Visit to Mexico Pt VI

Visit to Mexico Pt VI

Later that evening Carmen returned home with her eldest daughter Theresa.
After a few minutes of warm ‘hello’s’ exchanged between Rosa and her older
sibling, Carmen inquired as to Terry’s whereabouts. Rosa told her that
they had gone shopping all afternoon and Terry complained about not feeling
well when they returned so she had gone upstairs to her room to rest.
Carmen wasn’t overly concerned and decided to get started on dinner
preparations and solicited her two daughters to help.

A couple of hours later Terry finally stirred from her nap and managed to
get out of bed. Her head was still a little groggy, but her body had
apparently rejuvenated just fine during her sleep and was not feeling any
ill effects from the afternoon’s escapades. She sat on the edge of her bed
for a few moments trying to piece together all that happened earlier, but
she was at a loss for any clear explanation. The only thing she could
think of is that she was possibly coming down with some kind of virus or
something that was throwing her whole body out of sorts. She was
emotionally unstable and her body was experiencing some kind of hot flashes
that were heating up her libido beyond her control. She could barely
remember anything that happened in the theatre up until the point where she
blacked out momentarily, but she did know one thing for sure it must have
been terribly confusing and embarrassing for Rosa to have to watch. She
would have to apologize to her next time she saw her and try to explain to
her that she is not feeling herself and she normally does not act like
that. She would have to talk with Carmen and ask her if she knows a doctor
that she could possibly see tomorrow to get some answers.

Terry finally managed to pull herself together sufficiently and, realizing
how hungry she was, got dressed. She slipped on some panties and put on a
bra, carefully handling her still sensitive breasts, as she slipped the
cups over her semi-erect nipples. She pulled on a simple sundress and
brushed her hair before heading downstairs. She heard the voices and
laughter of the three women, coming from the kitchen, as she made her way
down the stairs. It was only then that she remembered that Carmen was
going to be bringing her oldest daughter home for dinner.

Terry stopped in the kitchen entryway and saw the three women finishing up
with the food preparations and getting ready to eat dinner. She stood
there in silence, for a few minutes, just watching the scene in front of
her. The three women were talking non-stop, barely allowing each other
enough time to complete a sentence before the next one would start.
Although she could not quite understand what the women were discussing,
because they were speaking in Spanish, Terry could tell just by their body
language and facial expressions that these types of animated discussions
were commonplace when they were together.

Terry did take notice of Theresa, however, and could see the family
resemblance almost immediately. She was slightly taller than Carmen, but
still had the beautiful facial features and figure that were unmistakably
her mother’s. Terry was not disappointed when she quickly noticed that her
breasts were also quite large and filled out the bodice of her halter-top
to capacity. Terry was suddenly stirred from her anonymity as Carmen
turned around and noticed her standing there in the doorway.

“Terry!” exclaimed Carmen joyously as she rushed over to her side. “How
are you feeling sweetie?”

“I’m feeling a little better,” answered Terry. “I just had such a
headache, but it seems to have gone away.” Terry looked over at Rosa and
saw her looking back at her with a sheepish grin on her face. Terry looked
away almost immediately and felt her face begin to flush.

“Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better sweetie,” consoled Carmen as she
caressed Terry’s cheek lovingly. “Please let me introduce you to my other
daughter Theresa.”

Theresa walked over and embraced Terry warmly and then stood back and
smiled as she said, “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“Thank you,” replied Terry. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”

“I have heard so much about you from Rosa and my mother,” continued Theresa
as she held Terry’s hands. “You are even more beautiful than they

Terry just blushed as she replied, “That’s so sweet of you to say.”

“Why don’t we all sit down and eat, hmmm?” interrupted Carmen. “Dinner is

All four of the women sat down and ate the delicious meal and talked
non-stop. Theresa asked Terry about the United States and explained that
she had just come from there for a training seminar. She was a physical
ther****t and was very involved with nutrition and natural medicinal
techniques and therapies. She has been there many times and was curious to
hear where Terry lived and describe her hometown. Terry noted that Theresa
was very well spoken and appeared to be very knowledgeable about a great
many subjects.

The women talked for hours and finally broke up when Theresa announced that
she was tired and needed to rest up from her long flight. Terry managed to
get Carmen alone in the kitchen as they cleaned the dinner dishes and took
the opportunity to talk to her about her problem.

“Carmen, do you know of a good doctor that I might be able to see
tomorrow?” asked Terry in a slightly hushed voice.

“A doctor?” asked Carmen concerned. “Are you feeling ill again dear?”

“No, not at the moment,” answered Terry. “But I’d just like to, you know,
talk to someone about it.”

“Are you sure it isn’t anything serious?” asked Carmen.

“No, no, I don’t think so,” assured Terry trying to ease Carmen’s concern.
“I’d just like to ask the doctor some questions, that’s all.” The last
thing she wanted was to tell Carmen what she was going through these last
few weeks.

“Yes, I will take you to my doctor,” replied Carmen. “She is a good doctor
and a good friend. I’m sure she will see you if I ask her.”

“Thank you, Carmen,” answered a relieved Terry.

“I will take you there tomorrow right after breakfast,” insisted Carmen as
she kissed Terry on her forehead lovingly.

They finished cleaning the dishes and Terry bid everyone ‘good night’
before she left and went back upstairs to her room. She hadn’t been in bed
for more than a few minutes before she heard a knock on her door and Rosa
peaked her head into the room.

“Are you okay, Terry?” asked Rosa concerned.

“Yes, yes, I feel fine,” answered Terry cautiously. She was not sure
exactly what to say to Rosa regarding what happened earlier that afternoon.
She was terribly embarrassed.

“Are you sure?” prodded Rosa. “You just don’t seem like yourself lately.”

“No, no, I’m fine, really,” stammered Terry nervously trying to avoid any
further discussion of the embarrassing subject.

“Okay, I guess,” replied Rosa. “I just want you to know that I’ll be right
next door if you need someone to talk to.”

“Thank you,” answered Terry. “That’s so sweet of you.”

“Good night,” said Rosa as she disappeared and closed the door.

Oh my god, thought Terry to herself, the poor girl knows something’s wrong
with me. What am I going to tell her? Hopefully she doesn’t realize what
exactly happened in the theater earlier today and she can think of
something clever to tell her if it ever comes up. Maybe it wasn’t that
obvious? Did she really have an orgasm in front of the poor girl anyway or
is that another part of her warped mind playing tricks on her? Hopefully
the doctor will have some answers for her tomorrow and she can put all of
this behind her.

The next morning Carmen took Terry to go see her doctor friend. They
arrived at the small, private practice of Carmen’s friend Dr. Lupita
Cuevas. The two women entered the small waiting room and Carmen went over
to the receptionist’s desk to talk to the young lady sitting there. There
were already two other women sitting in the room, presumably with
appointments, waiting to be seen by the doctor. Terry took some time to
look around and noticed several plaques on the walls displaying Lupita’s
many medical credentials most of which were geared specifically towards
female medicine specifically gynecology.

After some discussion with Carmen, Terry noticed the receptionist disappear
into the rear of the office. Terry walked over to Carmen and asked, “Will
she be able to see me?”

“I believe so, but her assistant is going to check,” replied Carmen

A few moments later the door opened and Lupita emerges with a wide smile as
she reaches out her arms to embrace Carmen. “Carmen! How good it is to
see you!”

“It’s so nice to see you, too Lupita!” beamed Carmen as the two women
hugged each other.

“My assistant tells me you have a friend that would like to see me?” asked

“Yes, that’s right,” replied Carmen. “This is my dear friend Terry and she
is feeling a little under the weather and would like you to exam her if you

“Nice to meet you Terry,” greeted Lupita as she reached out to Terry with
her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” responded Terry as she shook the doctor’s hand briefly.

“What seems to be the problem, dear?” asked Lupita in a professional tone.

“I, um, I’m not quite sure really,” answered Terry nervously. “I just feel
a little out of sorts, I guess, nothing too serious I don’t think.”

“Hmmmm, well, I could squeeze you in if you’d be willing to wait until I
take care of my other appointments,” said Lupita.

“That would be fine,” replied Terry.

“Then why don’t you have a seat and I’ll have Rene, my assistant, bring you
some paperwork to fill out in the mean time,” said Lupita.

Terry walked over to an empty chair and sat down as Lupita and Carmen
continued to chat briefly. After a minute or so Lupita motioned for one of
the other women waiting there to follow her into the rear of the office and
they disappeared behind the door.

Carmen walked over to Terry and said, “Lupita is a wonderful doctor. I’m
sure she will be able to make you feel better.” Carmen touched Terry’s
cheek with her hand as she smiled lovingly at her. “Would you mind
terribly if I left you here alone for a while? Lupita said she should be
ready to see you in about an hour or so, and I thought I might run a few
errands while we have some time.”

“Oh, no, go right ahead. I’ll be fine,” assured Terry.

“Alright then, I will see you in a bit,” said Carmen as she bent over
slightly and kissed Terry’s forehead softly. She then turned around and
left the room leaving Terry alone there with the other woman patient
sitting across from her. After several minutes Rene got up from her desk,
on the other side of the partition, opened the door and walked into the
waiting room with a clipboard.

“Why don’t you fill out this questionnaire regarding your previous medical
history while you wait?” instructed Rene as she handed Terry the clipboard
and forms. “Just bring them over to the window when you’re done, okay?”

“Sure, thank you,” replied Terry as she returned Rene’s smile with one of
her own.

