The Darkness that Surrounds


The cool night breeze made Angel feel colder that she already was. She was 18 and quite young to the world. She looked at the darkness that surrounded her with her innocent look that could melt even a heart of stone. She turned around trying to close her eyes and sleep but the alley did not provide a very good sleep. She was very beautiful for a girl living in the streets. She had hair like charcoal and eyes that gave out a brilliant hazel color. Her nose was small but made her look cute in a way and her chin was pointy. Her innocent eyes and features seemed to attract almost anyone, but behind the beauty that she bore, a story of sadness made its way. It had happened long a long time ago and even time could not heal the scars that carved her heart.

It all happened when one day she came home from school. She was only 13 then, she found her mom dead. She was led to the streets soon after that. She could never forget that dreadful night that really took out the best in her. She had nothing left now as her father had died long before her mom. She just looked at the darkness and turned toward the sky. She looked at the small sparkling lights that seemed to drift her away in her own fantasy. Tears flowed down her soft pink cheeks as she imagined her mom. “Wish you were here, mom” she whispered to herself as eyes started to flood. She tried her best to control the steady flow of water from her eyes. The sparkle of the stars gave out a hypnotic wave that soon helped Angel fall asleep.

The next day she woke up and looked around her surroundings. She was where she was last night the cold, lonely alley. She felt wired that day but she soon got over it and got up. She felt hungry and went out to the busy street trying to pick up something to steal. She caught sight of some fresh apples and looked very tempting. She walked over there very innocently and quickly grabbed an apple as she started sprinting as fast as she could. The shopkeeper had noticed and was running after Angel but a sudden change of direction and she was gone. ankara escort She came out of a dark lane and sat down near the baker shop had stood near the lane. She sat down near the door leaning her back on the wall. She bit the apple as the liquid sweetness of the apple entered her mouth. She took another bite and thought about the days gone by. She had been on the road for about five years now and she hadn’t met anyone yet. She was lonely in the streets of the dark.

She got up and started walking south as soon she finished her apple. She walked and walked as if flying. She stopped in front of a cool, deep dark river. Her soft and small hands could not hold much water but she splashed some on her face in a desperate attempt to wash away all the dirt on her face and on her dress. After she had finished, she walked back to the streets and sat down leaning on a wall. She caught sight of a woman exiting a jewelry shop. Angel ran up to her and begged for some money but the woman just stared at her. “Who are you?” “Angel” Angel replied dully “You mean you have no money at all” “Yes, ma’am” “Listen why don’t you come and have tea with me” said the lady smiling at her. Angel did not say anything, she just stood there stunned and shocked at what the lady had said. “Really” she said finally “Ya, come on my car will be here soon” The car arrived soon after she had said, the car was not a very fancy one, it was a normal car, not very cheap either with a driver driving the car. The driver got out and opened the door for her as she went in and spread out a hand out for Angel. Quite innocent Angel did not have anything in her mind to run through. The driver closed the door and took the wheel and started driving.

The car screeched out side a huge mansion that clearly showed that the lady was very rich. She got out and took Angel inside. A sweet aroma of perfume entered Angel’s nose as she entered the house. She was led upstairs. Tea was brought and Angel took the cup in her gentle hands and brought it closer to her bright pink lips. ankara escort bayan She opened it slowly and sipped some tea into her mouth. The liquid blend of milk with tea and some special ingredient gave out a taste that was completely different than any tea she had had before. She finished it very soon and the tray was taken away. “How old are you?” she asked curious to know “Eighteen” Angel replied trembling in her chair “You know I have a son about your age. Let me call him” she said making her way out. “b…” She was gone before Angel could stop her. She came back followed by a guy no bigger that Angel. He just looked at Angel and was soon swept inside her hazel eyes. “Well, I’ll just leave you two alone” said the lady and walked away. The boy wanted her. She looked so innocent and so soft and so beautiful that he just wanted her. It seemed as if an Angel had fallen from the sky. “Hi, I’m Jake” he said in a very gruff voice, stretching out a hand he smiled “A… Angel” she said still trembling and scared. They both sat down on the huge bed that provided a very soft sensation that Angel had never felt before. Angel was looking at the ground trying to avoid the awkward situation. Jake’s strong hand lifted her head and made her look at him. His blue eyes shimmered as he came closer to Angel’s face. He closed his eyes as he slowly touched his lips with hers. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and played with her tongue for a while. Angel felt good and she had never tasted anything like his saliva. He slowly moved his hand towards her hips and pulled her closer to him. Still kissing her he slowly slipped his hand in her panties playing with her pussy. Angel tried to mourn but his tongue inside her mouth did not allow her to make any sound. She just gave out a slight mutter.

He finally took out his tongue and took off her T-shirt to reveal a pair of breasts not so big and not so small at the same time. It made a perfect curve around her septum. Jake pressed his mouth against her breasts and sucked gently and made his paced fast. escort ankara

Jake rubs his crouch against hers, his now hard cork rubbing against her pussy. Angel followed along and now knew what was coming up next, it was her part. She slowly opened Jake’s pant button. She slid it down his legs to reveal a black boxer, making a triangle. She opened it to reveal a hard cork, it was very big according to Angel. She took out her tongue and slicked the sides of the cork. She liked the taste, it was something she had never tasted before. She took the head in her mouth and played with it and then tired to take in most of it. She was half-way through when a sudden jolt in her throat made her throw in back out. She did this until Jake finally took it our and opened her skirt. Her pussy was small but looked pretty. Jake had never seen a pussy like this before. The muscular covering of the vagina gave out a nice light pink color as the other parts of her body was light. She lay in bed no knowing what came next. As naïve as she was she left scared again. She didn’t act, she just lied there looking at Jake who was ready and wanted it badly. He held her closed and warped his hands around hers and gently pushed it in. A sudden jolt in Angel’s pussy made her cry out loud. She experienced pain and pleasure at the same time. Pain took over as Jake increased his thrusts. Angel tried to squirm backwards but Jake was holding her tight. All that she could do now was to hold on. As she closed her eyes gently heavy drops of tears fell to the bed. Jake did not notice, he was just lost in the pleasure inside Angel’s body. He wanted more of her, he did not want to let her go. He soon noticed that he was fucking a virgin which made it more interesting. After a while he made up his mind to cum inside her. He wanted her, he wanted her to become his forever. A sudden jolt inside both of their bodies secreted a certain kind of liquid. Angel cried louder that she did before the moment the liquid was released. Jake also fell to the bed beside her. Jake looked at Angel and smiled. Angel too smiled, the pain had gone away and pleasure had filled her pussy. On the bed, they fell asleep with one last kiss. Angel found a place where she felt loved. She was back where she belonged.

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