Cooking Up a Storm


The characters in this story were first introduced in “The buddy session.” Can I suggest you get to know them before reading on…

* * * * *

“Charlie… pick up the bloody phone!”

Bree sounded irritated. Charlie put aside the paint brush to take the call from his buddy.

“What’s eating you?” he inquired.

“Nobody,” came the reply. “Maybe that’s the problem.”

“Oh…he’ll be home soon,” offered Charlie, remembering Bree had spent the last fortnight alone while her boyfriend and his mates were on their annual finishing trip to the gulf.

“Not soon enough. Anyway I rang to say I’ll do it.”

Charlie wondered what she was talking about. He hadn’t heard from her since their buddy session over a month ago. Was she talking about the exercises, or the dress, or the phone message he had left on her mobile yesterday at the height of a dilemma? He had been contacted by regular, good-paying clients of his holiday house about its availability this coming weekend. The trouble was the normal tourist season was still four months away, and his staff were paid off this time of the year. He had tried to put them off, knowing they always took it fully catered; but his protests had fallen on deaf ears, and now the search was on for someone to prepare the meals for them.

“Listen, Bree, I shouldn’t have rang you yesterday. So don’t feel obliged to help out.”

“Don’t worry about it. It sounds like it might be fun, and the money’s good.”

“Yeah, but these guys can be demanding, and they are here for a good time.”

“I’m the cook, not the entertainment,” laughed Bree.

“That’s not the problem. They’ll bring their own entertainment, but they’re not too shy about what they get up to. “

“I think I’ll manage,” Bree joked. “Anyway, what are buddies for if they can’t help each other out now and then?”

“Well, I owe you big time. They’ll get here for lunch Saturday-“

“Any special menu?” interrupted Bree.

“Not really. It’ll still be bloody hot, so they’ll probably hang around the spa a lot. Spa food will be fine.”

“Thanks for telling me nothing, arsehole. See you Saturday.”

By the time Saturday came, it had, if anything, become even hotter. Bree rose early, and shopped for the grocery list she had meticulously compiled. She was both apprehensive and excited. She loved cooking, and had at one stage confided to Charlie that she would like to become a specialist caterer- not the usual bulk order stuff- but for the yachts that cruised the Barrier reef, and for private parties. Explains Charlie’s offer, she thought to herself.

Bree had no trouble with the directions, and arrived at the holiday house just after nine. It was, obviously, another of Charlie’s well kept secrets. The timber house was nestled in the bush, beside a large, tree-lined lake.

Charlie appeared from nowhere and gave her a warm hug.

“You’re glowing,” he remarked, helping her haul the groceries into the house.

After putting the things away, he showed her around. The spa was set in a large indoor living area, enclosed on three sides by rooms. The fourth side led to a deck overlooking the lake.

“You can have that room if you’re planning on staying over,” Charlie said, pointing towards a detached bedroom. “Not sure it’s a good idea, but it’s there if you want it.”

“We’ll see,” Bree replied. “I’ve packed an overnight bag, just in case. Definitely want to cool off in the spa before they come though.”

“You’re welcome,” he said. “They should be here by noon. Unfortunately, I won’t be. I’ll see you late tomorrow.”

When Charlie left, Bree checked the time. An hour to spare. She sorted through her clothes, selecting her new bikini. Why bother? she thought, and daringly walked naked from the bedroom to the spa. She slid into the cool water, and lay there lazily, soaking in the relief it gave from the tropical heat.

“Anyone there?”

The voice startled her. Shit! It can’t be noon already, she thought, scanning the room for a clock and finding none. She reached for her clothes, then realised they were back in her room. Too late. She slid deep into the water as the footsteps approached.

“There you are!”

Reluctantly Bree looked up to see aksaray escort three men standing beside the spa. Two appeared to be in their late twenties, and one was much older.

“Damn! It’s hot in this place. Can’t blame you for getting in there.”

“Sorry,” Bree spluttered. “I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

“Actually we’re late,” explained the oldest one. “I’m Andy. And these guys you should have nothing to do with, are Bill and Turk. Debbie’s having a look around outside.”

“I’m Bree. Would one of you like to get me a towel so I can get out? You must be hungry by now.”

“Doesn’t seem to be one,” Bill said, halfheartedly looking about. “And I need to cool down. So if you don’t want any company”-

With that, Bill slipped out of his clothes, allowing his cock to hang directly in front of her as he stepped into the spa.

“Good idea!” Turk shouted, stripping bare and diving in to join them.

“Here you go, honey.”

The female voice came as a relief. Bree turned her head to see a young woman in a light cotton dress stride towards her.

“I’m Debbie. And they’re harmless!” she said softly, holding a towel so it shielded Bree from the men. Bree accepted the gesture gratefully, rising and stepping quickly out of the water. Bree raised her arms, allowing Debbie to wrap the towel around her. She felt Debbie’s hands brush her nipples. God!- I hope she didn’t notice they were hard, Bree thought, moving her hand to hold the towel in place over her breasts. Then she felt Debbie’s hands slide down her body, and was embarrassed as the fingers discovered her open cunt before drawing the towel closed over her thighs.

