The Two Soldiers


Two soldiers go hiking

Neither Eddie or Cath could have imagined what the day would hold for them as they set out on a hike that day through the mountains. They had both been soldiers for six years and were now returning to civilian life, and on the advice of a counsellor, the same counsellor, they had joined a hiking club to try and find new friends. They were far away from where they were brought up and not very familiar with the weather patterns in mountains. This was the second time they had been on a hike. There had been many more people on the first hike – with the second there were only the two of them.

There had been a weather warning of storms but they felt confident with their military training that they would be able to handle anything. They set out on the trail and left their phone numbers in case there were problems. It was a very hot summer’s day and they were lightly dressed. Three hours into the hike, as if from nowhere, the sky went dark and winds rose to very strong gusts. Shortly afterwards torrential rain started and they were drenched. They tried to hide under a tree but the wind made sure that the rain kept pelting down on them. They now understood why nobody else had come on the hike this morning.

There was nothing else to do but talk and it was then that it became apparent that they had both been soldiers. Their career paths had never crossed. They had been posted all over the place in various positions, never settling down anywhere long enough to have a stable existence. They both came from small towns and saw no future for themselves for various reasons and that is why they joined the army. Eddie did lots of technical training and had been on tours of duty overseas but had become fed up with the lack of social life.

Cath had trained as a cook and had become very good. She had graduated to providing meals for the officers’ quarters, which was a feather in her cap. When the storm stopped they saw a helicopter and received a simple message.’ We can see where you are. Go along the track for 10 minutes and you will come to a small hut. Put out the white flag and we will come and rescue you around 5 PM. Many bridges are down and there are rock slides everywhere.’

They walked 10 minutes and sure enough there was a little hut with two hard benches inside and a note on the wall,’ SORRY FOR THE LACK OF FACILITIES. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN STOLEN SO MANY TIMES WE NO LONGER REPLACE THEM.’ It was then that they both became aware that their clothes were so wet and were sticking to them. Cath said, “I can’t stay wet like this for five hours. I have to dry my clothes.” Eddie said nothing.

Cath turned around and took off her shirt, bra, shorts, panties, shoes and socks and turned around to face Eddie. When she turned around she had her hand covering her pubic mound while her breasts were uncovered. There was no textbook solution to her dilemma – was it safe to reveal that she had pubic hair. After all most girls had pubic hair. How would he react? Would he react? There was only one way to find out – she casually removed her hand revealing her glistening, wet bush.

“You can’t stay like that. You will catch a death of a cold. Come on. You have to dry your clothes.”

Eddie stood still, obviously very reticent.

“Come on. You can take your pants down. I’ve seen a man’s dick before and I won’t bite you.”

Eddie very slowly responded by taking off his shirt and singlet, then his pants shoes and socks and stood in his underpants still clinging to his body.

“Come on. I promise I won’t bite you.”

Very reluctantly he dropped his underpants and stood there revealing a medium size pink penis surrounded by his hairy bush. It brought back memories to Cath of her boyfriend just before she joined up, and how much bigger his penis was. She only remembered when it was stiff and hard and not when it was flaccid. A casual glance was enough and she took herself out to lay on a warm rock just outside the hut.

Eddie came out and lay on another rock nearby. He hoped that he would be somehow invisible but he wasn’t. The heat of the day quickly dried Cath’s front and she turned over to dry her back and her hair. .She enjoyed the heat of the sun on her skin. Cath was rather puzzled as to why Eddie hadn’t taken any interest in her. He didn’t sound like he was gay. He was certainly very shy. Maybe he had never been with a girl before. It was all rather intriguing.

While Cath had been hoping to find a partner at some stage, she had not considered Eddie to be a possibility. He didn’t seem to be very talkative and he had certainly not tried to make a pass at her. On the other hand she had left the army because she was fed up with being bossed around by men and here was somebody who seemed as if he could take orders from her. It was a situation worth investigating.

When she was fully dry Cath walked over to Eddie and stood in front of him, very obviously flaunting her body. She was more on the squat side than tall and thin and had medium sized breasts of good shape and a nice little triangular bush was at the apex of her legs. Cath kept talking to him even though he tried to look away, izmit escort but she kept engaging him with her eyes to maintain his attention. It worked. She could see that he had an emerging erection. It was getting bigger slowly. Eddie put his hand down to cover it. He was embarrassed.