She caught herself watching Rene walk away and took notice of how lovely
her backside looked, as it swayed back and forth in the tight skirt, as she
walked across the room and disappeared behind the door. Terry looked up
and caught Rene’s gaze as she appeared at the window and sat down at her

Terry took the next 10 minutes or so filling out the forms with all of her
pertinent medical history and personal information. There was also a brief
questionnaire that required more personal information regarding mostly
questions surrounding her sexual experience and activity. She felt a
little uncomfortable with many of the questions, but considering her
problem was directly related to her libido she felt compelled to answer all
of the questions thoroughly. There were several questions, however, that
asked about her experience with other women specifically ‘Are you lesbian?’
‘Are you bi-sexual?’ ‘Have you ever had sex with another woman?’ ‘Have you
ever considered sex with another woman?’. She answered them as honestly as
she could by writing ‘No’ ‘I don’t think so’ ‘No’ and ‘Yes, but only

Terry stood up and took the completed forms over to the window and stood
there waiting to give them to Rene who was talking on the phone. As she
stood there waiting she couldn’t help but notice the rest of Rene’s
beautiful features. She had extremely long, black hair that went all the
way down to her waist and her manicured eyebrows perfectly framed two
gorgeous, deep brown eyes. She had very prominent cheekbones and her
smooth cheeks blended in flawlessly to a perfect jaw line. Terry also
noticed that the blouse she wore was somewhat tight as the buttons strained
at their threads to keep from popping off from the pressure her chest was
putting on them. The top two buttons were surreptitiously undone providing
Terry with a good view of the deep cleavage underneath. Her skin was a
darker bronze than she had seen before and she wondered if it was always
that dark or if it just turned darker during the summer months.

Rene, noticing Terry’s gaze, ended the phone call and took the forms from
the woman. She smiled proudly to herself as she noticed that the woman’s
eyes had been narrowed in on her cleavage. She took a few moments to look
over the forms and made a few mental notes about Terry’s information before
telling her, “It should just be another 30 minutes or so.”

No sooner had Terry returned to her seat that the office door opened and
the first appointment exited and went over to the window to complete some
paper work that Rene handed to her. Lupita appeared in the doorway and
motioned for the other woman sitting there to follow her into the rear
office area. Lupita made quick eye contact with Terry and smiled before
she closed the door. A few minutes later the first woman finished with her
forms and exited the office leaving Terry alone in the room for the first
time. She busied herself for the next half hour by looking through several
magazines and stealing a few glances at Rene as she worked at her desk.

Rene caught Terry staring at her a few times and chuckled to herself as she
finished reading her questionnaire. The questionnaire was not the ‘usual’
form they used, but a slightly altered version that Rene substituted
occasionally when she saw a new patient that interested her. She saw
something very interesting in Terry as soon as she entered the office that
morning and assumed that she was a lesbian when she realized that she was a
friend of Carmen’s. Rene had known Carmen for years and she was well aware
of her sexual preference. What had surprised Rene, however, was the way
Terry answered the questions regarding her sexual preference specifically
her answer of ‘Yes, but only recently’ to whether she had ever considered
sex with a woman. This fueled her imagination a little as she attempted to
figure out what her relationship to Carmen was exactly.

Rene decided to test Terry a little and unbuttoned another two buttons on
her blouse before she got up from her desk and walked into the waiting
room. She pretended to be straightening the magazines and tidying up the
area, but was really trying to provide Terry with something to look at
while she waited. Rene made sure she bent over at the waste several times
and gave Terry plenty of opportunities to look down into her abundant
cleavage. She also positioned herself so Terry had a good long look at her
tight ass as she stuck it in her direction once or twice. Pleased with how
Terry reacted, and took every chance she was given to check out her assets,
Rene finally exited the room and returned to her desk.

Several minutes later the door opened again and the other patient came out
and went over to see Rene. Lupita then appeared and motioned to Terry to
follow her into the back exam area. Terry got up and followed Lupita down
the short hallway and into a brightly lit exam room. Lupita sat at a small
desk and motioned for Terry to sit in the chair adjacent to her. Terry
looked around the room nervously as Lupita read through the medical forms
that she had filled out earlier. Terry sat quietly and attempted to
formulate some kind of explanation of what was wrong with her and still
maintain some humility.

“So, Terry, what seems to be bothering you?” asked Lupita as she looked up
from the forms.

“I, uh, I’m not quite sure really,” began Terry nervously. “I, I just
don’t feel like myself lately. I can’t explain it.”

“Are you feeling sick? Headaches? Nausea? Fever?” prodded Lupita.

“Well, no, not really,” answered Terry.

“Have you noticed any irregularities with your menstrual cycle?” continued
Lupita while taking notes.

“No,” answered Terry.

“Well, is there anything physically wrong, any specific symptoms, that you
can tell me about?” asked Lupita.

“I, um, well, you see my body it, uh, it seems to be very sensitive,”
stammered Terry.

“Sensitive? In what way?” asked Lupita concerned.

“It, it, sometimes when I’m,” struggled Terry to find the words. “Oh, this
is so hard for me talk about.”

“Don’t worry dear,” consoled Lupita as she reached out and held Terry’s
hand. “I’m a professional and I want to help you, but I can’t if you don’t
tell me exactly what is troubling you.”

Terry looked up and stared into Lupita’s eyes and saw her genuine concern.
She just couldn’t bring herself to tell Lupita the truth about what she has
been going through. As she continued to look into Lupita’s eyes, however,
she saw something there that was calming and somehow she knew that Lupita
would understand and it would be okay.

Rene was just about to walk into the room when she heard Terry talking
through the partially opened door.

“The only way that I can describe what is happening to me is,” started
Terry with some resolve. “Well, my sexual libido is getting out of control
and I can’t figure out why.”

“Are you seeing someone right now?” asked Lupita.

“No, no one,” answered Terry.

“Carmen tells me that you are visiting from the U.S. Is there anyone back
home that perhaps you are feeling lonely for?” continued Lupita.

“No. I’m not seeing anybody,” answered Terry.

“Have you been sexually active lately?” asked Lupita returning to her

“No. Well,” said Terry with a little apprehension. “I, uh, I’ve been
masturbating quite regularly. Does that count?”

“How often?” continued Lupita.

“Well, I used to, you know, do it about once a month maybe more,” explained
Terry in a low voice. “But lately, since things have been so crazy, it’s
been more like once a day.”

“Once a day?” asked Lupita looking up from her notes.

“Sometimes more,” answered Terry unable to look Lupita in the face.

“Hmmm,” thought Lupita as she started to scribble more notes on her pad.

Rene was listening with her interest highly piqued as Terry and Lupita
continued their discussion. She knew that eavesdropping was highly
unprofessional, but she just couldn’t believe what she was hearing from the
beautiful American. A woman as beautiful as her, not sexually active, but
masturbating with greater frequency because she is so sexually deprived.
She doesn’t have all of the medical degrees that Lupita has, but even she
can see what is wrong with the poor woman. She needs to get fucked!

Terry looked over at Lupita as she continued to make notes on her pad.
“Does that sound wrong to you?” asked Terry.

“What? The fact that you are masturbating more than usual or that you are
doing it once or twice a day?” asked Lupita.

“Yes, I guess, to both,” answered Terry.

“Well, my first question to you would be, is there anyone or anything
around you that seems to be fueling your increased arousal?” asked Lupita.

Terry sat back and closed her eyes and sighed in defeat. There’s no
turning back now, she thought to herself, you have to tell her about Carmen
and Rosa. “I, uh, first started noticing a change when I met Carmen,”
Terry answered almost whispering.

Lupita looked up from her notes and raised an eyebrow at Terry’s latest

“I don’t know what it is about her, but she makes me feel all funny when
I’m around her,” continued Terry. “And Rosa, her daughter, too. They are
both so sweet and nice to me all of the time.”

Lupita smiled to herself as she looked at Terry sitting across from her
like an innocent little girl relating how she felt after discovering boys
for the first time. She suppressed a giggle at the thought that such an
older woman could have no idea that she was experiencing sexual feelings
towards another woman. Lupita knew Carmen’s sexual history and she was
aware that Rosa was developing similar tendencies. Was Carmen or Rosa
coming on to Terry and she just didn’t realize it? Could she be that

Rene was beside herself trying to stifle her laughter, but looked up
suddenly when she realized the real purpose she had for needing to speak to
Lupita. She composed herself and then knocked on the door before pushing
it open slightly to peek inside the room.

“Excuse me, Doctor?” said Rene. “There’s a slight emergency with
Mrs. Gonzalez.”

“Yes, what is it?” answered Lupita looking up at Rene concerned.

“She just called and she thinks she going into labor,” answered Rene.

“Is she on her way to the hospital?” asked Lupita.

“No, that’s just the thing,” continued Rene. “She’s all alone at home and
there isn’t anyone to take her.”

“Oh dear, that poor woman,” said Lupita. “Let her know that I will be over
there in a few minutes and tell her to start her breathing exercises.”

“Yes, maam,” replied Rene as she stepped back and returned to her desk

Lupita turned her attention back to Terry and started to make a few more
rushed notes. “Terry, I’m sorry, but I am going to have to leave for a
while and see to Mrs. Gonzalez,” explained Lupita as she wrote. “I don’t
think that there is anything seriously wrong with you, but I think I should
run a few tests just to be sure.”

“Some tests?” asked Terry.

“Yes, I’m going to leave some instructions for Rene to take care of you in
my absence,” continued Lupita. “She is fully qualified and has performed
these tests many times in the past. I’m not sure if I will be back before
she completes everything, but I will look over the results and contact you
tomorrow with my findings. Okay?”

“Yes, that sounds fine,” answered Terry nervously.

“Don’t be concerned dear,” said Lupita confidently as she reached out and
lightly touched Terry’s chin. “I’m sure it’s nothing, nothing at all.”

“Thank you, I hope so,” replied Terry.

“Rene will be back here shortly to start the tests,” said Lupita as she
stood up and quickly left the room.

Oh God I hope she’s right, thought Terry to herself, I hope these tests
just show that I’ve got some kind of fever or something and then I can get
a prescription for whatever pills I need to take to get rid of it.

Lupita grabbed her small medical bag and stopped at Rene’s desk before
leaving and said, “Make sure you cancel my afternoon appointments…”

“Already done,” interrupted Rene.

“As far as Miss Nichols is concerned,” continued Lupita. “There doesn’t
seem to be anything physically wrong with her, but I’d like you to do a few
simple tests just to make her feel better.”

“You don’t want to perform a full exam yourself?” asked Rene.

“No, no, that won’t be necessary,” explained Lupita as she began walking
towards the door. “Just draw some blood, check her blood pressure,
heartbeat, etc. Nothing too involved.”