“What are you doing?” Bree whispered to the face behind her, careful not to attract the attention of the men nearby. Debbie moved closer, and drew the moist fingers to Bree’s mouth. “That’s what their cocks are going to taste like after they’ve fucked you.”

“In your dreams,” Bree challenged, not too convincingly.

“And yours!” came the reply.

Back in her room, Bree turned on the air-conditioner and mulled over what to wear. It was obvious that more than just the temperature was going to hot up. True, she had been excited- that was just natural- and now Debbie knew. But she had always been faithful to her boyfriends, and this would be no different. She figured she had to go about her business as if nothing was going on around her. Setting aside the bikini she was going to use as underwear, Bree threw on some baggy shorts and a button-up shirt, and went to prepare lunch.

In no time at all, lunch was ready. Bree had prepared a fresh salad to go with an assortment of cold meat. Warm bread rolls and chilled juice completed the fare. From the kitchen, Bree could see all four visitors sprawled in the spa; a collection of empty drink containers gathering around them. For a moment she thought about serving lunch there, then thought better of it. Make them come here, she decided.

“Lunch is ready!” “You beauty,” came the reply.

Bree watched as four naked bodies rose in unison from the water.

“Rule No. 1,” she called out. “No naked people at the dinner table.”

“Spoil-sport,” laughed Andy, stepping without argument into a pair of denim shorts. The others quickly followed suit.

Over a rushed lunch and more alcohol than juice, plans were made for the afternoon. Andy decided he was going fishing. Turk agreed. “Not me,” said Bill. “I’m taking what’s left of the food and booze back to the spa. Aren’t we, Deb?” he added, laughing at his own words.

“What about you, Bree?”

Turk’s question was unexpected.

“I’ll just clean up here, and go for a walk before getting dinner ready,” replied Bree.

“Don’t be too hasty. I’m bringing back a big fish for dinner.”

“Well I’ll give you ’til five; otherwise it’s chicken,” Bree teased.

After clearing the lunch things away, Bree retired to her room. Good old Charlie, she thought, as she was met by the cool air from its air-conditioning. I might just stay the night to escape the heat at home. She kicked off her sandals and settled on the bed.

Near four o’clock, and several drinks later, Bree ventured back outside.

The spa was empty. From ataköy escort the deck, she could two figures fishing on the other side of the lake. She returned to the spa, and cleared away the empty bottles.

“Don’t you ever stop?”

Debbie’s voice startled her. Bree turned, and found herself staring a moment at Debbie’s bare mound, accentuated by a small tattoo to its right.

“Its a love heart.”

Bree knew she had been caught out.

“I hope they are paying you well to fuss over them like this,” added Debbie.

“I guess so. But I’m doing it as a favour for Charlie. And it’s good experience for me.”

“Good experience for what?”

“I want to be a caterer one day.”

“And what sort of bonus are you on if you fuck the guys?”

The question shocked Bree. What were the expectations of these people? And how about Charlie? No way, she decided. Charlie wouldn’t have set her up for this.

“I’m not on the menu. Full-stop!”

“Well you ought to be,” Debbie replied. “Want to know what I’m getting for the weekend?”

“I just assumed you were Bill’s girlfriend,” said Bree.

“Hardly. I only met them this morning. My services are paid for, just like yours. Only I’m getting a grand for the weekend.”

Bree caught her breath at the figure.

“That’s not for me.”

“Listen kid. We’re not that much different. I’ll bet we’ve both fucked losers for nothing. Now I get to choose, get paid well, and these guys are far from losers.”

Bree could see the point- well sort of. She had certainly fallen for more than one loser, and her current boyfriend Adam was still in the “undecided” basket.

“Got you thinking, haven’t I?”

“So what do the guys expect?” Bree asked.

“From me? Whatever they want,” Debbie answered. “From you? Nothing- you dope.” She unexpected kissed Bree full on the lips, her tongue flicking lightly into Bree’s mouth.

“What about me?” Bree gasped in surprise as large hands belonging to the voice behind her reached into her shirt and grabbed her breasts.

“You get what you paid for,” she countered, lifting his hands clear. “And that’s meals from me.”

“And that’s a blow job from me.”

Relief flooded through Bree as Debbie took hold of the angry looking cock and led Bill away.

The rest of the afternoon had its moments. Just before five, a gloating, sun-burnt Turk returned with a large fish and tossed it to Bree. Debbie overplayed the congratulations, and earned a robust fuck; bent awkwardly over the balustrade on the deck. Bree saw what was going to unfold, and immersed herself in the task of getting the evening meal together. Searching the cupboards, she came across expensive dinnerware, and was enthused to put in a special effort.

By seven, the baked fish with wild rice and herb stuffing was ready to take pride of place in the centre of the immaculately laid table. Bree had showered, added some make-up, and changed into a light evening dress. Eventually Andy returned, glanced over the preparations and apologised furiously. “Give us fifteen,” he said, rushing off to hurry up the others.