Cath said, “Don’t worry. It’s normal. I’ve had a boyfriend before. You’ve got a nice dick. I’ll check my clothes to see if they are dry.”

They were and she put them on and Eddie checked his and put them on. Decorum was restored. They spent the rest of the time talking until the helicopter finally arrived and they were winched up and away and taken back to the bus station. Two weeks later Eddie got a message on his phone, “I’ve got a job as a cook. New apartment. Come over for dinner. Cath.”

The memories of Eddie’s dick had played on her mind for the two weeks as she contemplated the idea that he could be the man in her life. She had not had any offers since she left the army and he was the best thing on offer.

After a brilliant dinner Cath sit down with Eddie. “Have you ever had a girlfriend? Tell me the truth.”

“I did have one for a very short time. We didn’t have much money. I didn’t have a car. I was very shy and then I was in the army and moved around and never met anybody. That’s the truth.”

“Would you like to learn about girls and how to treat them? I can show you.”

“Yes I would like to try. You seem like a nice girl and I like you.”

Cath was enjoying herself. She was enjoying the prospect of drawing Eddie into her web and controlling him. He seemed to be going along with her plan without any resistance. She knew to take things slowly and not frighten him.

“What do you want to do next? It’s up to you.”

“I liked looking at you the other day when you had no clothes on.”

Cath said, “You should learn how to take them off. You might find it exciting.”

Eddie’s hands moved to remove all her garments one by one until she was standing naked in front of him. Cath had made sure it was easy. She had a blouse, bra, shorts and panties. She watched his eyes as he pulled her panties down – the last defence was gone. She sat him on the edge of the bed so that she would be standing as he pulled her panties off and he would be staring straight into her bush. He reacted immediately to the heady scent of her pussy.

“You’re not normally so shy. Why are you shy with me?”

“When I was much younger I tried something with a girl and she was very rude to me and I sort of lost all confidence. “

“Well you can relax now. I like you and I promise you I won’t be rude. You don’t watch porn do you? But you seem to know a little bit about women.”

“Two of my mates in the army knew that I was very shy and when we were sitting around chatting they would keep talking about what they were doing with their girlfriends off base in great detail. I never said anything and just listened. The more I stayed silent the more detail they went into, until in the end, I didn’t know what to believe.”

“What did they tell you?”

“They told me how much their girlfriends loved to have sex and how many times a night they did it and how their girlfriends loved their big dicks. They talked about their girlfriends’ hairy pussies and how they got wet and how amazing it was to push their dicks in and fuck them. They were only saying this to embarrass me.”

“Now I understand. I’m going to take off your pants.”

He wasn’t expecting that and reluctantly stood flushed in embarrassment. Cath had been waiting for this moment and her hand moved to wrap itself around his penis which quickly became harder and longer.

“I want you to put your hands on my breasts and play with my nipples for a while.”

It was the first time anybody had touched her breasts for over six years and she enjoyed the feeling.

“Do you know what you’re doing apart from me liking it?”

“No. No idea. What do you mean?”

“When you do that it makes me get wet down here so that when you get hard you can put that inside me.” While she spoke she led his hand and put his finger in her crack while her other hand wrapped itself around his penis.

“Can you feel I am getting wet?”

“Wow. Yes. I didn’t know that happened so fast. I thought my mates were pulling my leg.”

“Do you know why I’m touching your penis?”


“It’s to make sure that when we make love that you are hard enough to push inside me. It won’t go in if you’re soft.”

“We’re not going to do that now are we?”

“No, not tonight. Maybe another night. Just keep playing with the little button down there.”

Cath’s clitoris was enjoying the sensation but she was not going to have an orgasm and so she paid attention to Eddie’s penis.

“I think I need some oil.”

She led him into the bathroom and poured a few drops onto her hand.

“How does that feel?”

“I don’t know if it’s the oil or your gentle touch but I can feel that it’s harder than ever. I never felt it that hard before.”

