Subject: Unc Atilla in Leather Unc Attila in leather Authored By Dicky Doo I’m 17 now and it’s been four years since I’d first hung out with Unca Mike. He was just the greatest back then so I was anxious to see him when my rents pulled up to his place and dropped me off. He had always been so friendly, like tussling me hair, giving me hugs and I especially remember that first time I saw him naked when I was 13. Back then I had always enjoyed showering with my friends, so when I had a sleepover at his place and heard him in the shower I went in. He had his face up to the showerhead with his eyes closed so I stripped and stepped in. I couldn’t believe the size of his dink, and it was sticking straight out! And of course, since me and my buds enjoyed playing with each other’s dinks, I reached down and grasped it. It startled him so he quickly turned his head to me and looked down at my dick. It was getting hard as I felt his getting longer and harder. “Wow Unc, your dink is so big and you’re getting a stiffy! You can feel mine if you want!” He only hesitated a moment, and when he grasped it and gently pulled on it, I giggled when it went full hard. I was impressed with his because my fingertips just touched and when I squeezed and moved my fist up and down, I was impressed by the way his big knob popped in and out his hoody thing. When he started doing the same to mine I started to tingle like I do when Jimmy does it to me. “Jeez Unc, that feels so good! Does it feel good when I do it to you too?” He looked a little surprised, then turned off the shower. “Well… sure. Yes it does, so, like squeeze harder and faster, like this.” I did to his like he was doing to mine and… holy cow! I got more tingly and my knees got weak… and… I felt like I had to pee. I paused on his and looked up and told him how I felt and that he better stop. He smiled, “I do too, but… keep it… up… and don’t stop… and I’ll… uhh… keep doing… uhh… and let it go… aggghhh…! ” Holy poop! I trusted him and I started to shudder as some stuff started spurted out his knob and I… mine… did too… acchh… ugh…ugh…uugghhhhh… and a smaller bit spit out of mine! Wow! He saw my confusion and chuckled, “Well Tyrone my boy. You just ejaculated, masturbated or jerked off for the first time. Did you like it?” “Oh by crackie, I sure did! Let’s do it again!” He laughed as he squeezed down his, forcing his hoody over his knob and the stuff out the pucker which stretched down, “Well you’ll have to wait till you build up more semen, or spunk or cumm like it is called. You know, like when you have just peed and have to wait again?” I was disappointed, kocaeli escort but brightened up when I asked if we could do it then and he said we could but I mustn’t tell my mom. No probs there, I don’t tell her about when Jimmy and me play with our stiffies. We dried each other off and he agreed to stay naked with me and I enjoyed watching his big dick flop around as we moved about. I enjoyed re-examining it and his big balls and playing with the hairs which were trimmed and shaped, not like the big bushes I’d seen on the men at the pool. I sat beside him on the couch and was fascinated with his dink and when I would occasionally reach over to play with it, I would quickly get hard. Most times of course when I played with his it would get hard too and after a couple jerks on it, he’d shake his head, “Not yet Ty my boy!” and push my hand away. It wasn’t much later though when I was popping his hoody, he grinned, “Well my horny little nephew, I think my balls have built up enough cumm to boil over, especially with a helping hand from you! Let’s go back to the bed and `whack’ each other off! I know you sure are ready.” I got all excited and my `boner’ as he called it now, started bouncing as I followed his bare ass into the bedroom. He lay back with his feet spread and had me kneel between them as he bobbed his `boner’ for me! Boy I admired that I could almost get two fists around it. When I started to `whack’ it off though, I grasped his big balls that we bouncing around in the other hand. I was quite taken aback this time as he was much more active and started to shiver, then really shudder as he raised his head, eyes squeezed shut and started to gasp/howl! He almost yelped when he slammed it back down and raised his hips as a huge stringer of `cumm’ spiraled out and landed almost on his tits this time Wow! He relaxed back down so I swiped some up and rolled it in my fingers. I then spread my feet for that `whack off’ position for him to do me and this one was even better than my first one. I guess you could say I was hornyly, whack off hooked. Remember then? At first he was amazed at the frequency of asking if we could do it again. Then later when I popped one as I had worked him up when he was preparing a snack he chuckled, “I guess I forgot how much I wanted to do it when I first got off. So I’ll do you whenever you want, K?” I pulled on my boner as I giggled, “I guess you could say I’m a little `whacky’ eh? And great! Do me now!” He had done me different ways, so this time he stood behind me and pressed his hard cock against my back and his balls in my ass crack and whacked me off as he fondled my balls. It wasn’t darıca escort much of a spurt, but luckily he was holding me because I shuddered so much as my knees weakened. So after the second day