“Okay, I can handle that,” assured Rene.

“Tell her I will call her tomorrow,” said Lupita as she hurried out the

Nothing too involved, thought Rene to herself. Oh, I think we can get a
little involved with the poor woman’s problem. It sounds to me like a full
exam is in order. Rene chuckled to herself as she walked over and locked
the inner office door before slowly making her way down to the exam room at
the end of the hall. When she opened the door and walked inside she saw
Terry still sitting in her chair with an anxious look on her face. Rene
just smiled at her and pretended to read through Lupita’s instructions.

“Hmmmm,” murmured Rene as she looked over Lupita’s notes. “Well, okay we
may as well get started. Why don’t you disrobe and I’ll get things ready.”

Terry closed her eyes in resignation to the idea that she was going to have
to undress in front of this perfect stranger. She knew there was no way
around it if she was going to cooperate with Lupita’s advice and submit to
whatever tests she suggested. She stood up and started to unbutton her
blouse, but stopped when she realized that Rene was not going to leave the
room and she had not provided her with any kind of robe or smock to change

“Is there a problem?” asked Rene as she turned and noticed Terry just
standing there with her blouse half undone.

“Do you have, uh, something for me to put on?” asked Terry.

“Oh, no that won’t be necessary,” explained Rene. “We are not performing a
full exam so you can leave your bra and panties on.”

Terry thought about that for a moment and then figured that wouldn’t be as
bad as having to strip totally naked so she continued to undress. After
she removed her blouse and skirt she just stood there waiting for her next

Rene looked over and had to suppress a gasp as she got a good look at the
beautiful American woman for the first time. She had a very lovely figure
and looked very sexy in her silk bra and matching thong. Her tits were
larger and shapelier than she had originally thought and she could already
see the hard nipples pressing into the soft material of the bra. Terry’s
light skin complexion was flawless and looked smooth and creamy to Rene’s
admiring eyes.

“Why don’t you hop up onto the exam table and we’ll get started,”
instructed Rene as she turned to Terry.

Terry walked over to the padded exam table and lifted herself up onto the
pad and sat there with her clenched hands in her lap. Rene walked over to
her and proceeded to gently grasp Terry’s head with one hand and turn it
profile so she could exam her ears. After looking at both ears she turned
Terry’s face forward and leaned in to check her eyes. When Rene finished
she picked up her clipboard and made a few notations before putting it down
and retrieving her stethoscope. As she put the device on she attempted to
step closer, but bumped into Terry’s knees. Without any hesitation Rene
reached down with both hands and pulled Terry’s knees apart and stepped in
between her wide-spread legs so she was now standing just a few inches in
front of the stunned woman.

Terry was surprised when Rene spread her knees apart and stepped closer and
had to quickly put her hands off to her sides and hold onto the edge of the
pad in order to maintain her balance. She was now only a few inches apart
from Rene and got her first whiff of the woman’s sweet perfume. She
watched, transfixed, as Rene lifted the stethoscope to her open mouth and
blew warm air onto it several times in an effort to warm the metal surface.
Terry could not keep her eyes focused and would glance back and forth
between Rene’s piercing eyes to her moist lips.

“I wouldn’t want to startle you with this cold thing,” explained Rene as
she blew on the device several more times. Rene then slid one arm around
Terry and gently placed it in the middle of her back. Next she took the
stethoscope in her other hand and gently placed it on Terry’s upper chest
and held it there with her entire hand pressed flat against her warm skin.

“Sit up straight, shoulders back and take a deep breath,” instructed Rene
in a softer tone.

Terry sat up straighter and pulled her shoulders back thrusting her chest
into Rene’s hand and took a deep breath. Terry tried to keep her eyes
focused on the diploma hanging on the wall just over Rene’s shoulder, but
found it hard to avoid eye contact with the beautiful nurse whose eyes
never wavered from her own.

“Another deep breath,” instructed Rene as she slowly maneuvered the
stethoscope around Terry’s heaving chest. Her entire palm was lightly
caressing Terry’s soft skin as it traveled across her upper chest and then
began to move lower. Rene could see Terry’s nervous eyes darting about as
she slowly maneuvered her hand over the upper swell of both her breasts.
She could also detect all of the goose bumps as they spread out over
Terry’s chest. Rene managed to gently pull the bra strap off of Terry’s
left shoulder with her free hand as she began to slowly move the
stethoscope down to her left breast. She easily pushed the bra cup aside
and now had full access to Terry’s exposed breast.

Terry felt her bra loosen slightly, but did not look down to notice the
strap lying loosely on her arm. She inhaled sharply and held her breath as
she felt Rene’s hand move further down her chest and gently cover her left
breast. She knew something was different because she could feel Rene’s
entire hand in direct contact with her naked breast and quickly hardening
nipple. What happened to my bra she thought to herself? She’s cupping my
bare breast!

“Keep breathing,” instructed Rene softly as she slowly moved her hand
around Terry’s left breast squeezing it gently. She used her thumb to
slowly tease the sensitive nipple erect as she traced circles around the
hard nub. Her eyes never left Terry’s as she watched them flicker as the
woman’s arousal began to grow. Rene slowly moved the stethoscope over to
Terry’s other breast and proceeded to push her bra completely off until
both her breasts were fully exposed. Rene squeezed and fondled the other
breast until both nipples were straining from the attention.

“Everything seems fine here,” commented Rene matter-of-factly. She then
leaned forward and wrapped her other arm around Terry’s back and placed the
stethoscope in between her shoulder blades. “Breathe deeply again,”
instructed Rene as she softly whispered into Terry’s ear.

Terry took another deep breath and felt her hard nipples press into Rene’s
bosom as she leaned into her. She could feel the warmth of Rene’s ample
chest as it continued to press into her own heaving, bare breasts. The
thin fabric of Rene’s blouse failed to conceal the fact that her nipples
were also growing hard as they pushed through her thin bra and into Terry’s
heating flesh.

“That’s good, deep breathes,” Rene continued to whisper with her lips
grazing Terry’s ear. Rene slowly maneuvered the stethoscope around Terry’s
back for the next minute or so as she continued to press her chest into the
woman’s swelling breasts. Rene finally pushed herself away from Terry
after she had sufficiently aroused the woman to be more receptive to her
suggestions. She stepped back and picked up the clipboard and made a few
more notations while Terry attempted to regain a normal breathing pattern.
Rene looked over and could see Terry’s nipples hard and pointed and knew
that she was enjoying the exam thus far.

“The doctor says here that you have been experiencing a dramatic increase
in your sex drive, is that right?” asked Rene pretending to be reading
Lupita’s instructions.

“Uh, yes, that is correct,” answered Terry.

“And just how has this manifested itself?” asked Rene.

“I, um, I’m not sure what you mean,” replied Terry slightly confused by the

“Well, it says here that you masturbate every day. Now why is that?” asked
Rene looking up from the paperwork and into Terry’s eyes.

“Uh, I don’t…” thought Terry.

“I mean are you just horny all of the time for no reason?” interrupted Rene

Terry’s eyes darted up to meet Rene’s pointed stare as her apprehension

“There has to be a reason, something to cause you to get so aroused that
you can’t stop touching yourself, don’t you agree?” continued Rene.

Terry’s mouth opened, but said nothing and her eyes began to dart back and
forth as her mind tried to find an answer.

“The doctor wrote down that you are not sexually active with anyone, other
than yourself of course,” continued Rene relentlessly. “But she didn’t put
down if you have been sexually active at all. Have you?”

Terry’s anxiety was reaching a fevered pitch as Rene’s questions became
more and more personal regarding her sexual experience. This was never
Terry’s favorite subject and she avoided it whenever possible due to her
embarrassment at the lack of experience that she had.

“Have you had any sexual relations within the last 6 months?” asked Rene.

Terry remained silent unable to answer.

“Within the last year? Several years?” continued Rene.

Terry just meekly shook her head and stared at the floor avoiding all eye
contact with the nurse.

“Have you EVER been sexually intimate with a man?” prodded Rene.

Terry’s eyes widened and then she looked away from Rene’s piercing glare.

“Why is that a difficult question to answer Terry?” added Rene.

Terry shut her eyes when she heard the question and prayed she could find
some hole to hide in order to allow her to not answer the embarrassing
question and completely humiliate herself.

“Terry?” continued Rene in a slightly softer tone. “Are you still a

“Yes,” mumbled Terry under her breath.

Rene’s eyes widened when she heard Terry’s admission. “You are 34 years
old, a beautiful woman and you have never had sex?” asked Rene in

Terry just shook her head.

Rene took a step back and gathered her thoughts on this new revelation.
She herself was 32 and can clearly remember that she was sexually active
when she was just a teenager. In fact, she can’t remember going more than
a few months without having sex. How could this woman live such a
sheltered life, she thought to herself. She figured that Terry was naïve
regarding sex with another woman, but she never would’ve guessed to what
extent her inexperience actually amounted to.

“Hmmmm,” replied Rene as she pondered her next question carefully. “Does
your lack of experience have anything to do with how you feel about men in

Terry opens her eyes and looks up at Rene with a confused look over what
the question meant.

“I mean, you don’t dislike men for any reason do you?” added Rene.

“No, I like men just fine I guess,” answered Terry.

“Well then, how about women?” asked Rene.

“What do you mean?” asked Terry.

“Do you like women in a sexual way?” prodded Rene.

“Oh, no, no not that way,” responded Terry quickly.

“But on your questionnaire you wrote a peculiar answer to the question
‘Have you ever considered having sex with a woman?’. Your answer was ‘Yes,
but only recently’. What does that mean?”

Terry just sat there, with her mouth frozen open, at a loss for an answer.
Her mind was going a mile-a-minute as she attempted to process an answer.
Everything that she had been feeling, all of the intense emotions, over the
last few weeks were slowly beginning to make sense and Terry was now forced
to deal with them openly and honestly.

“Do you find women sexually attractive?” continued Rene.

“I, I don’t know,” mumbled Terry.