All the clever techniques she had used years ago returned and he came into a tissue. In just a few minutes Eddie yahya kaptan escort had changed into somebody who was embarrassed about the size of his dick to someone who had suddenly become confident that he was man enough to interest a woman. Cath did not stop and Eddie was very quickly hard again with the same result.

“Do you like it when I pull your foreskin up and down? I like it when I see your nice pink tip emerge from behind the skin and then get hidden again. It really turns me on.”

“I never thought that a girl would find that exciting.”

“Do you want to learn about me? Come with me.”

She led him into the bedroom and lay on her back. Cath’s relationship with Eddie was evolving very quickly in her mind. She was beginning to like him very much as she realised that he did not seem to be the type to want to boss her around. She was wondering what to do – whether to go the whole way or as she had originally intended, to take things slowly. The vision of what she had just seen and held in her hand was speeding up her intention to go the whole way. She still wasn’t sure.

The reason that she joined up to the army was partially to end the relationship with her boyfriend because he was putting her under pressure to go all the way and she didn’t feel ready. There was now a feeling that perhaps she was ready but she really hadn’t prepared herself for a situation where she would be leading somebody to deflower her. She had always thought that male would be the aggressor. This was taking some time for her resolve in her mind. It didn’t bother her that Eddie wasn’t making the moves. After all he seemed to be very shy when it came to the matter of sex.

She was aware that you could lead a horse to water but you couldn’t make it drink. Here she was in a position where she was having to lead the horse to the water, teach it to drink and then encourage it to drink. Not what she had imagined. In all her musings while in the Army she had never imagined that she would find a man like this.

One step at a time. She drew Eddie’s head down and kissed him. It was a long time since she had kissed a man. It brought back all sorts of memories and the thought of actually making love was starting to make sense. She was ready. It was no use if she was ready when Eddie wasn’t and in her mind he still had a few things to learn. It seemed unimaginable to her, but of all the men she could have chosen, she had chosen one who was so shy and innocent.

“Kneel between my legs. This is my clitoris – it’s really sensitive, just like the tip of your cock. Rub it a little and then lick it. Pull back the skin. Oooh, that’s nice.”

“This is the first time you’ve ever seen a woman’s pussy, right?”

“Yes. I’ve always wanted to see one and feel one. “

“What do you think?”

“My mind is a blank. I’m so excited I can’t think. All I can see is that you have got short curly hairs everywhere and the flesh in between has some folds as well.”

“See where my finger is. I want you to lick there. Oooh! That feels so good. Does it taste nice?”

“It tastes nice and it smells nice.”

Cath had no idea where the idea came from but suddenly she was overcome by an irresistible desire to have his penis inside her. She remembered the first time that she had pushed her seven inch pink vibrator into her vagina and how it had done nothing for her at all. It just had a rounded tip but Eddie had something totally different.

When she pulled his foreskin down, it revealed a nice arrow like piece of flesh that she could see was designed to open her up and push right in. Would it make a difference? She had not fallen in love with her vibrator, but she thought she might be able to fall in love with Eddie’s penis, even though it was smaller. It was just as hard.

She reluctantly pulled his face away and moved his body up into a position where his penis could enter her. She opened her knees and lifted her bottom and then she drew him into her body with one motion. It felt so good and his thighs pressing against hers and the warmth. It wasn’t a cold inanimate thing filling up her passage but a nice, warm piece of flesh and it felt good.

“Is that good?”

“It’s so warm and moist and you are tight around me. It feels so good I can’t believe it.”

“Do you love me?”

“I love you.”

“Kiss me and just keep moving in and out slowly. I like it.”

“I don’t know how long I can last. “

“It doesn’t matter. I want to feel you come inside me.”

“How will you know?”

“I don’t know but I guess I will feel your dick twitching. There it goes. Did that feel good?”

“The best feeling I’ve had in my life.”

“What about you? Did you enjoy it?”

“It was good but I only have one regret. I wish I hadn’t used my vibrator to push into me. It would’ve been good to have felt you pushing in for the first time. Men and women were designed to make love together, not separately. We can masturbate but is not as good as when another person is doing it to you. I think you enjoy it more when it’s in my vagina than when you use your own hand. You’re getting soft and slipping gebze escort out. You probably thought this was dessert but I actually made you another one. My Officer’s Trifle is made with sponge, custard, and kumquats that have been saturated in whiskey. I think you’ll love it.”