of that first visit to Unc’s place and after more `whacks’ than I had fingers, I went back home with a mission on my mind. Yepper. I not only introduced my friends to mutual masturbation but we were soon having groupies. They became even more `enhanced’ when Cliffy clamped his lips over my knob and demonstrated the fine art of sucking a cock. We `lunched’ out on each other at our gang meets from then on. So you can see why I was so anxious to see Unca Mike phoned and asked if I wanted a sleepover. A great chance to now suck that big cock of his that I had enjoyed whacking off so much previously. Also, I was almost 17 now, almost 6 ft., more muscular, and more importantly had a thigh slapping 6″ prize that grew to almost a 7. When he opened the door, he had a confused look on his face which suddenly turned to one of surprize. I had worn my tight cutoffs that had the well-worn bulge down the left pant leg and as can be expected of old queers, well any queer as far as that goes, his eyes widened when they dropped down on it. His look became one of incredulity and he smiled at me and gave me a long hug. His warm breath in my ear felt good as he softly said, “So great to see you again Ty! I hardly recognized you.” He kept holding me as he stepped back for a longer look me over which allowed me to likewise digest his radical make-over. He’s only about 30 and has the sides of his head shaved with a strip of long hair down the middle. Ring in the nose and ears, a leather vest, tats on both arms and leather shorts with a codpiece over that cock that had hooked me on tossing and eventually sucking. Which I was anxious to do now, having fantasized so much on it after that virgin blowjob on someone else. He put his arm over my shoulder and led me back to his rec room and I was startled with the renovations! Mat on the floor… whips and handcuffs hanging on the walls and some strange stuff I didn’t recognize. But holy shit! There were two other men about Unc’s age, with just studded leather belts and leather studded rings around the base of their cocks and their balls so their junk bulged out! Cock rings as I was to find out. And even stranger, there were two naked teens about my age that were kneeling on the floor with blindfolds and their wrists behind their backs bound with just rope cock rings. Not studded leather yet? Damnit, and all these cocks and balls made me start to bone up real quick! Unca Mike chuckled, “Changed gölcük escort a bit, eh? Well I’ll introduce you to some of our new club we formed, the `Huns’. I’m Attila and since we were going to initiate two new members I thought I would invite you to join in?” Jeez. I’d never belonged to a club before and I did like it in scouts when I got tied up. And seeing these other boy’s cocks, I needed to get naked and here are 3 older men that want me to join in too? Rad! I looked at Unca Mike… Attila and nodded as I absently pressed my wrist on my rising interest. His forearms had studded leather sleeves and he grinned as he stuck a fist out and we bumped. He raised his arms, “K. I waited for you. Do the honours!” I pulled off his vest and undid his leather shorts. As I slid them down, I was surprised that his bush had been shaved and was replaced with a lightning strike tat! And he had two rings in his hoody now and three in his bag! I lifted his cock and licked my lips as I looked up at him. His brow rose in surprise then he smiled as he nodded me an okay. Finally I get to suck the cock I had fantasized on for the last couple years! I bent down, bared the damp knob and snapped my lips over it! It was even better’n I had imagined, the ring not interfering. Man was I ever hard now after a couple draws and he tapped my head. When I pulled off, it stuck out horizontal now. He smiled down at it, “You sure seem experienced now!” he looked down at the two boys, “K future legionnaires, rise up and prepare another novitiate for the initiation.” Attila undid their wrists but left the masks and rope cock rings on. I found it very erotic as their fingers went all over my face, then after the shirt was off, all over my arms and upper torso, rolling my nipples then sucking them. They traced all over my body, trying to imagine me I guess. I could see their brows rise again when they took turns squeezing my shorts with its thickening lumber inside. Their imagination was apparent as their cocks in the rope rings bobbed. When they finally slid my shorts down and grabbed my cock that sprung up full hard, their cocks bobbed and Attila and the older Huns gasped. It was so erotic as four sets of fingers popped my knob in and out, squeezed and rolled my balls. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, but when I grasped each of theirs, they flinched, then relaxed as we fondled each other at the same time. I noticed the Huns were either semi or hard now too. Attila announced, “Okay serfs, you may remove the blindfolds and meet the newest Plebe face to face and whom you are fairly familiar with now. And partake of each other’s cocks. Then, `Elgar’, as you are to be called now, because you have the spear of a god, let us Huns savour the taste of that magnificent sabre of muscle to introduce yourself.” Jeez! This is quite the club! I wasn’t as used to all this older cock.. Hope you enjoyed! ail

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