“Would you consider a woman as a sexual partner?” added Rene.

“I, maybe,” mumbled Terry.

“Are you turned on by other women?” added Rene.

“Yes, I, uh, I guess I am,” admitted Terry finally.

Rene smiled knowing that she had finally gotten Terry to admit her true
feelings and allowed them to come to the surface. “And did these feelings
for other women all start just recently?” asked Rene.

“Yes,” answered Terry. “Carmen she…and then Rosa…they make me feel
these feelings like I don’t know…”

“Did they do anything to you?” asked Rene.

“No, not really,” replied Terry.

“What happened between you and either of these women that may have brought
on these emotions?” asked Rene.

“They started, really, whenever I saw Carmen’s breasts,” explained Terry.
“They are so beautiful and I just couldn’t stop looking and touching them.”

“You’ve touched Carmen’s breasts?” asked Rene with greater interest.

“Yes, whenever I help her with her, you know, her problem,” confessed

“Her problem? What problem is that?” asked Rene slightly bewildered.

“Surely you are aware of her lactating problem?” replied Terry. “I would
help her relieve the pressure that the milk production would build up in
her breasts. Her breast pump broke and she didn’t have any other way to do
it. I felt compelled to help her and then after not too long I began to
look forward to it everyday.”

“Hmmmm, well now I see. Now I’m beginning to understand,” informed Rene
confidently. Rene knew all about Carmen’s lactating breasts, but
understood it to be a self-induced fetish that Carmen was more than happy
with, and she was starting to understand the subtle seductions that Carmen
was obviously imposing on Terry. “And just how did you help Carmen?”

“I would nurse from her breasts and drink her milk until she felt better,”
admitted Terry.

“And you enjoyed doing this? Nursing from Carmen’s large, firm breasts
like that?” asked Rene as she slowly put down the clipboard and reached up
to undo the remaining few buttons on her blouse.

“Yes, I did, I mean I do enjoy it,” answered Terry as she slowly became
aware of Rene’s actions.

“Are you turned on by other women’s breasts as well?” prodded Rene as she
pulled her blouse apart and slowly pulled it out of her skirt allowing it
to fall open exposing her bra-covered tits.

“Y-y-yes,” stammered Terry as she watched Rene’s incredible chest come into

“Do you like my breasts?” asked Rene in a softer voice as she completely
removed her shirt and allowed it to fall to the floor.

“Y-y-yes they look very nice,” admitted Terry as she could feel her desire
growing almost as if it were now a programmed response to seeing another
woman’s breasts.

“Would you like to touch my breasts?” continued Rene as she unclasped her
bra allowing her full tits to spring forward. She slowly pulled her bra
off and let it fall to the floor as well.

Terry was mesmerized by their beauty. They were full and sagged only
slightly once they were released from the tight bra. They were probably
the same size as Carmen’s, but not quite as firm and the nipples were
totally different. Carmen’s areolas were huge, but Rene’s were small maybe
only an inch in diameter. The striking difference, however, was the fact
that Rene’s nipples were incredibly thick and took up almost the whole
areola. They extended about three-quarters of an inch and appeared like
large thumbs as the cool air continued to harden them.

“Please,” whispered Terry softly.

“Tell me what you want Terry,” insisted Rene as she stepped closer to
Terry. “Would you like to nurse on my tits?”

Terry swallowed hard and tried to speak.

“Say it. I want to suck on your tits,” commanded Rene as she reached over
and pulled Terry’s shaking hands up and placed them on her jutting tits.

“Yes,” gasped Terry as her fingers melded into the soft flesh.

“Yes, what?” insisted Rene as she allowed her hands to drop from her chest
and then move up to Terry’s shoulders.

“I want…to suck…on your tits,” gasped Terry finally as her thumbs
flicked over each nipple causing them to extend even further.

“Yes! Please suck my tits!” commanded Rene as she pulled Terry towards her
chest and grasped the back of her head and steered Terry’s open mouth onto
her left nipple.

Terry immediately took in the fat nub between her moist lips and began to
lovingly suck and lap at the hard flesh. She was spurred on by the unique
feel of the larger nipple and sc****d her tongue across it incessantly.
Her suction increased and more of Rene’s breast flesh was pulled into her
warm mouth. Terry continued her aggressive nursing for several minutes
before she pulled away momentarily and looked on in wonder as she saw the
fat nub straining more than an inch off of Rene’s succulent breast. It was
an incredible feeling to know that she was causing such a delicious effect
on Rene’s huge nipples. She then turned her attention towards Rene’s other
breast and latched onto that nipple and began sucking with enthusiasm.

“Oh, oh, my yes, that’s good,” purred Rene as she felt her nipples begin to
heat up from the marvelous attention Terry was giving them. Rene loved to
have her tits worshipped and it was apparent that Terry was very talented
indeed. She was pleasantly surprised at how well Terry was performing and
just allowed her to do whatever she pleased.

Terry was now switching back and forth, from one tit to the other,
lavishing them with her tongue and soft lips as she relentlessly lapped and
sucked on the delicious flesh. She stopped sucking momentarily and pulled
back to admire her handiwork and was pleased to see both nipples fatter and
longer than they were just minutes before. Terry grasped each turgid nub
between her thumbs and forefingers and pulled on them forcefully. She
instinctively knew that Rene would like that and sure enough Rene gasped
and groaned with her appreciation. Terry kept up her milking technique and
continued to pull and stretch Rene’s huge breasts out and away from her
chest just by her tight grip on the fat nipples.

“Unnngghh! Oooohhhhh gaaawwd, YES!” cried Rene as she opened her eyes
briefly to see her tits being stretched so obscenely. It had been so long
since her sensitive tits had such rough and wonderful treatment she was
squirming with joy. “Oh fuck yeah, that feels so good!”

Terry leaned over once again and took Rene’s right nipple in her mouth
again and began to suck on it with such voracity that her mouth filled to
capacity with the delicious flesh. She maintained that level of pressure
for several minutes before changing over to the other nipple that she had
been pinching and twisting much to Rene’s delight. Almost by accident
Terry bit down slightly on Rene’s hard nub and was not surprised to hear
Rene yelp and shudder, but was momentarily caught off guard when she
realized she liked it.

“Aaaaah! Oh fuck, oh Fuck!” squealed Rene. “Chew on that nipple! Fuck

Terry then continued to nibble lightly on the thick nipple and occasionally
gripped it between her front teeth and pulled on it. Rene’s moans and
cries of pleasure told her she was doing something right so she continued
with the rough biting on Rene’s other nipple as well. This continued for
another few minutes before Terry could feel Rene’s grip on her head tighten
and her face was pulled harder against her heaving chest until finally
Rene’s body stiffened suddenly and she began to shudder uncontrollably.

“I’m cumming, cumming, oh fuck, I’m Cumming!” cried Rene as her orgasm took
over and she clutched Terry tightly against her chest until the intense
pleasure subsided. Rene finally loosened her grip on Terry’s head and
pulled her back and tilted her face up so she could look directly into
Terry’s eyes. “I fucking loved that!” exclaimed Rene as she dipped her
head down and kissed an astonished Terry. She mashed their lips together
and thrust her long tongue into Terry’s mouth over and over as the sloppy
kiss continued. Finally out of breath, Rene released Terry’s mouth and
pulled apart until they were both leaning against each other gulping for

“Does that happen when you are with Carmen?” asked Rene after catching her

“Yes, kind of,” replied Terry embarrassed to admit it.

“Does Carmen cum like I just did?” prodded Rene.

“Yes, I think so,” replied Terry. “She seems to like the way I nurse from
her breasts.”

“I should think so!” praised Rene. “Did you, do you, enjoy it”

“Yes, I guess I do,” blushed Terry at the admission.

“Is that all you do with Carmen?” asked Rene pointedly.

“Yes, nothing else,” replied Terry.

“So then Carmen doesn’t get you off or anything afterwards?” asked Rene
somewhat surprised.

“Oh, no, no nothing like that. I wouldn’t dare!” denied Terry

“So then what? You just go back to your room and finger yourself to get
off?” asked Rene sympathetically.

“Yes,” mumbled Terry ashamed to admit it.

“Well no wonder you’re so confused! You’re missing out!” exclaimed Rene.

“What do you mean ‘missing out’?” asked Terry innocently.

“Let me show you,” replied Rene as she pushed Terry backwards until she was
lying flat on the exam table. She then pulled Terry’s legs up so that her
feet were flat on the table and her knees were spread apart wide. Rene
then slid her left hand down Terry’s body and reached for the crotch of her
thong and pulled it aside exposing her slick pussy.

“You see? You’re running like a faucet,” explained Rene. “You need to cum
just as bad as I did a minute ago, don’t you?”

“I, uh,” stammered Terry as she realized what Rene was going to do.

“You liked sucking on my tits, didn’t you?” asked Rene as she began to
trace her fingers all around Terry’s swollen labia.

“Yes,” whispered Terry breathlessly.

“You get all wet down there every time you see another woman’s tits, don’t
you?” insisted Rene as her fingers began to dig into Terry’s hot pussy.

“Yes,” moaned Terry.

“You want me get you off, baby? Would you like that? To have another
woman finger your hot pussy until you cum, Hmmmm?” continued Rene

“Oh my god,” moaned Terry as Rene’s fingers began to push into her pussy
and piston in and out slowly.

“Do you want to cum? Tell me you want to cum and I’ll make you cum real
good,” cooed Rene as she continued her assault on Terry’s pussy and leaned
down to lightly lick her neck and jaw.

Terry could not believe the sensations that were building up in her heated
vagina. Rene’s fingers were touching her in places that she never knew
about and if she kept it up Terry knew she was going to cum soon. A sharp
bolt of electricity shot through Terry’s body as Rene uncovered her
engorged clit and began to strum it expertly with her thumb.

“Oh my god, oh my God!” cried Terry lost in her lust.

“Oh my god is right, baby!” insisted Rene as she plunged three fingers into
Terry’s spasming pussy. Her thumb never lost contact with Terry’s clit as
it swelled and became a rigid button.