After the dessert and second helpings, they were both ready to go at it again.

“I think it would be more comfortable if you had your knees back around your ears and then I could look down at your pussy again. I think I could look at your pussy all day but you want to make love, don’t you?”

“Yes. This time I want to have an orgasm at the same time as you. I’m going to use my finger on my clitoris while you move in and out.”

It worked like a charm and they both had their first simultaneous orgasms.

“I think we need to wash and clean up. I’m oozing your stuff and it’s a bit uncomfortable. You need to wash your dick too.”

After a nice warm shower together, Cath said,

“I don’t have to go to work tomorrow until late and you don’t have a job. You can stay the night if you like.”

They slept like logs until very early when Cath felt something very hard sticking into her back and woke up to see Eddie looking into her eyes appealingly.

“I think you want to make love again. “

“I woke up and all I could think of was looking down on you with your thighs wide apart and that large amount of flesh surrounding your hairy crack as if it was inviting me in again and I felt myself getting hard again.”

“Cuddle me and kiss me and I’ll be wet again and we can do it again.”

It didn’t take long and Eddie was looking down at her open thighs as Cath opened her lips to reveal her pink slit. Eddie plunged in and they made love for some time until he finally came.

“What was it that that girl said to you that was so rude that made you so shy?”

“She said that I had a small dick.”

“I’d love to tell her that she made a big mistake. It’s not the size of the dick that counts but how it is used. I think you’ve got a wonderful dick and I love it. Good night. Wake me in the morning and we can have another one.”

Eddie woke up from a deep sleep to find Cath blowing gently on his penis which was slowly stirring from its slumber and growing in size. It must’ve been the tip forcing its way through his foreskin that woke him up. He woke just in time to feel her mouth sliding over his dick and sucking gently. He put his hand on her head – whether it was voluntary or involuntary, it didn’t matter. It felt good and it was so good that he just let her continue. It hadn’t occurred to Eddie that he might blow into her mouth but just when he felt the moment coming, she lifted her head and put a tissue over his cock. It was only then that she turned her head and looked him in the eye.

“I thought you deserved a reward and this was the best present I could think of. Did you like it.?”

“It was like I was in a dream. I could feel you doing it in the dream and then I woke up and saw that is was not a dream. It was real and the best feeling ever.”

“It’s late and I have to go to work. You can stay here all day. My computer’s there and you can look for some porn and get some new ideas. There’s some food in the fridge. I’ll be back around 10 tonight. Bye.”

“How was your day?”

“I was on a high all day and everybody noticed it. They asked why but I couldn’t tell them. I couldn’t stop thinking of what we’d done last night. “

“I don’t understand.”

“A man couldn’t understand what it means for a girl to have sex, real sex for the first time. You have got to understand something about me as a woman. I know I’m not a model. I’m too short and a bit dumpy, so I was always worried whether I was sexy enough to attract a man and I proved last night that I was. You know when we were in that storm and I took my panties off. I wanted to show my naked body to you even though I didn’t know you. I just didn’t feel that I looked good enough to show it, but I just felt I had to. I had just never had an opportunity like that before and on the spur of the moment I decided to do it. I decided to do it.

My inner woman wanted to come out. I was a woman and I wanted to show it. That was the first time any man had ever seen me naked. I had seen my boyfriend naked but I never took my clothes off for him. I was too embarrassed. For some reason which I don’t even understand now, I took them off in front of you. You didn’t seem the sort of person who was going to attack me and I thought it was safe, so I did it. You can’t imagine what a feeling it was for me when you started to get stiff. I knew that I was okay.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. When you pulled my panties down here the other night, that was the last barrier gone. There was nothing between you and my pussy. All my protection was gone. I was inviting you to invade me. When I held your stiff dick I knew I wanted you to put it in me. All those years I never let anybody look at my pussy and then I just stretched out and let you look right into it. Do you know what a step that is for a girl? I guess you do because you were so reluctant to let me look at yours. Then you pushed in and I had that delightful feeling of fullness and success that I’d finally done it. It was so much better than with my vibrator. You were a real human being. It was just wonderful. Am I raving on?”

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