They were a normal couple. Arranging, cuck & w

They were a normal couple. Arranging, cuck & w
They were a normal couple.
Arranging, cuck & wife

We are a normal couple. Sex was fun when we got married, but now the seven year itch has really got to us, but not from the one you would think! In reality, it’s my husband. I love him. I found him more and more withdrawn and when it came to sex, he started giving an excuse after another excuse. For one thing, his penis is a four incher when hard but, he seemed to enjoy when I told him that. In the past it was not a problem because what he did not do with his cock, he finished with his expert mouth.

For myself, I’m 5’-9” blond, who likes to wear heels that make me even taller, and I always have my fingernails and toenails painted. I go to the gym to keep myself trim and judging from the looks that I get from men, many would love to bed and completely possess me. For proprietary, while I work to look all innocent and sweet on the outside. Under my clothes my pussy is shaved, baby smooth and always on a quiet fire.

One morning, still in bed and after disappointed moments, my mind wanted to understand what made my hubby withdraw from sex. But, he would not talk and my presumptions could never be accurate. As I lay there in this haze of wanting sex and not knowing what to do, images of sex flooded my being. This was different. I imagined a beautiful black man taking me and a lady helping him. In my head I did not see their faces but could feel their touches and my pussy being filled with a massive cock. The contrast of colors and me struggling to take him made me wet. Reaching down, my hand caressed my nude pussy. It felt so strange to touch myself there and not feel the light coat of downy softness my husband loved to stroke. But he wasn’t there so it was up to me. My middle finger on my right hand started to flick across the clit I knew so well. A shudder went through me as my hand worked, slowly at first, than faster, until my finger slipped lower, leaving the ball of my hand to rub the clitoris. My finger had slipped inside me, pushing higher, trying to reach that place that hubby always touched. As I continued to lay, my hand masturbating my cleanly shaved cunt, I lost myself in reflection. My mind was a montage of mental images, of black man fucking me. I thought about hubby, how he loved to lick my pussy. Now I imagined him licking it as it was fucked by my black Adonis. My own fingers were sliding in and out of my hot cunt fast and furious. I felt something like electricity coursing through my body as I orgasmed, oh my god it was so intense, I could feel my own cum slowly running down my inner thighs.

After my shower and as I was dressing myself, the images of my just had fantasy were coming back. This time, as I was pulling a stocking over my leg I imagined my hubby being there naked and helping me dress. The scenery was definitely of him being my cuckold and it was up to me to do something about it.

I went online looking for cuckolding sites and reading how couples got into that lifestyle. After some research, a plan evolved into actionable steps. First, I decided to become a Hot Wife. Second, hubby was always to be there and participating.

Next time we were naked in bed, I described to him what I wanted and how, with his help, I wished to become a Hot Wife and his Mistress. As I was talking I noticed that he was becoming hard. I took his penis into my hand and began to masturbate him. With many slow, teasing pauses I’d talk to him. “I’m going to take him bareback… Will that turn you on?… Will you lick me after he’s done?… Will you suck his dick for me?…” It had an effect as he came in my hand. Not much of cum but definitely happy. That’s when I gave him the job of finding the Black Adonis that was going to fuck me.

As I made a decision to transform us into a cuckolding couple, I knew that I cannot rush into the lifestyle. Almost every day, when we were in bed, we’d watch IR porn. I liked the ones where the black man would be a little dominant and with a beautiful cock. When in the movie the wife would be fucked, I’d have my fingers on my mound flicking my clit. At the right moment I’d let my hubby lick me. I’d make comments about how hot it is to see Big Black Cock making the wife cum. How beautiful and exciting it is to see the contrast between black skin and white skin. As a reward for making me cum, I’d play with his dicklette.

As we were watching the IR Porn, I realized that I liked being in control and allowed myself to enjoy more by releasing my slutiness. In my new freedom every morning, I made him eat my pussy. One time he was almost in a Sixty-Nine position I put my finger into his sphincter and his cockie got rock-hard immediately. Now I knew that he wanted to be ass fucked. Within a day or two I got a black colored strap-on. It was a black, realistic looking rubber phallus of about seven inches long and medium thickness.

By now we had a routine. At home we would be total nudists. Not a stitch of clothing and completely shaved and hairless. No landing strip, no triangle, just sweet bare skin. I told my hubby also to be totally shaved, including legs. To ensure that the pubis would be smooth, we used dilatory creams to make my pussy mound “baby smooth”. This gave us sexual freedom and let us be as spontaneous as I wished.

One day, I told him to get down on his fours stay there and that I was going to “deflower” him. At first he protested and then firmly I repeated my words. I kept him on the floor and bent him forward on his knees. I left him long enough for me to put on the strap-on. I first stood in front of him. I lifted his head so that his face was even with my waist and had him suck on the toy. My loving husband had completely yielded to me in a manner I could never have imagined. I next walked away and liberally lubricated the toy. I positioned myself behind my husband, placed the tip of my shaft on his asshole. His back arched as I leaned into him. I collapsed across his back and wrapped my arms around his body as I slowly penetrated him. As the black phallus began penetrating I felt his sphincter resist at first and then yield and take all seven inches. I pumped him rhythmically as I stroked his hair and placed kisses on the back of his neck. He moaned as he moved into me and in rhythmic waves loved his ass fucking. After a while his moans became loud and with me hitting his prostate he came. Not much of cum but enough to coat his legs. When I withdrew the dildo from his ass, we both relaxed and he knew that from now on, his free will was mine.

As weeks progressed, I interviewed many black men. Sometimes I talked to them over Skype with my nakedness in full view. It was easy to get a wannabe Bulls who did not know how to behave or how to make a woman want them. In the end, with hubby’s help we found the Black Adonis that was going to be my Bull. He knew of the lifestyle and promised to bring us to a new level of cuckolding. After few Skype sessions we became quite friendly and I asked him to show me his goods. He stood, adjusted the screen and dropped his briefs revealing himself. His cock was uncircumcised and thickly veined looking more like something that belonged on a small horse than on a man. “Please take off your shirt” he did exposing his hard black six-pack of stomach muscles. I was drinking in every detail of his big cock, from the mushroom-shaped glans and thickly-veined shaft, to his big, loose balls. I wanted to touch but let my hand wander to my clit. My hubby stepped behind me and pulled on my hard nipples making me moan. “Oh my,” said my Adonis, and took his cock and pulled it making it hard exposing his phalluses’ purple head. “You want to fuck me don’t you?”. “Yes”, I murmured. “Good lady, keep tribbing yourself and make your pussy cum.” He told me. I did not need his encouragement; seeing him pulling back and forth his cock’s foreskin and exposing the mushroom head in a rhythmic motion made me want him fill me. My hubby squeezed and pulled hard on my nipples making me explode in a self-induced orgasm. I loved it and my Adonis told me that he’ll give us instructions on a special meeting that he’d plan for us.

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