Terry was squirming all over the exam table as her hips began to thrust up
into Rene’s hand forcing it deeper into her vagina. Terry could feel her
orgasm building steam and knew it was only moments away from overtaking

“P-p-please,” whispered Terry breathlessly.

“Are you going to cum, honey?” teased Rene as she continued to lick and
nibble on Terry’s ear.

“Yes, please God, I’m going to cum!” moaned Terry as her orgasm approached.

“God has nothing to do with it, but I’ll take the compliment. Now cum for
me, baby! Cum for me!” commanded Rene as her fingers reached in and found
Terry’s g-spot and stroked it repeatedly.

“Aaaahhhh! I’m cumming! Oooohhhhh!” cried Terry as her body stiffened and
shuddered in Rene’s grasp. Her pussy spasmed and squirted copious amounts
of her clear honey all over Rene’s squirming fingers as her orgasm ripped
through her like a freight train. Terry took several minutes to calm down
and stop shaking after an earthshaking orgasm that was prolonged by Rene as
she incessantly continued to stroke Terry’s clit and whisper dirty words in
her ear throughout.

“Now doesn’t it feel a whole lot better when it’s someone else’s fingers,
Hmmmm?” asked Rene pointedly.

Terry just nodded her head in agreement as she lay there with her chest
still heaving while she attempted to gain control over her senses and
restore a normal breathing pattern. Her entire body was covered with a
thin sheen of perspiration adding a shiny glow to her flushed skin.

Rene stood up and casually picked up her discarded bra and blouse and began
to get dressed. She gently touched her still swollen nipples and winced
with pleasure at their tenderness. She tossed her bra aside, thinking it
better not to stuff her sensitive tits into the constrictive garment just
yet, and pulled on her blouse and began to button it up. Rene looked back
at Terry and saw that she was beginning to gather her bearings together and
had managed to sit up on the exam table.

“How do you feel Terry?” asked Rene as she walked over to the table.

“Fine, I feel fine,” replied Terry.

“Did you enjoy everything we did?” prodded Rene as she stood directly in
front Terry.

Terry just nodded her head.

“Isn’t it nice being with another woman like this? Sharing each other,
giving each other pleasure?” continued Rene as she began to softly caress
Terry’s arms and shoulders.

“Yes,” whispered Terry as her body began to tingle again from Rene’s light
touch. “Does this mean I’m a lesbian?”

“No, not necessarily,” purred Rene as she leaned forward and whispered into
Terry’s ear.

“Then what does it mean?” asked Terry anxiously.

“All it means, really,” continued Rene as she licked and sucked on Terry’s
soft earlobe and caressed her back. “Is that you enjoy being with another

“Oh,” whimpered Terry as Rene nibbled on her sensitive earlobe. She closed
her eyes and allowed herself to concentrate on the wonderful sensations
that Rene was stirring up again with her talented fingers and mouth.

“In fact, I’d say you like it a lot, am I right?” asked Rene as she pulled
back slightly am brought her hands around to Terry’s jutting tits.

“Oh yes,” breathed Terry as she felt Rene’s experienced fingers lightly
tracing all over her swollen breasts.

“You just need some time to experience everything that you have been
missing,” continued Rene as she gently squeezed both of Terry’s firm tits.
“…Needing…” Rene’s hands slowly move up towards Terry’s straining
nipples, “…Wanting…” and finally encircle the hardened points and pinch

“Oh my god,” whispered Terry as her nipples transmitted the incredible
sensations to her brain that Rene’s fingers were producing in them. She
quickly became lost again as Rene began to lovingly squeeze and milk her
breasts with her talented fingers.

Rene continued to stroke and squeeze and pull and twist Terry’s luscious
tits until they began to noticeably swell in her hands. The nipples were
impossibly hard and pointed as they strained under the merciless assault.
She could only marvel at how easily Terry was succumbing to her continued
seduction. Terry was such a prisoner to her newly unveiled lust that she
was easy prey to anyone that got close enough to push the right buttons.
She was amazed at how sensitive and responsive her body was to every touch
or flick of the tongue that it was exposed to. Rene was slowly becoming
transfixed with Terry’s excited body as it writhed under her skilled hands
and was slowly lowering her mouth to take one of her engorged nipples in
between her lips. Just as she was about to encircle one of the hard points
Rene noticed the small, white light above the door flash several times.
The light was flashing to signify that someone had just entered the outer
office and Rene knew she had to stop what she was doing and go up front to

“Wait right here, baby,” whispered Rene into Terry’s ear. “I’ll be right
back.” Rene then completed buttoning her blouse and began to stuff it into
her skirt as she left the exam room and closed the door behind her.

Terry remained seated on the exam table, leaning back and supporting
herself with her arms, with her out-thrust chest heaving up and down with
her labored breathing. She vaguely heard Rene leave the room and barely
managed to open her eyes and look around the now empty room. She quickly
noticed how swollen her breasts had become and how long her nipples were
extending off of the firm mounds as her chest rose and fell with every
breath. The one thing she was sure of, however, was how wonderful she felt
and how much she wanted it to continue.

Rene made her way down the hallway and peered through the partially closed
window to see Carmen sitting in the waiting room. In her lust for seducing
Terry, Rene forgot all about Carmen returning to take the girl home. When
she looked up at the clock she was surprised to see that over an hour had
elapsed since she had started her exam with Terry. She straightened up her
appearance as best she could and then casually walked over to her desk and
into the open where Carmen could see her.

“Oh, hello Carmen, you’re back just in time,” said Rene feigning surprise
and appearing as professional as possible. “Terry is just finishing up
with the last test.”

“How is she?” asked Carmen somewhat concerned as she stood up and walked
over to the window. “Did you find anything wrong?”

“Well, nothing as of yet, but we will have to wait for some of the final
test results before we can make any formal diagnosis,” replied Rene
assuredly. “But I wouldn’t be too concerned.”

“I’m so relieved,” said Carmen.

“Let me go see how she’s doing,” said Rene as she smiled warmly and
disappeared into the back area.

Rene opened the door and found Terry sitting on the exam table just as she
had left her only now she was gently caressing her own tits with her eyes
closed. It took all of Rene’s strength to avoid any further contact with
the beautiful American as she cleared her throat and said, “I’m afraid that
will have to be all for today’s exam. Carmen is out front waiting to take
you home.”

Terry’s eyes opened quickly as she suddenly became nervous at the
proposition that Carmen was just down the hall. “What should I do?” asked
Terry anxiously.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” said Rene calmly. “Carmen doesn’t have to know
about anything that we discussed, and I am not compelled to tell her
anything under the doctor-patient confidentiality law.”

“But what about these feelings? What am I going to do?” pleaded Terry

“They’re nothing to be ashamed about, okay?” assured Rene. “You are having
perfectly normal reactions to another beautiful woman, that’s all. Whether
or not you allow yourself to experiment and allow these feelings to run
their course is totally up to you.”

“I’m just so unsure, this is all so new to me,” replied Terry.

“Trust your heart,” soothed Rene as she cupped Terry’s chin and looked
directly into her eyes.

Terry’s eyes softened under the reassuring stare from Rene as she calmed
down and said, “Thank you for your help.”

“I was glad to,” replied Rene warmly. “Now why don’t you get fixed up,
okay? Take your time, I’ll keep Carmen occupied.” Rene then left the room
and closed the door behind her.

Terry just sat there for a few moments as she thought about everything that
happened that afternoon and what it meant. She had a lot to think about
and knew that the answers were not going to be easy. Slowly she stepped
down off of the exam table and made her way into the adjoining bathroom
where she turned on the water in the sink and began to splash her face with
the cool water.

Rene went down the hallway and walked into the waiting room where Carmen
was sitting and said, “She’ll be a few more minutes.”

“Is Lupita available?” asked Carmen.

“No, I’m sorry,” explained Rene quickly. “She had to rush out a few
minutes ago to attend to an emergency.”

“Oh, I hope it was nothing too serious,” replied Carmen with concern.

“No, I don’t think so, but you know how she is,” assured Rene. “She is
totally devoted to her patient’s well being.”

“Yes, she is wonderful,” agreed Carmen.

Carmen then noticed the two pointed tips of Rene’s nipples as they tented
her tight blouse. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and she
thought it odd that Rene would forego the support and protection of a
brassiere during work because she knew how large and hard Rene’s nipples
could become when aroused properly. Carmen also wondered what might have
gotten them into such a state at this moment. Was Rene in a horny mood for
her? Or perhaps maybe she thought Terry was attractive? Either way it was
obvious that something had her motor running and she thought she might toy
with the young nurse a little.

“You know, Rene, I am due for an exam soon,” said Carmen matter-of-factly.
“Do you think Lupita would have time for me?”

“Oh I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem,” replied Rene. “Would next week
be okay?”

“Hmmmm, she wouldn’t be available any sooner?” asked Carmen as she casually
stood up and smoothed her dress over her round hips and flat stomach.

“Well, yes, I’m sure she could see you sooner if you’d like,” answered Rene
as she slowly drank in the older woman’s sexy figure. Rene had always had
a thing for Carmen and they had managed to get together once or twice
during previous office visits. Carmen’s body, and especially her succulent
tits, looked so good wrapped in the tight sundress. “Is there something
specific that requires the doctor’s attention?” asked Rene trying to keep a
professional demeanor.

“Well, you see, it’s my breasts again,” complained Carmen as she slowly
made her way across the room to where Rene was standing. “They seem to be
aching more than usual and I thought they might require some medical
attention.” Carmen then cupped both of her tits and held them out for Rene
to look at. In doing so her cleavage expanded as her tits threatened to
push out of her dress.

“Is there anything that I could do for you?” asked Rene with her eyes
riveted to the enormous tits. Her mouth became moist as she u*********sly
salivated at the incredible sight in front of her.

“Perhaps you could take a quick look at them for me in the doctor’s
absence,” answered Carmen coyly as she pulled down the front bodice of her
dress and thrust her bare tits out into the open. She took the remaining
two steps toward Rene and then reached out with both hands to pull her face
into her exposed chest.

