. They take a mold of their asshole or nipples or whatever they choose. And then they make chocolates out of it. They say its got some aphrodisiac stuff in it too.” He shrugged, his laughter subsiding. “Oh and usually they come with a little dvd or USB drive with a custom video.” He lifted up the layer of chocolates and sure enough there was a little flash drive, the top end of it shaped like a cock. I blushed hard. “I had no idea…who the hell sent this?” I asked rhetorically. Derek only shrugged and set his chocolate back in the tray. He said goodbye and went to his office. Out of curiosity I plugged the flashdrive into my computer, running a virus scan on it. It was clean and only had 1 file, an 8 minute long video. I turned down the volume on my computer and clicked on it. The videos started and my jaw dropped. There on my computer, filling the entire screen was an ass. It was a huge bubble butt, smooth with a tight and soft looking pink hole. Even more shocking was that I could see there were a pair of balls hanging below it…a man sent me these. I had never even considered a guy could have sent it. I felt guilty as my cock throbbed in my pants and I felt sweaty. I unbuttoned my shirt more and rubbed my crotch, shit maybe they did put some kind of aphrodisiac in the chocolates. I’m not gay but I did experiment a very tiny bit in college. At most it was a blowjob and some fingering. But damn…that ass was absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t wrong of me to get so rock hard from it, right? I hadn’t had sex in a year, I was chocolated up, and there was a hot tight ass shaking on my computer screen. I looked down the hallway to see if anyone was near gebze escort bayan before I unzipped my fly and fished out my 7 inch cock. I was already precumming a mess as I stroked myself. The pretty pink hole on screen puckered and flexed. A hand appeared in frame, the slender finger rubbing a slow circle around the tight little winking hole. Fuck. That was so hot. I began to jerk my cock a little faster. It wasn’t long before the finger slipped past the ring of muscle, slowly finger fucking the tight smooth boypussy on my screen. Holy shit, I wished it was my finger. Fuck I would do anything to see some action like that, hell even if it wasn’t a woman I wouldn’t turn it down. As I stroked my leaky cock, one finger stretching the tight hole turned to two and then three. The camera quality was so good that I could practically feel that hole on my own fingers, on my own cock, on my own mouth….Fuck these chocolates were good. I don’t know if I had ever been that hard before. As the fingerfucking sped up, I stroked my man meat faster and faster. Near the video’s end I couldn’t hold back. My cock twitched and shot ropes of hot cum all over my shirt, tie and pants. Fuck I made a mess. The video ended and I was left there in my office chair, staring at the still frame of 3 fingers lodged in the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Fuck. I did my best to discretely clean myself up, putting the flash drive back in the box and covering it and the chocolates with the lid. The rest of the workday went quick. Although the chocolates lasted for a bit, I had to jerk off one more time before I headed home for the day. Dan must have been out over his friend’s place since he wasn’t home. I went through the mail like I usually did, but something surprised me. There was a bill in there…well some kind of bill. It wasn’t addressed to me though… it was addressed to my son, Dan. But he didn’t have a credit card, it must have been some kind of error or mix up in the name… so I opened it. The paper read: “Dear, Mr. Dan We apologize for the delay in delivering your order due to the Covid-19 issues. Your order should be delivered the same day you recieve this letter! We have reimbursed your credit card for 50% of the payment. We hope your busy office working loved one enjoys their special gift Sincerely, Luvers Chocolate Inc.”

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