As You Wish

Double Penetration

She slowly woke to the smell of vanilla and juniper. As her eyes opened, she was confused. It was not like her to be awake at this hour on a day off. She slowly stretched keeping the covers over her as she yawned and opened her eyes as far as they would go.

The room almost did not appear to be the room in which she fell asleep. The soft orange glow of candlelight speckled and flickered in all directions. Gorgeous bouquets of roses and lilies and lilacs cascaded from every nook and shelf. The crystalline decor was placed to create such gorgeous reflections and refractions and spectrums of light. Silk draped from every surface so perfectly that the objects of the room were negligible. She was consumed such a splendid and ethereal creation that she could scarcely fathom how this could be accomplished without even the slightest bother to her delicate slumber.

She blinked forcefully, thinking that perhaps, when her eyes refocused, the world would be normal again. Seeing that this was, in fact, as real as any day, her smile lifted effortlessly. This was for her and her alone, and she blushed contemplating the calculated efforts her man went through to make such a luxurious sanctuary.

Then she finally saw, on a brilliant silver platter upon the nightstand, one small chocolate and a crystal chime. A small card stenciled with hearts was prominently displayed on this tray, as well. As she opened it, his aftershave wafted lightly to her nose, pulling a sigh from her chest, leaving her momentarily breathless and so dizzy in her memory of that delicious scent.

Seconds passed before she once again thought to read the small card. As she cautiously lifted the cover, only a small bit of text was to be read. In handwritten calligraphy, she read it as whispered it to herself…

“Ring the bell, your Highness.”


As the delicate chime filled the silence, she placed it back in its appropriate position and waited patiently for her servant. Seconds later, the door opened slowly to reveal her man in his bathrobe toting a small tray with a single flute of white wine. “Your wine, my Lady. Sauvignon Blanc,” he said trying to contain his enraptured smile. “Get over here,” she said with such a surprised, giddy laugh. He carefully approached, so as bahis siteleri not to spill the drink with his daft clumsiness. “Put that down, and kiss me.”

He quickly placed it aside the other tray leaned down to his love. Their eyes locked, as she brought her hands to his face and lightly pulled him to her lips. Their eyes closed as their mouths met. Such a soft, gorgeous, loving kiss was created between them. Small moans escaped as his hands slowly wrapped around her, embracing her into him. This perfect kiss never wanted to end, and they were so elated to oblige. Tasting and exploring each other, she slowly pulled him onto her. Not a bit of resistance was to be felt, as he wanted her so much more than he ever thought possible.

Ending this earth-shattering moment, they continued to kiss playfully and passionately for as long as they could stand. They both found it difficult to kiss when smiles relentlessly overcame them, but that, in no way, stopped them from trying. Their loving marathon continued as he found his way to her side, rubbing up and down her sides with such a firm grasp.

As they slowly parted, she laid back and closed her eyes in such a euphoric trance. She always loved the way he kissed her. When she gathered the necessary concentration to reopen them, she was given the shock of a lifetime.

He held a small jewelry case sporting a diamond ring that flickered so brilliantly it nearly brought her to tears. “My Lady, may you be blessed with even a fraction of the happiness you give me and the world. I would gladly spend my life repeating every little fluttering of my heart to you.” As her eyes watered over with elated joy, he continued, “You should never have even the slightest misinterpretation that you are the only reason I exist, and I am so blessed beyond reason just to have met you and so many more times over to say that I love you. I could not wait another moment without you knowing exactly how I feel. I love you.”

Needing his body, she pulled him into her without a second thought, wrapped her arms around him, and cried onto his shoulder. “Make love to me now,” she said. As her light sobbing slowed, she held his face to hers eye-to-eye, and smiled angelically. “Make love to me now,” she softly repeated with sparkling eyes. He canlı bahis could wait no longer.


He rolled himself atop her gently, kissing her delicately, yet with such precise caution, that they nearly melted together. Her hands pushed his chest up far enough to spread his robe open and pull it off his shoulders. They continued to touch all over his chest and shoulders. He smiled in appreciation as he placed his legs between hers and lovingly pressed his sex into hers. They were so ready that there was very little ceremony in disrobing. Their excitement grew, and their pace, with it, started to pick up. Blankets were pushed aside. Robes were immediately forgotten the second could be tossed. The passion between them began to boil. Kisses landed aimlessly on each other. Low moans and grunts began to escape their amassed kisses. Then she could not stand it any longer. “Do it,” she said, begging for his sex. “Please, do it.” She kissed him in an attempt to convince him. “Oh! Please, Baby, take me now.”

His shaft entered her silken sex with no further hesitation. Her eyes, jaw, arms, hands, legs, and every thought and breath froze, as his length never seemed to end. Her head was thrown back. Her legs wrapped his torso. Her nails dug into his shoulder blades. With one last thrust, his sex had completed giving her the single most intense feeling she would ever know. She locked onto his body as an uncontrollable spasm instantly shook her. She panted as her small convulsion slowly came under control.

He began to lightly thrust and bounce her. Every little movement electrified her body. Her toes and fingers tingled. Biting her lower lip could barely hold in her lustful whimpering. She could not help her legs opening wider and wider, taking him as deep as her sex could allow. Clamped onto him so tightly, she was nearly suspended off the mattress while he gradually increased the thrusts further and further. Every inch of them ignited with hunger that would not stop growing. Her forehead beaded with perspiration as his length began to take her closer and closer. She could no longer hold it in. Moans grew and grew as she let her grip go, laid onto the mattress, opened her legs, and simply gave in to his perfect screwing.

This is the way he loved to see güvenilir bahis her. So taken and exposed, so trusting of his perfect loving that she laid there vulnerable to his every motion. He braced himself and started to pump into her harder and harder. The wetness of their sex could now be heard which only made him want more. He could now feel himself getting overwhelmed, and he knew he was about to lose control.

He laid himself onto her and instantly began grunting and slamming her body straight into a dizzying orgasm. Her scream unleashed making him want another, then another. He gripped her hands over her head and continued to pound her mercilessly. Another orgasm built and exploded her eyes and mouth farther open then she could stand. Her vision glossed over as her body could not stop tightening. Again she orgasmed in what was now a succession that she could not control. Her yelps pierced the night again and again. She had never been so laid in all her life. Vulgarities began to slip out without thought. Screaming again while she came, his hunger was so near to being satisfied. He kissed her quickly. “Are you…?” she asked. He could only look her in the eyes affirmatively.

“Yes,” she said. “Do it.” With every fabric of his being he began to thrust into her completely and rapidly. She coaxed him on. “Do it! Oh, God! Do it!” His grunting got louder and louder. His body began to tense with hers. Their eyes locked on one another. Faster he went. “Now,” she screamed so close to finishing. “Kiss me now.” With that he lunged his mouth to hers and latched every muscle of his body onto her as he flooded her sex. Their screams trapped between their mouths. Over and over his convulsing thrusts shot into her as she embraced his head into her kiss. She settled to a purr, but he could not regain any semblance of control. They lay together as one hot, passionate mass as she held him to her body accepting his every effort so perfectly.

It seemed to last endlessly, but when she once again looked to see her precious lover, he had drifted off while so carefully nestled into her bosom. She closed her eyes and joined him. Nothing felt more perfect in all her life.


She woke to a gorgeous glow of sunlight, feeling all the wondrous, perfect aches in her body from the previous night. She could smell breakfast in the air, and it was so good. Looking to her hand she saw her newfound ornament. She smiled knowing exactly what it meant to her…and what she meant to him.

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