Carmen’s tits were full to capacity due to her missing her morning nursing
session with Terry. She was concerned that Terry was sick and did not want
to complicate things at all that morning. Carmen pulled Rene’s open mouth
onto her left nipple and moaned appreciatively as she felt her warm mouth
close around the engorged tip and begin to drain her swollen breast.

Rene completely forgot all of her surroundings and became consumed by
Carmen’s tits. She was well aware that they had a mesmerizing effect on
people, but she was always surprised at just how powerful it was at times.
Rene latched onto the hard nub and began to suck and lap at the hard flesh
drinking the sweet milk as it flowed from the engorged tip. She
instinctively reached up with her hands and began to squeeze and milk the
swollen mounds in an effort to drain them completely.

Carmen moaned again as Rene switched to her other tit and began to work on
it with equal voracity. She allowed her hands to release her grip on
Rene’s head and slid them down to the younger woman’s chest where her
experienced fingers sought out the nurse’s own excited nipples. She began
to pinch and pull on the fat nubs just like she knew Rene liked. Carmen
smiled proudly when she heard Rene’s muffled moans of approval. The two
excited women remained locked in their lust-filled embrace for the next few
minutes completely oblivious to the outside world around them.

Terry finished washing her face and wiping her sweat-covered body with a
wet towel. She paid particular attention to her soaked pussy and thighs
slick with her own love secretions. She managed to put her bra back on and
winced slightly as the material seemed to fit a little tighter over her
swollen breasts than it did earlier that morning. She then pulled on her
skirt and blouse and managed to appear somewhat normal as she checked her
appearance in the bathroom mirror. Her thong was soaked through and
through, but she didn’t dare take them off. After quickly brushing her
hair she composed herself and opened the door to the exam room and started
making her way down the hall.

Rene heard the distinctive clip-clop of Terry’s heels as she exited the
room and started coming down the hallway. She quickly removed her sucking
mouth from Carmen’s right nipple producing a loud ‘popping’ sound as she
did so. Rene quickly stood up and wiped her mouth and face with her hands
to clean up any milk and saliva that were smeared there.

Carmen realized immediately why Rene had stopped sucking on her tits and
quickly pulled her dress up and over her heaving chest. She adjusted the
swollen mammaries until they filled out the dress properly, but suddenly
realized that the front material was being soaked by some of the residual
milk that was leaking from her excited nipples. She realized that there
was nothing she could do to cover up the obscene display as her pointed
nipples appeared clearly through the now translucent material.

Both women barely managed to make themselves presentable by the time the
inner office door opened and Terry walked into the waiting room. They all
smiled at one another nervously and did not seem to notice each other’s
somewhat disheveled appearance due to their own uneasiness.

“Are you ready to go Terry?” asked Carmen finally.

“Yes, I’m ready,” answered Terry as she followed Carmen towards the exit.

“Terry? The doctor will contact you in a day or so with the test results,”
explained Rene in her best professional voice.

“Thank you, I appreciate everything that you did for me today,” answered
Terry appreciatively.

Carmen and Terry then walked outside and made their way over to Carmen’s
car parked at the curb. Rene walked over to the door and watched the two
women walk over and get into the car. She closed the door and leaned up
against it and cupped her swollen tits with both hands.

“It was my pleasure ladies, all my pleasure!” said Rene to herself as she
reveled in the after glow of her escapades with the two sexy women.

Carmen started the car and then looked over at Terry and asked, “How are
you feeling sweetie?”

“Good, better, I guess,” replied Terry.

“Good I’m glad to hear that!” said Carmen cheerfully.

Terry sat silently and watched the scenery pass by as she thought pensively
about what had happened at the doctor’s office. She was slowly realizing
that she was reaching an emotional turning point in her life and that she
will soon have to make a decision on what she will do. Rene showed her
exactly what all of her emotions have been centered around, and it was
clear that everything that Rene told her was true. She didn’t fully
understand why or how she was going through these changes, but she did know
that however strange and unfamiliar they were to her she couldn’t help
herself from submitting to them. It almost seemed like the more she
resisted the stronger they persisted. The one thing that she was uncertain
of, however, was how Carmen or Rosa would react if she were to tell them
what she was feeling whenever they were close.

Carmen was a mature, adult woman. A mother with three grown c***dren. She
had been married, until her husband had died, and has not shown any outward
signs that she is a lesbian. Just as Terry was thinking that she came to
the realization that she didn’t know what outward signs a lesbian would
have anyway. Weren’t they kind of masculine with short hair and they
didn’t wear much makeup? Surely she would be able to sense something
different, wouldn’t she? Even though it was becoming obvious to Terry that
Carmen was deriving sexual pleasure from their nursing sessions it wasn’t
like she told Terry to do anything perverted or obscene to her. It just so
happened that Terry’s nursing technique somehow had that kind of effect on
Carmen. It had the same effect on Raven and Rene, too. She had never
realized how sensitive a woman’s breast could be or how much pleasure they
could produce when nursed from. Terry certainly had no prior experience to
draw from and perhaps Carmen was never aware of it either.

Could she be doing something u*********sly that was somehow seducing these
women to allow her to play out her hidden lesbian fetishes? And what about
Rosa? Surely she was too young and inexperienced to be able to resist any
suggestions that an older person might impose on her. Did she seduce Rosa
yesterday? Did she unwittingly convince Rosa to kiss her and touch her by
displaying herself so wantonly in that skimpy dress? Terry knew that she
would have to tread very carefully whenever she was around Rosa, because
she may be under the impression that it was okay for two women to kiss and
touch each other like that and worse Rosa may want to do it again. Just
because she was going through a personal crisis regarding her sexual
awareness didn’t mean she had to drag poor Rosa into a similar situation
and screw her mind up too. Terry definitely had some tough questions to
ask herself and depending on what answers she finds they could determine
whether or not she must leave this place before she totally alienates
herself and her new friend.

“You’re awfully quiet,” interrupted Carmen suddenly. “Is anything
troubling you?”

“No, nothing’s wrong. I was just thinking,” explained Terry.

“I should say so. You looked like you were off in your own little dream
world,” said Carmen. “Was it something that the doctor told you?”

“Huh? Oh, no, no, I was, uh, just thinking about how much I like it down
here,” replied Terry quickly. Terry looked around nervously trying to
avoid talking to Carmen about what was really on her mind. She then
noticed a large package in the backseat. “Oh, did you buy something?”
asked Terry changing the subject.

“Yes, I was window-shopping and saw something that I thought would be fun,”
answered Carmen with a wry smile on her face.

“What is it?” asked Terry.

“It’s a surprise for Theresa,” replied Carmen slyly.

“A surprise? How fun!” exclaimed Terry like an excited little girl. “I
love surprises! What is it?”

“You’ll just have to wait, young lady, until later,” mused Carmen. “I
don’t want you spilling the beans before Theresa has a chance to see it for

“Oh, I promise not to say anything,” pleaded Terry.

“Nope. You’ll just have to be surprised like everyone else when Theresa
opens it,” said Carmen emphatically.

“Hmmppff,” pouted Terry playfully.

Carmen laughed at the way Terry was pouting and then both women began to
laugh together. Terry was enjoying Carmen’s company and momentarily forgot
all about her problems as the two women chatted and laughed all the way

When the two women returned home they found the house quiet. Carmen went
upstairs to her room and Terry went into the kitchen to get something cool
to drink. She found some juice in the refrigerator and poured herself a
glass and gulped down half of it right away. She then went into the
adjoining dining room and walked over to the large window, overlooking the
backyard, and looked out to see both Rosa and Theresa lying out in the sun.
Terry’s eyes were immediately drawn to the shiny, bronze bodies as they lay
stretched out on large towels on the ground. She was just about to reach
for the sliding door and join them outside when she saw Rosa get up and
then turn over onto her stomach. Terry caught her breath as her eyes drank
in all of Rosa’s voluptuous curves so expertly displayed in the skimpy
bikini she wore. Her skin was a glistening, deep bronze and looked
absolutely stunning in the bright sunlight.

A moment later she could see Theresa sit up and say something to Rosa
before she got up onto her knees and picked up a bottle of lotion. Theresa
then moved until she was straddling Rosa’s bottom and then she poured a
generous amount of the thick oil onto Rosa’s back. She then leaned forward
and quickly untied the strap that was holding Rosa’s bikini top together
before she began to smooth the oil all around her shoulders and back.
Terry was momentarily transfixed by the intoxicating scene as the two
bronze-skinned beauties continued the sensuous massage. Theresa was
sliding her skilled hands all around Rosa’s shoulders, gripping and
pinching her smooth flesh, as she massaged the oil into her brown skin.
Terry continued to watch as Theresa’s hands made slow circular movements
all around Rosa’s back and slowly slid lower and lower making sure not to
miss one inch of her skin.

Terry took notice of Theresa as she continued the massage and could see her
lips moving constantly as she was apparently talking to Rosa throughout the
massage. Terry could clearly see Theresa’s well-defined arms and upper
body as her muscles flexed with her movements. Her large chest was swaying
and jiggling deliciously as her hands kneaded Rosa’s flesh. Terry’s gaze
lingered on Theresa’s glistening mounds and could see every small detail of
the smooth skin that was covered with hundreds of tiny beads of
perspiration. The small triangles of material, which made up her bikini
top, barely concealed her prominent nipples that were clearly poking into
the sheer fabric.

After several minutes Theresa’s oily hands had covered and recovered every
inch of Rosa’s back and shoulders several times and Theresa leaned forward
and said something into Rosa’s ear. Terry could just make out Rosa nodding
her head and then Theresa slid down until she was straddling Rosa’s calves
and she began pouring more oil onto Rosa’s thighs and bottom. Rosa’s suit
bottom was nothing more than a thong, what else, and her golden ass cheeks
were fully exposed as they stuck up into the air. Terry felt a lump in her
throat when Theresa’s hands started to smooth the slick oil all over Rosa’s
bare cheeks and thighs. Her fingers molded to Rosa’s firm flesh as they
squeezed and teased the young girl’s bottom. Theresa was gripping both
firm mounds and was expertly spreading them apart with every pass opening
up the deep crevice between her cheeks. The thin strip of material that
split the two beautiful globes in half did very little to conceal Rosa’s
private area to Theresa’s gaze. Theresa’s fingers appeared to be sliding
deeper and deeper into the crevice as she now concentrated her efforts
solely on Rosa’s incredible ass.