Twenty minutes later, they returned. The younger men had changed into neat casual slacks and tropical shirts. Bill wore more formal attire, complete with tie. Bree was touched by their effort. How clothes maketh the man! She had seen the best and worst, in fact every bit of them in a few short hours. Now they looked the kid of guys you would hope to meet, Bree thought. Except she knew better.

Debbie’s entrance was unstated, but perhaps even more memorable. She sauntered in; a long, black, sleeveless dress hugging her body. It was cut high at the front, but that took nothing away from the simple choker around her neck. The back was cut low- very low. Andy rose to greet her, placing his hand on the smooth of her back as he kissed her cheek lightly. “Now let’s do justice to this wonderful food,” he commanded.

For the next two hours they did just that. Bill and Turk slowed the pace of their drinking, as if under instruction from Andy, and were better company for it. Debbie’s attention was wholly on Andy, spontaneously touching and laughing at all the right moments. Bree was bubbling over.

“You’ve ataşehir escort got to go into business for yourself, Bree,” Andy insisted. I’ll spread the good word.

“Me too,” said the boys as one.

“I can be your partner,” suggested Debbie.

“Bet you would, Deb!” Bill jibed. “But can she afford you?”

“There are some things I do for free, Bill. It’s just top rate for you. And doing the dishes won’t come cheap.”

“Oh well!” exclaimed Bree, keen for this particular conversation to end. “Looks like it’s up to me.”

“Well, don’t look at us,” Bill said, taking his leave, and Turk with him. “We’ve got some serious football watching to do.”

Bree waited as Andy drained the last of his coffee.

“I think it’s about that time for us too,” he said, patting Debbie on the knee. “Thanks again for the lovely evening, Bree. I won’t tell if you leave these things until the morning.”

“Me neither,” Debbie added, touching Bree lightly on the arm. “We really could do some damage together, you know.”

Bree felt a strange emptiness as she watched them leave. It was well after eleven before she collapsed into bed, relieved to have tidied everything up, and be away from the sounds of lovemaking coming from Andy’s room. Bill and Turk were out like a light in front of the television.

As she lay there, Bree admonished herself for missing her walk and the exercises Charlie had shown her. Tomorrow I’ll make up for it, she promised herself. She thought of their buddy session and the dress Debbie wore tonight and of Adam coming home soon and how cool the room was getting and how tired she felt…..

Some time later, a slight movement in the bed woke her.

“Sorry,” said Debbie as she slid under the sheet beside Bree. “Can I share this air-conditioning with you?”

“Mmm, please yourself,” Bree replied sleepily, drawing the sheet back over her head.

Debbie muttered something incoherent and curled up on her side.

Bree lay there, trying to settle again. Then she heard more noises; coming from the kitchen this time. She made out the sound of the fringe door opening, and the rattle of the cutlery drawer. Bree sat up in the darkness.

“What are you doing?” Debbie asked.

“Can you hear that?”

“Sounds like the guys getting themselves something to eat. Go back to sleep.”

“I think I should go and help them.”

“They can look after themselves,” Debbie said, pushing Bree back onto the bed.

“But, what if they-“

“Sssh!” Debbie whispered, clamping her hand over Bree’s mouth. “You’re going nowhere!”

“Why?” Bree asked, then sighed as Debbie’s fingers started to trail down her naked body.

“Because I want to see what you do when I touch you here… and here…”

Bree felt the fingers leave her breasts, and wander across her stomach; stalling to play in her thick bush for too long before expertly flicking her pussy until it was leaking uncontrollably.

“Tell me what you want!” Debbie ordered.

“Put them in. I want your fingers in my pussy,” came the reply.

Bree gasped as first one, then two fingers slid inside, twisting and caressing the walls as they withdrew, only to return, time and again; preparing her for three and then four until only the thumb remained outside to torment her aroused clit.

“Yes…yes….just like that” gasped Bree, balanced on the edge of an orgasm and wanting more, wanting to go further than ever before.

She reached down, brushing Debbie’s thumb from her clit and replacing it with the familiar rhythm of her own hand. Now Debbie’s hand felt different- rounder and harder like a monster cock head; pushing, turning, pushing until suddenly filling her eager cunt.

“Oh. Yes. Yes. Fuck. Yes!” screamed Bree, bucking her hips upwards as Debbie expertly scrolled her fist in and out of the soaked hole. “I’m going to come! Keep it in while I come!”

An orgasm unlike any other she had experienced swept through her body, exploding her senses and tearing away her breath.

An eternity later, Bree recovered to find Debbie laying beside her, an arm draped lazily across her shoulders.

“Welcome back!” smiled Debbie.

Bree returned the smile, then reached over to kiss Debbie dutifully on the lips.

“That was awesome! Now I feel like I owe you,” offered Bree.

“You do. You definitely do!”

“And just what do you have in mind?” Bree asked sexily.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” teased Debbie. “Right now, I need some sleep.”

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