Terry could still see that Theresa was talking to Rosa constantly, but she
was frustrated because she could not make out what she was saying. She
could see Rosa’s mouth was open, but it wasn’t moving very much at all.
The only clear response she could see from Rosa was that she was slowly
beginning to undulate her hips and thrust them upwards into Theresa’s
talented hands. Terry moved over to the sliding door and put her hand on
the handle and was about to open it ever so slightly, just so she could
hear what the two sisters were saying, when she heard Carmen coming into
the kitchen.

“Have you seen Rosa or Theresa?” asked Carmen.

“Oh, yes, they are out back getting some sun,” replied Terry. “I was just
going to go out there and join them.”

Terry slid the door open and stepped out onto the patio with Carmen right
behind her. She tried not to look directly at the two girls, but did
notice that Theresa had moved away from Rosa and was now on her own towel
as they approached.

“Well, I can see that my two lovely daughters are taking full advantage of
their free time,” said Carmen sarcastically as she walked over to where
they were lying. “Like either of you really need to spend any more time in
the sun.”

Theresa looked up at Carmen and just laughed. Rosa was having a little
more trouble composing herself, but managed to smile as she propped herself
up on her elbows exposing almost her entire chest. Her flushed face
would’ve been more pronounced had it not been for the deep bronze color of
her skin.

“Have you two been out here all day?” asked Carmen incredulously.

Theresa and Rosa exchanged grins and giggled again.

“Well, which one of you is going to help your mother with dinner?” asked

Theresa looked over at Rosa and said defiantly, “Don’t look at me, little
missy, I’m only a guest here.”

Rosa rolled her eyes and groaned her response. “I’ll help you mother,”
answered Rosa reluctantly.

“I’m so glad to see your enthusiasm, Rosa,” smirked Carmen playfully. “I
thought I’d make Theresa’s favorite tonight.”

“Tamales?!” asked Theresa.

“That’s right!” beamed Carmen proudly.

“Not tamales! They take forever to make!” complained Rosa.

“Then I guess you better get your slippery little bottom inside and get
cleaned up so we can get started,” ordered Carmen as she gave Rosa a stern
look and then turned to walk back into the house.

Rosa groaned again and then struggled to her feet forgetting about her
loosened bikini top as it remained on her towel. Rosa’s hard nipples were
an obvious indicator of how much she was enjoying her recent massage and
Terry’s eyes were drawn to them immediately. Rosa made no attempt to cover
up and just bent over casually to pick up her discarded top. Terry’s eyes
were glued to Rosa’s large breasts as they hung down from her chest when
the girl bent over. They swayed seductively and glistened in the sun still
slick with oil. The hard, steely tips pointing straight to the ground as
they jiggled like milk-filled udders. Rosa lingered in the awkward
position as she continued to struggle with her bearings from still being in
a very stimulated state of arousal from Theresa’s massage.

Theresa watched her sister struggling and chuckled to herself for getting
her into such a weak state without being able to finish her off properly.
Then she turned away and looked over at Terry and noticed where her eyes
were pointed and watched the beautiful American a little more closely. Her
mother had told her a little about their houseguest, but she didn’t do
Terry justice at all. Terry represented everything that Theresa found
attractive in most American women. Her light brown hair had natural
highlights and it appeared that it would get blonder with more time in the
sun. Terry’s smooth, alabaster skin was what really attracted Theresa’s
attention, however, as it appeared to be soft and flawless to her roving
eye. Combined with her clear, blue eyes she felt Terry projected a
delicious combination of innocence and sexiness that was very alluring to
her. The fact that she was openly staring at her sister’s half-naked body
was enough to perk her interest.

Finally Rosa gathered all of things and stood up. She looked over at
Theresa and said, “So much for my massage. I guess that will have to wait
until later.”

“Sorry s*s,” replied Theresa shrugging her shoulders.

Rosa just shook her head and walked off and disappeared inside the house.
Both Terry and Theresa watched her firm ass as it swayed seductively side
to side with the movement of her hips. Both women held the same thought,
simultaneously, regarding Rosa’s ass – perfect!

“Why don’t you go inside and grab your suit and join me?” asked Theresa as
she turned her attention back to Terry.

“No, that’s okay. I’m not much for laying out in the sun,” replied Terry.
“My skin doesn’t tan very well.”

“Okay, well then why don’t you at least sit down her and we can talk a
little,” suggested Theresa as she patted Rosa’s towel next to her.

“Sure, that sounds nice,” agreed Terry as she walked over and sat down on
the towel.

“My mother has told me so many wonderful things about you,” said Theresa as
she casually began to apply more oil to her arms. “You really have made
quite on impression on her, and Rosa as well, from what I can tell.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you say that,” blushed Terry modestly. “They are
such wonderful people and have treated me just like I was one of the

“I was sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling very well yesterday. Are you
feeling better now?” asked Theresa as she started to smooth more oil onto
her long, silky legs.

“Yes, yes I am. Thank you for asking,” replied Terry as she felt herself
being drawn closer and closer to Theresa’s sultry voice. She couldn’t help
but watch Theresa’s hands as they glided up and down the length of her
perfectly toned legs.

“That’s good to hear. Was it just a headache or something?” asked Theresa
as her slender fingers continued to slide up and down the entire length of
her now slick legs.

“Uh, yeah, nothing too serious. I was just feeling out of sorts is all,”
explained Terry as she watched Theresa pour some more oil onto her palm and
then start rubbing it onto her upper chest.

“You know, I learned this wonderful technique that is a sure fire cure for
any headache or migraine. Would you like me to show it to you?” asked
Theresa as her hands slid down into her deep cleavage and spread the oil
all over her jutting breasts.

“I, uh, don’t know…” answered Terry meekly.

“It won’t hurt, you can trust me,” assured Theresa as she got up onto her
knees and made her way over to Terry. “And remember, I’m a trained
physical ther****t so I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay, I guess, sure why not,” answered Terry as she acquiesced to
Theresa’s will.

“Alright, now just face me and let me do all the work,” instructed Theresa
as she knelt directly in front of Terry and reached up with both hands and
gently grasped Terry’s head. She placed her thumbs on Terry’s temples and
her middle fingers stretched to the point just behind where her jaw hinges
below Terry’s ears. Theresa then pulled Terry’s head slightly forward to a
point where she was off balance slightly.

“Close your eyes and relax. Place your hands on my arms for balance, if
you need to,” suggested Theresa as she held onto Terry’s head firmly.

Terry put her hands on Theresa’s biceps and held on lightly, just enough to
maintain her balance, and closed her eyes. In this position Theresa’s
height, combined with the fact that her upper body was erect as she knelt
in front of Terry, put Terry’s face at eye-level with her tits.

Theresa began to gently rub Terry’s temples with her thumbs in slow
circles. She also did the same with her middle fingers just below and
behind her ears. After a few minutes she could feel Terry begin to relax
in her hands as her gentle touch worked it’s magic. Theresa then took her
forefingers and lightly played with Terry’s ears tracing her nails and
fingertips all around the sensitive curves and ridges. She knew Terry was
enjoying the massage when she heard her whimper softly several times.

Terry was so relaxed by Theresa’s touch that she felt like she was floating
on a cloud. Her head was no longer attached to her body, but was floating
somewhere high above it. She still maintained her light grasp of Theresa’s
strong arms, but barely realized it except for the periodic flexing of
Theresa’s biceps. The amazing tingling sensations coming from her temples
and her ears were lulling her into a blissful state calm.

Theresa continued her gentle massage and could feel more of Terry’s weight
leaning on her as she relaxed further and gave herself fully into the
calming effects. She allowed Terry to fall forward a few more inches until
her face was nestled directly in the deep valley separating her huge tits.
Terry’s nose was occasionally bumping into the soft flesh as it enveloped
her face completely.

Terry’s senses were slowly going numb from the gentle massage, but suddenly
she smelled something that briefly held her attention as it became stronger
and filled her nostrils. The sweet, coconut odor, from the thick layer of
oil covering Theresa’s breasts, was beginning to permeate her senses and
excite her. The oil was having the effect of an aphrodisiac on her as it
touched off sensors in her brain that were directly responsible for
igniting her sex drive. As the smell became stronger and her senses built
up she somehow managed to open her eyes and see what she had been smelling
for the last few minutes. What she saw should’ve shocked her or at least
startled her in some way, but her response was limited to only a meager
whimper when she realized her face was nearly stuffed in between Theresa’s
large breasts. She could make out every pore, every delicious bead of
perspiration, on the flawless skin slick with the thick oil. Although she
wanted to move away she couldn’t. Her motor functions appeared to be cut
off from her brain and in her weakened state she was unable to move an

Theresa could sense that Terry’s mind and body had succumbed to her
ministrations and proceeded to push her away gently and put her hands on
Terry’s shoulders to support her weight completely. Theresa looked into
Terry’s face and could see her eyes half open as she stared blankly ahead.

“Are you nice and relaxed now Terry?” asked Theresa in a whisper.

Terry could only moan her affirmative response.

“Good girl. Now why don’t you lay down so I can give you one of my special
massages,” instructed Theresa as she started to unbutton Terry’s blouse
with one hand. “But first we need to get you out of these uncomfortable

Terry could understand what Theresa was saying and what she was doing, but
she was powerless to either protest or stop her. All she could manage to
do was whimper as she saw Theresa unbutton her blouse and pull it off of
her leaving her with only her bra on. That too was apparently too much as
she saw Theresa reach for the front clasp and begin to release it and pull
the cups away exposing her breasts completely.

“We may as well get rid of this while we’re at it,” continued Theresa as
she removed Terry’s bra. “The straps will only get in the way.”

Theresa tossed the useless bra aside and momentarily drank in Terry’s
beautiful tits as she sat there motionless to protest. She marveled at the
smooth, creamy skin tone that covered the firm tits and the rose colored
nipples that topped them off perfectly. Theresa watched in awe as both
areolas began to pucker slightly and the pointed tips pushed out as they
hardened in front of her. She only allowed herself a few moments to gaze
upon the beautiful mounds before she turned Terry slightly and gently
lowered her face down onto Rosa’s towel. She pulled her arms out and
carefully placed them above Terry’s head. Theresa then grabbed the bottle
of oil and straddled Terry’s ass as she poured a generous amount of oil
onto her back.

Terry was vaguely aware of what was happening, but still could do nothing
about it. She instinctively knew what Theresa was going to do next when
she felt the warm oil begin to drizzle all over her cool skin. The recent
image of Theresa massaging Rosa popped into her head at the first touch of
Theresa’s strong fingers as they began to smooth the oil into her back.
Terry’s involuntary moan surprised herself as she melted into the languid
movements of Theresa’s skilled hands.

Theresa smiled broadly when she heard Terry’s moan of approval and
continued to spread the thick oil over every inch of Terry’s back. She
concentrated her efforts on Terry’s neck and shoulders first as she pinched
and molded the soft flesh with her strong hands. After several minutes she
began to work lower as she would alternate between leaning her weight down
on one arm, and pressing the heal of her hand into Terry’s muscles in a
circular motion, and stroking the entire length of Terry’s back with both
hands from the waistband of her skirt up to the nape of her neck. Her
hands slid effortlessly across Terry’s slick skin as the thick oil filled
every pore.

Terry was thoroughly enjoying every second of the massage as her muscles
relaxed under Theresa’s experienced hands. She could not remember ever
being so relaxed or at peace as she was right now. Terry had never had a
massage before and until now had never realized just how wonderful they
could be. All previous thoughts of anxiety that she felt earlier, when
Theresa first began to prepare her for the massage, vanished as her mind
became a clear slate as it too seemed to melt away into her subconscious.
All Terry could do was concentrate on the incredible sensations that
Theresa’s fingers were producing as they molded her flesh and her soft
voice as it continued to soothe her ears.

“Mmmm, doesn’t that feel good?” purred Theresa. “You were so tense before,
just forget about your troubles and relax. Concentrate on my hands and
feel your muscles give in.”

Terry moaned her response as she followed Theresa’s instructions.

“You’re such a beautiful woman. I love how your smooth skin feels under my
hands,” continued Theresa in her sultry voice. “Your muscles are powerless
to resist my touch. I can feel them yielding and melting away.”

Terry could also feel them yielding and melting away as Theresa continually
stroked her hands up and down the full length of her back.

Theresa loved the way her brown hands looked as they slid back and forth
along the older woman’s flawless alabaster skin. She was pleased with how
easily Terry had been manipulated into the massage and she wanted to see
just how far she could take things with the older woman. Theresa looked
back towards the house and could see that they were partially obscured from
the view from the kitchen window, and she figured that as long as her
mother and sister remained there preparing dinner she could proceed with a
more thorough massage. She knew from experience that it would take some
time for them to prepare dinner so she felt confident that no one would pay
them any attention for a while.

“Your skin looks and feels so creamy and smooth. Do you like the way my
hands feel?” asked Theresa.

Terry’s moan meant ‘yes’.

“Would you like my hands to touch you all over?” prodded Theresa softly.
“Do you want me to move lower and make the rest of your body feel just as

Terry could only whimper her approval.

Theresa grinned as she moved back onto Terry’s legs and quickly unsnapped
the belt and lowered the zipper on her skirt. She then grabbed the
waistband and swiftly pulled the skirt down Terry’s legs and over her feet
before the older woman knew what had happened. Theresa smiled broadly when
she saw that Terry was only wearing a thong and her round ass was fully
exposed. The soft, creamy mounds looked delicious outlined by the black
satin thong that disappeared into the deep cleavage between them.

Terry could not believe what was happening to her, but could do nothing to
stop Theresa. As much as she wanted to protest or stop her she couldn’t.
She just lay there obediently and allowed Theresa to pull her skirt off
leaving her in a very exposed and vulnerable position. The image of
watching Theresa massaging Rosa’s legs and bottom was flashing in front of
her eyes, and it was the idea that Theresa was able to arouse her own
sister that fueled her own desire to allow Theresa to do the same to her.
Suddenly she wanted to feel what Rosa had felt just a few minutes ago.

Theresa picked up the bottle of oil and began to drizzle it all over
Terry’s thighs and ass. She then picked up where she left off and began to
smooth the oil into Terry’s warm skin. Theresa’s talented fingers spread
out and slid over every inch of Terry’s firm thighs and plump ass cheeks
until there wasn’t a millimeter left untouched. She then began to
concentrate her efforts on Terry’s ass as she gripped and squeezed and
spread the soft cheeks like she was kneading bread dough.

“Mmmm, that feels good doesn’t it?” purred Theresa as her fingers dug into
Terry’s ass flesh.

Terry’s response was a muffled whimper of approval.

“I just love how your body feels in my hands,” continued Theresa. “Your
skin is so smooth and flawless and your muscles are just melting to my

Terry could only agree.

Theresa continued to work over Terry’s ass and began to slide her fingers
deeper and deeper into the crease as she spread the soft cheeks further and
further apart with each pass. After a few minutes she managed to work her
fingers under the thin strip of material protecting Terry’s puckering anus,
and she began to massage the sensitive flesh at the bottom of the valley in
between the quivering cheeks. She felt Terry initially tense up when her
fingers made first contact with her tight ring, but after a few passes
Terry relaxed again as she began to enjoy the new sensations.

Terry was unprepared for what happened when she felt Theresa’s fingers
slide across her most private area. At first she wanted to scream out in
protest at the violation, but after only a moment or two she realized that
although she was unaccustomed to being touched down there in such a manner
she realized that the sensations that Theresa’s fingers were producing were
totally unexpected. As much as Terry wanted to stop Theresa she couldn’t
because she found that she was enjoying the new sensations very, very much.
So much so that she began to involuntarily thrust her hips up in an attempt
to create firmer contact with Theresa’s skilled fingers.

Theresa spent the next few minutes thoroughly coating Terry’s ass with the
slick oil and had expertly managed to massage her anus almost to the point
of penetration. She held back from actually fingering the American’s tight
ring because she didn’t want to risk startling her out of her present state
of submissiveness. Theresa then placed her hands on Terry’s undulating
hips and lifted them up slightly until her pelvis was completely elevated
above the towel and Terry was supporting her weight on her knees. She then
grabbed Terry’s thong at both ends of her crotch and began to saw the
material back and forth across Terry’s swollen labia and slick ass crack.
The combination of the silk material and oil allowed the material to easily
slide along Terry’s slippery crotch. Theresa applied more and more
pressure and watched with pleasure as the thin material slowly dug into
Terry’s slick pussy until it was almost completely engulfed by the engorged

Terry was shaking from the pleasure building in her tortured vagina. She
could not stop her hips from gyrating against the wicked sensations that
her thong was producing in her heated crotch. The silken material was
digging into her labia and was now rubbing directly across her stiff
clitoris. She could feel the thong sliding easier across her heated flesh
as her pussy continued to juice up and the material became slicker with her
cum. The electricity that her anus was producing, from the constant
rubbing, was threatening to overload her senses as Theresa continued to
incessantly saw the material through her quivering ass cheeks and over the
puckered hole. After only another minute or so of the delicious treatment
Terry’s ass clenched tightly as her orgasm exploded unexpectedly. Terry’s
vagina spasmed around the slick material as it continued to dig into the
swollen flesh relentlessly.

“Oh, Oooohhhhh! Aaaahhhh!” cried Terry into the towel her face was firmly
pressed into as she came.

Theresa continued to saw the thong back and forth across Terry’s thrusting
crotch as her hips thrashed wildly as she came. She slowly decreased the
pressure she was applying and eventually stopped sliding the thong over
Terry’s spent pussy when it was obvious that she was finished cumming.
Theresa placed both hands firmly on each soft ass cheek and gently squeezed
and massaged the quivering flesh as Terry came down from her climax. It
took all of the self-control that Theresa could muster not to bend down and
stick her face into Terry’s slick pussy and lick all of her sweet cum juice
up and allow her whole face to be covered with it in the process. She
looked over to the kitchen window and thought to herself that she had been
lucky thus far that no one had seen her taking advantage of Terry and she
felt it would be better if she ended things now before her luck ran out.

“Did you enjoy the massage, Terry?” asked Theresa as she leaned over and
whispered in Terry’s ear. “I haven’t met anyone that didn’t and from your
reaction I bet you liked it a lot.”

Terry barely understood the words, but groaned her response into the towel.

“Why don’t you come and see me in my room later tonight and I can show you
a few more things that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well,” continued Theresa.

Terry’s muffled whimper was all Theresa needed to hear to let her know that
tonight would be very fun indeed.

“I’m going to go inside now and take a shower before dinner,” purred
Theresa into Terry’s ear. “You may want to do the same.”

Theresa then got up and gathered her things together and casually made her
way over to the sliding glass door. She stopped momentarily to look back
at Terry, her slick body still propped up on her knees, with her ass
sticking up in the air. She smiled at her successful accomplishment before
opening the door and stepping inside the house.

Terry finally collapsed onto the towel and, after several more minutes, she
finally regained control over her motor functions again and managed to sit
up. She found her skirt and blouse and put them on over her slick body
without even wiping off the thick film of oil. She neither realized it nor
would’ve cared that her clothes were soaking up the oil as they clung to
her skin obscenely. She didn’t even bother with her bra as she picked it
up, along with the large towel, and stood up on her wobbly legs. Her mind
cleared enough to realize that she probably looked a little disheveled so
she d****d the large towel over her shoulders in an effort to cover herself
up as much as possible before she went inside. Terry wasn’t sure what she
would say if Carmen or Rosa asked her about her appearance, but all she
really wanted to do at that moment was to get upstairs and into another
cold shower. She would avoid answering too many questions now and then
deal with any problems later when her head was clearer.

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